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I'm going through the same situation as you and suffering fromm post nasal drip aswell. I 'm would like to get my tonsils out but I'm not sure getting them out is the answer. As i read the the postings, I came across your and thought I'd give you a try. I too would also like to know if removing them would indeed be the answer in removing my bad breath. IF anyone can shed some light my way I would appreciate it.
man-man last decade
I have read all the past postings since my departure and wonder if we ought to, as a group form a questionaire for someone to use in actual research.

Again I will say, I do not think this is contagious. If so, there would be more of us and doctors would know more because it would not be as rare as it seems. Kissing, sharing drinks...

My husband and daughter are not affected, but son is. I have been married for nearly 25 years, I honestly believe it is genetic, My mom doesn't have them, but my dad did! I will ask my brothers and about their kids.

I do not drink milk, only eat cheese occasionally, and my calcium intake is a once a month suplement for osteo' therapy.
I do not suffer from allergies, do not get earaches, and practically live in the chlorinated water-I run a swim school.
I can not have direct contact with bromine water that causes a terrible rash!
I find, like my father, that my teeth are more succeptible to plague reguardless of my brushing and flossing.

I love fruit, have eaten abundance... to the point in childhood -ate citrus multiple times a day...it probably effected the enamel on my teeth. But did not get colds growing up. I did have lots of ear aches as a child. I still get them if not careful. I do take antibotics when I feel several symptoms, I can tell if it is to run into a full blown illness.

I use the stone formation as a sign of my health. If I see an increase I know my body is battling off an infection.
I clear the stones, and unless I feel the the ears being sensitive I am pretty comfortable that this works. If not I start a Z-pack.

As a military family, we moved 14 times in 18 years. Living all over the world and USA, still travel a lot. So climate, house environment, water, floride and all have fluccuated in my life.

The only link I have seen in is a possible family genetic link.

That I do not like having the stones is a fact. I also do not find them to be more than a bother, I actually tried to find them useful and though the smell is very unpleasant - once removed they are gone. I am fortunate they do not make me ill! I disagree they are the illness.

I am interested in what cases them in me! I wonder how my ears are related to them.

I sleep on a feather bed, with down comforter, and down pillows, we keep a cool house in winter and a warm house in summer, I rarely have a glass of wine, and then only a fruity low alcohol one.

I have never smoked, nor done drugs.
though, do however. love Dr. Pepper.
So play with my start of a questionaire, others feedback on same, might narrow down a common bond.

Later folks.
swimmmermom last decade
Pedro, in defence to nomostinkbombs I agree with his reposting, yes it's a lot to read, but I got to this forum on approx. page 24. I just skimmed through the 23 pages before that because who has time to read all pages, so thanks to him I didn't have to search through what everyone has said because he seemed to pinpoint MY PROBLEM in the last 4.

nomostinkbombs, I took thursday and friday off last week so I hadn't been in the office for 4 days. While I was gone I started to feel a lot better and, because we're moving, lots of things were taken apart and thoroughly cleaned or thrown out. I've been back at work for the last 2 days and the dust free environment seems to makes a huge difference as to how my face and throat feels. So now I guess I'm up for an early spring cleaning and maybe I'll be one of the lucky stone free ones on this forum. Thank you for responding to my cries of help and for that matter everyone elses.

Everyone please stop knocking each other we're all here to help you, me and everyone else. If people repeat it's only to emphasis the path they have taken to prevent and get rid of their stones. I'm glad to hear there are people who have been stone free for so long but still takes the time to think about the ongoing sufferes. Thanks EVERYONE.
Xena38 last decade
how do u guys use a waterpik to clean the tonsils?
tonsilstoness last decade
Hi Xena and others,

