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Any of you WaterPik users with tongue cleaners try iragating with Vinegar yet? Curious to know your results. Vinegar kills bacteria! I'm hoping I'm on to something here!!!
justmebyanyname last decade
My first chunks showed up two years before I had a boyfriend, or even my first kiss (yeah, late bloomer).

Okay, folks, here's the deal: I have a bad cold/ upper respiratory infection right now. I'm going to let it run its course. I can alrady TASTE the chunks forming during this illness, but they're deep inside the folds, so I need to wait until they grow big enough to pull them out in one big chunk on each side... now, when I do, I'm going to take photos and post them. :)

My chunks are usually at least pea-sized once they're the size I can pull them out easily. Stay tuned for photos!

Take care, Chunk Buddies! :)
AustinAngela last decade
WOW ! So glad to find this site. I'm 43 and I can't remember not having my globs !! I read all the posts and really appreciated all the ideas.

Here's my question: I used to be able to take the globs out of both sides of my tonsils. (I usually just push on my tonsils and they pop out) Now I can only pop one side of my throat. I know there are stones on both sides I just can't get the ones out on the right side. It's like the holes closed up. Any ideas on how to get the stuck ones out?

Thanks !
tingleme last decade
I have been having this problem for like 10 years now, i am 22 and it irritates me. One thing is that, i find it very difficult to get it out and secondly when i try to i bleed. Some few weeks ago i went for atroskopie (some german word), and i was diognised from gastritis...after that the white bumpy stuff came out in a very large sum, like the size of a plum, but in irregular shapes. Right now when i am writing this, i was just trying something to get them out bacause they have come back again, i had had 1 month of free-white bumps.
Can someone please let me know how i can get them out? please dont suggest some pricky stuff as i have already done that already, i guess mine are hiding or something of the sort.
mclesie last decade
I am soooo glad other people get this gunky stuff too. Well, I am not glad we get them, but I am glad I'm not alone. My family thinks I'm nuts, but my dad said he did get something of the sort when he was a kid, but then when he got his tonsils out (he was 9) they never came back. My doctor looked at my tonsils and said they were large and I told her I got white stuff stuck in them. She didn't seem at all surprised ( she actually gave it a name but I was suffering from naked-itis and you know anyone sitting with a paper gown on experiences a 50% hearing loss) and said we need to keep an eye on it and if it keeps happening see an ENT. I'll keep bugging her cause I think getting my tonsils out will totally cure my sore throats and breathing problems. She also said not to pick them but I do it anyway. I have found that if I use the handle of a spoon (one that is flat--like a plastic one) and press right behind the yucky buggers they pop right out with no irritation to the tonsils. When I used a q tip I always made my tonsils red and sometimes they bled a little. Then after I use the spoon I gargle with salt right after which seems to keep them at bay for longer. (3 to 4 weeks). I don't think they are causing bad breath trouble but I did read a post awhile back that said maybe we get immune to it. I'll have to ask my friends to clue me in.
I have noticed that (this is really gross) usually when I have the white pockets I also have more than usual boogers and phlem. My theory is that it's my bodies way of fighting off something or blocking dust. Anyone else have the same experience?
peelchina last decade
I just posted here the other night, and my husband said I was such a baby, so I went in and one hour later it came out, but it was followed by several little ones. Mine was deep within the folds and I had to stick my tongue all the way out and take a breath in and dug it out with a craft wire, cause I gag really easy. It was the size of a pea! I thought Oh MMy God! Then I did the suction thingy by my mouth creating a vaccuum, and little ones kept coming. I was truly amazed, but for now its gone!
calico last decade
I have tried the spoon method but it aint working, but the rubber one is much better, though u think i have a big one stuck in both tonsils but its refusing to come out.
Please give me your ideas, of how to getthis damn thing out???
mclesie last decade
Hey yall!

