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I've noticed that I have been getting tonsil stones whenever I'm stressed out. Last year was a stressful year for me and I got a ton of them. I had a slow few months with no stones, and then I got stressed out about stuff again and the stones returned!


dcleblond last decade
Blonde, I have noticed some of that myself when I'm stressed. I think it has something to do with the immune systems response to stress. Of course when you get stressed your resistance gets low and bacteria has more of an opportunity to form into an infection. Try glyocide (it's like and oral peroxide) and it has helped me a ton. On top of that when you're stressed take a walk or take a bath, anything to relax before it starts effecting you physiologically and in turn takes a good shot at your immune system. I know I just threw a lot at you but these are the only things I've researched that help on a consistant basis. It sounds crazy, but I don't get the stones as much when I make sure to get a hard workout at the gym. Let me know what you think.
walton24 last decade
dear walton i have noticed myself that i cannot feel my throat at times it does not matter how i feel i believe thta i have nerve damage and after so long it might be permanant so now it is my turn i have a court date and this is monday this coming monday so maybe someone will get my voice heard because this is too much .
tonsils gone last decade
I've recently gotten the tonsil stones in my throat. Are they contagious at all?
ekp2102 last decade
hi,i have been reading this forum for years now.I suffered with tonsil stones for as long as i can remember.I tried to ignore them but eventually I had to go and see my doctor when people started commenting on my bad breath.He refered me to my ENT who suggested several things to try and keep the stones under control,I went on several courses of anti-biotics,I tried picking them out,gargleing salt water,i had my tonsils sprayed several times but these only worked for a few days then the stones came back.All of this was taking place between the age of 12 and 21.In the end I asked my ENT if I could just have my tonsils removed,he tried to talk me out of it but I was adament that this is what I wanted done.Anyway 4 weeks ago I had my tonsils removed,Im not going to deny that it didnt hurt because it was complete agony,for 3/4 days it was so hard to eat and to make matters worse you have to eat normal food now not jelly and icecream like they used to have 10 years ago,but now 4 weeks on its the best decission I have ever made.Its so nice not having to worry about having bad breath or coughing up one of those foul stones.I went through years of embarressment with these things so 4 days of pain ws well worth it.
erin1983 last decade
no they are not contagius at all
erin1983 last decade
Hey everyone, i've just recently begun to research these bumps that I have in my throat, and on the back sides of my tounge. They started appearing about 2-3 months ago, and since then my family doctor had been giving me anti-biotics in hope of relieving pain, or getting rid of the bumps all together. Just incase if you'd like to know, he's given me Pondicillon, and Another type closely related in spelling (sorry). Anyways, my throat is very sore although some days i wake up and the pain has lessened...then again there are those days when it gets much worse. I do not notice a bad smell coming from my mouth unless i actually stick my finger back there to touch them and I have luckily not coughed up any "stones"..the insides on my ears hurt and my gland on the upper left side of my neck has been enlarged since this started. I also got my tonsils removed at a young age so my tonsils causing all this is out of the question. There is one factor I think may be involved in this. In september I got a piercing in my left ear lobe. It became infected and I tried to cure it by washing it with soap and water but it didnt work..so i left it alone in hope of it going away on its own. It is now january and I took out the earring..the hole closed up right away and sealed with a kind of white opaque substance. So here's what i was thinking. Maybe the infection from my ear, caused my left gland to become enlarged, which then caused all this sh*t to happen in my mouth and throat. You may say I have a big imagination, and I do, i'm 17 years old what do you expect =P, but I am worried that this may turn out to be something much worse than what you guys have been disscussing, maybe fatal, and I hope not. I am going to an ENT specialist this thursday, and I will let him know about what i've read on this forum. even though he is probably well aware of this already. Wish me all the best and i will report back what he says to me. I also look forward to reading your replys to my post. Thanks, Dave
Davee last decade
it doesnt sound like tonsil stones because you have had your tonsils removed,I dont think its anything fatal,if it was somthing serious the dr's wouldnt have even bothered with anti-biotics they would have refered you to an ENT straight away,my mom had a problem with her throat and went to see our dr the dr said that she would need to see the ENT and called the hospital,my moms appointment with the ENT was for the very next day so if they thought it was anything serious you appoinment would have been rushed just like my moms.let us know whats up though.
erin1983 last decade
DAVEE, Let me know what is said at the ENT when you go.... What you have is exactly what i am experiencing. My ears hurt sometimes, esp. when im on the telephone, and i have these huge knots right under my ears beside the jawbone. I also caugh up those frikin stink balls all the time as well.... Good luck
clognboy last decade
Davee and Erin, Sounds like both of you have EUSTATION tube problems and issues with your EARS. I have discussed this in here and often. These eustation tubes run from your inner ear down into your mouth for draining fluids and allowing air pressure equalization, they exit and drain fluids from your ears into a canal where your tonsils (if they are removed they used to sit)are placed infront of.

