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Just to quote another site:

As you suspect, however, there is more to these hard lumps than just food. The tonsils also trap other mouth debris such as bacteria and old cells from the surface of the mouth's lining. Some of these cells contain small amounts of keratin, the same substance found in fingernails and rhinoceros horns. Whatever the nature of the debris, it is then attacked by white blood cells. The aftermath of this battle leaves the crevices of the tonsil strewn with hardened remains.

So the lumps are a mixture of stuff, and my guess is you wouldn't get them quite so frequently if you didn't have pitted tonsils. The doctor does say that the tonsils are sentinels protecting the lungs and intestines from infection. However, I'm sure that doesn't mean that people without tonsils suffer bad lung and stomach infections. I agree with one poster that they are a symptom of something larger, and that has to be having a low immune system which we can do something about. (Except I'm too tired, stressed and overworked!!!).
Wienerin last decade
What I'm saying is I think we have this backwards.

I am so thinking that these stones create the pits or holes in my tonsils by growing there then popping out and leaving a hole. After spraying out my tonsils really good the holes close up and then my tonsils HURT as new stones eventually grow and try to find their way out of the tonsil.

I'm just trying to figure out if the lymph system kicks this bacteria up and out into the tonsil from somewhere else in the body.
justmebyanyname last decade
First let me say Im am exstatic I found this LINK!

Im 43 years old and have ALWAYS wondered what these nasty things were..As I was gaming tonight It dawned on me to use the NET to try and find out what these where and what the cause and cure for them was.

I was typing "smelly yellow things in throat" in Googgle search field.. Trying to think of other ways to describe these things that would come out of my sinus cavity (and now i know it also involves the tonsils?)

I remember these pasty yellowish nasty things coming out of my throat even as a young lad, seems to me it was around or during STREP throat issues I would sometimes get.. (fire in th the throat) I never knew what they were, assumed they were just some form of mutated MUCUS from my sinusus.. I would make the same mistake as I bet many of you have, and that is to crush the plug between my fingers only to suffer the nasty effects and ODOR for HOURS after..

Having suffered through MANY battles with OTITIS (swimmers ear) I also wondered if they were related to my ears as well (i still think they may be actually, more on that later)
Let me also say as A child I suffered from chronic EAR infections (another story) but I feel is related to these stones.. Most of my problems were related to SWIMMERS ear as I was in the water more as a child than out..

Im really glad to learn what they are named at least for now i know... "tonsil stones"? I have had these on and off for years, and always wondered what it was caused by. Seems like i get them DAILY actually always feeling like something in my throat/and nasal cavity.. and yes like others it feels sooo good when they are out and gone...Can swallow without the weird feeling..and my Ears feel better.. cleaner.. easier to equalize..

First let me say I think these stones may be, and cause problems for a LOT of things in the body from my personal experience... The ear drums, ear pressure, the throat, stomach, balance, appetite...love life ahhaha etc.. I would like to say that I think the eustation tubes and ear infections/fluids may also be related to their formation and or frequency..

Why? Because the eustation tube connects the ear canal/drum/inner ear to the throat. ( Its a small tube which helps drain fluids and equalize the air pressure BEHIND the ear drum.. Then down into the sinus cavity the into the throat) Really the eustation tube is an ENTRY point to the location of the TONSILS in the throat as it also connects into and through the sinuses, finally it all drains into the body through the sinus port which opens into the throat.then around the tonsils and then down the hatch.

Also I have a problem with pressure senstive ear drums (read below) esp my Left ear (where my stones seem to appear more often) and when the stones are gone, my ears feel MUCH better, as if the air pressure equalizes much better in the eustation tubes, and the drum doesnt feel like its under pressure all the time. This is why many of you have ear effects by these stones as they can effect ear drum pressure and sinus pressure which = ear pain and pressure. As the eustation tubes are blocked by the formation of the stones closing that draining point in the sinuses/throat. Ear fluids backup, as does the air pressure. Again Im not so sure the Ears don’t help create them!

