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I am so glad I found this site, I have had these things for about 3yrs now. I didn't know what they were and everytime I would try to explain them to a doctor he never got it, but I also didn't know where they came from till about a year ago. and dang.. is that nasty or what?? tonight I had to clean mine out.. for the first time in a while..and there was so much. My hubby has really bad breath I wonder if he has this also?? guess I won't find out till he gets back from Iraq!! I can't believe how many other people have this, thank god its not just me LOL i thought i was odd haha
armywife116 last decade
Woah. I've never heard of this before.

the doctor this morning and he did nothing saying it was normal

Even if it were 'normal' (Which it isn't) the fact that it's irritating you is enough for him attempt to cure it. Man that mindset from some doctors annoys me. Seems like it just the answer they give cos they don't know how to deal with it.

Good luck everyone!
CatchShaye last decade
I think Pedro is spot on with his solution of giving the tonsil crypts a good rinse. When I get post nasal drip I know it's time to squeeze out the stones. This week I've been coughing too so I knew they'd be really bad - and they were. They've all gone tonight and so has my cough and the drip.

ORANGE JUICE (FRESH or otherwise) or totally REFRAINING from milk doesn't make the slightest bit of difference. We all have crypts - those with & without stones. The stones exude from the crypts and as we all know when we squeeze and squeeze and get the stones out there's a grey/yellow liquid that comes out as a finale to the exercise.

The crypts that are affected (and not all are) all seem to produce pus and the stones. It's almost certainly a very low grade infection.

I don't like repeating myself but I will... the stones always get better when we are on antibiotics and they can only do that if the cause is suceptible to antibiotics, (and that can only mean bacteria of some form).

Yes FUNGUS AND MOLD may well cause other throaty sinusy illnesses but they are nothing to do with whats going on deep in the crypts.

We have a source of infection at the bottom of the crypts and the stones are produced because of the body fighting them. (White blood cells???)

As for this cows milk stuff - well if it floats your boat, then enjoy.

Pedro's right that a rinse may unseat the bacteria ad give the body a chance to finaly rid itself of the stones. Well, if it worked for him then there's no reason it shouldn't work on others. Only question I've got o Pedro is 'what did you rinse with ?' - that could be important
albert22 last decade
Came across this post and thought I would add my two cents. I had those stone things in my tonsils about 12 years ago. None of my family had them so I don't think it was genetic. My friend had them too. What was common to both of us was chronic sinus infections and chronic strep-throat. My tonsils seemed to get bigger with each infection and the stones got worse and worse. We both had our tonsils removed and although I can say it was by far the most painful thing I went through I would do it over again in a heartbeat!! Where I used to get sick all the time ... I now can go YEARS without catching a cold. I'm pretty sure that she is the same way. I remember she missed 3/4 of grade 11 alone from being sick all the time.
ldemers last decade
Well I am new to this site and I did not honestly imagine that this many people have the same problem. I have had this for 2 years now, and I cannot image it being with me for over 40. I would be like the one lady who had them removed. But my tonsils are also swollen. Swollen to were I can make them touch each other and close the air way passage. I did try salt water for a few days, and it did work, but I am a pain to continually do something I can't stand, ie salt water. Today I even took out 4 huge chucks that reeked of odor. Why can't this crap just go away? Why can't they find an easier way of getting rid of this crap except for surgery? I mean how much does the surgery really cost? Some one email me back and help me learn more and join the crowd!
jointhecrowd last decade
I didn't have to pay for surgery. But I am in Canada. Different health care system I guess. But there was only one doctor that would do it in the city. What is happening (according to what I was told) is that food particles that you swallow are getting stuck in the divets of your tonsils. They essentially fester in there and get packed in until you can pop them out. I used a BBQ skewer on mine (which was enough to scare my GP into referring me ASAP). But I remember the smell and the taste and how they scratched when they were in there. I truly feel for all of you that have them! With luck you can get someone to remove them. As a sidenote ... if you do get a decent Chiropractor as they have to dislocate your jaw (or did 10 years ago) to get to them. My neck was kinked up for weeks! But I knew going in that this particular surgeon had a reputation for being a butcher. Still I would do it over again in a heartbeat!
ldemers last decade
i have to agree that dairy brings these things out in me.

