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hello all, I am new in this forum..and pls am sorry 4 incorrect english if u come across..as Im not a native speaker of the lang. Unfortunately, I also know these problems u all have, and u are great that u discuss it in such a detail.
I´ll tell u..I used to experience smelly balls or stones time 2 time when laughing , or coughing, or sticking my tongue out...I wondered what the hell is happening to me..and thought it might be the rest of food..but I never devoted very much attention to this. I haven´t got out these 'nasties' for some months..but have recognized a white-yellow ball on my tonsils which I ´ve started to worry abt(i´´ve never had smt like this before, but itsnot like a cauliflower but it seems smooth)..I´ve found this forum and read a lot..I suppose it is also the same thing u talk abt , which u can see on ur tonsils. It´s getting bigger I think. What I want to do is to see my doctor..though I think he won´t know much abt it and to make sure I haven´t got streptococ or smt like that..just to be sure..I´ve been thinking abt it all and been connecting ur ideas together..the solution of removing tonsils is extreme I supposeif we got it,it has its meaning..When I consider my experience ..I strongly suppose that these balls or very tiny things might have every single person, I think some are lucky and swallow it or their crypt cleans out better than those whose don´t OR unlucky ones might have problems with bacterias which significantly worsen the proccess of crypt cleaning , coz we all have crypts..I have never tried to push my tonsils to find out whether there is a stone.. anyway...I ´ve found smt..so here is the copy of an article..just wanted to hint some ideas..
centraleurope last decade
hell I can´t copy the text sorry
centraleurope last decade
it can be associated with acute or chronic sore throats, or may simply occur on its own. It is due to the presence of fissures or crevices on the surface of the tonsils-some people have these some dont.If u have em, they can trap particles of food, which become organised over time, enlarging slowly.Eventually they extrude from the surface of the tonsil as a cheesy white or yellow lump.they are soft and smelly and can be quite off putting.the treatment is mainly surgical , lasers can be used to resurface or remove the crypts so that they can no longer collect food debris. this is done using local anaesthetic spray only, and causes very little discomfort.FOr more info on local anaesthetic tonsil reduction or resurfacing see llc on co uk. hope this help u
centraleurope last decade
I wonder how many people in this forum have decided to get their tonsils out. I just recently decided to remove them, and hope it is the right decision. I read a study a while back about doctor who treated patients with tonsil stones by lasering the crypts. Apparently this works excellently, and many emerged without the bad breath that had been plagueing them. Unfortunately I havent heard of anyone close by who does laser work on tonsils, but I believe this is the best alternative for people who disagree with the complete removal of tonsils. I definitely would rather try the laser before removing them completely, but for now I dont have a choice. If anyone wants to see the study, I can post it here!
katherine1 last decade
I seem to always post once then remember another topic. Sorry for the double posts!
It is safe to say that most people with tonsil stones experience post nasal drip? Have we concluded which causes which? So far there has been both answers in the forum and I was wondering if anyone had an educated guess as to whether stones cause post nasal drip or the opposite.
katherine1 last decade
Katherine, I have problems with post nasel drip too. I think that the place I live in has mold which is causing the post nasel drip, which I believe was contributing to the tonsil stones. When I moved in here, I got sick and was sick(not really sick but a little sick)for the whole winter with the tonsil stones too. I remember in the middle of winter, I had those stones and I swear my mouth smelled like someone pooped in it. I had no social life and spent much of my time alone because of it. Do you have a surgery date?
funkythroatnomore1 last decade
I dont have a surgery date yet, just a consultation date set with the doctor. Im not even sure if he will agree to removing them since most doctors arent very knowledgable in the subject of tonsil stones. Do you still get bad breath without the tonsil stones?
katherine1 last decade
No, haven't noticed any bad breath and I don't have that taste in the back of my throat anymore.
funkythroatnomore1 last decade
i never really experienced post-nasal drip.

before, i had noted that the only thing that eliminated my stones was cutting out dairy from my diet. now, it seems that if i swab the crypts in my tonsil every day or so, even if i am eating dairy, the stones don't appear. i guess it's because i'm cleaning out any bacteria before the stones actually have a chance to grow.

