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well you mentioned dairy products were NOT a problem since you were vegan.. but they ARE a problem becuase it sounds like you eat them regular..

I hate to tell you this but you need to back off if not completely STOP all dairy for awhile, and see what happens.. Since calcium is a main component of the makup of the Stones, along with bacteria, milk products are like Gasoline to these things.. not to mention dairy is a MUCUS producing food as well. A double whammy..

Ever wonder why they tell you NO milk when on anti biotics..??

As for my snorting technique, you basically keep your mouth closed and snort hard from your nose while dropping and jutting forward your chin.

This opens the Canal that the tonsils sit in front of, which I call the tonsil canal..the Tonsil canal is connected to your sinus and the EUSTATION tubes which help your ears DRAIN. When you draw air through your sinuse from the TONSIL canal and you open that flap by lowering your jaw and snortin it out, you clean not only the tonsil canal, the tonsils, but you also drain the EUSTATION tubes and this causes any water/mucus infections backed up in your Euestaions to be sucked down your throat..

When done correctly you will feel your ear drums suck in a bit as the vacuum from the eustation tubes being cleaned out pulls them INWARD. This is OK. and a sign you are doing it correctly.

Next time you open your mouth to look at your tonsils, and notice that flap in front of them? That is the flap that covers the tonsil canal (which conects to sisus and ears) try to move your throat in a way which that flap in front of the TONSILS opens up abit.

This is what you (want) are doing with my snorting techinque, stretching the throat in a way that opens that flap enought to allow you to draw in air through you ears (via eustations),and this is done from snorting through from the sinuses.
nomostinkbomb last decade
I noticed a reply from albert22 that mentioned Helibactor Pylori. I was recently diagnosed and treated for the same thing. I am wondering if that is another symptom. As far as the reasons for this problem. I am really want to know the real reason. I am 32 and have had this problem my entire life.
nodoubtaboutit last decade
All these posts about dairy. Has anyone tried to google "tonsil cheese"? That's right! The other name for tonsilloliths/tonsil stones is tonsil cheese! Make me feel sick just typing it. I have just completed one month of total oral hygiene, plus immune system support in the form of probiotics and multi-vitamins. Guess what? Only two tonsil stones all month as opposed to continuous smelly yukkies. Interestingly, the day the two stones (or cheeses!) appeared was the day I had dental work (4 old fillings replaced). In the morning I checked tonsils. Nothing. Dental work at 2pm, by 8pm two really beautifully formed cheeses in my bad tonsil. Pushed 'em out, no recurrence. Now here's the mystery, how can you get such amazing cheese chunks in 6 hours? A few pages back, someone was asking the same question and no one really answered it. Also I had two injections so couldn't eat very much in those six hours. So these cheeses must be purely down to bacteria released during the dental work. How did the cheeses get so big in such a short time is my question to you medical geniuses out there.
Wienerin last decade
well i now have tonsilitis which is fkn great and im on antibiotics so we'll see how that goes. The doctor didnt seem surprised at all the white things on my tonsils and said this should help.
heavensepitome last decade
It's been a week since I got a tonsillectomy. I am still in a lot of pain and on codiene every 4 hours. My throat doesn't hurt as bad anymore but my tongue, jaw, and ears are killing me. I get headaches all the time. Ice packs and medicine only do so much. It's awful to wake-up to a peircing pain in your mouth and head! Eating is still difficult and painful and I have lost over 10 pounds. All I do all day is sit around, watch TV and sleep. I am looking for the light at the end of the tunnel!

