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Holes in your theory...LOL holes,
Well Lesson one:

Science: genetics:
My mother has brown eyes,
my dad had blue eyes,
my older brother has blue eyes,
my younger brother has brown eyes.
And I have...BLUE eyes,
...My husband has green eyes
our daughter has blue eyes,
our son has blue eyes,
Let's call it:
Genetics. These are part of documented recessive gene research.
My theory/guesti-mation: holes in tonsils: recessive gene.
swimmmermom last decade
Foods that trigger my stones:

Small Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee w/Cream. I take one sip & the stone taste is there.

Baked goods. One cookie & the stone taste is there.

Potato chips & Herrs baked cheese curls. After I eat these my gums throb & the next 2 days are followed by a dry throat then tonsil stones.

Peanut butter. One taste of peanut butter & the stone taste is there.

Quite a few times I've used dental floss & get a white glob that smells like the stone..it coems from upper back teeth.

Milk causes this, too.

Anyone else have trigger foods?

Merry Christmas!
ronjenn696 last decade
Well this has been going on for me for about a couple years. I'm
17 now. my tonsils have huge holes in them for some reason, and the stones would show up every now and then. for some reason I olny get stones in my right tonsil.. (? anyone know why?) but their so annoying. I have bad breath sometimes and I think its beacuse of them.

to get them out I just use one of those plastic flossers.

I dont want to have to resort to getting my tonsils removed, but these are just so annoying!
Blonie321 last decade
Blonie, I've found that dairy products of any kind cause these stones for me especially milk and ice cream. I only get them on my right tonsil as well and have no idea why except for the fact that when I get a throat infection my right is also the one infected. I think it has somehting to do with the deep groves and places there to hold the junk. Listerine has helped a ton but I agree with you it completely turns my stomach when I get these. Baking soda has worked well for me too. Mix it with water and gargle three times a day or after meals. It tastes nasty but it's definately no worse than the stones. Good luck, let me know how you make out with that.
walton24 last decade
i have tried the irrigation the stupid doctor gave me a steroid which i had allergic reaction to and i am switching doctors now because she acted like it made her mad when i said that and i told her that i will not put a steroid into my body if i am allergic to it thank you and whatever i told her that i have had an ear problem and balance problem and now i believe the culprit to be my adenoids are too large which is why i cannot breathe thru my nose but she is black and not treating me fair she says that just because she cannot see any fluid behind my ear i said that it does not matter if you cannot see it, it is in the eustachian tube and i want it out to have my balance and hearing back crap.
tonsils gone last decade
Alright, I finally got the waterpik (for Christmas) and I squirted about 5 large stones out this afternoon.

It is not a pleasant experience, but it works. I realize many of you are waterpik and monojet pro's, but I wanted to share my joy. My mouth is somewhat fresh again for the first time in 2 months!

How often do you waterpik users use the waterpik?
tonsilstonesanon last decade
I use the waterpik 2or3 times daily if my throat hurts.
I rinse with salt water and
honey and water in-between,
when I'm not using the water-pik.
sweetbreath last decade
Found this online today, and it definitely makes sense to me...

"When bacteria that collect on the tonsils consume mucus that has pooled in pits in the tonsils a whitish-yellow deposit is produced. These deposits are known as tonsilloliths or "tonsil stones" and emit a very pungent odour due to the presence of volatile sulphur compounds."

Note: When the bacteria consume's mucus... I've had a lot of mucus due to this sinus infection, or whatever it is, that I have...So if you have any kind of post-nasal drip, or morning phlegm or anything, this could be the source of your problem... A minor infection can cause these things I suppose then!

Anyone here getting these things, and not cough up phlegm very often or anything?
TheZMan last decade
personally i think tartar and plaque on the teeth cause tonsil stones.!!. i floss every tooth and wisdoms and the floss smells like the stones!!. Tartar is calculi build up and its obvious it collects in the tonsils and grows like gems. i have a significant reduction of stones and better breath i believe through brushing 2-3 times perday floss and mouth rinse.though i think i have sore gums and im worried must go to dentist. also when i flossed my 3 molar i heard a crack and losts of blood appeard i was so scared i was going to lose a molar. im 26, but im not taking my teeth for granted anymore.before i thought i had good oral hygenine, but now i realised it was a poor 2/10. now i aim for perfection and my mouth tastes cleaner too!! try it i know it will cure the stones..
peperonimum last decade

It's definitely the goop in the tonsils that leads to stones.

