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Yes another post from me. I have just spent the last hour reading the last couple of pages in this forum...about 1 week ago i remvoed A LOT of mold from my windowsil (sp?) That can maybe explain my throat, but what about my g/f's?
Davee last decade

sorry dude! Not really sure that your white bumps are tonsil stones. How do they smell is the key question. But quick...while you are taking that antibiotic add to it EDTA. It is what is recommended for melting the outer shell of nanobacteria. Not sure that's what you have, but just in case! And it won't hurt you as it is in many of the prepared foods you may already eat. You can read my earlier posts for more info on this topic. I don't like to continually repost the same information, but here's a quick recap...

1.Sinus wash! google it...it's gross, but do it anyway...trust me.

2.Ear wash! google it too ;)

3.And irrigating your tonsils with honey water (3parts water with 1 part honey) is our latest and greatest idea.

How are you honey water people doing? Cured? no longer reading the forum? :D There has been so much posted since I last read this I'm going to have to catch up later...just not enough time to read it all now. Good Luck all.
justmebyanyname last decade

Thanks for asking. I keep coming back to this idea, and hoping someone will test the theory soon. I will eventually, but I go slow with changes as I want to be sure of the effect of the changes I make.

I've read several places that iodine is a sore throat cure.
I've also read that fluoride and chlorine are both chemically related to iodine. And that things like toothpaste and tap water could cause the iodine receptors to work wrong.
"I'm hoping to get someone else to test my theory of baryta iodide. It's recommended for tonsillar enlargements as a homeopathic treatment. I stink at doing anything routinely and am hoping a better test subject than me will volunteer ;)"(Refers back to post on 2005-10-21)
I have googled for something I read a while back about tonsils and thyroid and how they were similiar. They are both glands. My thought was if iodine is so important to thyroid... wonder if it is important to tonsils? There is a homeopathic thought that you can treat tonsillar enlargements with baryta iodide. Google this idea and I think you will see what I mean. :)
Glandular therapy. They even make a clear iodine that you can paint on your skin and absorbe it.

That's all the time I have for now :) Hope maybe you'll test it? :D
justmebyanyname last decade
um isnt iodine an incarcinogin? meaning, it causes cancer...thats what i learned in biology so i'd do some more research before sticking cancer down your throat =P
Davee last decade
Davee dude!

You need to research those comments before you make them! AND site sources please. *sigh* I believe that simply is not true. I'm not going to guess what grades you got in that class. ;) Radioactive iodine is used to treat over active thyriod. That MAY be what you were thinking. You are on the web with oodles of information at your fingertips. Research bud...RESEARCH! And further more... I did not say to put iodine down your throat. My comment was "Glandular therapy. They even make a clear iodine that you can paint on your skin and absorbe it." It has been recommended by others earlier in the forum to put it in your throat, and while I have not researched this, I don't think what they are recommending would be a problem. http://www.liebertonline.com/doi/abs/10.1089/105072501300176...

But looking into this further... Bromine also competes with the iodine receptors. Interesting article about the baking industry changing over from iodine to bromine since 1980 and not getting iodine from baked goods any more. http://www.icnr.com/articles/hhp/Iodine.pdf

I do try to always keep in mind that we are using a homeopathic site to communicate with each other here...and I hope you all are also utilizing this site for any purchases. Good Luck All!
justmebyanyname last decade
I know one thing, I would QUIT using ANY toothpaste with Flouride in it. and filter your water if its fluoridated. Once you learn a bit about this WONDER chemicl you will be shaken.

Flouride is a by product of Aluminum Mfg, (Bauxite)that was troublesome to deal with by ALCOA, so they figured out a way to dump the toxic chemical and get PAID FOR IT. ANS... Give it humans to harden their teeth! Great..YAY! ahhahah

The mineral Fluroide is found in nature normally in low concentrations, but when they were mfg aluminum, they found that the Rock they harvested for the AL. (bauxite) contanted MASSIVE Sodium Fluorine/Fluorides)

Initally it was found that high concentrations of Fluoride was causing "mottled/brown teeth" in people exposed to it in ARK. There is much more about the history of fluoride here, I just gave a breif nutshell description.

IF you want more goggle it.


Dont be fooled, it is POISENOUS to the body. IF you look at a truck carrying it, it will have the skull and bones on it. and that nuke symbol with that special design.

Anyways, yes it hardens teeth, but I have found it makes them BRITTLE as well. which makes whats left of your teeth PRONE TO CRACK and splinter!

I have stopped using ANY toothpaste with fluoride in it, (and that's hard to find TOMS Of main has some without it) and also stopped the ACT mouthwash with fluoride. My teeth might be softer, (whats left of them) but they sure arent splintering like they used to. And as far as tooth pain, it has mostly stopped since I started Using LIsterine.And better yet Im NOt poisening myself with this stuff anymore.

