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I just only had tonsils my tonsils removed. I still have my adenoids. And yes, I did have large deep crypted tonsils.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
Hi everyone,

I have read about 14 pages in this post. I got my tonsils out about 7 months ago due to being constantly sick, strep throat, and tonsillitis. Finally i was recommended to a ENT doctor. He advised me to get my tonsils out. At the time i wanted them out as soon as possible so i could at least enjoy life again. Let me tell u having your TONSILS removed is HELL, no lie its disgusting, painful, and to be honest exhausting, but in the long run it did help. Unfortunately for the past 3 months i have gotten sick repeatedly with sore throats, and nasal congestion. I'm now thinking that i'm getting sick easier due to the fact my adenoids and my tonsils are both gone so my filtering systems are not there i'm getting hit with all the viruses going around. Tonight i looked in my throat and saw a white pus ball in the back of my throat and i thought to myself Dear God, another trip to the doctors.

Anyways enough gabbing on. To help some of you, I suggest definitely going to a ENT but discuss every possible option. Another thing that most of u seem to do which I know a doctor would totally tell u is to stop scraping at or poking them out with either A)a q-tip B) a toothpick (OUCH) C) or any other object u can imagine poking them out! U can cause more damage than good. And also i wouldn't start treating them yourself because you never know what u might have everyone is unique and certain methods that work for some people might not work for you at all.

And before getting your tonsils out make sure u know of all the symptoms you will have post-op because i didn't know half the things that i had. Also make sure to ask if in the long run will u get sick more often or less because tonsils have been proven to 'filter' particles, and bacteria.

Hope Everyone Finds Relief because as of yet i haven't....
ceimhielly last decade
Um. I'm not too sure if my breath is better yet. It still stinks a bit cuz i have scabs in the back of my throat. and it smells really bad in morning, i have to gurgle mouthwash and swallow some so it hits those spots. But i had mine out on the fourth. i finally got around to eating real food on fri 14th. I still have moments when food hits a certain spot where the back of my tongue is, it hurts, and some drinks, and sauces makes it hurt. Grr. Im just glad the the worse pain is finally over. Buti wouldnt reccomend tonsils being taken out just because of the severe pain i had. I wouldnt do it over. But im sure others can handle it better or if they have a good reason for needing them taken out. Good luck to anyone who is getting them out soon. Im still going through hell. lol
SEM2315 last decade
Hi SEM2315,

Just wanted to check in with you to see how you were recovering. My recovery is going pretty well. The only thing that is bothering me is that I still feel some soreness when I yawn. As far as the breath, it should go away once the scabs fall off. I actually used the moneject to wash my white scabs away. Im not sure if you would want to do that. I know you indicated earlier that you did not want to touch them.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
ceimhielly, do you mean to say that you have tonsil stones AFTER your tonsils where removed??
tonsils last decade
i had the surgery on the 20th of this month and i still have bad breath i dont know if any of you have the same experience
im really frustrated with this, i've tried everything and nothing seems to work, i guess my doctor lied to me when she said that the bad breath will be gone after the surgery,but actually my breath is worse now
any suggestions?
tonsilsiw last decade
Hi tonsilsiw,

