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Alright everybody my tonsillectomy is on the 19th. I'll be the monkey sent into space for you guys and tell you all about it when i get back. There was this VHS clearance sale at Hollywood video and i bought 10 movies for $20, so i am set to just lay in bed for a while. But if the recovery hurts i'd rather just sleep through it. If tolerable i want to watch all those movies, play a lot of guitar, and most importantly i want to watch the world cup with my father. Haven't seen him in a while and he freakin loves soccer. I'll be loyal to you guys and post to tell u about the recovery progress. Any questions at all just ask for Marcel Marceau.
Marcel Marceau last decade
You don't know how happy I was to see information about this affliction on the web.
I thought that I was coming down with strep throat. My husband, children, and I have been battling it over a couple of years. The difference this time was that I did not have a fever.
It's tonsilloliths!
I've had super bad breath, a sore ear, and a headache. I happen to have a canker sore just in front of my left tonsill. I'm a chronic canker sore sufferer. That, I remedy with Listerine. When I saw the white pus in my throat I thought for sure it was Step throat. But, as I touched my inflammed tonsill, this stinky, whitish, solid form emerged and popped out.
I don't suffer bad breath normally, but I do recall expelling these pieces of yuck as a child from time to time. I always thought it came up from the stomach like the result of acid reflux. Stomach contents stink too.
So, I'm not sure if trying to relieve my canker sore created an environment for tonsilloliths to develop or if it's a combination of things acting together. I might have large tonsills and therefore, large crypts that trap food. But as I said, I don't really suffer this affliction normally. I do eat food normally. The only thing that I may have increased in my diet is more yogurt and more chewy peanut granola bars. I have been an avid milk drinker all my life and not bothered by it.
A new discovery in my health is a thyroid disorder. This January it was found that I was creating too much thyroid hormone and then not enough. Prognosis- acute thyroiditis. My thyroiditis left me extremely fatigued. I started taking small doses of Synthroid to regulate my thyroid in April. I believe the tonsills and the thyroid are connected in that they are part of the lymphatic system.
Another idea is stress. I'm the mom of four. Recently, I went to a Brownie/Girl Guide weekend camp as a mother volunteer. My canker started just before that weekend; probably because of stress in the preparations for camp. It rained all weekend and it was cold.
Hope my experience could shed some light for someone. I love learning from others. People should really learn more about their body before running to the doctor.
slothgirl last decade
I could see how yogurst and peanuts could affect this. I stopped eating peanut butter and i get them far far less. Milk usually makes mine appear more too. Breads too. Basically anything you eat aggrivates these buggers, and theres nothing you can do short of getting them out.
tim618 last decade
Barboy33 -You may want to consult an allergist about your swollen lymphnodes, since your MRI's are clean and they appear otherwise healthy. For years I suffered from swollen lymph nodes, high up in my hair line, along my neck. They were the size of whoppers candy and hurt badly. They also sometimes had a pimple like dot that wasn't a pimple and many doctors misdiagnosed as ingrown hairs. It turned out I run allergies through my lymph nodes and not my sinuses. A simple dose of Claratin made them disappear.

Now to be on topic, I have suffered fron tonsil stones since I was 6, so I am sure I didn't *catch them*. No one else in my family has them. I have found that adding yogurt to my daily diet cuts back the occurences dramatically. Also, I find if I flex my vocal chords I can often painlessly dislodge the stones and either spit them out or remove them with a cotton swab.
nomorestinky last decade
I've been having them for years. I sometimes take a pair of needle nose pliers and bend a small loop at the end to fish them out. I only get them on my left tonsil. I'm 35 and recently got invisalign (invisiable braces) and I can't really snack that much during that day. I'm also try to stop drinking soda. I normally drink diet coke, Diet Pepsi or Diet Dr Pepper. I usually have 1 soda at lunch and one at dinner. I've had this invisalign now for about 2 weeks. I starting to keep track of that fact that I haven't got any bumps for about 2 weeks now that I've stopped with the sodas. I did get maybe one or 2 but those were the days that I actually had a soda. I'm wondering if there is something within the drink thats causing them and making them grow. Maybe it's the syrup or carbonation. I'm going to keep track of it more. I'm going to try and kick the habit of drinking sodas. I'll keep you all posted. Anyone else noticed any correlation between the stones and soda?
seadoo last decade
I'm curious if you were tested for or the doctor mentioned Actinomycosis. Those misdiagnosed 'ingrown hairs' sound like Actinomycosis sinus tracks to me. These have nothing to do with the sinuses in your head, they are something different. You may want to explore that. It's rather serious if you have it in other parts of your body and it goes untreated. And from what i've read it's very tough to get identified.