You want to prevent cavities? seal the teeth of your children with dental sealants, have them use MOUTHWASH like Listerine to get between the teeth, adn help kill the bacterias that form the acids that eat the teeth enamel, have them rinse 3x a day. And watch the sugar intake when they are AWAY from home, teach them to rinse quickly at least with lots of water after eating sugars.

Bottom line, not sure how fluoride effect tonsil stones, but some studies show it poisens the body and nervous system. I cant help but think if your immune system is ALREADY challenged by enlarged tonsils or infections, that using Any Fluroide is a good thing.
nomostinkbomb last decade

Gary Null:

"Now Dean remembered McKay and Black's claims that fluorosis victims mottled, discolored teeth were especially resistant to decay. He came up with the notion that fluoride added to the water supply at the magic threshold dosage of 1 ppm would prevent tooth decay, while avoiding damage to bones and teeth.(9) He recommended further studies to determine whether his hypothesis was true.

Griffiths continues: ´Back at the Mellon Institute, ALCOA's Pittsburgh industrial research lab, this news was galvanic. There, biochemist Gerald J. Cox immediately fluoridated some lab rats in a study and concluded that fluoride reduced cavities and that: "The case should be regarded as proved." In a historic moment in 1939, the first public proposal that the U.S. should fluoridate its water supplies was made not by a doctor, or dentist, but by Cox, an industry scientist working for a company threatened by fluoride damage claims and burdened by the odious expense of disposing of tons of toxic industrial waste. Cox began touring the country, stumping for fluoridation.(10) Dean would go on to carve out a nice career for himself as the "father" of public water fluoridation. He became the first dental scientist at the National Institute of Health, advancing to director of the dental research section in 1945. After World War II, he directed epidemiological studies for the Army in Germany. When Congress established the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR) in 1948, Dean was appointed its director, a position he held until retiring in 1953.(11) In his post at the NIDR, he was to oversee the first clinical trial of fluoridation in an American city, Grand Rapids Michigan.(12).´"


see also: http://www.fluoride-history.de/cox.htm
nomostinkbomb last decade
I think you and I need to make a pact, as we are both such prolific posters on this forum. I propose that if we feel the need to repeat ourselves for a new person, we simply refer them back to previous posts. We can post the page number of the forum and the date for them to look it up. And unless it is new information, we resist reposting the same ideas. I do afford you the courtesy of reading your posts. And occasionally I go back to the beginning and re-read to refresh myself on where we have been.
More info on fluorine. http://www.fluoride-journal.com/98-31-2/312103.htm
But, we’ve already been here! Let’s move forwards eh?

People who have their tonsils removed don’t really have ALL their tonsils removed. You still have some. If you study a tonsil diagram, you will see that you have tonsils on the back of your tongue and on the sides of your tongue at the back. See page 23 my post on 2006-01-12 ;)

Your post on page 24 on 2006-01-24 in my view is the single most valuable post to date by anyone. “I had worked out they were in this crypt by pushing my finger down it and smelling the stench of them on my finger.” This is the part I have been missing. I have been unable to find the entrance or exit into the tonsil. Maybe I can find it now. I was able to cure one tonsil for about a year using irrigation, but because I couldn’t get rid of these in the other tonsil they eventually came back. Thank you for the tip. You are much appreciated.
justmebyanyname last decade
Nomostinkbomb - Do you honestly think your posts have any relevance to the topic under discussion? I think not. I really think you are forgetting that this is a forum on tonsil stones. From reading your last few posts, it would seem you have gone off on a tangent.
pedro_h last decade
justmebyanyname - I definitely think that if you can flush out all the stones then there is a good chance that they will not come back for (hopefully) a long time. Admittedly it does take time to get used to sticking things into your tonsils, and when I was cleaning mine out, I would occasionally be sick, and sometimes there would be a little bleeding from my tonsils, but as I said before, after having stones for 5 years I’ve not had any for 7 months. I wish I had known what I do now a few years ago.

If you can do it, then get used to touching your tonsils and try and work out where the smell comes from. Then irrigate the area. It’s obviously very important to make sure that your hands are clean, and that anything you are going to stick in your tonsils is also clean.

I now think of the tonsil stones that I had to have been like an infestation. If you’ve got ants in your house and you kill a few, they’re going to come back unless you kill them all. If you can remove all your tonsil stones, then they’ll hopefully not come back like mine haven’t. I know for sure that when I found the crypt full of little stones and flushed them out, that was the end of them. From my experiences tonsil stones form deep in your tonsils, and then when they reach a certain size they come out and often stick to the visible parts of your tonsils. Removing one or two of these every so often is not going to do anything.