I had my tonsils taken out on 6th of this month. No worries, the breath will go away. You are going to smell a mild odor right now because your in the healing process. To reduce it, drink plenty of water and avoid using any type of mouthwash with alcohol in it. If you do, it will make it worse.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
the bad breath i have is not mild,it's worse than before i had the surgery but i hope it will go away soon, also when i swallow my ears also hurt im not sure if that's common or not
tonsilsiw last decade
lol, im finally healed. It got better after two weeks. It was weird too, all of a sudden i could swallow! i went to my follow up. The doctor told me that when they removed the tonsils, they fell apart...into a squishy lump of mush. Which he told me is not normal or sposed to happen. they tested in for cancer and stuff but it didnt have anything wrong with it in that manner. Just kinda weird, that thing was in my mouth for 22 years. He also said that the white scab is the new skin forming...which i guess is the definition of scab. But yeah, yawning hurt extremely after awhile even though i could now swallow. Still kinda hurts, and sneezing, ouch, especially when im sneezing ten times a day cuz of allergies. Im have trouble saying words like hole, home, the whole 'o' words. its funny though. I do feel better without that in my throat though. swallowing is weirder too, the liquid is just going straight down my throat when before i remember the tonsils would kind of pulsate with my throat when im swallowing, if that makes any sense. Well, thanks, and Good luck to anyone else getting this procedure done! breath does seem a bit better though...
SEM2315 last decade
This answer has taken me a few years to discover. However, I guarantee I have the answer. I am 100% sure you will agree. What I have discovered with a careful 2-year study of my eating habits and obsessive oral hygiene is that the polyps are the result of a food allergy. Yes, that's right! You heard me - allergies. But, how can that be you may ask? I didn’t know I had any diagnosed allergies and you may be the same. However, what I discovered is the body's wonderful mechanism to protect us when it can and heal us as the primary directive. From ingesting something, you are even slightly allergic to will send signals to stop and protect you from the intruder or foreign matter. So is the case with my slight allergy to nuts. When I ingest even the smallest piece of nut or oils made from nuts or residue from nuts, my throat stops the ingestion process from going any further then the throat. If, I had a severe allergic reaction, my throat would probably close up and restrict my airway. However, the body does its job even on a small scale by creating polyps after in halts the foreign body. -- Something like an oyster creating a pearl when foreign bodies or bacteria enters. My throat tissue surrounds the nut matter and within 12 to 24 hours creates polyps that stay in the back of my throat until nature takes its course and starts to decay the matter. No amount of teeth brushing or gargling will move the polyps. The throat holds the invader in place until it can break it down and expel it from the body. Think of having a splinter that has to be pushed out of the body as the entry wound heals and removes the foreign debris. The throat does this! My throat does this with nuts. At first I thought it was all seeds and nuts even sesame seed and flax seed, but it is just nuts in my case – walnuts, pecans, macadamia, etc. . After two years of totally controlling, what made its way in I was give an oatmeal raisin cookie made with – you guest it – walnuts. After one bite and a swallow, before I could spit it out, my body started doing its job. By the next morning, I had polyps that are just starting to move after 3-weeks. I have not had a problem in almost 3-years because I discovered the polyps are because of nuts and I steer clear. I gradually introduced seeds to my diet after some careful consideration – No problem with seed. Just stay clear of NUTS and all will be okay, the polyps will be no more, and your breath will smell fresh.

So there you have it, I hope this information helps.
Elaine1 last decade
Hi, got my tonsils out in 2006. It wasn't that bad, to those of you on the fence. I'm almost 40 too. Usually they say you are screwed, pain wise if you do it after your 20's, but I did it when I was 38.

Update, 2 years later..I still feel some weird things on my left side (where I had the stones), but I always look w/a flashlight and there is nothing there. I think it may be psychosematic (or all in my head). But I have some ear irritation as well, on my left side, which they said may be prevalent when you get a tonsillectomy. All in all, tho, I am very satisfied w/my surgery and my outcome. Some will have more trouble than others. It's a very 'individual' surgery. I had no problems after 3 or 4 days and was back to work in a week. Some may not be. I can't recommend it or discourage it...either way. My breath seems way better and I am happy with the outcome. Good Luck to all with this problem! It truly sucks.
ASIgirl last decade
I have to agree about the nuts. It seems like whenever I eat any type of nuts my breath stinks. I thought some nuts were suppose to make your breath fresh. But anyway, I have no regrets about my tonsillectomy. If I had to do all over again, I would. The purpose I had in my mind when I had this surgery was to get rid of the tonsil stones that were causing bad breath. And since I have had them out, I notice a significant difference. I also notice people are not backing away from me when I talk.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
Hi everyone.

