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I am so happy to have found this forum.

I have been suffering with these stink bombs forever.

After coming to this forum,I went to my ENT and he gave me two options one was to constantly clean my tonsils with a water pik (Can't do that because I gag so much).

And the other options was surgical removal of tonsils.

I have decided to have my tonsils taken completely OUT on next week.

I am so happy to be rid of the bad breath and feeling embarrassed all the time.

I feel my confidence coming back already.

I will let everyone know how the surgery goes.
tonsilsnomore last decade
acarp732 - If i were you i would make sure i was using a modified head on that to insure that i wasnt using too much water pressure or switch to using the monoject 412 oral syringe.

dcleblond - yep...when I get stressed or just over tired, I get tons of stones.

walton24- I'd say that goop is the 'Actinomyces israeli' http://medinfo.ufl.edu/year2/mmid/bms5300/bugs/aisrae.html

ekp2102 - In my opinion...and if you read back in the forum, it's shared by others... these tonsil stones are HIGHLY contagious. But, not everyone catches them.

Davee - Google tonsillar ring or Waldeyer's ring and you'll see that probably the reason you are getting these is that you only had your palatine tonsils removed. Also google sinus washing and ear washing. Both sinus and ear washing help me greatly.

erin1983 - when people have their tonsils removed, not ALL of their tonsils are removed. view... http://www.doctorspiller.com/oral%20anatomy.htm#tongue
And tonsil stones are treated with antibiotics by many doctors, but it takes a lot of them and you have to take them for a long time. And even then... it's not a sure thing.

clognboy - google ear washing ;)

tonsils gone - Some have had good luck with gargling/irrigating with honey water. Have you tried this? I havent tried this yet as I'm only changing one thing at a time to see what the effects are and testing them. So far I highly recommend sinus washing and ear washing. I can tell you that for me, increasing or decreasing my cheese - not all dairy but cheese - and nuts does NOT effect my stone formation.

gbsean10 - my advice is read the forum from the begining and see what we've tried. Here's where I would start. honey water. If you get great results with that then that may be it. If that does not work for you... try irrigating with epsom salts(if you can stand the taste), taking sulfur and pro-biotics are things it's been suggested we try. Make sure you try sinus washing! That has been the single best thing to help me. Good luck.

ohmygod - I'M SO GLAD YOU SAID THAT!!! If you read back I've asked about that! Have you ever tried iodine painting? I still so think this may be connected to chlorine and florine interfering with our iodine absorbtion. Try the sinus washing! And yep. Read back a ways.

pedro h - I got rid of mine for about a year doing something similar to that. Now if I could just figure out how to do it for good for permanent! Good info tho!

swimmmermom - yep to the fillings and I think that going to the dentist/orthodontist is where I caught mine...and is your son the swimmer? do your husband and daughter spend as much time in the chlorine?

Xena38 - sinus wash QUICK! and yep... been there.

ohmygod - keep in mind we are on a homeopathic website ;) sinus wash. Change one thing at a time is my advice so you can tell which change it is that gave you results!

ronjenn696 - learn where ALL your tonsils are to start with!!! Have you tried the honey water? Google sinus wash and ear washing tooooo! Keep us informed. http://www.doctorspiller.com/oral%20anatomy.htm#tongue

tonsilsnomore - I wish ya luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
As a long time sufferer (20+ yrs) of stink bombs I was pleased to find this forum a few weeks ago. BTW, my 12 yr old daughter is likewise afflicted. I had numerous bouts of tonsillitis as a child and my daughter is prone to strep throat infections.

Nomostinkbomb, I took your sage advice and cut out the dairy (ice cream is a food group in our house) and gargle 2 x's day with Crest Pro-Health mouthwash. Viola, my co-workers no longer must stand a stone's throw away to escape my oral essence.

As a 3 times a day tongue scraper, tooth brusher and flosser for many years with limited effect on the raunchy rocks, I have now found relief!

I suspect that, although we may share a common symptom (smelly nuggets) there may be a variety of contributing factors not uniformly shared among us.

