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Thank you so much for your son's story. Finally, after 58 pages of posts, has somone made a definitive claim about this problem. Your son is so lucky to have a parent like you. I will be calling an ENT first thing tomorrow morning.
MsBlase last decade
Katherine1 & MsBlase,
Thank you for your kind words. Katherine, I too struggled with our decision to go ahead w/ the tonsillectomy, namely because of the 'experts' online that said it wouldn't solve the problem. But you know what? My gut instinct told me there was NO WAY these horrible tonsil stones could NOT be causing his bad breath. In my opinion, the smell of the tonsil stones permeated in, out, through and all around his tonsils. It was like they were painted in that stench. I kept telling myself that it had to be related. If you stuff a dead animal behind one of your couch cushions, you may not see it, but you'll sure as heck be able to smell it. It was a logical assumption to me. So I went with my gut instinct and I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG. I can honestly say that, unequivocally, his horrible breath was a direct result on these blobs. While I know the surgery is anything but pleasant, he recovered in due time just fine. As you will. I know many people may disagree with me for being an advocate of this surgery. It takes away from a layer of natural defense our bodies have. I was a young child in the 60s, at a time when every other kid had theirs removed. I don't see the healthcare system bogged down with tonsil-less people in their 40s or 50s experiencing a vast array of medical issues the rest of us don't face. Suffice it to say that, while it's better to keep them intact, there are certainly very good reasons to have them removed too. I know if I had them to the degree that caused the breath my son experienced, it would be no question. Unfortunately, we live in a society when things like bad breath are a major turn off and it will affect someone's social life. I suspect there are those who suffer from this who have cases of lesser degree than my son's. It seems that some people CAN control theirs through various means. We could not. Not to keeping going on and on here, but I wish you the very best, Katherine. MsBlase, I wish you all the best too. I truly do.
cincygal last decade

if YOU will drink a lot of something called GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT ( 'G S E' )which contains a lot of vitamine C and works with the power of antibioticum You will get rid of the stinky whitish bacterial dicharge.

The reseon of it is bacteria (usually streptoccocus or something like that)attacking your immune system and the tonsils catch them first.It is contagous!!!!!
So make sure whoever from your close family members have it with together you -make sure to give them the same GSE remedy.

Another discover, taking one pillet of INFLUENZINUM 9CH every time You're starting to get anything kinda cough, pain of tonsilis, even smelly tonsilis dicharge kills the illnes before it starts to grow up.
My own discover.
german last decade
German, I'm so very glad it worked for you. My son did try NutriBiotic's Grapefruit Seed Extract and, while I believe it's good for other things (we keep it on hand for sore throats, etc.), it didn't clear his smelly tonsil stones.
cincygal last decade

What a great post. Well, I know not great for your son, but it is helpful to those of us here that suffer from this. I am 38 and having a tonisillectomy on Nov. 13th. I have had these things on and off for at least a year now. They have gotten worse in the last 6 months. (They are not bothering me at the moment, but I know they will be back). So I've decided to go ahead with the surgery.

I do believe that they are definitely responsible for bad breath. Not only that, the irritation and consant feeling that there is something back is too much to deal with anymore.

I guess some people can get by with gargling and picking, but some of us can't.

Anyway, I appreciated your post and it makes me more confident than ever to just go and get this 'done' and be rid of the foul things.

Msblase, I am having mine done at a hospital. It was scheduled for an outpatient facility, but come to find out the place was not covered under my insurance, so I had to have it rescheduled. (Was orginally supposed to have this done next week). Has now been pushed back to Nov. 13th.

Cincygal...I am in Dayton, also. Neighbor's..eh?
ASIgirl last decade
That's the kind of feed back I was looking for. I had almost backed off scheduling surgery. And then I was talking with someone who was really trying to back away from me and I thought i simply can't go on like this for the next 35 whatever years. To those who say the stones don't stink I say BS. Thanks for the post as it's definitely re-affirmed my decision.
dr_pepper last decade
don't worry, that jerk who was calling people knuckleheads and posting about xylitol a dozen times a day has been banned. i warned him to stop it, he didn't listen, so now he is gone. i think this forum is incredibly informative, and we definitely don't need people lobbing insults around. what we do need is people to share their stories, and what does and doesn't work for them. from what i've seen, everyone else on here has been polite and helpful.

