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good luck katherine! i hope you have a speedy recovery.

you're in ontario, right? i'm just curious- did you have to pay for the procedure yourself, or was it covered (even partially) by a health plan?

at this point, i myself wouldn't consider surgery, but i'm curious to know if my plan would cover it if i actually did it. i might check on that.

oh btw, i don't believe you can post actual links on here. posts only contain text, and html won't work. just post the link for that study you mentioned as normal text, and people can copy/paste.
kmoeller last decade
Katherine, good luck tomorrow! I hope the procedure will bring an end to your problem.
BettyCV last decade
Hope all went well today for you, Katherine.

Have a feeling you will breeze right through.

Let's hope it is the end of your problems.
ASIgirl last decade
The laser procedure is done.
Heres a run through of how it went down-
I was first told to gargle a numbing mouthwash to prepare for the needles. I was then given an Ativan to calm my nerves. (This went under the tounge to dissolve.) Then I receive two needles, in the soft upper palate of my mouth. ( sort of like the roof of mouth, but a bit lower. ) That really hurt, and I cried a bit. Then the doctor tested out one tonsil with the laser, and it really hurt. So I had one more needle on both sides. It was a lot of freezing, but I definitely needed it. The procedure took about 45 minutes with breaks. The smell was pretty bad, basically rotting flesh and smoke. After the procedure, my throat was really sore, and I had alot of fleghm in my throat. I remember thinking to myself ' I can't believe I have to go through all this just to be NORMAL!'....Anyways, I haven't noticed a difference with the breath yet, but this could be because of a couple things: The flesh is still healing, and is basically an open wound, I can still see some crypts which might still be harbouring bacteria, and I haven't brushed my teeth yet.. . .
Anyways, I'm still hoping for results and plan on getting a tonsillectomy when I have the free time.
katherine1 last decade
katherine1, great update!

I hope you heal fast.
johnadaniels last decade
Katherine, not to be a downer here, but why would you go thru that, if you are still planning on a tonsillectomy?

Or are you hoping this takes care of things so you don't have to go the more traditional route?

I don't understand why you would even put yourself thru this if you were still going to have a radical tonsillectomy 'when you have time'. Whoa girl..that makes no sense, time wise or money wise.

I'm confused. Crimeny..at least they put you to sleep when you have tonsillectomy. Which is more than I can say for you. Glad I didn't do the laser stuff.

I am soooo not trying to be a jackhole, but I don't understand why you would do this, but still say you will get a tonsillectomy when you have time?

I am blown away by this. Why put yourself thru this twice. I only hope this laser stuff will cure you.
ASIgirl last decade
Well, when I talked to my ENT, he suggested that I try the laser procedure first, because its way less invasive than tonsillectomy. So I figured I might as well give it a try, because I really wanted to deal with the situation and not have to take two weeks out of school to recover from tonsillectomy. With the laser procedure I could be back at school the next day. I also wanted to guarantee in my mind that it was realy the tonsil stones causing the bad breath. I didn't want to get a tonsillectomy and then find out that it was something different. Now, I'm almost certain that they are the culprit, but I think dealing with the embarrassment on daily basis for about 6 or 7 years has made me really skeptical of any sort of cure. (Can anyone else agree here?) Now, I was hoping this would be the complete cure, but I'm noticing now that the crypts aren't completely gone, as the doctor didn't remove them fully. I read in a study that some people need to go twice, or even three times for them to be completely eradicated... so I guess I'm one of those unfortunate people. So, I'm going to get a tonsillectomy when I am finished my semester in school, rather than doing it repeatedly. As for the cost, basically the whole thing was covered on my insurance. And for the pain, it was only a couple of moments worth of pain, and if it had of worked out completely, it would have been worth it right? Honestly, it may seem crazy, but the pain is absolutely nothing compared to the hassle these stones cause. I didn't really think my approach was that odd, but perhaps it may look that way.
katherine1 last decade
Hey Katherine1!!!

How are you doing?

Thank you sooooo much for the info. on the laser and explaining the procedure. Could you eat afterwards? Sorry...always thinking about food.