I can actually feel pressure deep in throat/tonsil & I'll go & pop them out with my finger... Too weird.

I have, however, been using Orange LIsterine & it has helped cut them down by 90%.

Thanks nostinkbomb!
ronjenn696 last decade
I don't know why people keep knocking the dairy thing. At first I thought it seemed like a ridiculous idea but now I pay attention to everything I eat and dairy has proven to be a big factor in my stone formation. For some reason though yogurt has no affect on me. I ate about a pound of it yesterday and I'm fine today but if I ate a couple slices of cheese my sinuses would act up therefore causing stones. MILK IS MUCOUS!!! Don't you feel it coating your throat while drinking it? Don't you feel your nasal drip get worse? I feel like I constantly have to clear my throat or I have something stuck around my tonsils after having a glass of it.
Also why knock fresh squeezed juice? That doesn't even make sense to me. Fruits and juices that contain vitamin c have been proven to boost your immune system, so why wouldn't it help some of us out? I find the sicker I get the more problems I have with my stones, so if I boost my immune system and avoid getting sick or very sick I can avoid getting the stones. Like I've said a million times we've determined that we all get these tonsil stones for different reasons. Some we've determined get them after being really sick or sick for a long time so why wouldn't immune boosting freshly squeezed juices work for those people?
So albert22 why don't you read back and see what happened when people started criticizing others solutions before you jump on here and start.
Xena38 last decade

I couldnt have said it better myself, so I wont add a word to what you said and ruin it! lol


Thats good to hear about the Listerine, I KNOW that is good stuff if you can handle it. Nothing works better at getting to bacterias in nooks crannies, tonsil canal itself crypts, tongue than a liquid, and if you cannot handle Listerine, find some NATURAL antiseptic liquid you can and rinse your mouth OFTEN esp after eating, (DAIRY)

As far as Pedro's technique flushing the tonsils is concerned, its a good idea and is just common sense. Even that cowboys idea of sucking the tough ones out is good too.. Anyway to get them out quick is good!

But then you have to disinfect the crypt and keep stuff from building in there.. Thats what listerine does. I would flush the tonsils like Pedro said, but I would take it a step further and recommend to flush behind in and AROUND That flap of skin that covers the tonsils and the tonsil canal. Occasionally (not often enough really) I fill a syringe up with listerine and pull back the flap and inject listerine into the tonsils canal and all over the tonsils. Feels Soooo good when Im done, even my ears are clearer less popping, and no stones either.

Someone a few posts back, asked him what he used to flush the tonsils, I would recommend LISTERINE if you can handle it, otherwise find something natural that can kill bacterias, (alchohol, vinegar, whatever)

Thats what I have used to not only flush the tonsils themselves, but to flush out the tonsil CANAL which covers the tonsils. My angle was to clean out the Eustation drain point that enters just above that flap as well. (equalizing technique)

You just have to know there are KOOTIES Forming in there where the innner ear drains... And Like I have said people need to realize your EARS drain into the TONSIL canal as well, full of God knows WHAT, flushing them out and removing stones can only HELP the body fight sickness.

Xenia I think we need to look harder at Yogurt/MILK. I think it has something to do with the BACTERIAS/compounds that are alive in MILK and have MORPHED when its turned into the Yogurt, and turned into something thats Actually GOOD for the body.

