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Maybe the reason they show "their face more" is because there is MORE face to show :) hahah

They also might dislodge faster because the are growing faster and eventually buldge out of the crypt and are so bloated, they fall out! :)

Course you can do whatever you want, and this is Just IMHO FWIW. But have you tried stopping the DAIRY altogeter for a week or so?

All I know is I havent had ONE major stone since I stopped cottage cheese, milk, and most dairy products including yogurt. I have the occasional butter and some sour cream, but not often. And I'm ALWAYS rinsing with Listerine shortly after eating foods but ESP when eating DAIRY.

Also Im not saying DAIRY is the SOLE producer of the stones, but IMO its like dumping gas on a fire, you already have calcium and bacterias going in your mouth naturally then you add the calcium, nanobac, and bacterias from milk products and dairy, to the sulfur and food compounds already in your mouth and in and on your tongue and its a recipe for harvesting some nice looking stones! Stone Fertiilizer! ha

Listerine is a LIQUID so it does a good job of getting inbetween the texture and the crevaces of your tongue, esp in the crtical back of the tongue, inbetween your teeth, and even into the tonsils and the tonsil canal itself. (I force it back there flushing it out)

The liquid swished is in the mouth is removing any food particles inbetween the teeth as well. Lets not forget that the food that is not removed between your teeth, tends to ROT even overnight, forming bacterias and sulfer compounds, which BTW, sulfer has been found to be one of the main ingredients of the pathology makup of the stones, says Medical Dr. and Scientific Researchers who have disected and determined their makup. (I read this on the net on other sites too)

Stones are formed like an onion with layers and layers of calcium, dead white blood cells, sulfer compounds, and food particles, etc. Im sure there are others. But this is what I remember.

Im also convinced that NANO bac, (smaller than typical bac) play a large ROLE in the formation of stones on a NANO LEVEL. There is certain NANO bac that thrive on the Calcium esp from MILK products, which when they multiply they form a hard "shell" around themsevlves for protection and form what is known as PLAQUE.

This IMHO is the SAME proccess that forms PLAQUE on the teeth, its a hard tough substance that has to be chipped off by your dentist. (Calcifiction)

Not to get too far off on this subject, If you want to learn more about Calcium/NanoBAC and its relationship to heart disease get the book

"THE Calcium Bomb"

it explains in detail what Im talking about. Its really facinating that they can now reverse and or reduce Heart Disease by using antiboitics and drugs that target and melt the "shell" of NB.

First they penetrate the shell of the nano bac, then go in killing them with anti-biotics.

If you want proof of sulfer food theory, just dont gargle, brush or floss after eating some meat foods some evening. Try to leave a piece of meat, fish or chicken between your teeth then go to bed.. hhahah

You'll, Wake up with a mouth that smells like the foulest part of HELL, as the bacteria and enzyms in your mouth build up on the meat sliver, trying to digest it.

Then as your tongue scrapes across your ALREADY enlarged tonsil, minute bits of food, sulfer, dead cells collect in your little crypt friends thus producing stones.

I dont think food eating habits and gargle frequency play a role in the formation as well. One might get away with Dairy if it is NOT left in the mouth for extended periods of time, ie gargling shortly after eating or drinking dairy products.

This could skew the results making people think dairy is OK, when in reality, if its LEFT in the mouth in the form of MUCUS layers, even for short periods of time say hours. Stones can begin to form quickly.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Also Forum poll:

I have a theory that MOST Sufferers of Chronic Tonsil Stones have LARGER than NORMAL tonsil size to begin with, making them even MORE prone to stones than the typical person as Crypts are larger and more easily formed in the Tonsils.

Also What we really need to find out is WHY WHY WHY these tonsils are SO LARGe in the FIRST place? And also what is NORMAL tonsil size? Which leads me to my Forum Poll Question Below..

Mine are smaller than a #2 pencil erasure, and BARELY visible, and just protrude past the tonsil flap.

Forum Question: What are the size of your Tonsils?
nomostinkbomb last decade
I used to read this site frequently, as I had years of problems with my tonsils and with tonsil stones. I used the Q tip, mouthwash, waterpick, and so on, but the stones always came back. Worse than that, I often had a sore throat, swollen glands, sore ear; all from my tonsils. I finally got my tonsils removed 4 days ago. It hasn't been fun, but I am finally rid of the problem that plagued me for so long. My ENT didn't hesitate to remove them. Good luck to you all.
jana320 last decade
nomostinkbombs, everything you've said about dairy makes sense. I tended to agree with the dairy theory until I put dairy back in my diet.
I don't have to take a week break from the dairy to find out what it's doing for me because dairy hasn't been in my diet for several, several years. Last week was the first time I had a glass of milk and ate yogurt for YEARS, I take calcium pills, and I noticed a drastic change in my throat. I don't have a nasty taste, no full feeling and I don't see the little buggers protruding from the crypts. I'm not saying it's working for sure, it could be just a coincidence but I'm gonna keep going with it till it shows otherwise. I feel good so let's hope I'm not actually messing myself up more. I'll let you know the outcome.
Xena38 last decade
you have been taking calcium pills and were getting stones with NO dairy in your diet, just taking calcium? If so its quite possible the calcium the stones are getting to use and form is from the pills vs dairy.

