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Justme... good thoughts. Perhaps it is an immune thing (like cold sores - everyone is exposed - some get them, some don't). Hmm - I thought the opposite - that most in US had an abundance of iodine since our diets are so high in salt and virtually all salt is now iodized (unless you use sea salt which even some is iodized and most don't buy).

Xena - found a *good* classical homeopath - they can help. At the very least, you might want to try the primal defense. I used to have that same exhausted feeling all the time and it really helped me.

Good luck everyone! I'll post back if the salt water rinsing helps or not.
busymominme last decade

Thank you for the information. I am sorry I have not replied sooner. I have been trying the salt water every once in a while. I am just not a persistant person when it comes to salt water. My mom always said that would basically cure everything, and when you're younger you don't always want to listen to mom.

Thanks again!
jointhecrowd last decade
Okay I don't know how long you can change your pH balance or how that effects the body.

In fact I don't know what the salt does, or any other thing posted here does for that matter.

However, I DO KNOW 2 things that have been mentioned here:

1. to take them out with a q-tip: At first it was hurting and moving when I tried. Then I figured out that when I bring the q-tip along the side of my mouth(NOT straight through the middle of my mouth), and poke it right in the tonsil pocket, I don't even feel it, and I get no resistance or gagging urge. You can actually press the q-tip in pretty well and not even feel it, if you go from the side!

2. As for the homeopathic medicine, once I had a severely high temperature, the kind that makes you not care about life anymore. Mom brought me some homeopathic medicine (Alpha CF), I got better. Whenever I get sick since then, I use it. It has no side-effects, and YES it strengthens your body's own natural immune/defense system. You put the tablet under your tongue until it dissolves and just make sure you read the instructions about not taking 30 minutes before or after eating/drinking/brushing teeth, etc. I hadn't thought about using this, but I have some, and since it came up, I'll try it, now that I too have contracted tonsil stones. Good Luck to all!

By the way, has anyone cured their tonsil stones? I'm sure we'd all appreciate 1 or 2 success stories posted here. Don't forget to come back and post how you did it, if you do
guest last decade
Just been to the doctor about mine (I can *feel* my stone low down and to the left, but the archetechture of my throat makes it difficult to see or get to it - annoying, as I used to pop them out with the blunt end of a toothbrush in my teens!!) and he said just to wait for it to come out. Its driving me mad! It is a bit better this morning (I've had this discomfort since the Sat before last) and I'm going to try gargling with salt water. Any other tips for getting out a hidden and annoying stone other than patience???!
Deanis last decade
I have experianced these stones for all my life. My breath is absolutely horrible and it it so embarrassing. I feel like I am suffering every day. I get them on a daily basis and have tried all the methods of removable to know avail. * I absolutely want my tonsils removed, even it means 2 or 3 thousnad dollars. How should I go about this? Is there any ENT clinic that won't give me 101 questions on why not to have this procedure done? Please help me out somebody...
Byron M last decade
I just wanted to clarify my last post. I am 24 years old and have gone to war with these stones for about 15 years now. They are absolutley horrible. I get them on a daily basis ranging from .5 mm to 2 mm in circumferance. I get them in both tonsils and they are very visible. I am talking like 3 visible crypts on each side. I can easily dig out 6-10 of these awefull smelling things daily. I have tried peroxide, listerine, q-tips, water jets, etc. Nothing works. I work in health science and am in close contact with several employees ands patients. The signs that my breath is bad are sadly very apparent. My tonsils are extremely large!! My self esteem is extremely low despite having a wife and a 2 year old son. I definitely want my tonsils out at any cost!! I have not gone to see an ENT yet. I was wondering if anyone has had their tonsils extracted soley on this problem. It seems to me that there have been a couple of you. How should I approach the ENT? Will he give me any trouble about an operation? Should I take him some of the stones I have extracted? I feel disgusted just talking about this. I reside in Fresno CA. Somebody please help!!
Byron M last decade
Byron, I understand completely. I'm 25, and have had them for quite a while, and they were quite a pain. I got my tonsils out almost two weeks ago, and I am so glad that I did.

My advice is to just go see an ENT. Mine didn't give me any problems at all. he knew exactly what tonsilliths are, and what a pain they can be.

He will want to know your history with strep throat/tonsilitis. Also, are your tonsils fairly large?
blpsara last decade
Okay, im fed up of these weird gross bumps. I really am getting so annoyed with them. I get rid of one then two more will appear. It doesnt help with my self esteem aswell. I cant even kiss my boyfreind :(
HELENH last decade
I can't for the life of me figure out why such a thing is effecting people's self esteem. People! Come on! It isn't like your face is disfigured. You haven't been burned or lost a limb. God forbid you have something truly tragic happen to you if you are letting something like this effect how you feel about yourself. Try to put it in perspective.

Anyway I came on this board to tell you all that I realized my son has tonsil stones. He had strep a few weeks ago and started feeling ill again so I looked in his throat before taking him to the Dr. He had several very large stones in his tonsils. He is 7 years old.