This is with reference to the ulcer on the tonsil post that I had posted 2 weeks back.
Much to my joy, now I find that it is shrinking on its own....In fact it has reduced to a pin head....
I took Septillin syrup ( I was advised to take the tablets which were bright blue and that somehow put me off it) and thats abt it....
Thanks for the support.....
kavithasmenon last decade
I’m suffering from Tonsil Stones/Tonsiliths aswell. Which I believe developed from my post-nasal drip that originated Dec. 2004. It all started after suffering a serve stomach virus in mid 2003, to which I became open to a lot of sickness. Late 2003, I had a leak in my apartment, which went several weeks before it was fixed. That triggered the post-nasal drip, due to development of mold which building management denied until I paid for testing to confirm it. As my PND got worse, I started to notice co-workers covering their faces when I start to talk, enter a room or just walk by. Then I realized that not only I was suffering from bad breath but also it was coming out of my nose with every breath. (Does any one else have a problem like that??) I originally believed the mucus from the post-nasal drip was the only culprit in my bad breath. No…it wasn’t… After some careful and long-term research I believed my PND created the Tonsilstones/Tonsiliths, which in turn made my bad breath nasal.

Since my PND diagnosis…I clean my apartment like it’s a religion…I have used almost every prescription that the ENT doc has prescribed for me(doesn‘t work…only temporary relief)…nasal irrigate two times a week…Wear a protective mask when I clean…. Got a CT Scan on my sinuses(which came out good)…Getting an Allergy tested for dust/dust mites and other possible causes…Tested by a Gastroenterologist which came up clear.

Since having PND…I have met other people who suffer from PND aswell. Although, they don’t suffer from bad breath at all. Again, after more research and observation, I believe that my Tonsil Stones are the problem. Now that same smell my Tonsil Stones produce when exiting the mouth…covers my finger after rubbing my Tonsils…is now apart of the coating on my tongue. I believe the mucus is the cause of my rapid development of tonsil stones. If anyone has a theory close this then please let me know.

I can deal with having PND but the bad breath is a death sentence. To date, it has changed my life for the worse…socially, sexually, and my work environment…which I believe may cost me a promotion at work. After reading the entries from this site, I believe, if I remove my Tonsils the ordor will go away.

Can anyone let me know if you suffering this problem with tonsil stone and post-nasal drip…
Will getting my Tonsils out help my breath? Is removing my tonsils really the answer?
Someone let me know. I want to end the war with my breath. I want my life back!
man-man last decade

Just saw this ad below your post, might be worth a try.


Course everyone who has been reading my recent posts about my defense regarding mentioning molds, notice how this MOLD has effected this guy? and the formation of stones, and NO I did not get a friend to POST THIS!hahaha

the defense rests..

And To save everyone (pedro) in this forum of my schpeel, Man-man, (and anyone else who wishes to hear my opinions)

can e mail me with questions at:cjshea at charter.net

I have some questions for you, and want to talk to you via e mail if you wish.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Hi people, I'm new to this whole posting thing (this is my first); here goes:
I get tonsil stones occasionally and was slightly shocked to read about people sticking foreign objects into themselves to get rid of them. Try squeezing the fold in front of your tonsil just by pushing your little finger against it until the little bits pop out. Until there's a proper cure, do this occasionally.
I get these things even though I have really good oral hygiene and eat healthily, so I don't think it's got much to do with bad diet.
Hope that helps.
jagger last decade
Kavithasmenon, I'm glad to hear it's going away, keep doing what you're doing.