For most of my life, i have used a snorting/sniffing method to jar them loose, where I open the back of the throat (where the sinus drain into the throat) drop my jaw...with mouth closed..(this opens and stretches the eustation tubes) and suck REALLY hard through my nose, like im snorting down a clogged nose. Seems like this method vibrates out of, off of whatever from the tonsil area, and jiggles them out of the sinus area.in the the throat.. Seems like I often have to do that hocking a lunger move, where you vibrate the throat as to remove a luggee...but you dont.. only that waxy thing comes out and you can feel it in your throat and mouth as is squishes around.

When I do this, the sinus cavity empties into the back of my throat, and also enough vaccuume is created so that I can litterally suck in my EAR Drum a bit (air equalization) as I vibrate the Sinuses. This method vaccuums out eustation tube which connects the ear to the throat..and will relieve ear pressure.. If its done too much you can equalize by closing nose and pushing out air through ear drums with mouth closed like divers do..

One thing is sure, It must be collecting death from all over the body and or if not literally attracting flys and repelling potential MATES! ahhaha Cuz its some really nasty smelling crud.. and it stays on the fingers for HOURS?? (whatever you do DONT crush them and smell them!) ahha And this Even after washing? What is that??? ahahha

I think more studies need to be done about the source of the stones.. I have read on here and elsewhere that its believed the tonsils actually EXCRETE this stuff..gathering is from infections in the teeth etc, and elsewhere in the body?? Im not so sure about that, but its possible I suppose.

Im not sure they excrete it as much as they trap it ( as others think i do too), in the grooves of the tonsils stuff just collects and begins to rot. Today I learned that now It can be removed by "massaging", pushing, and finally "washing" them out. Never thought of that actually... Now i have a new hobby to go along with scraping ear wax out of my ear with vinyl covered paper clips.. ahhahaha though I think im going to opt for the water pik spiked with Orange Listerine injected in and around them.

I think the stones actually might have many sources personally. But I have a sneaky suspicion that its a combination of food particles, tooth rot?, mucus, ear wax, and possibly some alien excretion which is created by inner ear and or the EAR drums which drains down the eustation tubes then into the sinus cavities, then finally out and down into the throat. And whats right near that exit point? The tonsils with CAVITIES.(some larger than others).. not a good combo!

Until today, I never connected the tonsils to creating these things, and stuff and its quite possible they do GENERATE/Xcrete it.. If so, they are gathering and excreting toxins which smell like death..I guess its better to trap it than let it spread in the body? Though im not sure its trapping as much as its GENERATING problems.

One thing that just occurs to me is that maybe this is some form of NANO BAC, that multiplies rapidly in the right conditions??? (given some food, ear wax etc) ITs possible and should be studied further.

On a light note, Ever notice how slick that stone thing is? Its almost as if its alive.. though it smells like a dead rat or worse, when you try and retrieve it, it seems to elude even the most adroit pursuer. But now I know what to look for I will be looking back there often now

Unlike others in this thread I am CONVINCED these things effect overall breath quality, and when you have them its like constantly having dull odor garlic breath, and IM SURE others can smell it,

Though bad breath IMHO has others sources (lung breath) lung infections, cancer, tooth decay, food in the mouth, sulfur on the tongue.stomach odors.. etc..I think people with CHRONIC dog breath probably have Tonsil stones.

Today I finally have the answer how to remove them I suppose daily....I will use the water pic method only spiked with Orange Listerine..

BTW I don’t have the greatest teeth either and Orange Listerine is doable and works great on the teeth and I bet would help reduce stones a bit too?!!

nomostinkbomb last decade
Oh one last thing I forgot to mention in my book post... heheheh

I think these things are DIRECTLY related to the injestion of MILK and DAIRY products.. Mucus in the sinuses, possibly crud from the polluted disgusting PUS we drink from cows effect the formation of them.

