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Tim, my doctor couldn't find any stones in my tonsils. I had insisted that they were there and I wasn't crazy. I told him how this is ruining my quality of life and something needed to done about it. After all that, he THEN scheduled me with an ENT. I wasn't allowed to look at my tonsils after surgery. I suppose if you want to look at them you should tell your doctor to save them. I asked my doctor if there was stuff in mine. He said he didn't know, he wasn't going to disect them. and then laughed. Oh well. as long as they are out of me I am happy.
anticipation last decade
fuaran, you mentioned that the tonsilectomy didn't resolve the problem. I can relate to that! I had the 'stones' but they weren't coming from my tonsils, rather from farther back in my throat. The ENT thought the were coming from behind my tonsil, so he removed the one tonsil. Still have the problem. I've been to 3 ENTs - all say there must be a crevice or flap of tissue where these things are being formed. From what I have learned so far, surgery would be very difficult, if not impossible) and probably would not resolve the probem - it would just create another change in the tissue that could again collect debris. I'm going to yet one more ENT to see if I can find any resolution. I suffer all of the problems as those of you with 'real' tonsil stones. Bah!!
metoo last decade
Tonsil hater: how is everything going with your surgery?
I love my ent: I glad everything worked out for you. It gives me hope that all my efforts to solve this problem will be worth it. I like Marcel, had to clean my tonsills out twice a day to prevent the stones from forming.
Meetoo: what exactly do you mean by 'real' tonsil stones? As apposed to 'fake' ones?
It is day four for me. I tried going off my pain killers but realized it is still way to painful. With the pain meds, it's a breeze so far. Man I hope this works.
anticipation last decade
Try gargling a mix of warm water and hydrogen peroxide. This helps remove built up mucus in the tonsils and tonsil stones. I do this everyday after everytime I eat and it helps keep the tonsil stones from forming. This is not a cure, but it helps. The only thing is that it sucks having to do this all the time.
Anyway I want to get my tonsils/adenoids out and was wondering if anyone knew how much it costs without insurance?
Lastly, does anyone get pressure in their ears when they have stones/debris in their tonsils?
nick25 last decade
Im just wondering anticipation if your breath has improved I know its only been a couple of days but still curious. I'm sorry i couldnt warn you about trying to get off painkillers. My ENT said the pain is the same from day one to 7 or 10 and without the painkillers its even worse. I liked him he was a sweet old man who tried to warn me of how painful the surgery is. he said, 'this aint no chickens**t operation' I'm anxiously waiting for the operation. Oh yeah so Anticipation you should tell me when you notice you have fresh breath,but celebrate it first. Nick 25: thanks for the tip i've never heard that one i'll try it. I'll share my secret recipe some other time.
Marcel Marceau last decade
Whatever happened to Byron M. It's really weird but that guy lives in my hometown, Fresno California. I read his story and really wish things worked out for him. It seems as if when ppl make their appointment they just stop posting. I'm really counting on Anticipation to tell us her progress. I just really want to know if it is the 'for sure' solution to bad breath and tonsil stones. Especially since im going for the operation soon. So dont let us down. Please.
Marcel Marceau last decade
i am new here and i have the 'stones' in my throat as well and it is very annoying however i do not get the bad taste or bad breath in my mouth like most of you say but in response to someone on here i do feel pressure in my ears sometimes but am unsure if its related.
movl0819 last decade
This is a Homeopathy site and I can't believe some of the things posted in this forum about these 'white bumps.'

I have studied homeopathy for almost 20 years; successfully treated my children. Our family physician is a 'classical homeopathic' MD.

First, I believe that you all are experiencing STREP infections of the throat. This is absolutely nothing to fool around with. You all may be 'carriers' and unknowingly infecting other people, but not showing many symptoms yourselves, except these 'white stones' you are all talking about, and extremely BAD BREATH.

You should all be on antibiotics and then eat lots of good, organic, plain (no sugar) yogurt to put back beneficial bacteria into your bodies.


You are all experiencing problems with your immune system that can very likely be corrected gently and easily with the correct 'constitutional' dose of the correct homeopathic remedy.

Personally,if my own family member had this problem, I would start with the homeopathic remedy SULFUR at the 1M potency. 1M potencies are not available at health food stores, etc.

