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Did the doctors at the ER tell you to sit up versus laying flat? I was getting moderate bleeding the day of my surgery and contacted the nurse on call. She told me to sit up. After sitting up it went away. And when I say I sat up I mean a slept on the couch with plenty of pillows in a sitting positiion.


Several people mentioned the monoject 412 several pages back. I'm glad you mentioned it for the newer posters.
MsBlase last decade
MsBlase-- They didn't tell me to do either. When I woke up in the morning I did sit up, but the bleeding was way too much. Anyways, I haven't bled since so that's good. This is Day 3 of recovery and I'm pretty much just on drugs all of the time.. lol. The pain would be really bad if I didn't. I haven't noticed any difference in my breath.. not sure if I'm supposed to anyways. I have noticed that there is alot more mucous in my throat, especially at night.
katherine1 last decade
I've had these for only the past year or so, but they are becoming increasingly annoying. The tonsil stones are causing my throat to irritate, then causing me to cough, giving me a constant sore throat. Just untill now, I didn't know what they were, just knew I didn't want them. I've read up on a few first pages and seen that there are methods with dealing with these things, with out getting surgury. If anything, I'd like to avoid getting a tonsillectomy, since I have an unnatural fear of anything sharp going into my body. Getting my blood drawn is like a terror to me. Just thinking about tonsillectomy causes me to have aneixty attacks...
Bup:) last decade
they put you to sleep when they do it, so you don't even know it's being done.
netuser last decade
Yeah, I knew that, but that's like telling someone with arachnephobia that a huge spider that they're holding wont hurt them. But, back to the subject, I'll just have to consult my parents on what to do about this.
Bup:) last decade
it's more like having a spider walk on a sleeping person who has arachnophobia...
netuser last decade
people should check out this video - it has some really great information on tonsillectomies..


click on the right side of the page where there is an image of a little camera to view the video.
netuser last decade
What's your current status?

How is your post-op going?
MsBlase last decade
It's still sore but bearable. It hurts when I swallow anything. Right after surgery, I posted that I snored and couldn't breathe through my nose well when I'm laying down. Now, I sleep well :). What I'm so happy about is that my bad breath seems to be gone. It feels like it just magically disappeared. I even came to work this week because I was excited...even though I shouldn't. I AM VERY HAPPY!
ihatebacteria last decade
Wow! I can't believe I found this forum! Throat chunks plagued me for years. I started to notice a correlation between eating oranges and finding the stinky chunks. I stopped eating oranges and the chunks stopped appearing. I recently ate some tangerines that were on sale, and BAM! Today I got the first chunk I can recall in years! Am I crazy for blaming citrus fruit?

Also, I have never seen any in my throat. I just feel it come up and spit it out.
chunk2000 last decade

I usually find my stones the same way. I never see them until I feel them loose in the back of my throat--then using a weird regurgitation-like technique with my tonque I can usually bring them up to spit them out. Additionally, I am getting my tonsils out on the 30th.

However, I have been thinking more about a possible reason these stones may be showing up. As far as the oranges, I have been wondering how much a role yeast might play in the formation of these tonsil stones. Yeast seems to thrive in a more basic (as opposed to acidic) environment. Oranges are obviously acidic, but when we eat acidic things, our bodies respond by producing a more basic saliva or mucous to neutralize the high acidity. Most of the posts in this thread have given a lot of attention to the bacteria (it seems to be the case that the anerobic bacteria give the tonsil stones their repugnant smell). However, bacteria and yeast (fungi) generally are in in a constant battle in our bodies--each fighting for its own.

I wonder how much the tonsil stones can be contributed the this bacteria/yeast interaction--especially due to the abnormally high yeast levels in our bodies. I am a guy (28 years old) who is starting to realize that my body has struggled with yeast associated symptoms for about 10 years.

Does anyone else have any more input on this?
plantinga last decade

My recovery seems to be a bit rocky. I am finding at night that I have a terribly dry throat which makes my tonsils bleed a little bit ( and is obviously very painful ). I haven't noticed a difference in the breath... there actually is a pretty crappy taste in my mouth which seems like they are coming from the tonsils. I have a lot of mucous forming as well.
katherine1 last decade

Are you running a humidifier at night and during the day while you are home? If not, I have seen it strongly suggested.
plantinga last decade
Are you guys getting your lingual tonsils removed as well?? because you probably should.. lingual tonsils also have crypts, and if you are developing stones in the palatine tonsils, you are probably forming them in the lingual tonsils as well. You can't see the lingual tonsils because they are behind the tongue.
netuser last decade

I never thought about the humidifier but I do have a humidifer on my furnace. I noticed I didn't get dried out like previous posters warned about.


With the blood and additional side effects the bad taste is probably coming from the ailing and healing wounds. Approximately day 3 or 4 for me I could smell the wounds and was spitting up a lot of mucous too. When will you go back to your MD for your post-op follow up?
MsBlase last decade
Has anyone else here ever been diagnosed with blocked salivary ducts? I've got something going on right now that my doc thinks might be that...
herbuveaux last decade
I haven't but I have seen pictures of the block salivary ducts on line. It looks pretty easy to diagnose if you have it.
plantinga last decade
I first lurked here about 18 months ago, looking for an explanation for my problem. I concluded at the time that my tonsils weren't the problem, but I'm now at my wit's end and am re-looking at this area to see if I can figure out what's going on in my throat.

