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Any suggestions for a sympathetic ENT in the Washington DC area? I have health insurance and should take advantage of it while I can....
tdonline last decade

I called the referral desk at a very reputable hospital in the area and they gave me the name of an ENT. You may want to try that. After I called the MD I found out he had offices at another hospital closer to my home, so the referral wasn't about bringing in money for the hospital that I originally called.


I wanted to get that white gunk out of my throat too but I left it alone. I was gone I think within the two weeks.
MsBlase last decade
Kitty, I am glad that your surgery went well.

You said that you have stopped snoring. Were your tonsils large? I am asking this because I snore, but I have small tonsils. So, I am wondering if having them removed would also stop my snoring. In other words, were you snoring because your tonsils were large?
BettyCV last decade

This may be thrush, which is basically an oral yeast infection. My 69 year old mother found no marked relief through prescriptions given by her MD. She has found very rapid relief doing the following: I suggested that she gargle with 1 to 2 tsp apple cider vinegar diluted w/cup warm water every 2 to 3 hours and also drink the following upon rising and going to bed: 1 to 2 tsp apple cider vinegar in 8 oz purified/distilled water. If too sour for you, may sweeten w/honey or molasses. This should be done for at least 10 days or until symtoms dissipate. This information was provided by the book 'Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Health System', ISBN #0-87790-044-2 I highly recommend it!

Best of luck and stay healthy:)
EarthFirst last decade
Hello All!

New to the forum, have read GREAT info. on this 'ailment' from all of you, thanks for the enlightenment! I have, periodically, had the same 'stink balls'. I feel, at this point, that I have something caught in the left side of my throat kind of like a popcorn shell. Anyway, concurrently with the stones, which I am NOT affected by at the present, I have a superficial cervical lymphadenopathy on the left side. I have had this for probably a year or more, thinking it was just a very stressed neck. I am a Taurus and carry ALL of my stress in the head, neck ,and shoulders. I have a HUGE childhood history of MANY strep throats and sore throats alike. Tonsils were NEVER removed. I am also under a great deal of stress as I am a Nursing Student and work full time as a Flight Attendant. I thought the lymph was just a big muscle knot, however, I now am QUITE concerned about it's presence. I have an appt. with an ENT in a week. From my studies, I see a heck of a lot on this presentation as malignant, as it is unilateral, greater than 1 cm, fixed, and no pain on palpation. I do have what seems like a pimple on the area.

I was wondering if any of you have had the concurrent lymphadenopathy and tonsilar stones?

I forgot to say also that I sometimes have what seems to be a very deep intermittent ear itch as well, left side. My bloodwork shows no viral or bacterial infection, however, my eosinophils are quite elevated indicating possible allergic reaction, parasitic infection, eczema (which I have), leukemia, and autoimmune disease.

SO sorry for such a long post, but just very concerned!

witchstew last decade

For years Jose Rivera suffered from sore throats, persistent infections and bad breath, all courtesy of his tonsils.

Normally, Jose would have had his tonsils surgically removed, involving a hospital stay, general anaesthetic and up to two weeks off work. Instead, he had them treated as an outpatient with a procedure called LAST, laser assisted serial tonsillectomy. This procedure is more suitable for adults who have developed deep pockets on their tonsils, which trap bacteria, making them prone to infection.

Dr Yosef Krespi is an ear, nose and throat surgeon who used a CO2 laser to 'ablate', or burn away, these pockets. Due to the fact that no anaesthetic is used, candidates for this procedure have to meet certain criteria. They can't have a strong gag reflex
and the patient must be old enough to co-operate with the doctor, making it unsuitable for children.

Once the local anaesthetic has numbed the tonsils, Dr Krespi goes to work ablating each tonsil several times in 10- to 15-second bursts. In less than 15 minutes the job is done.

With the pockets removed, food won't get trapped, therefore reducing the incidence of infection and bad breath.

Although the procedure is 85-90% successful the first time around, some patients with particularly deep pockets may need a second or third treatment.

While some Australian ear, nose and throat surgeons are aware of the laser treatment for tonsils, this procedure is currently unavailable here.
More Info:
Dr Yosef Krespi
Department of Otolaryngology
St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Centre

Ph: 0011 1 212 262 2929
Fax: 0011 1 212 523 6364

-=end copy pasta=- .

please look at my profile for a reference link .
stroboscopic last decade
So, today I had my tonsil/adenoidectomy. I will try to be as faithful as others concerning continuing to make posts as I recovery. I know their stories helped inspire me when I was nervous about getting the surgery.

Pain: the pain is bearable. They have me on meprogam (sp?). Just like a bad sore throat, it only hurts when I swallow but not so bad that I cannot get down liguids.

Food: As far as food goes, I have eaten apple sauce, one Ensure drink (chocolate), one pop sickle, and one Danon yogurt--the liquid kind with live cultures.

The procedure: My doctor used the coblation method--google it. One unexpected thing my doctor did do was, he trimmed my uvula to about half its normal length. For as long as I can remember, I have had a long uvula. He said he did it because it was in the way of my tonsils for surgery. I am glad he did, but now my uvula is very swollen and when I get really relaxed, or dose off, I immediately begin to choke on it and begin snoring. Hopefully, the swelling will go down soon.