justmebyanyname last decade
im 18 and at christmas i dveloped a really sore throat and it landed me in bed for a week it was horrible i couldnt move i had the symptons of tonsilitus but i didnt have white on my tonsils just the white bumps in the little holes iv just done my leaving cert which in america is the S.A.T my end of school exams so that had me under preasure but every now and then ill get a really sore throat and ill pick out the white bumps and then pain goes away is this tonsilitus or what???im not sure but it gets to me big time its horrible i also get the odd swollen gland in my neck well im not sure if its swollen but iv a tiny little bump there but i think its natural please advise as im really worried about it and i havent stopped thinkin about it i went to the doctor and he told me it could be sinusitus and the infection dripping down into my throat!i also get a sore ear from time to time pleease someone help!id prefer if someone could reply directly to hotasfcuk88(at)yahoo(dot)com as im not on this forum much
stiffler2302 last decade
Ok I haven't written on here before but I figured I would give it a shot. what the heck. First off I am 17 and I get my tonsils out next week. (nervous much?) oh yes.
well why, the same exact reason everyone is getting them out those dam tonsil stones! I can't take them anymore. I'm about to rip my tonsils open. (so luckly the tonsillectomy is next week)
I started having tonsil stones when I was 15. I had never had them before... they just appeared. well they never went away. at first it was just maybe once a week for a long time. I would just use tweezers to get them out. they were pretty big but chunks would come out so the tweezes were definatley helpful.good thing my gag reflexs are pretty good cause it would def. suck to have tonsil stones and gag alot while trying to take them out.(ok back on focus.) so I moved a year ago and when I got here my tonsil stones got worse, way worse. bigger, more at time, more often. they sucked. latley its been too bad. my right tonsil is larger than my left. I almost always have the stones in the right tonsil. In the past few months its been very hard to get the stones out. they seems to get stuck further and futher back in my tonsils with a thin coat of tissue covering them (any attempt at etracting them and I bleed like crazy) I'm not sure if anyone has experianced that before. I feel like they are growing inside my tonsil and I can't stop it. weird as that may sound. geez I look in the mirror with a flashlight and I swear its like a tumor is growing on my right tonsil so yes anyways...
they are coming out for good.
June 22! I can't wait. but I am nervous about the pain afterward. I will write back on here after my 'procedure'
and tell all how it went.
anthonysgirl2007 last decade

I know what you meean about them seem to get bigger and farther back, mine are like that now. You are lucky you are getting them out. I go to an ENT on the 19th, hopefully he will be able to let me get them out. i only get them on my right tonsil though. You will be glad you got them out, keep us updated.
tim618 last decade
Day 1 Surgery:
Arrived 5:30 am for 7:15 surgery- surgery prep stuff: paperwork, meet with anesthesiologist, change clothes, take pills, get IV and all remaining shots through IV. Walk down the hall for surgery- gave me gas(told me it was oxygen) and I was down for the count. Woke up pretty happy in recovery room. Throat was sore and dry- there was cold water waiting for me- though initially shocking, the water has been a blessing ever since. I recommend keeping a large glass of ice water at all times and keep your throat moist and cold. I have taken short naps, and when waking up it's the dryness that hurts- cold water is your savior. Another help is an ice pack up under your neck. And take your meds even if you don't think you need it- if it doesn't stay in your system thenit takes a while to work when you get sore enough to take it again.

