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I forgot to ask..Do these stones leak white stuff? Because at any given time I can hock out some creamy white mucous - but it doesn't stink.

Thanks Flos for your reply - I AM going to try the vinegar!!
ronjenn696 last decade
As far as my health right now since the tonsillectomy...I am doing ok. I only had step once and that was when I was 8. I was never one to get sick often...if I did, it was usually because of something I did..like eat the wrong food and get food poisoning (once really bad). Other than that I was never sick. Even when I had strep I never had antibiotics. The first time I had antibiotics was after I had the tonsilstones. I did got to an ENT doctor and he did say it was normal. As a matter of fact, they even had a little sucker that sucked those puppies right out of there.

A good place to go is...well, it won't let me paste another URL, so just go to your search engine and type in therabreath...then after y ou get there click on articles and info, and number 4 will give you info on these tonsilstones.

I did try the products and they did work for the breath and all that, but to tell you the truth, I just wanted to be free of the tonsils anyways. I couldn't afford to spend all this money on special toothpaste and stuff, so, I just got them out. :)
kimberley35 last decade
Well, I'm still sick. It's been since Aug. 24th. It started with the sore throat, followed by a "steely" taste in the back of my mouth, then the mucus from hell poured in. I've had a cough this whole time that now feels like it's chronic.

I did end up pulling one little part of a stone out because I couldn't stand it teetering on the edge of being inside and outside the fold, out there for everyone to smell. I'm still waiting for the BIG ONE, and when it comes out, my digital camera will be there waiting.

See you soon,
AustinAngela last decade
I have had very swollen tonsils with theat smelly white stuff in my tonsils...My one side of the neck in one small area is infected or very swollen....I think it's because of my tonsils.. And that is causing my glands to be swollen...Does anyone know about this situation and what should I do.....I am thinking about getting my tonsils removed but I cannot afford to miss two weeks of work...but at this point getting rid of the bad breath and the sore neck I will do almost anything

barboy33 last decade
Barboy, it sounds like you need to see a doctor ASAP.
flotsette last decade
I have those too! I hate them! I am going to the Dr Fri for another matter, I may get him to look at them and tell me what to do. Hopefully he will say they need to come out, because my breath is horrible! I can brush my teeth and 10 mins later the smell is there. I will let you all know how it goes!
ashlee853 last decade
I had them years ago and then it seemed they went away...I have now gotten them like 3 times in the past month. My mom said she had the same issues when she was my age, but it finally stopped.

I have a dentist appt next week and I'm hoping he can give me some feedback as well or can at least refer me to an ENT.

When I searched "tonsilloliths" I kept coming to that Bad Breath Bible stuff and I was thinking there has to be some real information out there. Fortunately I found this place.

Good luck everyone!!
Speedylittleme last decade
Hi,iInteresting thread. I have had my tonsils removed twice, once when I was four, and then again when I was 11 yrs old. No problem until I suffered a severe sinus infection at age 36, 8 yrs ago. Was working nightshift in an air conditioned store 12-8 am and got really sick. Took CIPRO for 6 weeks to clear it up. All of a sudden these stinky balls of yellow hard substance started to come out of throat after bouts of halitosis. Have been plagued with them since. I aleways get a sore throat on left side when I catch a virus. I guess there is still a chunk of tonsil left in there. Have seen several Drs. and none seem very concerned, tell me the same theory of food getting lodged in the "crypts" but this is a chronic, painful problem, and it's socially awkward as well. I searched the internet a lot of times until I found this remedy. Oil of oregano, is a potent, natural antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial agent that effectively treats unhealthy imbalance of flora in the gastrointestinal tract and candida yeast/ oral thrush which may result. It is very potent and may be hard for some to ingest, but it works..Tips: Eat less refined sugar, less processed flour and yeast containing products(such as bread, beer,wine etc.)Drink more water, gargle with salt water/3% peroxide solution in mornings, Use a tongue scraper. Good luck!!
lumpectomyser last decade
Hey...about the vinegar...it was proven to be just as strong as bleach in killing bacteria when tested so cutting it with LOTS of water still works. I've just got to figure out how to get it into the tonsil again without hurting. 'Cause that cleared it up for me for quite a while! I think if I'd rinse or irragated with it more faithfully I might have already had this beaten. I've been looking into Colloidal Silver to be taken orally to take care of my toenail fungus. I'm thinking it might work for this too as a more permanent fix. Anyone else tried it? And I'm still waiting for one of you owners of the waterpik tongue cleaners to tell me if the vinegar irragation worked for you too. Good Luck all!
justmebyanyname last decade
justmebyanyname -

