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I've already pled my case on this site but I was wondering. Does anybody get sore lymph nodes in their armpits when suffering a tonsil stone bout?
I only discovered the stones this June and have been plagued by them and other symptoms about every two weeks since. My symptoms include tender lymph nodes under my jaw, throat, and armpit. I can sometimes have headaches, slight fever, and a sore tummy. I always get fatigued but I'm also a thyroid patient. I take thyroid hormone supplements to regulate so I blame the fatigue on tonsil stone eruptions.
My doctor doesn't seemed concerned but I was at least able to get him to take a throat culture for strep throat. I'm still waiting for results. He also said that there was no cause for concern over my swollen nodes because they weren't that swollen.
But why, suddenly, do I have to go through these symptoms peeking and subsiding about every two weeks? Is that normal?
slothgirl last decade
(Erm I've scanned the previous pages of this so am sorry if somebody already mentioned this)I have the same thing but I have also noticed that the tonsil it has affected (it only affected 1) is mush larger than the other 1 it comes almost halfway across my throat and goes back more than the other,it doesnt hurt but it always seems like I have somthing trapped at the back of my throat. Is this normal with tonsil stones?
kezza last decade
ah, also I have asked my family about my breath and they say that they cant smell anything foul but, when I actually set to and get the things out they do smell awful, I think I must only have a mild case I havent had them in a while and this last bout I have was after I had a bender on milk and ice cream, I have one particularly deep crypt and it was overflowing, which has never happened before. (Also why is it that when people under the age of 20 think they have anything wrong with them all they get is, 'dont be ridiculous you in the prime of your life its all downhill from here' it gets on my nerves.) Anyway I am still more interested in knowing if the swelling on just one side is normal.
kezza last decade
swelling/getting stones on one side is normal, i only get them on my right side. Man i just got done digging some out. My doc said to just leave them alone until i get my tonsilectomy but i couldn't stand the tase, smell, and hurt anymore, i got my toothpick and flashlight and got 2 really big chunks out, followed by 7 more behind them, pretty deep in the crypt. So disgusting, i cant wait till i get my surgery, i dont care how much it might hurt, at least the pain is only temporary, as long as i dont have to deal with these things ever again, it will definately be worth it. ARG!
tim618 last decade
Thanks, because I've only recently noticed the swelling I was starting to get myself really worked up that it might be somthing a little more serious than the stones, I am still gonna book an appointment wi the GP but there is always a 4 day waiting list an I couldn't wait that long! Hmmm, I dont use a toothpick, I just kinda massage and push at my tonsils with my tounge and they make their way to the top of the crypt then I pick em out.

This is just idle curiosity but do people with these things find it hard to take tablets? Whenever I try to take 1 (even if it is sugar coated) it makes me gag.

More idle curiosity, I have a tounge stud does anybody else here have 1? Could they be related? let me know what you think :)

I am not exactly sure what that is but I dont have any discomfort in my jaw at all tho it does crack somtimes when I open wide or move it side to side.

I havent noticed any lumps bums aches or pains anywhere on my body however I have had a very strange fever that can come, make me feel totally rotten and go again in the space of an hour, my stomache keeps getting upset too. However I live in Britain which at the minute is experiencing high temperatures (30 degrees is not my idea of mild english weather) and I do not mix well with heat and sun, which could also be the cause.
kezza last decade
im not really sure about taking pills, i can take pills fine, thats just gag reflex...i dont have a tongue stud as i find that a bit..not in my taste.
tim618 last decade
Perhaps this has already been mentioned, but I didn't want to read thru all 47 pages!
I've had tonsil stones for a few years now and I have found that I can control them by watching my diet. For about a year, I did the South Beach Diet (cutting white bread/flour and sticking to whole grains) and during that time I never had a stone. As soon as I fell back into my old habits, the stones came back. Bread doesn't seem to be big a problem, but if I eat potato chips, pretzels or crackers I'm guaranteed to have stones in the morning!

