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hi, i had suffer from this condition, since i was 14 and i am 37 now, one of the most horribles, i had post nasal dripping, congestion, white bumps in throat, bad breath, etc, i had all the horrible caracteristics, of this condition, about 3 months ago, i stopped drinking and eating diaries, and using the nasal spray nasacort aq, and it help a little, but i had almost lost hope to find a definite solution, so i started praying very strongly about it, and i know god listen to my prays, i found the solution, to the extent that it had been the most marvelous days, i talk again with confidence, the product i am talking about is called smart mouth, is a mouthwash, that kills the bacteria and doesen't allow it to build up for 12 hours, they call it the 3rd. generation in mouth rinses, and it's in all department stores, i really, really think is doing to help you all, because my condition was one of the worst ones.

with all my heart i hope, and i will pray for this to work for you as well that it did for me, and if it does, please post about it, that way everybody gets to know about it and finally we all get rid of this, and thank god and offer him all the suffer that in the past you had to go trought because of this
solutionsearcher last decade
solution, no more bad breath, i swear it works like a miracle, i just posted yestarday, but, i realized that at the begining of my post i talked about the problem, and i am afraid, people would missed, that i found the solution, is called smart mouth, i think finally, we'll all have a normal life.
solutionsearcher last decade
Hey guys just wanna update you my progress,well ever since i took out my tonsils the stones are gone,the bad breath is gone and its been about a month since then.so i would really advice you to go get your tonsils out and stop suffering trying to find a cure for them.my bad breath was so terrible that it was even coming out of my nostrils but since i took my tonsils out i don't have that problem any more even my morning breath has improved dramatically.
ruddy last decade
Hey, I just stumbled accross this site...ok heres the dilemma. I have had bad breath since I was about 13..I have had about 14 years of chewing gum all day everyday in teh effort to mask it. A couple of years ago I first coughed up one of these white stone things you speak of - smelt terrible!! Then intermitantly I have coughed up little bits every now and then, most recently this morning really small ones. HOWEVER I cannot see them!!! Where are they hidding??? Can anyone show me a photo of where I should be looking. I can feel something in my throat when I swallow but cannot see white globs at all, despite having coughed them up.... HELP!!
bluesheep last decade
Well you cannot really the stones because they stay inside the pockets of your tonsils just have a look at your tonsils if you see small craters on them,thats were there stones are staying.Usually this should be one of the tonsils and rarely in both.
ruddy last decade
Thanks Rudds, I had a good poke around but I still cant see any white things though, but my tonsils do have a crater like thing, could they be hidding deep in there? How do I get it out then?!

Also, a few of you talk about putting photos up of what they look like (and a photo showing them on your tonsils would be good too (if possible)...has anyone actually put photos up yet?
bluesheep last decade
Hi There,

I have had horrible breath for as long as I can remember. I have tried everything imaginable... to no relief. Then about a year ago, I started discovering these stones while brushing my tongue. About three months ago, I noticed them on my right tonsil, and after prying around, I realized I had one on my left tonsil as well. I went to three doctors, none of who knew what it was. But one of them took it out and sent it for a lab test. The results were 'normal'. I do not know how this could be possible... and what to do.. I do not think I have PND or any other problem with my sinuses etc... my ONLY problem is with my breath, which is absolutely horrible.. I do not know what to do.. I have read thru just about all the posts, and it seems like some were relieved by taking their tonsils out, and others not. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ruddy you said that your doctor said that you have PND.. did u feel any symptoms?.. could it be possible that i have PND or some other problem, and just not have any other symptoms besides the breath(?).. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks : )
rpsfu last decade
Finally! I know what these things are. Has anyone ever suffered vertigo as a result of these things? I have been getting them for about 4-6 months now. I thought they were coming from my eustacian tubes. Last week I started suffering from severe vertigo. Went to the doctor. I asked if this could be related to these beads of smelly stuff coming out of my ear tubes. I was told I probably had a viral thing in my ear that had thrown off my center of balance and to go see a physical therapist to realign my center of balance. This morning one of these buggers dropped out of the right side (they always come out when I am asleep but wake me up when they do). ONce it came out I instantly knew the vertigo would be gone -- and it was. I read another post where someone mentioned this can effect your ears -- pressure, feeling like a clogged tube, etc... Well, believe me they can! P.S. I read one post that suggested Baryta Carb 6C four times a day. Has anyone else tried that -- does it work?
lizzy123 last decade
Just google image tonsilith or tonsil stone -- lots of images out there.
lizzy123 last decade
Just google tonsil stone image or tonsilith image and you will find a lot of images

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

lizzy123 last decade
Ew! Gross pic! Thanks tho.

