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Thankfully my insurance covered it at the time. I did get rid of them for 7 years...which was TOTALLY worth it. And now they don't pop up all the time...but like 1 every 6 months or so.
Spina last decade

I reread your reply and wanted to tell you what my ENT said was the cause when I met with her years ago.

She explained that some people are BORN with unusually large crypts in their tonsils and adenoids (sp). These deep crevices capture food particles. As the food gets trapped they are drenched in siliva which hardens them. As siliva is the mouths cleansing agent etc. These hardened balls of disgust are eventually knocked loose. The doctor told me it wasn't diet, etc. but rather you are born with it. Especially if you had bad tonsilitis as a kid. I've had these things since I was little. I'm 31 right now. In pretty good shape and eat well. If your insurance does not cover the surgery. I totally understand that its alot of money. But even having one right now...I would pay it all not to have them for another 7 years!!! I'm calling my dr. on Monday to see if she thinks they are in my adenoids. As I can't see them...but only TASTE them. UGHHH!!!!
Spina last decade
Spina, let me ask you this...

When you had your tonsils removed, did you have your adenoids removed as well? Do you know if you had all 3 of your tonsils removed?

And when you say you have the stones again, do you mean to say that you have grown your tonsils back and there are stones in them? Or are they literally lodged in the side of your throat?

I don't necessarily agree with your doctor saying that its that you are born with it. Again, I honestly believe its a combination of things.. and I know for a fact that they get worse if I eat something or even drink something I shouldn't be (like a coke or something). I've been away from my apartment for this past week, and I've already noticed a huge improvement as well.. Again, I never had this before, so I can't agree with the doctor about being born with it.

Let me know what your doctor decides to do.
SkeerdofaTnA last decade

No I did not have my adenoids removed. Only my tonsils.

No...I don't believe the tonsils grew back. They are far down in my throat.

My doctor is an expert in her field. I've had these since I was little. My husband...which is strange...has them as well. He also has had them since he was little. Of course it makes sense that your body creates larger then NORMAL crypts or crevices which allows food particles to get stuck in and grow in them. I tried eliminating everything from my diet to see what was causing them. I still got them. You said that they get worse when you eat of drink something you shouldn't. What do you mean that they get worse? If it was a combination of things...I truely believe that ALL of the world would have this problem. Not just a handful of people. My doctor said it wasn't a very common thing in people. Did you have a lot of sore throats as a kid? I again...don't think that a combination of things causes this. I do believe that some people are born with deeper crevices in the tonsil area then others. Just like some people are born with large birthmarks, allergies etc. that get worse with age or lay dormant until you do get older. What has your doctor advised you to do? Can you see yours? Have you tried cutting caffeine out of your diet. It may not be the soda...but the caffiene.
Spina last decade

My ENT wants to do a T&A- remove the tonsils and the adenoids. When I say they get worse, I mean the tonsil stones and the crypts. I get more of them or they get larger. And yes, I can see my tonsils.

If you look back to page 60 or so, I wrote a novel explaining my situation- I was a healthy child. I had a sore throat maybe all of about twice- and when I was checked for strep I was negative.

I still can't entirely agree with your doctor that it's not a common thing in people, because it obviously is (look at all these people on this forum with this problem). And tonsillectomies have been performed for centuries (since at least 40 A.D.- and I have another post on that as well). So, it's not uncommon. It's just another medical mystery that hasn't been studied thoroughly.
SkeerdofaTnA last decade

I read your posting back on page 60.

I do think its a very uncommon condition. This board goes back to 2004 and it doesn't look like a ton of people to me at all. The same people post and repost all the time.

Also...as an adult you are in tune with your body. You know when something isn't entirely right. I can only remember coughing up 1 or 2 of these as a kid. After that...not again until the 20's.

Of course tonsilectomies have been performed for ages...but they haven't been to eliminate tonsil stones...but rather serious tonisl infections.

I don't understand what you mean about the medical mystery of tonsil stones. You have deep crevices...deeper then most people. Food gets stuck in them. It could be a carrot, nuts etc. they get built up...they cause a nasty smell as they are incubating waiting to pop out.

If your doctor wants to do a T & A...and you've been to 2...I think you should listen to one of them. If you don't have insurance to cover it...I totally understand. But if my dr. tells me that I have crypts in my adenoids and thats whats causing them now..I'll be the first in line to get them out.

You don't mention how old you are. I know that the older you get they say the pain is more intense. I had it done in my mid 20's and it was not bad at all. Even at 31 I wouldn't hesitate to have them removed again. But I don't know how much these things really bother you.