I really think everyone has these and some are just more aware than others.
HappyMommyx4 last decade

I have the feeling you might not experience the 'bad' breath some of us do to dismiss peoples concern so lightly. :( No it's not a lost limb, but the constant irritation and battle against it can be draining.
Strange how that works- That your son got these right after antibiotics for the strep? I so think that this is the lowering of our system allowing the acytomics to grow out of control much like yeast. I'm just not sure it originates in the tonsils. Thanks for the report!

I still think that gargling with honey water is your best defense at the moment. I've tried to switch to using honey to sweeten anything I can think of... for cereal, tea, lemonade, instead of jam or jelly.

Whoever asked it... yep... they will remove your tonsils for just having tonsil stones. And from what others have told us, they will tell you they were grossly infected inside. Keep in mind that not everyone who has their tonsils removed remains stone free. You never have ALL your tonsils removed. Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
blpsara, thank you and your advice will be well taken. I am not going to wait one more second to go see an ENT. To answer your question, my tonsils are extraordinarily large. As for HappyMommyx4, I can completely understand your perspective. After all, these stones are very common in pediatrics and tend to subside as we get older. Understand that this is a medical condition that differs from individual to individual. It is a condition with a minor degree of explanation. I believe what I am going through is somewhat of an advanced form of this bacterial infection. Try to amplify what your kids have times 10. Imagine not being able to speak to someone that is as close as 3 feet to you because of the horrific smell. Or every 3 or 4 hours of the day accidentally biting down on the surfaced stones(like 2 at a time). Imagine several bacterial balls rolling around in your mouth because of cryptic tonsils 3 times the normal size. I dont even want to wake up in the morning because even though I am a successful person, I am sentenced to a day of ridicule and haste. Try to put that into perspective. I believe that all our cases are different. I can also say that I would never want anyone to go through what I have been going through because of these aweful stones. Next step for me, a tonsillectomy. The pain from the procedure will be a welcoming sensation for me. It cant be any worse than what I have been going through. I will keep you guys posted on my outcome. Thank you guys for all your replys. - Byron
Byron M last decade
Thank the Lord that I stumbled upon this website! I was looking for ways to relieve sinus pressure and the site. For years(too many to remember,) I have suffered from what I now believe to be the tonsil stones. I had been too embarrased to talk to my doctor about the condition for fear of what it was. I was diagnosed with H. Pylori with possible peptic ulcer approx. 3 years ago. After taking the Prevpac(antibiotics and Prevacid) for that condition, it seems I started getting acid reflux more frequently, although my doctor doesn't feel that the Prevpac played any part in it. Foods that I once was able to eat without any difficulty such as chocolate, onions, ketchup, mustard, peanuts and etc, are not really possible unless I'm willing to endure the nauseated feeling. Since then, I've had kidney stones, and my sinus problems have gone from the ocassional congestion to 2-3 times per week. This website is the first place I've found some resolve as to what those stinky, foul smelling balls are. (By the way, the stones smells like bm to me.) I was shocked to discover that I was not the only one to experiece this problem. I remember as far back as 13 years ago, feeling like my through wsas closing up on me and feeling like I was having difficulty breathing and not knowing whether I'd make it through the night. I am currently 33 years old and have just started to embark upon figuring out what is going on with my body. Thank you to all you brave souls who have provided information to those of us who have been suffering and ignorant to this condition.
tee4two last decade
Im 16, i had a throat infection at christmas time and ever since i have had this annoying niggling feeling in my throat and on my toncils. It comes and goes, and varies in intesity. I think that it may be toncil stones, as i can see a yellowish lump on my back throat and in my toncils. I can pick the ones in my toncils out but i cant get to the ones in the back of my throat :(
I just wanted to say thanks, i shall go back to my doctor now and hopefully he can confirm this :)
Amyztx last decade
I finally got rid of the stones that have been poking out of my tonsils forever now. I've tried the waterpik on them a few times and nothing, but then I decided I'd add a bit of hydrogen peroxide and watched the buggers fly out.
I can finally swallow without gagging or feeling like my foods not going down. My throat doesn't hurt and doesn't look like hamburg anymore with lots of fat. I know that this is only temporary relief, but wow what a relief.
busymominme, thanks for the tip I'm going to look into it this weekend. I'll keep you guys posted on how it's working and updated after to let you know if the results are temporary or longlasting.
Also, I've been diagnosed as bi-polar but reading all the symptoms of candida it sounds like a lot of the things that made people believe I'm bi-polar are side effects of candida as well. So hopefully by doing this cleansing diet I can feel normal, finally, mentally and physically.
Xena38 last decade
Hi Everyone,
Byron - good luck. I'll be thinking of you. You are braver than I am. Xena, thanks - also, your message really made me think...

Has anyone else been tested for heavy metal toxicity? I'm wondering if it is connected, too. Xena, that could bring on bipolar like symptoms as well. Also, chronic fatigue symptoms, constat stuffy nose, sore throat, etc. It's all very similar.