I call this canal the TONSIL canal, I think some call them tonsil pillars.. Anyways your tonsil canal, and ears are linked together via the Eustation tubes.

When you are younger (teens too) esp infants, these tubes are not large enough to handle the amount of fluids often draining from the ears, or backing up from the sinuses into the Eustation tubes, so it backups and cloggs with fluids. This is why younger kids get so many ear infections and its a huge problem with them, Dr will put shunts in there to help drain the ears and sinuses until they grow larger and can handle the flow.

This may sound funny but If I were you, first I would have my ears cleaned out and excess wax flushed out cleanly. There are many products even over the counter to do this at home as well. But check with your ENT about ear wax removal. Some swear by Ear Candels though I have never tried them thats worth a shot too

Murine Makes a kit that uses a mild acid to soften wax up and comes with a small blue rubber squeesable flushing bulb with a narrow tip to flush the softened wax out of your ears with. (which is also a nice tool 4 blasting your tonsil stones out too btw) Soft controllable, narrow tip smooth.. Good.

I want to share a funny story with you about ear wax in the ears. While in the NAVY I knew a Corpsman who was a MEDIC on my Ship. We became friends. I mentioned I had pressure issues with my ear, and often had infections in my youth (swimmers ear) and wanted him to look into MY ears and tell me if he saw anyhthing weird. He mentioned my ear drums were higher than normal and one drum had scarring tissue on it (fever as a child did this) More on this topic in another post.

After he checked mine out I asked him if i could borrow his ear tool (has the cone and light) to look into HIS ears. He was describing what I SHOULD be seeing his ear drum deepr in the ear.. etc... I told him, hey! All i see is a shiny wall of stuff about an inch inside your ears? He said.. hmmf...

I said well let me see what this is, hahaha.. He told me how to flush peoples ears out so I asked him if I could see if we could remove this shiny thing I was seeing. He tilted his head with the shiny ear down and I began to flush his ears with warm water.

You wouldnt believe what started to come out! There was about a 2" SOLID PLUG that the best I can describe it looked like those small DATES cutouts that you find in trail mix.. it was about the diameter of an pencil erasure and about 2" long.

It came out in two chunks. It was fairly disgusting to see come out, and I used forcepts (which he provided) to remove the final chunk.

I will never forget this as long as I live. Seeing that plug come Out I wondered how the GUY could even hear? What was even funnier was HE was the DR! My point in this story is that when people use Q tips in the ear canal it can often jam the wax into a BALL.. this plug had to be a year old in my guesstimation.

I try (and they also make) tools with a loop that llows you to SCRAPE and remove the wax vs push it inward into a ball. With these kits the wax can safely be melted and washed out without any problems and fear of damageing the ear drum with the tool.

Another thing most people dont know is that There are certain molds and fungus that can actually grow in your ears canal and in the excess wax, and effect a lot of things, and not well.

Ear wax is important as it protects the ear canal from bacterias, virus, and other parasites from effecting the tissues as well as being a lubricant for your ear drums. (yes they need oils) The ear drum covers your innear ear and Eustation tubes below, and needs to flex and open to allow air to pass BOTH ways through it and by it. The wax helps the ear drum as its a lubricant.