Today at work I've been cleaning out old dusty files and now I have so much pressure in my head and I can't blow it out. When I try to blow it out I smell and taste TONSIL STONES, YAY!!! I don't see them or feel them in my throat so I'm afraid they're back up in my sinuses again or always have been. I don't know what I can do to prevent this other then trying an antihistamine while we're in the process of moving. Any recommendations as to which ones best for dust allergies? I know this stupid pain I've been enduring has to be mold or allergies so know I'm gonna fight this thing tooth and nail or I'll fight my doctor tooth and nail. I'll fight till the b*%!&%d gives me the proper attention I've been trying to get for 2 years now. I just want some kind of relief instead I get looked at like I'm crazy.
Xena38 last decade
hello man man i am suffering from post nasal drip afer a tonsillectomy so no getting your tonsils removed does not solve the problem the odor you said that you can smell them think about for one minute that this could be your sinus in your nose think ha ha that this is your adenoids giving you so much trouble dag gum if you go to an ent and they came back clear then have him look at your adenoids to see what they are doing after all you breathe really does come from your nose oh yea and the breathe well if you brush your teeth then brush your tongue as well too this will help and also can you smell your sinuses if you can then this is definietly and adenoid problem they help control the drainage of the sinus not the tonsils they can give you good breathe and if your nose is stopped up then that is where the adenoid sits is behind the nose ha ha if you take out your tonsils then you will still have post nasal drip so first think about the adneoid first and then maybe tonsil.
tonsils gone last decade
hello tonsil stones just remove your adenoids and you wont have that problem no more i mean heck these doctors think that tonsils are the problems but they are not ha ha
tonsils gone last decade
Well... I do believe I give up on this forum. I was hoping for a homeopathic 'cure' but as lately MOST of the extremely lenghty and not forward moving postings have had very little to do with homeopathic principles I'm moving on. I consider this forum to have been hijacked by someone not in the spirit of the forum. Good Luck All!

I will say for anyone considering it that tonsillicomies do not remove all of the tonsils so it probably will help but not cure you of this problem. Check into the lasering of crypts as a first solution if you are really considering surgery. And there is a LOT of what I considered valuable contributions long before our hijackings worth re-reading for those new to the forum searching for help.
justmebyanyname last decade

You probably wont answer this if you are truely gone, but I find your last post kind of taking a jab at me without using my name. Go ahead just speak plainly if so, because..

If im not mistaken, in your last post, are you are referring to ME? as the "hijacker?" Me? Now I'm a hijacker? lol? I suppose you consider that, pedro is in the "spirit of the forum" with all his rudness and attacks on everyone including me? If anything will make people sick its attitudes like his, all that anger and bitterness in him, is like a CANCER.

Also, I didnt know that a forum had a limit on what people could write, and how much/how often. But maybe its just me, if anyone has hijacked this place its been that pedro guy with his rudness. Yet without looking back to be sure, I dont think you ever said a word about his attitude in here, you just go ahead and take some cheap shots at me?

Im just in here taking my valuable time trying to help people, and lately having to listen to Pedro's negativity post after post, distracting from people's real problems, I am offering possible solutions and suggestions, which time and time again he has mocked, only to be proven wrong. (like the mold guy) As for me, I never attacked anyone, put anyone down EVER, just tried to help. I know Im getting attacked by Pedro directly, now you seem to be attacking me inderectly. Why not just come out and call my name? I think I would prefer that to be honest. But no matter, think what you wish, do what you wish.

As far as me not posting about homeopathic remedies, I dont know how in the world you cannot consider, changing diet, learning about and avoiding toxins in things we use daily (fluroide), toxic molds, toxic foods, (IMO), boosting immunity, using Citrus, hygiene (oral, ear, throat) and doing certain phsyical type experimental
"techniques" as "NOT Homeopathic" and in the not "spirit of the forum?"

I think the only UN-natural thing I have spoken about has been NATURAL flavored Listerine. (91% natural orange flavor) :) Homeopathic or not, this has worked for me, and If i were a betting man, I bet it has started working for others too.

Im not trying to hijack this thread, all im doing is looking for answers like the rest of the people in here, I dont care if someone comes in here and writes 4 pages of text, i will read it willingly. And, If its interesting and readable, has some links, information. whatever, as long as its not offensive and provides some possible cures and interesting ideas, I would only encourage that, its people like Pedro that hurt this place, not me. I hope we dont see many more of his ilk in here either.
nomostinkbomb last decade
man man,

since mucus is being produced in masse in your case its best to reduce or eliminate MUCUS producing foods from your diet for the time being. (mainly dairy) And increase the mucus cutters (fresh citrus) This can only help reduce the PND. while boosting your immune response IMHO.

Would also be interested if you visited that link I posted which was an AD from this site, whether that product worked or not for you?

Second, of course you have to get rid of the molds in your environment which is good you have done, remediation was the correct move, as there are hundreds of different types of mold, some worse than other. Despite what some people think, its not a laughing matter, its quiet serious actually, for some people it can be deadly.


