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Thanks!! yeah i mean swollen! thankyou!
Nataliebrown last decade
Hello Everyone.

Firstn off, let us have a moment of silence for those contributors who are no longer with us.....


Just quickly, I started reading this post about when it stated but had not for the past several months.

As I read along getting caught up, I wished that I would have been able to jump in and tell everyone to take a deep snort, er, I mean breath and relax.

Maybe it was light deprivation or something:) I hope that you "regulars" are doing better as we move into Spring.

Anyway, I have recently started using the Grossan Sinus and Throat Irrigator( This is Pre-Pedro, but not by much) with good results- I'll spare the details, but has anyone else tried one of these devices and can you share your results?

Thank you.
KenJohn last decade
I found this most interesting, someone with the same problem... I would like to shed some light on the issue of food being stuck in the throat, I fast for forty days every year and it seems to get worse during this time. I can safely say, it’s not food causing the problem, at least not in my case. Other then some short-term anti-biotics, I have had little relief and the docs don’t seem to be that concerned about it. I have learned a great deal from this site and hope the info might persuade the ENT to take it a little more serious. Good luck and keep posting.
duewdue last decade
I have just stumbled along this forum and am shocked by the number suffering from the same thing as me. (My sister also has this problem.) I've read a lot online about this but would like some input from true sufferers! I usually use a Q-tip or one of those rubber gum stimulators to remove what I believe are called tonsilliths (sp?). Anyway, lately I've had one that is driving me crazy. It seems as if the "opening is gone," and there is no place to push it through. I looks like the tonsil has grown over it. Has anyone ever had this problem. If so, how do you remove it?
joa629 last decade
Yes I have had that happen and once it gets bigger it will pop out.
HappyMommyx4 last decade
A couple questions.
This could be quite obvious to everyone but me but I'm quite curious. If the people here suffering from tonsilloliths dont have bad breath then why do you find them such a nuisance? Why do you find it so important to get rid of them?
- - - - --
Does anyone find that after getting some stones out of your tonsil that you get a buildup of mucus in the back of your throat?

katherine1 last decade
Hi Guys.

Hope you're all well in control of the situation by now. If you're not then keep at it.

I haven't posted for quite some time. Haven't had stinky breath either. I did have stinck breath and tonsil stones for abut 6 months last year - coinciding with when i lost a filling from a molar.

Since repair of molar no more stincky breath. Except in mornings, where i now use technique i described in page 23 or thereabouts. Please at least read it - it's not for my gain whether you use what i found successful.

It's a rotten affliction and got me down but the solution for me was actually a simple 'eureka moment' and didn't involve shoving things down my throat.

IMHO - Pedro's revelation with the needleless syringe matches what i found - if you can get the crap out before it's a fully formed stone you wont get the bad breath. How you go about it - well that's probably up to what works best for you and your tonsils. And Nomostinckbomb makes some very good 'management of problem' recommendations.

So well worth reading their posts, and ignoring their jousting.

This is my last posting so good luck all. Fight hard and may the pungent odour desert you.

sorted last decade
Hello everyone,
I'm just updating on the para-rid I've been taking. I'm on the 4th day of my break and I have to start again tomorrow for another 7 days. Since I've started it I've noticed that I don't have the nasty taste in my mouth, my nasal drip has improved and I haven't had any sinus pressure headaches. I know a lot of things only work while taking it, but I'm on a 4 day break from it and I feel no signs of it returning.
The only problems/side affects I've noticed that I tend to have a slight case of heartburn and I'm going to the barhroom A LOT more then usual, but I guess the parasites have to get out somehow:) I'm hoping this might help my sinus problems therefore getting rid of my stone problem. I'll keep you posted as to any other changes I notice and also I'll let you know if this was another thing that only worked while taking it.
Xena38 last decade
Some slight changes on here after a short holiday...

joa629 - if you've got a niggling stone it may well drop out eventually. But I had one that lasted months that I expected would be the size of a football it was so annoying - so I flushed it out with my home made pik. But, low and behold it was tiny, (but very hard) and I think it would have taken months to pop out.