If you pray, please pray for me and my recovery!
plantinga last decade
Day 4 since surgery:

I have not taken any pain medication since 5 am, so the pain is subsiding but definitely not gone. The past two nights I have awoken with a nasty paste-like feel in my mouth. I am not sure if this is due to the scabs in the back of my throat or something else but the paste-like feel is better than the super dry feeling I
exerperienced the first night, which was miserable.

Also, I don't know if anyone else who has had the tonsillectomy has experienced this or not but I am having a lot of food get stuck in the back of my throat after I eat. I am having to rinse/gargle for quite some time to clear out my mouth. Hopefully, food will not get stuck as much when I heal.

Also, every time I burp I get a slight acid reflux feeling. I never got this feeling prior to the surgery, so I guess having the back of my throat being so sensitive confirms the 'silent reflux' I was probably having all along. I am taking Prilosec now.

If any of you have any specific questions, just let me know.
plantinga last decade

After I had my surgery it was a little hard swallowing large bites of food. I just took small bites and it was much better. I also had a few occasions where I felt the need to rinse my mouth of food bits.
MsBlase last decade
Day 5:
I have still not had anything for pain since day 3. There is minminal pain when swallowing but not much.

I can eat pretty much whatever I want, only much more slowing and with some discomfort--not pain though.

I do think less food is getting stuck in my throat when I eat.

I am still feeling a burning sensation in the back of my throat when I burp. I assume this is acid reflux, which I never felt before.

My body is creating a lot more mucous than normal. And the consistency is different. I have a feeling this may be due to high levels of yeast in my body since I have been on antibiotics for some time now. But I do not know for sure.

My main trouble is when I talk. Talking takes a lot of effort and the product of all that work comes out pretty poorly.

I do have a question for those who have had the tonsillectomy. What day did your scabs come off and what was that like? Did this happen over multiple days? Any pain involved? For those who are trying to imagine what I mean by scabs, do not picture the dry, hard, dark brown scab that forms after you scrape your elbow. Instead picture a yellowish plaque that coats the tonsils. Not that one is less gross than the other, but as far as having one kind of scab in the back of my throat verses the other, yellowish plague-like scabs win.
plantinga last decade
I'm sure this will already have been posted here, but just in case it hasn't!
Lisam last decade

The scabs really didn't fall off. Just one day they weren't there. They just get less and less noticeable until they are just gone. It took about 15 days or so.
MsBlase last decade
Hi everyone, i haven't been on the board in a while and decided to check in.. I had my tonsils removed in February 06. I don't have the white bumps anymore but i still suffer from the bad breath.

After my tonsils were removed , i had a dental procedure done as i thought that was assiting in causing the bad breath.

the bad breath ceased for a minute but now it has returned in full force. it still feels as if something is stuck in my throat..

this is not in my head people actually hold their nose when i talk meaning that the bad breath is worse now than what it was before.....

is anyone else suffering after having their tonsil removed...

or does anyone know of any remdey i can use to help this problem.....

tonsilsnomore last decade
I had my tonsils removed 4 weeks ago. For the first 2 weeks, I didn't have bad breath. Afterwards my bad breath came back. Did you have any kind of relief right after surgery tonsilsnomore? And, did the doctor tell you that he/she found puss/cheese around your tonsils?
ihatebacteria last decade
people should also get their lingual tonsils checked out - these are BEHIND the tongue and you can only really see them with a small camera that the ENT has to use. Lingual tonsils ALSO have crypts and may very well contain tonsil stones. That's why even after removing the palatine tonsils, people may still produce bad breath.
netuser last decade
Thanks for the replies, i had relief right after the surgery for about a month and then the bad breath came back and i think it is worse this time.

At first i thought it was due to dental problem but that has been corrected so now i don't know what the cause is.....

Do you know how to rid the tonsil stones from the lingual tonsils without surgery.... i really can not do anymore surgeries....
tonsilsnomore last decade
Hey guys- So I'm pretty much healed from my surgery... unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have worked on my bad breath problem. I was pretty disappointed at first, but I also know that being negative won't help me to find any sort of solution. Right now I'm looking into a bunch of options such as the Post Nasal Drip ( which seems to be the most likely/ obvious) and candida overgrowth.
katherine1 last decade
Well it's been about 2 weeks since surgery. My throat is completely healed up. I thought my throat might feel weird after having my tonsils removed, but really it doesn't feel any different from before.

BetterCV, I had small tonsils. I'm not sure if size matters or not =P

If anyone is still unsure if they should get this surgery or not, I HIGHLY recomend doing it. It didn't hurt hardly AT ALL, especially because they give you pain killer and half the time you're asleep. The only thing that hurt me was when I yawned, but it didn't hurt much.

My bad breath is gone. I mean COMPLETELY gone. You have NO IDEA how much of a confident booster it is to know you can now talk to people face to face without worrying about your breath anymore.