Again I cannot help but think nano-bacterias are a culpret to aiding in formation of stones. That and plaque from calcium formation (milk, cheeses) combined with food particles, dead cells and sulfer compounds is potent mixture! haha

We have to look at and STUDY what the pathology of the stones to realize what CAUSES them. Stupid as this may sound, some people cannot grasp the TRUTH of what they are mad OF. I think I posted a link awhile back to a Dr. Who broke down what was in stones and how they formed like in layers/perl. etc

Heres a quote I just found

"The authors presented a case of big stone of palatine tonsil surgical treated successfully. Qualitative and quantitative examination of tonsillith chemical composition was carried out with a LINK 90 spectrometer. It was found that the main components were calcium (Ca/K alpha), (Ca/K beta) about 60% and phosphorus (P) about 30%. Potassium (K), chlorine (Cl), sulphur (S), aluminum (Al and magnesium (Mg) were found in trace amounts"

copy and paste this into browser window:


In a nutshell, if you look at the TWO LARGEST contributers to stone formation its CALCIUM and PHOSPORUS... with other trace elements (chlorine trace elements could just be from the water)

Again I go back to the book "The Calcium Bomb" to make the link to Calcium formation from MILK (nano bac?) and the nano bac shell formations causing plaque in hearts and I now truely suspect our mouths/tonsils.

this is what the found this particular stone consisted of using a spectrometer. I have read where white blood cells/dead white blood cells, (milk onnection?/pus) and dead skin cells also makup the stone's pathology.

If you look at the MILK posts I posted awhile back it talks about the PUS that's in milk. Pus is dead white blood cells that died fighting infections in the animals. It could be that Milk in its Yogurt form actually is REVERSED to where the pus is consumed by HEALTHY good bacterias that we need? mmmmm
nomostinkbomb last decade
i know about the sulphur drug but my adenoid is still staying swollen and i think that i am allergic to sulphur i know i am to penicillin but anyway what kind of sulphur drug are you talking about anyway ... xena
tonsils gone last decade
tonsils gone, I haven't been taking sulphur but getwellsoon reccommends Ferrum Phos 6x, Natrum Sulph 6x 4 tablets three times a day.
EWWWWWWW, thanks nomostinkbombs I decided to look more into this milk pus thing and all I can say is EWWWWWWWWWWW again. No wonder milk does this to some of us just this little blurb here says a lot....80% of the protein in milk is casein. Casein is a powerful binder... a
polymer used to make plastics... and a glue that is better used to make
sturdy furniture or hold beer bottle labels in place. It is in
thousands of processed foods as a binder... as "something" caseinate.
Casein is a powerful allergen... a histamine that creates lots of
mucus.......I've also found a whole bunch of these that backs up everything you've said about milk, like......"The health of lactating animals is a very important
consideration because a number of diseases of
lactating animals, including salmonellosis,
staphloccal infection and streptococcal infection,
may be transmitted to man through the medium of
milk. The organisms of most of these diseases
may get into the milk either directly from the
udder or indirectly through infected body discharges
which may drop, splash, or be blown into the milk.".......I'm not 100% positive what this means but streptococcal infection sounds like something to do with the throat to me. I've decided after reading all that I'm going to seriously look into soy milk and soy products for me and for my future children.
Xena38 last decade
Well Xena (warrior princess?) as a newcomer to this forum can I welcome you. (You'll see my first post on page one). I hope you'll try to be more constructive and helpful in the future. What isn't helpful isn't posting opinion as fact that is just plain wrong.

Fact - we have people on here that don't touch poisonous evil milk. BUT THEY HAVE STONES. So that CAN'T be the cause - so why tell anyone and everyone to leave milk alone.

Fact - I drink FRESH ORANGE JUICE every damn day. I have done since I left my parents home many moons ago - I still have stones. Fact - orange juice doesn't cure the stones. I take a vitamin C tablet the size of a car very day. It doesn't make a jot of diference - still have stones. My diet is better than average - I can afford it to be better so it is. I still have the stones.

So what if milk makes phlegm. Big deal - those that have stones and drink milk have them both - those that don't drink milk stil have the stones.

And please no threats - this was a nice place until you arrived. Anymore and I shall complain to the moderator.

And nomostinkbombs (bless his cotton socks) at least has a sense of humour - perhaps if you ask him nicely he'll give you a 'being a nice person tablet'.