D*** military doctors for letting this progress this far!!!!!
airforcegirl last decade
i have expereinced tonsil stones for several years now. I had to remove them with a flashlight and plastic instrument my ent gave me. They always kept coming back. Tonight I just returned from surgery and got those smelly stone condos removed. It does hurt but it is not un bearable. what was amazing to me is how big my tonsils were. i am guessing they were a series of canals in these glands that kept producing these nasty things. I am 34 and was worried. i tried therabreath drops and gargling but I was always paranoid about my breath. I will keep everyone posted on the aftermath. i feel everyone frustration on here who has to deal with this. Be careful on poking at your crypts trying to remove them. your tonsils are located very close to the carotid artery and bleeding can be severe if you rupture one of the vessels.
ocdabouttons last decade

No medical genius here, but I did read somewhere that the tonsils store sulfer to kill bacteria. I think that the tonsil may have been trying to kill the bacteria you picked up at the dentist by surrounding it with sulfer and forming stones. I still think that the orthodontist is where I originally caught these thingies. Other thoughts- back to my iodine theory, I don't put salt with iodine on food as a rule. And I don't gargle with salt water as I don't see a benifit from that. Salt water works on killing bacteria by osmosis and I don't think the bacteria is exposed to the salt water long enough for this to happen. But that's just what I've experienced. If it works for you go for it, but vinegar kills bacteria as well as bleach and is not harmful to your body. I really think it is the better way to go. And... without getting the iodine from salt I add at home... I haven't explored it but I don't think that most commercially salted foods use iodized salt either (but this i'm not sure about) And I don't drink cow's milk...my thought is cow's milk is for baby calves not people. I try to avoid all dairy for this and other reasons.

RECAP for newbies to the board...

There are lots of theories on why we have them and what they are made of...we're waiting on the results of a survey someone was running to find out what works best for all in treating these...

so far unofficial results say that your best method of treatment is to...

1.) keep mucus production to a minimum by avoiding dairy ...

2.) use a modified waterpik or a monoject 412 syringe (much cheaper and exactly what you need - you can get it from your local drug store) and i reccommend irrigating the tonsil area with a vinegar rinse (mostly water with a splash of vinegar) this kills bacteria...

3.) practice good oral hygiene, but avoid flouride...

4.) avoid chlorine, switch from tap water to bottled water if necessary and...

5.) drink as much water as possible to keep hydrated as this seems to reduce stone production(or atleast helps wash them down before you even know you have them).

Now back to theories...

Helibactor Pylori may be what we all have but who knows. I am convinced it is definately caused by a bacteria, but we just arent sure which one or how it gets into the tonsil area.

I'm hoping to get someone else to test my theory of baryta iodide. It's recommended for tonsillar enlargements as a homeopathic treatment. I stink at doing anything routinely and am hoping a better test subject than me will volunteer ;)

Even people without tonsils (having had them removed) can get tonsil stones so I wouldn't look to removal as a cure ;( ...

but know that it's estimated that 2-3% of the population get these and you're not alone (although I think that percentage is really on the rise). As this problem becomes more common there will be more of a demand for cause and cure.

There are doctors who think that lasering the tonsils to close the crypt in your tonsils where many stones form will help. My thinking on that is that would be great IF we were sure the bacteria gets into the tonsil from the throat and isnt kicked into the tonsil by the lymph system some other way...which would mean this really wouldnt work long term... I'm so hoping it works but am in wait and see mode on this whole idea.

So, any volunteers? HUH? HUH? :)
justmebyanyname last decade
Thank God, someone has finaly come out with this, at first i thought it was my brain cells droping through my nasal cavity, later on i guessed it was food particles, but hell, do they stink? i think a very thorough oral cleaning morning and night should work , cos thats what i do and it helps the smell when they start popping out.
anon6 last decade
sade ;) brain cells :D yep they do look like 'em! Squish one and smell it! YUCK!!!

OK... and AVOID dairy AND NUTS!!!

was researching what causes the smell... it's methyl mercaptan gas according to some doc and that is found naturally in our bodies AND in dairy and nuts.... now that makes sense to me... and kinda makes sense why acidic vinegar and juices help i guess.

Still lookin for that volunteer ;)
justmebyanyname last decade
Ok...we need a chemist.

I went to wikipedia and looked up methyl mercaptan and this led me to thiols.
Also look up Dimethylsulfide.

