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Littlelee,my ears will start ringing, then feel plugged and then the sinuses feel like their involved.
sweetbreath last decade
Njistine.. sounds like you have an UNHEALED portion of skin where thet tonsils used to be. You need to have to have that sewed up or Lazered.. so it can close permanently. Not sure what the best method would be to do this and sounds like they might have already tried but failed? With the new technology out there maybe you can close that hole with laser etc.. so food debris cannot get stuck down there like they do in CRYPTS of the Tonsils.

sweetbreath....Thats EXACTLY WHAT I was saying will happen to your ears when stones appear..a couple of threads back.. The ears, nose and throat are all related because they all connect at the Tonsil canal (the canal in front of the tonsils)and if that canal is plugged (enlarged tonsil or stones)Not only can it NOT drain properly through the Eustation Tubes (water backs up into the Eustation Tube) the bacteria from the stone can back up into the ears AND sinus throught the ET.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Nomostinkbomb...Thanks,for all the great information. I feel so much better just being able to swallow, and
start feeling like my old self. The flu like symptoms
really zap the energy.You've
had many great suggestions.
sweetbreath last decade
I ALWAYS have flu-like symptoms when they are going to appear & then it's gone after a stone comes out.
ronjenn696 last decade
I have been following this forum for several weeks now and have been dealing with tonsil stones for about 10 years. Some observations that I have made include:

Dairy products seem to make them worse.
They seem to dislodge at night when I am sleeping.
Drinking water helps to keep them to a minimum.
Gargling with salt water helps, as does mouthwash, but I don't use Listerine.
Therabreath helps but does not eliminate them.
Eating fruit somehow seems to change the chemistry in my mouth and greatly helps to slow them down, apples especially.
I am interested in finding out if this can be helped by strengthening the immune system or by changing the acid/alkaline balance in my mouth.

I can get pretty neurotic worrying about them as I deal with high school students daily. I would love to get rid of them once and for all, like all the other posters to this forum.
freshbreath last decade
Freshbreath, I really dislike
antibiotics. The last bout I
had for about 3-4months. I tried bionic toothbrush,baking soda and
paroxide,ear drops,listerine,biotene etc.
Until I got the water pik,and
got rid of the stones conditions didn't really improve.
I think there is a connection to dairy products.
Thanks for the suggestions.
sweetbreath last decade
The pain in my ear was because the tissue removed was right over the ear canal.
Apparently there is not much of a wall between the ear canal and the mouth cavity.

I will try to find the syringe to use. It sounds like it is a good thing.

I never have ear infections, but my ear does itch alot.
njstine last decade
I don't think food products have anything to do with it. Here's why--my daughter has this problem. It started when she was 8 years old. I was so devastated because we went from doctor to doctor. Some thought we were nuts: "I don't see anything--could be something lodged in there but..." and that was it. We finally found one doctor that agreed to take out the tonsils--but since my insurance wasn't good, I couldn't afford it. (The symptoms started the end of October--this is important to note.) Then, all of sudden, the bad breath (which definitely originated from the throat...you could just tell. The mouth smelled fine--it was deeper than that) went away! It was gone for almost a year and a half. Then flash forward to THIS October...it comes back! Why? How could it stay away for a whole 16 months and then return, at almost exactly the same time? Important to note--my daughter has allergies, mainly to molds and mildly to some weeds.

Anyway, I'm frustrated. I have some doctors that are willing to do an elective tonsillectomy. She gargles daily with Peroxyl, which, after awhile, irritates her mouth because of the peroxide. And it only helps some (but does help)--and we experienced the same thing. Antibiotic usage lessens it, but as soon as she stops taking it, it starts again.

Therabreath does NOT help. I feel sorry for her, because 5th grade...you know how it is. Kids are cruel. It's not her fault--she has fabulously clean teeth and flosses. :-) Never had a cavity or any gum problems. I found this site and was hoping for some kind of homeopathic pill that would help. Anything!!! Thanks.:-)
Peach13 last decade
Peach 13, I know exactly what she's going thru. I also
have allergys to mold and dust. I've had ear aches and infections my whole life.In the Spring and Fall, these ENT
problems surface. Brushing with Peroxide and baking soda,
using a non-alcohol toothpaste ( I uuse Biotene toothpaste and gargle seem to help. In-between I use the bionic toothbrush, tongue scraper and water-pik.
I agree that antibiotics seem to be counter productive.
I hope that helped. Good luck.
sweetbreath last decade
Well these past 2 posts bring up another important topic IMHO, and that is that the SINUSES are connected directly to the TONSILS by the "TONSIL Canal" (what I call it) which is the connecive tunnel in front of the tonsils that the EAR (eustation tube) and the NOSE (a small sinus cavity) drain into. This Canal is covered by the "flap" of skin that covers the tonsil and the tonsil canal infront. This flap must be pulled away or forward to expose the whole tonsil.

