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I too had this problem. i did a search on the net and this is what dr. green had to say about it. hope it helps :)

The tonsils are sentinels, standing guard at the back of the throat to protect the delicate tissues of our lungs and intestines from foreign invaders. They are part of a ring of defenders, Waldeyer's Ring (which includes the tonsils, adenoids, and other lymphoid tissue), encircling the back of the throat as an important line of defense. The tonsils and adenoids are largest during childhood; they are front-line guardians while the body's more sophisticated internal immune system learns and develops.

The situation you describe, Alice, is a very common one. The tonsils usually appear like small, dimpled golf balls set on either side of the back of the throat. Children with large tonsils and deep crypts often do get food particles trapped in there. Because saliva contains digestive enzymes, trapped food begins to break down. Particularly, the starch or carbohydrate part of the food melts away, leaving firmer, harder remains of food in the tonsils. This does not look like the food that went into the mouth.

As you suspect, however, there is more to these hard lumps than just food. The tonsils also trap other mouth debris such as bacteria and old cells from the surface of the mouth's lining. Some of these cells contain small amounts of keratin, the same substance found in fingernails and rhinoceros horns. Whatever the nature of the debris, it is then attacked by white blood cells. The aftermath of this battle leaves the crevices of the tonsil strewn with hardened remains.

Most people swallow this material without ever noticing it, while it is still tiny. In those whose tonsils are large, however, the particles can lodge in the deep crypts, where they continue to grow. The enlarging lumps are called calculi of the tonsil, or tonsilloliths (tonsil stones). These stones are most common during adolescence.

Microscopic studies of these tonsilloliths have shown them to contain a combination of food particles, bacteria, oral debris, and white blood cells in a concentrically laminated pattern -- rather like a pearl. Usually they are small gritty particles found in the center of soft, cheesy flecks. Sometimes, however, they become quite large, appearing as rough, yellow or gray, round stones. At times they reach an extraordinary size. Affected people usually have a history of repeated attacks of tonsillitis in earlier years.

Most people with calculi of the tonsils have no associated symptoms. In that case nothing need be done, except perhaps for brushing or scraping them out, as your daughter does. Gargling, refraining from eating during the 30 minutes before falling asleep, and careful oral hygiene may help minimize their formation.

For some people, however, the calculi can be quite bothersome, causing a constant foreign-body sensation, a chronic low-grade sore throat, recurrent episodes of tonsillitis persisting beyond childhood, or chronic bad breath.

Treatment consists of either removing the tonsils or removing the calculi. Troublesome large calculi that are not easily dislodged may need an ear, nose, and throat doctor to remove them.

Not too long ago, tonsils were routinely removed for the sole crime of being swollen and inflamed. We didn't understand, then, that the tonsils purposely accept the infections to prevent the organisms from traveling deeper, and to show the invaders to the developing immune system to train it for the future. The tonsils are selfless protectors. As a child becomes an adult, the tonsils usually begin to shrink; the watchful guardians of childhood are no longer much-needed.

Tonsils are a bit like parents: looming large early in life, diminishing over time, ever-protecting, ever-teaching, but sometimes with rough or hard spots when we let things build up ;^)
amberandmatt last decade
wow :) take a couple days for holiday and look what happens! :)

Looking for someone to try the homeopathic treatments recommended by Neshia-India

EPSOM SALT : Take 5 grams of EPSOM SALT (I.P. .or. B.P.). Dissolve in 100 ml water. Deep Throated - Gargle strongly 5-6 times. NO fresh water gargle after above. Do this 2-3 times a day, for many days. Epsom Salt is a natural bactericide & germicide. This is guaranteed to eliminate all bacters & germs in the entire oral space (mouth n throat), eliminating the tendency for Halitosis (foul or offensive breath).
The taste of epsom salt is not very pleasant, but then nothing works better than above, without taking any Homeopathic or any medicines whatsoever. It is perfectly safe, if the above solution is ingested / swallowed.

I've been thinking about this for 4 days. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfide... we think we need sulfer. This could be the ticket. Need someone to try it though that has not tried the other ideas we've proposed. Sulfer surrounds and kills the bacteria right? I know I read that somewhere.

