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Sorry for the double post, I didn't think the first one 'took.'
plantinga last decade
I am also interested in the instance of tonsil stones in the lingual tonsils. There are some people on here who have been diagnosed with stones in the lingual tonsils by their ENT. It would make much more sense as to why some people are having a tonsillectomy yet still getting bad breath, wouldn't you agree? I was pondering that thought lately, and it just doesn't seem to make sense that many people have had amazing success with a tonsillectomy ( ie. their bad breath disappears) and some not so much.
katherine1 last decade
so is it even an option to remove the lingual tonsils as well, or is that not even possible to do?
netuser last decade
I guess I should have done a little bit more researching before posting, but apparently you can also get the lingual tonsils removed.

These tonsils are more firmly attached to the muscles of the tongue.

Has anyone had their lingual tonsils removed as well?
netuser last decade
yea, so this sucks. I just want the simple things in life. 2 have a face to face conversation with a close friend. To go to the movies with a group and eat afterwards and laugh and ...whatever u get the picture. I avoid hanging out so much. I'm trying 2 get a job, but my interviewing skills are horrible with this bb. Don't know if it's the bb or my confidence anymore. I think people smell it from my nose 2. In class people next to me cover their nose. I try to sit in the very front row in some oddball spot where no one will sit next to me. This effects everything I do. I see cats r getting their tonsils out. yea, thats an option, have to see the ENT about that.

Perhaps it's my Pharyngeal pouch. I also found the following interesting:

Pharyngeal pouch is a pocket that may form next to the esophagus. This condition usually occurs in older men. The pouch fills with food causing an obstruction. Inability to swallow (dysphagia) and bad breath are characteristic. Surgical removal of the pouch cures both the dysphagia and halitosis.

I have the feeling of a lump in my throat/neck at times. Been burping a lot lately. Perhaps this has something to do with bb and the lump is a reference to t-stones. In the mean time if my throat/tonsils is producing stones the only logical thing to do is become a raw foodist:) Going 2 do it. What have I 2 lose? 30days of raw foodism and then ENT. Sure, I'll give in after 2 days, but still worth a try. What have I 2 lose that I haven't already?
tdadream last decade
Hello all. I really need help, and quickly.

I'm so glad I found this forum, it's been very helpful. I just have a few qestions.

I'm 18 years olf and for the past 6 months I've been getting these nasty things. I never want to talk to anyone face-to-face anymore, and I can't even kiss my feance without worrying about it. Even after brushing my teeth my breath smells bad :(.

I want to get my tonsils removed, but I have some qestions:

1. How can I get them removed? What I mean is, how do I tell my Doctor this? I've been told that Doctors won't remove your tonsils unless you get a lot of throat aches.

2. What's the best method and why? I skimmed through 4 pages and saw a two methods, which is better and why?

3. How long is the healing process?

I really hope I get an answer, I've been to other forums but they never reply.

kittykit last decade
Hey Kitty,

I would just go to your ENT and tell him/her you have this problem. It is likely that they will know about your problem and know that a tonsillectomy is the best thing they can do on their end. You might want to tell them if you have other problems like ear infections, sinus problems, sore throats, etc. I have had 2 of 2 ENT's agree to take mine out without much effort on my part.

As far as the method, it seems the concensus here is that it is better to have the tonsils completely removed verses any kind of laser treatment and from my personal investigation the 'coblation' method is less painful and heals quicker. This is primarily due to less cauterization of the bleeding area.

From the people who have posted on this site, getting a tonsillectomy is no picnic but everyone I have read has said that they would do it again. The trade out is worth the pain.

Make an appt. with an ENT and get checked out, it won't be that bad.
plantinga last decade
Okay, Thanks :) I'll post on how it goes.
kittykit last decade
Hey tdadream,

Just wanted to let you know there is a test for pharyngeal pouch, aka Zenker's diverticulum. I had to go through a test called Barrium Swallow. Basically a radiologist makes you drink barrium liquid and they take x-rays of how the liquid flows through your throat and esophagous. Mine came out negative.

The feeling of lump in your throat area maybe a sign of pharyngeal pouch and other problems such as polyps or cysts in your throat, vallecula area. The vallecula is located below the tongue. It can be checked out by doing an endoscopy of your throat area. I am getting mine checked out next week along with the tonsillectomy.

I too have been plagued with bad breath for the longest time (15 years). Hopefully I will be cured or at least come out of the surgery with some answers as to what cause my bad breath. I kind of have doubts the tonsillectomy will cure my bad breath because I rarely have those tonsil stones many people are mentioning. My problem is my tongue is always coated with smelly bacteria. I am really afraid if it is my tongue, I can't do much about my bad breath...and yes I scrape all the time and no mouthwash/diet works.

