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I like her because she's young...super bright and has her own practice...which I so admire . Great role model. Plus she doesn't look at you like your nuts when you tell her all the disgusting things you feel. She did my surgery 8 years ago...and when I came in and said I think I have them again...she said...lets take a look and get this taken care of for you.

This forum is amazing. It offers great tips for people to get the ones out that are lucky enough to see them. The laser is extremely effective. Its being used for everything now. So it might just cure this for you. I hope so. When are you getting them done? I'm guessing soon...as I know all the exams are coming up. Are you overseas or in the states? Good luck in school!!! Let me know what you felt...as I'm most likely going in to get lasered. I won't live like this...I refuse to. Please let me know what it was like.
Spina last decade
I live in Ontario, and I'm getting them lasered on the fifteenth:) I'll definitely post the results after it's done, down to the last detail! I'm kind of nervous because of the anesthetic though, because the doctor has to put needles in my throat! I think that would be a verrrry odd feeling! I'm also worried that I might gag, because sometimes when I push on the tonsils to loosen a stone, I gag.
Anyways, I'll let everyone know how it went, and hopefully it will help others out with their decision. Perhaps this might be the best solution for people who refuse to remove their tonsils.
katherine1 last decade
Spina, WOW...you are a ray of sunshine!

Thank you for reconfirming that I am not going crazy. I live in Dallas, Texas and would like to know the name of your ent, maybe she can give me a referral here in Dallas.

I am so happy that you found out what our problem is. I cannot wait to go to surgery and get this resolved.

What is your next move Spina? Are you going to get laser surgery?

Spina, my e-mail address is johnATexcaliburgateopeners.com unless you want to post your ent's info on this forum.

Nice Picture: http://jcp.bmj.com/content/vol57/issue5/images/large/cp8656....
johnadaniels last decade
Hey John,

I'm getting them lasered. Not even an issue. I can't live with a constant taste like this. That picture you posted of the link is interesting...as I noticed that when I push up under my neck...but close to the jaw bone...I can feel the taste stronger...does that make sense.

My Dr's name is Dr. Stacey Silvers. I'm calling her tomorrow for you...if she's in surgery I'll call her Monday. As I need to talk to her about setting a date to laser this stuff out. So I'll ask her for you. Its not an issue. The business that I'm in is dead right now. I don't get busy until Jan...so this will keep me occupied. On top of tonsil stones I'm very OCD...so I will totally help you in your quest.

When you go back to the ENT and they stick that ant eater thing down your nose into your throat. Ask if they see crypts in your linguals. If they do...say I want them lasered. Be strong about it. How old are you? I'm asking this only because adults and I'm guessing you are...as you said you were married. Usually grow out of the lingual tonsils. So if they see crypts...those eggs could be hiding...and hiding deep.

I'll keep you posted...and no...you are not crazy. I'm just glad to have met you...trust me!!! You might have to go for a couple of sessions for the laser...but I'm sure your like me and you don't care what it takes.
Spina last decade
This might be an obvious observation but - - I'm wondering if the longer you have tonsils stones, the more likely it is that they will form in your lingual tonsils. Or, is it just a random selection of people young and old who seem to have them. I'm 18 and hoping that they aren't there, because it would be a major bummer.
katherine1 last decade
katherine, it's nice to see a fellow canadian on here! i'm in vancouver.
kmoeller last decade
Katherine1...I really think its random. I truely believe that. Just like models having good genes.

When you see your ENT for the lasering just simply ask him/her to look at your linguals and see if they are cryptic. Yours might have even grown out. As they are supposed to disappear with age. If they see them...have them laser it down abit. At least you know that they can do that now a days...so don't worry. You will be so happy you did it.
Spina last decade
Thanks for another great reply Spina!

Also thank you for calling Dr. Stacey Silvers for me.

Spina, if you try to swallow right now, how does it feel?
It seem kind of hard for me.
johnadaniels last decade
Same for me...it feels like something is caught in my throat
Spina last decade
Ok, Day 5 and things are not much better or worse. Still hard to swallow and eating lots of soft foods...a pizza sounds REALLY good right now. The ringing in my ears is not as bad, however they do still hurt. The pain medication is keeping the pain down to a minimum.

I noticed that I no longer have a sour or awful taste in my mouth in the morning. That was noticeable the day after I had them out. My wife tells me that I'm talking funny still...I think that's because I'm still in pain when I talk.
kevhed last decade
Hey guys - another Canadian in Calgary. I scheduled my surgery 3 months ago and am set to go in on Jan. 18th. As posted before I've never really suffered from sickness by my tonsils, but breath for sure. I've been keeping up on this board lately and was getting bummed about all the negative posts of complications and of how it comes back etc.......at least until yesterday when I hacked up a small stone. Took a sniff and almost puked. That re-affirmed it for me. I definitely have to try something. In my case i can see my crypts all the time, but they're so deep there's no way i can get the stones out as most of the time i can't even see them. It's only when i finally see them that i can cough, suck, or poke them out. I'm just soooo tired of dog crap breath.
dr_pepper last decade
dr_pepper, Could not have said it better.