My guess is when you say its seasonal is that the NOSE runs from MOLD and WEEDS, and maybe LEAF MOLDS, etc..Then its intirely logical that when the sinus is running more than normal(dripping)that you are getting more MUCUS down into the Tonsil canal then eventually in and around the actual tonsil = more bacteria and material for the stones to form.

If you want a HOMEO "pill"
then take this advice...I would SERIOSLY consider backing off the DAIRY period. And for MANY other reasons mentioned in my other posts. but esp if your kids are ALLERGIC. Dairy is a MUCUS producing Monster..food BIG TIME and for your kids thats the LAST thing they need when ALLERGIC is THICKER Mucus. Cut cheeses and milk from their diet and watch the mucus production go down to NIL. Add fresh juices (not cooked/pasturized) FResh "SQUEEZED" and the mucus will become CLEARER less solid and will flow better..if at all.

My favorite is a mixture of Fresh SQUEEZED OJ and LEMON. Killer combo for immune and its a MUCUS killer!

Its my opinion that the EARS, NOSE (sinuses) play a crtical role in the speed at which the tonsil stones grow and form because of the placement of the Tonsils on the ENTRANCE to the Tonsil CANAL where both ears and sinus meet the throat. You have a problem with either and then mix in dairy... BOOM you'll have stones..

Kill the dairy and call me in the morning :)
nomostinkbomb last decade
Ohh and sweetbreath, you know how I feel about EAr infections as they relate to the TONSIL canal/eustations being blocked or hindered from draining by swollen tonsils and or stones in the tonsils.

It is my opinion that bacteria from the inner ear also plays a role in the stone formation. Keeping the EUstations clear and clean (dry) of backed up mucus is critical to ear health.

The only way I have found to remove the fluid build up in my own ears (besides dairy cutting) is to literally snort them clean.. I know its gross but it works.

I purposely try to strech that section of my throat open by lowering my jaw and moving it forward while keeping the mouth shut then draw air from the sinuses NOT THROUGH THE BACK OF THE THROAT AS NORMAL BUT through the TONSIL CANAL. Snorting until I can literally feel the eustations clear and ear drum get sucked inward a bit as they are connected at this point in the throat, opening and snorting/sniffing them clean.

The ears can be equalized by holding nose mouth shut and gently blowing air into sinuses, BUT ONLY AFTER you clear the Eustations.

AS I said before the EUSTATIONS Are meant to be AIR filled. When they are not clear or partly filled with fluids (backed up from sinus), the body fills them with LIQUID in attempt to equalize the outside pressure on the Eardrum. Not a good thing. Thats why peoples ears fill and they get ear infections IMHO.

Granted immune and otitis can be from water in ear canal outside the ear, it really gets dangerous when the infection gets to the inner ear.

I have also found that doing this snorting through the tonsil canals purposly and VIOLENTLY can also loosen smaller stones, and food debris from the tonsils as they are vibrated and moved during this proceedure.a

Gross I know but effective..

HTH someone out there, it has helped me keep my ears and hearing clearer not to mention the stones down if not away completely
nomostinkbomb last decade
How do all of you feel about Alkalol? I hear it's a great mucus killer and willing to give it a try for my daughter. Plus, it sounds like it tastes more pleasant than Peroxyl!!!! Any thoughts?
Peach13 last decade
Nomostinkbomb, I just wanted to thank you for all the great suggestions. When I found this site,I was dizzy, couldn't swallow, and for not really being sick in years, had felt like I had the flu. I got rid of dairy products, started using a water pik. I'm flying to Cal. tomorrow. Before implementing your suggestions, I was not looking forward to flying with ear problems. I'll try
the snorting, anything that works. Thanks again, I'll let you know the results.
sweetbreath last decade
Thanks for responses to my post...I do not use antibiotics, never have. I used oregano oil for a short time last year as a natural way to enhance my immune system. I use a technique from the auyervedic tradition. It involves inhaling salt water or just warm water throught the nose, then releasing it out throught the mouth. I really work at getting it as far into all the various canals, sinus and otherwise, so maybe I'm getting it into some of the areas nomostinkbombs mentioned. I don't think an 8 year old would enjoy doing this technique. It seemed to help dislodge a tonsil stone this morning. I totally agree about the juices and dairy.
freshbreath last decade
I have been having these white little things arrive in my throat for a long time. They only last for about 30 minutes and then fall out. They don't make me sick or anything but they stink! I get them at least once a month. They come out on the back and side of my mouth around my my hanging skin thing.
Twisterchaser101 last decade
When you chew gum on an airplane to equalize the air pressures in your inner ear, you are actually stretching/ opening up the tonsil canal (the flap of skin) when it opens just enough, it allows air to move through the Sinus and Eustations (which connect to the ears) and into the Tonsil Canal. thus equalizing the pressure.