I found this site a week ago. I gargled with vinegar & water and the next morning it came out.. KNOCK ON WOOD - I haven't had one since. I believe that works. I will keep you posted!
ronjenn696 last decade
I am glad to hear that someone else tried the vinegar and it worked for them, thanks to the original one who put the ideaonline. Again today after one week of using vinegar, the balls are coming out, i still am having them out at the moment, i dont need to force myself to do it, it just comes....this is great. My husband finds the theory yuck! i am thinking of taking a pic as well....lol and post it...ha h aha
Good luck all
mclesie last decade
I couldn't believe it when I came across this website! I read the whole thread and am so anxious to try some of the suggestions. I agree with those who believe it is related to allergies. I get post nasal drainage, especially when I eat ice cream (my weakness). I also get flare ups of the little white devils in my deeply scarred tonsils. I would like to have my tonsils removed completely, but worry about staff infection. I don't want to go under a knife unless I have to. I am a very healthy 56 year old speech pathologist. I'm face to face with kids all day and some days I've noticed them sort of wince at me. I always thought it was coffee breath, but apparently it was the little white things. When speaking before a group of parents the stones would come loose and gag me - how embarrassing. Anyway, after reading all of these comments, I'm more self-conscious about my breath than ever before. I feel like a terrible communication model when I turn away while I'm talking. I'm just glad to have a name for this terrible condition I've had most of my life. Thanks all for the info and suggestions.
mnlinks last decade
Should I be concerned with the acidity of vinegar and the enamel on my teeth? I was impressed with the vinegar rinse, but are there consequences?
Binner last decade
Hi...I have had these white spots, too. I have had them since I was around 13. I have always had problems with my throat. I've been to a lot of different doctors who say a lot of different things...one said that it was food particles, one said that it was allergies...one even said that there was nothing wrong with my tonsils. That my problem lies in my throat. He said that I had a throat infection, but couldn't tell my any more then that. He did a throat culture, but said that it came out normal. I have tried different antibiotics...it would get better then a month or two later...would come back. I have flu like symptoms and a sore throat...a lot of coughing that actually causes me to gag and sometimes throw up...it's getting to where I can't stand it...any suggestions...?
CheekyChiChi last decade
I am so trying the vinegar tonight!!!!
Speedylittleme last decade
THIS FORUM HAS HELPED ME SO MUCH! I feel much better not knowing I am alone in this fight against these throat mongers..... I have only had my tonsil stones for about 2 years. I thought at first it had to do with me quiting smoking and that they were coming up from my lungs or something ( I am relieved to know that is not the case)

Currently I have one of these stones making it's home deep in my throat and it has been there for about a week and will not come out. I have finally had enough and make a doc appt. for tomorrow hoping in desperation they can get it out! Usually they just come up and I can cough them out but this one must have been sent by the devil....lol....

My tonsils are huge and I have gotten strep throat and tonsilitis at least 2 times a year ever since I can remember so I am not surprised that I have this problem. I have tried everything to get this one out and it might make me insane.

Has anyone ever had one for that long that just will not come out? Will it eventually work itself out?
Ohionurse last decade
You mentioned that you have suffered from a strep throat often.

Your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic for your throat if it is inflamed and red as I believe it is.

I would suggest that you have a throat swab taken before you use the antibiotic and have a culture done to verify what the organism is. An ABS (antibiotic sensitivity) test should also be done at the same time.

If the organism Beta Haemolyticus Streptococcus which is usually known as Strep throat is isolated, and you have had it often, it is best that you consider a Tonsillectomy as this bug is very dangerous and can cause problems with your Kidneys, Joints and at the worst it can also affect the Heart. Your doctor can advise you on the best treatment for your throat.
Joe De Livera last decade
ronjenn and barboy and AustinAngela...i'd say you all need to visit the doctor. These tonsil stones we have been talking about very much resemble stones. They are solid chunks of bacteria and sulfer and mystery stuff. Sounds like all three of you have infections that need other treatment. Rinsing with vinegar water and or salt water will help you, but probably not cure you. Good Luck! And Binner... you eat pickles? or ketchup? ;) I think you're safe. I don't think the acidity of the vinegar will hurt your teeth. And mclesie :) you're welcome!
justmebyanyname last decade
anyname - you may be right.. However, I tried the vinegar 10 days ago & it fell out 12 hours later. I have been tonsil stone free since!! I rinse my mouth out twice a day sometimes more with saltwater. I also use Tom's of Maine toothpaste. i alternate between that & just brushing with baking soda. my sore throat is gone. My inflamed tonsils are gone. My uvela(sp?) has little red dots all over it as does the sides of my mouth before the tonsils.

ronjenn696 last decade
I got strep for the first time last August (2004), at age 28, which was followed by recurrent bouts of viral (not bacterial) tonsilitis every two to three weeks until late October, which included a low-grade fever. Was treated with antibiotics several times when I shouldn't have been (i.e., viral, not bacterial, infection), while awaiting the strep culture results (hint - get a rapid strep test if at all possible, so you'll know within minutes if it's bacterial).