this site has taught me so much about tonsil stones! when i first got them, i had no clue what they were, and thought i had some freaky disease. i was glad to find out i wasn't alone, and that there were remedies i could try. at the very least, i learned that i could pop out the stones, instead of suffering with that horrible stench and taste for days or weeks until the stones came out on their own.

this morning when i got up and brushed my teeth, i started getting that nasty taste. so i poked around with a q-tip, and horked that sucker out. the taste was gone immediately. for those of you who worry about putting people off with the smell, i agree with the suggestion that you should just go to the washroom and poke them out with a q-tip or something else that you keep on hand. at least then you can go back and talk to people for the duration of your class, meeting, date, etc without worrying about putting people off with your breath. i know it's not exactly a 'cure', but it works in a pinch.
kmoeller last decade
ASIgirl, go Buckeyes! :-) Actually, I was born and raised in Cincy, but live in South Carolina now. Cincinnati will always be 'home' to me though, no matter where I live. I wish you nothing but the best for your surgery. We only lived w/ it for a year too, but during that time, it got progressively worse. My son had deep holes in his tonsils and I actually think that the more stones he got, the more it stretched out the holes, then the more stones they would create, then the bigger the holes would get, etc....just a vicious cycle. But one that contributed to his getting worse. There was no way I wanted him to live with all that. The pushing, the prodding, the horrible smell, swallowing this debris, bad taste, and ultimately becoming a 'social pariah.' Up until a year ago, I never knew anything like that EXISTED. Boy, have I learned alot. I'm so surprised that doctors don't have a handle on this, and equally surprised to learn so many people seem to have it. You will look back on it the first of next year and be glad. My bit of advice post surgery is to drink water. Even tiny sips around the clock. It will help! I woke my son up through the night the first 7 days to drink sips as best he could. Dry throat...not good. Wet throat...good. :)

Dr Pepper...I can only imagine what you go through too. Heck, I backed away from my boy and would tell him he had to face another direction when talking to me. Yes, it was that bad. That's how I just knew this had to end. It broke my heart when he'd come home telling me some of the mean things other kids would say to him because of his breath. You know how kids are. I didn't want him going through school being known as the kid with hideous breath. But it's all over now and it's all for the better. I can't stress enough that it's all gone. Nada, zip, zilch. And I can't stress enough that it was totally related to these stones. That much you can be assured of!
cincygal last decade
Hey peeps,

Long time readers howdy. I thought this was interesting...


Amazes me how much more information there is out there on this topic compaired to when we first started exploring these. I don't research it very often any more. And medical schools really don't teach this much eh?

Honey and my 412 monoject syringe still seem to be the best solutions for me. I think if i were habitual enough with the honey i'd clear these up. But I still think i've had this for sooooooo many years that it's not just actinomyces growing only in my tonsils.

Mine are so much better though. Almost!

justmebyanyname last decade

Have you found any more information on the connection between tonsil stones and post nasal drip? I read one of your earlier posts stating that you believed that your nasal discharge increases as your tonsil stones worsen. Imo, tonsil stones are definitely the culprit of increased nasal discharge. There have been atleast two people who underwent tonsillectomy on here and commented that their post nasal drip is gone. There have also been comments from people believing the opposite. To those who believe that, what evidence do you have? Is it just a hunch, or have you found any information on the internet?----- I also notice that the more I fiddle around with my tonsils ( as in forcing them out myself), the more stuffed up my nose seems to feel, especially directly after. Has anyone else experienced this?
katherine1 last decade
I'm convinced tonsiloliths have more to do with the ear/eustachian tubes than with food, postnasal drip, or even the tonsils.

My reasons:
1) Try letting one of your 'white globs' dry out overnight after spitting or prying it out. It will go from white, yellow or green to a reddish-yellow, brown or orange, and have the consistency of hard earwax.

2) Mine always are preceded by an intense itching DEEP IN THE EAR a day or so before the stone appears in my throat.

3) I get tonsiloliths more frequently after getting water in my ears.

I think people have so little success in treating/curing these things because they're focused on removing the stone in the throat, rather than thinking about the ear.

Has anyone tried prolonged use of a 'swimmers ear' remedy to treat this? Or any sort of drying agent in the inner ear? I feel as though, if it were possible to run some fluid in through the ear and out through the eustachian 'hole' next to the tonsil, it would both flush out the stones and kill whatever evil fungus is causing them. I just don't know whether it's safe/possible to do this.

Who's with me?
herbuveaux last decade
Herbuveaux, I had tonsil stones for over 5 years and never really had a problem with my ears. Weird.

