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Does anyone else notice their tonsil stones getting particularly bad after they've had a lot of tea (or anything else hot) to drink? My breath just absolutely STINKS right now, and I feel like I've got a big stone in there, and the only thing I've been doing differently is drinking more tea than usual. Come to think of it, I always associated my mom's 'stone breath' with her tea-drinking habit.
Maybe the tea loosens things up back there, and the stones come out a bit? Or maybe the crypts get worse as a result of the tea?
herbuveaux last decade
hi Katherine. I'm 26.
I cant stress enough to all you guys who still have tonsil stones that after the surgery your whole life changes for the better. It's so difficult to be happy, or even content, when there's a constant ineradicable stink coming from your mouth.
Yes herbuveaux, tea does make the smell worse. I think the heat causes the stones to disintegrate, then the particles coat the mouth and smell; or perhaps the milk in the tea is a good food sourse for the bacteria.
I'm so happy to be rid of my loathsome tonsils.
kuperus last decade
Well, I went back to the Dr. today and rescheduled my tonsillectomy for the 30th of this month. For those who haven't followed along, I found another ENT who used the coblation method for surgery. From my research, this is method benefits the patient the more than the old school cut 'em and burn 'em method. I will let you all know how it goes.

Thank all of you who have kept this old post posted on your progressive of recovery!
plantinga last decade
FYI for anyone considering the surgery. Since my tonsilectomy is scheduled for Monday I was calling people to let them know I will be unavailable for several days. When I was talking to a friend that works in the pathology department in one of the hospitals in the area, he said tonsilectomy is a very common procedure. He said he usually sees at least one tonsil specimen everyday. He said sometimes that's the only procedure he receives on any given day. That news really surprised me. When I scheduled my initial appointment with my ENT I asked the nurse if he had ever done a tonsilectomy, since I never knew anyone who ever had the procedure.
MsBlase last decade
This is an extremely long post, and I'm sorry to add to it but I'm just happy that when I sat down this morning to finally try to figure out something about my 'phlegm balls' I actually found all of these people suffering! For me, I cannot relate them to anything like eating habits, smoking, not even a common frequency. Sometimes I go months with out them, sometimes consecutive weeks I get them, so I haven't been able to relate it to anything.
However, the reason for my post was to show you all this website, which you might have stumbled upon in your research of these disgusting things. It basically describes the purpose of tonsils, and tells us sufferers of tonsil stones/cheese to gauge the severity of our 'situation' before taking drastic action. Unfortunately I am not allowed to post external urls to this forum yet. So I can lead you in the right direction. Go to the Yahoo Health webpage and type in Treating Tonsil Stones in the Search box. The first link response is the site I read and I really think it sums up all our woes. I basically look at it as, I'm one of the unlucky who has to deal with these mostly annoying things. I've tried digging them out before, but never actually works. When I get them, they just come out natuarlly on there own with my food or drink and I've just adapted. Although, from the looks of it there may be worse situations. Good luck to everyone on this! At least this isn't a life-or-death situation and we can be thankful that this is this worst on our minds!
dmbvalley3 last decade
This has been interesting reading, particularly since before today i thought i was the only one who had 'tonsil stones'. I was told 20 years ago it was 'an unidentified fungus' and never really though much about it since. I'm having a septoplasty in a couple days to try to rid myself of chronic sinus congestion/infections. I find it intewresting how many with stones also have sinus problems. Perhaps there is something to the fungul-allergy theory, at least in my case. My sinus colds always start with a sore throat, which in turn usually is preceded by a greater occurrence of stones. The fungal balls mentioned along with the Mayo Clinic study may not be applicable (since i had a CT scan) but perhaps it is some systemic reaction, like the Candida hypothesis, to a fungal overgrowth. Funny how it takes that great source of misinformation, the internet, to discover these things.
sfr007 last decade

I have the exact same problem as you!!!!!