I had purchased a bunch of different ice creams and popsicles because I wasn't sure what I would want/ what would be least painful to eat. I bought more frozen goodies than I have ever bought at one time ever. I would have to say that anything with citric acid leaves you burning. The hands down winner of the best ice cream treat for day one is surprisingly cotton candy sorbet pushups from Super Target. They have no citric acid and are creamy enough to stay cold in the back of your throat for cushioning in swalowing. Another great item is Italian Ice,as it is kind of a creamy slush as opposed to hard ice.
Things to note about the procedure: I know I had big tonsils, but did not expect the amount of tissue to be gone after the op- it's like I've remodled and have an extra bedroom back there. I thought that they just cut the tonsils where they are attached- like as in a 1 inch incision on each side. Instead there has been a cavern tunneled into my throat. I was shocked when I saw it, so I don't recommend looking at it right after surgery. On the upside- I never realized how much my tonsils affected my ability to breath- I feel very clear and like I can take deeper breaths- a pleasant surprise.
Whomever mentioned breaking your jaw during the procedure- I would say go to a Dr that doesn't do that. My Doc just cut them out and cauterized the whole area- no stitches. So day one has been tv, ice treats, meds, naps, and tons of ice water- and I feel pretty good about it!
Miraclefly last decade
Glad surgery went well for you Miraclefly. I had surgery a little over 2 weeks ago. Everything is A-OK here. I had my check up and I still have some healing tissue back there. I did have a problem with food getting stuck in the back of my throat where the tonsils used to be but I havent had that lately. I am eatting everything I want including nachos! It still feels a little strange to yawn at times but it's not bad. No more tonsil stones. After your mouth heals enough where you can brush the back of your tongue, your mouth feels great. This took a little over a week for me. I didn't think it was a bad experience at all. Caught up on movies and finished the book I have been dying to read. Don't forget JELLO. good stuff.
anticipation last decade

I suffered from white bumps in my throat for over 3 yrs. So I completely know how everyone feels in this forum. The correct term for these white bumps in the throat are tonsil stones.

I’ve tried everything, my doctor initially thought it was an infection and prescribed me antibiotics. That didn’t help at all. I then went to see a Throat Specialist, he told me tonsil stones are very common. Most people have got them, but they don’t notice it because they just swallow it. The reason why people get the balls stuck at the back of your throat, is because when you eat, food gets stuck in the tiny holes called the tonsil crypts.

So over time, the tiny holes (tonsil crypts) in your tonsils get filled up with bacteria and food particles which then become smelly. There is one way of removing the balls in your throat, use a water jet syringe and squirt the water onto the white ball. But that’s only a temporary relief, because it will grow again.

I’ve seen 2 naturopaths and 1 homeopath about my problem, but they couldn’t help either. I have to say I have spent almost $800, just seeing naturopaths and specialists.

A few months ago, a friend introduced me to this berry juice called the Himilayan Goji Juice. I’ve been taken it for a few months now, and my tonsil stones have completely gone! Its just unbelievable, the juice is made up of a berry called Goji (Lycium Barbarum). You may not have heard of Goji before, but it has been used in traditional Asian medicine remedies for generations.

What encouraged me to give it a try is that it is formulated by the Nutritionist Dr Earl Mindell, the man who wrote the Vitamin Bible, which sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

I really think you should try this juice, as it has certainly helped me. I drink 30mls everyday in the morning. Here is the website, give it a try.