Because of attitudes in here about me being off track/topic, I will repeat as you have said yourself how PND can possibly contribute or increase stone formation, so ANYTHING that MIGHT reduce this PND from happening will also most LIKELY effect and possibly reduce stone formation as well.

Did you know that 80% of household dust in the home is actually DEAD HUMAN skin cells, floating in the air? And like a majic carpet, virus, bacterias, and finally dust mites feed on our skin (also pet danders) , then the mite feces get airbone from them eating as well, (which many also react to)

Personally, have found a weird thing in my own life that I am MOST allergic to my OWN dust (dead skin cells)usually found in MY OWN Laundry. Nothing gets my nose running like my OWN dirty laundry. Its a strange thing, but I have found this to be true. Its possible as you are moving you are stirring up a lot of your OWN dust, just like when I dig into my month old laundry buried at the bottom of my bin? hahahah
nomostinkbomb last decade
nomostinkbomb - stop trying to pass the buck please. It is clear that you are the reason that justmebyanyname has left the forum, and not me. Deal with it. I'm sure that it's not the first time that you have scared people off with your inane ramblings.

I think you'll also find that you "attacked" me first, and that I have not attacked anyone else. You are one mixed up little boy. Allergic to you own dead skin - LOL, I expect that most people would be allergic to your live skin.

Showing your true colours once again nomostinkbomb - full of it.
pedro_h last decade
in defense of nomostinkbomb i think that he has the right idea of getting rid of the stinkbombs and keep the tonsils because they are your defense and also the weather has alot to do with it after all i wished that i could have kept my tonsils and figured out why they were swollen instead of removing them maybe i would not be in the shape that i am in today but he is right doing the freshed squeezed juices because if you think about it today and go to the store then the juices today have lots of sugar in them and also your diet like eating fresh fruits and vegetables and only grass fed cow meat will help to or just buy the book the Makers Diet he will help you to .
tonsils gone last decade
PEDRO.....WHO THE H*&L DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? From your very first post till now all you've done is taken stabs at everyone and offered absolutely nothing. Everyone's stones from what we've determined are all caused by different problems, so most people touch on every possibility so we can determine which cause is ours. I don't care that some people repeat, the more they repeat the less I have to read. I don't want to read 29 pages to find out what's wrong with me I've already dealt with too much s%&t because of these stones I don't want to strain my eyes too. I think you should be the one to shut up and get lost there's been nothing but tension between everyone since your first post. So instead of putting everyone else down why don't you read all your own posts and see what an as$*%le you've been and how much nothing you've really contributed. As for equalizing, which you seem to be so against, I use it. Why? Because I don't know what it is I have to do to completely get rid of them so until then I'll take the temporary relief. nomostinkbombs I believe has helped a lot more people understand them and gave the best suggestions of things we can try till we find OUR best solution. So DON'T knock someone for trying to help us. Your posts just P*&S ME OFF.
justmebyanyname when did you become such a b*&%h? Don't let pedro's petty childishness influence you we're just here to help each other since our doctors can't or won't.
nomostinkbombs, I'm beginning to think dairy could be making my stones worse. I don't believe mine are caused by just allergies or mold anymore. On Tuesday I had french onion soup and there was LOTS of cheese on it. While eating it, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I noticed that I started to feel a bit under the weather and then woke up yesterday morning with a headache. Then while at work I started feeling worse and worse until I was vomitting up what looked like huge amounts of mucous (don't know if spelling is accurate). I think the worse my nasal drip is the worse I feel, I've vomitted several times because of it.
Does anyone know how I can get my doctor to take me seriously? Or should I just find another one and hope they're more of a help?
I feel like I'm a big whiney baby that's going crazy because of this, people are probably sick of my complaining. Some people understand and try their best to make me comfortable and others just roll there eyes at me. Maybe I should make them read this so they'll understand my pain a little more and see there is a whole group of us looking for relief or a solution to this painful smelly burden.
Xena38 last decade
Everyone, please calm down.

You are all entitled to express any opinion you like, but you've got to respect each other's feelings. If you can't say it nicely, don't say it at all.