Since i started purging this goop from my tonsils each night and morning the stones rarely get to form or if they do i get them very early, before they get big or turn an older looking colour.

Whatever the goop comes from and whatever it's made of - if you clean the tonsils of this you'll not have the stinky's.

As i described in an earlier post before xmas, clearing the goop (and stones if they are there) is actually quite easy and doesn't need gouging in your throat with pics, gagging, tears, etc.

Facing the mirror open mouth wide, bring tonsils forward using whatever muscle(s) do that, then repeatedly raise back of tongue to roof of mouth - thus semi squeezing the tonsils. Got to do it repeatedly.

Goop (and stones if any there) start appearing out of crypts (for me at least) which can then be coughed out.

Overall effort takes 2 minutes and away you go ready for a day's snogging.

Pays to do it at night b4 brushing teeth and rinsing with mouth wash.

Good luck.
sorted last decade
brgsstm, do you mean Thrush or Candida in the GI tract? I've had the stones for 2 or 3 years, and in the last year or so think that I've had Candida in my GI tract. I saw and Gastro Dr. for about a year. I asked if the stones could cause/contribute to my GI problems (didn't know about Candida at the time) but said no.

When I read about Candida and found some of my symptoms there, I started taking acidophilus. My GI problems have improved considerably (but not totally gone). He was skeptical about the acidophilus (and probiotics in general) but did have an open mind.

So anyway, I believe there could be a link, just based on the timing of my problems. But of course no proof.

FYI, I just had my tonsils out today to get rid of the stones. My ENT was just going to smooth out the crypts, but said they were too deep once he started. So he took them both out completely. I'm 49, even though it is day surgery my throat is very sore. Dr. said it would take about 7 days.

kyguy last decade
I've just found this board and this thread in particular while doing a bit of research and I have to say that I'm amazed to discover that this is such a seemingly common problem or affliction as it were. I've had the "stones" in my left tonsil for around 5 years now and I'm 28 years old. No problems before that though I had strep twice as a child. The right tonsil is round and smooth with no crypts or pits yet the left is basically a large hole with flaps covering it. That always confused me but not so much after reading this thread. I mentioned to the family doctor once and he wasn't concerned in the least. Didn't offer any of the info I've just learned here nor any kind of remedy. Pungent breath has never been too bad a problem in my case though it certainly has occured to me that the stones could have caused it in some cases. I rarely cough them out and when I do they are almost always tiny pieces. I seem to get them lodged deep where they basically grow larger until I feel a gouge in my tonsil that is a sure sign that I have to start the removal process. I'd say about every 2 weeks or so. Some of you may cringe...but I've been using a pair of scissors to push back the flap and dig at the stone or stones until I can force it out. No amount of coughing or muscle flexing will dislodge them as I've tried numerous times. I sterilize the scissors well before I shove them in my throat of course but I can't even imagine trying to jam a q-tip down there. My gag reflexes aren't the best and I doubt a q-tip would be able to "grab" anything in order to remove the debris. I've never had any infections from this practice (minor bleeding every now and again) and it's worked quite well til now. My diet has never even come into question really...I smoke occasionally and drink plenty of water (and beer)not to mention that I've always gone out of my way in the oral hygiene dept. So I guess my whole point for posting is that I've lived fairly comfortably with this rather disgusting condition and I imagine a lot of others can too. It just feels good to know the causes and of course also know that you aren't alone.
crom66 last decade
This happens to me also and it's a bit annoying.

The reason I'm writing is to share my experience with these things and the best way I've found to remove them.

They usually only "grow" on the left side of my mouth and the most I've seen at one time were two separate pieces.

The way I get them out is by using a q-tip with the cotton end pulled off. I've never ever had a problem with making myself bleed (seems that there are a lot of clumsy people out there!) so I'm not sure what to say about that. Perhaps, be more careful?

Also, for the doctors out there, stop telling your patients to take a prescription without telling them what it's for. I've read that here a few times and it happens with my own doctor everytime. "Take blahblahblah three times a day". Why? What does it do?

You do realize that your patients don't know everything you do right?
posneg last decade
I've been doing a lot of research on these tonsil stones. I understand that bacteria can build up in crypts in the tonsils and that this is fairly common. But my problem is, I seem to have one really big hole in each tonsil and when i've gone to the doctor they say everything looks fine. Is it normal to have a nearly 1 inch hole in your tonsils with the white stuff coming out from deep within your tonsil? I read one post on another website that said something like this may be due to intracellular hypersensitivity. Does anyone know anything about this?
aapanda last decade
Hi, I think I asked this before, but didn't find any posts...maybe I missed something, so apologies if it's a repeat with both question and answer. What pics do people like? Last time I bought pics the cord parts were short and it was so easy to turn the machine over. I don't have a nice counter top next to the sink in my studio, so I'll have to use the top surface of toilet tank next to small free-standing sink. From what I used in past years, this would be a problem.