Another girl on this board about 20 pages back had the same problem also and was going to get the laser but had to go on vacation. I have not hear from her since.

stones_sufferer did you ever go to the laser doctor?

e-mail me offline if you want at johnATexcaliburgateopeners.com
johnadaniels last decade
Hmm-- Kind of interesting to hear about the 'fungul overgrowth theory'. I just went to the doctors today to inquire about a rash that was spreading on my face, and she told me that it might be a fungal rash.
This might gross some people out as well, but I figure its worth it to provide more info- I have noticed that I've had a yeast infection more times than the average woman. I think the fungal/ Candida theory is something to definitely look into.
katherine1 last decade
When I first got tonsil stones I had no idea what they were. I had eaten a bunch of peanut m&ms one night and woke up the next morning with a terrible throat ache and severe congestion. I couldn’t figure out how I got sick literally over night. At one point I looked into my throat and saw dozens of white pieces of food (the peanuts from the m&ms). I tried to get them all out and was successful on one side of my throat. That side of my throat went back to a normal size and the congestion on the same side went away.
Unfortunately, this episode triggered continuous problems in my throat by opening my “caves”. It has been over two years now (I am 23), and I laugh and call myself a “miner” because every night I take my mini- flashlight and my toothpick and I dig the stones out. Recently though, they have just become too deep to be able to reach.

I find that most of the time I can feel them either in my throat or I simply feel the congestion coming on. I develop sever sinus congestion, a mild sore throat, and even fatigue. I think because my tonsils get inflamed they trigger my body to believe that I am fighting some kind of infection, because I get worn out and develop symptoms similar to the flu.

I am going to see a doctor tomorrow, and I am at a point where I just want my tonsils removed (or maybe the laser surgery, I need more information about that).
I think sometimes, the holes become too deep, and I think “picking” at my throat every night is beginning to damage it (sometimes I make it bleed!)

I tried the gargling thing, but the truth is I find it hard to remember to do. My advice, if you don’t want the surgery, is to stay away from all nuts, and dry flaky food, like granola.
It really is certain kinds of food that get stuck. And if you are eating them and then you are congested from the tonsil stones, you create more mucus from the congestion and then more food is likely to get stuck. I also breathe through my mouth because I can rarely get enough oxygen through my nose. It is embarrassing at the gym!

Unlike most people in this forum, I haven’t had the bad breathe problem. I remember them being extra stinky in the beginning, but now I get them out so frequently, that they don’t seem to smell at all.

I’ll post again if the doctor/ENT has any better advice than we have all given each other.
I hope this helps a little. Good luck!
angelak1 last decade
I had my surgery yesterday afternoon. I was nervous and questioned my decision until the moment I woke up in the recovery room. Although it seems like this is the easy way out to some of you, it was a difficult decision to make.

Since my ENT used the coblation method my pain is reletively minor, but I do have a high pain tolerance. My doctor told my mom after my surgery that my case was a little tougher than he expected. I will find out what he means by that when I go in for my follow up visit next Monady. And I had a lot of bleeding. When I called my doctors office about the bleeding the nurse suggested I sit up rather than lay down and it stopped after a while.

I initially took the pain medicatiion after 4 hours and gradually lengthened the time between doses. I am currently taking it after 6 hours. I can already tell that my mouth tastes different and can't wait to ask somone if my breath smells better.

I have eaten a smoothie (bannana, vanilla yogurt and frozen mango chunks) and ice cream. I haven't had an appetite and the coolness from the smoothie and ice cream made my throat feel good. I also have been drinking tons of water and sucking on pepermint to keep my throat from getting dehydrated.

Since I don't have insurance I paid the following fees: $200 for the initial consultation, $973 to the surgeon for the procedure, $350 to the antithesiologist, $675 to the surgical center and $587 for lab fees. A bargain to be able to read books with my 2 neices, kiss them on the cheek or forehead and volunteer in my neice's first grade class for the weekly reading group. I am 46 years old and I refused to miss out on another one those precious moments because of my outragously offensive fixable breath.
MsBlase last decade
Where is dr_pepper and those that had their tonsils out? I haven't seen them post on here for some time now.