Having suffered the indignity of stinking breath for many years, I hope that I can help other people who have tonsil stones to rid themselves of this problem.
pedro_h last decade
Pedro and all the other people doing the same - STOP being so rude and inconsiderate to nomostinkbomb..i mean, get over yourselves...he is giving information to other people hoping it'll help them fell better, and get well. I mean, talk about the relevance of the flouride use. People have been saying wash the farthest of your teeth the best (which involves TOOTHPASTE which has FLOURIDE in it), they have also said gargle with water (WATER has FLOURIDE in it). So i THANK Nomostinkbomb for the information he has been providing, and i encourage him to keep doing so.
Davee last decade
i am replying to all of you i believe if you would check your houses out you would see that there might be a demon in your house or something because only the devil makes you sick the Lord does not make you sick. so maybe if everyone would check their houses for demons or anything like that then they might find out what is really going on.
tonsils gone last decade
Davee and tonsils gone - do your mummy and daddy know that you are playing on the computer? Maybe it's time you stop your silly posts. I doubt if anyone is taking them seriously. I for one certainly am not.
pedro_h last decade
Pedro H,

I was pondering whether to respond to you at all since you need an attitude adjustment and come across as rude. OThers have noticed this so nuff said about that.

I dont have to take the time to spend hours a day writing things down that I think MIGHT help people, I could just move on and not share. But you are mistaken that this is a forum SOLEY about stones. People with attitudes like yours, make me think twice about it. HOwever there are Many more that have thanked me for the "snorting technique" for the ears and cleaning the Tonsil Canal, so they outweigh your negativity. I would also bet that many more have been helped with other topics that I have researched and posted in here but have not piped up. So I will continue. If you dont like it, dont respond to me then, and dont come here at all if you are bothered.

ITs a forum about STONES an the EFFECTS of stones on other parts of the body. All my posts relate to problems and areas of the body that might contribute to stone formation (sinus, ears, eustaion tubes) And other problems I address are questions people have with the other problems the stones can create in the ears esp.

But first of all my topics are NOT off subject at all, including the Fluoride, Mold and the MILK topics. IF you read carefully (it appears you didnt) I tied the use of FLUORIDE and Molds, and even milk into a possible IMMUNE response and health issue that could be contributing to stone formation. All topics I talk about could be indirectly if not completely related to stone formation IMHO. And that is what forum is about. Expressing ideas. Or is that against your rules as well?

NO one seems to know WHY peoples tonsils are enlarged for sure, not that I have have seen, and I have asked in here. To me, this is the FIRST problem that must be addressed. And my instincts tell me its related to Immune issues and infections in the body, or virus. Bolstering the Immune system could only HELP people from the gitgo. Any topic that deal with that is ON TARGET.

And how do you know that Fluoride ITSELF is not possibly a factor in the formation of the stones? Ans. you dont. It may take a few years for traditional Dr. and science to figure out the cause of enlarged tonsils and stone formation. Most Dr. dont even know what they are at the present time, so we all have a ways to go.

While I appreciate your stones havent come back, thats great. Neither have mine. I havent had one in months. But even when I did they were so small it wasnt a big problem, just a mystery. But now Im focusing on keeping this area clean with mouthwash and occasional flush in the tonsil canal and tonsils. But the problem is EVERYONE is Different, what works for you and me MIGHT not work for them.


And to people with tonsils removed still getting stones, I would look for pits, or holes around where your TONSILS used to be. This could be just another CRYPT for food, and bacterias to gather even if you dont have tonsils, the crypts could collect the dead cells, food particles, calcium deposits, bacterias.

I would think lasering these shut as is done with the tonsils might help with your problem.
nomostinkbomb last decade
I'm quoting from items I think are relivant from ...

Homeopathy is extremely effective. When the CORRECT remedy is taken, results can be RAPID, COMPLETE and PERMANENT.
Homeopathy is COMPLETELY safe. Even babies and pregnant women can use Homeopathy without the danger of side effects. Homeopathic remedies can also be taken alongside other medication without producing unwanted side effects.
Homeopathy is NATURAL. Homeopathic remedies are normally based on natural ingredients.
Homeopathy works in harmony with your immune system, unlike some conventional medicines which suppress the immune system. (For example, cough medicines suppress the cough reflex, which is your body's attempt to clear the lungs)
Homeopathic remedies are not addictive - once relief is felt, you should STOP taking them. If no relief is felt, you are probably taking the wrong homeopathic remedy.
Homeopathy is holistic. It treats all the symptoms as one, which in practical terms means that it ADDRESSES the CAUSE, not the symptoms. This often means that symptoms tackled with Homeopathy do not recur.

As far back as page 13 on 2005-10-14 attempts have been made to keep us on track here in the forum.

And I would say that that post resulted in what I would call an attack. The person attacked then was a great contributor and since that time is rarely heard from.

There were MANY people contributing ideas and possible solutions. MANY of the current lengthy postings REHASH ideas we have addressed and dismissed as not being relivant to us all. It makes it very difficult for new people wandering in to sort through. I'm hoping we can get back on track here.