Justme... I think you're onto something with this actinomyces business. If it isn't exactly that then it's something very very similar, (and thanks for doing all that digging).

Oh, someone asks if we get bad breath if we have stones. Er, yes, otherwise we would be in the slightest bit bothered about them!
albert22 last decade

I asked some questions on page 31 or there abouts, no one really answered me directly bu thats besides the point. After going on at my doctor she said she would sort me out an appointment to go and see an ENT specialist. I went to see one on saturday morning [it was a cancellation] and the doc has put me down to get my tonsils taken out. As much as i don't want to have the surgery he assured me its the only permanent fix to this problem. The way i see it i would rather put up with 2/3 weeks sufferin after surgery than a lifetime of embarrassment with them horrible things in my throat.
eselenna last decade
Esselena, everyone has tiny little deep holes in their tonsils - they're called "crypts" (presumably because they are deep and dark). Normally they are very, very small and don't cause a problem.

What seems to happen is that these tiny deep holes either get infected and produce the nasty smelling gunge, or they get infected and the hole gets bigger and food particles sort of fall in and make the smell.

So the gunge is created inside the crypt or it's a collection of gunge making stuff that falls in.

I think the stones are created inside the crypt. When you squeeze them out you generally get the hard bit first then they get softer and smaller and then the horrible tasting liquid is the last to come out.

When you squeeze out the gunge they leave a large hole. The reason is that the crypts have been stretched while filling up and they take time to go back to their normal size. Trouble is if you have continual problems with that crypt it may start filling up before it gets chance to shrink so it will get bigger over time.

Getting rid of the tonsils usually gets rid of the stones as there aren’t any crypts for them to grow. Just make sure there won’t be any crypts left after you’ve had the tonsils out by having a word with your Doctor before he/she operates.
albert22 last decade
This is definately a bacterial infection, my opinion that it is contagous. I am sure I got it after a girl I knew. It is nasty. Some lab type needs to look at these bacteria and figure out what kills it. If I had access to lab equipement I would do this. You know use the regular types of antibotic plates and see which one keeps it from growing. (the plate that doesn't smell like this stuff". Someone can do this. A monkey could do it really. I bet it leads to problems later in life if not treated. It seems like a persistant infection how could it not.
unknownun last decade
According to the ENT I have seen and the ENT my Dad saw about it this is not a bacterial infection and it is not contagious. It is a normal function of the tonsils for most people.
HappyMommyx4 last decade
I have been a lurker on this board for a few months now, and am grateful to see that I am not alone.

My tonsil stones are rather large, very smelly, and my tonsils are swollen and very large. After talking to my ENT back home, he referred me to one here at school, and I will be having my tonsils out in 10 days. If anyone wants me to continue to report on the surgery, I will do so.
blpsara last decade
Well yesterday I just finished saying the para-rid seems to be working only to find out I COULD be very wrong.
My stones only formed on my left side and I've been noticing my crypts shrinking therefore my tonsil was shrinking to. I still check them out almost every time I went anywhere there was a mirror with privacy and last night noticed a white spot on my throat. Except this time it was on my right tonsil, I also noticed that a crypt just out of view was quite big. So I started digging around with a q-tip and used the vacuum technique and out poured a whole bunch of tiny tonsil stones and some greenish liquid. The thing was it didn't smell, I figured that's why I thought I was clearing up because I couldn't smell or taste them, I've never had them not smell. Has anyone had non-smelly ones? Could this be something different? Or hopefully, could it be just my tonsil clearing out the gross stuff before it turned nasty, therefore kicking out whatever is causing the stones?
I wish someone had some answers for us, how can some doctors not even hear about these things before? I guess I'll just continue on with the para-rid, why start and not finish. Especially since I still think it could possibly be working.
Xena38 last decade
I hear that it is not bacterial. If not, how do antibotics help some people? I am not a doctor but I am going to stick with the bacterial approach. I really don't know for sure but I think that these bacteria may only live well anaerobically in these "crypts", feeding on food scapes. Has anyone tried gargling with H2O2. If an antibiotic worked it could be put directly into a mouth rinse.
unknownun last decade
Greetings fellow Tonsil Stone sufferers,