I've been sitting here for a hour reading about these annoying stones! I too am a member of the club and actually surprised by the amount of people that suffer from this. It does seem strange that some doctors don't even know what they are. I can't seem to makes sense of them either. My brother(who thought they were calcium deposits at first) and my sister both suffer from them as well, my brother smokes and I occasionally do but my sister doesn't and never has. I don't know what causes them but it seems to be different for each person. All I know is that I HATE them! I get these suckers 3 or 4 times a week! I was very happy to see the posts about the experinces with having the toncils removed. I am highly considering this and I want to make an appointment with an ENT. I'm sure I could find this out via the doctor but I was wondering if this is covered by insurance? Nobody has really touched on how expensive it is? Well good luck to all of you out there and with whatever avenue you may choose to rid yourself of these nasty critters! =)
Kimmers last decade
To all the stinkers that feel like the stones are stuck: I remeber reading a post a while back that someone described finding some under a flap of skin that seemed to be a part of the cheek. I remeber this one paticular time that I had a problem getting them out, I could feel it and taste it(YUCK!) but I couldn't see it, well while I was investigating with a flashlight I had to yawn and sure enough as I did I kinda saw a white spot underneath that flap of skin. I went to work right away with a Q-tip and removed quite a bit from behind that flap, it felt so much better after that, I still get them alot as I explained in the post above so when I feel like I have them but I can't see them that is the firt place I check.
Kimmers last decade
Hello everyone. I am 24 and a former military member. Finding this site is such a relief. I have been dealing with a sore throat, along with sinus, cough and abdominal problems, since April. The military docs kept telling me I had different things- walking pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitus, environmental allergies, asthma, thrush. I saw them atleast 10 times and got numerous medication prescribed including a month and a half of antibiotics, inhalers, allergies medicines, cough medicine, nasal spray. None of it helped!! Well, actually I shouldn't say that. The antibiotics helped but my sore throat kept coming back. It started and is the worst on the left side. It gradually spread to the right. I have found that it hurts the worst when I have a lot of tonsil stones coming out. After the tonsil stones are out, my throat almost feels normal until more want to come out. Man, they smell and taste bad. I get the worst taste in my mouth before and after they come out. Anyway, while I was in the military, the doctors refused to refer me to a specialist and said it was simply bad allergies. Hogwash!-I have never had allergies in my life!!! My husband has allergies and we have none of the same symptoms. It was so frustrating to suffer with this. I have generally been feeling pretty awful. Sore throat, sinus pressure, headaches, abdominal pain, cough, lack of appetite, and a general feeling of being unwell. Since my seperation in August, I have seen a civilian doctor three times. He has tried acid reflux pills and another antibiotic. The antibiotic pill did help but now I am back were I start with this. Last Friday I saw him and he did not prescribe me any more meds and suggested I see a ENT to get my tonsils removed. One problem, my health insurance is in transitional phase and I don't have proper coverage. I took my issue up with the VA, because this started in the military, and they gladly saw me. They tried to tell me the same things about maybe it's an allergy issue but I told them I didn't think so because I was stationed in Germany and had this problem. That doc said if this was allergies, I should get better when I return to the States. That didn't happen. The VA took a throat culture and chest x-rays. I am going to a VA clinic tommorrow and hopefully can convince them to refer me to an ENT specialist to have my tonsils removed. If they refuse, I will have to wait until my insurance is fixed and use the civilian doctor's referral to an ENT. I am sick of docs that refuse to listen to what I have to say about a condition that is affecting me! After reading all of your post I am convinced that I have tonsillitis. I thought so back in Germany because after long searchs on the web, it seemed the only condition that matched mine. Anyway, I hope that everything goes well with all of you. I know what you are feeling!
airforcegirl last decade
I doubt very much that you have Tonsilitis. It is difficult for me to verify this without visual examination but unless your tonsils are infected and the only relief that you get is by using an antibiotic, I do not recommend that you have your tonsils removed as the result may be more painful than with them in situ.

Belladonna (Bell) 30c is your remedy for your throat problem and it is important that you use it on the first sign of a sore throat. Dose 2 globules taken 3 time daily till the feeling of discomfort eases and for one day after.

I do not however think that it can help with the Tonsiloliths (Tonsil stones).

I believe that Arnica 30c may also help as this will increase the blood flow in the body especially in the capillaries which will help to clear the tonsils and even perpahs stop the stones from forming.

