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rpsfu - i have both pnd and chronic sinusitis, and a dry mouth, so no good conditions for fighting halitosis. ProFresh is the only rinse of the ones I've tried that has somewhat worked for me. Maybe you've also tried it?
It sounds good that you will get your adenoids out as well. Good luck to us both. I can't wait...
october07 last decade
I have this problem as well. The bumps appear 3 or so per day and usually loosen theirselves throughout the daytime at random times. I have no idea how to rid the bacteria, but have found that mouthwash and proper brushing of the mouth, around the posteriour tounge, can halt the size of these 'stones.' If you have anymore ways to get rid of these things w/out tonsil removal, please email. Thanks!
Corey1990 last decade
I wonder if white bumps in the throatis related to candidas?
spice_1718 last decade
I too have suffered with this terrible problem for about three years. Many doctors have been puzzled at my problem. I don't have a problem with bad breath, but i think this is because i pop out these white 'pearls' on a weekly basis. I think that i might understand why this occurs....Please give me feed back if this is your case as well.....
Every morning when i wake up i have a stuffy nose and im all congested. After a steamy shower i don't have a problem for the rest of the day....this is leading me to believe that i have post nasal drip. The sinus infection drips to the back of my throat while sleeping and fill in the crevis in my tonsils...this could give good reason for the smell....i dunno?
johnnywin08 last decade
Hi everone the bump in white throat is terrible, I suggest proper diet, I mean go organic.
spice_1718 last decade

Just three years? You're lucky.

I am of the opinion that the bacteria that causes the tonsil stones also causes the pnd. Not the other way around.

Honey... all I'll say ... you can scroll.

I want to suggest a book for you. It's The Omnivore's Dilemma.
justmebyanyname last decade
Hello everyone,

I got my tonsils out Tuesday December 18th because of bad breath. I am 28, female, 5'5, 120 lbs, non smoker, non drinker, no post nasel drip, and I rarely eat dairy. In other words I'm super healthy! I think I have tonsil stones simply because of the large pockets in my tonsils. I removed them because I was tired of smelling like fecess, and I wasn't interested in spending an hour a day using different types of bogus breath remendies that 'may' or 'may not' cure my bad breath. I don't know if my stinky breath is cured yet because I am still in recovery, but I will definitely keep everyone posted. Having them removed wasn't as painful I thought it was going to be. I swear losing my virginity was far more painful! So don't let the pain stop you from smelling fresh and increasing your quality of life. As I said I'm not sure if I am cured, but I will know in about a week and will keep you posted.

Plushiam last decade
My 9 year old daughter started having this problem about a half of a year ago and I am happy to know that she is not the only person out there that has this problem. I may be considering having her tonsils taken out. She doesn't have that much pain associated with it, but it really bothers her.
Motherof3 29715 last decade
hello. ive just read most of the posts here because ive been dealing with these stones for 6 months, trying to learn about them. i coughed a very large one up one day and was shocked because i had no idea what it was. thought i coughed up a chunk of a tumor or something....furious reading on the internet lead me to tonsil stones...checked with flashlight carefully and discovered i have a few stones

two things i know:
1. i have very bad PND
2. i have silent acid reflux disease that medicine does not seem to be supressing

the acid reflux causes inflamation and nasal drip..according to my ENT.

well, it seems that 2 years of bad acid reflux and PND have resulted in me now having the stones.

i dont think i saw anyone talking about acid reflux. just a thought....if you have symptoms of acid reflux such as PND, metallic taste, lump in throat, burning in throat, unexplained tooth/gum decay etc...ask your ENT if you have acid reflux. mine is 'silent'. i have never had 'heart burn'. its possible you have acid reflux and dont even realize it.

im hoping that once i get th e acid reflux under control that the PND will stop and therefore, the stones will stop forming
sp911sc last decade

