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hey guys,

I'm getting ready to get my tonsils out this wednesday. Can you guys give me any advice for after the surgery? What to eat, drink, what to do. Any of that will help. Thanks alot!
tim618 last decade
I think DARAK may be on the money here. I should do a candida cleanse too. I have played with cleanses over the years, but should get serious.
On a separate note, I have found since I have been 'cleaning' the tonsils gently every second day, that I don't have them much at all.
ladylavender last decade
Been there! Done that!
justmebyanyname last decade
well guys my surgery is in a little less than 10 hours now and while im nervous i just feel relieved..i'll post back tomorrow if i can and let you all know how im doing.

tim618 last decade
I am SO relieved to have found this forum! It's so hard finding any information about this online. That link to the Japanese page confirmed these little white balls are the same thing I have.

I think I’ve had them for a lot longer but it only really became an issue 3-4 years ago when I was travelling. I saw a doctor who told me that it was 'just trapped food', but I was highly suspicious of that, I know he was the Doctor, but it just didn't seem quite right.

Like many people on this forum, I’m pretty sure white blood cells have something to do with it. Mine will disappear for long period of time and I’ve noticed that they seems to come back round about the hay fever season and after I’ve been doing housework which has been dusty. I'll often burst out sneezing at dust and although I don't suffer that much from hay fever, I do have odd bouts.

I came to the conclusion that it was just my body's way of fighting off infections and cleaning up anything that got into my nose and throat area.

The hole that they come out through is barely noticeable but when they get big enough I can coax them out by applying pressure. I use tweezers to help pull them free once they show.

Thanks for this forum, it's really helpful o read what other people have said. I can't see how a tonsillectomy would work really as, although the tonsils help catch infections, I think it's a more in-depth reaction cause by the lymphatic system and it would still happen anyway.

I did used to get tonsillitis a LOT as a kid. The Doctor threatened to take them out next time I got it, I think they heard because I never got it again ;)

I wonder how many other people get this and don't even realise.
Thinair last decade
Hi again, just been reading through Justmebyanyname's information on subacute tonsillitis. Fascinating, thanks for this.

I was beginning to think I have a deficiency of some sort because I often feel tired and my tongue is a little white with one crack/crease at the front right. Was thinking maybe I needed a supplement.

Problem with the alternative route is that Iodine can't be bought in Britain, it's off-the shelves. You can get it in other European countries like Greece, but not here.

*Thinair suddenly realises she's sitting in front of a computer with all the joys of internet shopping. Doh.*

Is putting honey into the crypt really okay? It doesn't cause any problems (being sticky and all)?

Thanks also to Willing3try. I guess, in a way it is how much you're willing2try - is the inconvenience of occasional throat stones worse than the sacrifices to get rid of them ;)

Pure curiosity says I'll have to give it a go though.

Will see what happens and report back.

Thanks again guys.
Thinair last decade
Sorry, it's me yet again...

willing2try: when you said you asked about dairy and the Doctor said 'no', do you mean he said 'no, dairy isn't a factor' or 'no, don't have dairy'?


(ordered iodine :) )
Thinair last decade
i would say putting honey in the crypts is not the best idea. sugar allows bacteria to grow, and just putting a bunch of it in the crypts might invite some unwelcome bacterial problems.
kmoeller last decade
well i just got home from having my surgery, it went well, im in pain, hurts to swallow, and throat hurts but its not TOO bad...drinking ice water, trying anywyas. the first thing i noticed when i woke up was how much better i could breathe! I am amazed. im going to get some rest, ill keep you guys posted, and im really glad i got them out.
tim618 last decade
ive been using xylitol nasally, and as a bedtime gargle at bedtime. coating on tongue dissipated almost immediately after years of brushing the tongue to little avail.

as this tongue coating is epithelial in nature i assume that the epithelial cells in the tonsils may be reduce also thus decreasing the high sulfur substrate that the odor causing bacteria that reside in the tonsilar crypts use to cause the tonsilar calculi--stinky little dead white rodents

other advantages of xylitol:

1- prevents nasal allergies, urinary tract infections, middle ear infections, dental caries (make koolade or lemonade or popsicles that prevent decay)

2- good sugar for diabetics with glycemic index of 7-same as olive oil. half the calories of sugar. insulin rebound preventer. excellent satiety inducer-hunger preventer--good for dieters

3-white bump preventer??????????
snorkels4 last decade
has anyone tried gargling with peroxide for this malady. how about hot water with peroxide.

how about hot water with xylitol?

how about hot water with epsom salt, grapefruit seed extract or olive leaf extract?

i still think xylitol may be the answer as it doesnt kill anything it just prevents bonding of bacteria and does not act as a food source for bacteria. i like the idea of hot water as it should promote drainage and increased blood flow to the target area.

i dont know if these ideas are novel and just stumbled on this site minutes ago.

i am excited about alternative medicine and am excited for a backboard for my ideas. im looking for feedback and help in my quest.

the medical system is broken maybe we can help fix it--ha.
snorkels4 last decade
my ent didn't seem to think that dairy was an issue for tonsil stones. This is contrary to many people. I think the reasone many people suspect dairy is that it produces mucous. i guess if the bacteria live in a mucous loving environment, maybe dairy should be eliminated. Interestingly enough, i discovered many teeny tiny bits of carrot stuck in my tonsils one day...which leads me to believe that ANY kind of food can get stuck in the tonsils and just fester there, causing bad breath.