Also...in regards to diet:

I don't drink caffeine, I eat no refined sugar, nothing with hydrogenated oils...I'm really anal about my diet. I do eat a ton of nuts, fruits, veggies etc. I run 25 miles a week...and have a trainer 2x's a week. My job is stressful...but who's isn't. I def. think that the whole world would be infected if it was due to stress, diet, climate etc. We aren't alot of people with this. I have asked TONS of people about this. Even drs who looked at me like I was a nut job.

Have you googled tonsil stones...trying googling that next to tonsillitis. We are a very small group of people who have this...very.
Spina last decade
Spina, Did you read my post on page 61? I had my out and the stones came back!

What are you going to do?

Below is a repost:
Skee here is the link to the person that had a good explanation about enlarged crypts:

Skee, there are 3 tonsils that make up the lymphatic system:


The adenoids are on the roof of the far back of you mouth and do not get crypts(holes)

The palatine is the most widely removed and are on both sides of the back of you mouth where you can see them.

The lingual tonsil is at the very back of your tongue.

My palatine tonsil was removed, but the lingual that is at the back of the tongue I believe was not removed.

I do not get stones in my palatine tonsil anymore because the palatine tonsil was completely removed.

But it seems like I am now getting them in my lingual tonsil. I guess this is the case because when I eat nuts and most food. Nuts being the worst. I can feel them in the very back of my tongue for weeks:-( When I say back I mean so far back I cannot see them.

Here are a few links:
(on the above link start reading about half way down)

1. Tonsilloliths (stones in the tonsils)
This is quite a common condition which people often don’t admit to. It can be associated with acute or chronic sore throats, or may simply occur on its own. It is due to the presence of fissures or crevices on the surface of the tonsils – some people have these, some don’t. If you have them, they can trap particles of food, which become organised over time, enlarging slowly. Eventually they extrude from the surface of the tonsil as a cheesy white or yellow lump. These can be picked off using toothpicks or tweezers etc. They are soft and smelly and can be quite off putting. The treatment is mainly surgical, lasers can e used to resurface or remove the crypts so that they can no longer collect food debris. This is a procedure performed using local anaesthetic spray only, and causes very little postoperative discomfort. For more informationm on local anaesthetic tonsil reduction / resurfacing, visit www.llc.co.uk

Tonsillectomy Lingual tonsils
These structures are separate from the normal tonsils we think of in the back of the throat. They sit just above the voice box, at the very bottom of the tongue. They are often the cause of sore throats when patients have already undergone tonsillectomy. They can also cause a variety of catarrhal symptoms when enlarged, in particular throat clearing, tickly cough and a lump sensation at the back of the tongue. The treatment of lingual tonsil problems usually requires thorough ENT assessment to establish the correct diagnosis (which is often missed). A long term combination of anti inflammatory and antibiotic drugs usually controls the condition. If surgery is required, this is quite complex and requires referral to a specialist centre.
johnadaniels last decade
Hi Johnadaniels,

I read your post!!! I was shocked...but kind of relieved to see someone else was getting them after having the tonsils out (sorry...it had to be you!)

I've read every posting on this board. Years ago we never had this...so I'm so happy that others have a place to turn for help/support/understanding...and of course tricks on getting these disgusting eggs out (that's what I call them)...you know...the peck, peck...then they burst out...then another egg comes along!

So weird...yes...my palatine tonsils are gone as well. I didn't get the stones for years after this. But then the one I feel now has been nicely embedded for about 2-3 weeks now. I hate it. I think it was your post about the turkey baster. I just have to get over the gag reflex. I try breathing pepper to help sneeze as sometimes that dislodges them. Short of cutting my throat open myself and plucking them out and wanting to put a vacuum cleaner down my throat...I can't take it. It really disruptes everything. I def. agree that nuts are prob. the worst for it. But I can't imagine for health reasons eliminating them as well. I don't think we should have to.

I'm def. going to talk to my ENT about it. I haven't yet...as since the surgery this is prob. my 4th time feeling them. Its so weird...as once it comes up...I'm me again...the whole gross feeling is gone in an instant. But in the meantime...I feel a constant lump in the back of my throat. Its hard to swallow. I feel like I have a ton of mucus buildup. And lets not talk about the taste. That's the worst. I'm constantly asking my husband if he can smell it. He says no...but I can't imagine people I talk to not smelling it. So it makes me mentally nuts. I even get panic attacks from it sometimes. I don't even want to be near him...and we've only been married for 6 months! Thank god he gets them as well...and understands my turn off factor. But he can get his and see his in the back of his throat. So he just picks them out. He doesn't get them often...and since he can just pluck it out...he still has his tonsils. When I had my tonsils it was a constant feeling like this...so I couldn't be happier to have lived normally for the time that I have.