I note that some doctors had prescribed pills for acid reflux. If you still suffer from this ailment you can use Nat Phos 6x.

The Bell may be used in the dry dose you get from a Homeopathic Pharmacy in globules.

The Arnica 30 is best taken in the Wet Dose as folows:

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
Pour out 100ml
Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Arnica 30c into the 400ml water
Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by banging on your palm and look out for the air bubbles to fizzle up from the bottom.
Pour out 1 teaspoonful of the potentized remedy and sip it twice daily with the last dose taken last thing at night.

Stop all other drugs and medication and report response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Airforcegirl - tell your ENT specialist that allergies don't make any difference to getting tonsil stones. I don't have any allergies, (well, apart from an allergic reaction to hard work), but I still have them. In fact better still - get him to have a look at this site.

And again, unless you have a full tonsilectomy you are at risk of continuing to get the stones... and as we speak I have very sore, red tonsils and a nasty taste at the back of my mouth. Trouble is the tonsils are too sore to get the stones out. Good luck.
albert22 last decade
Hello guys,
I guess this is a stupid question, but what is a q-tip? I wanna try it out as well...
mclesie last decade
Q-tip...I understand it's an American name for a cotton wool bud on a stick.
albert22 last decade
hey! this is amazing! it is so nice to know i am not alone. i never made the connection of bad breath with the tonsil stones. my husbands always complains that my breath stinks and i had no idea why. even this morning, about 45 minutes after brushing, he told my breath was bad. it all makes perfect sense now! i am a little concerned about having the tonsils removed becaused of the pain. i had a severe case of tonsillitis last winter and it was the worse throat pain i have ever experienced. that is when i first noticed my stones. i thought maybe it was strep, but after 2 throat cultures, it was determined to be tonsillitis only. anyway, don't know if i could handle any pain remotely that bad again. of course, i don't want to have bad breath the rest of my life, either. i do find it quite amazing that doctors are dumbfounded by these things. i was given a strong dose of prednazone (?) for mine, which of course, had no affect on the stones, only made me eat like a horse. it's really a shame. i guess misery loves company, and we sure have that here!
arkiegirl last decade
I saw my doctor at the VA clinic today. She listened and wrote down everything I said was going on. The notes will be submitted to the VA hospital ENTs. I should know by early next week what their opinion is and hopefully get set up with an appointment. More blood tests were done (I already had a bunch done at my family doctor's office) I also need to submit a stool sample. I guess, in my case, they are also worried about possible links to my Pakistan deployment, as well. I have to go for a post-deployment evaluation physical at the VA hospital.

The culture that I had done a few days ago was negative. My tonsils aren't very big at the moment. The last dose of antibiotics shrunk them down quite a bit. I can't see any of the stones but I can feel them and they keep coming out from somewhere. I have a big flap of skin in front of my tonsils and I think they are hiding behind them. I can't do anything because I gag too much if I try to reach back there. I just wait for them to come out and I have gag on some of them. yuck!! I was not given any medication by my VA doctor and I will await for word from the ENT.

Joe, are you a doctor or something? Like I said, of all the medications I have taken, the only thing that has helped has been the antibiotic. I tried spraying some saline solution through my nose (which felt like it was burning a spot on my left tonsil when it dripped down) and used Listerine mouth wash. Both of those made the situation worse. I have a disgusting white layer on my tongue and, somtimes when I wake up in the morning, a film on the inside of my cheeks. I brush my teeth regularly and try to get the crap off my tongue but it keeps coming back. At this moment, the only thing that is really bothering me is my left tonsil. It feels inflamed and stones keep coming out of it. Oh ya, if you think that it is post-nasal drip, I will tell you I don't have any. I have had plenty of medications for that even though I told the doctors I don't have any. The only thing that helped me was the antibiotics. With everything thing else, there wasn't any noticable change.
airforcegirl last decade
I started getting tonsoliths about 11 year ago. I was so grossed out by them. They only appeared on my right side, but early this year they started coming out my left side. I don't have allergies, asthma, respiratory infections, etc. It didn't matter what I ate...the only thing that I could remember that could decrease the amount of tonsoliths was drinking a lot of water. It seemed like I got them more when I wasn't taking in enough fluids...but I think the white stuff is like post nasal drip or something...I don't know. I got tired of them and when they started coming out on both sides of my throat, I finally went to the ENT doctor and asked them to remove my tonsils. I went ahead and had my tonsils taken out. It wasn't as bad for me as people say it would have been. It hurt for a week and a half, but not so much that I wasn't trying to scarf down a hamburger 3 days post op.