I’ve been fighting this horrible affliction all my adult life and now I’m 54 and have accepted it as a part of my daily hygienic routine. There are some disgusting, gross stories on this site but I have to keep reminding myself that it is my own mouth that is most disgusting.

I’d like to share some of my observations. I find that there are an amazing number of ENT doctors out there who don’t know and don’t really care about this problem. When they say “It’s not really serious” they don’t have this problem themselves (or don’t have any friends!).

It is really depressing to wake up with that horrible swallow or taste, and have to hide your breath from other people out of sheer embarrassment. Unfortunately the only suitable response is diligent cleansing of these craters.

Let’s start with bad breath. It is important to realize that bad breath is not caused by one problem but several different problems. Don’t be misled by one solution alone. The first reason for bad breath is primarily food left in between the crevices of your teeth, particularly meat particles. If you don’t have a Water Pik go out and get one today. Not only does it remove those nasty, rotting meat pieces but also massages your gums so you don’t get peritonitis. You gums may bleed but that is normal and will clear up with regular use. Your dentist will thank you. Also remember to run that toothbrush over your tongue when you’re finished with your teeth. I don’t believe much in mouthwash but to each his own. I kinda feel that mouthwash hides an underlying problem. Finally a diet of certain foods or a stomach problem will certainly affect your breath.

Over to the real problem:

The only effective way to deal with tonsil stones, other than operation, is to force those buggers out! I know exactly when one is growing and don’t have to wait for that stink to rise out of my mouth. I can feel the lump in my throat growing larger every day. Up till now I have found that a popsicle stick and a flashlight are my best weapons. I get my popsicle stick from any hobby department, for example Wal-Mart. A strong flashlight and a strong will is what it takes. I run hot water over the stick to help purify it, others may want to put it in rubbing alcohol like barber combs. I wouldn’t let it soak overnight though; wood is a natural antibacterial surface.

You have to massage those tonsils, push and press and they will show themselves, the little devils. It hurts for a while afterwards but what a joy it is to have a clean mouth!

Right now I am experimenting with trying to make a suction device using one of the tips from my Water Pik and some kind of collection jar and a low vacuum pump. This is insane, I know, and I do not propose that anyone attempt this under any circumstances. But that just shows how desperate you can get, eh?

Good luck everybody and hang in there.

PS. Sorry for the long post...
S1382 last decade
Sorry, meant periodontitis, not peritonitis.
Quite a difference!

S1382 last decade
Xena girl,
I dunno, but I'd always been told that any time it's green...it's an infection. :(

YW, and I appreciated the pun. ;)

Sorry your question got missed. But, in answer it's tonsil stones and pretty much what we are all talking about there. I'm very interested in the results of the stone sample your first doctor did!!! Any chance you could ask her if it was ... Actinomyces ? Any chance you could print that page off for her and get us a professional oppinion? Sounds like she might have half a clue. ;)

And here is my thought if it is. I think the tonsils are the route that the actinomyces use to escape the body (via the lymph system). I don't think you get tonsil stones because your crypts are large. I think your stones enlarge your crypts. I'm not sure the infection even starts in the tonsils! And, I think most of us first get them after a bout of antibiotics (even if we don't notice them right away) when our resistance is low. So even if we get rid of our tonsils...we may still have this underlying infection.

Somewhere there is a message board with a message from a med student who cured her tonsil stones with tetracycline (she said dangerously high doses that she was taking for acne and she wouldn't recommend it or some such thing ). I'll look it up again if anyone is really interested.