ALso I tend to agree with the guy who said they are probably FOOD particles that get trapped and then begin to rot. The cavities in and around the tonsils trap the stuff and it begins to rot.. As it rots, it grows grabbing stuff from the sinuses, the ears, and from MUCUS, which is produced in abundance with dairy ingestion.

Not saying MILK causes them , i think its a combo bomb actually,,I think MILK products produce too much MUCUS that cloggs the eustation tubes, and probably feeds the bacterias that are growing on the food thats trapped?

Ever wonder why the DOCS tell you NOT to drink MILK when taking anti biotics? There is a reason..

I dont think Milk was meant for human consumption esp in its current form.. (pasturized and pestisides) Though I love cheese and butter I will pass on the MILK anyone having sinus problems and ear problems?

quit the milk and sodas your ears will clean up and I bet the stones will slow down too!

nomostinkbomb last decade
Well after learning WHERE these buggers come from from this site last night, I have focused on and have been snorting and sucking fluid/air as best I can, through and around the tonsil and accompanying sinus tube/canal around the tonsil all day, esp after eating..

This "technique" is hard to describe.. its like your snorting to clear your sinuses, but at the same time Im stretching that area around the tonsil by dropping my jav and pushing the jaw slightly forward, but keeping the mouth closed.. You suck as hard as you can throuh your NOSE..

Doing this I can feel the suction clearing out that canal area where the tonsil..sits (need to know that name of this canal of the sinus Read below)

I seem to be able to rumble the smelly stones out of the tonsil with my "technique" of snorting and vacuuming the tonsil/sinus canal tubing through snorting first and then hacking.. I know it sounds gross but it works!?

I got a smaller one out yesterday and it was smelleeey..! Felt great ever since!

For the first time in my life (cant believe I never thought of this before) I checked that area around my own tonsils for white spots, with flashlight and mirror i didnt see any stones and My tonsils seemed smallish to me..not swollen at all, I guess thats a good thing at least...

While doing this sucking technique often and deliberately, trying to clear that area, it has removed that plague feeling...you know it..

"something in the back of throat feeling"

I seem to have cleared it out pretty good. IT still has that just "stone removed feeling" ALL the time today! YAY!

I have been bothered by that "something" feeling in my throat every day..Along with ear pressure and water in the ear feeling constantly. It has been totally obnoxious and until today seemed chronic.

But today as I did my stone removal technique often I noticed a side benefit besides getting rid of the smelly stones and that throat feeling. That was my EARS are MUCH clearer now..feel greater than they have in a LONG TIME..and its LASTED.

As I said before I have had chronic ear pressure and the constant feeling something was blocking my left ear from hearing well, always felt like water/air trapped in my sinus cavity and when I swallowed i could feel and hear bubbling all the time with accompanying pressure in the ear...

My suspicion about these stones being related to ear has grown today, and I still think that they are food related but I also think the EUSTATION tube/ear/sinus fluids effect the generation of them too, I also am convinced they EFFECT the EARS function as well as they effect the creation of the stones..

could the stones be a combination of food, Eustation tube fluid, inner are fluid and sinus fluid? I bet it is.

My reasoning is this.. First of all while looking in my throat last night at my tonsils, I noticed that the tonsils were on the EXTERIOR of a smallish form of a SINUS cavity/canal that is DIFFERENT than the MAIN Sinus cavity wich is LARGER and in the BACK of the THROAT. Though connected to the sinus cavity the cavity that the tonsil covers is DIFFERENT.

From what I can tell from the anatomy pictures it APPEARS this same tonsil canal is the DRAIN for the Eustation tube? Again its hard to see it from the side, and none of the front shots tell you what the TONSIL Canal is called?

Can someone tell me what this sinus cavity/canal is called? I have looked at various anatomy pictures online, but cannot tell from the cutaway view what this cavity is called.. I KNOW its connected to the sinus and its ALSO connected IM assuming to the EUSTATION tube..