w w w . e v e r l a s t i n g . f r e e l i f e . c o m

Let me know if it helped you too!
Tiffany23 last decade
i remember when i was in kindergarten i coughed up one of these nasty little craps. it was huge prolly one of the biggest...since i was only around five i thought it was gum???
i remember going to the doctor n they said it was nothing..I am now 15 and up until now ive decided to look it up cuz i just actually took one out(yuck!!)
well i hate these they smell and sometimes when im sleeping i can feel them(big ones)
they have gotten smaller but sometimes a big one might just pop out. i use qtips sometimes but i found useful teend of a comb the pointy part and just pop them out lol
theyre gross and smelly i HATE them but i can live with it...i guess i found a lot of ur posts very useful THANKS
condor_killa last decade
I too have fallen prey to the nasy white bumps in the back of my throat. And also was getting strep throat about 4-5 times a year, so my ENT guy recomended my toncils to be removed, with the promise that both of these problems would go away. boy was that a big crock of (bad word)!!Not only do I still have both problems, but I get it just as much as I did before. I am 29 years old and had this surgery 3 years ago. It is very painful and to top it all off, i am allergic to the liquid Lortab they gaave me for pain (it made me vomit)that is horrible pain when you have just had your toncils removed. So for those of you considering surgery to clear up this problem, I dont recommend it!
pbear4 last decade
I have a problem that I was hoping someone could help explain. I know that everyone has bumps on the very back of the tongue, but I have them down the whole middle of my tongue from front to back and in my throat. They almost make my throat feel numb, but painful at the same time and my tongue feel raw. If I touch my tongue with my finger it feels very rough, and I can feel the pain in every little bump. At first I thought that maybe I burned my tongue while drinking hot coffee or eating, but it has been over a week now and there are more bumps and more pain. Now my whole mouth is sore and raw. It's like every day I have more and more bumps and more and more pain. When I wake up in the morning my mouth feels like sand paper, even though I keep water by the bed and drink it all night. Anyone have suggestions for a girl with no health insurance? ~Wendy
pbear4 last decade

I would suggest to go see a doctor as soon as possible, that could be a serious infection or virus.

As for me, I just got back from my ENT appointment. Basically he said that it is a common problem and that theres nothing you can do about it, he said to just leave them alone and stop getting them out with the toothpick or swab because he is worried about infection. Altho, if i get one big enough and painful enough, im going to take it out. Right now i have one stuck in there, but its not giving me any pain. He said that if you just leave them alone they'll pop out on their own (we all know how that goes, or doesn't! HA!)

Anyways, He said there is no cure for this short of taking the tonsils out, thats when i chimed in and said thats what i would like to do. He said you really want to do it? I said yes, i've had these for over 10 years and they are really annoying and embarassing. He said ok and set me up for a tonsilectomy! YAY! Its august 2nd! I can't wait! He also said that i will be in extreme pain for about 2 weeks, I hope not, but i know i'll be in pain for a while. Thank God I'm finally getting these little buggers out!

tim618 last decade
Hooray!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

I saw the one reply from someone who had the surgery and wasn't pleased, which sucks, but the overall experience (including my own) seems to be overwhelming pleasure once the nasty little buggers are out.

It's not that bad a surgery either. I opted for a general anesthetic, woke up with a miserable sore throat, and a few days later, I was up, active, and foul-smelling-tonsil-ooze-free for life!
Ishie1013 last decade
Fuaran and MeeToo,

I am 34 and had my tonsils out about 5 years ago.

The stones that plagued me my whole life were gone. About 6 months after the surgery it seemed that I was getting food caught in the back of my tongue. God forbid if I eat any kind of nuts because they get stuck in the back of my tongue and will not come out for weeks. I tried to look back but cannot see anything. When I eat regular food I can caught and some of the food will come back into my mouth.

I went to 3 ENTs close to my house but they could not see anything. The next time I go I am going to eat a bucket full of nuts!

Fuaran and MeeToo please reply to this post or e-mail me at john at excaliburgateopeners dot com

I want more than anything to get rid of these stones forever! I want to be able to kiss my wife and to talk face to face with people!

Waiting your reply.

John Daniels
Melissa, Texas
johnadaniels last decade
Hello Everyone,

I have made a post here maybe a year ago, and after constantly investigating and trying different recommendation I have found what really happened to me and what caused the White/Yellow Stinky Bumps to be ejected from my throat.

I hope that this information possibly helps someone with this and that they can find a cure for them.


It all started one morning about 2 years when I woke up and ejected the yellow piece, I put it on a piece of paper, smashed it and man the odor was so bad.
I thought what the heck...It was happening sometimes once a week sometimes twice a week. I dont know why but there was no particular pattern.