If anybody feels that any post from this point on is inflammatory, don't respond, just let me know via the contact form at:


I will delete the post and ban the person that posted it.

Have a nice day.
moderator last decade
I had my tonsils removed and it was not as bad as I thought. The pain was not bad at all very tolerable..

My breath smelled all the time and if the removal of my tonsils is going to help my breath than I would do it again in a heartbeat...

I was sick of picking, gagging, coughing and the whole situation had taken a toll on my self esteem... I couldn't go anywhere and couldn't talk to people because I was always self concious about my breath...

Even now as I sit in pain my mouth taste fresher and smell fresher...

i feel like a new person....

I will still continue to use Therabreath and all the non alcoholic mouthwashes and pastes as I think those items are not good for oral hygine as they dry out the mouth...
tonsilsnomore last decade
Hey Xena38

If you actually read my posts properly you would see that I found a way to totally remove the tonsil stones from my tonsils. I hoped that other people could maybe use the same technique to permanently get rid of them.

Sorry if I have annoyed you, but I simply could not understand why some people had to post the same information over and over, when it would be easy to say "check out my equalization technique, which is described on page 23.... and also on pages 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26 & 27)

FYI I didn't take stabs at everyone, just nomostinkbomb because he kept going on about things even when other people stated that they were possibly not relevant, and now he is scaring people away from the forum.

I still believe that the ONLY way to get rid of tonsil stones is to irrigate your tonsil crypts (all of them) and flush out ALL your tonsil stones, and the bacteria that causes them.

You could alternatively go and live in a plastic bubble, free from dairy, mould, dust, fluoride, and drink fresh orange juice in between equalizing. This will of course probably achieve nothing.


pedro_h last decade
Yes pedro I did read your posts, but if you read mine you would see that I've emphasized a million times that we've determined ours are all caused by different things. Therefore, that means it's going to take something different for each of us. I'm sorry I didn't thoroughly read your post but I didn't like your tone and attitude so everything you've said has left me because of your rudeness.
Do you want to read 29 pages to possibly find a solution? I don't I started on page 24 so now I'm working from a few pages before my first post till now. I'm working on those solutions and thank God people repeated or all the solutions would be at the beginning and I'd have to read everything probably giving myself a migraine from the strain of staring at a screen. If you've noticed a lot of the repeating is because people are asking the same questions over and over again so someone has the decency to answer them thoroughly.
Your solutions might get rid of the stones for you but I have to find out whats causing mine to completely rid of mine. Yes I'll try your irrigation solution but I have to get rid of the cause before I can get rid of the outcome. nomostinkbombs has honestly been the biggest help to me and if you read other peoples posts he's help them to. A lot of peoples question are directed at him so therefore he's doing his best, a tonsil stone free person, is taking their time to help us. I think it's nice that he has the patience to constantly repeat himself. (Sorry nomostinkbombs if you're female, I'm not sure).
I also noticed you couldn't write a message to me without taking another stab at someone else. Grow up.
Xena38 last decade
Ok, I don't have a preventative solution, but I do have a way to get the little "throat boogers" out without the frustrating and often unsucessful method of poking and digging around. I have led a lot of outdoor trips in my life and in our first-aid kits, we always have a little suction device for stingers, snake-bites etc. It's called the "Sawyer Venom & Sting Kit." It's a syringe-like tube with interchangeable plastic attachments. You stick it on the skin, depress the plunger and it really sucks for a split second. I used it on the top of my tonsil (where I could see the little white nasty), activated the plunger and out it came. It's kind of gross, and you'll want to take it off instantly, but it worked amazingly and on the first time.
Sawyer Products can be found at:
PO Box 188
Safe Harbor, FL 34695
(813) 725-1177
MountainMan last decade

Thank you for your apologetic responses to pedro its refreshing to hear the TRUTH from others. You are exactly correct in everything that you posted. Yes I have done (but have stopped) posting this stuff over and over, but you are also corrct that people seemed to be asking the same questions over and over, even though the answers IMO were just a page or two back? Like they never saw the ideas, or techniques?