As far as I can tell, it appears the AUDITORY canal(Eustation tube) is connected higher up to the CANAL that the tonsil sits on the OUTSIDE OF?

Again thats why I think this canal and the stones my be a by product of EAR junk dripping from the Eustation TUBE..

what is this canal called? And any links to pictures would be great..

nomostinkbomb last decade
Opps sorry for all the posts, but i forgot to mention that I flushed the TONSIL Canal out tonight.

(someone tell me the correct name for this canal)

Didnt see any stones in there during the flush out, but my ears feel EVEN better and the chronic constant ear drum/eustation tube pressure is gone too!

I do think i sucked any stones I had out using the SUCKING techinique mentioned in my other posts cuz if felt good all day..but it still felt good after the flush and still does hours later..

I used Orange Natural flavored Listerine to fill a childs hypo (its easier to deal with) I attached about 4" of small clear soft vinyle tubing to the tip of the hypo an filled it.

To make things easier I cut the end of an Ink Pen's ink tube (no ink was ever in it it was at the top and clean)
I melted it with lighter to bend it to a 90 degree. It was even smaller than the clear tubing on the hypo but not as flexible (which is good)

I found that trying to fit the larger clear flexible tubing by itself on the end of the hypo into the Tonsil Canal (thats what im calling it for now) was not easy with one hand on flash light the other on the hypo.

but using that bent peice of hardish tubing from the pen bent at 90 degree being smaller in diamter and firm it allowed me to slip that 90 degree smaller tubing from the pen into the tonsil canal behind the flap and above and below the tonsil and then into the Tonsil Canal just a bit and flush with ease.

I was easily able to FLUSH the tonsil canal with Listerine a few times without gagging at all! And using this hookup caused no pain or damage to the tonsil and it felt GREAT afterwards!

I know others have used this method with Water PIk, and even the hypo but i wanted to mention the 90 degree bend on the hard pen tubing.. That made it REALLY easy to manuever in there, and painless. It also allows you to gently pull the canal open using the hard 90 tubing, by gently pulling the soft tubing and hypo away from the mouth. this is so you can look at the Tonsil and Canal while you flush.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Good post - didn't want to spend a fortune on a water pik so I've just made my own battery operated one for about £6. I've made it so it's very adjustable (more than the 'proper one' by the nature of these posts) and I'll be using it this evening. I too have used a pen as the injector - also bent at an angle... By the way the canals are called crypts!
albert22 last decade
- great post. Reflects your happiness at being able to finally "talk" about these things, I guess. I have noticed the ear-white bump connection. Like you, I was always swimming as a kid. I have periodic watery discharge from the left ear followed by crusting. (Doctor said it was an infection - it may be but that's not the whole story). My ear is almost always itchy. When I push out a large lump from the tonsil, I feel tremendous relief in my ear. As you say, the lumps are 98% on the same side as my bad ear. I always reckoned that when the lump came out with all its stinking rotting germs, the tonsil healed in the sense of all that tissue became less inflamed and shrank, so putting less pressure on the ear. But you may be right that the ear isn't draining properly due to the foreign body and/or the inflammation/swelling. Or junk from the ear may be contributing to the other yuk in the tonsil.

Just a note of caution. I noticed recently that sometimes when I press my tonsil, I get a cough for a few days afterwards. I admit to doing obsessive compulsive pressing. It started when the stones were really bad. Even though they slightly improved after I took thyroid medication, I can't stop pressing because I so hate that smell and I just want clean breath/clean mouth. But if it's true that the tonsils collect germs "for a living" then maybe pressing them too much releases germs and I really think you have to be careful about doing too much. That's why I like the idea of flushing them out with a water pik.

These posts are a huge support to me. Thanks.
Wienerin last decade
My ears, too , hurt & release a watery discharge when I have the stones..