Thanks to all for contributing! May you find peace and health.
Angus last decade
I've been eating yogurt every morning for breakfast.

Then a cup of milk later on in the day.

Orange juice absolutely burns my stomach - always has - so it'sout of the question. Even if I eat an orange I'm burping it up the rest of the day.

Today my throat hurts so bad - feels so gritty. I woke up this morning & my nasal passages & throat were so dry....my body hurts all the time - especially the back of my neck.

I really really want to feel well again - it will be 3 years this May that all of this started. It really sucks.

I'm going to gargle some vinegar again to see if that will help.

Nostinkbomb - I don't understand your technique. I hold my nose & blow out & it feels like my ears are popping over and over again. Is this what you mean?
ronjenn696 last decade
It makes no sense to me to dismiss dairy out of hand. Dairy falls into a few different groups.

"The main difference between yogurt and milk is that the lactose in yogurt has been converted into lactic acid. Cheese differs from milk in two ways: the whey proteins are drained off in the cheese-making process (so only casein proteins remain), and the curdling enzymes break down the casein proteins into smaller protein molecules." I've read this a few places but this quote comes from ... http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/milk/milk-supplements.html...

Yogurt contains pro-biotics that help maintain a healthy balance of the bacteria in your intestinal tract. You need these to be in balance so anything that helps I say is a good idea. http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/columnnn/nn990630.html

I avoid drinking milk and *sigh* eating ice cream. I use non-dairy creamers in coffee and find that I can still eat the cheese and yogurt without changing stone production. For me it is not ALL DAIRY, but it is milk and cream. But it is not just milk and cream for me... it is foods i'm allergic to. Peaches effect my stone production. And its not just foods allergies... being around cigarette smoke, perfumes, charcoal smoke... I can go on. But, i think you need to explore on your own how different foods effect you. Because eliminating yogurt and cheese was not the answer in my case.

ronjenn - i'd keep the yogurt and get rid of the milk just to start. And sinus wash!!! really... google it... it's gross and it can be painful if you forget the soda...but it helps for me. And try the honey water. And have you checked into pro-biotics at all? I so think it is important to change just one thing at a time so you know what it is that is working if there is a change.

Hey you honey water users!!! How are you doing with that? Feed back please!!!
justmebyanyname last decade
I wnted to say that I accidently tried vinegar as I was on the Apple cider Vinegar Diet; and the little stink balls just kept popping out throughout the entire day.

I mean 3 -5 would come up every morning, and that is what got me worried. I came to the site and saw that someone had mentioned vinegar, and it does work.

BUT, I am just tired of the whole mess and I am just getting my tonsils completely removed.
tonsilsnomore last decade

Holding your nose and blowing out is called
"EQUALIZING" your ears.

Equalizing is done by divers to equalize the greater air pressure on the outside (increases as they drop)of their ears as they decend. This is the smame technique to use on airplanes too to equalize your ears.

What happens when you equalize your ears is basically you end up forcing air not through your nose (its closed) but rather through the TONSIL FLAP and then up into and through to your ears via the Eustations.

Equalization ends up forcing air through and by and opening that little tonsil flap covering the tonsil canal, and forces air past and infront of your tonsils (which I call the tonsil canal.) which then forces air up INTO the Eustation.

This pressure then goes through the Eustations up into the inner ear, then it startspushing OUT the past the eardrum which flexes and moves to allow the air to pass. When done, you have equalized the pressure behind your ears to match the outside pressure.

Because, When that flap opens it exposes and opens the EXIT point of the Eustation Tubes which are located in the top of the tonsil canal under that flap, the tonsils themselves sit right at and even under this flap at this same opening.

This tonsil canal is the end of the drain line for your ears.. And which, as I have said before, drain into the tonsil canals just infront of the tonsils. (which is why i think there is some link to formation of stones to inner ear fluids) For SURE it can effect your hearing having stones.

By forcing air into and through your Eustations and up then up/into Behind the EAR, you force your ear drums OUT equalizing the greater pressure on the outside of them. This is the POP you feel. Its your eardrums moving and air escaping.