I think most of us will agree with allergins possibly contributing to increased stone production - even if that allergin is dairy, pollen, mold or anything else in the world. But, I do not think it is the same for all of us. I don't think we are all allergic to the same things, so I think we can simplify and say "avoid allergins."

As far as fresh juice...I think most doctors and dietitians would not recommend this. It's not as bad for you as soda, but you are far better off to eat the whole fruit (fiber included). We're supposed to have five a day already eh? And, I would much rather eat an orange than settle for the four ounces of orange juice that is a portion. But, I think that this is a general health issue not directly related to this problem. If citrus would cure this, I'd already be over it. And I think it addresses the symptom and not the cause of the problem.

I have been experimenting with the 'Homeopathic Software' at the top of the page. The 'Online Remedy Finder' kicked out Kali Muriaticum (Potassium Chloride) for the symptom "throat; hawks up cheesy lumps" and I was wondering if anyone had tried this?

I'm still trying to find the 'hole' or entrance into my tonsil to flush it out. *sigh* It's gonna pop any day now, and I'll practically be conducting surgery over the bathroom sink to get all those nasties out!!!

Honey people!!! Where are you? Still stone free???

Good Luck All!
justmebyanyname last decade
Nomorestinkbombs&justmebyanyname: I've tried to implement
most of your suggestions and
gargling alternately with honey water and listerine. I'mtotally free of sore throat, ear ache and stones.
When I feel like my immune system is compromised I drink fresh orane juice, eat lots of citrus. I want to thank both of you for your suggestions. They were a great help in feeling healthier!!!!!!
sweetbreath last decade

thats great to hear!
Thats what all this is about, not only learning what and where these bugggers come from, but killing and hopefully PREVENTING Them in the future. I hope you feel better and stay stone free!

Just me,

Granted I opine and write too much, so i will start to pare it down a great deal. I have said my peace and then some. I do agree with you about rehashing things will try NOT to do it again, also on your statement about things not "working" for everyone. My last post basically said that as well so we are in agreement.

I dont think
there is a panacea's for this problem IMHO, but I do think it is a multi faceted problem that needs to be attacked in a multi pronged assault from hygiene to diet and then immune boost. And the attack should be in a constant fashion, and on a variety of levels.

What works for one, might not help the other that is true, and much more tests and experiences need to come in on treatments and "cures"of this problem. There are SO many variables to why they might appear and then dissapear. I just think we need to eliminate as MUCH suspect things as possible. And in my experience, stopping dairy helped.

However I wonder about infections in the body as well increasing the stone frequency? At the same time I had a minor tooth infection when I had my last stone... But at the same time I was consuming massive dairy in the form of cottege cheese every day as well. Its possible the tonsils were NOT reacting to the DAIRY but rather to the infection in the tooth root. I will admit this is a distinct possibility. But do I dare start eating cottege cheese again? hahahah mmmmm

However I would disagree with you slightly on one point you made, and that is DAIRY. I wouldnt classify it exactly as an allergen, since I think it effects all of us equally as far as the white blood cells, pesticides, and other goodies in there, I would classify it rather as a slightly toxic delicious liquid made mostly of cow pus. hahahaha

Also I would differ a bit with the fluoride as well, I would call that a "poison" (in the right concentrations) vs an "allergen". Peanuts are an "allergen", fluoride is a toxin. ahhahah

We are pioneers in a way,going where no finger has gone before.. ehhehe and plowing through ideas and potential cures/treatments to remove and prevent..All the while, getting feedback from sufferers about this fairly mysterious malady.

To stay on target though, does anyone have a CLUE WHY people's tonsils are enlarged? There has to be some commonality here? I have done some research on it but basically forgot whatver I had learned. And is it the "chicken or the egg syndrome"?. Do the stones cause the tonsils to enlarge? Or do the enlarged tonsils ALLOW for stones to form in the crypts?

I have seen one ad for shrinking tonsils in here, and posted it before, I dont want to rehash old stuff, so I wont bother posting it, but I do have a question for people who have HAD enlarged tonsils and successfully SHRANK Them down.

What and how did you get them to shrink in your particular case, and if you got them down in size, did they REMAIN small? And after you shrank them down, did your stone events ALSO diminish?

nomostinkbomb last decade

Opps forgot the juice issue:

The point I am trying to hammer home is about the diffrent TYPES of juices out there, flash/pasturized and pasturized vs fresh squeezed. People could claim, "Oh I tried juice, and it didnt help me at ALL".Then you find out they were drinking the cooked DEAD version. ahhaha..