I have been having the problem of bad breath for about 20 years. I am very careful with my oral hygiene, I have used all kind of mouthwash and I chew gum almos all the time.
Eventhough I went to many doctors previously, it was only 4 years ago that a ORL told me the problem was related to my tonsils which are big and have cripts. Since them, I started removing with Q-tips the white bumps when tehy appear, but often I do not see them even though I fee the bad breath. Thedoctor advised me to remove my tonsils but I have been very afraid of doing so. I recently tried the mouthwash Therabreath and it was helping me for a while, but now I do not think it has much effect.
Can any body tell me if the surgery really is the cure??
Adri1971 last decade
Hey everyone,

It's amazing how much of a relief the internet is! You discover something about you that you think is serious, you do a small google search and you find that it's a common problem! Haha

Anyway, ever since getting my wisdom teeth removed last year, I was plagued with bad breath! I brushed my teeth everyday and I gargled with Listerine. It seemed to help, but within hours the smell returned. It wasn't until recently I found out I had stones... I let out a cough and because I was covering my mouth, I felt something hit my hand.

I looked at the small, white-yellowish, oatmeal-shaped stone and was pretty confused. I then made a MONUMENTAL error and decided to smell it! My head almost exploded out of shear disgust. I would easily compare it to... well, for those of you have made the same mistake, you know what it smells like ;).

As soon as I was done sniffing the vile scent emitting from the stone, I noticed that my breath did not smell anymore! I knew that this little thing was causing all my problems!

I do get them every now and then, but what I find that works best in preventing them is that you drink LOTS of water every day. Being dehydrated can actually cause you to have bad breath and as a result, can cause you to have a white coating on the back portion of your tongue. Perhaps this film could be aiding the growth of these small little annoyances! Along with drinking water, proper diet definitely helps as well. And, of course, keeping your mouth clean by brushing and using Listerine is essential :).
DaveD last decade
I too have GERD Acid reflux. The TONSIL LITHS have been with me since my teenage years, I'm 40 now.

I discoverd them about 6 years ago and have tried to maintain them as best as I can but them form rather quickly.

I would greatly appreciat any one sharing any successful treatments with me as the tonsil stones have been a social nightmare for me.

Now that i have three beautiful children i would absolutly hate for them to go through what i did as a result of having the tonsil stones.

We who have them know the smell like $hit.... sorry for my candor but it's true. We also know that much ridicule can be recieved as a result of this odor.

tiredofencrytpedto last decade
Hi, some advice get checked for acid reflux, which you can have without any apparrent symptoms.

I had tonsil stones everyday for 4 years, then I had my tonsils removed. During my pre-op my ent diagonised me with acid reflux, to which I didn't even know I had. I had and have atypical symptoms. Recently I had a endoscopy done and I have Barrett's esophagus. Oh and I have ulcers in my throat and my left vocal cord is almost erroded away. The left side of my throat is the damaged side and my left tonsil was the problem tonsil. My ent upon removing it said he had a lot of trouble removing it, like it was glued to my throat (or rather I think it was erroded by acid). I posit that large tonsil crypts and acid reflux are related.
nick25 last decade
well I certainly have acid reflux... mine is due to an off axis stomache. I've also read here od silent acid reflux... not sure what that is.
All my GERD tests have shown very little support for acid reflux. Why... I cannot bare to go off of medication.
I've had three PH tests... the one where you wear a monitor and two tubes are placed in you throat... all showed very little activity, my scope showed no abnomalities, no Barrett's just that i have a very unique stomach... it was described as being off axis.

I find that when my stomach condition acts up my carpal tunnel syndrom becomes aggivated aswell. I have been monitering this for 6 years and have found a direct corilation between acid reflux and carpal tunnel syndrom, and also muscle twitching.

tiredofencrytpedto last decade
Hi gang.