how long would you guys say it takes for stones to grow in your tonsils? do you get new ones every, every few days, every week? i'm curious to know if they grow quicker in some peoples' tonsils.
kmoeller last decade

I read these forums about once every 2 weeks now, because it was getting quite ridiculous with all of the ads for xylitol. To answer your questions im doing great. I have been fully healed for about a month now, and i am fully healed from getting my appendix out as well. The 2 were not related as previously thought by snorkels. The doc said either way it would have had to come out. My throat is great. I can breathe better. I honestly believe i fight sickness better too. I have 4 roomates at school and they all have had colds for 2 weeks and im just now starting to get it. Before i would catch stuff all the time, and i'd have lots of tonsil stones while i was sick too...not anymore though! Its great not haveing bad breath 24/7 , not being embarrased, not having pain in the throat, and best of all, not having the dang tonsil stones! Also for those of you who were trying to link the stones to mono or strep, i never had mono OR strep.But i would get the stones at least 5 times a week. I would recommend tonsil removal, i was sooooo glad that i did it. I don't regret it all, yeah your miserable for a week, but my god the results are worth it. Thanks for wondering about me!
tim618 last decade
i have a question, for the last few years i have had these 'tonsil stones' and i just went to the ER for what i thought was a bad case of bronchitis, but it turns out it was strep throat. I have been getting sick like this every year since i was 8, i am now 18, needless to say i am getting tired of this, i asked my boss if there was anything i could do about this. He said that he had the same thing happening to him until he got his tonsills removed. So, i guess my question is could this annual sickness and the 'tonsil stones' be related and could getting my tonsills taken cure me of the stones and the sickness, or was his magical cure not related to the tonsillectomy?
cloudsryummy last decade
Thanks Tim, that's good to hear. I'm actually getting my tonsils taken out on Thursday.

I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions to prepare me for the recovery period of the surgery. Food, drink, routines, etc. or just anything you found helpful during your recovery. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
rockstr82 last decade

I have been dealing with this for over 30 years. This is what I have noticed, as a child I got strep all the times( 3 -4 times a year) when the tonsil stones appeared the strep stopped. My daughter who has had strep all her life, 14 years saw the stones in her throat at age 12 and has never had strep again. There has to be a reason for this? Also I believe that we have a lot more of these then we know all back in cheeks behind are tonsils. People were asking why sometimes they appeared in just a few hours. These didnt just form they when in the back waiting to come out. I hate that my daughter is going to have to go thru this problem as I have. How can I find a doctor that will take these out for her?
sheneghan last decade

i totally agree with you that there are probably more stones than we know about lurking in our throats and deeper crypts that we can't see. i don't think it's possible for stones to form in a matter of hours- i check my tonsils, and the crypts that i can see, on a daily basis and it takes a day or two for that nasty yellowish bacteria residue to build up, let alone tonsil stones themselves.

in response to what you said about getting stones and never having strep again: i first started getting stones when i was maybe 15 or 16 and i have had strep throat at least a dozen times since then. i haven't had strep throat over the past while, but i believe that's due to a change in my diet. my stones seem to come and go regardless of strep throat.
kmoeller last decade
I had my tonsils out at the age of 19 because they were always becoming infected and always developing these smelly white lumps.
I am now 42 and occasionally find myself coughing up these smelly white balls. Mainly when I am sick with the flu or have a sore throat. So these puss balls must form elswhere in the throat as well. Having your tonsils out is not always the magic cure.
bandyiandy last decade
Does smoking lots of weed have anything to do with it?
dellarosa last decade
Going to get my tonsills out in the morning. Kinda scared about it!! I'll try to post a few times to keep some updates going.