Your ear drums are like a little flap that moves in and out and actually opens enough to let air pass through them in both DIRECTIONS. The air in or out is carried by the Eustation tubes. Ear wax actually acts like a lubricant to allow this to happen easily.

If you have too much ear wax or FLUIDS in the EUSTATIONS themselves, then when you blow up into them using the NOSE close (equalizing). you can actually clogg them WORSE as the fluid just builds up in the inner ear. Thats why sometimes when you go to clear your ears, either they wont, or you feel under water.. Why? Because your ears are filling with fluids from the EUSTATAIONS. Esp when your body has TOO Much fluids due to allergies, colds, dairy making mucus.

If people are having problems with equalizing your ears, clean them of any excess wax (murine ear wax removal) first to allow free movement of your ear drums in and out.Then try again.

The area behind your ear drum is supposed to be ideally filled with AIR. When it's not, the body itself will tend to fill the gap with fluid, which is not good.

Ok whew... now on to my "Snorting" technique. My technique, as simple as I can put it, is the reverse of EQUALIZING. The idea is NOT to force air through and out the ears through the Eustations, but RATHER reverse this process by SUCKING AIR OUT of the Eustations thereby PULLING THE EARDRUM INDWARD.

This does a few good things. It sucks any excess fluids and mucus OUT of the Eustations and removes any residual fluids from behnd the eardrum/inner ear.

Its kind of like roto rootering out your Eustation tubes. hehee Backflushing them.. With my snorting technique you are literally TRYING to suck small amounts of AIR past your eardrum and down into your throat via the Eustations! Thats basically what it does.

Because the Eustation tubes exit right at the point the tonsils are located, if done harshly enough, you can litterly VIBRATE that tonsil flap over the tonsil canal which even vibrates your tonsils themselves. Using this technique, I can loosen and remove the stones if they are ready to come out.

This is sometimes why people cough them up or find them in their sinus cavities. Sometimes (not always) they have SNORTED as normal (which also pulls some air out of the Euestions) first which has caused them to be sucked out of the tonsil.

So with my Snorting techique you use your nose to suck air in down the back of the throat as normal, BUT by PURPOSELY keeping your mouth CLOSED and Jaw dropped while snorting, you end up vacuuming out your EUSTATIONS as the air and fluids from the NOSE go down into you throat.Esp if you drop your jaw, that flap tends to open even more making it easier to vacuum out the fluids.

This is almost like the principle how a VENTURI works, as a fluid passes a larger opening (sinus cavity) past a smaller opening (Tonsil flap/eustations) it will tend to SUCK air/fluid in from that opening.

I will usually Vacuum my EUstations FIRST before I try to Equalize my ears. I prefer NOT to push fluids up there, as things only get worse for me.

I have suffered many ear infections over the years and, normally it was Otitis (outer ear canal) "swimmers ear" because I was an avid swimmer as a youth, but didnt understand the Anatomy and funtion of the ears. Dr.would not help me much back then, just perscribe emiasan otic?sp. to treat the problem. But i was intereested in PREVETION and CAUSE. I think I have it pretty much whiped now. hahaha

My ears, (esp the right side) are VERY pressure senstive. This is how I know so much about this topic, and techniqu, as I have tried to undestand why my ears dont equalize, and problems causing them to fill and feel blocked most of the time, not from the outsids (ear wax in canal) but rather from fluids in the ear, air pressure and filled Eustations.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Oh and one last tidbit, (sorry my posts are so long i type kind of fast but not so accurate) hahaha

Wanted to repost the actual snort technique for new readers.

Basically, you suck air as hard as you can, even violently if need be, THROUGH your NOSE as if you were going to suck your sinuses clean by snorting and swallowing VS blowing it out.

BUT, only a few differences. Keep your MOUTH CLOSED and drop your jaw and push the Jaw a bit forward. This will stretch the tonsil flap and will open it slightly allowing access to the EUSTATION TUBES. As you snort air and fluids down the back of the throat it will create a Vacuum in the Eustation tube (Venturi) sucking air past the ear drums down the EUstations and out that tonsil flap. The tonsil flap can vibrate the tonsils also loosing any stones you might have.

