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dissident, good luck on your surgery. Do let us know how it goes.

dr_pepper, how are things? I think it's been a few days since you last posted... was hoping you'd share with us the remainder of your experience.
SkeerdofaTnA last decade
I am sooo frustrated with my doctor's office! It seems that many of you who are making tonsillectomy appointments get them right away! I just found out recently that I have to wait three months just for a consultation!! How are you all able to get appointments so fast>?
katherine1 last decade
Since my last post it's pretty much been getting better day over day. I'm back to eating normal, back at work, and all of the sharp pain is gone. Right now it still feels like I have two patches back there and there is still some white (scabbing) tissue there. As for breath - still too early to say. I still am not to the point where I can get in and clean my tongue really good in the morning as that still causes some pain. Plus until the white patches are gone basically I still have some dead tissue in my throat that definitely isn't going to help breath. However, I do indeed notice there is none of that icky stickiness that i used to get. Also, my 'winter cough' that I've always had since a teenager has disappeared. I think this was probably related to some nasal drip I always suffered. So - so far I still feel I've made the right decision. I will post in another week when all the tissue has fully healed and there are no scabs left.

pain medication has to be limited to the kind that doesn't cause any blood thinning so you're probably looking at something similar to Tylenol. Get through the first 5 or 6 days and you'll be fine. I too enjoyed my week off even though it was painful. It was a nice break from the job.

I got in to see my ENT in about a month and then had to wait 3 months for surgery. But this is Canada and that's pretty standard. The benefit being we don't have to put out of pocket for any of it.
dr_pepper last decade
Ok, as far as everyone's 'crypt's'...mine is more like a sack and it gets filled with the stones. It seriously looks like a growth on my throat that fills up. Is that what you are referring to when you say 'crypt' or do you just mean some kind of indentation in your throat. I have a very hard time getting them out because I either have to 1. Stick the waterpick into the sack and wiggle it around so that the stones come out the top of the sack or 2. Get a qtip and kinda squeeze from the bottom of the sack upwards until they pop out.

Can you tell me what your crypt's look like?
Speedylittleme last decade
And yes, I hate feeling so unattractive when my husband walks in to see me gagging myself, coughing, tears streaming down my face cuz my eyes are watering, face red and saliva dripping from my mouth. I'm sure he's thinking 'Man, I can't wait to hit that!!'.
Speedylittleme last decade
can't actually see my tonsil where the crypt is- all I can see is in fact this flap of skin that stretched from the top of my throat to the bottom on one side, right in front of the tonsil. When I get a big enough stone back there, it does what you're talking about and presses against the flap and makes a bulge. But my boyfriend (who, yes, is willing to help me out with these things) tells me that he can pull the flap aside with a q-tip and see the tonsil behind it, where the stones are. He has to press them out from behind.
herbuveaux last decade
Well I got all the goods and my prescriptions ready. The doc prescribed to me Vicodin (hydrocodone/acetaminophen combo, red colored liquid) along with an antibiotic (a pink liquid) .. he says although not necessary, the antibiotic can speed recovery time, eliminate the chance of secondary infection, and reduce pain associated with harmful bacteria in the area.

... along with these I will be drinking fresh home cultured kefir to replenish friendly bacteria (I know it's dairy, but the broad spectrum of healthy bacteria in kefir is worth it) along with thera-breath, which is a solution of chlorine dioxide/sodium chlorite that is a pretty gentle antibacterial agent.
dissident last decade
Wow dissident..you go. Sounds like you have plenty of pain meds. I did not get vicodin, but then, I did get oxycodone/contin? (in pill form). Tylenol/codeine which seemed to help me the most w/pain.(liquid) And pill antibiotic. Seems as tho they weren't too worried about me swallowing. Which really, I did not have too much trouble with.

Katherine, I got in right away. But I have extenuating circumstances..like my boss' brother is an ENT and they wanted me done ASAP, as not to interfere w/a work situation. Otherwise, I may have had to wait.