I was just wondering, for those people that have had their tonsills removed, did you just get your tonsills taken out or did you get your adenoids out too? I'm just getting my tonsills but I'm wondering if I should go ahead and get my adenoids out while I'm at it
rockstr82 last decade
I have found that removing French Fries and Potato CHips and Baked Potatoes from my diet removes 90 % of the Tonsilliths. Mostly potatoes is the cause for my Tonsilliths. When I go awhile without the stones, then suddenly they appear. I think what did I eat... Wait , I did eat some soup that did contains some potatoes. Hope this helps someone..
stinkywhitechunks last decade
i don't smoke weed, and haven't since i was 16 or so. that definitely doesn't have anything to do with it, for me. neither do potatoes- i eat roasted or mashed potatoes, and chips, at least once a week. sometimes i will go for months without having a single stone, sometimes i would get them a couple times a week.

but now that i think about it, the one food that did seem to cause tonsil stones was ramen noodles (ichiban). i don't eat it anymore, but when i used to, i would always get tonsil stones. within a day or so. not sure if this was just a coincidence, or causal.
kmoeller last decade
i haven't got them for 3 months now. what i did was stop drinking milk, have one spoon of honey every other day, took clarithromycin for 7 days followed by penicillin-V for 2 weeks, gurgle before i go to sleep with iodine salt in warm water. Also I moved back home from my dorm where I originally got those stinky balls from. Hope you will find the way.
usa002001 last decade
I read somewhere that somebody thought msg was a cause for tonsil stones. Would that be in the flavor packet of ramen noodles. It's been almost 4 weeks since I had my tonsils taken out and everything seems better but my throat feels weird most of the time, like really dry and it always feels like something is in there. I don't notice any bad breath but what I do notice is when I floss my teeth, some times I get that taste again but can only kinda smell it in the back of my throat like from the hole of your nose to your throat. Sort of like the smell of those stones. I also look back there and the right side ( where the tonsil was) has more flesh, almost like all of the tonsil wasn't taken out.
funkythroatnomore1 last decade
Just thought I would share my experience and see if anyone has any advice. I have had tonsil stones for many years and have only removed them by 'coughing' them up. I have always had bad breath until recently. I tried Listerine Whitening mouthwash and it basically cured my bad breath. It also cured my wife's 'geographic tongue'. My wife used to mistake the smell of my morning breath for flatulence but now she says I don't have bad morning breath at all.
I still get stones, though, so the bad breath sneaks in now and than when a stone passes. I'm wondering if the mouthwash will help get rid of them over time but I'm not counting on it. Yes, I eat dairy. I get major mucus buildup in my throat after eating meals sometimes. I have acid reflux, asthma, allergies and post-nasal drip, but those have improved drastically by healthier eating and I no longer take medication for any of them.
Here's the big question. Every winter I seem to get super sick with a chronic sore throat and cough that lingers for weeks. The strep tests generally come back negative and the symptoms gradually go away by February. How can I prevent this from happening this year? Is this stone related? Any insight is appreciated!

jimmygu3 last decade

around that 'sick' time of the year, i would ty loading up on eccinacea (sp?). it works wonders for me, and i've heard the same from others. try taking on a regular basis, or just take a big dose when you feel a cough or sore throat coming on. another thing try is miso soup- it's a GREAT immune system booster. i try to have several bowls a week during the flu season, and it makes a difference. hope that helps!
kmoeller last decade
I've never been so happy to find a site in my life. After hocking up yet another goober early this week, I did yet another web search. This forum came up pretty much by accident consdering my search terms. I think it's divine intervention.
In any case, I'm writing to thank the person who suggested using a water pik. You are BRILLLIANT. I did it last night, and because I just couldn't resist, I did it over a wire strainer to see just how many stink bombs came out. It's okay if yall out there laugh, I am. It was amazing. I'd tell anyone who has this 'condition' to try the water pik before you try surgery, but I started out a little too enthusiastic and had to lower the strenght because it actually caused a little bleeding. Thank goodness these forums are anonymous, or I'd never be telling anyone this, but I saved them in water and am going to photograph them to show to my doctor. For YEARS doctors have been saying they had no idea what I was talking about. Today, I'm thrilled to be 'stink bomb-free in Alabama.' Thanks all!!!!
yag65 last decade
wow, I just found this site after weeks of figiting with these 'white stones'

im 24, and last year I got spasmatic bronchitis, and this year i have some very annoying throat cold. since I don't have insurance i never goto the doctor unless it's life or death. so i've been trying to find out what this is all about online.

it's a releif to know that it's not something more serious.. but this new information just means there is going to be a lot of reading in store for me.

anything I should know right from the start?
dinosaur last decade
From what I gather, none of us know much, but we're all glad to find out we're not the only ones with stones. Read the past posts. They're entertaining and informative.
yag65 last decade

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