KNOCK ON WOOD the stone has been gone for a few days and I feel great! No achiness & have some energy!!

I've been rinsing my mouth out everytime I eat & make sure EVERYTHING'S out of my teeth. When I do this I feel some slight throbbing in the gum in my upper molars..maybe there's a cavity & the tonsil stones come when there's food stuck in there. I don't know.

My ear would tickle in my lower ear...on the back of my neck where my jaw meets my ear. I would rub it and then a watery discharge would come out, & then my ear would feel better. I believe these stones affect my ears..months ago when my throat was hurting so bad with these stones my hearing was faltering..even though the hearing test came back fine. Now my ears feel better.
ronjenn696 last decade
I think you can compare this situation similar to kinking a hose... if you kink it (stones) the water cannot flow ( fluid from the eustation tube and sinus above)and pressure builds in the Hose (what I call the Tonsil Canal) It then backs up into the inner ear sinus throught the Eustation tube. (not a good thing) and pressure builds in the ear because you cannot equalize properly.

This is kind of a double whammy as the bacteria at the entrance of the Tonsil Canal fester in the Crypts of the tonsils...more bacteria builds in the ear.. and it feeds on itself. Because the ear cannot drain...hence the pain and possible ear infections dumping down the Tonsil Canal even complicating and adding to the situation.

As far as I can tell the Tonsil canal (what the tonsil sits outside of) is the part of the sinus that the Eustation Tube connects to and thereby MUST drain into and out of when properly working.

I really would like to know the REAL name of the canal that the Tonsills are connected to. as with many Anatomy books showing cutaway views you cannot tell how everything in that canal is connected very well. And ZERO front shots even mention what it is?

As far as sore throats and STREP resuliting in Tonsilloliths, Im not so sure its not the other way around.. That Tonsilloliths (found the real name) are not as much a RESULT of the sore throat, as they are the CAUSE of the sore throats, and probably account for many INNER ear infections.

Since posting I did a search on Tonsilloliths and found MANY interesting links and pictures. There are also many pathologies of the content of the stones.. While most say it has been found to be parts of sulfer products (0bviously)... food, (as I expected it to be) dead white cells, bacteria..

I found one site that mentioned that the largest one ever found ( i think in Japan) was composed mostly of CALCIUM PHospate. (the dairy link).and detailed examination showed it was formed in LAYERS. AS if little particles of food debri built up over time in the Crypts bacterias formed in and on the stone.

I also cannot tell you how much I think Listerine has not only helped keep sore throat problems down, as it has helped my overall dental problems. (I have bad teeth) The Orange Flavored Listerine is great, tastes good and wipes out all kinda nasty bugs while not burning. It MUST help keep the formation of stones down because as a Liquid it can EASILY get in that canal (esp if you try) and seep around in there.

When I was young the only Listerine was the Mediciney one which i never used ( I wish I had)

I would HIGHLY recommend using it when removing the stones. I use it as the LIQUID to flush the tonsils with my contraption. Gaggling many times daily after eating if you can.

I would also HIGHLY recommend backing off MILK products as much as possible as im pretty sure they aggravate and increase the production of the stones.

I also saw other post about certain foods to avoid and be careful with, and agree its the Starchy foods like french fries, rice, and peanuts debris that probably ar the biggest stone producers..

Peanuts debris, rice and FF seem to really bother me.. its seems they are JUST the right size and consistancy to get trapped back in there..

Im trying now to be more aware if this area after I eat and have noticed to keep it flushed with water/drink when eating does seem to help keep debris out.

I will also be FLUSHING every few days with my CONTRAPTION in the Tonsil Canal with LISTERINE to see how that works. Sure felt good for the past few days.

