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Okay, my tonsils were removed when i was 12. i am 32 now and have started having this white junk coming out where my tonsils used to be on the left side. It is not painful. It bleeds a little when i scrape it out. Other than that it is just annoying. please help, what is it? I will be going to the dr.next week. I just wanted to here what you all had to say.
pride last decade
I'm 20 years old and will be having my tonsils removed in May due to tonsil stones. I am nervous but excited to be done with these disgusting things forever. I do not care how painful the recovery will be as long as if means that i never have to experience a tonsil stone ever again. Is there anyone around my age that has been through the same thing? I would love to hear about your experience with the tonsillectomy.
fed up last decade
96 hours post op... pain hasn't been that bad at all really. Lortab 1/2 tsp every 2 hours manages the pain good.. hurts to swallow obviously but no razor blades in the throat feeling at all.... just a moderate sore throat.

I highly recommend finding an ENT that will do the coblation technique. It seems to greatly reduce pain over the whole scalpel and cauterization technique.

I've never watched the show '24' before and I've amused myself thus far by watching the first two seasons.. good show, and it really is how the government works too.. disinformation used to start wars just like the last war in iraq. ;)
dissident last decade
Easy Dissident,

I'm glad you like the show '24' but we do not need your political proganda here. Lets keep the topic on tonsil stones. Having said that, thank you for keeping us posted on your tonsillectomy. Did you get an adenoidectomy also?
plantinga last decade
I am getting my tonsils removed on the 17 of March, and need to take some time off school. Our school requires that I fill out a form detailing the reason for absence and the length of absence. Do you have any idea how many days I should put, to be safe?
katherine1 last decade
that's a tough call, katherine. It depends on what technique they use to remove them... if you want to be safe, take a full 2 weeks off which is what I did for work. Otherwise that next week might be enough.
dissident last decade
10 days as minimum from day of your surgery is what was recommended to me. This was perfect timing. I wasn't 100% on the 11th day, but I was back to not necessarly eating everything normal, but I was able to eat enough that my energy levels were up to normal.
dr_pepper last decade
This is so redundant Katherine, I know, but it really depends on the person as far as time off.

I had the full blown 'scalpel them out and fry the throat' method. Surgery was on a Monday and I was back to work the following Monday (that is 7 days). I was eating chicken noodle soup the day of.

If you're pressed, you could probably do what I did. If you're not pressed, go ahead and take the full two weeks. It probably also depends on the kind of things you have to do in your daily life at school. Whereas, I have a desk job and it was easy for me to come back (still in a little pain), but I didn't have to do much.

It's all relative. Go ahead and take the two weeks. You can always go back early if you feel up to it.
ASIgirl last decade
Btw Dr Pepper and ASigirl--- How are the both of you coming along regarding the surgery??
katherine1 last decade
My pain is 95% gone. Rarely bugs me pain wise. The tissue still feels rough or sticky though. When I swallow I still have that feeling that there is something in the roof of my mouth. Like when you get peanut butter stuck but this is more sticky feeling like really refined white bread or baking. When I look in there you it looks mostly healed. There is still some read left and some small whiter patches. All in all I'd say it's progressing as it should. No complaints. I've notice the last 2 days in particular that my breath at least seems better. It is more directly related to what I've eaten. Used to be I'd brush and gargle and 10 minutes later I'd have that sticky feeling in my mouth and I knew my breath was off. Fingers crossed, that seems to have disappeared.
dr_pepper last decade
Katherine, I am 100% better (altho still feeling an odd sensation on my left side). I am going back to the ENT at some point in the near future for this. I'm beginning to think it's psychosematic (all in my head?).

I can live with it, however. It's far better than the digging feeling of the stones. My breath seems 100% better and my tongue is no longer pasty.

All in all, I would still recommend this route for anyone that is suffering profusely.

(Easy...Kmoeller, I know how you feel).
ASIgirl last decade
umm, kindly remind me of a time when i have ever lashed out at someone for their opinion??

you're right- i don't think surgery is the best route. as was mentioned several times on here, i think it's a little ironic that surgery is being touted as a cure-all on a homepathic forum. it just worries me a little that some people who have just discovered the name for their ailment are going to go get their tonsils removed as a knee-jerk reaction because they don't know about other things to try first.

everyone's entitled to their opinion, and i respect that. but it just seems to me that this board isn't for discussing possible remedies anymore. it's a tonsillectomy testimonial board. i'm not going to have surgery, and i'm pretty firm on that. so i guess there isn't any reason for me to stick around any longer.

good luck to everyone, whether you choose to go ahead with surgery or try other things.
kmoeller last decade
Obviously this thread/board has grown into much more than a homeopathic discussion. Blame google if you must as people are simply searching the internet on their symptoms and winding up here. I think any and all discussion has been encouraged and should continue on that way. This board has some really good information for those of us affected by this problem. I don't see this as one cure against another. People can read and chose for themselves. This is posted at the bottom of this sites main page:

'This site is for information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.
Nothing on this site is a recommendation as to how to treat any particular disease or health-related condition.
Not all conditions will respond to homeopathic treatment.'

