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The osmolyte xylitol reduces the salt concentration of airway surface liquid and may enhance bacterial killing.

snorkels4 last decade
you knuckleheads may like this one more betta (not xylitol)

Tonsil stones can create a condition known as Halitosis,
which is a stubborn bad breath and taste disorder many
people suffer from.

Tonsil stones, also called tonsilloliths, are those nasty
whitish/yellow colored, foul-smelling, lumps on your
tonsils. These tonsil stones are caused by an
accumulation of sulfur-producing bacteria and debris that
becomes lodged in the tonsils. This debris, which includes
mucous from post nasal drip, putrifies in the back of your
throat, and collects in what are called the tonsil crypts.
These tonsil crypts are small divots or pockets which
appear on the surface of the tonsils, in which the tonsil
stones may accumulate.

When this debris combines with volatile sulfur compounds
(VSC's) which are produced by the anaerobic bacteria
beneath the surface of your tongue, along with the tonsil
stones, you develop the condition known as Halitosis,
more commonly known as bad breath!

Now, if you do not have your tonsils, then you will NOT
(except for rare exceptions) experience tonsil stones.
However, I am NOT saying that you should run out and
get your tonsils removed. As we get older, tonsillectomies
become increasingly dangerous. Aside from that, even if
you have your tonsils removed, you will most likely still
have bad breath. Why is that?

The sulfur producing bacteria breeding beneath the
surface of your tongue, integral to the creation of those
tonsil stones, are the most likely candidates to cause bad
breath! So, even if you have your tonsils removed, unless
you remove or hinder those anaerobic bad breath
causing bacteria, your friends may still exhibit those tell-
tale signs that you have bad breath!

Fortunately, getting rid of tonsil stones without surgery,
is not that difficult...

There are a few select products that I recommend you
use that will effectively eliminate tonsil stones without
unnecessary surgery. What you need is something that
will neutralize the anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria on
contact. For this I recommend a simple combination of
AktivOxigen Tablets, Nasal Sinus Drops, and an
occasional use of an Oxygenating Spray

Keep in mind that following a regimen of using
oxygenating oral care products, like toothpastes and
mouthwashes, along with a tongue scraper, which
effectively neutralizes the anaerobic bad breath causing
bacteria from the very back of the tongue, will produce
optimal results - stopping tonsil stones from ever forming
again! Based on clinical tests conducted at the California
Breath Clinics located in San Francisco and Los Angeles,
most people following this formula reported a significant
reduction or complete elimination of tonsil stones.

Dr. Harold Katz is the worldwide expert on the topics of Halitosis
and bad breath. Grab your FREE copy of his 'Bad Breath Bible' to
learn more about Halitosis and preventing bad breath by visiting:
snorkels4 last decade
Snorkels4, you've made your point. No more mentions of xylitol please.

Thank you.
moderator last decade
thanks moderator.
kmoeller last decade
I tried Dr. Harold Kat'z products close to a year ago and found his products to be unhelpful. I had about 8 products going at the same time, and not only did I find no difference whatsoever, they were extremely time consuming! I feel like getting the tonsils removed might be the only solution that makes you feel like a normal person. I dont particularly want to wake up everyday and spend a half an hour using different products that don't work. I believe the although Dr. Kat'z products look legitimate, they don't necessarily work and they are also pretty expensive. Some food for thought.
katherine1 last decade
Also, wouldn't it be a clear choice for Dr. Kat'z to push his products rather than a tonsillectomy? If more people chose tonsillectomy over his products he'd lose alot of devoted customers.
katherine1 last decade
I agree with you katherine, tonsilectomy is a definite way to get rid of the problem, but there are definite consequences to removing them. I think everyone should weigh their options carefully and decide what is right for them. For some, taking a few minutes out of their day for a few weeks, or changing some parts of your diet to solve the problem may not seem so bad.
darak last decade
i just posted katz because i thought his comments on mouth odor were appropriate

ive not used his method

really, i was just looking for something to post other than xylitol or SURGERY and i got slapped by moderator anyway. thats life--smilee

i dont know much about chlorine dioxide other than it is widely used in breath disorders and is a good disinfectant

if i had the severe problems some of you have had i might be more amenable to the surgery option but i doubt it, at least until ive exhausted every option. thats as empathetic as i can be, sorry.
snorkels4 last decade
Snorkels... Been there done that with the Xylitol crap. And you know what?? IT DIDN'T WORK!!!! Maybe it worked for you, but it doesn't for everyone. So quit trying to promote it as the miracle answer to the stones. Removal is the only definite cure.
rockstr82 last decade

I believe the best advice is the old advice. Nothing much new has been discovered of late.

Do 'sinus wash' - google this and you'll find more info or look at older posts in here.

Do get a syringe (I recommend a monoject 412 - it can be ordered online) to fill with salt water or honey water to wash the tonsil stones from your crypts. Read history to find the finger smell trick. ;)

Good Luck!