When you look back, many of them were in crisis mode and in desperation it seemed. So I esponded in kind. And you have proven that people can come in here at the most recent posted pages, which proves that re-posting key things is not only proper, it's valid, since others seem not to read back from where they enter. (or dont choose to) Many many kept complaining about ear problems, (which of course Pedro doesnt think is on topic?) Tell that to the many that have come in here complaining that stones have effected their hearing. I know my techniques will help clear out the ears, eustations, and also can vibrate loose the stones if done correctly.

I think pedro is worried he will be banned (should be already IMHO) so hes trying to kiss up at this point to you and others, fine. However, I think the best thing at this point is to just ignore the guy and move ahead, I realized there was no pleasing him long ago, esp when I saw him mock/attack some other poster who mentioned something about the stones and other health problems really come from Demon's in the house, Pedro asked the guy "does your mummy know your up etc" totally oblivious to the fact this person might believe this, and just slammed him.

Course being totally rude to the poster, who might REALLY believe this is the case. Coming from a Charismatic background myself, I know that some people REALLY believe that demons make people sick, and are behind ALL sickness. And the only thing that can help them is prayer, annointing places with oil, and laying on of hands. While I personally dont agree with that completely, I'm still not sure the person is WRONG either. But, I didn't come on here and blast the poster, with some personal attack, hence the difference between pedro and myself.

And he says I "attacked" him? I would love for him to post my "attack" :) I dont think I ever attacked anyone, I might have disagreed? And even If I did, I did it respectfully. I didn't know that good discussion, debate while having a right to disagree with somone respectfully on a topic was "attacking" someone? I call it simply another point of view, and or debate.

He talked about ME being sensitive to someone questioning MY ideas? LOL! But when someone MOCKS and interjects personal insults like Pedro has to other's opinions, (including mine) thats where I draw the line. It shows a lack of respect for people and other's ideas.

So I will not mention the guy anymore bottom line, no more defending my ideas over and over, its waste of my time and energy, and people dont want to wade through all this to read about stones.

BTW I am a Guy, and probably OLDER than pedro. :)

Xenia, you are also correct that pedro may have found a way to remove them, all well and great, and if it worked for him and others... cool. But I have read others in here who have removed them completely only to have them come BACK days later. So that treatment or flushing only deals with the RESULT and REMOVAL of the stones, and not the CAUSE, (at least for most people) Some have it Chronically, I guess Pedro cannot grasp that idea that removing them does NOT mean they will be gone forever in everyone. It May have worked in his case, but I KNOW others who it hasn't and never will until they/we can get to the CAUSE.

Some other's recently have posted about the size of the tonsils contributing to stones (tonsils gone?) Which I think is a KEY to this problem for chronic sufferers. Its the chicken or the EGG, does the large tonsil create larger crypts for stones to form? Or do the stones MAKE the tonsils enlarged? IMHO its probably the TONSILS being enlarged first. Again just a guess, but this is something that needs to be figured out, if not already, someone should post some studies about shrinking them.

I think tonsils gone agreed with me on my stance about removing them, (which Im against unless last resort) after he had his removed. and remarked that my opinion was right, to keep them but shrink them if possible, and as a last RESORT if nothing else works, laser them finally remove them.

What amazes me is that people STILL seem to get stones AFTER the tonsils are GONE? Which tells me they can form wherever there is a divot/crypt in the mouth, to cling to and form. This also pretty much blows away the debate that stones form WITHIN the tonsils themselves, dont you think?

So the quest in here is not for TREATMENT only, but rather PREVENTION. That's what I'm aiming at. In fact that's what justme was also pursuing. Xenia you are also right that what "works" for one person might not "work for all" which is why we need to post any ideas on CAUSES and have it tested by sufferers. People like me and Pedro cannot prove theories, as we have been stone free for awhile. Its people that STILL have them that need the help and need to try some of my/others ideas to prevent and remove.