Post nasal drip, however, was a huge problem. I thought it was linked to allergies so I tried literally every allergy medicine out there, but nothing seemed to work. It wasn't until I found this website that I put two and two together.

I recently just got my tonsil removed and my post nasal drip has pretty much dissapeared. When I think about how much money I spent on allergy medicine over the past few years it makes me sick. So I definitely think there's a connection between tonsil stones and post nasal drip and even the occasional stuffy nose.
rockstr82 last decade

I also get the deep inner ear itching when I am having a flair up of the stones. I think there is a definite connection. Maybe not for everybody, but certainly me.

Seems as tho everying is innertwined back there in one way or another.
ASIgirl last decade
cincygal what a great story. I may finally make the plunge and get them removed. I'm 25, and nothing I do offers a solution to the smell that I can smell in the back of my throat/nasal passages. I get constant post nasal drip because I have unusually large tonsils...

Does anyone know if this gets covered by insurance? It's almost like a disability, so I wouldn't see why not.

It really takes away from the quality of life.
dissident last decade
herbuveaux said:

'I'm convinced tonsiloliths have more to do with the ear/eustachian tubes than with food, postnasal drip, or even the tonsils.

My reasons:
1) Try letting one of your 'white globs' dry out overnight after spitting or prying it out. It will go from white, yellow or green to a reddish-yellow, brown or orange, and have the consistency of hard earwax.

2) Mine always are preceded by an intense itching DEEP IN THE EAR a day or so before the stone appears in my throat.

3) I get tonsiloliths more frequently after getting water in my ears.

I think people have so little success in treating/curing these things because they're focused on removing the stone in the throat, rather than thinking about the ear.

Has anyone tried prolonged use of a 'swimmers ear' remedy to treat this? Or any sort of drying agent in the inner ear? I feel as though, if it were possible to run some fluid in through the ear and out through the eustachian 'hole' next to the tonsil, it would both flush out the stones and kill whatever evil fungus is causing them. I just don't know whether it's safe/possible to do this.

You are partially correct I think, in that much of the odor and problem concentrates in that area, but I don't think the ear causes it.

When I nasal wash I'm able to actually get the solution through my eustachian hole into the back of my ear if I flex the right muscles... even doing this, the problem isn't solved... as the odor still reforms in a very short period of time.

Because my tonsils are so big and mucus along with food will tend to stagnate in that area... if I flex my throat and breathe through my nose I can smell the smell that comes from what I would describe as... the back of the throat around the nasal passages.
dissident last decade
I had my ENT appointment today! It went extremely well. The doctor knew exactly what I was talking about, and even commented on the fact that I seemed well informed aswell ( Thanks to you guys!) He explained that I had two options, one being the laser procedure, and the other, tonsillectomy. We eventually decided on the laser because he said it involves less pain, and that if I didn't like the results that I could always get a tonsillectomy. I probably will end up getting a tonsillectomy anyways, because I believe that the laser surgery won't have an effect on the post-nasal drip as much as removing your tonsils would. My doctor also said that he had the laser procedure as well! ...Anyways.. just thought I'd share my experience. It's all so exciting! lol
katherine1 last decade
omg thank god i found this website. today i was going to study at a friends house and i was in the car singing and i felt a weird sensation in the back of my throat. i started examining it trying to get a clear pic of what i was searching for. i asked the girl infront of me to let me borrow a mirror. i opend my mouth and was like 'what the hell is that' i pushed it and white stuff was popping out. i was like holy crap, is that my food there or puss? i asked the girl for a napkin and wiped it. she saw me in my trance like state looking at the napkin. she was like are you ok? and i was like freaking out. i told her and she was like. 'oh its plaque, its happend to me before. just clean it' i was out of it. i went to her house and ran to the bathroom i opend my mouth and looked deeper. i started pushing the bumps and out ozzed white sticky stuff that smelled horrid. i gurggled water with tooth paste and got more of it out. i got to my house and still had some more. so i check and poke around every 15 minutes untill i am satisfied with what i see....well i know its disgusting but i had to share...thank you
sourmoonfruit last decade

So glad you found a doctor with a clue!

Reading I've learned that Post Nasal Drip can be caused by sinus or nasal infections. And, tonsil stones are the result of 'subacute tonsillitis' (that's a good term to search for info on stones). I think it's the infection in the tonsil/nasal area that causes the PND and that tonsil stones are not cause by PND as we used to think. It makes sense to me that no matter how you get rid of the infection you will reduce the PND. If you have a serious problem with it though, I highly recommend the sinus washing. Even if you don't get rid of your tonsil stones I think you'll find it reduces PND. I've posted lots of info about it in the past.