I had my palatal tonsils removed appr. 5 months ago due to problems with bad breath. There were no implications for surgery, that is, no enlarged tonsils or no recurring sore throats etc.

However, when I touched my tonsils and smelled the saliva it smelled really bad so gradually I was convinced that the tonsils were the cause to my problems.

The surgery in October last year went well. My doctor also took away parsts of my adenoids.

My breath problems are much better now. I don´t have to use tongue scrapers anymore, and I have much less thick saliva in my mouth.

I would recommend anyone to do a tonsillectomy if you have the possibility. I hardly believe that the tonsils has a very big functional part of the immune system.

However I didin't remove my lingual tonsils, and I now regret that I didn't ask my doctor to do that. I don't have very big problems withmy lingual tonsils at the moment, but I am sure that they are the cause to some symptoms that I have: foul taste in the back of my throat, sensation of a lump inthe same place, and 'dry' coughing. Also, when I tochmy lingual tonsils, the saliva smells not so good.

I am wondering if anyone has had a surgery of the lingual tonsils or talked to any doctor about problems with these?

I am very thankful for a reply!
Best regards
october07 last decade

If you haven't tried sinus washing you should. And gargling with honey water. I'm not sure I would put honey water up my sinuses but maybe water with a little oregano oil and a pinch of baking soda wouldn't hurt. There is plenty of information in here for you but you really have to search thru the postings to find it.

Good Luck
justmebyanyname last decade

Hey Hey! What do you know?
justmebyanyname last decade
From that article link posted above...
'Some cases of bad breath originate in the lungs or sinuses.

In a study of 21 people with chronic bad breath and 36 subjects without this problem, Clark and colleagues found S. moorei in every patient that had halitosis compared with only four comparison subjects. The four people without halitosis infected with S. moorei all had periodontitis, an infection of the gums that can also lead to chronically bad breath.

In a previous study of eight patients with halitosis and five without, S. moorei was 'always found in patients with halitosis and never in patients who did not have this problem,' Dr. Violet I. Haraszthy, who was involved in both studies, noted in a telephone interview with Reuters Health. 'A number of other studies have also found this bacterium in halitosis patients.'

Haraszthy point out that, at present, 'not much is known about this particular organism.''
justmebyanyname last decade
Hi Everyone,

I think Elaine1 is correct that the 'tonsil stones' are caused by an allergic reaction. Although, I think it is funny that they are called 'tonsils stones', since I haven't had my tonsils for a couple decades and I still get them,(in my throat). I have noticed that I seem to get them when I eat nuts, though I've never had an allergy test. I used to get them regularly when I ate Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds for breakfast. I would have the aweful breath, no matter how much I brushed, flossed and gargled. I could feel them in my throat. Eventually, I would be able to hocker (sorry, I know that's gross,)them out. Ahh, they stink so badly. Anyway, I don't get them to often anymore since I stopped buying that cereal with Almonds. I just buy the brand without. I think Elaine1 may be right that it is our bodies own defense mechanism to a food allergy.
JulieLS last decade
JulieLS, I have the exact problem as you and so do other people on this board.

One lady said that it is cause by holes in our lingual tonsils and that if you can find a good ENT they can laser surface them to get the holes out so nuts and food does not get trapped.

She said the ENT will usually not find the oles because they are behind foldes of skin/tissue.

I went to 2 ENT's and they said they could not see anything.