When doing the "technique"

Try to focus on purposely stretching the tonsil flap open while you snort from your sinuses.

If done correctly, you will grind the top of your throat just a bit where your sinus cavity meets the throat up and back, but you will also feel your EARS POP as you suck DOWN through the Eustations.

You may also have to EQUALIZE the ears after this SNORTING technique as your eardrums can become stuck a bit. Just gently blow out your nose with it closed to push air back UP until your ears drums POP OUT.(equalize)

You should feel much better after this is done, if not keep the process going until you can hear well. Sometimes ear infections wont allow anything to be done, but this technique should work for normal cases.

Infctions and ear problems involve tissue swelling and require swelling to be gone first. and possibly the use of anti biotics, you just have to wait for things to settle down, just keep the technique up as best you can and slug through it.

Bingo! clear crisp hearing restored, pressure gone, and even stones potentially vibrated out , the world is a good place again. ahhaha

You can even teach this technique to your kids and watch those VISITS to the ENT drop, as they dont get as many ear infections. Kids tend to have smaller Eustations which dont drain as well so they can be espeically prone to ear infections (you moms know this)

Just teach them the snort technique and use THIS BEFORE you have them try to equalize. It will keep most of the fluids OUT of the innear ear/Eustation tubes.

Works for me, thats for sure!
nomostinkbomb last decade
oh and ronjen, I agree with justme about the dairy. My suspicion is that MILK and certain cheeses (cottage) might be major contributers to stone formation.

Not sure if its the calcium, the fat, the bacteria in dairy, or nanobac or all the above but Im pretty sure its in the dairy? God milk? GOT STONES? hahahaha

The last noticable stone event i had was bout 4 months ago, I had started to eat cottage cheese EVERY day in masse. Its one of my favorits. Sure enough I got a stone that I could FEEL in my throat one morning. I eventually coughed it out. But this was BEFORE I even knew about this forum.

Since stopping that cheese (and I drink ZERO milk) but some butter...I have had ZERO stones for MONTHS I would not get them regular and my tonsils are VERY small which I think is a good thing. They dont appear to have many crypts either that i can see.

Sorry to hear you cannot tolerate OJ, sounds like something is amis in your stomach or intestinal tract?

If i were you, I would dump the milk as justme said, and stay with the yogurt for awhile for your GI issues. and see if the stones stop for you. If they dont kill the yogurt as well for a period of time and see.

If you dont want to do anything at all with diet, at leat start gargling with Listerine after eating or drinking the milk. Plluuuzzzzze.. if you can handle using using Orange LIsterine go for it, IM 99% sure it will stop much of what you suffer in your mouth including the stones.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Well Holy Crap... I must also say I had no idea so many people had this problem....

I developed these nasty tasting things about a year ago..... about the same time I was on some serious antibiotics due to apparent spread of MRSA in this area... To make a long story short, I suffered from a lot of problems due to the lack of good bacteria in my intestines...... including some serious mucus in my bm's and stuff.. OK but on with the point - this is also when i developed these stones. now a year later i have discovered acidophilus (funny - my doctor NEVER mentioned it. ive spent thousands........)....... In just the last 2 weeks alone I seem to have better digestion than Ive had my entire life (im 25, btw)!

but, back to the stones... ive been eating the crap out of some acidophilus tablets from GNC, AND eating yogurt like crazy. my health has improved... but today i coughed up *2* of these huge nasty stones... nearly the size of peas. This is a record for me - typically I will only have one.