The fact is none - repeat NONE - of us know what the answer is to the stones otherwise we wouldn't be here. We all have different opinions as to a cure - so let's tick them off when they've been tried and move onto the next.
albert22 last decade

The key word is "DAIRY", not just MILK, though I think milk is a MAIN offender and provider of the Calcium that tonsiliths need to grow, but not the ONLY one..To me a tonsilith is like a plant, it can grow off a VARIETY of things, and it must be getting its food/calcium from Somewhere? Dairy seeems like a logical next step?

Of course and IMHO. I Think of all the DAIRY products out there, MILK is the #1 source of calcium in most peoples diets, and DAIRY is a close second (site below says 75% of dairy provides Calcium in people diets) To me thes are the fuels, mik, butter, cheeses, sour cream, yogurt, etc.

As for others in here not drinking MILK and still getting stones.. that may well be true, But, I'm not sure we asked those people who didn't Drink MILK about the other DARIES? The Butters,/cheeses/Creams/Ice Creams,/yogurts etc etc... Anyone in the forum can chime in here.. if you don't touch ANY dairy at ALL and still get stones, pipe up!

And if not, what foods DO you eat?

Any of you non Dairy stoned people eat some of these foods listed below, and often?


But, so as not to beat a dead cow so to speak... (hehe)lets move on.

Granted I think we can agree somewhat, that what MIGHT cause them more often in one person MIGHT not cause them in another. But, there are variables here too, with every person's experience and lifestyle. Maybe they can eat Dairy products with no stones, because they rinse the mouth/tonsils often,(with whatever) after eating, or pay special attention to that part of the body after eating

By rinsing often ( I use Listerine) its possible that The bacterias dont have time to congregate and begin to form and cling in the crypts, also some might drink more water than another person while eating.. A simple thing, but could also effect stone formation. Or they are not AS allergic to the Dairy and dont get PND, or massive mucus production, thus clogging the sinus, ears/eustations = less bacterias in general.

Bottom line is the Calcium and Phosphorus that make of the majority of the stones, is coming from somewhere, and since we know Calcium is the 1 ingredient in stones thats the target.. Right?

And this must be a Daily thing with some people, as it seems with people that pop them out each day, only to have them come back? The calcium or bacterias are coming from somewhere? And if these people dont ingest any DAIRY, I wonder where they are getting the Calcium needed to generate the stones so fast? And where is the phosphorus coming from?

But one thing for sure, and beyond debate IMHO, is the PATHOLOGY of the stones.(at least that test person's stone anyway) This cannot be argued, so, to me it's the "smoking gun" we have been looking for and should stay focused on WHAT is IN the Stones and find out how to starve them out, until the tonsils shrink and or are removed.

I will find more information on stone pathology, I have read some good articles in the past that mentioned other items as being part of stone formation that weren't listed here. And I saw pictures of one of Stone they removed, it was HUGE like 2"! lol

Calcium is the 1 element found this person's tonsil stone, followed closely by phosphorus. So somewhere somehow calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, white blood cells, and God knows what else is forming in the crypts of people's tonsils and in some cases fast (daily)

It is quite possible however that this is actually a fast growing BACTERIAL infection caused by nano scale bacterias forming that "protective calcium shell" around them..and it's also possible that the by-product of the bacterias eating and defecating, is the sulfer, and other compounds found within the stones.

According to the Calcium Bomb, this bacteria is resposible for the formation of PLAQUES in the arteries, when one attacks the bacteria's outer shell first in order to melt the shell, one can then go into and then kill the bacterias with antibiotics, they(Calcium Bomb) claim by doing this exact proceedure, the arteries, will reopen as the calcium shells formed by the bacterias are destroyed.

We are are searching for the cause of these Stones, but I think we need to look harder than ever at whats IN the stones first, and figure out WHERE its building blocks are coming from. My guess if its Not dairy, its coming from the breakdown of other foods that contain calcium. And here is a list...

In conclusion I get back to one topic and that is ENLARGED tonsils, one should be able to eat some Dairy, without producing stones every other day I would think.. esp since it's probably good for the body in some forms. And if you must drink MILK, drink ORGANIC milk if you can find it, and or other Calcium rich foods.