Speedy...nice sense of humor. It is so attractive to try to show these things to people, and they're like 'WTF' is that. No one understands. Except your ENT.

Dr. Pepper, so glad you are feeling better. I knew you'd be fine.

Kmoeller, I'm gonna post something that maybe you want to hear or not...I am still feeling something odd on the left side of my throat (post tonsillectomy). That is where my stones were predominant, and I'm a little frustrated. The feeling I have is not near what it was with the stones, but still a feeling of unease and dryness. I've been back to the ENT and my family Dr and they both say I have fluid in my (left) ear. And they both say everything looks great! I assume that the fluid in the ear may have something to do w/my continual irritation w/my throat. I need to get to the bottom of it because I didn't spend 7,000 for nothing (I paid about 1,300) and if I'm still feeling strange, what gives. Family Dr. said to do Flonase and hope that will drain your ear. If not, he said a tube. WTF does this have to do w/my tonsils. I am a little perturbed.

I do not have stones, thus far, post tonsillectomy, but I still feel an odd sensation back there and I can't or anyone, can't, see anything wrong..??
ASIgirl last decade
PS..I am almost 3 months post op. I still feel like I want to scrape the back of my throat w/a backhoe. (just the left side).

I still will say I don't have any regrets (cause it wasn't that bad), but if I don't get to the bottom of my irritation, and if it is an ear issue, then what? Or a drainage issue? I give up.

I will be going back, tho, to the ENT. This is ridiculous. I'll let you all know.
ASIgirl last decade
ASIGirl, I think I posted in response to your situation a while back...

The last time I went to the ENT, they gave me a packet of stuff to read and talked out the possibility of tympanectomies after a tonsillectomy. Basically, it means inserting a very small tube like opening in the ear drum to allow the fluid to drain out of your ear. The tube thingy ends up falling out at some point as long as the ear drum is kept clean and doesn't get infected. I don't know about tubes... but possibly a tympanectomy to relieve the fluid buildup.
SkeerdofaTnA last decade
It's amazing.. I found this website and I'm SURPRISED of the amount of people that sufffers from this condition. I thought I was the only weird one with this condition. I've read about 15 pages of replies..so I think I've read enough. Like you all, I have the same problem. Now, I'm really tired of this thing, and really need to do something. So, here are my symptoms:

1) Extremely bad taste (tongue gets really bad).
2) SUPER-FREQUENT Throat Clearing, which is quite annoying.
3) Lump sensation in back of tongue = STONES in my lingual tonsils. I do have crypts in my other tonsils (the back of the mouth) but I never see any stone there. However, I have that horrible sensation of something stuck in the back of my tongue, and I can't take them out. I can't see them since that area is hard to reach.
Etc, etc. etc! I am so SELF-CONSCIOUS of my breath that I don't know if I have bad breath or not. I can't stand this anymore, as I've suffered from these little suckers for about 9 years.

So, all said, allow me to share some things. I've done A LOT OF RESEARCH to see what is the best option to have this situation fixed. I really don't want to jump ahead and have my tonsils completely removed... so, after spending DAYS browsing the internet, I found this procedure called 'Carbon Dioxide Laser: Laser Tonsil Ablation', which has a lot of advantages and it does not require a long time to recover from it. Now, I didn't see much about this laser thingy, but I'm putting all my hopes in it. I am lucky to live in NYC, and I've found this doctor a lot of people talk about. He uses the laser procedure and guarantees eliminating the bad breath. Now, I'm not sure if the laser can reach the back of my tongue (basically the lingual tonsils) but I have faith in it. I don't care the cost, as my insurance covers some and I can't continue with this annoying condition.

Is there anyone who has undergone this laser thing? Has it worked for them? Let me know, and please share your experience. The benefit of this is that I would be able to go back to work the next day.

stones_sufferer last decade
stones sufferer,

There are at least one or two people that have tried or thought of doing laser ablation to the tonsils... only to find out that an actual tonsillectomy was needed even after the fact. I'm assuming that with each case it may be different as to how effective the laser ablation may be.