Mine dont look like that at all, alot smaller and more dense and harder and look like a small grape cluster ie little round globs stuck together. STILL CANT FIND THEM THO! Will keep looking and proding and advise if I have any success.
bluesheep last decade
I think the shape probably depends on the shape of the crevices in your tonsils. Mine don't look exactly like this, but pretty close -- they have more of a 'shell'encasing them
lizzy123 last decade
Well for sure it was not PND because its been weeks since i took out my tonsils and i don't suffer from the symptoms i used to when i still had them.PND to some extend causes bad breath but in all of your cases i would suggest you remove the tonsils and see what happens.I know taking them out is drastic but you can never know until you do but i can promise you 100% that if you the stones and a bad breath then it is caused by your tonsils.So now you know what to do.
ruddy last decade
You are the first person to bring up something that I've noticed for a long time, which is that mine seem to be linked more to my ears than my tonsils.
thirteen years ago, when I was thirteen, I developed exactly the kind of vertigo that you've described, and my doctors said it was linked to a viral infection in my left ear. I started getting tonsil stones shortly thereafter, and they were always on the left side, never the right.

I often experience an itching deep in that ear that gets really intense about a day before a stone emerges from that side, and I also experience a stuffiness in that ear that has nothing to do with barometric pressure, though it feels like my ears clogging on a plane.

If you've still got vertigo, try wrist pressure bands or see if you can get your doctor to prescribe Antivert.

I can't see my stones when they form; they're always behind this thing that I think is called a medial post: the flaps of skin in front of the tonsils (and the eustachian tubes). As my boyfriend helps me get them out, he describes them as sometimes seeming to come from the eustachian opening rather than the tonsil crypts.

Has anyone else noticed this?
herbuveaux last decade

Yes, I have seen pictures where the stones are obviously on the tonsils, but mine must be behind where they can be seen. I get the clogged up pressure feeling in my ears too -- I get these things on both sides. Lucky me. They really do feel like they are in the tubes, but this last one is the first one that caused vertigo I am hoping they don't in the future but I have a script for a meclazine just in case...
lizzy123 last decade
Thanks Ruddy for your help.