Really we should be able to eat Dairy to a certain degree WITHOUT getting stones. A lot of people do this is true.. for some reason there are people with ENLARGED tonsils or tonsils with Large Crypts, and or people that seem more "sensitive" to Dairy than others, these cannot tolerate it like a normal person can, and thus stones form not necessarily because of the DAIRY, but or other Calcium rich/ Phosphorus rich foods are also in the diet fueling their formation.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Opps forgot the link for the other rich sources of Calcium in my post above. This is the list of Calcium Rich foods which Non Dairy stoners potentially might be ingesting?


Bottom line I dont think the body can majically produce Calcium from WITHIN/UPON the tonsils, also I dont THINK that phosphorus originates from deep within the crypts either.. Which means this stuff is coming from OUTSIDE things that we INGEST, in the form of foods, liquids.

Its just common sense? Am I missing something here? :) hehe
nomostinkbomb last decade

I have some questions that come to mind as I re read your posts above. Can you be so kind to reply to each for me? Kind of a little survey, not scientific by any means, Im just curious about your experiences with stones and your CURRENT condion.

1. You sound like you still get the stones..If so, How often do you get stones, and how big are they?

2. Do you use Listerine? Or any mouthwashes?

3. And you say you dont drink milk..Ok, fine, but what other DARIES do you eat regularly if any? Do you eat any of the foods listed in that last post as "Calcium Rich?"

4. Just curious, if you get stones all the time, what foods DO you eat regularily in general?

5. Are your tonsils enlarged? What size would you estimate them being? Mine are smaller than a pencil erasure.
nomostinkbomb last decade
albert, what are you talking about, where did I threaten anyone? If anyone threatened anyone it's you, wah I'm going to the moderator because Xena has an opinion that I don't like. Also it didn't get bad because of me, someone was being rude and I'm not a person who sits back and watches that no matter who it's directed at. It's not neccessary to be rude to anyone who is only here to give their advice on what they know and what they've done about the problem that is ailing us all.
Next, I never said you were new, secondly I just mentioned the fact that we already had a problem with criticism and I was just pointing out to you that it's probably not a good idea to start again, ok?
Also I've never ever said dairy was the cause of all our stones. I don't know how many times I have to repeat that all of us have figured out that OUR STONES ARE ALL CAUSED BY DIFFERENT THINGS. I was just backing up the dairy theory, ok? I also never told people not to drink milk I only stated that I understand, after reading what milk is, why in some of us DAIRY causes stones and that I am quite disgusted by what it is we're consuming.
I didn't come on here to offer my opinions because I didn't know what these things were and this forum gave me an idea. Everything I posted about the stones in my opinion is MY CAUSE for the stones and I'm here asking for HELP!!!!! Again ok?
I defend nomostinkbombs because everyone knocks him but if you read through everyone elses posts you'll see how helpful he's been and how many peoples questions are directed at him. Maybe that's what your problem is, no one asking for your opinion anymore? :(
Lastly, I'm a very nice person, you don't know me so don't be judging me. Anyone who knows me, personally, wishes I would do a little more for myself instead of worrying about the well being of them and others. I've never in my life put me or my needs before anyone elses, I'm just here to learn about these stones and try all your solutions and hopefully get rid of them. I only got angry, which I still never said anything bad, because a few of you decided that ganging up on our biggest contributor was a good idea.
I never judged you, I never said anything rude to you either I just asked that you keep your criticism to yourself because problems already arose from the same thing on that same page.
Xena38 last decade
Oh yeah albert I forgot to mention, after reading this and paying attention to what I'm doing I came to the conclusion that my stones form when my sinuses act up. When do my sinuses act up most? When I consume a lot of DAIRY in a sitting or day, therefore being here and reading probable causes I may have found mine. Now I just need to find my best solution. I'm keeping my options open and continually reading this forum just in case it's more then just dairy doing this to me.
One more time I'm going to state, I DON'T BELIEVE DAIRY IS THE CAUSE OF ALL OUR STONES BUT I BELIEVE IT'S A HUGE PART OF MINE. I'm not trying to make all of you believe in the dairy theory but that's the direction I'm leaning for myself. Also maybe for the people who do consume a lot of dairy and have stones they can experiment with the dairy idea. This might help some of us so why knock it? Why not let some of us run with it and see if it's OUR SOLUTION?
Xena38 last decade