I have been PLAGUED with this feeling in the throat and ear pressure in my LEFT ear (where the stones seem to form) for years.. It is such a relief to make this connection and have the EARS feel CLEAN. To me the resulting reduction in the pressure in the ear is the BEST result of removing and keeping the tonsils clean the stones. And now that I KNOW where they are formed I can combat them and help others as well.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Oh one last thing. I listen to Coast to Coast AM radio which is GREAT show about MANY topics.

The have cutting edge scientists from time to time talking about recent medical breakthroughs and warnings etc etc.. Its a paranormal show but they often deal heavily in Science. Stuff you wont here other places, They are WAAAY ahead of the curve on this topic.

Anyway I forgot to mention the link they have discovered between heart disease and NANO Bacteria. They have discovered a form of bacteria that forms a hard CALCIUM shell around them as they multiply. They are not treating heart disease by a one two punch.

They first melt the calcium shell then attack the bacteria with anti-biotics. From what I gather this will probably REVERSE the problem if not completely CURE it as they perfect it. This means NO more heart surgery to clean the PLAQUE out of arteries..

I bring this up because I have a sneaky feeling that we may be dealing with something similar with Tonsilloliths.

Maybe you know this but maybe not, When 18 year old boys were injured in Korea and other wars when doctors opend them up to operate on wounded hearts etc they were stunned to find that they ALREADY found the Beginnings of HEART disease in Young otherwise healthy young men.

After hearing about the nano bacs recently I can make the connection easily.. Now I attribute this onset of early disease to be a Bacterial Infection of the heart (the nano bac) which create their Calcium shells using the MILK. Its possible that MILK CONTAINS The nano bacteria in MASSE.

Again due to some things I already know about MILK causing all kind of problems other than tonsilloliths, I would stay away from it period.

Why? IN a nutshell a French doctor studied rats who were fed MILK and rats that were fed CHEESE. That rats that were fed milk developed heart disease while the cheese rats did not. It seems the cheese form of Milk is Ok and does not allow the bacteria to multiply?

Ok to tie all this into tonsil stones... I think the study that found that Calcium was a major component of the stones might have it right, but may have missed the REAL Culpret.. Which IMHO is NANO bacteria.

IT makes sense. The recent heart disease studies on NANO bac relationship show the bacteria grows SLOWLY over time to build up the PLAQUE. The plaque is formed of Calcium shell of the bacteria.

We might be dealing with something similar forming on our tonsils, yet more scary as this breed of Nano.. seems to multiply QUICKLY in days?

Just a thought but I think in the future it will be determined that my theory is correct and treatment of stones WONT be removal of tonsils, but staying away from Milk products and treating the nano back by melting the calcium shells and then killing them with anti biotics. just as they are now doing with hear patients.

This might explain also while many stone victims do well on anti biotics.. its killing the nano-bac.

The key with heart treatment and the future of killing stones is to melt the calcium FIRST then kill the bacteria creating it below. FOr the first time treatments are doing this with heart patients with great success. I cannot help but believe stone suffers will soon be treated in a similar way. I dont renenber what menthod they use to Melt the calcium shells but Ill find out. The antibiotic part is pretty straight forward and understood.

Someone needs to send a stone to a nano-bac lab for testing and closer inspection. I got a feeling...

And ulike what most people believe this plaque that fills the ateries in the Heart is NOT NOT NOT fat.. or cholesterol. I dont have the exact figures But from what I hear from those in the KNOW.. it is not.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Hey yall ... go back about 2 or 3 pages and see what i wrote about lymph nodes and tonsil...

also, get tested for viral infections b/c that causes lymphnodes to go into action. when your tonsils swell they get encrypted... once encrypted they allow bacteria to build up and secrete into them and get trapped. the same stuff that you have to becareful of your teeth and gums about is the same stuff that you have to be careful w/ your tonsils about. My dentist examined my tonsil stones (as per a special request from me) and found that it was the same stuff that cause plaque to form on your gum line. it smells the same and looks the same. once he got it back from the quest diagnostic lab he stated that it was indeed a form of plaque. WHAT A RELIEF!
ok now i have to figure out why my tonsils are over active and are big enough to cause such huge crypts...
me too last decade
yes PLAQUE.. thats a good word for it.. Notice thats what the also call heart disease? PlAQUE...