My basic instincts want me to keep trying different things. Tonsil removal seems so extreme...
willing2try last decade
My tonsil stone problem is an everyday thing, but every so often my lymph nodes under my arms will get really sore. Like today my left arm lymph node hurt so bad I could hardly move my arm. The swollen/soreness usually decreases and goes away after a few days. I don't know if this is what you have or if its connected to tonsil stones/tonsillitis. My dad also gets this pain in his armpits, but he's never had tonsil stones or at least never noticed them. I'm interested also in your comment regarding epstein-barr because I know my mom is a carrier and I wonder if I am also and if somehow tonsil stones are related to this--such as since EBV is found in a person's saliva if our tonsils aren't constantly reacting to this. but i have no idea if this is of any significance since there seems to be so many different schools of thought concerning the cause of tonsil stones.
nick25 last decade
Well guys i thought i'd give another update, i really dont know if anyone wants to hear about my surgery or what not but ill tell anyways. Nick25, my armpits never hurt when i had my tonsils... ok back on topic. Its the morning after my surgery, its been about 24 hours now, i've eaten popsicles, jello with whipped cream, pudding, and soup. My mouth is still hurts but not as bad. my ears still hurt too but not as bad. it still hurts really bad to swallow. I'm hoping i can start to swallow better tomorrow or saturday. Its funny, my pain is more intense on my right side, the only side where i got the stones. my left side is fine. That just seemed odd to me.

Anyways, i've been resting alot and keeping ice on my throat and trying to keep drinking liquids but its hard when it hurts to swallow but im forcing my self. The good news is now, that yesterday was the last time i will have ever coughed up a stone. it was walking into the surgery building, lol. Also no more bad breath, bad taste, pain, and best of all, no more stones! I'll keep you guys posted and try to do an update at least once a day to let you all know what its like.
tim618 last decade
You're welcome. I don't really put that much into the crypt. Using the monoject lets me put just enough to fill it, but it's shrinking. It won't be that long that I need to do this. If you read the information that I posted already, you will find that the cause of tooth decay is sucrose(kmoeller- just read the links already posted). Honey is a natural anti-biotic. Yep. It's been safe for me.

xylitol - interesting idea. Haven't studied it. Been there done that with the epsom salts - I'm pretty sure most all of us need more of it in us, but it's too nasty tasting to gargle with! Hydrogen peroxide isn't the worst idea, but not the best. It's a base which kills the good bacteria along with the bad.

I'm convinced that there is a major connection with the lymph system. And I kind of suspsect that the tonsils are the lymph systems way of getting rid of the trash.

Good Luck All!
justmebyanyname last decade
Xylitol is proabably a good idea. For those that don't know although it sounds like some crazy mad scientist type extreme chemical, xylitol is actually a naturally plant derived substance. As snorkels mentioned it is a great sugar substitute good for diabetics, etc. I like the hot water gargle idea, but I would caution anyone trying this to NOT use tap water, which contains chlorine, use filtered water and heat it on the stove. Make some tea nd by the time you have finished your tea the water will be cool enough to gargle with. There are also some xylitol toothpastes available. Tom's of Maine for example, which you can even get in Wal-Mart now. I thnk they make a gargle too but I'm not sure and I don't know if it has xylitol in it.

To bring up a point about what justme is saying about using honey, if you are trying this, you need to get raw or organic honey only! Not just any honey will do. Some of the honey you get in stores has been pasteurized and it destroys the natural anti-bacterial qualiteis in the honey. So make sure you get honey that syas either raw or organic only. Lables can be confusing, if it says 'natural' it still may have been pasteurized.

I am still convinced that the problem is systemic in nature and is a small problem of a bigger picture. I hsve an automimmune disorder and I know there is a connection between my tonsils and my AI disordre. Anyway, good luck to everyone and stay healthy.
darak last decade
I'd be interested in knowing more about subacute tonsillitis but I can't find much in-depth information about it.

Best wishes,

Thinair last decade
I'm glad you asked that question because I went back to old sites and saw they have changed. They used to say if you tried to treat with antibiotics that you had to take them for three months to a year. Now they just say can be treated by antibiotics. Your best bet is to search Actinomyces.