We need a chemist to explain what protein sulfer is! :S Maybe the bacteria is making sulfer out of the DMSP because we do not have enough? I can't decide if the methyl mercaptan gas is a product of a chemical reaction of the break down of DMSP. Wikipedia says marine bacteria appear to obtain most of their protein sulfur by the breakdown of DMSP. If our bodies had more sulfer would this bacteria still break down the DMSP? or is that even happening. ACK! I've confused myself and gotten a headache from this. *sigh*

The good news is that these are chemicals that are a weak acid. Now the question is ... does rinsing them out with a stronger acid work best? or should we be switching to a base? :S

I think we need a group of people to try irrigating with baking soda and water or with sparkling water (carbonated water) as a control to see which works best!!!

Workin' on a permanent solution to this problem! Temporary fixes ain't gonna cut it for me!
justmebyanyname last decade
Wow, what a difference a day makes! It is now day 8 post tonsillectomy and I am starting to feel better. I still have some pain in my throat, tongue, ears, jaw and still have minor headaches but it is in the bearable range. I have temporarily stopped taking codiene and have switched over to OTC Tylenol. So far so good! I have been able to eat and drink more without as much discomfort. Which is great cause it helps my recovery.

Man, I am so glad I got my tonsils out. I know that I will feel so much better when this is all over. I have been wondering how many other cases there are like mine.(chronic infection, sickness) I didn't think it was possible to have an infection or be sick like that so long. It was so frustrating cause I felt so awful and none of the military doctors would believe me!! Talk about frustrating!! Even the ENT who took out my tonsils didn't expected them to be so big.

If there is anyone out there thinking about joining the military let me tell you that the health care is pretty awful!!! It took my husband A YEAR to get surgery on a broken and dislocated shoulder. The docs kept telling him that is was just a pull. (ya, right!) They did not do one blood test on me or refer me to a specialist for my illness. They discharged me and left me on my own with it. Thank God for the VA!!
airforcegirl last decade
Finally found out what those horrible things are - thats good! The fact that tosnsil removal is the only 100% cure - thats bad!

I coughed a few of those bad boys out last week. But I think I can still taste/smell them. How else can I get rid of these, homeopathic or not?

Has anyone had any good success with the DR Katz stuff that he is selling on Google or anything else?
tuscany last decade

can I just clarify that you cannot take certain antibiotics with milk becasue milk inhibits the absorption of antibiotics in the gut due to it's high fat content, not the reason given by nomostinkbomb above.
Lisam last decade
Has anyone tried gargling with peroxide?
jfisk last decade
I tried once for about 5 seconds, but thought I was going to puke so I had to spit it out and wash my mouth out with something else.
Speedylittleme last decade
Gargaling with Perxide is in my daily dental care routine and it has never help me.
nodoubtaboutit last decade
weinerin i read ur last post on tonsil cheese, im going to google it now coz i truely believe after 13 years of chronic stones , cheese it the culprit. i love dairy and cheeses after all these years and just recently have realised cheese is it amoung milk and yoghurt last.

so yesterday i decided to check my cheese in the fridge by smelling it. cheese does have an odor of tonsil stones but with out the poo smell. if u know what i mean.lol
so i deduced that cheese rots in my mouth and produces stones!!

ive also noticed i brush my back teeth without toothpaste and smelled it and it stunk like dog breath.!! whats this alll about?
peperonimum last decade
Before I go to bed I use a Q-Tip and dip it in peroxide and rub my tonsils with it. They bubble like crazy and I want to gag but it seems to slow down the nasty stinky little buggers. I noticed I get the tonsil stones the most in the morning. Any one else notice this? I think itÂ’s from my mucus dripping down the back of my throat when I am sleeping. Gross much!

My symptoms:
1. Sore throat, 2. Lots and lots of mucus, 3. Ear aches, 4. Coughing and hacking 5. Bad breath
Lestan last decade
i have stopped eating cheese, im eating apples, brushing and flossing, gargling salt water and its helping to reduce the tonsil stones!