Now...to IMCONFUSED ... I think that most of us believe they are contagious, but not everyone catches them. If we could figure out why some people DON'T catch them...we could cure us all. Read back what albert22 posted. That should help you.
justmebyanyname last decade
Okay, I am here to say I too am an experienced white pellet extractor since, way -way- way back! I also, over the years have found the Doctors and dentists clueless at what I was talking about and expelling these pellets of pong could easily gain you a vote in the freak show in school or in college dorm activities.

So, let me tell you what I have discovered.. Because of these pellets, I can feel a sore throat coming on, it is like they are advance warning devices. I simply push them out and I have successfully avoided a sore throat. so I say, don't dismiss them, though yeah they smell, JUST DON"t CRUSH THEM!Clear your throat often and don't fret abut them. By being on this site, you now know it's not cancer, you are not dying or alone in your madness.

My son, is about to turn 21 and has noticed them in his throat... we talked abouyt them and now he can take care of it without freaking out.

I did read on here comments made several times by a Doctor, suggesting some meds...please!!!! He has no clue, they are not ulcers, they are what they are, Folks, look at it this way... just empty the trash, clean your room and quite worrying so much, LOL

We are all fine, We just belong to a strange club, but remember, at least we know how to remove the nasty little boogers. Feel sad for those unknowing souls still freaking and alone.

I sense a support group forming...hahaha
?-do they stop or go away,
A-well yeah, I imagine when we die, Yall, just make it part of daily oral duties and remember you know if a germ is in your stystem before others have a clue of theirs.

As a result I have to take very few meds. White Pellet Poppers Unite!!!!
We are Just fine, just unique~~~~~
swimmmermom last decade
TO SWIMMERMOM thats the best post to date ive read. its just like cleaning ur room and taking out the trash!! ive got them for 13 yrs now and still can tell im growing them wen i get a sore throat so them i know ITS TIME!
we should quit worrying indeed, we are a weird bunch so lets laugh about our stinky poo breath!!
and that goes for me too, i have to stop freaking out and just RELAX...
i find it rather annoying though doctors and dentist never having heard of tonsil stones.
ive decided to floss every day brush for 3 mins twice a day and buy new toothbrushes every 3 months, coz i think we could re infect our mouths from last nights' brush. i have noticed a reduction in them though but not 100% gone.
Thanks again
peperonimum last decade
Well I am so glad, you and anyone else can find relief from this issue, so you all can move on without worry.

Shoot we all need to remember...have lived longer than many folks have or will. Nuggets, are nothing!

We the few, selected to endure the putrid pellets, can handle the burden, Maybe it is a sign we need to take brush.

Good daily digging is better that firing off one of those nasty nuggets during a lovely smooch! We are strong! We can survive.

Why the medical folks are clueless, is a puzzlement, alas first time one of those Dr. pops a pill from within and bites down on it, we will have revenge...Agh...that's it!

In our campaign to create the support group we can jinx the Doctors and dentists out there to come forward, admit they have them or at least know what the heck we are talking about rather than send us on a ferferral for mental disorders.

In the meantime all my fellow pellet pals....if you need to clear a room of annoying folks tell them of your powerful insight into the world of predictions....
"AH I can tell I am sucptible to a sore through, cold or flu...cause I feel my little orbs growing deep within" Move over Sylvia!!

Keep it simple folks, YOU ARE NOT ALONE so you can Laugh it it off!

Maybe we have a few folks to share tales that can make us all laugh!
Just clean the room, and empty the trash, it's always worth a nice hug & a possible kiss!
swimmmermom last decade
hello, my name is stephen and i have tonsil cheese.

This is cathartic. Like so many of you I have usually had a high success rate with simply popping these freshies out from my tonsils. However, I have been fighting a losing battle for the past 3 weeks. I plan on looking into the monject 421 because my finger and other objects have not been working.

I haven't even been able to see it lately, but gliding my tongue over my right tonsil tastes like licking a ripe diaper, or at least i imagine it does.