Homeopathy is not a 'quick fix,' but is extremely effective and curative, if the homeopath is good and takes the case correctly and finds the right remedy.

I do not believe that tonsil removal will fix this problem.

My son's girlfriend has recurring white spots on her throat....doesn't believe in homeopathy.....keeps taking antibiotics.....and I was looking for something on the web to help her understand homeopathy and just came across this huge amount of postings.

I can't help anyone and probably won't be back to check, but had to post something because I think you all are way off base. I think it is terrible that you are all suffering with this and sticking things into your throats and digging stuff out !!

I think some of the things people are suggesting are dangerous.


A good homeopathic physician should be able to take your case and eventually cure your immune problem with the correct remedy or remedies.

I hope this helps
homeopathymom last decade
I just wanted to say one more thing about recurrent strep infections:

It is most likely that (in addition to your own immune system being deficient) someone you are close to is a 'strep carrier.'

In other words, you keep catching the strep bacteria/infection from a family member, co-worker, friend, etc.

Those of us with healthy immune systems, can be exposed and not get strep throat.

But, if your immune system is not working well, you'll get strep and these white bumps and 'stones' you're all talking about and bad breath.


A good homeopathic physician should be able to take your case and eventually cure your immune deficiency problem with the correct 'CONSTITUTIONAL' HOMEOPATHIC remedy or remedies.

Seek the correct help with this problem, so that you don't pass strep on to your children, family, friends, etc., who then, in turn, also repeatedly take antibiotics and cause problems with their own immune systems .......and the circle goes on and on, causing serious health problems and immune dificiencies.
homeopathymom last decade
Why are you all on a homeopathy site, but none of you seem to know anything about homeopathy. I read pages and pages and no one said SEE A HOMEOPATH !!!!

You are all seeing ENTs (ear, nose and throat specialists). You are all talking about having your tonsils out. Some of you are suggesting some really bizzare things (like sticking pointed things down your throat to dig out the white stuff !!!). Are you kidding??? This is dangerous behavior !!!

When my children were little, they had recurrent ear infections. It drove me absolutely crazy. Also, one of my kids had 'growing pains' (according to the Pediatrician we had at the time). These 'growing pains' woke him up every night screaming in pain. A friend told me about homeopathy. ONE VISIT TO A HOMEOPATHIC MD -- ONE REMEDY LATER, MY SON NEVER HAD 'GROWING PAINS' AGAIN !!! and the ear infections went away too.

I was absolutely hooked on homeopathy from then on.

Again, I am just a Mom who has studied and used homeopathy for almost 20 years.

Many members of the English Royal Family use homeopathy, and they can afford the best medical treatment money can buy. So, why do they use homeopathy? Because it works.

I know that I am starting to sound like a fanatic commercial for homeopathy, but I literally had nightmares last night about all the stuff I read in this forum. I cannot believe the things you all have resorted to, trying to get the white stuff off your tonsils !!


AGAIN, you all have STREP infections. That's why the white stuff stinks and tastes awful. It's bacterial !!!!!

You all are contagious and anyone who's immune system is run down (due to poor nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, other illnesses, etc.) is at risk to catch this bacteria from you. YOU ARE ALL CARRIERS !!

First, you have to take antibiotics, then re-establish healthy bacteria/flora in your own digestive tract -- eat plain, sugar free, organic yogurt.

Then, you have to address your own immune deficiencies. Are you eating healthy? Are you taking vitamins? Are you getting enough sleep (minimum 8 hours per night)? Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

A homeopathic physician (I prefer a 'classical' homeopath) could look at you as a whole person and possibly find the correct remedy or remedies that would clear up your immune deficient problems.

Since almost NONE of you seem to know anything about homeopathy, I would suggest that you go to a search engine and search for info on homeopathy and read, read, read. Go to the local library and find books you can read about homeopathy, or order some on on-line.

Our family is very healthy now. When we very occasionally get sick, we recover very quickly. I use homeopathy almost exclusively.

However, I absolutely do not fool around with Strep Throat, and bacterial infections. These MUST be treated with antibiotics !!

Untreated Strep can cause serious permanent damage to your heart and kidneys. I am in my late 50's and had untreated strep as a child and almost died from Scarlet Fever (which Strep can cause).