Who had or have bad breath because of their smelly tongues with no/rare occassions of tonsil stones?
ihatebacteria last decade
ihatebacteria- as far as the whitish coating on the tongues, I've been researching this and have found that the best explanation may be candidiasis or just an overgrowth in yeast. I think you can treat this with antibiotics, as well as cutting out certain types of foods as well. You might want to check with a general physician about that though.. not sure if an ENT can assist with that type of issue, as it may be more internal.
SkeerdofaTnA last decade
for the candida, you should cut down on dairy and reduce sugar intake as well. candida feasts on sugar!

get a tongue scraper and scrape your tongue with it at least 2-3 x day.

in a half glass of water, drop a few drops of tea tree oil, OR 1-2 drops of oregano oil, use this water to rinse your mouth. it kills the candida.

also, increase daily water intake - 6-8 glasses of water a day!

of course a healthy and predominantly plant-based diet rich in antioxidants/nutrients will help also.

doing a good bowel cleanse is very helpful also. if you check this page out, you'll see how this guy did a bowel cleanse using a few simple ingredients and an enema, and he posted pictures of what came out of him... so.. not for the faintest of hearts, but worth doing if you're up to it.. curezoneDOTcom/forums/fm.asp?i=304299#i
netuser last decade
For the smelly coated tongue, I have taken antibiotics but it was a temporary fix. Diet doesn't work...and I don't have any internal problems. That's why I'm wondering if my tonsils can cause this smelly coating on my tongue. I guess I have to just find out by taking it out. I am having the surgery next Thursday to take out most of my tonsils. I say most because the doctor says he can't take 'all the tonsils' out. He says the lingual tonsils are very difficult to remove so he'll try to take some of it out. I'm afraid lingual tonsils are the main source of the bad smell because they are at the back of tongue and my tongue is always smelly.

So, I have not read about anyone getting their lingual tonsils out. Who's taken them out? What did your ent say about lingual tonsils?
ihatebacteria last decade
Okay, so I'm going to the ENT this Monday. Is there anything I should say to convinvce the ENT that I want my tonsils taken out? I'm scared that he's just going to say 'Use a water pik' or something, and not go through with it.
kittykit last decade
If they refuse, just get a second opinion.
plantinga last decade

You have already made a smart move by getting an appointment with an ENT. I was worried too when I made my appointment. I thought the Dr was going to look at me and say he didn't know what I was talking about and the present me with his bill. My experience was far from that.

I had my tonsils removed Feruary 26th and my physician used the coblation. I had NO real pain but I was uncomfortable for a week. The healing process is strange but I made the best of it. I was able to be around my neices for the first time yesterday (you can't be around abyone who may have any infection for 1 week) and it was great. That white film that would never go away no matter how many times I brushed is GONE.

My tonsilectomy is the definately one of the 10 best things I have ever spent my money on. And if at any time I have this problem resurface I will be call my ENT no questions asked.
MsBlase last decade

does the ENT present you with the choice of different methods of removing the tonsils?

I would also like the cobalation method, but what if my ENT insists on using the old-school knife method?
netuser last decade
after i viewed videos of a tonsillectomy - the knife method and the cobalation method, it looked like the cobalation method was wayyyy better!

go to youtube and see for yourself..

netuser last decade
Usually an ENT will only use one method. So be sure to ask which one they use and ask for a referral if they use a method you are uncomfortable with. My ENT had no problem with this.
plantinga last decade

The last post is correct. The Dr will more than likely use only one method.

The week before I had my surgery I had an office visit and I asked my Dr what method he would use. At that point I thought I had an option but he told me he uses coblation. If he had told me he uses the old fashion route I would not have known enough about the difference to cancel the procedure.

If anyone is considering tonsilectomy and your Dr is not using coblation, I would get a second opinion.

Right now I am probably 90% healed and the only things I will wait another week before I will try to eat is tomato sauce (I tried lasagna too soon) and pomegranate juice. They both sting my throat a bit. I wouldn't dare trying to eat anything hot (with pepper) yet either.
MsBlase last decade
MsBlase-- How's the breath situation?
katherine1 last decade
what's the difference between the two methods? I would look on the youtube link posted above but I'm on dial up so it's too slow =/
kittykit last decade

The bad breath is totally gone. My tongue is no longer dry and white. The Dr said my stones were imbedded deeper then he usually sees.

Kitty, my Dr explained the two methods like this. He said with the old fashioned way he would cut the tonsil out but since there are so many blood vessles in the throat he would have to cut a little then cauterize the blood vessles to stop the bleeding. Then he would cut a little more then cauterize, and so on until the tonsils were out. With coblation he has a tool that cuts and cauterizes at the same time but the tool doesn't get as hot and therefore causes less bleeding and leaves less scarring. Also, the healing time is faster.
MsBlase last decade
Katherine, did you already have your procedure or is it going to be sometime soon? I remember you saying you had to wait 3 months. What procedure is/did your Dr use?
MsBlase last decade
Bad breath is gone!!! Wow... I'm so elated...and excited for my tonsillectomy.... this coming thursday. I have no idea what procedure my Doctor is using. I actually never realized that there was a different procedure until lots of people brought it up here. I'll have to ask.
katherine1 last decade
MsBlase-- Did you ever have any sinus problems along with the tonsil stones?
katherine1 last decade

I never had any sinus problems.
MsBlase last decade

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