I am interested in the debate between the "cheese" simply being food particles or bacteria with post nasal drip and sulfur compounds (i don't even know what sulfur compounds are, but i can regurgitate information). Some people are like, "yeah, food particles" while others demand this is as big a myth as unicorns. i don't know what to believe. I think I would prefer to think that they are not simply food particles.

whatcha got?
tonsilstonesanon last decade
Personally, I do not think they are food particles, I long ago thought that and was even told by a dr. that was probably what it was, but with a clothespen on my nose, no wait I changed to a nose clip, (being a swimmer I had that too) I 'anayzed them for many many weeks and their consistency was not resembling taco chips or anything I had been eating. for 40 + years they have not changed in appearance other than shade which I suspect them to be affected by age....ie.. time in crypt!

I have had some rather large, usually when I have been ill or feeling bad. I also see an increase when I am running on an empty energy tank.

I believe they are a bacterial drainage and would be affected by our ph counts.
I spend a lot of time in a pool and know how a change in Ph effects the pool, water, surrounding metal objects and my skin. So I can only assume internally when my PH is off I might be more suceptible to some sotrt of build up. Wonder what the others without crypts have....

There are times I have to back off erradicating the little rock garden as to not irrate my tonsils. So there are times I have waited and returned when the throat was clear, while waiting I woiuld gargle with salt water.

I try not to take too many meds, everything has a reaction...helps here, but hurts there. so I do what I can.

I just hate folks frightening themselves about what is just a possible genetic oddity.

I am sorry you have had the discomfort, you must do what works for you and seek advice where you can. Generally speaking, I just want folks to know It is not a rare disease...

Hope is vague enough LOL!
swimmmermom last decade

I think we all agree that the stones contain anaerobic bacteria (nanobacteria possibly also or only) and they may or may not contain food particles, but the food particles are not the cause and do not contribute to their formation. I think most of us agree that the bacteria causes the formation of the stones, but the type of bacteria and how they form the stones is a question. And what else the stone is made of is another question. And how the bacteria gets into the tonsil is another question (I personally think the lymph system kicks the bacteria out into the tonsil from somewhere else in the body...maybe).

Some think they are made of calcium phosphate formations (like what kidney stones are made of - google 'nanobacteria kidney stones' for interesting reading - based on info from the new book 'The Calcium Bomb') and they don't really address the sulfer issue. From what I've read EDTA would be our possible cure if this is the case.

Some think the bacteria produce sulfer, others think the tonsil surrounds the bacteria with sulfer to kill it, and some do not think sulfer is even in the picture (but for my money, my nose tells me differently-they stink).

Where have you gone? are you cured? I know you were on the high dosages of probiotics and were even irrigating with them. How did it go? Please report back for us so I don't try this if it doesn't work.

Are you cured? or are you just better? Has the vinegar irrigation solved the problem for you?

Are you still cured? :) I know you tried the vinegar/water irrigation. Did that do the trick on a permanent basis for you? still gargling with saltwater too?

What did you decide to do about the biopsy. I so think that may have been connected.

chintu cool,
You said, "The medicine he prescribed me was called Wyethia (Q) and Natrium Sulfuricum(6x) and this have to be taken for quite sometime atleast for one year. Please do not try these medicines without discussing with your doctor. I am not sure if it right thing to discuss the medicine names, but just wanted all of you to know that there is a cure in homeopathy." - - - Did this work for you? are you still 'cured'?

I finally found an EXCELLENT use for our Listerine ;)


What a good kid. A definate MUST DO! ... along with the hydrogen proxide ear cleaning, sinus wash and tonsil irrigation. My 'must do' list is getting way to long for this *sigh*
Good Luck all!
justmebyanyname last decade
Hi everyone, I read most of the posts here and I have another suggestion to add.

I have been getting tonsil stones for the last three years, and I am currently looking for a good doctor to do the surgery and remove the damned things. Like others already said, antibiotics didn't help, water pick did help but it was very difficult not to gag when hitting the back of my throat with water. I did throw up many times either during the cleaning procedure with water pick or because I would start coughing really hard and feel those things in the back of my throat. I read that some tried wooden toothpicks to pick their tonsils, and my suggestion is another tool you can use that's more comfortable and will not make your tonsils bleed if you poked them by an accident. Go to this link and look at the picture of the "nail kit" tools in the open case. The tool in the very left upper corner, which is slightly curved at the end, is the tool I am talking about. I have one with a plastic handle so it non slippery. This is normally used to push the cuticle back I believe.