Not only that, LEMON juice with the OJ, really helps CUT through mucus, which AGAIN IMHO is a culpret and possible instigator to stone formation. So I wouldnt really call it a symptom treater. I would classify JUICE as DEFENSE and ATTACK. hehhahah

Also, I dont think you can eat a lemon to get the
"fibre"? lol.. Any singer will tell you to combine lemon juice and then your HONEY cure and some HOT tea, will really clean up your voice and throat. The LJ strips burns and kills, the HONEY.. my god who knows what good it does, but im sure it does good!.. Tea? just gives you the jitters. lol

Anyways, I really think a compromized immune system does INDEED help in the FORMING of the stones along with a variety of OTHER possible ingredients we expose our bodies to.

The best way I think to describe treaments and formation of stones, is to compare it to the the fire triangle.. There are three things needed for a fire (stones) to live.(form)

Fuel, AIR, and HEAT.

Take away ONE of these (stong contributers) from the fire triangle (stone formation) and you cannot have FIRE.(stones) This same theory applies to stone formation IMHO. Take away just one, the fire goes out, yes, and maybe the stones lessen, take away two and they go away for a LONG TIME.. Take away all 3, and you aint gona have ANYTHING at all burning (growing! hahaha

1. Fuel - IMHO the fuels for stones can be found in the pathology of the stones themselves. Calcium, Bacterias, Dead White blood cells, sulfer compounds, pus.whatver else I forgot to mention, ANYTHING that could fuel this type of production in our mouths should be avoided. Of course I have my opinions to what those are, yours and others may differ.

Take away the bad "fuels" (things we eat, oral hygeine) in our bodies that feed the fire (stones) and the fire goes out.

But there are GOOD fuels that we SHOULD include (veggies, fruits, fibre, garlic, onions, olive oils, vitamins, and mineral etc etc whatever)

2. Air- lets call these the aerobic bacterias in our mouths and possible nano bacterias. Reduce, wipe these out, the fire goes out. Listerine and other natural treatments should be used to remove the AIR (bacterias, virus?, sulfer)
Our mouths,nose, sinues and EARS are perfect incubators for bacterias to form, all of which allow AIR into our bodies, and expose us to the outside world. Reduce the pollutants in ANY of the three AIR channels and you will go a long way to putting out the fire (stones)

3. Heat- Nice humid hot and moist dark areas... mmmm good..Great petri dishes we have in our bodies! In here we have fungus', molds, bacterias, and good places for virus to land and cling reproduce. In the mouth, ears, eustations, nose, throat, you have nice warm wet environments for bugs to grow and reproduce. Keep your ears clean and dry, your nose flushed and clean, your inner ears dry, and eustations dry, and your mouth flushed and clean, (listerine, honey, vinegar whatever) and you might just take away the "heat" of the stones?

What im trying to say is ANY one of these elements can be removed and it will HELP. If you are serious and attack ALL 3 thats even better!
nomostinkbomb last decade
Hope it keeps on workin!!! Luv ya!

My experience with dairy and its effect on tonsil stones was different. And I've already agreed that cow's milk is really made for baby calves. ;) But I think we are finished with that topic. I even agreed with you way back in October when we first discussed it. My main point on dairy is that if you never had tonsil stones, and you drank cows milk, this wouldn't cause tonsil stones. Milk is not the cause of tonsil stones. If it were, more than three percent of the population would have tonsil stones.
I think if you'll read back...you will find...I was the person who suggested avoiding florine and chlorine as it interfers with the iodine absorbtion that is required for a healthy thyroid gland...and as it is so important to thyroid I suspect is it important to our lymph glands which are so closely connected with our tonsils. So for whatever reason you choose to avoid it... I'm with you. But we've been here too ;) page 14 - 2005-10-21.
To your question of why large tonsils. I like pedro was able to totally eliminate tonsil stones for a year, but only from one side. :( BUT the side that I TOTALLY flushed out and had ALL the tonsil stones removed from cause my tonsils to shrink considerable!!! So much so that when I went to my doctor for a sore throat during that time he commented three times (repeating himself) that the left tonsil was much larger than the right tonsil. We are talking one was atleast three times the size of the other. I was feeling so bad I didnt bother to explain it to him (mostly probably because I was sitting there thinking what an idiot this guy was because everytime I go to see him it's about a sore throat and for YEARS I've been telling him about tonsil stones - before I knew what they were really called - and even asked his advice on hosing out my tonsils with the waterpik). But back to topic :S sorry. What I don't know is if the reason I have them back in the tonsil is because the lymph system kicked the bacteria or stones or whatever out into my tonsils from the inside OR if the bacteria in the right tonsil just spread back over to the left tonsil. They are both the same size now. And I can't stand to truly totally flush them out like I did the first time.
Ok, about the juice. Consider the point hammered home! But, I think you missed my point. A serving of OJ is four ounces. You could seriously mess up a diet with adding too much juice! And, as I said before, I don't think it's relivant. I'm with albert22 on this topic...I really don't think mucus has much to do with stone formation either. But if you think it works for you... by all means continue it!!!
Well, now you have lost me with this analogy.
First, the FIRE, I think you have forgotten the tonsil stones that have been formed in people with no opening to the throat. That would mean they did not get mucus or food to help in their formation. I don't think oral hygiene or diet had much effect on those.
Second, I don't even want to debate Listerine any longer. This is a homeopathic website and I've posted more than a few times what I think about that. And I even think many of the 'naturals' I recommended irrigating with in the past are a bad idea as they not only kill the bad bacteria, but the good bacteria as well. Enough said on that topic. I will agree that we need to remove all irritants(call them pollutants if you like) from the sinuses and ears. And, I think that SOME of us possibly have tonsil stones growing in these areas.
Finally, as far as heat goes...I once posted all the things that bacteria need to grow and of the five items they need, the only one we could change was pH. But, I've read enough now to know even this is a bad idea. We need the good bacteria in our mouth. Changing the pH in the mouth can kill off the good bacteria that we need to kill the bad bacteria. If you'll read back though... I think you will find that I think it is one of the good bacterias, A. Israelli, growing out of control fighting a mystery microbe - nanobacteria or whatever. And, it is my current thought, if it IS a nanobacteria the only 'real cure' will be EDTA with tetracycline. I've read a medical students blog posting that she cured hers with massive doses of tetracycline and something else, but she didnt recommend it.