Thanks - a longish and not too stiff cord would be ideal.
JenniferSco last decade
I'm convinced that the "goop" soldifies and forms the stones - so if the goop is kept out then the stones don't form. There's still the potential for them to form as the bacteria is still there.

As to the type of bacteria there are two types - the air loving and the air "not loving". Of the air not loving variety there are two sub-types; one that is killed by oxygen and one that isn't. So I was slightly wrong in my previous post in assuming that oxygen killed off the one that didn't like air. So, it depends which type we've got...

I don't think candida makes a jot of difference. The girlfriend who didn't have the stones had candida - at least in her throat and sinus area (you could smell it) then she gave ME candida! (well, it was fair exchange as I gave her the stones).

So, once in a blue moon I have that candida smell which has become a perpetual reminder of her.

As for the water pik - I made my own and it cost about £7. ($10). I used the windscreen washer motor off a wrecked (but new) car and some poly tubing and some cheap electronics. Mine is infinitely adjustable to provide a drip or a forceful jet. But I'm quite practical.

For those who aren't a more easily made non technical gadget can be made with a LARGE plastic bottle with a screw cap. What you do is put a hole in the cap and thread through about half an inch of your poly tube. You can get the poly tube from most DIY stores or pet stores that have fish. You only want small diameter tube. Having threaded the tube through the cap seal around it with silicone sealant and let it dry for a couple of days. Then put a small hole in the top of the bottle. SMALL, about a matchstick width.

At the business end of the tube use a biro pen (with the refill taken out of course). Connect to the tube with sealant and let dry.

As someone mentioned in a previous post, applying heat to the tube means you can get it the right angle/shape.

There is one variation on this gadget. If you can get one of the intravenous drip control thingies and stick that on the tube you've got more control. (A chemists?). Fill the bottle with desired liquid - (put some tape on to cover the matchstick hole when doing that). Turn upside down remove tape and the liquid will start to flow. I'd suggest a string bag to hold the bottle cos you can hook it anywhere. The higher the bottle the greater the flow. If you can get a drip flow adjuster then your control is infinite!

This gadget will set you back about £5 and you can have the tube as long as you want.

I've used salt water and it got rid of a stone that had been niggling me for months.
albert22 last decade
The pic question - wow, Albert22, this is REALLY cool. I like the idea of these gadgets you make yourself and will see what I can do!

Thank you!
JenniferSco last decade
I find on some days my throat feels so disgustingly full and everytime I cough, sneeze or burp I taste foulness but if I push some of them the tonsil stones out I have great relief for a day or two (I don't have pain just discomfort). I don't believe mine are anywhere near as bad as some of yours but I know how badly I want this gone.
I believe I have an infection somewhere in my face area, throat, sinuses....and because I haven't properly treated it this is the result.
For over 2 years now I have been having horrible pains in my face, jaw and nose and a very uncomfortable feeling in my throat. I had noticed white spots and irritation in my throat but of course when I went to my doctor about them there were none to see. I've been to my doctor about this on several occasions but he can't find anything wrong. I even got my doctor to test me for oral herpes because I had already been tested for strep, laryngitis and who knows what else, so I was at a loss I thought maybe the growing holes in my throat could’ve been ulcers or really open sores. I was sent to a specialist (plastic surgeon, don't know why) and he to found nothing, of course!!!
My doctor finally treated me for a sinus and throat infection but that didn't seem to help in the long run. I continued to notice the white spots and horrible breathe but then it would go away on it's own. Then one day I coughed up one of the white spots, ew I thought there was something horribly wrong but then found out about tonsil stones, which I guess could still mean something horrible since no one really knows. This has only been recently so I haven't tried anything yet but thanks to this forum I have several options to try.
My main problem is I'm a hypochondriac and have been to my doctor about so many other things, I can't convince my doctor that there really is something wrong. I can’t convince him that hypochondriacs really do get sick, sometimes it’s not in our heads. I can't get a recommendation to see an ENT specialist because of this so I feared I was at a dead end till I stumbled upon here yesterday. I'm gonna try as many as your solutions and then if all else fails I'll go bug my doc again.
It's nice to know I'm not alone and maybe one day someone will notice there is a whole group of people suffering with something that can be embarrassing and finally pay attention. I've learned so much about these from here (the possible causes, temporary and even the drastic removal solutions) and now I know that whats wrong with me isn't dirty, it's just my bodies way of possibly fighting off something bigger.
Oh yeah, my mom used to suffer with yeast infections constantly so I'm wondering if maybe she has an undiagnosed autoimmune disease and has past it on to me, so I'm gonna bring that to my doctor's attention as well. Since doctor's won't help us I guess we're gonna have to help each other to the best of our abilities.
Xena38 last decade
Has anyone ever saved a pellet and taken it into a lab to have it analyzed?