Luv ya man...but wikipedia is a bad source for almost anything. I've even written for it. You can too. And you dont need to be an expert in anything to offer an expert opinion there.
justmebyanyname last decade
personally, i think that tonsil removal really depends on the individual and how bad the problem is.

for me, it's not so bad that i have to worry about my breath when talking to people, and when i do get stones, i don't cough them up ten times a day, or get a sore throat or neck.

i've found that when i do get stones, if i spend a minute or two gently swabbing the crypts with a q-tip every night before bed, the gunk that forms the stones doesn't have a chance to build up. this isn't what i'd call a cure, but more 'prevention'. it works, and as i said, it only takes a minute or two. for me, it's a much better solution to getting my tonsils taken out.

that being said, for people who have a severe tonsil stone problem, i honestly don't blame them for wanting to go ahead with surgery. if i was worrying about stones 24/7 and nothing else seemed to work, why not take the plunge? just because i myself am not going to resort to surgery, doesn't mean i would condemn someone else who opts for it. different strokes for different folks, right?
kmoeller last decade
Snorkels... Been there done that with the Xylitol crap. And you know what?? IT DIDN'T WORK!!!! Maybe it worked for you, but it doesn't for everyone. So quit trying to promote it as the miracle answer to the stones. Removal is the only definite cure--rockstr82

i guess that 82 stands for 82 tonsil stones in your excised tonsils--smilee--just kiddin

you say you used xylitol. was it as a xylitol syrup and nasally as an irrigation or just in gum and candy?? fair question.

do you know of any benefits, at all, of xylitol?

have you researched xylitol and what did you find??

also, just because that tonsilectomy 'crap' worked for you doesnt mean you should be foistering it upon 'newbies' that are attending this discussion just because: ' IT DIDN'T WORK!!!! '. not very scientific or informative.

surgery is too radical to be promoting with such fervor by this alternative medicine boar(?) if that is what it is, at all. that being, beacause i have seen mostly posts dealing with surgery. sick irony

this sure is alonely debate but its fun anyway becuase i cant say why--smile
snorkels4 last decade
I am a 26 year old female. I know this is all familiar to you guys but I also get those tonsil stones with a foul oder in my throat that i cough up maybe twice a week. How do I cure this?? Do I remove my tonsills? I keep reading about gargaling with salt water, 50/50 hydrogen peroxide & water, etc. What REALLY works??

The tonsil stones have been going on for about 7 years off and on and I have had bad breath for about this long. I thought the bad breath was from allergies. I have postal nasal drip ALL the time! This has been going on for about 3 years. I feel like it worsens every day and this burdens me socially. I feel this is why I can't keep a guy around! It seems like my breath worsens after I eat, especially dairy products and alcohol. I can't get rid of my bad breath!! I brush my teeth and tounge all the time and it still smells!

I don't know if it's the post nasal drip or the tonsil stones that cause my bad breath?? I need help :(
christy26 last decade
OH MY GOD!!! I AM FINALLY HOME!! I can't believe I stumbled across this site...
I noticed a large yellowish thing on my tonsil but couldn't scrape it off, so I began looking for info of what this might be. For the past 10 years or so (I'm 38--39 in 4 days!!) I've removed nasty smelly nuggets from my tonsils. I figured it was some unattractive oral buildup. It reminded me of the dentists office when you get your teeth cleaned or when you floss, that plaque smell. I thought I was the only one who did this! I've never mentioned it to anybody, not even my husband! Too embarrassing. I try not to breath in his face, too. Anyway, I still don't know what this yellow thing is that won't come off and of course I'm thinking the worst. When I get a gross taste in my mouth I know it's time to check for 'tonsil stones'....I have that nasty taste now but it reeks much worse and I can't get rid of it even after cleaning the pockets--that's when I noticed the one that won't come off. Is this normal? Could it be a big stuck one and what do I do to get it out? I'm sick of the rotten taste! I'm actually left work as an RN and NEVER even heard of tonsilloliths, even in school. When first noticed, I did see a Dr. who did a strep culture that came back negative (my throat is never sore). She wasn't concered and I realized this was just an inconvenience I had to live with. Could this be related to tonsil stones? I'll probably see a Dr. if I can't get rid of it. Any feedback is MUCH appreciated! Thank you, whoever got this site together!!!!!!!!
colly4 last decade
woooops! Let me clarify one thing-- I went to the Dr. around 10 years ago for the small ones in the crevices. I called them 'pus bags'. She put me on antibiotics as a precaution till the strep results were back. I just noticed the yellow thing that won't come off.
colly4 last decade
christy aand colly,

please for your own good, before you succumb to all of the tonsilectomy lovefest consider my recommendation. try the unmentionable (xylitol).

my previous posts detail some of what i have used and believe works. the responses ive had from other board participants have been unreasonable--knuckleheads.