I still think you have the best chance of solving this mystery for us. Did I ever tell you that I once gave these to a room mate I wasnt even swapping spit with? I'm wondering from many of the posts I've read if this has something to do with antibiotics. If maybe the two of you with these were sick at the same time once and took the same medicine while the other two werent sick? For some reason from what I've read just on this forum...I wonder if we didnt all catch these when we were on antibiotics and just didnt notice until later. I mean it's not like the second you get tonsil stones you know you have them. Just a thought. Get me on a wild tangent and I'll say I wonder if there's a lab somewhere contaminated with nanobacteria we all got our antibiotics from.
Here's a wild thought for you. I'm not sure you can convince the family to try this, but do you think you can get them all to pee in jars and seal them up and watch them for a day or two? I know this sounds whacko, but I'm trying to think outside the box on this subject and sometimes I'm WAY outside it. I did this myself and solids were created. I thought of this because of the nanobacteria causing kidney stones, and if it will grow in kidneys I figured it would grow in just urine. But what I don't know is if everyones urine gets solids after sitting. I'm wondering if you and the son will have more solids made than your hubby and daughter. And if that's the case, I fear we have this nanobacteria - microbe or whatever you want to call it - throughout our whole systems. *sigh* or just forget I ever mentioned it. Like I said... trying to be outside the box here.

In the spirit of our Homeopathic environment... I'm hoping someone will try baryta iodide. It's recommended for tonsillar enlargements. And that someone else will try potassium chloride recommended for the throat; hacks up cheesy lumps - but only under a doctors care! I read the side effects there. :S scary!
justmebyanyname last decade
hi katherine i read ur post and i understand totally the debilitaing effects of bad breath. ive got tonsil stones,had em since 14 years old and now im 26. its unrelentless. i too avoid going out, esspecially nightclubbing was a source of anxiety as acohol made my breath worse and having to yell at close proximity. so i know how u feel. apparantly dr katz, thinks that anerobic bacteria the volatile sulpher compounds live on the tongue. and down the back of the throat. so getting ur tonsils out wont cure bad breath coz the vsc are still in the mouth. personally i would still get them out. i hate the stones themselves and il be damned if im gonna be picking at my throat for the rest of my life. no thanks! im going to stop milk all together and dairy and see how that goes, get syringe and flush the crypts out. ur still loveable with bad breath!!
peperonimum last decade
Something I meant' to pass on: On our local news they did a story on asthma in children. As part of the story they tested the bacteria content of everything in the home. The worst culprit: the pillows we
sleep on every night.One of which was only two months old. The solution: no you don't have to throw out your pillows,put an old pillowcase on as a cover, andthen your regular pillowcase. I couldn't figure out why I had sinus and throat problems for so long. It was the bacteria in the pillows. I hope this may help any of you with the same problems. Good luck!
sweetbreath last decade

First thing about milk then I will let it drop. People that drink milk may actually ALL have them, and not realize it, and might not be lucky enough as I feel, to find this forum and the info. Look at all of use who just happened to stumble on this thread, we had them but didnt know where they came from and were mystified when they came up.

My point is that just saying all milk drinkers would "have them" is not a strong arguement because, maybe the do and DONT REALIZE it, and I think you know many people have them form and then loosen them and most are swallowed. They get a bad smell for a few seconds then its gone, They dont know why. Also I do think TONSIL Size can effect how BAD people get them. A Milk drinker with larger tonsils may have HUGE Ones growing in there that cannot be missed, while a milk drinker with smaller ones, can have them swallow them and not even know they were there. Most of us dont even know where to LOOK For them besides the educated in here. Dr. Really dont have a clue either for the most part, probably dont really inform patients about them, just thinking they are NOTHING.