The best part is, of course, is knowing I won't have to deal with those stupid annoying bumps ever again. Brushing is also alot easier, as I can reach further back and get those hard to reach teeth, which is often the ones dentists say people don't brush very well.

My doctor told me that when he removed my tonsils that the back side of the tonsils were rotting away! He said there were more then just 1 white bump, it was actaully like 7 small ones. Talk about disgusting.

I don't see why anyone wouldn't want this surgery. My doctor said if you didn't have this surgery you would have to push the glunk out twice a week with a water pik or Q-tip. Who wants to do that for the rest of your life? =/

I don't think I'll post here anymore. Just wanted to say that I'm completely healed up and doing great.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out and gave me more info on the surgery. I'm so gald I did it!

kittykit last decade
Hi Kitty, it seems like quite a few people have posted saying that their bad breath problem returned after a few weeks. It would be great to hear your progress.

I went to the ENT and he said that my problem was most likely acid reflux. He said that my tonsils were small and he could see holes, but no debris. He didn't feel my tonsils were so badly off that it would be the culprit for my bad breath and sore throat.

I had sushi last night, I can distincly smell fish...I don't know if it's from reflux or tiny bits of in the tonsil holes.
tdonline last decade
Hmm, well I'll return then in a couple of weeks to let you know if my breath went back to being bad. I don't think it will, though. My doctor said that if your breath is still bad after having your tonsils removed, then you might need something else removed. I forget what it was called though... I think it was lingul tonsils. He said that it's located kinda behind the toungue and they can have crypts in them too.

He also mentioned something about people who produce alot of salivia then most people will need to go to the dentist every 3 months because the salivia builds up faster then normal and causes horrible breath. My father had this, and after 4 or 5 months his breath would REALLY stink, even if he brushed 3 times a day.

Anyhoo, I hope I was of some help. I know how annoying bad breath and those little bumps are.

kittykit last decade
Thanks Kitty. It'll be good to follow your progress.

My bad breath isn't quite 'bad breath'. My mom and best friend have told me that I do not have bad breath. Of course my breath ain't so fresh in the morning, after eating a chili dog, etc. But I am able to talk to people normally. My problem is that whilst talking, an odor will come out that is basically, flatulence. I mean it's like I farted from my mouth and it's so strong that I have gotten comments about 'someone cutting the cheese' or 'hey, I didn't do that' etc. It's so flatulent-like that people just think that someone passed gas. But I know that it's coming from my mouth.

This is my 'bad breath'. It seems to happen mostly when I am talking. And it seems to come in waves, sometimes I'll have several episodes a day and sometimes I'll go days or weeks without incident.

My ENT thinks it's from refluxing acid. He saw holes in my tonsils but nothing else.

From what I have read here, this doesn't seem to correspond to the experiences recounted in this thread.
tdonline last decade
If people want to check their lingual tonsils which are behind the tongue, they can get their ENT to do it by putting a small camera there to see if there might be any tonsil stones there. This is a good way to go before actually deciding to do the surgery to remove the lingual tonsils so you know for sure.
netuser last decade
I had similar bumps last week when I drank chilled cola ... there were around 6 of them and I couldnt even swallow anything for week.... I took antibiotics and they were fine in a week ....
abhishek last decade
I took my 14yo to see the ENT specialist today. He has been spitting up these things for about 5 years and over the last few months has had to remove them twice a week. He prods and presses on the tonsils and uses his tongue to remove them. All up it takes about an 1 1/2 and he smells bad for some time after. One he starts removing he HAS to remove them all because he will smell for even longer. Consequently he did not want to go out socially with people he did not know well (all his friends knew his problem). Anyhow I figured he should not have to like like this. It's simply not normal! The ENT said his tonsils were enlarged and scared. She said a bacteria (should have asked which but forgot) most of us have in our throats sometimes takes hold in the tonsills and becomes a parasite and is extremely difficult to treat. Tonsillectomy is the only successful way. She also said this problem is not uncommon. The concent I signed for surgery said he had chronic tonsillitis even though my son said he never gets pain. We are so desperate we are getting them removed. He has been deemed semi urgent and will probably have them removed in the next 2 - 3 months. Will let you all know the results after surgery.
girly last decade
Hey Girly,

By the Dr. calling it 'chronic tonsilitis' this will be good for your insurance. They will probably pay 100% based on this diagnosis. Also, if you feel uneasy about dishonesty, just know that the term 'chronic tonsilitis' is a very broad and generic term. It could refer to any kind of chronic bacterial infection in the tonsils--which seem to be the case for those with tonsil stones. Just in case your conscience was bothering you. There is nothing like a clean conscience.
plantinga last decade
Thanks for your advice, however we're in Australia and it's a very different system. I'm only partly privately insured and everyone is entitled to Medicare however this procedure would be covered by all private drs. and still be free via Medicare (would have to pay for the private bed only and gap on anaethetist if going private). I chose Medicare as I'd rather my son have this procedure done in a childrens public hospital with an ENT that only deals with children. There is a very good chance we will get in in the next few weeks as I have said we are happy to have surgery at short notice if any cancellations arise.
girly last decade

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