My ENT couldn't see me before the New Year to have the laser done. My insurance will lapse in Jan. so I have to wait until my husbands goes through and then I'm def. on my way. I'm sure like you...I'll have to go back a couple of times to have them 'surfaced'. I totally don't think your approach was odd. I totally agree...the pain is nothing compared to what these stones cause. You hit the nail on the head. When you speak to your ENT ask him/her if they can laser some of your lingual tonsil down as well. As that seems where mine are growing now.

How did your midterms go???
Spina last decade
Katherine, well, I can see why you did not want to take the time off. You would've been off at least a week. Maybe more.

I guess that makes more sense. I just hope this works for you so you don't have to go thru the major thing.
ASIgirl last decade
Eating was a bit difficult. Your throat is really sore as its basically an open wound on each side, so your really just sticking to soft foods. (I had pudding and chicken noodle soup.) Right after it was finished though, I harldly felt like eating anything, so I basically slept for 6 hours.
About the resurfacing, I remember my ENT saying that he wanted to see me in three months, which I think kind of sucks since he didn't really solve the problem, and I'll have to wait another three months if I want anymore work done. Right now, there is still pretty deep crypts ( which I guess explains why my problem was soooo annoying in the first place!) and so I think food will just start getting caught in them again! I'm leaning towards a tonsillectomy because while the laser procedure did allow for less recovery time, I'm not sure if I want to go back and experience it again. Maybe one week worth of pain is about the equivalent to about three times of lasering. ( Which I will probably need..)
As for midterms, I haven't had them yet, but this week is project/test city! I'm leaving for vacation soon, and then the day I get back is when exams are starting. Pretty crappy schedule, but oh well. Anyways, if you have anymore questions about lasering, just ask and I'll answer as best I can!!
katherine1 last decade
Hey Katherine,

Really interesting thanks for advising on all of it.
Yeah...def. go and get them out then. I think everyone's pain tolerance is different. My experience was nothing like I thought it would be. It was uncomfortable...but I wasn't in agonizing pain. Plus...I wanted them out sooooo bad...so I think I just psyched myself up really good. Its different with the laser...as your up. You know what's happening...and you visualize it and don't want to go through with it again. Def. def. def. ask about the linguals though...as it sounds like if your crypts are really large in your tonsils...they may be large in your linguals. Just ask your ENT to do the scope thingy and see. It will save you alot of craziness down the road.

I'm leaving for vacation as well. Have a great time...and good luck when you get back!
Spina last decade

I agree w/Spina. I mean on it not being nearly as bad as what I thought. So, if you have to get it done, try not to be too afraid.

Have a good break.
ASIgirl last decade
I have dealt with these for a long time. I am glad that I finally found info! Does anyone have a sore throat simply from pushing on your throat to get them out??? I was messing with my throat last night resulting in a mass exodus of stones, but now my throat is sore...I just hope it's from prodding and not from strep or something.
susanf last decade
Spina- Do you think that if I did laser my linguals ( if stones happened to be there) that it would solve the problem completely? Is that what you are waiting on? Also, I'm not sure I completely get where they are in your mouth.

susanf- I have definitely experienced a mild sore throat from poking at the stones. It's probably not really a good idea to push out the stones, but I definitely understand the temptation! I just got a little syringe today so I can hopefully push them out with water, instead of using my fingers. Maybe that would be helpful for you.

And one last side note- It's crazy to look at my tonsils, and see just HOW DEEP my crypts are! I mean, the ENT got rid of alot of my tonsil, and I can still still pretty deep holes with crap forming! aaaah! lol
katherine1 last decade
Ask your ENT to point out the linguals to you. I can't see them at all...as I'm guessing most people can't. I had my tonsils taken out years ago...but then after 7/8 years...they are forming in my lingual tonsil area. I'm hoping this solves the problem completely. But I'll take getting rid of them for another 7/8 years. Then figure out where to go from there...hopefully that won't happen though!!!