If those of you that are in hiding or have had your tonsils out for some time now, please let us know how you are doing. :)
SkeerdofaTnA last decade
I'm approimately 36 hours post op and all I can say is be sure your ENT is doing the coblation procedure. I have very minimal soreness that the pain medication takes right away (Hydrocodine - liquid). I also have the pink liquid antibotic (Amoxicillin) and a steriod (Prednisolone) 7 day pack.

I have no real appetite but I had oatmeal for breakfast, homemade chicken soup for lunch and sardines for a evening snack.

I have no ringing of the ears and so far absolutely no scratchy sore throat sensation. My uvula was a swollen (go figure) but that has gone down a lot too.
MsBlase last decade
I posted last week......i think. All in all I am sure I made the right decision. No more stones. No pain in my throat from surgery. Things do feel 'different' back there. Not necessarily bad, just different Breath condition is improved as well.
dr_pepper last decade
Hi. I posted a while back stating that I have the same symptoms as everyone else and how embarrassing it is to have the constant bad breath even though I am very good with my dental hygiene.

Well after I posted I made an appointment with an ENT...specifically one that uses Coblation. I was convinced I wanted a tonsillectomy because I was sick of the constant embarrassment, the toll this condition was on my quality of life, and the amount of time I spent everyday worrying about my breath and the time spent in the morning clearing my throat of that crap.

I also have sinus issues so I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis and something else dealing with my turbinates. He also made note of my very large tonsils. The ENT took a conservative approach and put me on a 3 week course of strong antibiotics, a CT scan and an allergy test. After the antibiotics, the swelling in my tonsils went down and my sinus issue cleared up to the point that on my CT scan everything showed clear. On the x-ray I could see my bacteria filled tonsils plain as day!!! It was crazy and disgusting looking at that sack in my throat area on an x-ray to say the least! Uggghhh!

At my follow-up he recommended either getting a tonsillectomy to be rid of the situation or keep using the prescription mouth rinse. Of course I opted for the tonsillectomy. It takes place tomorrow and I'm cautiously excited because I've never had surgery (other than having an impacted wisdom tooth removed) and because I feel this is going to give me a new lease on life.

I know the pain will be something else, but giving one week in exchange for having my dignity back is a trade I'd make all day. I know this is a homeopathy board, but if it wasn't for this forum I'd still feel hopeless and sad inside thinking no one else suffered from this condition. I'm hopeful that I won't have dragon breath x10 anymore. And although I laughed as I typed that there are many many people out there suffering needlessly and being joked on constantly. It's not funny when it's you.
Bethany last decade
Good luck Bethany,

I'm three days post opt and although I am a little uncomfortable I would do it again tommorow morning if the doctor called and said he missed a little. My mouth tastes different.

My brother says my throat looks like it's healing well and it feels better. The swelling has gone down a bit more and I'm making sure I get the rest the doctor suggested.

Relax and just focus on getting healed.
MsBlase last decade
I just found this website today and want to say thank you! thank you! thank you! to everyone that posted here. You have no idea (or maybe you do) how much you have helped me! I have a similar story to everyone, I am 34 years old and I have had this as long as I can remember, always have an itchy ear or throat and its been constant. I have had doctors check it out, ultrasounds etc. everyone says nothing is wrong don't worry about it. So when they bother me and my throat gets sore I pop them out and am disgusted but it needs to be done. My dad had this as well except his grew into a golfball sized lump on the side of his neck and would drain from the outside every one in a while, which was truly gross. Then I found this site and ran out and bought a rechargeable water pik and some Listerine, filld in 25% Listerine the rest water, I let it charge long enough for me to figure out which one was the low pressure tip and then I got to work and I feel so much better and cleaner, so much junk came out. This is something I have been so embarrassed about, even the SO doesn't really know, he'll mention my breathe every once in a while but I figured he didn't need the details so I never told him, I really don't want him thinking about that as he kisses me. So at the least I feel better, know that I am not the only one and will talk with my doc about the tonsil removal, I will bear the 2 weeks of pain to get this over with. Again thanks all and have a great night!
michelri last decade
Oh and I forgot to ask, I have a lot of problems with my ears when I fly, I take a decongestant and use ear plugs but I get a lot of pain and usually can't hear out of one of my ears for a day or so, is this connected? Does anyone else have this problem as well. I have always suspected it has something to do with my tonsils.
michelri last decade
Hey Michelri,