Please let me know what you feel. I'm sorry to be soooooo graphic. But I need to understand that someone else has this as well. Does that make sense. I soooooo appreciate all the info. you attached on your posting. I'll be reading it all in a second.

Just have some questions for you!

How old are you? When did you start getting them? What is your ENT saying now? Do you feel one or many? Is it constant...or when you get them up you feel good for awhile?

I'm thinking that a laser has to get the crypts down in size. I had lasik surgery done on my eyes this past summer....I'm sure that's a whole other board...but I keep thinking its gotta do something. If I can have 20/20 vision from a laser...I'm sure its gotta work down in there. I'm 31 right now. So I'm abit afraid of getting the adenoids out. If its the only choice...sign me up! Hope the insurance will cover it this time around!

Where are you located? I ask this...as the link you posted is from the UK. Are you overseas or in the US?

I'm glad to meet someone else who is getting them after the surgery (again...sorry it was you). My ENT said that almost 99% of the time the removal of the tonsils cures this prob. sorry that you and I share the 1%. I didn't see anyone else on the board that had this happen but you. Do you know of more? Sorry for this lengthy post. But you are like a camel finding water. I've looked everywhere to see if other people got them after it...and nobody yet. Are you still happy you had them taken out? Was it painful for you?

Thanks sooooo much!! I'm going to look this all up now!
Spina last decade
Johnadaniels...sorry to drive you nuts. But I just pulled up the first website and it brought another ? to mind. Since my tonsils were taken out...I rarely...I mean close to never get sick. Are you the same? I rarely got sick before then either...but I was just reading that the tonsils guard against infection...and I can't remember the last time I was sick.
Spina last decade
It is so great that you have come to this forum Spina!

That is a long post you made, I feel relived to read it because I am in the same boat as you.

If you look into my mouth you will not see any tonsils or eggs:-)

When I eat food it seems that some of it gets caught on the side of the far back of my tongue.

If I eat nuts I can feel them get caught and sometime I can cough them up right after eating them and other times I cannot.

If I cannot cough them up they will stay there for months and decay. The problem is they are so far back I cannot see them by looking into my mouth. I can feel them but cannot see them.

Spina, do your have the same sounding problem?

I hope we can both become egg free ;-]

John Daniels - Dallas, Texas USA
johnadaniels last decade
yes...that's exactly what i feel. exactly!!!!

i'm seeing my ent tomorrow.

i'll fill you in when i get back.
Spina last decade
Well my Tonsils are out! Had it done yesterday morning, spent most of the day on the couch sleeping. The procedure was quick...30 minutes and a couple hours in recovery. I remember being put to sleep and starring at the lights in the OR and the next thing I remember was getting up and being told I was all done. Then the Pain when I tried to swallow...ouch! The Doctor numbed up my throat but I still felt pain. Been eating all soft stuff (jello, oatmeal, shakes) and drinking as much as I can. Slept a little overnight, drooled all over myself however...gross, I know! I also noticed that my ears are lightly ringing...anyone else have this?

Overall I'm glad I did it...I couldn't take another year of infections and the constant pain. Not to mention the tonsil boogers. I will keep everyone up to date on my recovery.
kevhed last decade
I'm 35 and started really noticing these things a couple of years ago....although I know I've been getting them for quite a few years, just not as often.

I have all my tonsils, I NEVER drink caffeine, and I almost never get sick...BUT I do believe I have larger crypts than most people.
wolverine last decade

am i right in assuming that you are taking aspirin or something? ringing in the ears is a symptom of aspirin overdose. don't worry, it's not serious- just cut down, and the ringing will disappear.
kmoeller last decade
kmoeller...no aspirin. I'm not sure what's causing the ringing...I think it has to do with the pain I'm experiencing right now in my throat. Sometimes it's bad and sometimes it's not. I'm hoping it goes away in a couple days. Otherwise I'm doing fairly well. Not as bad as I thought originally...but it is hard to eat.
kevhed last decade

It has nothing to do with any type of asprin or anything. When I had my tonsils out my ears rang really bad. It was annoying and sometimes hard to sleep. The ringing went away after a week. I actually called my ENT to ask about it and she had told me the ring was normal. Make sure you drink as much water as possible...I know its not comfortable but you don't want to get dehydrated. If you live near a Trader Joe's...get yourself some protein shakes. Its made with soy...not milk...so it doesn't bother the wounds as much!
Spina last decade

Thanks for the information! I too noticed last night when I was trying to go to sleep that the ringing was worse. Thanks for the tip about the protein shakes, good idea!