FRESHBREATH asked last page ago about how can we change the flora of our mouth to fight the bacteria which im interested in knowing aswell.

if anyone knows about how to balance our flora, (i believe mine is out of whack) plz let me know.

i think the k- saliva strain is a natural anti bacteria agent for bad breath, so i think chemist sell it as a gel to lubricate dry mouths which i think most of us have.

saliva is rich in oxygen and anerobic bacteria thrive without oxygen which help produce stones.

stones dry out our mouths coz it hates saliva so i think im going to balance my mouths flora and get the gel and il let u know how it goes.

good luck stinkers!! incl. me.
peperonimum last decade
I'm happy I found a site that helps me feel better about my own personal throat problem, and I noticed some people were going through the same situation I had been through.

I was suffering for the throat white ball problem for the last 3 years and went thought different kind of antibiotic treatment and believe me ATLAST I have found a doctor who actually knows the problem and have cured many with the same symptoms. The moment I explained my problem, he understood and started asking me the question I was expecting a doctor to ask me for years.

He said the white ball occurs due to deposit of food particles on the small holes on the both the sides of the throat mainly because the tonsil infection/ enlargment. And thins contains bacteria which inturn causes acute throat pain.

The medicine he prescribed me was called Wyethia (Q) and Natrium Sulfuricum(6x) and this have to be taken for quite sometime atleast for one year. Please do not try these medicines without discussing with your doctor. I am not sure if it right thing to discuss the medicine names, but just wanted all of you to know that there is a cure in homeopathy.
chintu cool last decade
Just wanted to update after my trip. The water-pik, cutting back on dairy and using non-alcohol toothpaste
and mouthwash really helped.
But, I still had a lingering
problem. I got to thinking about the wool mattress pad.
Sure enough that was the final culprit. I'm sharing this in the hopes that anyone
with lingering issues should
evaluate food, and environment for the initial
source. I'm amazed at the
difference already.
sweetbreath last decade
Ohhhh man....I popped out like an inch worth of crap last night!!

I'd had some dental work a couple weeks ago and my jaw was too sore to open it fully to flush them out. Boy was there a build up!! I cut my throat though, even using the water pik. Can anyone tell me the best way to use it? The position that this crater is I have to basically stick the water pik into the hole to make it come out the other end. It almost seems pointless to use the pik.
Speedylittleme last decade
how do u know when u dont get stones anymore.???

13 years of digging weekly
i cant even hope that the stones will ever stop forming.

today i decided to dig and only tiny specks came out.

when i think they have gone i rub my tonsil and it STILL SMELLS!!!

please i need to hear of how these stones affect anyone out there on a psychological level.

these stones are affecting my life.

peperonimum last decade
wanna try something for a few weeks? I would be interested to see your results. I have a theory that Listerine helps prevent the rapid build up of these things.

I know some people get dry mouth from using it.. I dont and it works great for me..Remember this is the Natural Flavored Orange Listerine which is much more freindly, granted it has alchohol but it also has other ingredients that seem to work good.

Go get the NATURAL Orange Flavored Listerine, gargle every day with it 3x a day esp after meals and before going to bed.. and report back to the forum.

Dont change anything else for now not even diet.. Just do the Listerine thing.. Ok?
nomostinkbomb last decade
I recently had a tonsillectomy for the same problem that i have dealt with for years,thinking that they would go away ,and they will for a little while ,but eventually they'll come back..I feared having it done ,but the pain really isn't that bad as long as you keep the medicine in you.I've had a slight feeling of nausea,and ear pain when i eat,but nothing unbearable.The worst for me was a swollen uvular,that made me have a gaging feeling at times,but i'm on the road to recovery,and it feels great.I feel like the reward is definetly going to outway the risk.Today is actually day 8,and i went back to work yesturday.I hope this can help someone else. Good Luck !
goodtimes last decade
nomostinkbomb... you keep recommending the Listerine...have you read the label? Vinegar and Listerine both work on the same principle of changing the pH in the mouth, but vinegar probably won't hurt you (atleast its packaging doesnt require a safety label). And if you would rather go with the alcohol idea... I say get something you can really drink! Rinse and spit by all means if you like, but you want something that wont send you to the emergency room if you swallow it.