I have talked with a lot of people and have read much on the internet...nothing can make these things go away. If so, I would have found it, believe me. The only thing that helped me was getting my tonsils removed. Good luck!
kimberley35 last decade
Your experience with the Tonsiloliths is interesting culminating in a Tonsillectomy.

I too had a Tonsillectomy in 1952 because I too had this same ailment and was also catching frequent colds which the doctors felt was caused by this malfunction. My Uvula was also taken off.

My condition was made far worse as I was often used to suffer from severe pain due to infection of the throat which was treated with Sulpha Thiazol, Penicillin and later Amoxylliciline. The frequency of the infections were increased and the pain I suffered from was far worse than what I suffered before my Tonsillectomy.

It would be interesting to know how you are now faring after your own tonsillectomy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Colloidal liquid throat silver in a throat spray is excellent for killing the bacteria. Most health food stores stock it. Make sure you get a brand that is very clear looking like water, not merky or yellow looking. Also liquid chlorophyl will do wonders for bad breath and boosts the immune system.
djwnov463 last decade
Airforcegirl --

It sounds like you have oral thrush -- a yeast infection in the mouth, due to your antibiotic therapy. I had a very nasty case of that last year after I had a cat bite and severe infection. I was treated with 8 different antibiotics (urgh, I know) and by the end of it I had this awful case of thrush (not to mention a vaginal yeast infection).

There's a very simple answer to this: probiotics (like acidophilus supplements) and/or yogurt.

Yogurt is a very good source of live cultures, and you can eat it either between meals or at the end, then don't brush your teeth right away to let some of the good bacteria take hold. Unfortunately, it's not a great way to deliver good bacteria to your intestines, because a lot of the organisms are killed by stomach acid when the yogurt is digested. (For best results, you want them in your intestines AND your mouth.)

So supplements are another option. Unfortunately, many supplements are of low quality. Be sure anything you buy is referigerated, and keep it referigerated yourself. Get it home to your fridge as soon as possible (put it on ice or near some frozen food on the way home). If you can find a liquid supplement such as Bio-K (you'll have to get this at a health food store) this will generally have the highest levels of organisms.

Alternatively, you can buy some specialty supplements which are manufactured in very high doses. My favorites are by Interplexus: http://www.interplexus.com/products/probiotics.htm. I have no financial connection to this company; I just like their products a lot. You can order by calling them. I am fortunate enough to be able to buy these products from my local health food store.

Be aware they have changed the names of their products, and they have added an even stronger product called Hyper-Implante, which is the first one you take after a severe depletion. But they can explain this all to you over the phone.

Whatever supplements you take, take them 1/2 hour before you eat. I find first thing in the morning is most effective. Also I believe one LARGE dose in the morning is better than divided doses throughout the day. This is different than for vitamins, because in the case of probiotics, you want to take a lot at once to overwhelm the bad bacteria in your system.

If all you can find is capsules, you can break them open and combine them with room temperature water. Swish them in your mouth before swallowing, then don't eat or drink for at least 1/2 hour to allow the good bacteria to start to colonize in your mouth.
flotsette last decade
Airforcegirl, I forgot to add that you should see improvement right away, so go out and get something right now. You'll feel a lot better immediately without that hairy tongue. Not to mention it will really improve your immune response.

A few other random things to report: I did get a plastic oral syringe-type irrigator from my dentist, and I did knock out a few hidden tonsil stones with it recently. It is a lot more gentle than the Waterpik, but you do have to give it a pretty hard squirt to dislodge those stones -- and it is slightly uncomfortable the moment they dislodge. It's worth it though.