Since last October, I've been getting much milder sore throats, with occasional ulcers on my tonsils (as I had with the worst of the tonsilitis). Now, in the past several months, the tonsil stones have begun. They often are accompanied by (or accompany) a mild-to-moderate sore throat (focused on the tonsils). Now I'm getting these sore throats every couple of weeks, with persistent tonsilloliths.

I have considered tonsillectomy, which, if you haven't heard, can now be done through a burning technique with a laser. Word on the street is that it's far less painful and heals in ~1/2 the time. Not all insurance covers it, but it's worth looking into.

It's been a rough year. I'm sick with this again now (again with a low-grade fever), and am trying the vinegar rinse. Will let you know if it's successful.
uberfletch last decade
Well I saw the my doctor (actually a nurse practioner)and she did a strep test when I told her about my tonsil stones, it came back negative. She said my tonsils were huge though and very inflamed and simply sent me home with antibiotics and told me I should really consider getting a tonsillectomy.....

Still debating whether I want to do that or not.
Ohionurse last decade
Thank you for these really great pages. The Internet is great for things like this. I have read all the posts. Seems to me that collaborating on ideas like this is good for everyone psychologically and can also help you come up with "communal" ways of handling these things, when doctors either don't know or don't care. I had these stinky lumps as a child, got over it, then started getting it again 20 years later. Sometimes my life seems to revolve around these things. The worst thing is you can have a really little one and it seems to create as big a stink as a big one, and until you get it out, you're kind of obsessed by it. One time I got antibiotics for a sore throat, took them for a week, but still felt lousy, really tired, achey, and headaches. So looked at my throat to see a big yellow patch on my tonsil. I was so frustrated, I picked at it with my finger - this was like a skin covering tonsil stones underneath it. When I scraped it off, my tonsil sort of exploded, there must have been 25 of these things and they'd been there for weeks making me feel like s**t. When I'd cleaned out my tonsil, I soon began to feel bright and healthy again. The hole in the tonsil was humungous... Anyway, to make a long story short, I noticed that sometimes the gunk you get between your teeth smells like the tonsil stone you cough up (or pick out!). I find if I don't floss my teeth for a couple of nights, my tonsil gets infected. So I now go and get my teeth cleaned and scraped every four months (I am lucky the insurance will pay) and I also figure that I get these things when I am run down. I think the people talking about lowered immune systems are right. Also Listerine really helps. Thanks for the info about the water pick thing. I think you have to be really careful about sticking your finger in your throat.
I would really endorse a world tonsil stone conference, especially as we all seem to be really totally cool people.
Wienerin last decade
I'm trying apple cider vinegar, as it tastes a lot better than white vinegar. I'm putting a tablespoon or two into a medium-sized glass of room-temperature water.

I'm also going to try probiotics. I've taken acidophillus on and off for years, and eat yogurt rather regularly (though some folks are saying dairy exacerbates these things, which I grew up calling "tonsil trunks"). I have been taking single doses of antibiotics lately as premedication for dental work (heart murmur issue), and I wonder if taking such a small amount of antibiotic has led to these things increasing (as when, say, you don't take a full course of antibiotic you can create a super-virus).

Any thoughts on this theory?
uberfletch last decade
Uberfletch, I was just on Klacid for tonsillitis - my tonsils were red and swollen but after taking Klacid for a few days, they literally became studded with white lumps, so bad I had to push them out with my finger. But they just kept coming back until I'd taken most of the course. There must have been some real junk in there. So if you are taking mini doses pre-dental work, you may be "bringing things to a head" if you see what I mean. Re the acidophillus etc, I thought that was to prevent candida brought on by penicillin. The white lumps aren't candida-related are they? Does anyone know?
Wienerin last decade
I forgot, if you want to see something just amazing, check out this the picture at medicinaoral. I'm not allowed to post external urls so hope you find it. It's in Spanish and English and there is a picture in it of the biggest tonsillolith ever extracted. It is totally amazing. This woman lived with this thing in her throat for I don't know how long. If you think you have bad tonsil stones, check this out and be happy! Good night all.
Wienerin last decade
Thanks, Wienerin. I'm trying to set up an ENT appointment for tomorrow. I hate taking antibiotics, but I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. My tonsil stones aren't as bad as most people's on this thread sound, but they're persistent and I can't deal with having a sore throat every other week. I am seriously leaning toward tonsillectomy if this goes on much longer.

As for the probiotics, I thought that having some beneficial bacteria in my system might help counteract the nasty stuff in my tonsils. Mostly, I'm just willing to try anything at this point!

Will let you all know what the ENT says...
uberfletch last decade

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