I have problems with my ears also, usually ear infections (which for an adult is rare). If you decide to go the tonsillectomy route and it is in your power to pick a method, you may want to consider the 'coblation' method. If you have the stomach to watch the surgery you can go to entusa(dot)com and see the difference between the coblation method and the old school method--which involves a lot more cauderizing.
plantinga last decade

I've had severe pain in my ears while on flights before. One time I started bawling my eyes out, the pain was so unbearable!
katherine1 last decade
*****stones_sufferer***** Spina*******

I have the exact same problem as you guys!!!!!

I had my Tonsils out about 8 years ago and now I have crypts in my Lingual tonsils, the tonsils on the back of my tongue on the sides!

Did you guys get the Lingual Tonsils fixed?

e-mail me offline if you want at johnATexcaliburgateopeners.com

Below is the last post by Spina:
'My ENT couldn't see me before the New Year to have the laser done. My insurance will lapse in Jan. so I have to wait until my husbands goes through and then I'm def. on my way.'
Ask your ENT to point out the linguals to you. I can't see them at all...as I'm guessing most people can't. I had my tonsils taken out years ago...but then after 7/8 years...they are forming in my lingual tonsil area. I'm hoping this solves the problem completely. But I'll take getting rid of them for another 7/8 years. Then figure out where to go from there...hopefully that won't happen though!!! Johnadaniels...my friend recommended you seeing Dr. Jack Gunter. Let me know how it makes out!
johnadaniels last decade
I was wondering, when people here have gone to see their ENT, did the ENT's usually know what tonsil stones are? and if they didn't, how do you convince them that you want a tonsillectomy??
netuser last decade
The ENT knew exactly what tonsil stones were.

I told him why I was there, he looked in my throat, swiped it with a cotton tipped applicator and said, 'yes, you do have stones and a tonsilectomy will remove them'. He did not push a tonsilectomy on to me. He actually told me we can try to treat them first but I didn't want to have anything to do with 'treating' the stones. I did that long enough.

My tonsils are scabbed over and really gross looking (6 1/2 days post op). I am still not in any pain but I get uncomfortable when the pain medication wears off. Since I work from home I have been able to work but mostly took it easy and rested.
MsBlase last decade

The first ENT I went to never mentioned tonsil stones. He said that my tonsils were 'infected' and put me on antiobiotics - which worked for a very short while - but then the stones came back.

I would NOT want to convince an ENT who was unfamiliar with tonsil stones that I wanted my tonsils taken out by THEM. I would prefer to find an ENT who knew what they were without me having to educate them.

The second ENT I went to knew exactly what they were. He gave me the option of trying a course of antibiotics and mouthwash first, or having the tonsils removed. So far, I have done neither. I have been using a waterpik and it seems to have helped greatly. I was just back at the ENT for something else and he said my tonsils looked really good, but to not 'go crazy' with the waterpik.

And for the poster that asked, I have never had problems with my ears on airplanes.
BettyCV last decade
I would be interested to learn more about tonsil stones forming in the lingual tonsils. According to wikipedia, the lingual tonsils have crypts--which seem to be the source of the problem. However, I have not read about anyone getting their lingual tonsils removed.

Anybody else have any info?
plantinga last decade
I would like to know more about the lingual tonsils and how much their crypts contribute to the tonsil stones. I often don't see my stones, they just come out and it might be that mine are also coming from the lingual tonsils. Wikipedia confirms that the lingual tonsils have crypts, which seem to the be source of the stones.

Does anyone else have more info about the lingual tonsils?
plantinga last decade
Sorry for the double post, I didn't think the first one 'took.'
plantinga last decade

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