'I'm just soooo tired of dog crap breath'
johnadaniels last decade
Johnadaniels...no one in Dallas. Sorry.

Try going to an ENT that specializes in plastic surgery. As maybe they would be better for you.

I have a good friend in Dallas...maybe she would know of a good dr. for you!! I'll ask.
Spina last decade
You know what word we haven't heard in a while?
Xylitol. And I'm grateful.
katherine1 last decade
Johnadaniels...my friend recommended you seeing Dr. Jack Gunter.

Let me know how it makes out!
Spina last decade
Spina, thnak you for getting the name for me! When are you going to get the laser surgery performed?
johnadaniels last decade
I'm scheduling it on Monday. My insurance runs out in Jan...then I switch over to my husbands...so I want to get it taken care of before then. Only thing that makes me nervous is that we are going overseas for Christmas...so I hope she can take me before it. I'm praying she can take me before that!!
Spina last decade
Spina, Good luck. I would like to wait until you complete your surgery before I have mine. Maybe you can give me some advice after you are done.

Have a safe and fun trip overseas for Christmas.
johnadaniels last decade
after reading most of the posts, i'm glad i'm not alone in the war against tonsil stones. my kids cough them up too. has anyone had stones come out of the sinus area? I've had some come out after creating a 'vacuum' in my sinuses. Is it possible to have crypts in your sinuses?
oliver273 last decade
Ok, Day 6 and have a couple different things going on. My left side feels great, only thing that's bothering me are the scabs but they will 'fall' off in time. The right side last night bled a little bid and is still very sensitive. This morning when I woke up and brushed my teeth and noticed a little bit of blood also, hopefully nothing too alarming. It seems to come and go.

My stomach is doing cartwheels with this liquid diet I'm on and had some pain last night. I think I'm going to hold off on the Amoxicilin today to see what happens.

As far as stones coming out of your nose...well I could see it happening if you 'sucked' them out and they went into your nose. I could just suck on a straw and some would come out! Still not sure if I'm going to work tomorrow.
kevhed last decade
To all of you that think that getting your tonsils out will fix thisroblem......YOUR VERY WRONG! I had my tonsils removed about 5 years ago, i never had these bumps before, now i get them alot. I recently had alot of teeth problems that required 4 different kinds of antibiotics. after the medicine was gone the bumps came....ALOT OF THEM! i went to the Dr. cuz my son had strep throat, but i just came off of a large round out antibiotics, how could i have strep? Well i didnt. I had yease build up, a yeast infection of sorts. there is nothing i can do about it, just put up with it.Sorry
pbear4 last decade
The wierdest thing was that the summer when i went on a vacation to lebanon my breath changed drastically. It went away it was so weird, also my left side didn't have any tonsil stones comming out of them anymore but the right side did.

I did notice a change of color to my stones they turned more orange then yellow white it was so weird. I felt they decreased in amount and i only remember taking them out like 2 times the month i was there. Rather then having to pick them out every once a week.

It was so cool to have that feeling of not having breath, but once i came back to america it all came back. So weird how there was no smell anymore.
Jowito last decade
I wish people like pbear4 above would read the rest of the thread before trying to shoot everybody down! What he/she is talking about is clearly a yeasT buildup in the throat, not tonsil stones. Yeast infections happen easily when you've taken a lot of antibiotics and knocked out your own bodily bacteria that normally keep yeast levels down. I'd bet, pbear4, that your bumps don't come off and cough up on your tongue. You have a different problem than what people are talking about here.
herbuveaux last decade
Jowito- I've also noticed decreases in tonsil stones when I've gone away from home for prolonged periods of time. I always figured it had something to do with differences in what I ate and drank: different food=different stone-making stuff. I've also noticed that I get fewer stones when I'm well-hydrated and well-rested.
herbuveaux last decade
I also wish such as pbear4 who believe that we are 'VERY WRONG' would express their opinions in a different manner. It always seems as if the people who don't believe in tonsillectomy will vehemently exert their opinion, without any facts. We have been talking about tonsillectomy from absolutely every angle here for quite some time, and just because your story does not end happily, does not mean that everyone else here will be in the same boat. It is insulting to be rudely called out on a problem that we are only trying to understand.

Jowito and herbuveaux -
I've noticed a huge INCREASE of tonsil stones while on vacation. Last year I took a trip to New York, and was ambushed! Needless to say, it made for a terrible experience. I wonder what the location connection is?
katherine1 last decade
I don't know where everyone is from, but do you think it could have something to do with climate change (dry versus humid, cold versus warm, etc...) If you're used to a certain climate and you go to a different one, if that could have something to do with it?

My 'lack of tonsils' is coming along quite well, other than still a feeling of maybe a scab on the left side. I feel completely healed other than that one thing. I hope it is not scar tissue or something that is not going to go away. It's odd, but even so, it's not as bad as what the stones were. 3 weeks out.

And if the weather issue has been discussed, my apologies. I can't remember.
ASIgirl last decade

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