In a long nutshell:
I pretty much have a low -level sore throat all the time. I do not get tonsil stones and my tonsils are small. I can see my right tonsil and I can see what looks to be a cut or slit on it. My left tonsil is very small. From feedback from friends and my mom, I do not have regular and consistent bad breath. What I do get is....random releases of horrifying odor. Essentially it's a like a reverse fart, a rotten egg-like odor from my mouth. This is most apparent when I'm in a car with the windows rolled and I'm talking. Needless to say, this has made me very self-conscious socially.

I've seen an ENT, gastroentologist and dentist about my sore throat and random odor. The ENT was convinced that I had acid reflux, more specifically, laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), and I was put on acid blocker medicines. She also confirmed that I had post nasal drip and inflamed sinuses. I now do daily nasal and throat irrigations. The G.I doctor was much more skeptical about the acid reflux diagnosis. I had an endoscopy and a 24 hour ph probe test done. The tests did not show acid reflux conclusively. He did recommend I see a speech therapist to work on my burping problem. Apparently on the probe test, the only time I had acid reflux was when I burped. I stopped all medical attention to this problem a year ago because I wasn’t getting anywhere. Plus, the doctors and dentists pretty much dismissed my concerns about this odor problem. The reaction was to ignore me or make light of it or suggest I seek counseling.

So….can anyone share their experiences? I’m so sick and tired of not knowing why this is happening. I do not get tonsil stones, though I occasssionally get bits of food and mucous out when I irrigate my throat. My breath really goes south after eating a meal also. (Yes, I brush, floss, etc and have a gotten clean bill of health from the dentist.) I also get a crappy taste in my the back of my mouth for a few days after getting things like nuts and seeds.

Can the odor be coming from my tiny tonsils? Could it be that I do have an acid reflux problem and basically the odor is escaping from my stomach? I have heard that having odor coming up from the stomach is very, very unlikely so I'm not sure if this is something I should pursue.
tdonline last decade

try swabbing the slit in your tonsil(s) with a q-tip. Then, smell the q-tip. If the smell you get from the q-tip matches the smell you get when you burp, there is a good chance that your tonsils are your issue. The anaerobic bacteria cause the smell and seem to fester in the tonsils, maybe due to their propensity of trapping small bits of food, skin from your mouth, mucous, etc.

If you think the smells match, see if your ENT will remove your tonsils for some kind of 'chronic tonsillitis'--this phrase seems to be very general in the ENT's world from my experience.

I have not experienced the 'reverse burp' you are talking about but I do get a bad taste in my mouth after the stones come out and it is really hard to get rid of.
plantinga last decade
I've tried, but I can't seem to reach with a q-tip. I guess my gag reflex is pretty strong. Again, my tonsils are pretty small so they are hard to reach.

I do burp, but the foul odor does not come out when I burp. It just wafts out at random times, usually when I'm talking. I detect the odor the most when I'm in a confined space (car) I guess because the odor is trapped.
tdonline last decade
I have tonsils that are hard to see when just looking into my mouth also. Try this, put your tongue behind your bottom row of teeth and try to stick your tongue out--while focusing on pushing the furthest part of your tongue (nearest your tonsils) out. It helps if you open your mouth all the way, then try to make your mouth as wide as possible. I know this is weird, but if you have been following this thread you have probably seen worse.
plantinga last decade
Well, it's been 5 days since I got my tonsils removed, and I don't regret a thing. After taking my tonsils out, he said I actually had like 5 white bumps on the back side og my tonsils that I couldn't see, and that my tonsils were rotting away because of all the bumps. That is what causes the yucky breath!

Ever since my tonsils have been gone, I can breath ALOT better, I don't snore, and my breath feels fresher. If anyone is concidering getting their tonsils taken out, heres some things to look forward to:

1. It doesn't hurt much. I on ly hurts me when I swallow. Talking is fine, and when you're on medicine, you can't really feel pain at all.

2. It doesn't take that long to heal. I'm on my 5th day and yesterday I was eating taco bell. I geuss everyone heals differently, but it wasn't that long for me.

3. No more snoring :D The doctor told me I wouldn't snore anymore, and I thought he was just being crazy. But I'm not snoring anymore and I can breath alot better.

The only problem I'm facing now is white junk on the back of my throat. It tastes bad and smells bad too. How long before this goes away, or is there anything I can do to make it go away?

kittykit last decade
I just thought of this, and I'm not a doctor or anything, but your story sounded really familiar to me. After I thought about it for a while, I realized that I'd read a story somewhere (a long time ago) about a child who'd accidentally inhaled a piece of plant matter, like a twig, when she was young. It must have been pretty small to not bother her for the rest of her life. As she grew up, people always told her she had terrible breath, but it would come and go. Doctors couldn't find anything until one day, she just coughed it back up again, rotten and festering. Have you had your lungs checked?

Just a thought...
herbuveaux last decade
Yes, I've heard this story also and have considered it. I've had regular checkups and before taking scuba diving certification, I did see a doctor and he tested my breathing. He did comment that my breathing was pretty poor for a young woman. I thought it was a consequence of living in smoggy Los Angeles all my life.

How would my lungs get checked? X-rays?

I want to see an ENT about this, but am feeling gun-shy after the terrible experience I had with the last ENT. She basically didn't want to deal with this issue which has so greatly impacted my life.
tdonline last decade
Waterpik brand (not copies) are available in Australia.

There is only one importer, Natdent.

They import Australian voltage models and ship anywhere in Australia.

Check out natdentDOTnet
Newtown last decade
Any suggestions for a sympathetic ENT in the Washington DC area? I have health insurance and should take advantage of it while I can....
tdonline last decade

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