This is a good place to say thank you for being a defender of mine, I appreciate it and so do others in here im sure. Also albert was showing signs with little potential jabs that MIGHT have shown he could have turned and gone "pedro" so your friendly warning wasn't that bad IMHO. Yes, With pedro you had every right for the good of the forum to be mad, and Rebuke him, as he was being rude period. No reason for the comments and attitude he had.

Also I think you hit on something with the attention thing, that some might be upset because people were asking ME questions, and NOT them? Maybe you are right, I thought of that too, This is not a popularity contest or some kind of competition Most of us are in here just trying to figure this thing out and to me, diet is the FIRST place to start.

Though i think its not impossible I doubt the BODY can come up with this much calcium and phosphorus on it own (oozes out of the tonsils?.. no) to produce stones in people, so it MUST be coming from and a by product of what we consume?

Xania, I have also been to other stone forums I found on the net, (will post URL later) where OTHERS have come to the SAME conclusion about DIARY. It aint 100% surefire right now stopping dairy will reduce stones, but I think we are getting close..:) One things for sure, why take the chance? Why not as you say TRY going NON DAIRY for a few weeks to see. If I had stones every few days, I would try.

And to the rest of you, if you do this non dairy thing, please check in with us and report back how it goes! Thanks
nomostinkbomb last decade
Hi everyone, in regards to dairy products I don't use any dairy and haven't used any dairy products for a while and I still would get the stones.

I am lactose intolerant so dairy products causes problems for me.....opps one thing is that I eat Mozerrella cheese sometimes but still the stones form whether I eat the cheese or not....

In regards to Orange Juice theory I read on the Therabreath site that OJ actually helps in coating the tongue with the Sulfur Compounds that make the breath smell... I eliminated OJ years ago.......

BTW: I got my tonsils removed recently and this is the 1st time ever that I don't have a white coating on my tongue....and my tongue stayed coated in white which produced bad breath and the stones.....

IMO the only prevention was removal...I hope these things don't form again as I had complete tonsil removal.

I just wanted my breath to stop smelling so for me this is IT!!!!!
tonsilsnomore last decade
tonsilsnomore, your lactose intolerant and still get stones right? So what would happen if you weren't and you did consume dairy? You don't know the answer to that do you? How do you know it wouldn't increase your stone formation?
Now everyone bare with me. When I consume too much dairy it affects my sinuses and causes my face to fill with mucous, drip down my throat and BAM I have stones. What are tonsil stones made of, white blood cells and calcium.

Therefore do the math:
mucous + whiteblood cells + calcium = DAIRY

Now again I'm not saying that this is everyone's irritant. Since last week when I ate the french onion soup with TONS of cheese and paid HUGE for it the next day, I've been a little more careful about my dairy intake and I feel fine. My nasal drip has even improved. All this forum is is a place for us to speculate until we learn what these things are or until we're able to find our own causes and cures.
In the beginning there was a little bit of speculating about smoking, I could've argued with that because I've been a smoker of marijuana and cigarettes for over 13 years and only had the stones for over two. I wouldn't though because I know that just because smoking doesn't change anything about my stones someone else could say differently.
We keep saying that we don't know the cause or the cure but everytime someone mentions they see a pattern in their stone formation they get jumped on. DAIRY is definitely an irritant of mine and I choose to belive it 100%. I know it most likely not be the cause but it does make them worse. Also I was talking to a friend of mine that finds milk disgusting but once in a while he'll drink it and then his sinuses get really bad and he gets stones. I knew he had sinus problems that's why I asked him about his reaction to dairy. I'm not writing this to be facetious I just want people to realize that for some of us we could be taking the right path with dairy.
Xena38 last decade
Tonsilsnomore? Hows the breath situation?
katherine1 last decade
Hi everyone, Xena I am not jumping on anyone....someone asked if there were poeple who don't eat dairy and still get stones to posts. and that is the only reason why i posted....another thing is that i do consume a lot of soy "milk" products.......