The next time I go I am going to makesure to eat a hole can of nuts:-) Also going to makesure they are aware of this condition and that they can perform laser surgery.
johnadaniels last decade
I don't know where I got this theory, but I think the tonsils sample portions of what we eat and then instruct our body/system how to deal with any infections/viruses/bacteria that may arise from what whe have eaten. I even think that mabey those little white things are meant to be swallowed to help in this process. I know that sounds gross but think about it.... they are right there where we swallow. The tonsils are there for a reason. They have those little pockets for some reason. Just a thought. I just use a rounded back side of a tooth brush to push the little buggers out. I don't swallow them...... maybe I should..... ANY THOUGHTS ALONG THIS LINE OF THINKING.
accessecca last decade
Well access, I am not sure if I can fully agree with. I just had my tonsils removed and boy am I so glad that I did. I just got tired of constanly feeling like something is sitting on my throat and constantly coughing up those yellow stones. I am not by any means directing you to have your tonsils removed. You have to do what is best for you. But I just got tired of constantly removing those little buggers and the bad breath that came along with it.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
I still agree with Elaine1, up this same page a bit, who said she thinks it's an allergic reaction. My tonsils were removed about 25 years ago and I still get them. I seem to get them after I hav eaten nuts. I think they are either a piece of nut that has gotten caught in my throat and not been digested (so it starts to rot), or it's the bodies reaction to a mild nut allergy for me.
JulieLS last decade
Hi, I'm new here. I found this link while doing a search for 'tonsil stones' which I have! The ENT specialist is going to remove my tonsils, and I'm hoping that this occurs before winter, which is when I'm prone to tonsilitis (sp?) more often.

I was curious as to why or why not the adenoids are removed? Does this make a difference in terms of sore throat episodes? Would it be beneficial to have them taken out anyhow, seeing as the doc is rooting around in there already? Rather than maybe having to have a second surgery down the road, I mean? Is there a prerequisite for the 'double removal'?

I just happened to note that not many people here seem to have had their adenoids taken out at the same time, and wondered why not.

I was told in my teens that I should have both out. I wimped out and now being in my 40's (and having experienced way more painful experiences, LOL) can't wait to have the deed done.
squeaks last decade
Oh, I was also wondering: is everyone just experiencing getting stones in the 'pits' of their tonsils or also in places alongside them?

You know the flap of skin that comes down from either side of your uvula? If I flip that back with a popsicle stick, there is actually what appears to be a 'tunnel' that goes both up and down along the tonsils. There is more often than not a pile of 'stones' that I can dig out. If I leave it alone for a couple of minutes and go back at it, I find that the material is back again, having slid into place from farther back. This can go on for several hours. So guess there is a good-sized cavity in there? Does tonsil removal eliminate this issue also?

Thanks! :)
squeaks last decade
Finally, someone describes what I've got. I've never had the lumps _on_ my tonsil other people talk about here; mine are in what you describe: a deep tunnel behind that flap of skin extending down from the uvula. The stones collect back there, between my tonsil and the side of my throat.

In fact, the flaps of skin that extend down from either side of my uvula are wide enough that I can't see all of my tonsil from behind them. The tonsils just barely stick out beyond the flaps.

My tonsils aren't enlarged, as other people here describe, and I can't really get at the stones myself- I have to have help simultaneously pushing the flap of skin out of the way and digging back in the tunnel for the stones.

I don't know what that flap is for, but sometimes I wonder if I got _it_ removed, then stuff wouldn't get caught next to my tonsil. I think getting your tonsils removed would still help, though.
herbuveaux last decade
herbuveaux, yeah I get those plus the stones on the tonsils. Double whammy. :(
squeaks last decade
My son got a cryptic tonsillitis (White bags of pus in the tonsils), he din´t have feber or other symptoms, so it could be treated like a one sided disease. In this case the simil (not simillimum)that fits better was a nosode Streptococicum 200C that can help too.
to open the case, I gived to him in medicinal solution maked of three pellets in 8 onz of pure ware without gas wait until the globules didolve then succuse the bottle three times hiting your palm hand.
after that take two tablespoon in his mouth under the tongue for 30 secons and then swollow the remedy.
Reapeat the dose three times a day ans renew the process. After tree day of theatment with this remedy, Mi son expulsed a white bag of pus, and until now it dont return. I was reading different MM,and clinic cases without a giving me a crear iddentification of the photo of the disiase.
So my desision for my son´s disese was Estreptococinum 200 C, in three days with this plussing method, my sonis now OK and bug of pus dissapear.

I hope this could be of help for people interestedon the disease

Sergio Villavicencio
sergiorvil last decade

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