I probably wouldn't know they were there if I weren't looking. My tonsils are still much less inflamed and irritated since I've been off nuts and chocolate as well as my other known food sensitivities. It's not exactly a cure but a tremendous improvement, so I would still urge you all to experiment with your own food sensitivities.

As far as colloidal silver, chlorophyll, etc., I would see them all as pallative and not getting to the heart of the matter. Whatever that is! I don't think they would hurt you, but I can say from experience they won't fix this problem.
flotsette last decade
Hi everyone,
I have a theory that those of us who get these sleep with our mouths open, allowing air to enter the throat and "dry out" mucus secretions and bacteria in the crypts. I have gotten tonsil stones since I was a little kid, before I ever kissed anyone, so i didn't "catch" them as some suggest. I did have a few bad cases of strep throat as a kid though...I was told that if you get tonsillitis a few times or have it really badly, the bacteria can "eat" at the normal holes in your tonsils and make them bigger and more likely to catch stuff. Also, I wonder if antibiotics might damage any kind of natural bacteria that we start out with in our tonsils, sort of how they do with the intestines? I am just trying to come up with possibilities. It would be nice if someone would study the little bugger stones and see what they have in them that is so bad!! They taste and smell awful, and I feel like my mouth is never clean and my breath never fresh, even though I have good oral hygiene. Ugh.
tonsil-stoner last decade
Hello all! I'm glad I'm not alone in this..It started April of 2004 with a sore throat/flu thing that ran thru our house. My sore throat would not go away. I felt like my voicebox would bleed if I raised my voice. My tonsils were swollen. This went on from 4/04 to 2/05.I would have a sore throat for 3 weeks than gone for one week. I did 4 different rounds of antibiotics & it didn't help. I just numbed my throat. This Feb I looked in my mouth & there was a white ball on my right tonsil..I felt like something was stuck in my throat so I kept hacking & it finally came up. A small white firm/gooy thing that stunk like PooP! It was the white thing on my tonsil. Since Feb they keep coming. I went to an ENT & he said I have acid reflux & gave me Prevacid. The stone came out a day earlier so he didn't see it. He said my tonsils do have larger than normal crevices. He said that my tonsils are inflamed but not enough to worry about. Saturday night the new stone fell out & stunk. Now there's another one.

My sore throat is gone now that I have stopped using my toothpaste. I use Toms of Maine now. All the other kinds irritate my throat. I think because they have artificial sweeteners - something that I don't handle well. So I think that this year long sore throat was caused by the toothpaste. But what causes these stones? When I swallow it feels like both of the undersides of my throat are swollen. I have ear pain in my right ear. When I gargle saltwater it feels like water is getting into my ears from the undersides of my neck.

Can someone help me? I'm so sick of this!
ronjenn696 last decade
ronjenn696, no one knows what causes them. I would suggest you read through the entire thread; it's quite intersting.

tonsil-stoner (hee, like your name) I've actually been experimenting with the theory that it's a good/bad bacteria imbalance. I've been working on reimplanting myself with the good bacteria because I took a boatload of antibiotics last year. It was after this that my tonsil stones returned after 5 years of not having them. I'm using the products mentioned in my post above yours. I've actually been squirting some probiotic solution down my biggest crypt to see if I can get them to take up residence there.

But also, changing my diet has helped tremendously. Again I recommend reading the entire thread here. You won't get any definitive answers but you will find some interesting anecdotal reports and various ways people use to remove them. BTW I do not recommend the rusty coat hanger solution :)
flotsette last decade
I remember someone suggested to try Vinegar, i did so, and the stones came out the following day, its been now 4 days since i last felt the stones, i think someone else should try it as well and post back what they think. But i suggest you add some water to the vinegar bfore you gargle it, as its terrible....
mclesie last decade
I forgot to ask..Do these stones leak white stuff? Because at any given time I can hock out some creamy white mucous - but it doesn't stink.

Thanks Flos for your reply - I AM going to try the vinegar!!
ronjenn696 last decade

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