Well, I usually am good about my moth hygiene and flossing, but there was a crown put it my mouth about 4 years ago that was covering the tooth. Every time I flossed arround that tooth, the odor on the FLOSS would be the similar if not the SAME as the white bumps that I sometimes eject from the back of my throat.

I went to my Dentist and told him to chech out the tooth, he said that the crown was a little bit cracked but it was still good on the tooth. the dentist gave me some Colgate mouthwash to use for 2 weeks to see if that will improve the odor, but no it did not.

I went back to my dentist and told him that I want him to put a new crown in place and he agreed.

I currently have a temp crown for two weeks now, I am waiting on my other crown to be finished and fitted.

I went this morning to the dentist and he said that the tissue arround that teeth is doing much better. And I asked him what happened, he said:' The crown made by the previous dentist was not seated very good, and when it cracked a bit, it was trapping some food making it to cause bacteria.'

Then I connected the two...

I have not have any white bumps since my old crown was taken off, and I am so happy.

If you have any crowns in your mouth, try flossing arround and see if you start to bleed and if you can smell the bad odor. If so, go to your dentist and have him check the crown(s) that might be your solution for the problem that is causing the WHITE BUMPS in your throat.

Thank you for reading...

hhalilovic last decade
I can see where this could happen. I'm only 19 and have no crowns, i've only had braces, and i still get the stones, i think its more directed at how the tonsils themselves are formed and how the crypts are formed..
tim618 last decade
I've found something that really helped me and my mum. First off some background and it's not much different to others here. I've had the same problem for the last few years. White stones, the smell of sulphur, sore throat, ear infection, headaches etc. I picked the stones out too and they smelled very bad. Spent months chewing gum and trying clorets and listerine....nothing worked. I actually chewed so much gum that someone told me that I was 'over minting'...imagine that I'm so worried that I'm gasing people with bad breath that I overcompensate and make people's eyes water with the smell of spearmint. I read this forum and decided to go to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist who said straightaway 'lets take the tonsils out'. I asked for 3 months to think about it. In the meantime I was flicking through my wifes OK Magazine and saw an advert for Retardex which claimed to destroys volotile sulphur compounds. I thought straight away 'it's sulphur I can smell maybe this will help'. So I tried it and bingo, this is the stuff. Twice a day I brush, floss, scrape my tongue and gargle with Retardex right to the back of the throat and over my tonsils. I've really clean breath 90% of the time and no stones for 4 months. I still regularly check my tonsils for the stones and I occasioanlly get tiny particles BUT they don't smell. Great!!!!
So here's what I suggest
1) Brush, floss, scrape tongue 3 times a day. Then gargle with Retardex.
2) When you floss between your teeth, smell the floss, if it's smelly. See the dentist and get him/her to check out the tooth in case thats causing odour too.
3) If you're still not happy then think about having your tonsils AND adenoids out.
One point is that I get the sulphur smell through my nose when I get hay fever in the summer. Might be a post nasal drip problem. I'm going to look into that. Anyway I think Retardex can be bought online or if you live in the UK you can get it from Boots the Chemist (approxe £8 for a bottle and will last about a month). Sounds like there are many different causes and problems, but this helped me.
Dave100 last decade
Well, I went to an ENT specialist about this problem today. Turns out he has never heard of crypt sealing as a treatment so he had suggested right off the bat that I get my tonsils 'whacked out' as he likes to put it. I plan on having the operation sometime early next week and I promise to keep everyone posted about how everything was post-surgery.
Sano7 last decade
pbear girl,

Since you asked... I'd first gargle and rinse with warm salt water and then follow that up with gargling and rinsing with honey water. Be sure you soak your toothbrush in Listerine or Vinegar too kill the bacteria on it. Make sure you are not drinking out of the same glass or cup without washing it.

There are lots of pictures out there on the web about your problem if you search. I've seen them out there while researching this topic, but it's been a while.

Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
I posted on here several months ago. I've had tonsil stones for about 15 years since i was 10 but didn't know what they were until I ran across this site. I tried some of the suggestions on here for cleaning out the tonsils. I tried a water pik but it hurt too much and pressing on them didn't help at all. I finally found a medicine dropper, it's like an eye dropper but larger. It works great for me. But i have really large holes in my tonsils, like almost the full length of the tonsil, so i can fit the dropper in there easily and flush them out no problem. I also switched to drinking soy milk and noticed a huge difference. I used to get stones every other day about the size of 2-3 BBs, but now only get them after i drink milk or eat ice cream. I don't have 'that taste' in my mouth anymore either. I know milk isn't a culprit for everyone, but it was for me. Even though it seems i've gotten rid of these stones, i'm still worried about having huge holes in my tonsils, does anyone else out there have holes this big? Does anyone know what could make holes this giant? Thanks.
aapanda last decade
i haven't posted on here for a while, but here's what's been going on for me lately:

i've been eating dairy again, due to a persistent stomach problem that makes it difficult for me to digest a lot of other foods. as some of you may recall, i made mentioned that i was vegan and my tonsil stones virtually disappeared when i eliminated dairy from my diet.

true to my previous experience, as soon as i began consuming dairy again, the stones returned. however, i have noticed that i only get them in my right tonsil. i pick them out with a q-tip several times a week (and manage to extract 3 or 4 large stones at a time) and have noticed that the q-tip only has that nasty smell when i probe my right tonsil. my left tonsil seems to be fine.

so, the past month or so has only served to reinforce what i already knew:

eliminating dairy from your diet will get rid of the stones!!

perhaps this doesn't work for everyone, but it's a fool-proof method for me. now if only i can get my stomach cooperating again, then i can ditch dairy for good.
kmoeller last decade
I've had this problem since college (20 years ago) and only recently found out I'm not the only freak in the world! Turns out my wife's friends had the same problem - but only during pregnancy. I obviously can't attribute my problems to pregnancy.

This line of postings has been great. I've read many. Here is what I have gleaned:

1) I'm not having my tonsils removed - I've thought about it, considered it, and have rejected it. BUT, my stones have not thus far stunk to high heaven. In fact, I have never smelled the sulfer smell so prevalent in posts here. Were it otherwise, I may consider otherwise. I judge no one for their choice, but I've never had surgery and intend to avoid it at almost all cost.

2) Food must be at the root of the causation, like sand to a pearl. But from there, bacteria becomes involved. Like any process in our oral cavity, what we eat and when we eat it will directly affect the chemical makeup of the 'debris' in our crypts, and will also affect the ph of our bodies and our crypts.

3) Some people are using some hard instruments toi remove the stones. Try irrigating with a glass eye dropper with a bent tip. It is much kinder than needle nose pliers (seriously, somebody wrote that is what they use!).

4) I L O V E DAIRY! I love milk. I don't feel right without some milk in me several times a week. Yet that seems to be a prevalent cause (or aggravator), and I think it is so in myself as well. But, I'm not getting rid of milk. To do so would be like taking a drug - helps here, hurts there.

5) I rarely eat eggs or anything that I think contains sulfer. Not avoiding it, it's just not a frequent food of mine. Does anyone find the intensity of the smell of the stones change with diet?

6) It would seem getting rid of the 'bad' bacteria while keeping the 'good' bacteria is the key. I've seen several posts that mention proteria? What is that? Can I get it from food?

7) I came to this site looking for an explanation for these stones and suggestions for a cure, but it looks like we are all in the same boat with trying a little something here, modifying there to find the cause and cure. I was also looking for a suggestion for something to physically remob=ve the stones better than the glass eye dropper I have been using. I have thought of a water pik before, but it seems too intense. A syringe with a very small hollow tube where one could insert the tip of it into the crypt and apply irrigation at any chosen intesity would seem to be what I'm looking for. Any suggestions?

8) Did I mention giving up milk is not an option? ;)
MobyTonsil last decade

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