The Cause of stones, is a subject that is still up in the air IMO. That's why I throw ideas and opinions out there to have stone sufferers try them, to see what works. I know some things have worked for me, so I share them. I dont claim or believe that EVERYTHING I have done, and the ideas I have posted about foods, etc will work for everyone, (yet) I do believe strongly in the information I have read on milk, molds, and fluoride as these things been fleshed out by people much smarter than myself and pedro, that's for sure.

Although I come across as confident and strong willed in my posts, I am by no MEANS positive Im on the right track in prevention or cause of these things in EVERYONE. The reason I stress my ideas is in attempt to have others who are suffering, to TRY them, and to see if THEY get results. Its not about ME. And recently, my confidence only grew, as I heard back from others that they have had stone free lives after using some suggestions (sweetbreath) for one, after taking some of my ideas and justme's and running with them.

Yes I think pedro may have found a way to irrigate the tonsils and or push them out with fingers, (although this is nothing new) and many others have posted the same thing long ago (including myself) long before he came on here, using Q tips, syringes, ear bulbs, whatever..works.

I also think mountain man may be onto something, about vacuuming them out, and has maybe found a gentle way to vacuum them OUT, if his tool works, GREAT! I had this thought, but dindt think of a tool that would gently "suck" them out. This seems to be a great way to pull out the tough ones.

But the point is you are correct it's one thing to get rid of something, its completely another to PREVENT THEM.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Okay, now onto another fresh pursuit.


I think your idea of a questionarre for feedback you posted awhile back is a good one. I dont know how we can get it out, (I think someone posted one awhile back with a link) It might help show some "commonalities" people have and experience when suffering Chronic stone formation. Let the data do the talking! I would be interested to see what people have/share/do/eat who seem to have these all the time. And also what TREATMENTS have worked once they have used them.

Of course I have stressed DIET, hygeine, and some techniques, which I still think contribute to the formation of stones, But, now I think we need to get some feedback about the relationship between tonsil stone formation and the presence of INFECTIONS in the body, and the subsquent use of ANti biotics to treat them.

Why? Because back when I had my last stone event, I had a minor tooth infection, and was taking some anti biotics. Unfortunately, I was also eating tons of DAIRY at the same time. (cottage cheese) This is why I link Dairy ingestion, in my case, as a contributer to stone formation. (and still do) But now I also think we need to look harder at the infection/antibiotics link as well.

Justme posted something awhile back, about the relationship between antibiotics and stone formation. Course I asked him a question about the relationship between infections/antibiotics and stone formations, to which he never responded. I think there is something here that needs to be persued.

I wonder how many stone sufferers have recently been on antibiotics as well? If you have been on them, and saw stones form shortly after please post.

I would bet a LOT of people have been on them, Only problem with this theory is they could also have infections, eat dairy, not rinse/gargle mouth, drink enough water, eat other foods, and encounter other environmental effects etc..

Just curious, please post if you have noticed more stones and or had stones after taking anti-biotics, or gettins some infections.

Also post if you have had stones even after Not taking them or having infections.
nomostinkbomb last decade
I am 15 years old and I just started looking this up last night. I have been having thiese little "tonsil boogers" for a while now and just this past week they have been really bad.

My mom took me to the doctor this morning and he did nothing saying it was normal.

Its not normal to me because I have to constantly chew gum and worry about my breath. It is also quite embarrassing having to worry about your breath before you kiss your boyfriend.

I used to just go into coughing fits to try and "bring em out" but now just this morning i started pushing on the tonsil and they just sort of..pop out. Its pretty disgusting.
I mean, these things can be HUGE.

Not to mention the smell is absolutely horrible and sometimes even makes my breath smell like it forcing me to constantly be chewing gum.
pr3ttyp1nk last decade
I am so glad I found this site, I have had these things for about 3yrs now. I didn't know what they were and everytime I would try to explain them to a doctor he never got it, but I also didn't know where they came from till about a year ago. and dang.. is that nasty or what?? tonight I had to clean mine out.. for the first time in a while..and there was so much. My hubby has really bad breath I wonder if he has this also?? guess I won't find out till he gets back from Iraq!! I can't believe how many other people have this, thank god its not just me LOL i thought i was odd haha
armywife116 last decade

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