How about cheeses? Or butter?

I wont argue with the benifits of yogurt. its possible this form or Milk is actually GOOD for the body and doesnt contian the proper MIX of ingredients to form the stones, I hope this is the case actually.

It May infact help the body fight them. This is an unknown IMHO. to me the Jury is still out on yogurt, but I love yogurt and maybe will test the theory out on myself hahaha

Keep me posted on your milk situation. You maybe feeling better from the cultures in the Yogurt. I would be afraid of the milk though.
nomostinkbomb last decade
So far for me, so good. I popped out the last batch on Friday morning after eating some Vanilla Ice Cream, had the chocolate the next day, been eating cheeses too and other dairy, milk and stuff and no stones have returned. Also I chew gum as often as I can, this actually helps I believe too. But ever since last Friday my throat is clear of these things. So from now on if I do get another one I'll take note on what I specifically did to dislodge it. But really for me at times these things can be totally random, can sometimes got for months without getting them, sometimes years. Hard to really comment on what might work or not work with me, but since I discovered this site, I have alot of other options I can always try, thanks to all of you that have the same affiliction as me. Maybe these things just weren't made to be understood, like a human glitch, lol.
unleaded last decade
Argh! I still can't get this thing out! It's trapped beteen the tonsil and the front tonsilar arch. I can barely see it if I push on the side of the arch.

I tried the WaterPik (going to try again tonight) and I can't get to it with a Q-Tip or anything else.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Fielding Mellish last decade
hello can someone help me out...
I have had this ulcer on my right tonsil for nearly a month..its very similar to a mouth ulcer except for teh fact that it is on my tonsil and i get this foreign body sensation too..my tonsils are a bit large but i dont have much of an associated pain....I am really chicken about going to a doctor...am on Spetillin from Himalaya Drug company and take Echinacea once in a while....
I feel my right ear paining but very rarely only....can someone please help me out....am new to the forum.....saw a post by a parent (Zenazord) whose child had tonsil ulcer but do not know how to reply to it or contact her to check what happeend....
more bugging are the thoughts that it could be cancer/ TB of the tonsils etc...am worried....please help....
kavithasmenon last decade
nomostinkbomb great post to date!! i just had rotton breath tonight and had to clean out that tonsil it was huge. all of them about 10 spewed out!! i hate them soo much. makes me feel like a freak. my tonsil is small now.
though i have been eating icecream lately. my tongue smells the same as the stones. so if i keep my tongue cleaner maybe the stones will go to hell and stay there!! thanks heaps
peperonimum last decade

Try "milking" your tonsil.

How can I explain this?.... Stick your tongue all the way out of your mouth & then stick your middle finger in your mouth - all the way to where the outside of the tonsil is - & press gently - you'll see green/yellow pus come out & eventually a white stone will come out. You have to press on the outside tonsil canal - the thick area just to the side of you uvula (hanging bally thing in your mouth).
ronjenn696 last decade
Thanks for the advice. That's sort of what I was doing, pushing on the outside of the tonsilar arch. It didn't work.

Fortunatly, I had another go with the WaterPik last night and after a bunch of trying I manged to get it in the right place. The stone popped out and let me tell you, it was HUGE. It had to be at least 5mm, if not a little bigger.

I can see a pit in my tonsil that is normaly covered by the arch. I'll have to keep a close eye on this in the future. I can't believe how big that thing got though.
Fielding Mellish last decade
Please advice on the ulcer guys and gals...am really worried....

hello can someone help me out...
I have had this ulcer on my right tonsil for nearly a month..its very similar to a mouth ulcer except for teh fact that it is on my tonsil and i get this foreign body sensation too..my tonsils are a bit large but i dont have much of an associated pain....I am really chicken about going to a doctor...am on Spetillin from Himalaya Drug company and take Echinacea once in a while....
I feel my right ear paining but very rarely only....can someone please help me out....am new to the forum.....saw a post by a parent (Zenazord) whose child had tonsil ulcer but do not know how to reply to it or contact her to check what happeend....
more bugging are the thoughts that it could be cancer/ TB of the tonsils etc...am worried....please help....
kavithasmenon last decade
kavithasmenon, my advice is to see a doctor ASAP. The only thing I know about ulcers is they don't go away on their own. My mom has neuropathy in her feet which makes her unable to feel anything but a pins and needles sensation. One day while on vacation she horribly burnt the bottom of her feet in the sand , which in turn turned into ulcers. Bad part next, my mom has had to have several surgeries to remove infected skin and bones and they still come back. So PLEASE go to a doctor. I can't imagine seeing a doctor is more scarey to you then what's happening to your throat.