(remove spaces and "dott" h t t p : //cgi dot ebay dot co dot uk/Elegance-Stainless-Steel-Manicure-Pedicure-Kit-8-PCs-B_W0QQitemZ5640803090QQcategoryZ31812QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

I have very large tonsils, it actually looks like I have a set of two on each side. And there are huge deep pockets and folds that look like a curtain. Every three days or so I clean them out. Either pressing on the tonsil to force it out (a bit painful) or pushing skin aside and scooping them out the curved tip. My breath is horrible, I am soooo embarrassed and disgusted, I can't believe I am not single :(. Always thinking people are backing away because of it. Both doctors I went to told me it's no big deal, that I should just ignore it. They don't understand how difficult it is for us.

Since having surgery is going to take 7 days to recover from, I'll need to take a whole vacation week off, but if that means no more bad breath embarrassments for the rest of my life, HURAY!
jane21nyct last decade
Jane If i were you, I would find out WHY my tonsils are enlarged FIRST..before removing them.. They are trying to tell you something about your body..

Next BEFORE removing them, why not opt for the more conservative approach having the crypts LAZERD and or closed? Do you feel this is not an option for you since they are so big?

No one I have seen has explained WHY the tonsils get so big as they do, and what the natural cure for this is.. There are treatments out there I think Ive seen them and on this site.. You should try to shrink them first..

Its the chicken or the egg thing.. It might be that the infection does not cause the stones necessarily but rather causes the tonsils to enlarge which THEN causes the crypts to enlarge when then cause the stones. So I would say the Tonsils are the Chicken, it came first.. the stones are the EGG.. They come next..

Try some homeo methods out there to try and SHRINK them first..And if you are successful to shrink them down, then have the remaining Crypts lazered.to seal them. I would do all this before having them CUTOUT.?

nomostinkbomb last decade
I had toncilitous as a child but they were too large to have them removed, this ammount of infection damages the toncils and causes cavities. The cavities can fill up with food stuff but when this happens it does not smell that bad but when the toncils become infected they fill up with white puss that has a putride smell. The toncils are danaged so to may not actually feel the pain from the infection in the way you may have when you first got the infections. The nose, Throat, ears and sinuses are connected so when I have an ear infection I am usaully told by the doctor I also have a throat infection. Try anti-bactrial mouth wash.
abitdifferent last decade
Hi my fellow throat booger people. I too am very relieved to find others who share this annoying and stinky problem. I have had this problem along with a constant post nasal drip for two years now. And my dad is an ENT and he has it as well. Actually a lot of my family has it including my mother and aunt. Although I am bothered by it, our family has just lived with it and payed not too much attention to it; just occasionally water-picking them out. Halitosis isn't a problem, although I do get a whiff of it sometimes.

The whole thing about vinegar, apples and such, I believe that vinegar is made from apples with the acidophilous (sp) bacteria, a bacteria found in yoghurt that is good for our bodies. Lately I have heard great things about this particular bacteria, something about it fighting avian flu.

Anyway, do any of you eat or drink (including water) within 2-3 hours before going to sleep? My dad says that this is the biggest cause of throat illnesses. It's like acid reflux, but only when you sleep because of your horizontal position; hiadal herinas same thing. The prescence to food or liquid produces acid that washes up our esophagus while we sleep, and causes irritation of the throat and hoarseness.

I really want to get rid of these gross things. But I do have the terrible habit of eating late and drinking water later for pills or just cause I have a hydration problem. I'm going to try pro-biotics, to get the good bacteria colonized in my body, as my dad suggested.

I think that this stuff is plaque, the same as the stuff on your teeth. The same bacteria probably cause them, and if I remember correctly, plaque is created by them to protect and make them stick to your teeth (and tonsils). I too have big tonsils, as do most of the suffers of this stinky stuff. The crypts are always there, not formed by the tonsilliths although the big boogers probably stretch them out. But my dad does not like to take out tonsils unless it's gonna save a life.