What I am wondering - could this signify my body is healing and finally expelling these nasty things, hopefully for good? or is my increased yogurt intake somehow increasing the production of them? I should also note i discovered not eating *any* dairy more than 6 months ago (the milk content of yogurt is my only exception)... Before the acidophilus trick, it was the only thing which soothed my doctor-diagnosed IBS. again, after less than 2 weeks of taking these tablets and eating yogurt, my so-called IBS is gone... But the darn stones are back!

any thoughts?

p.s.: if you suffer from IBS or intestinal problems, I seriously recommend eliminating all dairy and taking those acidpophilus tablets... I feel like ive got my life back..... its freaking amazing.
mmarko last decade
To everyone wanting a solution to this problem, here's my solution, it may not be very fast but it's painless and it works. Try chewing gum, like the breath freshening gum like Orbitz, or dentyne the small pieces specifically for freshening breath, also Extra works well too. When you can't brush your teeth is the best time, but the key is keep it in your mouth for at least 3-4 hours chewing all the time. It appears to dislodge the stones and it also breaks them down to smaller pieces. You can really feel them after those few hours of chewing the gum in your throat and then they easily come out with simple hoching. I had quite a few come out for me this morning and I never even felt them there. I hocked 2 medium sized ones out at once, then a third came, smaller, then a fourth, small, then 1 more, the last 3 were really small. I think I'm getting all this garbage out of my throat too because I noticed they aren't smelling AS bad as they used to. Plus I don't have the super stinky breath anymore. I think these damn things build up over time and you have to clear all of them out using whatever method works best for you, until they are all out. I'm glad I finally found some kind of method to get rid of these. It reminded me of sometime last year I believe, I had hurt my ear with a Qtip and my ear was hurting for quite a while. So I was very careful with it, and didn't clean the one ear out for quite some time. By the way this ear thing has nothing to do with the stones but what happened seems similiar. Finally one day that same ear itched alot, so I tried a Q tip in there, it finally had stopped hurting, I also dug out enough ear wax to quite possibly fuel my car for a few years. Was gross but it seems similiar in the sense that the white things are finally getting clear of my throat, not sure how I know other than the less stinky smell they are producing. I hope one day everyone that has these things will have a method that is very quick and painless to get rid of these things.
unleaded last decade

Sorry to say this but it might be the YOGURT contributing to your pea sized stones. Yogurt is DAIRY just in another form.

A few posts back we were all wondering about cutting Yogurt out as well as the other dairy, and figured it was better to keep it in the diet as it helps certain people with digestion problems etc..

I would try and stop the Yogurt just for a few days maybe a week, to see what happens. I dont think its a sign your body is healing, I think its a sign that yogurt is turning into little calcium bombs in your tonsils. Just IMHO
nomostinkbomb last decade
swimmermom -- i too have fillings, though i doubt that they contribute directly to stone formation. rather it may have something to do with the conditions of the mouth that allowed cavity to form in first place that may also encourage stone formation

does anyone know if lactose free milk or soy milk are safe alternatives or do they also produce too much mucus and should be avoided also?
aapanda last decade
I haven't really touched any dairy products in a very long time, because I'm not a huge milk fan (I take calcium pills instead) and I still had stones. If I couldn't see the stones I could feel them and taste the nasty taste of them, mostly when I drank water. Then about a week ago I started having huge yogurt cravings, so I've been eating it or drinking YOP all the time (I think I skipped one day). Now, although I still feel like I have to constantly clear my throat from this stupid nasal drip, the stones seem to be gone. So I recommend yogurt and of course proper oral hygiene. I know it's only been a few days but I'm going to keep it up and see if I can keep them away I'll let you know the outcome.
Xena38 last decade
I've been doing the snorting technique for 2 days now & my ears feel much clearer. First thing this morning Ilooked in my mouth & saw a stone on each side of my mouth. I took a bent qtip & put it into my left tonsil canal & a stone popped out. I did this 3 times & got 3 stones. My right tonsil is very stubborn & likes to hold the stones in but I "milked" my tonsil & got the triangle shaped stone out. The ones in my left tonsil are ovals & the ones in my right are triangles. I guess my two tonsil cavities are different shapes. weird, huh?

I haven't had dairy for 2 days & I haven't had the stone taste. My post nasal drip has improved a little from doing the snorting technique.

