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mouth breathing may be a culprit??

keep those nasal passages clear

saline with xylitol. grapefruit seed extract preservative in the saline useful. x clear is an over the counter remedy that contains these ingredients
snorkels4 last decade
got some xylitol. started using it. no change yet...will keep u posted. how long have you been trying?
willing2try last decade
Hi there Tiffany23,

I do believe in your food particle idea. I think food gets trapped in the crypts and forms a 'lovely pearl'.

But you did say that you have been suffering this for three years. What do you suppose started all of this food trapping? Did you have tonsillitis a while back? If you did, perhaps as your tonsills were swollen from the infection your crypts became enlarged and began to trap food. Thus, the vicious cycle of the stones?

This all started for me in June with a mild sore throat. I've been popping stones out since.
slothgirl last decade

thanks for response

ive been using in various amounts and forms for a very long time--a la orbit chewing gum

started using for nasal irrigation x clear about 4 years ago mainly as an experiment as i do not suffer from allergies a great deal. my seasonal allergies have all but disappeared.

x clear is to pricey so i mix my own using saline nasal mist as the base. i add grapefruit seed extract as preservative. why this is needed i dont know as xylitol is not supposed to support bacterial growth.

i must say that my son called me from college about a sore throat and i told him to use some xylitol. he reported that the positive effect was immediate and complete.

i have kept a xylitol syrup bottle (old hair color bottle or ketchup sqeeze bottle will work) by my bedside for a year now and have noticed that the excess brown epithelium that accumulates on the tongue is gone and my tonsils have shrunk from view. i had seen those nasty white balls come up at times in my mouth from time to time for years and didnt know what the heck they smelled like until i crushed one.

my wife is constantly trying to get them out of her tonsils with cotton swabs and rinses.

she wont use the xylitol except in marguaritas on any regular basis and doesnt have much mouth odor-go figure.

me, i believe this is the answer.

i just stumbled on this board but i am very motivated to help improve americas health thru non traditional approaches as the conventional medical wisdom is at fault for much of the on going pathology in america by virtue of wearing blinders and ear muffs and keeping quiet about many effective cures on the alternative front.

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

its a sad and devastating predicament with most of the people following the white coated gods blindly
snorkels4 last decade
snorkle4. ditto on the health care system. I'm gonna fight like crazy to kepe my tonsils. the Xylitol syrup idea sounds interesting, esp since i already have some grapefruit seed extract in my medicine chest right now... so you squirt the solution on your tonsils? i always seem to have a coated tounge too...wonder if it could cure that too?

I tried the nasal spray several years ago, but didn't finish the bottle. My neighbor swears by it as she claims it has REVERSED her sons tooth decay. I'm sorta puzzled at how to incorporate it into my regular diet. got gum, got toms of maine, got 1 pound supplement. Made lemonade for my kids yesterday. gargled with it this morning. do you know if the benefits are from ingestion or just rinsing? theres a xylitol.org website...but it doesn't say if there are any side effects or cautions for it...
willing2try last decade
Do you mean that Xylitol syrup gave someone new teeth?
Pat2006 last decade
no, no, no...

she said it completely halted his tooth decay (he had 5 cavities and a tooth extracted) and it was literally repairing some of his more superficial carries...he's only 4 years old...but his dentist was really impressed...
willing2try last decade
hey guys, here for another update

Today im starting to feel alot better. I have taken more pain medicine than yesterday though, im starting to talk more like normal, and the pain is still only on the right side, and it gets really sharp at times now, all i ate today was jello and mash potatoes, i've lost 16 pounds in a week now. yes thats right, 16.. so i guess this is a good way to lose weight too. :- My teeth always feel dirty too, even though i brush them about 4 times a day, i thnk this is because of how raw my mouth is right now. Ill update tomorrow.
tim618 last decade
Hi Slothgirl,

Well, I actually did have tonsilitis a few years ago, however I don't think that was the cause of my enlarged tonsil crypts and hence the tonsil stones.

I've been to a specialist and he told me that tonsil stones is very common. Most people don't notice it because they simply just swallow them. Medical doctors still don't know the reason why people get them though.

However, I did go to see a homeopath and he gave me a really good explanation why people get these stones. He said that over time, your body will accumulate toxins from alchohol, junk food, smoking etc. Places where the body stores the toxins is in the lymph nodes, one of the lymph nodes is the tonsils.