I've only recently discovered these stinky bastards, but I may have had them longer. The post nasal drip thing is really annoying. This all could be because I got two cats a few years ago, and although I'm classically allergic, I may have slight reactions. My best friend only got this within the last year, and I hope not from me. So it might be contagious or perhaps some are more susceptible to it. I dunno, I just wanted to communicate. Oh and yeah, antibiotics don't work. I'll try a few things and get back to you.
chineseboogers last decade
Great reply, good info and nice resources from your dad.

I think you are on to something with the plaque thought. It is similar in appearance and like, where as the plaque is like a coating and this might just be plaque hiding and accumulating in a pocket. Interesting thoughts to ponder, thanks....

And I never thought of water at night being a problem, guilty of the liquid before sleeping, gonna try avoiding that.

Also interesting about the bacteria in vinegar....I love vinegar for household cleaning and like. So might try it as a gargle...gag gag gag. Wash it down with an apple and water LOL

Tell me more about the pro-biotics.

I would not lean toward the contagious aspect of the crypst, as my husband of 24+ years does not have them, nor our daughter, but our son does. I think ya gotta go with... gentics - 'bless' . . . my son also got my boney knees. LOL

Thanks again for an interesting point of view!

Throat boogers...good one!!
Loved that one!
swimmmermom last decade
Guess what gang... NEWS!!!

I Googled 'tonsil extrude' :D

You've got to read this!

justmebyanyname last decade
I'm still here! I can't even remember what I wrote. Our computer has been down. The lymphnodes are still swollen on both sides of my neck. They are not doing anything right now. I go back in Feb. to the oncologist and see what she says. She thinks they are normal, but didn't say anything about the tonsil episode! I will ask again. I haven't had a stinky tonsil thing since I got the last one out!
calico last decade
this is so embarrassing but il say it anyway. besides tonsil stones, i get a stubborn metalicky taste in my mouth usually at night, my whole mouth, to me, smells real bad.!!its on my tongue and teeth and my mouth feels real bad.is it my imagination from the tonsil stones?? or something else that comes from the stomach or something. am i the only one with this gross feeling and taste or do u get it too??
so i brush for a good 3 mins and get into all the nooks and crannies and i feel better after that, but it comes back half hr later and i brush again. then the next night ill be ok. ive read here someone said plaque is the cause of stones and i have to agree!! I hadnt realised i may have plaque growing and "them" migrating to the throat.
usually when i get hungry that yukky taste comes? please please tell me if anyone gets the same feeling/taste. so i dont feel like an alien.. thanks heaps
peperonimum last decade
Hey all, I've been trolling this forum for a while, and finally decided to register and post!

A few months ago, I got sick with what I believe to be a sinus infection. I had small amounts of blood in my phlegm, my tonsils swelled up, and I had a stuffy nose... Unfortunately, I don't have medical insurance, so I didn't get a chance to be seen by a doc, and still haven't.

It's been about 3 - 4 months, and I still have the stuffy nose, and ever since then I've been getting tonsil stones... I don't think I ever got them before that, at least I don't remember them if I did... I'm going to try to go to a doctor to maybe see if I can get my sinuses checked and out and treated, and see how things go, but it may be a while before I do.

I can't stand these damn things!

I decided to really go all out trying to get them today, and figured out a way to squeeze 'em out a little by contracting the back of my throat/mouth, and I managed to get about 8 - 12 of the bastards, of which almost all of them were on the left side.

I do get my ears popping now and then, and I believe this is directly related to my sinuses.

Either way, I can't stand the darn things. They make me feel somewhat depressed, and lose some self-esteem and confidence.

I seem to get them anywhere from every few days, to every few weeks.

I'll keep track of what I do/eat, and keep you all informed should I discover anything!
TheZMan last decade
Ok, Time for another lengthy post *sigh* sorry.

First off... google to see what "plaque" is made of if you are confused. It's bacteria.

We've been working on narrowing this down for a long time.
IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE BOARD... PLEASE - read back. You can learn alot from where we have already been.

Here's what I'm sure of...