I need to go to the dentist. My front top left tooth is throbbing. I think my wisdom teeth are impacted, too. Because when I eat food gets stuck behind my bottom back molars. And when I look into my mouth it looks like there's a tooth behind them with a thick, clearish flap of skin. I will be knocked out when the dr. does what he needs to do - I'm a chicken when it comes to people, other than myself, digging in my mouth. I had two vbac babies without drugs or epidurals...but when it comes to my mouth - I can't handle the pain.

Thanks nostinkbomb for your advice. I will keep snorting - even though dh thinks it's disgusting and says "what did I marry?" :o)
ronjenn696 last decade
justmebyanyname ,
you asked if son in water,
well we run a swim school and live in the water, all of us. husband coaches, swims masters, son swims on college club team, daughter on swim team, and all teach at our school.

Our body chemistry is 63% Chlorine!
Yeah, cremate me in the end, and throw me in thepool filter pump! LOL

why do you think chlorine effects us so?
I am like a chemical dipstick, I can tell if the PH is off even the slightest in our pool, I can feel the change in the pool chemistry before anyone susspects a thing, alas, we do keep it balanced, and it always is healthy, I am just more snesitive to changes in it than others.

I have always been a swimmer. I love being in the water more than being on land.

No way to get away from chlorine in my chosen profession!
As always, swimmingly curious!
swimmmermom last decade
mmarko wrote:
"p.s.: if you suffer from IBS or intestinal problems, I seriously recommend eliminating all dairy and taking those acidpophilus tablets... I feel like ive got my life back..... its freaking amazing."

I agree with you on the acidophilus 100%. I too had IBS like symptoms for over a year with my gastroenterologist running tests and prescribing Zelnorm (which did help some). I finally saw something about Candida and starting taking acidophilus; within a week I started improving. That was 3 months ago, still not quite back to normal but much improved.

Also, exactly one month ago I had my tonsils removed, mainly due to the stones. Too early to tell but I'm relieved that I shouldn't have to fight with them anymore.

I noticed the stones around the time that I started having the IBS symptoms, so maybe there is some tie in.

kyguy last decade
Well, all I can say is WOW I never thought so many people had the same problem I had, after reading some of the post I can honestly say we have the same thing, I did the following and it helped me dramatically,

* started to brush my teeth more than once a day : I brushed at night before going to bed, and what I brushed also made a difference, brushing the tongue clean,my gums, and my back teeth particularly well, the tongue has residue after you eat that breaks down and most likely goes down your throat and in your tonsils, same thing goes with your gums, it massages the gums and you will notice that it makes them tighter around your teeth after a couple of weeks too this helps to keep food particles out of your gums which later go to the tonsils again and form into the corn looking particles,

*I found that after every meal if I do a quick gargle of water or listerine to eliminate the immidiate food particles this helped greatly.

* I read in one of the posts that one reader had a bad case after some wisdom teeth removal, I believe this was due to having places in the mouth where food particles could get lodged and not being able to to remove by the quick brushing of teeth.

* flossing and brushing of the tongue with my brush I think did the trick for me,with the brushing at night. I saw that my yellow nuggets, every time I would take them out (and trust me I am quite the professional at taking them out, a sucking and coughing techique from side to side) would become smaller and I would have them with less freaquency until one day when I expected to have some , I had none!! I was so happy. These days I get the ocasional one, like in 4 or 5 months and them I know I have to clean my teeth better. Sometimes I check and I have none compared to having one every other 2 or 3 days I think it's great. This link I am posting also helped me understand what it was and how to fight it.