You all need to get healthy and stop digging these stinky white bumps out of your throats.

homeopathymom last decade

you think we sound nuts? I understand what your saying but the problem is the tonsils themselves, its been proven by 'carriers' as well as doctors, if you get a full tonsilectomy, the stones go away, no more pain, bad smell, bad breath, getting them out is the correct answer in my opinion, i know a lot of people that had their tonsils out when they were young and have never had this problem. If the tonsils are supposed to stop things like this, and they cant, whats the use? especially when people who already have them out dont get them. You don't understand the problem that this truly is because you don't experience it. You not one of 'us'. We all just want it to go away. How do you get it away? Get rid of the source of the problem: The tonsils themselves.
tim618 last decade
According to reference book “Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health,” the tonsils are lymphoid tissues that are often partially embedded in the mucous membranes. Furthermore, these structures are a part of the lymphatic system that aids in the deterrence of infection in the human anatomy (1242). The tonsils’ primary function in this system is its vigilant prevention of pathogen invasions in the upper respiratory tract. This is made possible by the abundance of lymph nodes in its framework thus filtering out the circulating lymph of bacteria and any other foreign material that gain access to the body especially those that pass through the nose and the mouth.

This can be additionally illustrated by Bergman and Howe as they cite examples of different research results on their book “Vestigial Organs are Fully Functional.” According to them, most studies show that although there are no significant differences in the number of colds, sore throats and other respiratory infection occurrences between children who had their tonsils removed and those who have not, there are, however, marked increase in the acquisition of strep throat and the eventual development of Hodgkin’s disease (approximately three times as likely) for those who had undergone tonsillectomies (Bergman and Howe, 77).

Have your tonsils out, if that is what you want to do.

But, if you do not address the underlying problems with your immune system, your body will continue to have problems keeping you healthy.

You are in a forum on a Homeopathic site. One would think it prudent to at least try to learn something about homeopathy.

Knowledge is Power.
Ignorance is Bliss??? Or is it?
homeopathymom last decade
Does anyone know if having the tonsils out would affect one's singing voice? If it does then I'll stick to using a plastic toothpick to get the nausiating little things out.
Songbird21 last decade
the tonsils are just one in thousands of glands we have in our body. the reason they get gunk on them is due to our body's anatomy.
I have been tested for strep numerous of times. Everytime it comes back negetive.

today is day 7 of post op. I don't want to jinx myself, but I don't have any of that severe pain everyone says they had. Sure I need pain meds to control it sometimes but it's getting far and few between. I am eatting everything but crackers and stuff like that.

My breath is a whole lot better already. It isn't the greatest due to the nasty scabs in the back of my throat but you can tell the difference.
I almost have all feeling back in my tongue. I don't have any weird metallic taste to any foods.

I'll keep posting for you Marcel
anticipation last decade
I don't have strep throat. I don't think anyone else here has strep either. When people speak of white SPOTS instead of white stones, THEN i think strep.

If people are interested in homeopathy I'm sure they'll look into it. Everyone here is a big boy or girl and can decide that for themselves. Regardless, I haven't seen ONE 'homeopathic' cure for tonsil stones. All I've seen are ways of managing, what is really a disgusting problem.

NONE of us need our tonsils. They are to help developing immune systems in CHILDREN. Any children here? As far as the adenoids go, they are supposed to shrink and be almost non-existant by early adulthood. They aren't needed either.

Tonsils in adults are more often a source of obstruction - in what should otherwise be a clear throat. No amount of 'homeopathic' medicine is going to change a mechanical problem.

I've been tonsil free for many years, and NEVER get sick, but I have had 'tonsil' stones. For me they form because of a pocket. To say that they are contageous because they are a strep infection is wrong too. None of my family members have ever 'caught' these things from me, although I've noticed sometimes my husband will get them after eating hard chips like tortilla chips. But the next time he eats something it gets pushed down his throat and the problem is solved. No more stone.

I've been stone free for about 3 weeks now. I found that the hydrogen peroxide my ENT recommeded really did help, but I still wouldn't call that a permanent cure. I'm still looking forward to my surgery.

To say that this is strep throat, and that these stink because of that, is to completely misunderstand what people are talking about here.
whatastoner last decade

I am sooooo happy your surgery went well and your recovery has been relatively easy. That's always nice to hear.