I notice upon close inspection (wearing clothes pin on nose) thay each pellet is composed of smaller ones. Stuck together...As they age, mine seem to darken and as they dry out they become hard, darker and remain smelly. I occationally find one with a dark spot.

It might be nice to save one in vial & have a lab check it out.
swimmmermom last decade
I am a college student and after arriving at school back in August I developed a sore throat that ended up lasting for three months. About 4 weeks into the sore throat, I noticed a lump growing on the left side of my tonsil, which was also the only side that hurt. My right side was never irritated or sore. Anyways, during the last month of this persistent sore throat, I noticed white bumps on the lump. It really freaked me out and I went to three university employed doctors during this time who wanted to give me allergy meds or antibiotics but I didn't want medicine for something they didn't diagnose. So when I came home for Thanksgiving break I went to my "real" doctor but my lump and white bumps were gone. However, when I got back to school a few days ago, I noticed two white bumps on my tonsil last night. I read this forum and I was able to scrape one of them out. So I am assuming that I have tonsil stones but my question is and I don't know if anyone can answer this, but is it possible that my dorm room is doing something to my ear/nose/throat cavity or irritating me in some way that I am getting these stones considering I have never had them before, and also that they seem to come only when I am at school?
britbrit030 last decade
Dairy products ( paticularly milk seem to make them worse. If you substitute with
soy milk, you'll notice an
immediate improvement.
sweetbreath last decade
britbrit030 -
I'd say the short answer is yes. You're allergic to something there that makes the stone problem worse.

aapanda - intracellular hypersensitivity is a new one... I'll have to explore that.

albert22 - :) too cool... I've had my water pik over 20 years... I hope yours lasts twice as long!

brgsstm - I think the link is that both are bacteria that can maybe be 'cured' with pro-biotics. The only problem is if they are 'nano-bacteria' which I'm almost/pretty/kinda convinced they are partially made up of. In that case the only real cure I think will be EDTA with tetracycline. But I do so hope that is wrong. But just read again tonight how a med student 'cured' theirs by mass doses of tetracycline they were taking for acne.

swimmmermom - I'm very familiar with the principles of genetics. This is not genetic. They once thought heart disease was genetic too. I've spent countless hours reading on this topic and things related to it.

A small portion of what I found most interesting today if you're interested in listening to / reading...

http://www.wamu.org/programs/dr/06/01/04.php ... the second hour of the show.




justmebyanyname last decade
Man these suckers are really annoying, good to see I'm not the only person getting them. I had troubles registering with my yahoo address so used a different one. My bump I can feel in my throat, I have a way to move my tongue around and can feel it moving, the bump. What I can't understand is how food and liquids can pass right over it and now cause it to break away and be digested. Occasionally if I eat some tums, the chalkier the better, that thing will come up, depending on how deep or far down it's embedded in my throat. I tried the vinegar method mentioned yesturday and even the apple cider vinegar was freakin terrible. Man to gargle that? I almost lost my lunch just having it in my mouth. I always hoped there was a way to just pop them out I've tried damn near everything I can think of. Had them for about 8 years now, but they're very unpredictable for me, like for 3 years I didn't have them, then all of a sudden after I think they're gone, they come back. Now they're back and it's making me mad. I'll have to try that throat spray mentioned earlier in the posting. Also I have noticed the white things do resemble the smell of the crap between your teeth, but I brush and floss all the time, even chew that orbitz every chance I get, but they still come back. Really annoying, I hope I find a sure-fire way to make these things dissappear. Will try the vinegar method again but this time plugging my nose so I don't taste it.
unleaded last decade
Lets break this down to its most simpilest elements..

These are of course my own opinions take it for what its worth. Im convinced with my own experience that the EAR canals, inner ear, eustation tubes, and sinus throat play a role forming them, and are effected by Stones as well.