go to google and put this search terms, "Tonsil Stones site:webmd,com"

without the parenthesis ofcourse and take the comma out and replace it for a period

it's a webmd post there is another link within it that someguy is trying to sell something but if you read it, it gaves me clues as to what was going on with me and some peace of mind the what was happening to me was not as serious as I had first thought!!! hope this help some of you, I don't have cure just letting you know what worked for me...
luistico76 last decade
The site linked in the Webmd post is for TheraBreath, apparently a leading medication against these things. Many people, including myself, have tried it.
qbsean10 last decade
I agree with what luistico76 has to say, I really believe it's all food particles. Also a times when I get really hungry I eat too quick, I think this also contributes to the stones. Also about the dairy creating the stones, I've come to believe that they don't actually create the stones but help to dislodge them. I'll see what happens in a few days though to see if I might be right. The reason I say that is, the stones I popped out the other morning which was about 5 of them was after I had eaten some Vanilla Ice Cream. I had some chocolate Ice cream too the next day to see if I got the stones again, and for the first time in a long time I can't feel any stones lingering in my throat. Normally I can move my tongue around and when it rubs where the stones normally are I can feel something is there, not anymore so far. Maybe the dairy works just the opposite for me and for other people who knows. It seemed to work for me and I'm feeling much better too.
unleaded last decade
I have been dealing with the funky throat chunks for years! i never realized it was a 'real' issue until I found this site. I have discussed them with both my doctor and dentist, bot seem to minimize my concerns. Now I am really annoyed! Usually these little stink balls work themselves out within a day but for the past several days I have felt like I have something in the back of my throat. Finally today I saw one back there and fished it out. Then after probing around, I found another, and another. Eight little stink balls later I think I have cleaned the place out. I am scheduling an appointment with and ENT pronto. I have been cracking up reading all of these postings, I have TOTALLY know where everyone is coming from.
last decade
i usually get itchy soft palate and near the uluva extending to the sides of the tonsil flap, where the tonsil hides behind.
my theory is excess mucus production or allergies like dust. and the actual flap gets so itchy and mucus is behind there all frothy and i think thats where the production starts, even to find its the same stoney smell with tiney dots of pre tonsilloliths, then they settle into the tonsil to grow later.
find i have to clean the flap before it becomes a problem so i stick out my tongue so the flaps open and i stick in a cotton bud behind it to clean it out, even with water. i think there is stuck saliva and it smells bad.
if this gives u any idea thats what im hoping for so u can try it out.
itchy flaps are the bane of my existence and then my voice goes all husky and sore. even my taste is funky.
peperonimum last decade
Geee, isn't the Internet great? Yesterday, I noticed some pressure in my throat. I thought some food was stuck somewhere or I had a bump on my tounge. At night, I had my wife take a look and see told me there was something there. I took a look and there is a white blob on one of my tonsils. I tried to work it out with a finger without any luck. It seems very hard and it's caught between the tonsil and the flap of skin that partialy covers the tonsil at the back of the mouth. I thought it was food (bread maybe) but after reading this site and others, I'm not so sure. I didn't think my breath was bad but my wife just told me otherwise (I told her not to hold back next time!). Thinking back, I remember working out a little chunk of firm yellowish stuff every once in a while. I thought it was stuck food but it may be tonsil stones. Augh! Well, the one I have now is huge and it seems stuck. Any suggestions for removing it? I trield gargling last night and the finger routine. I'm going to get a WaterPik today and see if that can do the trick. Any other ideas? Thanks!
Fielding Mellish last decade

I call that area the "tonsil canal" behind that flap and
I actually flush this area out with listerine from time to time using a syringe that I modified:

I added about a 4" section of small soft tubing over where the needle goes,then at the end I attached about 1" of hard clear PEN tubing bent on the end, bent and formed similar to the bend end that a waterpik uses. I fill it with Listerine pull that flap back and gently flush, than angled tip helps A lot, I think it just needs to be softer rubberyier. hahah

But anything you can use to pull the flap back and and gently flush it would work. It feels Soooo good after this Listerine flush.. My ears even clear up faster with less CRACKLING sounds. Im postive there are kooties back there from your Eustatains, mouth, tongue that contribute to stone formation.

Im also thinking about trying those rubber bulbs that Murine supplies with the ear wax removal kit to flush the ears out after you soften the wax, as the rubber is tiny at the end to get into and behind the flap, and inject, it will surely be softer than my current setup.