I'm trying to drink as much water as I can and eating tons of popcicles.
kevhed last decade
Kevhed...you'll be fine. It goes by very quickly. Its kind of like having braces to me now. You remember you had it done...but you don't remember anything else. The ringing should be getting better by this weekend. You are on day 4...right?
Spina last decade
Spina, looking forward to your reply. Maybe you should eat some nuts before you go so they can see them.
johnadaniels last decade
So funny...I was just reading your posts...and I read the part about kissing your wife. Well hopefully tomorrow I can kiss my husband. I can feel it lodged in my throat right now...so no doubt she'll pull up something. As soon as I get back...I promise to fill you in. As I read that your ENT saw nothing...and if I learn something tomorrow...I won't let you go on with this either. If you don't hear from me you know that you will be able to find me on the news tomorrow I'll be under 'crazy girl punches dr. after she tells her to gargle with salt water!'
Spina last decade
Day 3 right now, this morning was rough. I think I might be starting to heal already...I keep feeling little tingly pinches in my throat. Swallowing anything in the morning is hard. I have to admit though, after I take the hydrocodone I feel GOOD!!!
kevhed last decade
Hey johnadaniels,

I just got back from my ENT. So here it is...my tonsils haven't grown back. But rather its my Lingual Tonsils that are incubating them. She said its near next to impossible to remove...as a) we really need them b) its wrapped up in alot serious veins and stuff. So the only option is laser resurfacing. When she looked down with the ant eater like thing...she couldn't see the stones...she said that the crypts in the lingual are very different...as they get warped in time...so the stones actually HIDE...and hide well. She said that the area was inflammed...and I needed to be on an anti inflammatory first. Then to see if that has released them. If not...she'll use the laser to smooth the crypts out. She said its extremely uncommon to get them in this area. As so many cases are cured with a reg. tonsillectomy. When I asked her why after so many years am I getting them she said...well its kind of like getting wrinkles...as you get older somethings stretch out. Since they are like caves...its harder for us to cough them up ...but we def. feel them. So johnadaniels. I will try the anti - inflammatory meds for 3 weeks. Then if that doesn't work...I'm going in for laser. She said there is NO WAY we could get them out on our own. As they are just way to far down our throats! Sorry!!!!
Spina last decade
Well I have to say, the mood in this forum has darkened (atleast for me). I'm having my tonsils lasered soon and all this talk about lingual tonsils is making me feel as if I will never find a solution. :(... I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that people who don't have tonsil stones, and are able to lead a normal life, take it for granted!!!
katherine1 last decade
Oh Katherine...please don't worry. If you are getting your tonsils out you should be fine. So many people don't have them resurface in the lingual. My ENT said it was extremely rare. LIKE EXTREMELY. She said that most adults grow out of them. When you go in...ask them to look at your lingual and to laser abit off if they see abit of crypting. Please don't worry. Even if you are free of these suckers for a long span of time...you won't regret it. I totally understand your frustration. But please think positive...its mind over body. I'm convinced I'll be free of them one way or another in time. FYI: My ENT knows about this board and has seen these postings. I thought that was really cool
Spina last decade
That is really neat that your ENT knows about this. This forum has been amazing for me, considering that tonsil stones aren't necessarily considered a dinner time topic. I have hardly told anyone about my problems, and just being able to come on here and read everyones stories, opinions, thoughts, etc gives me a sense of hope.
Going back to the surgery idea--- I'm not getting my tonsils removed yet, but the laser work will be done in a week. My ENT said I should just try it first, and I can still get a tonsillectomy if I dont like the results. I pretty much plan on getting them out anyways, but this is a good solution in the short term considering It's exam time at school and I can't afford to miss 2 weeks.
katherine1 last decade
I like her because she's young...super bright and has her own practice...which I so admire . Great role model. Plus she doesn't look at you like your nuts when you tell her all the disgusting things you feel. She did my surgery 8 years ago...and when I came in and said I think I have them again...she said...lets take a look and get this taken care of for you.

This forum is amazing. It offers great tips for people to get the ones out that are lucky enough to see them. The laser is extremely effective. Its being used for everything now. So it might just cure this for you. I hope so. When are you getting them done? I'm guessing soon...as I know all the exams are coming up. Are you overseas or in the states? Good luck in school!!! Let me know what you felt...as I'm most likely going in to get lasered. I won't live like this...I refuse to. Please let me know what it was like.
Spina last decade

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