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this forum a couple of years ago. Up until then I had no idea where these foul little lumps from hell came from. I have been coughing them up over the years on quite a regular basis since childhood. When I read that they were from the crypts in the tonsils it was like a revelation cos I looked and lo and behold there were quite a few of those suckers making themselves right at home. I too attribute these to bad breath, although i have no idea if I have PND as well. How can you tell? Anyway after a couple years of dallying (through fear) i have made the plunge and went to my GP who was very understanding and referred me to the local ENT. He agreed to carry out a tonsillectomy, although he was of the opinion that there is no substantiated link between these stones and bad breath. He's obviously lucky enough to suffer with them because he would no differently if he did. My date to go into hospital is 28/01/08 and quite frankly I am crapping myslef at the propsect. I know that if it works it will be worth the pain. God willing I will let you know how it went in a week or so.
Andy D last decade
i have the same thing that come out of the tonsils.... it is bacteria. I gargle every night with listerine and it kills the bacteria and prevents them from growing
bethsol last decade
Hi everyone. I had stones for 'ever'. I am now 47 and had my tonsils removed last February (2007). I have no insurance so I had to pay cash (about $2,500). That was the best money I ever spent. My doctor did the coblation method and the pain was minor. I had what seemed like a lot of bleeding the first night but when I called the doctors overnight emergency number they told me to sit up (lying down promotes the bleeding). I wsa eating regular food within 24 hours (don't eat anything like spaghetti sauce though).

I have not had stones since the surgery. I could tell the difference in my mouth on the way home from the surgery. The bed breath is gone. It is such a relief.

For those of you having trouble finding a doctor I called a large hospital in my area and asked for the referral desk. I told them I needed a ENT that performs tonsilectomies and they gave me a physician. The doctor knew just what the stones were and he gave me the option of either trying antibiotics or having the surgery.

Again, to me it was worth the money and I wish I had the surgery 20 years ago.
MsBlase last decade
My Gastro doctor says that acid reflux may be responsible for causing other things such as PND, nasal polyps, hoarseness, even ear infections. I had bad PND my whole life and was always told it was from allergies. Well I had an allergy test a month ago and I tested negative for everything. no allergies.

Anyway I think reflux causes large crypts in the tonsils to form which creates a perfect place for food debris and bacteria to get stuck and grow into a tonsil stone. At least for me I think this was the case.

There is something that is causing the tonsil stones. While removing the tonsils seems to be the only way to totally be free from getting these things, there may still be an underlying health issue that caused you to get the tonsil stones in the first place.
nick25 last decade
I am so glad I found this site. I've had these stones for a few years now. I have mentioned this to a couple of doctors before and they looked at me like a was crazy at told me it was related to me smoking. I had pollups removed from my vocal cords about 7 years ago. I wonder now if the two have anything in common. I will making an appt with an ENT very soon and will update later.
roro39 last decade
I don't know if it's related to candida or not but I do know that candida does cause bad breath (as well as lots of other things). My husband and I are doing a candida cleanse now and it's amazing (but tough).

I usually only pop these things out once every other month or at most a month. I've gotten two out with the week though. My doc told me about a surgey that smoothes out the tonsils instead of removing them so that the bumps (food and bacteria) can't get caught int the crevices and sit there and rot. I haven't decided what to do yet.
jujeh last decade
To continue the reflux idea-
I'd had tonsil stones on and off for years, then suddenly was getting them all the time for the past two years, and recently everything culminated in me having really bad reflux and a condition called nutcracker esophagus, where the contractions of my esophagus are twice as strong as they need to be when food moves into my stomach (REALLY painful). My doctors say this can be brought on by reflux, though they don't actually know the cause.

My theory is this: my tonsiloliths were getting worse over those two years because my reflux was getting worse and worse.

I've been on Nexium (reflux med) now for a while, and I don't get the stones when I'm on it (though I hate having to take a pill ever day, and it's not a total cure). My breath's still not great, though, because my reflux doesn't go away entirely and the acid (I think) triggers my post-nasal drip anyway.