Im not saying its the SOLE cause, but IMHO and, i stress its just a THEORY of mine, that drinking dairy and eating dairy may INCREASE the chances of forming them in people, esp with enlarged tonsils, and weak immunity.

Well about people getting stones with NO tonsils, this is an interesting topic to study and ask about further. Since we hear people claiming it and figure its true, doesn't that pretty much ELIMINATE the possibility that the stones are FORMING WITHIN the tonsils themselves? as some have suggested? In other words that the stones are some how MANUFACTURED deep within the tonsils, and then just emerge when they grow out? mmmmmm

I have read articles online from Dr.s Claiming this to be the case, I never thought it was, but did not discount the possibility. It may be it APPEARS like they are formed from the insides of the tonsils, only because the crypts (holes) in the tonsils are gathering the materials necessary to form them, not from the tonsils or body or fluids in the body, BUT by materials entering the mouth. This is why I cannot rule out MUCUS as a culprit and or bacterias on the tongue /sulfers as well. And getting rid of these, (any way that works) MUST be a good thing?

Which brings me to my topic about mouth goo forming these, as I have mentioned although people may not have tonsils, there may still be TINY cryps, or holes where the tonsils WERE, that are allowing debris to collect and form even without tonsils. This suggest to me that the stones are formed from materials that ENTER the mouth and or drip down the sinus/eustations.

I would be interested to hear people comment on having stones without tonsils, if they can see pits, crypts or holes back there examining carefully, when a stone forms and after removing it, or do the stones just appear to be clinging and forming on flat normal tissue? This seems critical to me as it may be some form of bacteria that can grow into and ONTO tissues in our mouths, but PREFERS to grow in Dark crevices/crypts/holes where it can flourish.

Yes, Ive beat the listerine, juice horse to death.. U make a good point about the homeopathy forum and listerine.. hahaha but doesnt the ORANGE Content of Listerine count? Says it gets its flavor from 100% orange? lol hahaha Jk..

Anyways your right...time to move on. There are tons of theories as to what really causes these, and I feel like we are ALL shooting darts at the target in the DARK. But thats why we must continue to ask others whats working and whats happeing out there, and should keep thinking out of the box, like you say.

In other words there maybe a commonality we all have had that we havent pinpointed yet. Like your antibiotic theory, or even some strain of NanoBac, or a virus. I was thinking today that I laughed at people that said they "gave" or "caught" stones from somone.. but what if it turns out a VIRUS causes them? mmmm

I have to rewind the clock in my own life, I remember first getting these when I had a bout with STREP throat. Not sure if that was the cause, but thats my earliest recollection. And I dont know for sure, but I think i was put on Anti Biotics back then, so you may have something with the Anti Biotic connection.

Come to think of it, when I got my last bout of stones, I WAS on anti BIOTICS for my tooth infection as well..mmmm we might be onto something here, with antibiotics and stones. Not sure its not the INFECTIONs we have causing them though, or the CURE?

One last thing I wanted to mention outside the box to all. I have rabbits when they get infected TEETH, they form this solid PUS like stuff around the infection in the tooth root under the gum similar but different than an ABCESS. Gross I know, but its a thick pasty cheese like sustance that keeps the infection from Spreading throughout the RABBITS body.

Could our stones have formation by the same means? The body encapsulating infections with this paste? finally if enough forms it creates a STONE? mmmmm
nomostinkbomb last decade

I'm sorry if came across as being rude. I'm sure though, that I'm not the only one who questions some of the content of your long, laborious, repetitive posts.

Like I've said in previous posts I don't have a problem with tonsil stones anymore. If I do get them, then I will certainly not be "equalizing" to pop a few out, I will not give up dairy, I will not stop using toothpaste with flouride in it, and I will not be taking any notice of your "fuel, air, heat" theories, and I will not become obsesive compulsive about small amounts of mold. I really think that you need to take a reality check, and seriously think about the possibility of making a short and meaningful post in this forum.

Oh, and one last thing. I'm sure that there's lots of people reading this forum who would agree with me when I say - could you please shut up about orange juice..... Actually if you could shut up full stop that would be great.
pedro_h last decade
Since pedro seems to be a bit slow, and off topic, full of negativity pretty much posting nothing by insults and jabs in my direction, and going over things already settled in my last post, and in order to spare the forum, I will not respond directly to him anymore in the future, as this is a waste of forum space, but in this final post about him, I will refer to him in only in the third person.

Obviously Pedro has some issues about my posts and ideas. Granted I repeat things and probably shouldn't, but even doing so im TRYING To help people. My thinking doing so, was new people come into the forum, dont they enter the site enter the LAST post? So they may not see the older stuff? If im wrong I apologize, but that was my reason for repeating things over and over. Not to see myself talking, but to get the info to people who were really sick and could use it.