Unfortunately, as lucky as Pedro is to be rid of his stones now... I had already done what he did and found out they return full force on me. And... I now have the same problems that joa629 has with large stones trapped inside the tonsils with no apparent exit!?!?! I'm still searching for entrance/exit. Let me tell you, this is painful.

Here's a thought for you.... Did you know that you are not born with the bacteria that causes tooth decay? And that doctors are now being trained to tell parents not to share food and utensils with their new babys to prevent giving them the bacteria? Love NPR!
justmebyanyname last decade
Justme - could you raise that message board again please? I have seen another medical site saying the same thing about tetracycline - (in an extremely technical manner). Nothing much else seems to deal with the problem.

The actinomyces may well infect the whole tonsil, (as you suggest) and the stones are a symptom of the infection. Which would account for the tonsils only producing a slight unoticeable normal level of discharge in normal tonsils - but overdrive and blockage in infected tonsils - as suggested in that medical site I read.

I couldn't agree more with you about not sharing utensils and food with kids.

(Apologies for the sycophancy - I'll call you horrible names next time).

albert22 last decade
LOL... here you go .... it's Heid's post on 08/23/2005

justmebyanyname last decade
Did you see this one?

"Actinomyces (now considered a bacterium) (arrows)growing in crypt of palatine tonsil. This organism con-tributes to formation of the plugs of debris that extrude from the palatine tonsils of certain patients whose tonsils have deep crypts." Shows close up pictures. Although, I still think they have it backwards on the crypts thing.

justmebyanyname last decade
I dont think that antibiotics dont work on tonsil stones because I've had to take many many antibiotics (of all kinds) to treat my bladder infections and still the tonsil stones never went away. I did manage to kill all my intestinal flora tho!
dinkybocetti last decade
oops, i meant to say antibiotics dont work.
dinkybocetti last decade
Well... according to everything I've read... we aren't talking about just the usual 10 days oral antibiotics. I think this is why they attempt to cure this by surgery most of the time. The treatment for actinomyces infections is long term. We're talking one to two months of penicillin given through a vein, followed by 6 to 12 months taken by mouth.

But... knowledge is power... I recommend reading up on the symptoms of actinomyces infections so you recognize if it moves to another part of your body.

On the up side! I've done some research on honey. My plan is to no longer blast those babies out of my tonsils without filling the hole left with just plain old honey. The person who suggested this has had great result with irrigating with honey water.

Oh, and an update on the glandular therapy - iodine painting(just the plain old 2% tincture found in the supermarket). You are supposed to be able to paint it on the inside of your wrist and have the color remain for 24 hours. If it disapears in less time than that you are short of iodine that is essential for your glands. Mine was gone in less that 12 hours the first time. I've repainted many times since and I'm almost up to 18 hours now. I haven't noticed a change in my tonsils yet, but a serious unexpected side effect was a TOTAL cure of PMS(And, I'm talkin serious PMS). So, I do know it's doing something. I'll update you only if I see a change in my tonsils. Everyone who's wrists I've painted also has seen the iodine dissapear very quickly. And, I do think it's interesting that it was in the 1980's that baked goods in the U.S. switched from using iodine to bromine. And, I think that's probably about the time tonsil stones started effecting more people. Bromine is also in the same family along with floride and chlorine. Our bodies take in the heaviest of those four first and iodine is lightest on that list of four. So, pretty much all of us are probably short iodine.

Hope that helps you. Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
I use my waterpik for that without the jet attached. Yep, it really helps. And as long as I put the baking soda in with the salt water, it doesn't hurt. But the best results were the time I used vinager water. OUCH! Something to think about tho is that I think the nasal discharge we all have is a result of our infection and not the cause of the stones. That the increase in stone production is probably causing the increase in nasal discharge and not the backwards way we've been thinking about it. Or I had anyway. But it does make me feel better! Rinses them out so I don't have to carry tissues constantly.

Ok, I'll shut up now ;)

For a little while :D
justmebyanyname last decade

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