This is why with my snorting teqnique you drop your jaw (similar to chewing motion)then sniff hard concentrating on stretching that canal and sucking air in through that canal vs the main sinus canal.

When done correctly youre ear drums will be pulled in, you will feel it. Do it several times till you feel the Eustations drained.. the hold the nose and blow gently to re open them. Your hearing will thank me for this.

I was really thinking about all the syptoms people seem to suffer as well, as having the stones.. All I would STRONGLY recommend again is to drink FRESH SQUEEZED JUICES EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you have kids this is a MUST!

Like I said, I REALLY like the Fresh Squeezed OJ/LEMON juice combo.. what an IMMUNE BOOSTER! All those vitamins and minerals just like GOD intended..

Do NOT buy PASTURIZED Juices..Pasturization is COOKING the juice and or killing them with UV light.. While safer possibly, (for the stores more like) the juice is basically dead. Not good..

Try this combo and tell me you dont feel stronger, healthier, get over your sicknesses faster and generally just feel better...I know you will!
nomostinkbomb last decade
Hi just stumbled onto this. I went to the infamous Eye Ear Nose & Throat hospital in NYC for this - (I used to love across the street). Anyway, they ran all the various checks and yes, there aint a lot to do medicnally except surgery. HOWEVER, the sweet Dr. Lady recommended a modified WATERPIK. Now, what you have to do is BE CAREFUL, cause you have to MODIFY the waterpik. You buy it, then you take the pointed instrument and have to drill open the hole in the end a bit. IF YOU USE OUT OF THE BOX IT IS TOO STRONG AND WILL CUT HOLES IN YOU TONSILS. I FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY. But, what I did subsequently was to take a tiny drill bit from a hobby set, and just open/modify the instrument - you could get this done at any hobby shop, and voi'la! It's not perfect, but better than the alternatives, I think. I use when needed every 1-2 weeks, with a sea salt and goldenseal solution. ALSO: a dail Neti Pot rinsing out for the sinuses seems to help keep the problem down/clean mucous out ofthe back of the throat.
M_inScotland last decade
Just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing alright. My surgery on Wednesday went well. Post-op, I had 5 hours of low blood pressure and nausea but that cleared up with some medicine. My throat pain (and tongue pain) is awful..but not as bad as I had anticipated. (I guess an 8 month sore throat would make the pain seem less!) I was prescribed liquid codeine (taken every 4 hours) which only cuts the pain in half. That's how bad it hurts. The ENT said that my tonsils were huge (he made a circle with his fingers that was almost as big as a silver dollar!!) and they were growing back into my throat. He told my mom I obviously had a chronic infection. He said he would tell me more at my follow-up visit because I was still feeling the effects of the anestesia. I have been forcing down liquids and tiny bits of food...it's incredibly difficult and painful. The back of my throat has big divets and my hangy thing is all puff up and is almost touching the bottom of my mouth. The food gets stuck in my throat. I am so hungry but can't eat!! I already lost 8 pounds. I have been taking Ensure as meal replacements. I can't sleep on my back because I can't breath when I do. I can barely talk and I sound very strange and muffled. My day consists of taking my medicine, try to eat and drink, rest, waiting to take my medicine again because it already wore off. I wish I would have gotten these things out when I was younger!! It would have been less painful and the recovery would have been quicker. Atleast the pain is starting to lessen. The only problem is so is the effectiveness of the codiene! It feels like my nerves in my tongue and throat are raw. Only a week or two more of this hopefully!
airforcegirl last decade
i decided to test my tonsil stones, i had a cheese toast sandwich. very nice indeed.

afew days later i had a metallicky dead taste in my mouth and could smell the stink.,

when i pressed my tonsil alot more stones spewed from my right tonsil 3 times.!!!!!!

its disgusting and repulsive i hate it, do u think ill ever get married? i dont think so honey!

i want my tonsils out!
peperonimum last decade

I decided to do some research on GSE and I didn't find positive results.

Those of you using it now or thinking about using it should do your own research.