Trust me, you've saved yourself YEARS of hassle and worry over these nasty things! I bet your breath will be nice and fresh from now on. If not, let us know. I know you mentioned before that you had a big tongue and because of that you got anaerobic bacterial build-up. I have the same thing, but the hydrogen peroxide seems to have solved the breath problem.

It is SO nice to be without stones isn't it? You must be so excited! I know even when it's temporarily cured for me (it's really closer to 4 1/2 weeks for me) I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You must feel the same way. Just watch your healing CLOSELY so you don't develop any pockets and you should be fine.

Congrats and I am so happy for you! You have a future of nice, light, fresh breath ahead of you!!
whatastoner last decade
I bet if any of us showed Homeopathymom what we have in the back of our throats she would be stunned, read through every encyclopedia and then simply scratch her head. I'm sorry to be rude but you really have no idea what it is we have. They are not white spots they are white stones. I've seen people with strep they do have white streams and i do know that they are cured with antibiotics. Usually amoxicillin or pennicillin. They have helped me but the it is only temporary. I would have to be on pennicillin the rest of my life to keep this bacteria away. Trust me we've all tried many solutions but obviously none of it has worked otherwise this forum would be a lot more empty and we wouldnt post replies that give you nightmares. This problem is not that common I don't know anyone close to me with this problem and oh how i envy them. When i found this site i felt comfort with people who shared my problem and pitched in their ideas on how to solve it. I guess our last resort is the tonsillectomy and not a homeopathic mom who hasn't experienced or knows anybody who has experienced what we go through. When i explain stones to people they have no idea what it is since they have never seen it. All of us here understand each other because we know exactly what is going on. Anticipation: Thank you. I'm sure healing tonsils don't smell good but i wish you the best. I remember i ate a bowl of Cap'n Crunch dry, and those things really do cut the roof of your mouth, I had healing scabs for a week and it did not smell good.

P.S. never eat Cap'n crunch w/o milk. it'll tear you up.
Marcel Marceau last decade
The tonsil stones or rather tonsilloliths are caused by food particles and/or debris getting caught in the crypts of ones tonsils. If left in the crypts, bateria will build up around the food particle and form a stone. It's rather simple, yet it makes my life so difficult.
I know this from not only what doctors have told me but since I use hydrogen peroxide everyday I see actually pieces of food coming out of my tonsils before they have had a chance to turn into a stone.
*a tip for using hydrogen peroxide and warm water: continue to gargle with it on one side until it gets foamy. Repeat as necessary. You should be able to feel some mucus loosening up and out of your tonsils and with it hopefully any food particles that were stuck in there.
nick25 last decade
I had those miserable things when I was about 14-15. After a YEAR of endless docs that didn't know what they were talking about saying 'it's strep', testing me for strep, having the tests for strep come back negative, and then shrugging and treating me for antibiotics, I was FINALLY referred to an ENT doc.

I'm 25 now, and finally getting my tonsils out was the best thing I could have done.

Started with the white 'spots'. My mom's a nurse so had stuff like (unused) hemostats lying around the house, so after prodding my (enlarged, painful) tonsils, I was able to start extracting these tiny foul smelling, cauliflower looking lumps of yuck. Let me tell you how much fun THAT is when it's making your breath smell like feces (and it did) and you have a boyfriend. I chewed gum and mints compulsively to get rid of the taste and smell. Had a ton of them, and was pulling out good sized chunks, and a number of them, on a weekly basis. Truly disgusting. To try to get docs to treat me seriously (since I was 15, they insisted on treating me like an infant), I actually collected the rocks in a specimen jar and took them to them.

The ENT, after I'd gone through four doctors and EIGHT, count them, EIGHT tests for strep, took one look in my mouth and diagnosed them immediately. He initially cleaned out the crypts, and used a suction device to try to collapse the larger crypts. I'm not sure if anyone's tried this method, but after a year of extricating rocks, my tonsils were incredibly porous, so while it provided about two weeks of relief, they came back. He said it was a persistant condition, that there were things I could do to minimize it, but that it was likely to continue through the rest of my life.

My mom let me make the decision myself, I had my tonsils out, and I'm at the ten year mark with no further problems with my throat whatsoever. Before I had them out, especially with all the irritation, I had this constant lump in my throat, horrible taste in my mouth, scratchiness, and the rest of it.