I read an interesting comment somewhere the other day I can't find now. It was written by some Dr. from China on how to treat tonsil stones. Their comment was kind of cryptic. But I think he said something like the Dr. will remove the stone from the crypt and then treat the crypt with an antibiotic. If anyone runs across that - I would be interested in the address. TY

GLA! :)
justmebyanyname last decade
Wow, this thread is amazing. I can't believe how many people have this problem.

I've had tonsil stones since I was just a kid - about 8 or so I guess. At that stage they would just come up when I sneezed or coughed and I would sometimes even keep them in a jar - yeah, I was a weird kid.

They went away for most of my teens (I'm 21 now) but over the past couple of years they've been appearing more frequently. It wasn't a big deal, they'd pop out pretty easily. But for the past 6 months or so, maybe more, I've had this one stuck on my right tonsil that will just NOT come out no matter how much I poke and prod and gargle and brush. I can clearly see it when I open my mouth - it's not 'hidden' in the crypts, it's like it's completely embedded into my tonsil!

I'm trying to find a waterpik to buy (I'm in Australia and they don't seem to be readily available from the supermarket) and if that doesn't work, I think I'll just have to learn to deal with it because I really don't want my tonsils taken out, and I feel like that's the last option.

Anyway, just wanted to share my story and thank everyone for sharing theirs.
lozzy last decade
Oh, I also forgot to mention that my hearing isn't the best and I always feel 'blocked' in my ears. I couldn't believe it when someone earlier in the thread mentioned they could hear better after having them removed. I guess that's my problem too.
lozzy last decade
Just a quick sidenote-
Many of you probably already thought of this, but my ENT said the reason we are seeing alot of people with tonsilloliths is because many of us are of a younger generation, and did not get our tonsils removed, unlike so many children who grew up in the 60's/70's.
katherine1 last decade
katherine1 - I think your ENT might be off base with that one. I was born in the 60's. I think 20 years of having more people get their tonsils removed at first sign of infections would have prevented the spread of this bacteria. I think it has more to do with the spread of the bacteria that causes it. I'm convinced I caught mine from going to the orthodontist. If anything I think maybe more people visiting dentists might be a more likely cause. But thats all just theory.
justmebyanyname last decade
katharine1, I'm really glad you found a sympathetic, and informed ENT. That's certainly a good start! Seems as if most doctors are without a clue, so if you've got one that's understanding, that's awesome. :)

To add onto the discussion about causes, etc., I know my son's ENT said it was some type of tonsillitis that causes these stones, but I'm not 100% convinced of that. I'm still more inclined to think it's an accumulation of 'crud' from various sources (food, cells, plaque, maybe even post nasal drip) that gets lodged into the deep holes and pockets. I know my son had deep holes in his. I was amazed because my tonsils and their crypts were practically non-existent compared to his. I'm just more inclined to think it's debris, versus infection of some kind, but that's just my opinion. Regardless of its source, I sure wish more doctors would be knowledgeable to this condition.

To the person above who asked about insurance, I wondered about it too, but my son's covered his with no problem. And he didn't even have a 'history' of chronic tonsil infections in his medical records that usually precede a tonsillectomy.

Anyway, I'm glad for you katharine1. Best of luck to you. :)
cincygal last decade
I don't have white bumps in my throat, but do have one tonsil significantly larger than the other, whiteness on my tongue, and pnd (a feeling of mucus stuck at the top of my throat).

1. Does anyone know whether there is a link here between the tonsil and the mucus gettin stuck?
2. What is the score with getting tonsils removed i.e. healing time etc?

Has anyone else had similar?
pndnightmare last decade
Oh- I didn't mean to say that it was the cause of tonsil stones, It was just the idea that there are less people removing their tonsils at a young age, so we see them more often now because people still have the tonsils, and therefore the ability to produce tonsil stones.
katherine1 last decade
I have had this problem for a few years, more so after I got my tonsils out. I would get at least one stone a day that would pop out and make me gag! About 2 weeks ago, I had a few beers, and I havent had a stone pass since!! Who would have thought?! I will see if they come back or not. If they do I will have a few beers, and see what happens!! Maybe this will work for some of you also!
bbb123 last decade

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