But excess wax can trap virus,fungus, molds and bacterias and other junk you dont want in your system if it builds up too much it can actually start to CAUSE problems.

My point is this, have the ears cleaned out of excess wax and any debris in there first.

AGain IM a Huge fan of Listerine to kill the kooties in your mouth, I literally FLUSH my tonsils and tonsil canals often with it, and it works great to kill thousands of germs on contact. If you can handle it. use it.. (some have problems using Listerine) I use the Natural ORANGE Listerine.

Again and Again I will say it, sounds like you need also to boost you immune systems i cannot stress enough to DRINK DRINK DRINK Fresh Squeezed OJ spiked with fresh LEMON Juice EVERY day if possible. Also you can drink Fresh Grapejuice spiked with fresh Lemonade also works wonders for your body.

Your body will love it and begin to heal itself. Stop the Dairy for awhile and back off on smoking or drinkiing until you feel better (better yet stop this forever esp smoking) a drink now and then is probably good for you.

Also a simple thing and habit to getinto is taking a multivitamin. The mass produced vegatables and other natural products are basically grown in DEAD soil that is over treated with petroleum based fertalizers and aorse sprayed often with pesticides and god knows what else so basically MOST of "natural" foods you might eat from typical stores has very little if ANY important trace minerals and vitamins in it due to the poor soil quality.

Organic is different they use the best way to grow foods in natural poo.hahahaha Just make sure to RINSE ANYTHING you eat that was grown organ Ic..hahahah

Good luck hope you both get better.. Check the ears out for waxes and fungus, and your eustations for clear drainage. Quit the dairy and drink FRESH SQUEEZED juices. NOT PASTURIZED!!! or Concentrate FRESH FRESH FRESH SQUEEZED!

Pasturization/Concentrated COOKS the juice basically KILLING it Drink fResh squeezed juices every DAY and start taking a multiple vitamin every day. Simple things to do that I think you will find that your "symptoms" begin to receed if not dissapear altogther
nomostinkbomb last decade
OH and one last thing, I wanted to point out to describe the tonsil canal a bit better and cleaning it out..The tonsil canal (or tonsil pillars as some call them) is the space that is behind the flap of skin that you have to pull back to see your full tonsils (if you have them).

This is where a lot of damage and stuff builds up IMHO..its hidden pocket and even witout tonsils things can build up in there.Take a flashlight and look in your mouth where your tonsils are (if you have them) and see that flap of skin infront of them? Thats the entry to the tonsil canal..

This flap of skin also covers the Eustation tube entry.. Notice how you can open it when you drop your jaw a bit? you can even train your muscles to open this flap on command. By learning how to open this part of your mouth on both sides you can open that tonsil canal and SNORT air through you EAR Drums/Canal Eustation tubes and into your mouth! Thus cleaning the eustation tubes of any fluids that are backed up in there, and this will help your hearing.

This is why chewing gum works a bit to equalize pressure when flying. Chewing also moves this part of your mouth, opening up this flap as you chew, so air trapped in the Eustations can exit and relieve pressure behind your ears. Amazing eh?

Since the Euastation Tubes also empty out RIGHT at this spot (im assuming near the top of this canal), and even if you DONT Have tonsils, you can STILL Get bacteria, food particles, and other stuff stuck in there, and forming bad things, but you need to remember that its not necessarily from your ONLY YOUR MOUTH, but what most dont realize is can be stuff and fluids coming from your inner inner Ears via the Eustation tube fluids.

Again IMHO the tonsils not ONLY protect your body by trapping Bacterias and bad things from entering your body from the MOUTH, they also and more probably actually act as Guardians and filters by protecting your internal body from fluids which contain, virus, bacterias, funguses from the inner ear from travelling down the Eustation tubes and into your body These are therefore NOT infections, from you MOUTH but rather from your INNER ears.