Not saying anyone with this condition should rush to surgery but do not listen to 'it's just strep'. If you're pushing out bacterial smelling cauliflower lumps out of the crypts in your tonsils, it ain't strep. Antibiotics do very little for the problem and only serve to contribute to a problem of creating resistant strain from overuse.

For those still in the 'extrication' stage who are concerned about damaging their tonsils with picks and such, I would recommend a rounded tip pair of hemostats. You can probe the area GENTLY, catch the edge of the growth, and pull it out with minimum irritation or damage. Watch your gag reflex though. Not necessarily saying you SHOULD be prodding your tonsils, but it works better than any other device I found for getting those lumps out.

Ishie1013 last decade
homeomom, I agree with Tim - you are missing the point. Look up tonsilith in your encyclopedia. Its a very real problem related more to a pitted surface on the tonsil than a strep infection. Its true, bacteria does grow and multiply there, but treating the bacteria is only a temporary fix. The real problem has to do with the tonsils themselves.
metoo last decade
Hi fellow sufferers. I have had this problem for quite a number of years, these horrible things that come and go. They really infuriate me.

I take good care of my teeth. But my tonsils always have this bad smell. My left side tonsil is the primary offender. I suspect it has a 'mother lode' tonsil stone deep inside that spawns off smaller ones. I look at the tonsil with a mirror and usually can't see any stones. I use a water pik on it and massage it with my fingers but no stones come out.

I have tried many things but everything is just temporary relief, such as therabreath, peroxide and such. Now I am trying K12 in an attempt to banish the bad bacteria and replace it with the good bacteria. Has anyone else had any success with K12 (aka Blis) in stopping stones?

The rest of my mouth is clean as can be besides the damned left tonsil which is pure evil.

Also I have post nasal drip. I often wonder if the drip causes the stones or the stones cause the drip, or if they cause each other.
I have contemplated tonsilectomy but I am not ready for that, plus it seems like it is a huge ordeal just to get find doctor to agree to do it.

Well mostly I just wanted to rant, I have no solutions and it seems like no one else does either.
fed_up last decade
I never tried K12, though I wouldn't think replacing 'bad' bacteria with good bacteria would really help in this situation, since the bacteria aren't really bad (naturally in your mouth), but the problem seems to be more with the accumulation due to the deeper pits.

If you don't want your tonsils out or aren't ready for them (though it's not hard to find a doc that will cut them out, and I didn't find it a big ordeal; one day in the hospital, four days of misery, and end to probs), you may try going to an ENT and have that tonsil suctioned out, and maybe if they can collapse the crypt (painless, they just used air on me, but the problem was too severe), it won't come back, but even if it does, if you do have a 'mother lode' in there, the doc should be able to get it back. If you do, it may be distending the tonsil and removal of it may solve the problem entirely with no surgery necessary.

I probably wouldn't stick my fingers back there. You've got lots of foreign bacteria on your hands, especially under your nails, and your nails themselves may further irritate the tissue.
Ishie1013 last decade
Hi all,

I was wondering how many of you only get these stones on one side (as I do).

I take really good care of my teeth but the bad breath that comes with these balls of grossness leaves my mouth feeling really unclean. I swear that my teeth become yellowish when I have them chronically for a while. Furthermore, my mouth will become warmer than it usually is. Could these things and the associated bad breath cause discoloration or deterioration of the teeth?

Also has anybody noticed that it seems to happen after eating a lot of bread? (sounds weird, but its something I noticed)

Kimberlycole last decade
Hi everyone, I am begging for help. I have had these white lumps in my throat off and on for a while and they always drive me crazy, but I have always been able to get them out. This time though the bump I have is so far down on my tonsil that I can't really reach it with anyting. I have tried everything . . . water pick, pointy sharp dental tool, q tip, toothpick and it is still there. It is MAKING ME CRAZY!!! Please if anyone has advice let me know.

Thank you
battagliak last decade
Hello everyone, I have had these bumps in my throat off and on for awhile now, but I can always get them out myself. This time however, the bump is so far down on my tonsil that I can't really get to it. It is driving me crazy, it tastes and smells bad and I have tried everything; water pick, sharp dental tool, q tip, fingers, tooth pick and I am BEGGING you to please offer your advice. I cannot take this thing in my mouth any longer, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank you
battagliak last decade
sorry I don't know why it posted my question twice.

battagliak last decade

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