People have used bent Qtips with great success removing them, but take my advise and cut back (totally if you can)on dairy, use Orange Flavored Listering after every meal,

You can thank me later when they stop forming :) hahahah
nomostinkbomb last decade
In my opinion and with my results I have to agree with unleaded about dairy. I found my experiences with dairy, which I mentioned before I don't really touch, have been all good. It seems to me any time I do drink milk, eat ice cream or yogurt my stones tend to show there face more but they're easier to dislodge and stay away for longer periods of time. So maybe some dairy doesn't create more but dislodges them and makes it seem like they're getting worse. The yogurt kick I'm on is showing great results so until a more permanent solution is found I'm going to continue with yogurt.
Xena38 last decade

Maybe the reason they show "their face more" is because there is MORE face to show :) hahah

They also might dislodge faster because the are growing faster and eventually buldge out of the crypt and are so bloated, they fall out! :)

Course you can do whatever you want, and this is Just IMHO FWIW. But have you tried stopping the DAIRY altogeter for a week or so?

All I know is I havent had ONE major stone since I stopped cottage cheese, milk, and most dairy products including yogurt. I have the occasional butter and some sour cream, but not often. And I'm ALWAYS rinsing with Listerine shortly after eating foods but ESP when eating DAIRY.

Also Im not saying DAIRY is the SOLE producer of the stones, but IMO its like dumping gas on a fire, you already have calcium and bacterias going in your mouth naturally then you add the calcium, nanobac, and bacterias from milk products and dairy, to the sulfur and food compounds already in your mouth and in and on your tongue and its a recipe for harvesting some nice looking stones! Stone Fertiilizer! ha

Listerine is a LIQUID so it does a good job of getting inbetween the texture and the crevaces of your tongue, esp in the crtical back of the tongue, inbetween your teeth, and even into the tonsils and the tonsil canal itself. (I force it back there flushing it out)

The liquid swished is in the mouth is removing any food particles inbetween the teeth as well. Lets not forget that the food that is not removed between your teeth, tends to ROT even overnight, forming bacterias and sulfer compounds, which BTW, sulfer has been found to be one of the main ingredients of the pathology makup of the stones, says Medical Dr. and Scientific Researchers who have disected and determined their makup. (I read this on the net on other sites too)

Stones are formed like an onion with layers and layers of calcium, dead white blood cells, sulfer compounds, and food particles, etc. Im sure there are others. But this is what I remember.

Im also convinced that NANO bac, (smaller than typical bac) play a large ROLE in the formation of stones on a NANO LEVEL. There is certain NANO bac that thrive on the Calcium esp from MILK products, which when they multiply they form a hard "shell" around themsevlves for protection and form what is known as PLAQUE.

This IMHO is the SAME proccess that forms PLAQUE on the teeth, its a hard tough substance that has to be chipped off by your dentist. (Calcifiction)

Not to get too far off on this subject, If you want to learn more about Calcium/NanoBAC and its relationship to heart disease get the book

"THE Calcium Bomb"

it explains in detail what Im talking about. Its really facinating that they can now reverse and or reduce Heart Disease by using antiboitics and drugs that target and melt the "shell" of NB.

First they penetrate the shell of the nano bac, then go in killing them with anti-biotics.

If you want proof of sulfer food theory, just dont gargle, brush or floss after eating some meat foods some evening. Try to leave a piece of meat, fish or chicken between your teeth then go to bed.. hhahah

You'll, Wake up with a mouth that smells like the foulest part of HELL, as the bacteria and enzyms in your mouth build up on the meat sliver, trying to digest it.

Then as your tongue scrapes across your ALREADY enlarged tonsil, minute bits of food, sulfer, dead cells collect in your little crypt friends thus producing stones.

I dont think food eating habits and gargle frequency play a role in the formation as well. One might get away with Dairy if it is NOT left in the mouth for extended periods of time, ie gargling shortly after eating or drinking dairy products.

This could skew the results making people think dairy is OK, when in reality, if its LEFT in the mouth in the form of MUCUS layers, even for short periods of time say hours. Stones can begin to form quickly.
nomostinkbomb last decade

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