Imagine its like your ears are connected to one small narrow pipeline to the outside world that was really only meant carry AIR between your inner ear and outer ears to keep your ears balanced against inner and outside varying air pressures (equalizaton)

Only, somtimes they are not large enough, or too much wax in the ears can cause infections in the ear canal or innner ear. so in defense the Ears form a LIQUID to remove this..

So the ears can have fluid buildup in the inner ears, or even Eustation tubes, which then can be breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty stuff if not drained and removed properly.

And using my open jaw with mouth closed snorting technique (mentioned earlier posts)

This is a technique Where you are trying to focus on stretching that tonsil flap open so you can suck the air OUT of your Eustations VS your MAIN SINUS Cavity which is the larger opening in the back of the throat...Thus removing any luids from your ears and eustation tubes. IMHO this is a good place to start to remove the EARS as a source of nasty fluids which end up in the tonsil canals.
nomostinkbomb last decade
When done properly, this technique I have come up with, you will suck in your ear drums slightly, and may have to gently blow back some air THROUGH the Eustaions.. This is equaliszing the pressure.. Hold nose and blow out (likd divers do) But do not be alarmed if you ear drums suck in a bit, this is NORMAL and good. Means you have sucked in air and also any fluids up there in the tubes.

If you dont suck in your eardrums at all, means you are not vacuuming out your eustations tubes, your pulling out air from the larger sinus cavity in the back of the throat So, Try to focus on sniffing and snorting while closing that back portion of your sinus at the top of you mouth in the back, of the throat, while purposely stretching and trying to open the Tonsil canal flap, thus emptying the tonsil canals and eustaions tubes by stretching open that flap while snorting.

This is also why people with swollen tonsils and large stones often have ear problems as well, since its like having a hairball or root blocking the drain line of the ears..the fluids and air cannot escape as well.

My snorting techinique will work to clean out the Eustations, Tonsil canals, and inner ears, if done correctly. and I bet even with people who have enlarged tonsils.
nomostinkbomb last decade
i am thinking about having my adenoids taken out due to them being inflamed right now and cannot sleep at all ears ringing had my tonsils taken out and wanting them back due to loosing sense of taste and smell dont smoke husband does and now have skin condition since tonsillectomy evedentily they do something for the skin also . so someone please help me i brush my teeth at least twice a day have not done the water pik thing yet just ready to get on with my life felt no eustachian tube not sure of where that is . anyway just wish that i could go back and do the dang thing all over again.
tonsils gone last decade
my ears are sunk in anyway but anyway thanks for the info on this my throat is still sore and my nose is still red and my adenoids are still swollen hopefully someone will be able to look at them . thanks nomostinkbomb
tonsils gone last decade
Hey everyone. I'm so glad I've found this site. Around Halloween of '05, I remember coughing up a little white glob of crap. I was pretty intrigued by this little bugger, until I caught a whiff of it. I figured it was just food or whatnot, so I flicked it into the trash and continued about my day. A week passed and I coughed up another one of these things. Now I started getting suspicious. Around Thanksgiving, I remember taking a shower and having my throat feel really congested. I exited the shower, grabbed a flashlight, and peered down into my throat in the mirror. Sure enough, I had a little pocket of pus on either of my tonsils. Scared and unsure of the situation, I quickly squeezed these buggers out with a cotton swab, only to find more pus build up into these crypts. I continued squeezing this pus like junk out of my tonsils for a good half hour before I realized I needed to see a doctor. So I scheduled an appointment the following week, first week of December. Sure enough, the Doc said that these are "tonsil stones". I asked how I could remedy these things; he told me "leave them alone". Come on Doc, these things are irritating and cause bad breath, and at times cause my throat to feel swollen. So I came home and did my research and found 'TheraBreath'! I ordered up a bottle of toothpaste and mouthwash, included was a free tongue scraper. Since then, I've been using this stuff every night, as well as flossing and brushing every morning. Although my right tonsil has cleared up and all signs of these stones are gone, my left tonsil has grown worse. Since I found this issue, my left tonsil has "grown" two more of these crypts, each leaking this bacteria pretty much every day. It's gotten to the point where I'm tired of dealing with it. I realize that I've only had this issue for 3 months, and after reading about people who have had this for years, I want to solve this issue now while I'm young before things get worse. So before I take any drastic measures like having my tonsils removed, I would like to know what the basic steps are that I should follow. Having tried this TheraBreath with little to no results, what's next on the Do-To list? Should I start cutting out foods from my diet, go see the Doc again, try other medications? I'll be 16 in a month, but I'm willing to stop these things before they get worse. Thanks!
qbsean10 last decade
I am relieved to have found this site after experiencing stinkballs for 20 years since I was about 15 and never having the courage to enquire.