This is lame. I'm 27 and I have the stomach of an old woman. I don't know why this happened to me; I don't know anyone else my age with all of these problems. I eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, don't smoke, don't even drink alcohol, floss & brush regularly, and yet my upper GI tract is all screwed up. I haven't met a doctor who can tell me why.

I do know, though, that anti-reflux meds have seemed to make my stones go away. And sleep with the head of your bed elevated (common reflux remedy- put planks of wood or bricks under the head of your bed to raise it till you've got about a 15 degree angle). This keeps the acid from running into your throat & mouth when you're sleeping. Like I say, you may not get the stones at all any more, but you might still have PND / reflux.
herbuveaux last decade
Nick25, Can I ask how your reflux was detected in a re-op visit? I have been told by 3 doctors that they suspect I have reflux, yet when I had an endoscopy they saw no problems. I do not have heartburn, though of course I have heard that you can have gerd without any noticable symptoms.

I'm going to throw this out there, although I don't think it is necessarily related - but does anyone else here experience a 'burning tongue' sensation?
BettyCV last decade
Hello Again,

It's now two days since I had the tonsils removed. I have to say that it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting, at least not yet anyway. I am managing to eat pretty much as I was before except it takes me forever to do so. It's just like having a bad throat infection which is a small price to pay to be rid of these stones. The back of my throat look a complete mess at the moment but once the scabs heal there doesn't appear to be anywhere for them to hide and collect.
I have to say that I tried pretty much everything to be rid of them and nothing worked. Having my tonsils out was a bit drastic, but I would do it again if it gets rid of them. Good luck however you choose to deal with it
Andy D last decade
I should also say (sort of in response to BettyCV) that though I'm _sure_ I have reflux, my doctor also told me that my endoscopy looked good and I didn't have any scarring or damage from the reflux. It is definitely possible to have reflux without visual evidence of it-- especially if you've only started having symptoms recently.
herbuveaux last decade
I'm 31, and have had the Tonsil Liths for a while now but I can't remember for how long. My wife gets them also but very rarely, unlike myself. I get them very regularly and have very big tonsils, so much so that I can predictably go to any doctor and if they examine my throat they will without fail state that I have enflamed tonsils. (Good for a sick day excused at the very least.
In my large tonsils I have quite large cavities, about three in the right side and four in the left and the liths forn in all of them. Yes they stink but I don't notice particularly bad breath and my wife doesn't alert me to it so it can't be that bad. If I don't do anything about it they will come out on their own when they get big enough and run out of space. I find that they usually come out on their own during exercise due to haevy breathing and swollowing and from drinking water, which helps flush them out.

I don't think I will go to the length of having my tonsils out just yet and I haven't tried anything to prevent them (I don't beleive I have PND or reflux)but I have an easy method of getting rid of them when they form, without using tweezers or q-tips wich do cause bleeding.

Obtain a large disposable syringe with a plastic wide gauge end on it. Attach a plastic tube to the end of it and draw warm water into the syringe. Place the end of the tube into or against the cavity in your tonsil and inject the water. The liths come out into the bathroom basin (Frightening how many can be in there at times) and they're gone. This method is the most successful that I have tried. I hope this helps.

Great to finally see it's a regular problem and nothing too serious.
Jezza last decade
BettyCV, my reflux was first discovered by my ENT when he was checking my adenoids and noticed my throat was red. Anyway I get a numb/raw tongue feeling which I only noticed since taking PPI medication, ie nexium. A burning tongue I think is a symptom of acid reflux, but if you don't have damage than it is probably not that significant.

I have a question for everybody: Could there be a relationship of Tonsil stontes to Dental work or dental problems???

I'm just asking because a few weeks before I started getting the Tonsil stones I had a really deep filling refilled when the dentist suggested a root canal instead. The tooth has always been sensitive since and I know some people believe teeth can be the root of other health problems.
nick25 last decade

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