As for stone removal, I usually push them out with my finger. But I have to make sure my nails are trimmed or I end up with some painful scratches. I think I'm going to invest in a waterpik and give that a shot. Also, I've discovered (by accident!) that gagging a little bit seems to move the hard-to-reach stones and make them more accessible. Gross, I know!
jdub1 last decade
I am a mutant, I went to see the doctor today about the swelling and he told me that I have two perfectly normal (and apparentlt very large) tonsils, however attached to my perfectly normal right tonsil is a third tonsil which is why it is much bigger. WHY DID NONE OF MY DOCTORS TELL ME THIS BEFORE???? I suffer from tonsilitus so my throat has been looked at enough times for me to be told this. He says that this is why even when there is nothing in my mouth it feels like I am swallowing something. He didn't even mention tonsil stones or the crypts even tho I know I have them. I'm happy its nothing dangerous tho :)
kezza last decade
(Mine tastes just fine, hehehe, seriously tho it was the most terrifying thing I've ever done and if I had to take it out I would NOT do it again!)

I must have problems with pills because of my mutation not because of the stones an the swelling
kezza last decade
I am thrilled that I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Hopefully we can all offer each other enough insight to maybe help. I agree with many of the possibilities, it could be a deep seated infection or maybe an autoimmune reaction or both. I have a rare autoimmune disorder and have had many bouts of strep as a child (I am 30 now). I have had the problem for about 10 yrs now off and on and noticed that it is worse after finishing antibiotics. SO here is my thoery: It is a candida infection. It could possibly be that or a parasite infection. Many Americans have both of these in our systems and we don't know it. Anyway I would be intersted to know if anyone has had any success with doing a parasote or candida cleanse. I am going to do a parasite clenase next month and I will update the thread with results, however I am not sure how long it will take me to be able to do a candida cleanse becasue of personal reasons, primarily money (they are a bit expensive). Anyway I hope we can all get to the root of this.
darak last decade
Oh well I am anew to this forum, I didn't see the other 50 million pages of posts! I agree with 'heyuitsme' in that a good whole body cleanse would be very beneficial. I am almost certain this would clear up the problem. The parasite/colon cleanse I am going to try is called Colonix. I will post my results here in about a month and a half to 2 months.
darak last decade
hey iv been getting the stones since about christmas well before that i used to wake up in themorning and feel something in my throat and when i coughed one of the lumps would come out of my mouthh disgusting i know!i also have swolen nodes in my neck about 2 or3 and i do get the odd pain under my armpit!i dont know if i ever had tonsilitus i dont usually get a sore throat but at christmas when all this started i went on my christmas party with my workplace and i smoked about 30 cigaretes and drank soooooooooooo much from the next day on i had a terrible pain in my throat and i put it down to the drink and cigaretes but on christmas day i was very ill and my tonsils were swolen adnd i couldnt move out of bed was this tonsilitus????imonlly 18 and i just went through a very very stressful year as i just did my last school year and it was very hard as i had very big exams a couple of weeks ago which decide weather i go to college or not so the stones could be down to stress either. i really want to know what the deal is and if i get my tonsils out will this reduce my lymph nodes swelling???i know from studying biology that if a lymph node is swollen it means its fighting infection maybe i do hasve tonsilitus and i just need them out!!!doctors dont like you to get your tonsils out though as there the firs deffence against bacteria as it enters your mouth and when you get tonsilitus this is when the bacteria actually defeats the tonsils imn so confused i want theses stones to go there so iratating!
stiffler2302 last decade
I recently went and saw a throat specialist and he informed me that these 'lumps' are very common. Furthermore he told me that there is nothing that can be done to stop them short of tonsil removal. He said that a water pick can be used to cleanse them on a daily basis and prevent any further build up.
joedesu1 last decade
If you have actually white bumps as is in the title of this forum and are not forming tonsil stones or have the putrid smell associated with them... SEE A DOCTOR... that is a different kind of infection and you need antibiotics immediately.

I looked back to see just how many posts I've made on this forum. 130 over the past year. When I first started there was little or no correct information out there on the topic of tonsil stones. I spent countless hours reading on topics semi-related to figure this much out. Now there is lots of information out there. It's taken us a long time to get this far.

I've said it before but I'll say it again ...

TONSIL STONES ARE A RESULT OF A SUBACUTE TONSILLITIS. It's caused by actinomyces(Actinomyces israelli is the more specific name), a normal mouth bacterium that is growing out of control.

Put subacute tonsillitis into a search engine and you will find exactly what we are talking about.