I squeeze the beggars out when they arrive and note that some really stay rooted in the cavities. I find that whenever I touch tehm that I get sore throat afterwards and avoid touching them.
One thing I swear by is gargling iodine - 1 part 10%povidone iodine to 10 parts water. Its actually sold as a sore throat gargle in some countries, but not seen it in USA. It nails sore throats on the head.
I also experience fairly constant sinus blockage,allergies and frequent sore throats - today sore tongue aswell. I gather they are related - I've always figured it was the conditions in my mouth causing bacteria to breed. agree? Views?
ohmygod last decade
I had tonsil stones on one side of my throat for about 5 years and I'd tried a variety of different methods to get them out. I eventually discovered that I could remove them by squirting saline solution into my tonsil crypts using a small plastic NEEDLELESS syringe. I got the syringe from my sister who is a dentist and uses them to make dentures. Over a period of several months I removed a large quantity of tonsil stones each week using this method. I thought I had got them all out when I got the horrible taste came back a few weeks after I thought they were gone. I tried once more to force them out with a jet of salt water. This time, unlike in the past, I forced the plastic tip of the syringe very far into one of the crypts in my tonsils. I had worked out they were in this crypt by pushing my finger down it and smelling the stench of them on my finger. When I squeezed the water into my throat I was quite shocked to find that about 30 very small tonsil stones had been forced out. That happened to me over 6 months ago. I have had no tonsil stones since then. I think I managed to clean out a crypt in my throat where the stones were being produced, and grew, until they were a certain size and would come out of their own accord. I am much more confident when speaking to people, and very relieved to have finally removed these little blighters from my throat. I made no changes to my diet or lifestyle, and I genuinely think that the syringe helped to get rid of them. I would not be that surprised if they came back for some reason (I hope they don't), however, I would know how to get rid of them if they did. At the moment things are looking good anyway.

I like to keep my teeth clean, and I floss and use mouthwash every day. I think good oral hygiene helps. Some of the methods for removal, and chemical compound that are recommended in this discussion seem ridiculous methods of treatment to me. I’m sure there are lots of people who make loads of money from selling products that are totally useless. I hear of other people sticking q-tips / cotton buds into their tonsils, but this also seems like a stupid idea, as instead of removing tonsil stones, they might just be pushing them further into their tonsil crypts.....

Anyway, I hope that this information may be of some use to anyone, as If I’d known I could remove them myself a few years ago I would have. I would never consider surgery, or laser treatment as these seem a bit drastic. If I can get rid of them then hopefully other people can too.
pedro_h last decade
Fellow tonsil stoners.
Do we all have dental fillings?
My son and I have tonsil stones- we have had fillings
My husband and daughter do no- they have never had a filling.