What we have growing in our throats is caused by either bacteria or fungus or both.

And either way... we fight it the same way.

Personally, I think it is probably ' Actinomyces israeli ' (you can also find this listed as ' A. israeli ' out there on the web. There is an intesting article "The Role of Actinomyces Israeli in Salivary Calculus Formation" by Sherman Ross Citron, B.A., M.A., D.D.S. http://jdr.iadrjournals.org/cgi/reprint/24/2/87 if you want to read it.

The problem is that this bacteria is supposed to grow in our oral cavities, but it isn't supposed to do what it's doing. The flora in our mouth is out of whack. It could be a nanobacteria is involved, but even if it is...we want to treat it the same way right?

The problem as I see it with what we have been doing is that we are killing off the bacteria - good and bad. We have to add back in the probiotics.

We WANT to kill off the bad, but we need the good to continue to kill off the bad so we don't have to keep doing this forever. We want it to go back into proper balance.

This you don't want to forget to do that we think benifit us in our battle against this...
1.) You need to make sure you are sanitizing your tooth brush between brushings. You can do many ways. I posted a link to a kids science experiment up above if you need ideas.
2.) A water pic is very useful for getting rid of plaque and cleaning under the gum line. I'll be honest if i use my water pic I don't feel like i need to floss, but do what you feel necessary, but brush and floss or use whatever means necessary to get rid of bacteria on your teeth and gums. I do not use just plain water in my water pic... I add vinegar.

3.) Because the sinus are so involved, I believe you have to do a sinus wash atleast every few days. I posted a link for that also up above. But here it is again. http://nationaljewish.org/disease-info/treatments/alt-ther/n...

4.) Our eustation tubes are connected to our tonsils and can harbor bacteria...so clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide about as often as you clean your sinuses. You can google for yourself to see how this is done.

5.) Rinse your mouth and irrigate your tonsils with a base followed by an acid or vice versa. Now...the problem with this is that it kills the GOOD bacteria as well as the bad bacteria because of the pH imbalance. So I think the time period we do this for should be limited to when we stop seeing tonsil stones and our tonsils have shrunk (meaning we have gotten as much of the gunk as possible out of them and as much of the base and acid squirted into them to make sure there's nothing in there growing). I think we will want to eventually switch the the epsom salt rinse because of the balance pH.

If anyone figures out the right combination for curing this please let me know. If you are doing something else that seems to be helping please let us know. I've been looking into glandular support myself... wild things like painting iodine. ;)

Good luck all!
justmebyanyname last decade
Hello everyone and thank you for this forum. I feel so much bettter now that I know that I am not alone. I too have the stinky buggers.

After reading thru the posts here, I too went out to Walmart and purchased the water pik and was successful at removing an *UNBELIEVABLE* amount of the stinky creeps from their deep dark caves in my tonsils.

Today I had a Dr. appt and my dr. asked me "how is the throat problem, did we get that sinus infection cleared up with the second dose of antibiotics?" I told him no, that the stinky buggers are still there and asked him if he'd ever heard of tonsiliths, and told him my story, about this website, and....so long story short, kind of,...

The Doc had heard of them b4, said that a tonsilectomy will most likely cure the problem, but that he thought that I was on the right track. He suggested that I continue to "clean" them out for a couple of months. Also, that if one can keep the 'pockets' clear for awhile that they tend to shrink and this 'shrinking' of the pockets in the tonsils will usually clear up the problem. So the doc suggested that I continue for a couple of months to see what happens, and after that time if there is no improvement then he would be happy to refer me to an ENT for a tonsilectomy.

PheW! Sorry this is so long.

My question then is: Has anyone tried this? Being consistent with the water pick remedy for several weeks, noticed any subsequent shrinkage of the pockets, and elimination of the tonsiliths?