I don't know either....

Katherine the breath situation has improved alot. I went to work and for the first time I could talk to people w/o them turning their face or covering their nose....

When I brushed my teeth the 1st time after removal i felt a difference, my mouth is not as dry as it used to be and I am actually producing saliva... which in the past dry mouth was a major problem for me no matter how much water I would consume.

I am consuming the same amount of water and my mouth feels so much better.

I can actually tell that my toothpaste is working long after I brush my teeth...at first i could do that and my tongue would stay white no matter how much scraping, rinsing, brushing or whatever...
tonsilsnomore last decade
Well, well, well.
I must respond to your question with - I'm 'just me' the same person I have always been. What ever label you choose to give me is strictly up to you I'm sure.
Nuf said. Movin on.

I revisted as I wanted to let you all know I found a source for Monoject 412 syringe as I was having some difficulty purchasing another one. A hobby store might be your best bet, instead of a pharmacy or http://www.wilmaseggart.com/z1104.html

How do I use my waterpik? With the machine turned off, I stick the end of the 'jet' into the hole of my tonsil and while holding the jet with one hand I pulse the machine on/off/on/off while in the lowest pressure setting. IF you hit the exact right spot, you won't believe how much junk will explode out of there. BUTTTTTTT... I don't do this very often as I think this way is too harsh - there is sometimes blood involved. *sigh* And, you really won't need to flush them very often if you get all the holes and get them flushed out totally. I'm switching to the monoject and trying that. I'll let you know. Believe me when I tell you that the key is to do as pedro says and get 'ALL' of the bacteria out. I did this once, way back when, and while it totally cleared out one tonsil for 9 months to a year then the stones returned. I missed a spot on one side that caused the whole cycle to start over. I myself am waiting for my monoject 412 syringe to arrive. And I plan to do the same thing with it using honey water to flush my tonsils out. Believe me when I tell you the problem is finding ALL the holes in your tonsil and flushing them out COMPLETELY. Pedros 'finger smell test' is what has convinced me to try it again. Hope that helped you.

Good Luck All!
justmebyanyname last decade
Ahh! Im really considering removing my tonsils.
I am just not sure what exactly is causing my breath problems...
I usually have this weird taste in my mouth all day which is made extremely worse by eating basically anything...
I'm still not sure if It is sinus problems or the tonsilloliths.
Waaaa. :( lol
katherine1 last decade
I have been reading that many people did get their tonsils removed. Where did you go, and how expensive is it? Is it really worth the money... I mean does it feel 10X better having them out, then dealing with the stones.

And to those of you debating roughly on this site, like one of you said, this is a site where we can share our ideas and HELP, LET ME REPEAT...HELP others with their problems, not criticize them for what they have said. So please lets just stop the nonsense and get on with helping each other out.
jointhecrowd last decade
Sorry tonsilsnomore I wasn't reffereing to you about jumping on people. It wasn't directed at you. The only thing really directed at you were the questions and if they sounded rude I'm sorry for that to. The questions I asked were only my openning for that post and honestly I wanted to see if they could be answered. Also, I'm not being rude but I just want to point out that soy milk and milk are two totally different things. Each is made up of different and some similar compounds and one comes from a bean the other a living breathing animal.

justmebyanyname, I'm sorry it was rude of me to call you a b&*%h but it's just because I found you to be imformative and you always sounded nice. Then one person got rude and it's almost like you climbed on the band wagon. Again I'm sorry.

I hate when people get rude, no matter who it's directed at and I'm sorry I realized in order to stop the rudeness I got a bit rude myself. I also realized in the process I said some things to some people who weren't deserving of it, so tonsilsnomore and justmebyanyname please accept my apologies.
Xena38 last decade

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