Just had a thought.
swimmmermom last decade
I have sealants on all my molars, but no fillings.
qbsean10 last decade
Ok weird question, has anyone ever blown these tonsil stones through their nose? I'm not positive but for the past few days my tonsil stones have been worse then ever because I'm getting over a pretty bad cold. Last night my throat and nose felt pretty clogged so I blew my nose. While blowing my nose i felt a great relief of pressure and then a huge something flew out. Being concerned and curious I took a look and it looked like a few small stones held together, gonna get gross, by thick bloody snot. I'm not positive they were and I'm not even sure it could happen so I'm turning to you guys to see if you know:)
Xena38 last decade
I experience a recurring sore throat, and antibiotics are ineffective in permanently clearing it. I also have more or less a permanent blocked sinus - what's the best treatment ? antibitoics? decongestants? I'm with nomorestinkbombs that lots of water, healthy appetite to stimulate the immune system is the way to go. I drink lots of coffee, alcohol (in a posh glass - but its still alcohol)love dairy, sugars - so I'm doing all the wrong things - I will change my diet and come back in a couple of weeks to see if my sore throat, sinus has improved and if the tonsiloliths have also improved. Great feedback everyone.
ohmygod last decade
Xenia, about stones through the nose, yes it entirely possible that one the stones were vibrated loose when you blew your nose because when you blow you natually force some air around the tonsils, the tongue moves across them and also forcing air and fluids up past them can vibrating it and shaking a stone or two lose, also this is why blowing your nose also seems to open your ears,(or pop them) because that tonsil flap and ( I call tonsil canal behind it) and the Eustations tubes which are also there open and air is pushed up into the ears as well as out the sinuses.

People dont realize that most stones they get are often broken loose while eating, chewing, or couching.. etc.. then they are swallowed before they are found or spotted (smelled).

IMHO you just happend to probablty loosen one at or about the same time you were blowing you noses and it dropped into your throat by nature and gravit, then while you were blowing, it went up the BACK of the throat (where your main sinus cavity drains) and up into and out of the nose via the Sinus Cavity.

Again Im not sure that people get what Im saying about the tonsils and tonsil canals being connected to the ears and throat and possibly even effecting the stones.. Since you sorta brought it up with the nose expelling a stone I thought I would describe it again.

Basically you have two openings in your throat BESIDES your throat at or above or around the mouth.

That is the large sinus cavity in the back fo the throat, then you have the tonsil canals on either side where your tonsils are, and that flap infront of the tonsil is connected to and covers the Eustation Drain point.. This is where the EUstations drain into the throat right where the tonsils are.

I still think fluids from the inner ear carried down into the mouth from the Eustations that drains right at where the tonsils are, help to create what I call "EAR CHEESE" This is solids from the Eustations fluids which I think help to create these stones, if not completely, I think all the fluids and bacterias, and fungus up in the Eustastaions are probably culprets. I also think that mucus from MILK and DAIRY only speed the formation up.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Can I just say that I flat out give up?
I really don't know what to do anymore about these freaking stones. My mouth smells like poop all the time because of these things.
My hubby doesn't kiss me anymore - he'll kiss my cheek when he leaves for work. I always feel like there's mucous in my throat - but I try to hock it up & it doesn't come out anymore.
I found this weekend that I can stick my finger into the back of my throat & squeeze the tonsil & yellow/green fluid comes out & it smells. Now the stones are back & won't come out.
I bought a waterpik & it shot somes stones out - but it hurt my throat.
Yesterday i was digging in my throat to get one of the stones out & now my throat feels gritty & yucky.
My dr. put me on ENTAX to see if the post nasal drip clears up-that maybe the tonsil goop would, too. The first few days on it I felt a little better but felt do dryed out inside. I was drinking 8 glasses of water a day & still had a dry mouth. I forgot to take my pills yesterday and today i feel yucky.
I'm constantly coughing up a thick, creamy white mucous.
First thing in the morning I cough up a really thick glob of green/bloody/brown goop. it looks like the mucous i squeeze from the back of my throat.
I've tried doing the snorting thing & it makes my ears feel tickly like there's fluid coming out - but nothing comes out. I looking into ear candling. Hopefully that will give me some relief.
My dr. said I need my tonsils out but I dont' want to take them out. I'm 27, have 3 kids, a husband & a business to run. I was made with these tonsil in my mouth - they're there for a purpose, what purpose, I dont' know. Just because the doc's can't figure it out doesn't mean they should take it out of me.
Also my dr. said the pain in my neck is the ear tubes not draining right. She told me all the spots on my neck that had a problem - & everywhere she touched is where it hurt. So she may be the one to find answers for me.
ronjenn696 last decade
Thanks nomostinkbomb, I did know most of that. I do understand our whole head is attached but I just wasn't sure that it was really possible to send that much gunk from your throat through your nose.
Since I blew them out my face hasn't hurt so much, I'm just waiting for the one forming to break apart and come out. My crypts are so small but there are so many of them I'm afraid of digging around and tearing them because it looks like I don't have a lot of tonsil left just holes. I don't know how to describe it but it looks like they're disinegrating and that scares me. So I try not to dig around and I deal with the bad taste and let them come out on their own accord. I've been to my doctor but I don't think he takes me serious, I'm a hypochondriac, and just grabs a swab and humours me. He looked at me like I was stupid when I told him I had tonsil stones, the worse part is I know the test is probably gonna show nothing because he's already did a swab test on my throat before. Especially since my throat, of course, was clear that day.
Why don't doctors know about this? I should print off every page of this forum and bring it to my doctor.
Xena38 last decade
ronjen, I have one simple question for you, how much DAIRY do you consume?