SusanF...yup...I def. get a sore throat as I try everything possible to get them up!
Spina last decade
Thanks--glad I'm not the only one. I think that what I have now is a canker sore on the area. It burns when I eat or drink. I really hope it subsides in the next few days.
susanf last decade
question for justmebyanyname about monoject syringes-( not sure if you are still coming on here since you haven't posted in a while!) .. Is there any possibility that the syringe will push the stones further into the crypts? Or is that impossible? Thanks!:)
katherine1 last decade
Here's another question for anyone - If you have an ENT, were you referred to them by your family doctor? If so, can you make appointments with them without having to talk with your family doctor first? The reason I'm asking is - I have decided to get a tonsillectomy, and want to book it a.s.a.p because I know waiting lists are long. I was referred to an ENT about getting my tonsils lasered, and then he referred me to someone who would perform the procedure. I now want to get a tonsillectomy and am not sure who to make the appt. with. I have had only one appt. with my ENT, and am unsure if that means I should make an appt. with him or my family doctor first.
katherine1 last decade
Has anyone here ever tried using an air purifier to see if that might improve symptoms? It seems like in a majority of cases of stones, post nasal drip is a large contributing factor. Post Nasal Drip itself is often caused by some form of allergies (i'm thinking indoor allergies like dust here, considering the fact that stones seem to be year round). I've heard that a lot of them are useless rip offs, like the Ionic Breeze, but I have heard some brands do a really decent job. Has anyone here ever used an effective one in a room they spend a majority of their time in (bedroom, office) to see if it helped? I was considering trying one out, and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with them.
LazyLightning last decade
Hello fellow sufferers. Hey, I know exactly what all (or most) of you are going through with this hellish condition. I am now on my fourth week without weakness or fatigue, the blasted sore throat, or the headaches and congestion. Here's how I did it. First, I use my middle finger (cleaned properly) to pop out all of the stones. I just press on the tonsils and kinda slide my finger while pushing and they come right out. I generally remove 10 or 12 stones every ten days like this. I feel immediate relief! Then, I gargle three times per day with hydrogen peroxide.

Like I say it is almost four weeks that have passed and by doing these things, I have experienced blessed relief!!

I sure hope that these techniques are able to help some of you. Believe me, I know what this is all about- and it's not fun.

God Bless
josga last decade
I find that hydrogen peroxide gives me a horrible taste in my mouth!
katherine1 last decade
thanks for the suggestion, but i have to say that there's no way in hell i'm putting hydrogen peroxide in my mouth!
kmoeller last decade
I understand. I find that gargling with peroxide is much easier (at least for me) than something like Listerine (intense burn). Also, it is perfectly safe as it says on the label to use as an oral debriding agent. Just be sure to spit out the foam. As for taste, it's just not that bad at all in my opinion.

Let me say that your mouth is CLEAN when you do this. It will eliminate the horrible streptococcus living in the tonsil crypts that is making us sick.

It's a Godsend!
josga last decade
Hi my name is Meagan. I am 16 years old and i am noticing these white bumps in the back of my throat. I can stick my finger back there and just scrap them out. However, they come back like 10 mins after.. i have been doing this all morning..I am a singer.. and i dont want these little bumps to interfere with my singing. Can anyone give me any tips i should do to get rid of these?
thank you.

Meagan last decade
Meagan, not sure you gave us enough info. The fact that you scrape them out (with you finger?) and they come back 10 minutes later makes me think you may have stones and they just keep coming out (as usually is the case with these things).

Do you have a sore throat? Do you know if you have crypts in your tonsils? Are you sure you are not sick in some way with strep or tonsillitis?

Are the things hard and smelly that you pull out? Gooey? Just not sure what to tell you at this point.

I suggest you go back and read thru some of these posts, but if you're not even sure what they are, I would go to a Doctor/ENT first. If you do have stones, I don't think it would affect your singing.

This board is somewhat divided on homeopathic remedies for these things and straight up tonsillectomy. I'd make sure what you have is even what we talk about here.

Or maybe you can provide some more info that would help us, help you.
ASIgirl last decade
well...i think when i was reading through this post.. that a crypt was like a little hole or like a depth in my tonsil? well there is one i guess...and it is only of the left side. and the things arnt really hard...like if you squezze them it just like flattens out i guess.. my throat feels kind of scratchy i guess...but that might just be from trying to scrap these white things out.
Meagan last decade

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