use nasally and orally.
snorkels4 last decade
Thanks for responding, Snorkels4. I'll give it a try.I can't believe how many posts there are on this! I'm slowly getting through them. Any thoughts on that stubborn yellow thing? I'm holding out hope that it's related to these nasty stones and not something worse. Thanks again!!!
colly4 last decade
ill try to look it up at google-smilee

stubborn--what duration
weeks months
surface character
snorkels4 last decade
colly, ps:
all of the xylophiliac(love xylitol) posts are mind the xylophobiacs(hate xylotol) are moeller, timass and some other knuckleheads
snorkels4 last decade
colly, maybe that yellow patch is from a chemical burn or hypersensitivity-- maybe just a reaction of the lining of the tonsil.. duration very important i would guess.

the xylitol is very innocuous even if it doesnt work

try xclear or just mix your own. ive been using xylitol syrup (homemade) with peppermint by my bedside for a year. my tongue used to have a yellow coating which is gone and my tonsils have shrunk to nothing and a nasal polyp has been reduced by 50%.

as ive said in previous posts, it may be something else as ive used other things but i do believe its the xylitol

ive used dmso mixed with diluted 3% peroxide a little during this same period and this may have had some effect.

toms of maine toothpaste has xylitol and ive used it intermittantly for a few months, maybe thats part of it. i dont realyy know for sure but what im talking about seems to be very innocuous, as ive said already.

im under scrutiny by the moderator for my posting on the unmentionable. i think that is because the knuckleheads complained.

good luck finding alternative advice here at ABC

youll need it if im blocked--smilee
snorkels4 last decade
About a week ago I FIRST noticed it and thought it had to do with being so close to the back of my tongue and it was just buildup on the surface. So I brushed it with a toothbrush and gargled a little and it looked like it went away...but now I think I just masked the appearance by irritating that area, it's clearly fixed where its at.. So yesterday I noticed it again. It's pretty low on my tonsil and I practicly gag when I wrestle with my tongue to try to see it. If anybody saw me doing this they'd think I'm NUTS! It seems to be a little darker yellow than the real smelly stones. (some are whitish, others are a yellowish white....I can't believe I'm typing this!!) The surface is smooth and upon close inspection I can see capillaries running through the surface. It doesn't hurt or anything. Only symptom being a rank taste/smell in my mouth, similar to the stones only stronger. Now that I think of it I've been reading alot about an increase in mucous and HAVE noticed that within the past 1-2 months. Possible connection to this mystery thingy? When I'm poking around in there and accidently gag myself it becomes easier to see as far as being some kind of formed object under the membrane. and that beautiful shade of yellow becomes more distinct like if you push your finger through a balloon, if that makes sense. But normally it buldges out a little. I can also see a difference in the length at the bottom of my tonsil where it is compared to the other side. It appears to be roughly 2 cm. misshapen ball. I sound lovlier by the minute.
colly4 last decade
I don't know if this has been discussed earlier (wayy too many pages) but has anyone else noticed really bad post nasal drip and/or bad acid reflux when the stones are present?? I suffer from both of the conditions, and now that I think about it, they both started right around the same time the stones started appearing (which was about a year after I had my wisdom teeth taken out). Anyone else experiencing this??
rockstr82 last decade
7 days aint that long

try gargling with alcohol free mouthwash or saline--warm, not hot, may be beneficial

something not irritating and warm. the warm may stimulate blood supply and encourage healing.how about some zinc and vitamin c to aid capillary growht?? you may see the capillaries pink up as the lining on the tonsil normalizes??

sugar free throat lozenges (sorbitol)(cvs) may help keep the area lubricted and healing by increasing saliva?

how about yogurt to encourage normal bacterial growth, on the tonsils, i dont know but the colon, yes. i mix my yogurt with psyllium or other soluble fiber if you are sensitive to psyllium--some are. maybe death does begin in the colon as detailed in the book by the same name.

this battle is complicated but is the only choice that thinking adults have as the medical sytem, in place, in the us is at best disfunctional and at worst corrupt and self serving.
snorkels4 last decade
I use vicks nasal spray every night when I get congested. I keep it on my bedside and if I wake up in the middle of the night and not sitting straight up when I use it, I swear It shoots through my nose into my throat and actually burns a little sometimes. More uncomfortable than painful. I've done this for as long as I can remember. Could be the irritant you spoke of, snorkles. No acid reflux though, rockstr.
colly4 last decade
Ahhhh.....'Death Begins in the Colon'...I know that one well. Pretty gross stuff, eh? I'll print out your suggestions and fiddle around with them then check back in with you with results. Thanks Again!! You've been a peach!
colly4 last decade
colly, whats vicks nasal spray have in it??

i dont think it caused such a localized reaction

maybe you just traumatized it mechnically by overly vigorous application of some instrument such as a toothbrush or maybe just some hard bread or hot pizza cheese.

the tissue may have been preconditioned for the trauma by malnutrition or mild infection or enlarge tonsil crypts

prolly go away if you wait a few days, anyway
snorkels4 last decade

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