nomostinkbombs, like I said before I don't like a lot of dairy products so for the last three days I again haven't had any, I eat cheese pretty regularly though always have, and yesterday I started noticing a slight nasty taste in my mouth but saw nothing. This morning I woke up and now I can at least see two of them peeking out. My head hurts and I feel so crappy. I don't know which way to lean towards now, dairy or no dairy.
Xena38 last decade
Jana320, I am happy for you I have my tonsils taken out on the 10th and I can not wait...

I have had a stone in mouth for over 2 weeks now and the stone refuses to come out.. Plus I gag on everything I try to get down my throat...
tonsilsnomore last decade
well anyone going to have this operation done better think twice about it anyway or better have a support system a very good support system in tact. because if they dont then think about it when you take them out you had better be ready for some pain and agony and also the worst sore throat that may or may not go away and also no one had better not smoke around you or do anything like that sort of thing because once they do you had better plug your nose up and cross your fingers because your throat is no longer protected anymore. so think twice about it because i did not when i should have because your protectors and your buddies once they are gone you cannot get them back so just think about and then if you still decide to go thru with it then you had better have yourself a d.... good doctor and one that knows what he is doing so very little pain as possible well any way get my drift . and think twice about your ears and throat and also if they do take them out be sure that it is not winter time when they do and dont even think about getting around someone sick for at least one month. well anyway get my drift.
tonsils gone last decade
I can't find the white lump but definitely feel it hanging down in my right part of the throat when I swallow saliva. Is there any chance that this uncomfortable sticky feeling might be resulted in post nasal drip? By the way my breath stinks like rotten egg, I am not sure what that means.
uosung last decade
Hey everyone! i have these little things, their little white things that come out of the sides of my throat and their really gross! it sounds like what yall have, but someone said it had to do with smoking or coffee or something. But im 13 and i dont do either. Their really gross and they come ALL the time. What do i do besides gargle?
Brittany2923 last decade
I have the same problem and I am so tired of my boyfriend cringing when I kiss him. Food doesn't even taste the same sometimes. I'm thinking of just having the tonsillectomy.

Can everyone who has had one/ knows someone who has had one write about it? What kind was it/ how bad was it/ and did it finally get rid of these stones? Please! It will help me decide.
keck211 last decade
i would think that is not a good thing but it is not all of the tonsils fault you know think about it when you get sick the tonsil swell sometimes for some people but then they go down now think about if you did not have them then what would swell and what would hurt and everything else.
tonsils gone last decade
tonsils gone,

From what I hear given the several people I know who no longer have tonsils, they just are not sick as they used to be. I am an adult and felt dumb to be getting my tonsils out, but my ENT told me that he sees many adults who would have benefitted from getting tonsils removed much earlier, except for the notion that if "it's better to get tonsillitis than to get some other type of infection." For those of us with crappy tonsils, the tonsils themselves were (or are) the problem, and without them, the person would feel MUCH better. I am day 8 tonsil free and though I still have pain from the surgery, I have no more swollen glands; first time in ages and ages.
jana320 last decade
Tonsils Gone,

I think for many people who get their tonsils removed, they just are NOT as sick as they used to be. It's not necessarily the case that if the tonsils are removed, you will get sick in some other part of your body. Are yours gone?
jana320 last decade
I have 3 entex pills left. Everytime i take them they give me cotton mouth. For the past 3 days I've been hocking up bright yellow/green mucous. i can squeeze this stuff from my tonsils, also.
Last night my throat started to ache, along with my ear.
Today I woke up with barely a voice & my voice box feels like a sore muscle.
I just give up. I don't want to have these things - but do not want to have a tonsilectomy. I haven't had dairy in 5 days & there's just no improvement. I also bought the orange listerine. When I gargle it feels like my ears will pop & everything sounds fuzzy. Sometimes my ears will ache afterwards.
ronjenn696 last decade
Thanks Xena for the advice...I went to our Institute doc and he said that I have got chrnic tonsillitis and that drinking warm water and avoiding cold foods should be ok. He says that the tissue there which seems to be an ulcer might be dead tonsil tissue.
It does nto hurt. So now i suspect whetehr it is an ulcer at all.
any suggestions?
have a nice weekend,
kavithasmenon last decade
I am so happy to have found this forum. I have had this problem for years and thought that it was a really freak thing! What relief I have. My ear hurt so bad yesterday I broke down and went to the doctor. My left tonsil was full of that disgusting stuff. He told me about the crypts and hence after "googling" I found this site. I have always been disgusted and afraid to say anything. I always feel like there is water in my ear and my tonsils are swollen and red from time to time. The white stuff is almost always there. I do believe that some people have bigger tonsils and I am curious to pay attention and see if diet is related. I am going to try some of the suggestions that I have read here. The idea of a small syringe to rinse is great. It certainly can't be healthy to have a "mini" infections brewing in the tonsils all the times. I would love to have them out but hate pain :). I had a strep test yesterday, which doesn't even bother me--my daughter couldn't believe that I didn't gag. I think my throat is just not sensitive. and after being able to squeeze your tonsil--what's a strep test? I will keep up with this forum. and share anything I learn.
bonseye last decade