I was/am mercury toxic and so is my daughter so I'm wondering.

Lastly, I was wondering if others find this experience. I noticed that when I'm nervous and have to talk to people a lot, that more often than not a stone will come out. Like maybe the nerves loosen them up or something. I know that sounds weird!

Thanks everyone - sharing makes it better.
busymominme last decade
I'm really confused by my "tonsil stones." I have NEVER seen any on my tonsils, as mine seem to come from INSIDE my throat. I posted on another thread on here, and someone mentioned that my eustation tubes may be clogged with mucus...but the thing is whatever it is that I cough up SOUNDS EXACTLY like what yall describe as tonsil stones. They're white chinks, lumpy, small like death...I can't think that it's mucus...PLUS because they are in my throat it feels as you all describe "my throat is clogged and it is gagging me!"

I'm so amazed by this, because I have never had bad breath or anything before this, It started last summer when I was diagnosed with mono. I have not been sick with a flu or a cold all year, but I STILL cough up these tonsil stones...I'm just perplexed! I have no idea what to think..it seems that there isn't much known about these in the medical industry, I mean Dr's know what they are, but why all of a sudden am I getting these now in my life? I have never had infected tonsils, and I've only ever had strep once!

cece27 last decade

Congrats on your decision. I know not everyone wants to have a tonsillectomy, and for others it just isn't serious to need it, but I know EVERY single day I am glad I decided to go through with it!

A tonsillectomy is painful, but for me it wasn't THAT bad. A week of being absolutely out of it, and then about a week of being kind of out of it, but functioning.
blpsara last decade
Wait please for just a month! I want you to test something for me???? PRETTY PLEASE!!!! This pH thing I've been reading about... I think this may be something! I'm having trouble sorting through some of the 'hype' to the science...but I think there is something to this from what I've read.

What I'm pretty sure of is that we want our bodies to be less acidic...more alkaline. What number we should be at is up for debate at this moment.

Mine kind of act like 'pimples' if you know what I mean. They come from inside my tonsil...and when they can't get out they hurt.

It's only been in the last few years that most of us even knew that tonsil stones had a real name. Most of us have been told for years that they were food trapped and rotting. This I'm positive is not true.

Read that link on Actomyces posted earlier...one of the main symptoms is them growing in your eustation tubes.

Chances are yours too started growing after taking antibiotics when your immunity was lowered...I think this is in much the same way that yeast grows out of control causing candida.

Your symptoms of tonsil stones are exactly like mine.

Hope that helps you. I kind of rambled on...sorry.

Interesting links for pH balancing ...


justmebyanyname last decade
oh and cece27,

justmebyanyname last decade
I gave up figuring out this pH thing for the moment and asked for assistance on another forum. They recommended mixing kelp powder (fine grain and not a tablet) with blackstrap molasses until moistened. The dosage was 4-6 Tablespoons of this per day.

I'm hoping a few of us will try this!
justmebyanyname last decade
Once again, thanks for everyones quick replies and knowledge of this subject...
justmebyanyname :
You have a very interesting theory on our ph balances and acidic levels in relation to these stones. I want to let you know that I virtually have tried everything as I mentioned before for removal and/or termination of these aweful sones. To my experiance, there have been no permanent solutions. Though I must say, their were a couple of temporary solutions. The most efficient one for me was DIET CONTROL. I noticed that with my consumption of dairy and especially meat products, these stones would amplify significantly. Oddly enough, I cut my meals down to one a day and stayed away from those foods (just as a trial) and low and behold my stone count was cut nearly down to almost none at all... I FELT WONDERFUL! As soon as I started eating the foods I love again, they came back with fury. Keep in mind my tonsils are extraordinarily huge. I feel very strongly that the products we consume add enormously to the production, size, and quality of the stones. I also feel that despite this experiance, food products seem not to be the sole basis for the stones very well being, JUST THEIR AMPLIFICATION. I am sorry but I just can not wait another month. Take into account what I have said because I too have tried drastic and scientific measures. I have one the best ENT doctors in the central valley region of California by my side. It's time for me to get even with these nasty stones. They will hinder me no more, atleast not nearly to the extent that they do now.
blpsara :
Thank you again..
To all of you, I will definitely keep you guys posted. - Byron M.
Byron M last decade
Whether sonya get cure from white bumps in throat or not.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Well...that does fit in with the theory. Meat and dairy are high acid foods. If you explore in other places you can find much information on this topic of. There are forums that have 'experts' on this topic and many books written about it.
Hope it all works out for you.
justmebyanyname last decade
Well...that does fit in with the theory. Meat and dairy are high acid foods. If you explore in other places you can find much information on this topic of pH. There are forums that have 'experts' on this topic and many books written about it.
Hope it all works out for you.
justmebyanyname last decade

[message deleted by lik_ya_lips on Wed, 15 May 2013 01:05:58 BST]
lik_ya_lips last decade
Ooops! I was wrong again. I should have said SOME dairy. Here's a better link with more foods listed.

justmebyanyname last decade

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