Basically the studies conclude that the actual extract does nothing and the only thing in it that works is a preservative they add to prevent bacteria from contaminating the product. It's the same preservative used in cosmetics, but at a much higher and more toxic dose than approved for cosmetic use.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I strongly recommend you look into this more before starting or continuing : )
nutty last decade
I went to an ENT and he suggested I try the waterpik for 6 months or so every day to keep ahead of it. I've gotten a stone pretty much every day. I dont know how much more of it I can take though because it hurts so bad. He said in 6 months if it is still a huge pain then he will take the tonsils out.
Speedylittleme last decade
hi, im 18 and must have been suffering with tonsil stones for 10 years now, although, thanks to this board, only just figured out what they were.
I must say im kind of relieved as i was scared it could be cancer or something daft. And to learn that, however annoying, these stones are hatmless is good.
My tonsil stones dont seem half as bad as some people have experienced here (some have said they have extracted as many as 20 at a time!) but i have experienced at leasdt 1 or 2 a month, with some times going with a few months without in between.
I usually can feel the lumps under my tonsil skin with my tongue, and can manouver the lump to a hole by adding pressure with my tongue, where it will usually pop out. if not i'll use a toothpick to tease it out.
I have also noticed i do not get ill (as in sick) as often as other people tend to....
Since i turned 18 i have found that my stones get worse after being out on a night drinking...and although i dont smoke i dont suppose a smikey club atmosphere helps either.
I was out on saturday and today my tonsils are a bit irritated and feel hard and lumpy, but not very painfull. I don't think it'd be worth the pain of removal of the tonsils unless they got really bad.
I have, however, since reading these boards, become conscious of my breath smelling...i never really thought it did because ive always had good oral hygeine and have no fillings, but these "stinkballs" arent pleasant smelling when they appear.
Ive recently got a new boyfriend too...im gonna be scared to kiss him now!
I've just been to give my teeth and tongue a good brush, and gargled well with wash. Although i underdtand this will not solve the problem, my mouth feels far fresher and i hope will reduce the bacteria.
I am vegetarian so for me, cutting foods such as cheese out of my diet isn't really appropriate.
I also have been to the doctor with a crackling down my ears which they couldnt find a cause for...im now thinking it would be linked to the stones..
I have been to the doctor a few times as i am prone to sore throats but these are never severe, and the doctor has never recognised or diagnosed tonsil stones, and i didnt want to mention incase she looked at me like i was mad!
heavensepitome last decade
didnt know vegans dindt eay any animal bi products like milks and chesses.. but anyway...

I bet you drink sodas? Sodas can cause and increase in the ear crackling.

I would be 1500$ you have water backed up in the tonsil canal caused by the stones and or tonsils.

which backs up your Eustation Tubes which then leads to crackling (which is water in the eustations and inner ear) and using my snorting technique you can clear the fluids out of the tonsil canal and the Eustations by conciously stretching open the flap in fron of the tonsils and snorting them clean.

The crackling will stop or at worst diminsh to nothing or close to it
nomostinkbomb last decade
one last comment, i read that only 2-3% of the population have this problem, though from these boards it seems far more than this.
I think this condition needs to be more widely broadcast, so people like myself needn't have sat needlessly worrying over what these white bumps could possibly be, and being to embarassed to ask!
heavensepitome last decade
i actually dont drink very much fizzy soda and mostly drink water.
And i do eat milk and cheese, as a veggie its about the only animal products i can consume so if i didnt eat cheese what would i eat! lol!
What is your "snorting" technique? (ive read a lot of the replies but theres over 300 so i cudnt get through them all lol)
heavensepitome last decade
well you mentioned dairy products were NOT a problem since you were vegan.. but they ARE a problem becuase it sounds like you eat them regular..

I hate to tell you this but you need to back off if not completely STOP all dairy for awhile, and see what happens.. Since calcium is a main component of the makup of the Stones, along with bacteria, milk products are like Gasoline to these things.. not to mention dairy is a MUCUS producing food as well. A double whammy..

Ever wonder why they tell you NO milk when on anti biotics..??

As for my snorting technique, you basically keep your mouth closed and snort hard from your nose while dropping and jutting forward your chin.

This opens the Canal that the tonsils sit in front of, which I call the tonsil canal..the Tonsil canal is connected to your sinus and the EUSTATION tubes which help your ears DRAIN. When you draw air through your sinuse from the TONSIL canal and you open that flap by lowering your jaw and snortin it out, you clean not only the tonsil canal, the tonsils, but you also drain the EUSTATION tubes and this causes any water/mucus infections backed up in your Euestaions to be sucked down your throat..

When done correctly you will feel your ear drums suck in a bit as the vacuum from the eustation tubes being cleaned out pulls them INWARD. This is OK. and a sign you are doing it correctly.

Next time you open your mouth to look at your tonsils, and notice that flap in front of them? That is the flap that covers the tonsil canal (which conects to sisus and ears) try to move your throat in a way which that flap in front of the TONSILS opens up abit.

This is what you (want) are doing with my snorting techinque, stretching the throat in a way that opens that flap enought to allow you to draw in air through you ears (via eustations),and this is done from snorting through from the sinuses.
nomostinkbomb last decade

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