You should try my snorting technique if you haent already, it sounds like your getting fluids backed up into your Eustations. REAd a few pages back I describe how to do it, if you dont already know. It will help your EARS a LOT.

In a nutshell you snort hard through your nose with your mouth closed with Jaw dropped/forward attempting to open the flap that covers the tonsils and tonsil canal.

When you use the snorting technique properly, you will pull some mucus out of your sinus but you will ALSO feel your ears drums pull in and pop slighly. This is whatI call vacuuming out the Eustaions. The euestions help drain the water/fluids behind the ears down into your throat, this tube ends where your tonsils are located. (not by mistake)

Also keep up with the listerine thats my advice. But DONT forget to BOOOST your IMUNE SYSTEM with the FRESH SQUEED juices like OJ, GRAPE, LEMON. Its a one two punch that will help your body recover faster, and fight infection on its own.

Many people dont realize this but your SINUSES can be a GREAT contributer to infections in your body as they are EXPOSED to everything outside the body. I agree with others that a sinus flush is a good idea. IMHO much of the infectious stuff that the tonsils collect is from the SINUS cavity as well as the EAR CANAL. Keep both clean and healthy and you will feel a LOT better.

People with EAR aches reading this need to get the fluids out of the innear ear by using my snorting techinque sucking them clean by vacuuming the Eustaions. Then clean your outer ears of excess wax (murine wax removal, which also has a nice flush bulb for the tonsils) Anti biotics might help with the inner ear infetions if present, but you must remove the CAUSE of the inner Ear irritation witch is the WATER you feel in your ears.. You do this by vacuuming out the Eustations with my SNorting technique. After doing the "teqnique" a few times pulling the eardrum INWARD you may need to equalize it back OUT, by gently blowing air back UP the tubes by holding you nose CLOSED and gently blowing like DIVERS do.

The key to ears is BALANCE, and keeping the EARS dry behind the EAR DRUM. TRy not to BLOW your nose before you SNORT and SPIT First. BEcause blowing it only just blows that crap up INTO YOUR inner ear, its better to vacuume the tubing out first.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Well I finally decided to look up the problem that i've been having since about june or july. i thought it might be a little difficult because of the obvious "white patches" similarity with strep throat.

I believe that it has a LOT to do with allergies and sinuses. I know that has been mentioned so I just wanted to state that from my observation that seems to be the main culprit. My doctor says there's nothing he can do either, just brush and gargle. I started smoking occasionally over the summer, and I stopped due the fact that it was severely irritating my tonsils, and yes, i started losing little hard yellow lumps that look a little like a cottage cheese lump. And they stink, oh my god do they stink. I didn't realize that it was affecting my breath until my boyfriend mentioned that there was a slightly bad "tinge" to by breath. I've had a lot of problems with my throat, including numerous cases of strep and one case of tonsilities. I also had my adenoids removed when I was younger. But with this I have larger tonsils but they don't feel irritated or hurt. I have no symptoms of a sore throat.

I find the stones to be larger and more frequent if I have a more nasal drainage or am suffering from a slight cold. Recently I started using the new Advanced Listerine, which is a good antiseptic and has significantly reduced the size and frequency of them.

Any body use a cotton swab with peroxide and just either clean where they are visible, or actually get into that crevis and do that? I have recently done that as soon as I start to feel the hardness in my tonsils, and i'm good for a week or so.

Also, has anyone else coughed one out and seen what it looks like after it dries up? I wanted to keep some in a baggie to bring to my doctor since at the time I had none visible, and the next day they dried up into a red crusty flake, a good 80% smaller than the original stone.

Also for the stink, brush your tounge, brush your tounge BRUSH your TOUNGE! It helps a lot.

I don't beleive calcium has much to do with it becauseI am 5 months pregnant and taking calcium supplements and since the peroxide and listerine, I've been relatively stone free.

Be careful using anything to pick out the stones, because I actually used tweezers the first time around, to open open my tonsil and find the motherload...but doing that I irritated my tonsils and made the problem worse.

Where would I find any type of small syringe to clean it out? Do they sell those things at drug stores?

And is there an exact medical term for what exactly is going on with this?
ajg929 last decade

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