I have my ENT appt in Oct.
The problem I have is that since I have no other symptoms besides the bad breath, (sore throat, sinus problems, PND etc), nothing tangible, no doctor seems to take me seriously. One doctor just looked into my mouth, saw the tonsil stones and said well thats normal, everyone has them... i told him that it was causing me to have bad breath and asked if he could refer me to an ENT, he said NO, because the ENT will just laugh (?!!?). But the bad breath is a significant problem, and only one who has lived through years with this condition will know how debilitating it really is. All i ever get is gargle with salt water, floss, brush after every meal etc etc etc. The same thing i have heard over and over and over again. The odor does not come from my mouth though. I sense it coming from my throat and sometimes my nose. The question I have for Ruddy, and anyone else who can help, is did you experience any other symptom besides the bad breath, and if not, how did you manage to convince your ENT that you wanted your tonsils out. I have a feeling the ENT is not going to agree to do a tonsillectomy just because i have bad breath and will likely suggest that i gargle with more salt water. (I live in Canada)i suppose that with cases of those who have more serious throat problems, my bad breath is going to be irrelevant. Any suggestions? .. thank you : )
rpsfu last decade
rpsfu the first doctor i went to didn't know a thing about what i was going through and he just said the same thing.But the next doctor i went to knew exectly what i was talking about and referred me to an ENT who knew what i was talking about.What i would suggest is that you go straight to an ENT and not go to a doctor to be referred to the ENT because if the doctor doesn't know what you are talking he will never tell you so but will just tell you what you don't what to hear.I also had the same symptoms of feeling the breath from my throat and it was also coming out of my nose as well,but since the operation non of that has occurred.And also an ENT will know what you are talking about before you can go any further so don't worry about him not taking you seriously, i also used to fell the same way but was surprised
ruddy last decade
Thanks a million Ruddy! : )
rpsfu last decade
I am 32 years old and have been dealing with this since I was 14 years old. Just within the past 2 years, I have been recording when I get my tonsil stones to suddenly 'pop out' on their own. It is always when I am sleeping (it wakes me up), after I have been drinking alcohol the night before or after a nasal drip caused from allergies persisted from a few days. I too, use the toothpick (very carefully, and don't recommend it to you beginners) and the famous q-tip. They are indeed smelly and quite gross to watch decompose next to your bed throughout the night.....clearly bacteria! My husband, and parents think thay I need to see an ENT immediately because it is some cancerous activity of some sort, but I have explained that I have been living with this for years. Yes- as some of you say, the itching in one ear before the 'pop out' is unbearable sometimes. I am seriously considering surgery, but I want to know EXACTLY what to expect.... the bleeding, the pain, the throwing up, the BAD stuff that most people don't talk about. I also want to know if this is related to alcohol....do most of you drink 3 nights a week as well? I'm talking about beer and wine....about 2 -3 a night....not the hard stuff. They were worse, 10 years ago when I used to smoke, that was the biggest reason why I quit smoking. yes it was harder than hell, but it definitely was worth it. Now I get them once a month instead of once a week. Still want surgery...what are the other opinions about this?
rileybear2004 last decade
in answer to RileyBear-
I don't drink or smoke; I've never done either, and I still get the stones. I haven't been able to tie them to anything particular in my diet or activity.
I do, however, live in Los Angeles, which apparently is like smoking a pack a day in terms of lung health...
herbuveaux last decade
sooooo.. i went to my ent and i'm getting my tonsils and adenoids out by the end of this month... a big part of me is excited, as i can't wait to be finally have my bad breath gone.. but part of me is apprehensive.. some in this forum say that the bad breath continued even after their tonsellectomies... that is such a scary thought, as i am out of options as to what to about the bad breath if this does not work out.. anyway.. i'll keep my fingers crossed. Did you guys get your lingual tonsils out as well, because my ent has refused to get my lingual tonsils..but i'm wondering what if that has crypts (and stones)?
rpsfu last decade
I did not get my lingual tonsils taken out either and my bad breat came back. I think it is not coming from my lingual tonsils:-(
johnadaniels last decade
Good luck on your surgery!
I'm having my tonsillectomy next week, very excited, but also out of options if it doesn't get rid of my halitosis.
Is there any special reason for you taking out your adenoid as well?
I wanted my surgeon to remove my adenoid too at the same time but he said it was small and could possible grow back again.
I'm afraid it's the adenoid that's causing bad smell coming from my nose. Have you or anyone else (big thanks to all you who have posted here!)heard if there is any connection between the adenoid and bad odour from the nose?
october07 last decade
Hey gang,

Sorry to hear the surgery wasn't the cure for you.

Don't forget that sinus washing will take care of a lot of the PND. Just google it. It's been posted umteentimes.

Honey... all I'll say ;) gl!
justmebyanyname last decade
Hi October 07 - Thanks and good luck on ur surgery as well!... as for my adenoids i'm just taking them out because i told my surgeon that i couldn't afford (in terms of time off work or pain) to have 2 surgeries.. and that she is in there she may as well get both the tonsils and adenoids out.. she agreed.. honestly, i wanted to have my lingual tonsils out as well, but she drew the line there... and i am really worried that the odour might be coming from there... i do experience odour coming out of my nose as well, but very rarely.. mostly it is just out of my mouth.
just out of curiosity, do you have anything else that could be contributing to the halitosis? like pnd?... i do not, my ONLY problem is the halitosis, which is why i feel so strapped of options if this does not work out.. anyway.. good luck to us both.. take care : )
rpsfu last decade
rpsfu - i have both pnd and chronic sinusitis, and a dry mouth, so no good conditions for fighting halitosis. ProFresh is the only rinse of the ones I've tried that has somewhat worked for me. Maybe you've also tried it?
It sounds good that you will get your adenoids out as well. Good luck to us both. I can't wait...
october07 last decade

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