Do you drink milk, each cottage cheese, cheeses, butter etc?

Diary products are mucus producing foods, like throwing gas on a fire if you ALREADY have issues with your sinus.

Simple question, what is you answer?

My suggestion and I know I sound like a broken record, is QUIT The DAIRY for awile in your case ALL Dairy. Start drinking Fresh Squeezed OJ every morning with a blast of Fresh Lemon Juice. Not only does this taste great it will knock out just about any sickness you body can have, which it can heal itself. Esp throat, sinus and ears.

Again Im going to say it, dont buy COOKED/Pasturized juices. Get it FRESH FRESH FRESH. The OJ has TONS of antioxidents and anti cancer properties its ridiculous. The fresh squeezed lemon juice will cut through all the mucus and dissolve it like fire to wax. Not to mention LEMON juice also has bout 80 anti cancer properies itself.

Both OJ and LEmon juice are GREAT sources of REAL vitamin C which by the sounds of things is something you really need. Not only will you feel great, the stones will dissipate on their own as your body gets stronger and you remove sources (milk/dairy) that help feed their formation.

Also I will say this again. Orange FLAVORED Listerine. Garggle DAILY 3x 4x whatever you feel you need.

Remember stones are formed basically by bacteries in your mouth and by mucus, puss, sulfur and calcium compounds along with many other ugly things to form the little blobs of stinkin death.

Listerine kills about 99% of what stones need to form. And being a liquid can go places a toothbrush or your finger cannot.

As far as the ears are concerned nothing will come out the EARS it will drain out of the Eustation tubes into the Tonsil canal, and past your tonsils then down the hatch of your throat.

Look in your mouth and watch the flaps in front of your tonsil open (where the eustations are exiting) observe how when you move your jaw just right that flap will open exposing the Eustation and tonsil canal.

You want to try and suck some air OUT of that canalusing my technique, should do it on each side of your mouth VS from the sinus cavity in the back of the throat.

When done correctly you ear drums will feel like they are getting sucked in, this is good. Once you do it enough and they feel "pressurred" then you can genltly equalize your ears by holding the nose and blowing out the nose (forces air UP into the tubes/ equalizes the ear pressure)

Main thing with the eustation is you want to remove fluids up there using my technique THEN blow air up into them. Not to get too detailed but the Eustations and inner ear are meant to filled with AIR. IF air flow is not available the body tends to fill this part of the ear with FLUIDS. which is why peoples ears feel funny, or stuffed up.
nomostinkbomb last decade
I am so happy to have found this forum.

I have been suffering with these stink bombs forever.

After coming to this forum,I went to my ENT and he gave me two options one was to constantly clean my tonsils with a water pik (Can't do that because I gag so much).

And the other options was surgical removal of tonsils.

I have decided to have my tonsils taken completely OUT on next week.

I am so happy to be rid of the bad breath and feeling embarrassed all the time.

I feel my confidence coming back already.

I will let everyone know how the surgery goes.
tonsilsnomore last decade

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