Over time, your tonsils will accumulate toxins which should naturally be discreted through your body. However, as your tonsils get over worked through the excess amount of toxins in your body, it begins to malfunction. One of the symptoms you’ll see is enlargement of the tonsils, if you look at the back of your throat you’ll find that your tonsils are unusually bigger than most people. Another symptom is the enlargement of your tonsil crypts, which is why food gets trapped so easily and hence smelly tonsil stones start to form.

I hope this answers your questions. Now your might be wondering why I don’t have them anymore. Well in the last 5 months I’ve been drinking this natural berry juice called the Himilayan Goji Juice. Initially I thought I might as well try it, since I’ve tried almost everything else. You may not have heard of this juice before, but it certainly got rid of my smelly balls. The berry has got 19 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, antioxidants, vitamin C, E B1, B2 B6. It think with all the minerals and vitamins in the juice, it provided the essential minerals to help my tonsils function properly again. I drink 2 oz everyday and buy a case of 4 bottles a month, I even got my mum drinking it. You can find out more about it on w w w. e v e r l a s t i n g. f r e e l i f e . c o m

Hope this all helps
Tiffany23 last decade
95 % reeduction middle ear infections in scandanavia--just one systemic effect.

nasal wash may have the same effect as swallowing but i do both. gargle with the syrup with grapefruit seed extract peppermint licorice or anise oil etc etc. there may be some synergy with the peppermint.

im using peppermint oil in my nightly gargle by my bedside.

any of these combinations cant be worse than antibiotics or a tonsilectomy.

the side effects of the surgery and antibiotics are well known but the white coated imortals would laugh at all of this
snorkels4 last decade

rinse, swallow, squirt, spray- all have various benefits as far as i can tell.

i have even used it in my eyes when mixed as saline nasal mist

worked fine and was soothing

systemic effects derive from its low glycemic index, alkalinity. slow absorption and ability to coat surfaces and prevent or clog bacterial metabolism
snorkels4 last decade
so, do you have stones? did you ever? how often do use the solution?

what is your recipe for the solution?
willing2try last decade

do i have tonsilliths (tonsil stones)? of course, doesnt everyone? -in the world ?

no recipe (just wing it) on the nightly syrup but i do like the peppermint as an ingedient as it has medicinal properties of its own but anise oil does also and it would make a nice addition or not?

ive used peppermint oil (not xylitol) in bath water also-excellent-really.

the grapefruit seed extract comes as a liquid in a dropper bottle--ive used this as preservative as the product xclear does.

go to my previous posts
snorkels4 last decade
i just inspected my tonsils and tongue again. tonsils have shrunken out of site and tongue is pink. auuwsome. try it youll like it.

if you mix the saline nasal spray too strong it burns a little but boy does it clear me out. large amounts of mucous expelled i guess from osmotic action or maybe just a little irritation--try different dilutions. i used about a teaspoon in a 2 oz nasal spray bottle as a medium strength adjustment.

i dont think im being reckless here either recommending or using various ratios. try to find out what the dilution rate of x clear is??
snorkels4 last decade
my brother has used one like this: Grossan Sinus Irrigator Tip with various concoction including colloidal silver he claims very good results for chronic allergic rhinitis.

since the sinuses are integral with the tonsild maybe this is a solution that can be used. me- im gonna stick to xylitol for now as i consider it a little less invasive and seems to be working fine. invasive? why?: ph? chemicals in water? bacteria in water? etc.

clean ph ballanced sterile water is expensive-just an idea and may not be significant

im just throwing some ideas out there looking for feedback.

snorkels4 last decade
what a long forum! Just wanna ask you guys, what taste do you have in your mouth when you can't see any tonsil stones? A lot of people say they have a awful taste, do you mean awful as in you can taste the tonsil stone, or just that bad taste when you haven't brushed your teeth in a while? I think its really easy to get paranoid with these things, I know I am! I can feel a little bump on my right side of my mouth, thought it was my tonsil, but i can't see anything back there, and then i noticed on the right side of my tongue really far back there is a white bump, looks like a whitehead. I'm thinking thats the thing I'm feeling?