UNFORTUNATELY... the recommended cure is 3 months to 1 year of antibiotics or surgery.
So after a year of studying this...here is the ALTERNATIVE we've come up with...
I'm convinced that the thing all of us have in common is an iodine deficincy. To see if you also have an iodine deficincy, paint a 1 inch square of iodine 2% tincure (you probably have this in your medicine cabinet for cleaning minor wounds - less that $1 at the drug store) on your skin and see if it fades away in less than 24 hours. Iodine was added to our salt for a reason. Now days we use sea salts at home and eat processed foods that use bromine instead of iodine, and are exposed to more chlorine and florine. These four chemicals are in the same family and our body takes in chlorine, florine and bromine over the iodine (it has to do with their chemical weight). I've post information about this before that you can look up if you're interested. But the result is the need to add iodine back into your system. You can do this by iodine painting (google it or look it up in past posts).

A water pik is great for cleaning your teeth. It's too strong for cleaning your tonsils. You have to modify it to be safe. - There is good information posted in the past here on how to do this.

The BEST thing to use to clean your tonsils is basically a mini manual water pik which is a monoject 412 syringe. It is what you use for dental irrigation (if you've ever had your wisdom teeth removed you might know what I'm talking about there). They are less than $2.00us and can be ordered over the web if you need to. It doesn't make sense to purchase a $35 water pik to clean your tonsils when it really doesn't do the job that the $2 monoject 412 syringe will.

Now, KNOWING that it is an actinomyce infection inside your tonsil - the question is what to irrigate with. The tip of the monoject syringe (NO NEEDLES INVOLVED HERE) is small enough that it can fit down into your tonsil crypts quite a distance. You can wash out with salt water (and use the cheap iodine salt!!!) or you can simply put honey INTO the crypt to kill the bacteria. Either way will benifit you. There is much information in the history here.

Some of you may not know there are differences between frutose, sucrose and honey. It is sucrose (like the white table sugar) that is the major cause of tooth decay. The three also have different effects on your blood sugar levels. Just because they are all sweet, doesn't mean they all effect your body in the same way. Honey is the way to go when you need to sweeten anything.


willing2try on 2006-07-07 has a good post on his/her Doctors recommendations for this problem. That doctor seemed better informed than most on this topic.
justmebyanyname last decade
great info... I've opted for removal, and you guys can bet ill keep you posted. My surgery is aug 2nd. As for the previous poster who said doctors dont want to take tonsils out..that was incorrect, for me anyways. Tonsils fight off infection when you are young, till about 12 i believe then they are absolutely pointless, except for us, then there point is to drive us crazy and give us stones! Anyways, I went to my doctor about them and he said theres nothing you can do short of removal, i said thats waht i want to do, he said ok. I'm 19 years old and he just said it will hurt for about a week or 2. Well ok but i think that it will be worth it. I just can't deal with these things anymore, there getting out of control.
tim618 last decade
that's awesome info, thanks a lot! Just to elaborate on what I was saying about candida (didn't want to panic anyone sorry if I did) the stones are not from candida but as justmebyanyname nicely pointed out from the actinomyces bacteria. When you have a candida infection your body is immuno-compromised and you can't fught off stuff that you otherwise would be able to to, thus one possible reason why this bug may be able to have a field day in our collective tonsils.
Hey justme, will you please elaborat a little about he iodine deficiency please (or let us know what page it is on)? Are you saying if you absorb the iodine stain in 24 hrs or less, you DO or DO NOT have an iodine deficiency? Or was you using that as an example of how to replenish the iodine in your system?
Also if anyone is opting for removal I would like to remind them that the tonsils are part of the lymph system with a direct link to the thymus gland, and as such are part of your immume system. In the long run, removing them may cause more harm than good. Besides, I think the problem we all collectively share is more on the side of extreme nuisance than urgent mdeical emergency, even in the worst cases, and as such maybe surgery isn't the best option. All I'm saying is weigh your pros and cons, because tonsils can't and wont grow back.
darak last decade
Hi there justme,
I'm really interested in your iodine theory. I'm wondering why you suspect that an iodine deficiency is the common denominator in our tonsil misfotunes.

I'm convinced that I've been suffering sub-acute tonsillitis which seems to be developing into chronic tonsillitis.