Thanks for your time and considieration everyone!
KploRDs last decade
Does anyone get swollen lymph nodes, too? Mine have been swollen for a while....
My newest bout started 2 weeks ago at my nieces wedding. I've always been sensitive to ciggarette smoke. Well the hall was full of smokers - even though they smoked in the bar - the hall still stunk pretty bad. The next day I started to feel dehydrated..then the itchy throat..then the tonsil stone.
I kept feeling like soemthing was in my throat. It wasn't in the right tonsil - like it ALWAYS is. It was actually hidden in the left tonsil. So here I am 2 weeks later with a lump on the back of my head/neck.
Feels like a lymph node.
Everytime I get one of these things I get a thick slimy feeling in my throat. My throat itches & I scratch it w/my tongue, which makes it red & irritated. Then I can "taste" that nasty stone taste. ThenI search & find it. All the while the front of my neck will hurt & my ears will feel clogged & tingly - like there's water in them. Oops, forgot to mention, since the day after my nieces wedding I also keep blowing my nose & yellow mucous comes out. When I try to hock the mucous out of my throat - it comes up as thick, hard yellow/brown/red chunks.
My mom has gum disease & i'm wondering if these stones are part of it. I remember how horrible her breath was - tonsil stone breath. Maybe it's all connected? Tonsil stones & bad gums? However, my gums are fine. Theyd on't bleed & their healthy pink.
ronjenn696 last decade
I also forgot to mention that since my nieces wedding I feel like my sinuses are blocked or something.

When I do the technique I read about a few pages back - the one where you drop you jaw and snort your nose - I get a horrible horrible tonsil stone taste in my nasal cavity - it makes me gag.

Can these stones be where my nose opens into my throat? Is it possibel that when they fall out they stick in my throat & wont' come out? Is that the thick heavy feeling in my thorat. I swallow & swallow but it doesn't go away..it just tastes awful.
ronjenn696 last decade
When I start getting a sore throat and horrible headache, I realize it's time to clean out the tonsils. I use a Q-tip, bent at the end, dipped in hydrogen peroxide. I also gargle with hydrogen peroxide. The problem seems worse a day or two after I eat pasta. The crypts in my tonsils have become larger. I'm thinking of having the tonsils removed by laser ablation in the otolarygologist's office. I hear the recovery is not so bad that way. My dentist had it done & was eating solid foods the next day.
West Texan last decade
Hello all, and byanyname.
Is there a water pick that is superior to others? I've had a couple in past years, but don't like the tightly coiled tubes --it's so easy to pull the darn thing off the surface it's sitting on. Maybe the design is better these days. I remember talk pages back, but don't remember if ease of use issues came up. I do recall the attachments that were mentioned...seems like it was a curved piece or something.


JenniferSco last decade
Was reading back a bit and I would like to point out that these tonsiloliths are an INFECTION - they do not warn us of oncoming sickness but are the CAUSE of it.

At one time my remedy for these things was to gargle with vinegar but as one above pointed out that kills the good bacteria as well as the bad. I'm tired of spending 30 mins in the bathroom every morning and night digging demon cheese out of my throat. I'm so tired of my body being run down from constantly fighting infection - tonsils are coming out next week.
jfisk last decade
Hi All,

I am SOOOO relieved I'm not alone in this madnes. My tonsoliths smell vile and can literally fill up a whole room with the stench. Needless to say this is extremely distressing not to mention embarassing!

Does anyone have an emergency remedy?? I took the day off work today because the odor was overwhelming but I have to go back to the office tomorrow and i'm super stresed out.

I've never been able to take them out myself; they usually take their sweet time coming out(after I've been sufficiently embarrased by the stench!), and will come out while brushing.

Anyhow,this one I have now feels rather large and it bobs up to the surface of the back of my throat and moves down again al the while emitting foul fumes!!! i've been gargling with H2O2 and salt watersince last night.

Please if anyone has any suggestions to get this nightmare out it will be much appreciated:))
Sadie Ann last decade
Fellow sufferers, I thought I'd update what has worked for me: I had sinus drainage,
allergy problems, sore throat and the dreaded stones. I used the water pic
when my throat ached,every couple weeks.I tried non alcohol toothpaste and rinse.
My throat improved and my gums were irritated and bleeding. Something that worked
well on the gums and lips was
a solution of water and honey. 3H20x 1 honey. That
worked great massaging on gums and lips. I gargled with
the same honey and water ingredients. Simple could be better?
sweetbreath last decade

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