I used to have big tonsil stones at one point in time, really scarred my self confidence. These days however, I think i found a way to stop them. Before you sleep, clean you teeth well, and then gargle with mouthwash thoroughly. Then in the morning, I find I have quite a big of mucous in my nose, and in my throat. I reckon if you eat straight away, the mucous mixes with the food and causes stones. So I take a hot shower where the steam helps to get rid of the mucous (try it!), and i hock it all out. Then I brush my teeth and tongue, and there are no taste disorders. Also, if you eat dairy don't take it in too fast.

This whole thing can be battled, if you really monitor your lifestyle well. If it doesn't work, I reckon you should check up on the laser zapping method which seems developing all over the world, rather than taking your tonsils out.

Isn't this forum therapuetic as you can express yourself about these nasty little buggers? haha
heretohelp last decade
btw, I think its very possible to have these tonsil stones and not have bad breath.

And for some people drinking alcohol makes it worse, but I think makes it better somehow.
heretohelp last decade
another update. this is exactly 7 days after my surgery now. the spots where my tonsils were are starting to heal rather than being white or yellowish all the time now. I ate french fries last night, but that was still kind of pushing it for me. Im up and walking around a lot, i went to an amusement park last night, no problems really. I'm almost out of medicine, so im kinda freaking out! :- I'm starting to eat more and more each day, which is good, cuz i want to gain back some of the 20 lbs i've lost! :- I'm hoping by this time next week i'll be able to eat pretty much whatever i want, i;ll keep you guys posted. I stil only have pain on my right side, and it still hurts to swallow anything. So obviously im just starting to heal. More updates to come..
tim618 last decade
just wanted to chime in about the bad breathe issue-

i have had stones for almost a decade now, and i don't have ongoing bad breath as a result. i only have 'stone breath' when there's a stone that's coming loose, and i can sort of taste it in the back of my mouth.

i remember a long time ago, when i first started getting stones, and i thought the occasional bad breath was because of my drinking water. i thought maybe my brita water pitcher was growing a bunch of bacteria and needed to be washed!

someone also posed the question of mouth breathing. i am a mouth breather, because my nose is often not clear enough to breathe through (especially at night). i just remembered that when i was a kid, my dentist told me i should try to stop the mouth breathing, because it affects the mouth's pH in a negative way (leading to cavities or something). interesting, huh? maybe this brings us back to the pH issue that was mentioned on here awhile ago. is mouth breathing common among people with stones? what about you guys, are you mouth breathers like me?
kmoeller last decade
i for the most part am not a mouth breather. However, i do not know how i breath in my sleep but i imagine some what that i do mouth breath at night.
tim618 last decade
Posting another update-

Today im feeling a bit better, went and played basketball tonight. Still not eating much, i've lost 22 pounds now in 9 days. Drinking alot more now, but still hurts to swallow and still only have pain on my ride side, but it is healing. I go tomorrow for my follow up appointment, i'll ask him if its normal to lose this much weight, but im guessing its not.. :-
tim618 last decade

i wouldn't be too worried about the weight issue. you've probably just lost a great deal of water weight. as long as you're not fainting and feeling weak, it's likely okay.
kmoeller last decade
Hi Guys...I apologize if I'm asking a question that has already been answered but I have read through as many posts as I could (then I realized there were almost 50 pages so I decided to go ahead and post) anyway...I have a dental tool that has a rubbery type thing on it to use to get the stuff/stones out of the cavities in my tonsils. Anyway, yesterday both tonsils starting bleeding. I wasn't poking all that hard and it FREAKED me out and I started to panic. Anybody ever have this happen or have any guesses about what's going on?
sareen last decade
when i had my tonsils i would dig at them with a toothpick to get them out, they have bled before, as long as the bleeding doesn't last for a long time, you'll be fine, just gargle with some warm salt water to heal it up quickly. Just be really careful when fooling around with those tools
tim618 last decade
Ive had the same problem for years now and finally went to the Dr. about it. I to picked at it and they would bleed very easy as well. My doc refered me to a specialist, an Ear, Nose and Throat Dr. and he told me that I has tonsillitis and it was up to me to have them removed because they dont take them out as much anymore like back in the day. Im actually getting the out on Monday the 14th. The only bad thing is is that its harder for adults to recover from the surgery then children. Im tired of the swollen tonsills so Im going ahead and doing it.

Hope this helped you some how. I wish I would have know this info sooner becuase I would have had them removed then. I think its a smart step to get them removed.
Laura83 last decade
try xylitol first
snorkels4 last decade

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