I just found out this January that I have a thyoid problem (hypothyroid) and I know that iodine can greatly effect the thyroid.
The 'white bumps' started in June.

I've read about actinomyces bacteria, strep throat, and Epstein-Barr virus(Mono); all are players in tonsillitus and therefore possibly 'stones'. My doc seems to be satisfied with telling me that it's all caused by food being trapped and getting infected. I think it's more than that. My tonsils are indicating a problem in my immunity and my doctor seems happy with rotting food. That could be in some cases but I don't think all. I suppose a person can be left with larger tonsils and crypts after tonsillitis and then unfortunately plagued with the stones for food being trapped.

I agree with you darak. My tonsils are needed. I believe they're indicating another problem.
slothgirl last decade
went for 3 weeks without stones and suddenly got 7! I think it must be nuts. Just wondering if anyone noticed a correlation? Seems like many suspect dairy, but what about yogurt? Has anyone noticed that they get stones in the flap between the tonsils and the throat? And what about royal jelly?

JUSTME? have you tried squirting royal jelly in there?

Like HOMEOMOM says, has anyone tried any homeopathic remedies?
willing2try last decade
I just stumbled across this forum so I thought I would add what I know. I had holes in my tonsils for most of my life. My doctor said they were particles of food collecting in the holes. They smelled bad and tasted bad and I always had bad breath. I NEVER had tonsilitis and was rarely ever sick. But the white stuff was painful and annoying. Then I got Mono. Some of the holes became so big that I could stick my finger in them. The larger the holes, the bigger the white stuff. Finally I had enough. I was determined to have them removed. Although I am very glad that I did. I had MAJOR complications from my tonsil surgery.
It was a very freak thing. I had my surgery and went home with terrible pain on one side of my throat. About 3 days later I started hemorrhaging from my corratid artery. I was shooting blood projectile out of my mouth. To make a long story short, I bled out a lot over the next couple of days because the blood clot would not hold. After emergency surgery they stitched up my throat really tight and kept me in ICU for about 2 weeks. It was only by the grace of God that I am still here.
Apparently my tonsil was just very deep and only a thin layer of tissue kept the arrtery from the surface until my blood pressure went up and shot it out.
All that to say. Be careful if you decide to have your tonsils removed. I was 20 and they say the risk of complications is much greater the older you are.
I am GLAD to be alive and rid of the nasty white stones.
Oh and now and this may be coincidince but I have allergies that like to turn into infections. I never had allergies before. (The tonsil surgery was 13 years ago)
smstuff last decade
Does anyone try penicillin, erythromycin, or clindamycin?
usa002001 last decade

That really sux about your freak accident. But you must remember, technology has advanced in 13 years and their are better means for the surgery. but im glad to hear you have gotten rid of the stones.
tim618 last decade
I finally got insurance and today I went to an ent. He couldn't see any tonsil stones so offered no solution. I told him they are inside the folds of my tonsils and he said he needed proof and that he doesn't have x-ray eyes. Can anyone share their experience with their ent and how they convinced him to take out their tonsils?
nick25 last decade

i don't think iodine deficiency is the problem. i use regular salt (instead of sea salt) and i know i get proper amounts of iodine.

also, to the person who was wondering if tongue piercings might be related to the problem: i have two barbells in my tongue, as well as a barbell in my upper frenulum and a lip piercing. i have had tonsil stones since before i had any piercings in my mouth, so i know they aren't causing it. also, many people with stones don't have any piercings in their mouths.
kmoeller last decade

i have been studying my tonsils closely over the past few weeks. in prodding around with a q-tip, i have found that my stones seem to be coming mainly from the flap between the tonsil and the throat. i have huge crypts in my tonsils, but haven't really noticed stones in the crypts themselves. every time i pop out a stone, it's from swiping the q-tip through the flap of skin to push it out.
kmoeller last decade
Hiya guys!

long time no post ... i finally have the date to have my tonsils out though its all happening on friday the 11th august! so i shall let you know how it goes... ive still got the reallly big crypts think they will have a job actually closing them lol but im still getting stones so im glad this will help!

i will post sooon!!!! x
xlaurax last decade
hey guys,

I'm getting ready to get my tonsils out this wednesday. Can you guys give me any advice for after the surgery? What to eat, drink, what to do. Any of that will help. Thanks alot!
tim618 last decade

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