1. Stones form more often in people with enlarged tonisils/crypts and IMO the cause of the enlarged tonsils should be dealt with first. in whatever manner found to work safely and effecively. My first suggestion is lots of fresh juices and vitamins.. However If antibiotics help shrink them down for your particular case then do it.

2. I would also think bolstering your IMMUNE system with vitamins and juices and good food and lots of rest would be a great place to start to shrink them. Worst case have the crypts lazered. Last case have your tonsils removed.

3. tonsils are enlarged for ----- whatever reason, since most agree and so do I, that its the body's way to defend against infections and virus entering the body..Maybe most likely (strep, flue, bacterial infections, even nano bac) I think infections in teeth roots may also play a role along with Ear fluids.

4. IMHO you dont "catch" these but you might Catch a virus, bacteria which in turn enlargens your tonsils = larger spaces for the stone materials to grow and gather and possibly even oooz from the tonsil itself.

Amd the guy with the dorm room, your most likely getting exposed to a greater variety of VIRUS in college and possibly in your dorm SHOWERS and Classrooms. Since you are packed into your rooms and classes like rats, and Maybe share communal showers?

4. I would challenge anyone who gets them regularily to STOP STOP DAIRY ESP certain Cheeses and MILK.. And come back here and see if they basically have gone.. There is so much Crap in our milk nowadays from hormones, to pesticides and god knows what else, that your crazy for drinking it. I wouldnt even touch Organic Milk..I think some cheeses might be OK and butter.. Cheese must must be taken with lots of fluids. Milk I think is huge culprit along with possibly cottage cheese.

5. Im pretty much convinced there is a calcium link combined with bacterias from our mouths helping to form these. They are formed in layers so to me it forms and just grows and grows as more calcium and sulfer compounds are added to the mouth and tonsils.

6. Anyone who has seen my posts KNows that im a FAN of Listerine.. I dont know about the rest of you, but since taking Orange Listerine EVERY DAY I have seen ZERO tonsiliths, and thats even after having some dairy. I have NEVER experienced any dry mouth or other problems. And seems to me people that have a problem with this stuff probably have an imbalance in there system that might be cause of dry mouth and the stones in the first place, if their mouth gets dried out from this stuff something is wrong. Again IMHO

7. If you get dry mouth with Listerine, I bet your not drinking enough water every day. This is another huge problem I think with the formation of stones.. that people dont have enough fluid intake in their bodies PERIOD.

8. I got a new cordless WaterPIK this holidy but have yet to use it. I plan on using it with Listerine to inject my tonsil canals to flush that area out where the eustaion tube exits and where the tonsils are. I will hit my tonsils now and then too. If I feel one coming on. I think the new one has a larger tip for gentler flow.. I will test this and get back to you about it how it works.

One thing is for sure, since flushing that tonsil canal with listerine, my ears have NEVER felt more open and clean, its like the bacteria in there causing fluid backup into my ears has lessened greatly. Though it seems like a constant battle with me for whatever reason..I really does help keep the pressure down in my inner ear.
nomostinkbomb last decade
I have just reviewed this website and am pleased to see that these are called, "tonsil stones." Gross, but for years, we referred to them as "pus balls." Yuk!

Anyway, I am not saying this is necessarily a good way to rid of these buggers, but personally I have used a q-tip to slide them upward or downward and then catch them on the tip of the q-tip ~ sometimes I do gag on them a bit as I do this, but at least they get removed! I often feel relief once a large one is removed...at times a very large one (i.e., the size of a pencil eraser head) may break into a few pieces as I gently dig at it with a q-tip, but eventually I get all of it. (At least I hope I get all of it!) At times the tonsil stones slide around as I try to remove them.

Well, good luck if you try removing them with a q-tip, but be very careful and gentle while doing it... after awhile you will probably become a Prop at it! I've had them for over 30 years and have finally found out what they are from this and other websites. Thanks.
razzy59 last decade
I haven't posted in a while but I agree with nomostinkbombs. I have seen a great reduction in them since using a mouthwash every morning and night. Really gargling and holding the mouthwash in the oral cavity is important. Swish it around toward the back especially. I also agree with the no dairy and bolstering the immune system. My last one was around Thanksgiving when I had a mean sinus infection. I do periodically have pain in my right ear (and the stones are almost always on the right side) so I would like to try ear candling but need help about how to do this.
Funny thing but mine seem to come out early in the morning hours when I am still asleep. Does anyone else experience this?
freshbreath last decade

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