Because Some are in DIRE straights and need an answer quickly, and despite what this guy Pedro thinks, I feel like some suggestions I have can really help them as simple as they are. (juices, ears, eustations, mouthwash) Simple things yes, but I think many people dont do it and or are not even aware of the benifits of removing some things from their diets, and adding others.

Many of my suggestion do indeed deal with symptoms of having stones, not necessarily the stones themselves. Pedro seems to think people suffering the side effects? of having stones are not important topics and are not WORTHY of discussing. I couldnt disagree MOREE with him on this subject, Not only do they need to be dealt with, symptoms people have MIGHT Actually be CONTRIBUTING to the stones formation.

The snorting technique IMHO is not really preventative for stones but might help keep them from forming in the tonsils as well as removing them, not to mention people complaining in here about ear problems all the time (which I know it will help) but can vibrate LOOSE smaller stones from the tonsils, removing the stones if done right. I have done this MYSELF, so nothing pedro says can convince me otherwise.

Though pedro MOCKS the equalizing technique, his statement about removing stones with it, is just ignorant. I share this not to necessarily to Remove the stones, but rather to help people remove fluids from the ear (which DIRECTLY DRAIN onto the tonsils) who post A LOT in here about ear problems, not only that, keeping the ears/eustations clean can help PREVENT the formation of them, by possibly reducing bacterias draining in and around the tonsils via the tonsil canal.

So his comment is just foolish from the start. Its meant to clean out the eustations, remove fluids behind the ears which IMO might indeed contribute to not only poor hearing (as many report having in here) but also to stone formation. So also Pedros comment that this is off target is also wrong. Period. I guess if it doesnt effect Pedro, its not worth discussing or doing? Though there are hundreds of posts in here about people with STONES AND HEARING problems...BLAH.

Pedro seems to attack ALL the side issue information I post in here like its MY own. But, again, this only shows ignorance on his part. He mocks molds issues people might have, (when in reality its A HUGE issue and can effect SOME people in small amounts. But you notice its all about what PEDRO will or wont do, since i guess thats who he THINKS OF the most? hehe

My point is, Im only reporting what OTHERS have said, even about the stones, from milk, molds, dairy, fluorides, whatever, its MOSTLY Other peoples research I quote from not my own. And since no one REALLY knows the FULL cause of the formation of stones, NO one has a RIGHT to say whats relative and whats not IMHO. We are still searching. BY posting my ideas and information I find AS THEORIES to the forum, I am hoping that people like SWeetbreath, will come back and report if something has WORKED for them. Thi is how we all will benefit.

So pedro can do whatever he wants and just go ahead and ignore people who are probably much wiser than both of us. I really dont care what he does, I do care what others might do, so I inform and sit back and wait for feedback. Im not looking for what works for Pedro, Im looking for what is the cause, and what will work for MOST if not all of us.

I hope he uses PLENTY of Fluoride and eats LOTS of dairy :) Pluuhheeeze...

I think others have been helped by my suggestions (sweetbreath) for one I can think of immediately, Im sure there are others that are thankful for what information I have brung to the table, and Unlike what pedro says, its really NOT my information so I cannot take credit (except for some of the techniques I share) for most of what I post.

I figure it will help people, and thats what this is about. I would be interested to see forum readeers report back having tried some of or any of my suggestions as to how they have improved, or if anything has changed.

I will no longer respond to Pedro's posts this is my last with him. So I hope he doeesnt bother to respond since I will not acknowledge him henceforth.

One more thing, for you in Southern California you can get FRESH SQUEEZED OJ at Trader Joes for about 4$.

This last part was for pedro.

nomostinkbomb last decade
Nomostinkbomb - To quote you directly "And since no one REALLY knows the FULL cause of the formation of stones, NO one has a RIGHT to say whats relative and whats not IMHO" - oh, so you’re not saying that dairy is relevant, or fluoride or mold, or orange juice?????????

Reading this statement, and then reading the content of your many lengthy posts only makes me see that you are a COMPLETE HYPOCRITE. You are only interested in your own opinions and views. Some of your posts could potentially be very misleading. When I stated earlier on that dairy was not a problem for me, you launched into an attack about white blood cells and pus and god-knows what else. You are clearly not able to accept the fact that people can challenge what you think, and whilst I’m sure you genuinely want to help other people, I can’t help feeling that by posting lengthy, repetitive, misleading, uninformed and sloppy posts, you are doing more harm than good.

You’ve got to remember that this is NOT your forum, and this is NOT your website.
pedro_h last decade

I'm going through the same situation as you and suffering fromm post nasal drip aswell. I 'm would like to get my tonsils out but I'm not sure getting them out is the answer. As i read the the postings, I came across your and thought I'd give you a try. I too would also like to know if removing them would indeed be the answer in removing my bad breath. IF anyone can shed some light my way I would appreciate it.
man-man last decade

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