Anyone else feel like we are educating them? Everytime you put this topic in a search engine you get this site. And other sites keep updating to include information we find. So I guess it's worth it to keep posting.

Yep. Thanks for reminding. The kind of honey really matters.

justmebyanyname last decade
forgot to mention.

xylitol is alkaline?
snorkels4 last decade
Tim618, I have been following your posts and hope you will continue to update us on your progress. Do you mind giving your age? I want to have my tonsils removed but I'm 45.
MsBlase last decade
Hey guys,

Time for another update, sorry for not updating yesterday, i slept about 16 hours yesterday, it was unbelieveable. I'm 19 years old. Today (saturday) is day 4. So far it has amazed me at how much my ears hurt along with my throat. Although today it seems to be not as bad. my throat is still really sore. Its still hard to swallow and im only eating/drinking liquids. Last night i tried some chocolate pudding and it made my throat feel like it was on fire. I dont know why but it hurt BAD and i had to take some of my liquid medicine. Other than that im keeping ice on my throat, taking medicing, and resting.

Like i said yesterday i slept the most i have EVER. I slept till about 2 in the afternoon yesterday and napped the rest of the day, the medicine has codine in it, and plus i just feel exhausted..but im sure the rest is good for my body right now. Also the pain everyday has gotten lower in my throat. Started where my tonsils were and then has gotten lower and less pain everyday but it is still hard to swallow and eat anything, or talk, my voice is someone different too. The pain is also more on my right side. the left side is okay. But the right side is the side that i only got the tonsil stones on. Which i thought was a little weird. Hope this helps you guys out..ill keep you updated .
tim618 last decade
Hi everyone,

I have to say that when doctors prescribe you anti-biotics to get rid of your tonsil stones (white balls), it doesnt really help as tonsil stones are not infections but food particles which have been trapped in the tonsil crypts (tiny holes in your tonsils).

As time passes by, the food particles begin to accumulate bacteria, which is the cause of the foul smell. I have had tonsil stones for 3 years. I've been to medical doctors, specialists, naturopaths and homeopaths. They just kept giving me herbal medicine or anti-biotics which never got rid of my problem. After a while, the cost of my medicine was adding up.

One day I went to this Body, Mind and Health expo. And there was a store there selling Himilayan Goji Juice. I found out that goji berry is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet, and I never even heard of it. After doing some research, I found out its backed by the an international nutritionist called Dr. Earl Mindell, which conducted 8 years of research into this berry. He is the man who wrote the Vitamin Bible which sold more than 10 million copies.

Anyway, I did some research on w w w. p u b m e d. org, and typed in 'Lycium Barbarum', which is the name of the berry and found over 72 medical studies on it.

Then I also went to w w w. g o j i b o o k. com, and found lots of information on this amazing berry.

For the last 5 months, I've been drinking 2 onces of this juice everyday. Its just incredible, I have not seen a tonsil stone at all! How it worked on me i'm not sure. But all I know is that its definately have eliminated the balls in my throat. You can get the juice at w w w. e v e r l a s t i n g. f r e e l i f e. c o m. You probably need to try it for a month or two before your see the results.

Anyway, hope this helps
Tiffany23 last decade
Glad to hear you've gotten results, i've tried the natural juices like that, but nothing helped me, so i got them out. Ok another update!

Today is day 5. The pain is still getting lower in my throat, i think by tuesday or wednesday it will be so low i cant feel it! (hopefully) The pain is still more intense on my right side ( the side i only had the stones on ) but it is diminishing. One thing that is definately uncomfortable, is that my hangy ball in the back of my mouth has gotten so swollen and enlarged that its flopping around and hitting the back of my tongue/mouth/throat. So it constantly feels like i have..well..kinda like a stone! But i know its not :) I'm still resting alot. Not as much as the past few days but still getting what i need. I'm starting to be able to drink more easily but the most dense thing i've eaten is chicken noodle soup. Hopefully i'll be back to a normal diet in about 2 weeks. My breath is still bad ( obviously ) and it will be for about a month probably till i'm fully healed, but that is to be expected. Do i have any regrets? No way. Not having to deal with the stones, enlarged tonsils, pain, embarrasment, disgustingness, and bad breath is soooo worth it. But the older you are the harder it is. My mom gets them as well, she is 54. She said she has gotten them all her life, but this is not related to me in anyway ( i am adopted ). I will be so happy once im fully healed, and can eat again! I'm craving a cheeseburger soooo bad!
tim618 last decade
has anyone even tried xylitol yet???
snorkels4 last decade
please, someone try xylitol so im not alone
snorkels4 last decade
mouth breathing may be a culprit??

keep those nasal passages clear

saline with xylitol. grapefruit seed extract preservative in the saline useful. x clear is an over the counter remedy that contains these ingredients
snorkels4 last decade

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