Label Information For Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash, Natural Citrus

Product Description
Kills germs that cause bad breath, plaque & the gum disease gingivitis. Contains 91% natural flavor. Clinically proven. Kills germs by millions on contact. Use Natural Citrus Listerine Antiseptic Twice Daily to Help: Prevent & reduce plaque; Prevent & reduce gingivitis; Fight bad breath; Kill germs between teeth.

Helps prevent and reduce plaque; gingivitis.

Active Ingredients: Eucalyptol (0.092%), Menthol (0.042%), Methyl Salicylate (0.060%), Thymol (0.064%). Inactive Ingredients: Water, Alcohol (21.6%), Sorbitol Solution, Flavoring, Poloxamer 407, Benzoic Acid, Sucralose, Sodium Benzoate, Cochineal Extract.

Rinse full strength for 30 seconds with 20 ml (2/3 fluid ounce or 4 teaspoonfuls) morning and night. Do not swallow. Store at 59 to 77 degrees F. Cold weather may cloud this product. Its antiseptic properties are not affected.

Safety Information
Do not use in children under 12 years of age. Keep out of reach of children. If more than used for rinsing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. Do not use if printed Listerine band around cap is broken or missing.


From the fda.gov website

pH - Most bacteria will not grow at pH levels below 4.6. Microorganisms thrive in a pH range above 4.6. That's why acidic foods like vinegar and fresh fruits (especially citrus) seldom provide a favorable climate for pathogenic bacteria.
Some people say that alcohol or vinegar can kill bacteria. Is this true?
Yes, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol and vinegar, which is an acetic acid, do kill bacteria.
Ethanol alcohol at 70% is more effective at killing bacteria than at 90 to 100% because the alcohol gets inside the cell better. Isopropyl alcohol is even more effective at killing bacteria because it is less volatile. While alcohol is a good disinfectant for inactivating many bacteria, it will not inactivate bacterial spores that are resistant. At acidic pH levels, many bacteria are inactivated by vinegar (acetic acid).

Also from the fda.gov site

To Survive and Reproduce, Bacteria Need:
*Nutrients - Bacteria need many of the same nutrients as humans in order to thrive, such as glucose, amino acids, and some vitamins and minerals. For example, bacteria grow rapidly in high-protein foods, such as meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, and seafood.
*Moisture - Most bacteria thrive in moist environments. Dry foods, such as sugar, flour, dry cereal, rice, cookies, and biscuits do not have enough moisture to allow bacteria to grow. On the other hand, if dry foods become contaminated from infected hands or equipment, for example, bacteria can survive on the food and make people ill, but they can't grow or multiply until the food is eaten.
*pH - Most bacteria will not grow at pH levels below 4.6. Microorganisms thrive in a pH range above 4.6. That's why acidic foods like vinegar and fresh fruits (especially citrus) seldom provide a favorable climate for pathogenic bacteria. (Also see pH.)
*Temperature - Bacteria can multiply at temperatures between about 33.34° F (1° C) and 125° F (52° C). They divide rapidly at 80° to 105° F (27° to 41° C). Proper cooking kills bacteria in food and chilling foods slows the growth of bacteria. Both methods decrease the risk of foodborne illness.
*Time - Bacteria can double their numbers within hours. They grow best at human body temperature (98.6° F, 37° C) and can divide 2 to 3 times per hour. Food that's left out at room temperature for long periods of time creates an inviting environment for bacterial growth.

The only one of those 5 things that bacteria need to grow that we can control is pH.

Having said all of this... I'm the person that recommended the vinegar in the first place, BUT I'm thinking we should try using a BASE to change the pH levels to see how that result compairs to the ACIDs. Carbonated water is my next idea. One of the reasons I'm suggesting this is something I've been reading about yeasts. Dr. Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph. D. says, vinegar helps yeast grow. And we still don't know what kind of bacteria this is we have growing in us. Just in case it is yeast related...I'm thinking plan B is the irrigation with a BASE on a regular basis. I think we need some people to try irrigating with baking soda and water or with sparkling water (carbonated water).

saw this recipe posted at a site for a sinus infection cure...
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 pint warm water

Good Luck all... still looking for more than a temporary solution to this permanent problem!
justmebyanyname last decade

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