No one is attacking your personal decisions, but you do seem to be attacking those of us who've opted for tonsillectomy's. Why not just continue to voice your opinions in a diplomatic way and let the readers decide for themselves. I don't think leaving the board/discussion benefits anyone as both sides need to be discussed and alternatives should still be sought out. Just always remember that last statement that not all conditions will respond to homeopathic treatment. For some of us I think the crypts in our tonsils are purely a 'mechanical' issue of built of partially digested food. I'm not sure any treatment other than getting rid of the crypts is going to resolve that mechanical issue. Tonsillectomy is a mechanical cure for those of us with a mechanical issue.
dr_pepper last decade
USE A WATERPIK it helps!
It is such a relief to learn that I am not a total freak! All this time I thought I was the only one who experienced these aweful things! I have been dealing with them since I was about twelve. From what I can remember they came about when I had strep throat and then have preogressively gotten worse over time (13 years later). I agree that they get worse from smoking, which I also do only on an occasion. But what I really wanted to emphasize is that it really helps to clean them out with a water pik. It is non-invasive and seems to really get them out well. The stinkyballs went away for awhile when I was really consistent with that, but then I stopped and eventually they came back. So, the waterpik does not seem to be a permenant cure (unless you are better at being consistent than I and want to waterpik for the rest of youir life) and I was on this site looking for one. I will try the MERC.SOL.6C and Baryta Car 6C, are these homeopathics, I suppose? And let you all know if they get better.
fotomia last decade
In all honesty, I look forward to these stones growing so big that I can poke them out fairly easily with a q-tip...it's kinda fun for me.
wolverine last decade
um, I will kindly remind you K cause you did direct some things at me (like how I shouldn't be talking about how easy the tonsillectomy was and that I don't know what the long term affects are, etc..)...that's exactly why I ribbed you up there, good naturedly.

I wouldn't say you attacked me, but it seemed as tho you definitely didn't want my point of view, even if someone else might. And I also would give people a little more credit. I don't think anyone is going to have a knee-jerk reaction and rip out their tonsils by anything that is said on here. Nice of you to think I have that kind of influence, but I seriously doubt it.

Don't bow out. People need your input, and I think most people want to find an alternative to surgery. That's what brought me here. But, ultimately, things did not pan out.

Maybe I'll just split for awhile. This is one of the most 'unfun' and serious boards I have ever been on.

Good luck to everyone that is still searching for 'their' cure.
ASIgirl last decade
Hi all

just 2 days since I had my tonsils removed because of the stones and I feel a lot better for it. My breath is freasher and my throat feels clearer.

There is some difficulty swallowing but generally the pian is not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm eatting pretty much the same stuff - just slower.

I've found the stories here helpful and they gave me the courage to visit the doctor to have the problem dealt with.

Hope you all find a cure that suits you.
eme28 last decade
I have had tonsil stones for a number of years as well. and again, doctors didn't have any real answers.

Is anyone else able to pick at these with their tongue??? I think I must have an abnormally long and or agile tongue; and almost enjoy digging at the 'crypts' with my tongue. Although I dont make the most attractive face while doing so. This is the first time I've heard what these white stones actually were. Thanks for the help.
tylerwelsh last decade
wow - so you can get the tip of your tongue to the back of your throat? that would definitely fall under the classification of unique talent I think.
dr_pepper last decade
For you long time readers out there...

I still research this topic a bit on occasion.

A while back when i first started looking into this i ran across a stock i bought because i thought they looked like the best hope for solving this. When reading the news for that stock this week, I found their kidney stone discoveries interesting. What I really find interesting about this now though is that they still aren't sure if nano particles are contagious. NNBP if you want to research on your own.

justmebyanyname last decade
Believe it or not, I can actually get my tongue back above the soft palette of the roof of my mouth and into my sinuses. I asked my doctor and, although shocked, he said it probably wasnt a good idea to do this as it could bring an infection into my sinuses.

I am still unsure of how proud i should be of this 'trick'
tylerwelsh last decade
I had a tonsillectomy on the 13th of December 2006 and I've not had bad breath since. It took me weeks to get used to the fact that I didnt have to brush my teeth 7 times a day. The pain was pretty bad for the first week, all i could eat was milky lukewarm porrige, but the pain was nothing compared with the embarressment and frustration of having such a disgusting, stinking discharge exuding from my tonsils.
kuperus last decade
Ok - been about a month and I'm 99% healed up. No more soreness anywhere including ears. Roof of my mouth still feels a bit rough though. As for breath. Yes I still get bad breath. But as I posted before it's now related to what I eat and how often I brush/floss. Used to be I could floss brush and gargle and 10 minutes later I'd have dog breath. Now if I brush and use some mouthwash I don't have instant bad breath. I have to eat some onions or coffee to get it back. Also the TheraBreath products work much better for me. Especially the mouth wash. Using it really helps where as it never could make a dent in things before. Not to mention I'm not coughing up these little putrid balls. All in all I'm happy and would do it again.
dr_pepper last decade
kuperus- may I ask how old you are? I'm wondering if there is a correlation between the effectiveness of tonsillectomy and age.
katherine1 last decade
I will be having my tonsilectomy Monday morning. I am and have had this problem since was a child but was unaware. Now my breath is so bad that anyone sitting next to me can smell my breath. It's really humiliating. My doctor says he does the coblation procedure unless he gets in there and finds really deep crypts. If that happens he will finish the procedure with the other way. He agrees with everything you guys have said about the laser procedure, he doesn't do it because it is not effective. I am a little anxious but I can't continue to constantly have my breath on my mind. In the past 10 years I have tried EVERY product that I have heard about. I even tried the Xylatol that was being pitched several pages back. I learned more from this forum than I could have imagined. Thanks to everybody for participating. I will update my progress as well, in hopes that someone will read them and fell comforted with their decision whatever it is.
MsBlase last decade
Does anyone else notice their tonsil stones getting particularly bad after they've had a lot of tea (or anything else hot) to drink? My breath just absolutely STINKS right now, and I feel like I've got a big stone in there, and the only thing I've been doing differently is drinking more tea than usual. Come to think of it, I always associated my mom's 'stone breath' with her tea-drinking habit.
Maybe the tea loosens things up back there, and the stones come out a bit? Or maybe the crypts get worse as a result of the tea?
herbuveaux last decade

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