If you look back through these posts I'm sure you'll be able to find a few posts on the topic. However, as far as costs are concerned, if you are going to go the surgery route, probably a tonsillectomy would be most cost efficient and effective.

Good luck on whatever you decide to do.
SkeerdofaTnA last decade
even if stuff isn't growing in the crypts, it can get stuck in the sides and behind the tonsils depending on the individual. Best to just get them removed right away and deal with the pain, not surgery. Getting nervous though... 5 hours to go....
dissident last decade
At this point I can't afford to lose 2 weeks of work. It would be too much, and I'm really against a tonsillectomy. I just watched a video of how they do it and it was too much! Just search for 'Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy Surgery Video' and you will see! I can't put the url here.

I can't deal with this anymore, it's so frustrating, so I really hope the laser thing works. But why wouldn't it work if it's supposed to remove tissue, specially on the crypts? My only concern is that maybe the lingual tonsils is a VERY HARD area to reach for the laser. Has anyone had those tonsils lasered?
stones_sufferer last decade
Question: Those who are suffering from ear problems post tonsillectomy, how many of you got an adenoidectomy along w/ your tonsillectomy? From my research the adenoids are close to the esuchian tubes (sp?) that connect to the ears.
plantinga last decade
I did not get an adenoidectomy and the pain in my ears has pretty much disappeared. I don't notice any bumpy feeling. What I feel right now is like if you eat a really dry biscuit and some of it gets caught in the roof of your mouth. That's where I still have white patches and where I feel like there's something stuck there. I'm not sure how long it takes for them to disappear but as it's only been 2 weeks to the day since my surgery I'm still not worried about it.

My ENT didn't recommend the laser. In fact he flat out said he wouldn't do it as in the long run it would be a waste of my time and his. From what I've read, the pain from laser ablation can be just as bad as a full tonsillectomy, the only difference being that it is delayed by a few days. I read that on the ENTusa.com site.

Honestly - if you're considering a tonsilectomy I WOULDN'T recommend you watch any of the videos before hand. Definitely have your ENT describe it, the process, the possible side effects, and the aftermath, but ALL surgery videos just look plain nasty in my mind. I'm not sure if anyone would go through with anything if they saw how it was done beforehand.
dr_pepper last decade
It's interesting the differences between the two medical systems being discussed here (US, and Canadian). We don't source our own pain meds here (Canada) - the hospital sends us home with a prescription after surgery. Process here is I go see my family doctor who decides if there's really a problem. If there is he sends me to an ENT. ENT takes a look and gives me some options. If i opt for surgery I schedule with him and he tells me where and what date to show up at hospital. Surgery is done by ENT and hospital sends me home with prescription to heal. I have no doubt the Canadian system might be slower, but at no time do I have to pull out my wallet or even think about that part of it. I'm not saying one is better than the other - I just find it interesting as Canadians continually talk about moving more towards a US style system.
dr_pepper last decade
6 hours post op.. the surgery was surprisingly painless.

Only a slight numbness of the tongue which is now gone, no soreness of the mouth or jaw at all, and as of right now only mild to moderate pain of the tonsils.

The doctor did not use the traditional Electrocautery device for the procedure, he used something called a cobulator which was a new device he got in just 5 months ago, to perform it.

here's some info on it


Right now the pain is moderate. They gave me lortab for the pain plus pink antibiotic so we shall see how it goes.
dissident last decade
I've had the laser procedure. I only had one round, which didn't end up working. I still have the crypts, they have only been 'resurfaced'. Apparently I had really deep crypts and they couldn't smooth out the tonsil, which is the point of the procedure. I know that it is common for people to go back for two or three rounds but I personally wouldn't reccomend it. The entire procedure was very uncomfortable. It took about one hour. I am now getting my tonsils removed on March 17th because of the procedures lack of effectiveness. I would reccomend the procedure if you are completely opposed to tonsillectomy, but if not, I would suggest just getting those things out of there.
katherine1 last decade
Thanks Katherine. Well, I just came back from the ENT, and he said (after checking my lingual tonsils with camera) that I do not have crypts in them. He mentioned that there are 3 major things going on with me:

1) Post Nasal Drip/Allergy, with VERY THICK mucus so that adds up to the problem of stones' creation and possibly bad breath.
2) He will test for 'Acid Reflux' (which I doubt it!) b/c he said that the feeling of the 'lump in the back of the tongue, the constant Throat Clearing and cough' could be a result of this.
3) Ocassionally I might trap some food in the tonsils, but I really don't have deep crypts.

But we have to confirm each one and perform further tests.

So I was left worse than I thought! I mentioned I have the laser appointment next friday to see what THAT doctor has to say about it. Now, he prescribed Allegra-D for the post nasal drip/allergy and the constant throat clearing.. I hate to take pills, and I'm not sure if I'd need to be taking this for a long while. So, I'll still see the other doctor (laser) to seek a second opinion. I was not convinced, but it seemed he knew what was going on (took a few pictures of my throat with that tiny camera and mentioned I have no crypts.. I even mentioned that they could be hidden but he just nod).

So.. =( I don't know what to do.
stones_sufferer last decade
Dr. Pepper, I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to go the US route for health care. It really bites.

I did not have an adenoidectomy with the tonsillectomy. Maybe I should have, but I would think the Dr. would have said so if it was necessary. Going to look up tympanectomy(sp?).

Glad you're all done dissident.
ASIgirl last decade
I have my next DR's appt. on 2/22. I found a DR that does the coblation method of removal. If anyone is thinking about getting a tonsillectomy, I would strongly recommend checking into this. It is the year 2007. If you watch a tonsillectomy using the old method of just cutting them out and frying the back of your throat, you will probably talk yourself out of getting a tonsillectomy. However, I watched a tonsillectomy using the coblation method and I felt A LOT better about going that route. You can find the surgeries on line if you search entusa or something like that.
plantinga last decade
hi all,
several pages back was a suggestion to use epsom salts to gargle with. Does anyone know if it would be safe to use epsom salt in the form of a nasal/sinus rinse? I feel that my stones are coming from my nasal/sinus area...possibly crypts in the other tonsils or adenoids. I have visited an ENT and when he looked in my throat, he asked if I had my tonsils removed because he could'nt see them. Turns out, the ones in my throat are very small with no visible crypts. I do get a stone(s) every so ofter, but they feel like they come down from the sinus area...I wish a cure could be found to eradicate these freakin' things. Anyhow..epsom salts for sinus rinse anyone? Thanx!
oliver273 last decade
Try NeilMed Sinus rinse. You can get it at wal-greens or any drug store. I am not sure how good the straight salt mixture is for you but it definitely will burn more than the Neilmed solution. Also, I have found that while swimming, and the natural water in and out of my nose and mouth, that the stones come out, go figure?
plantinga last decade
about 40 hours post op...

so far, so good.. the meds are doing their job and it only really hurts to swallow and talk, it doesn't hurt when I'm just sitting here breathing.

Drinking slim fasts, kefir, taking the antibiotics, and the meds every 4 hours.

It does start to hurt a bit around the 3.5 to 4 hour mark, a bit of jaw and tongue pain nothing serious yet.

The coblator they use must have helped as it's definitely not as bad as I expected.. then again I'm only going on day two.

Starting to smell back there as the scabs forum. A little kefir takes care of that.. don't want any yeast overgrowth taking hold.. so the kefir makes easy work of it.
dissident last decade
Okay, my tonsils were removed when i was 12. i am 32 now and have started having this white junk coming out where my tonsils used to be on the left side. It is not painful. It bleeds a little when i scrape it out. Other than that it is just annoying. please help, what is it? I will be going to the dr.next week. I just wanted to here what you all had to say.
pride last decade

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