IMHO its Nano BACTERIA as stated above..

As far as the tonsils swelling, I think the SWELL because there is junk in them NOT the other way around..But I could be wrong.

Probably many different scenarios and none are alike.

They could be swollen due to other infections in the body or virus, and the stones end up increaseing as well as the crypts enlargen more food get trapped.

My tonsils are very small which I think is good? I cannot imaging people having HUGE stones back there and not having discomfort and pain an sore throats all the time.. Some of these stones are reported to be HUGE, The tonsils must also be large to accomodate this size?

Most of my stones are very small pea like or even smaller in size, some people report as large as PINKY Fingernail? My god, that MUST effect their hearing and overall health.
nomostinkbomb last decade
I did get a blood test for virus and bacteria a few weeks ago, and both came up positive. As I wrote earlier, I went on Klacid antibiotic and after a couple of days, huge stones formed on my tonsil which I pushed out. Then more the next day and the next until the tonsils stayed clear. The thing is though, if every time I got a stone I went on antibiotics, I'd probably be on them 15 days a month. OK so I'm run down, so as I also said I'm doing flossing and Listerining at least twice a day, multivitamins, resting, walking to build up strength, trying to avoid stress, eat properly etc etc. Just like mother told me! I haven't heard of nano bacteria. I'll look it up. Sounds interesting.
Wienerin last decade
I have 6 Tonsil stones on my right tonsil and its getting hard to swallow. This is due to my doctor not knowing what they are. He said they would get better, so i let it go. I'm sure this forum has already addressed this is issue but i can't read ALL of the posts. Someone tell how to get rid of them PLEASE!!!! These things are disgusting. Thanks!
Dogland last decade
sorry, but just to add on to my post, i have just discovered 2 more on my left tonsil. I'm honestly horrified by them. I tried to brush them off, but it didn't work. My whole throat feels swollen (although it doesn't hurt). HELP ME PLEASE!!
Dogland last decade
dogland can you e mail me? i think that will be easier

I have some ideas i can tell you much faster and better on e mail but hers a solution that might work below.. fast..

cjshea007 at hotmail.com

I can help you quickly I think to remove them.

Get a bottle of Orange Listerine A hanger, and or other tool to pick at them..

You could use that sharp tool that is used when cracking nuts too..incase you have to pick them out.. (sometimes they are covered in tissue)

Some have used water pick to blast them out using the TONGUE attachment.. Im told the regular water pik is too strong even on low.. Havent tried that myself but I bet it would work.

Just make sure you sterilize everything as best you can with the listerine first and or bleach too. Then rise good

Basically you need to PUSH on the tonsils. Some do it with the finger? One guy in a pinch took a hanger and bent it into a loop at the end like a paper clip.. He used this to push on the effected tonsil to force out and remove the stones..

if they are embeded you may have to dig abit, there are tools you can get for that.. just be careful

Use lots of Listerine during and after to combat infection and bacteria spreading once they are out..

They should go down shortly after that.
nomostinkbomb last decade
thanks for the tip. Sadly all attempts to pick them out failed. So I went to the store and bought that ThermaBreath stuff. I gargled and all that, but they were stil there. Are the results imediate or will they slowly go away? Also is this going to be a reacurring thing? And even more, will my tonsils go back to there normal size after the stones are gone? Please reply because this whole thing is bringing me down. I can't sleep or anymore because it depresses me so much. Thanks
Dogland last decade
If you cant get them out yourself go to your dentist and tell him you want them picked out. He can do it easily i would think. Shouldnt be that much $ either.

They are trained for teeth but they have the tools and dexterity to remove them easily. He might think its strange but it will get rid of them quickly.

He can also suck the removed ones that come out, come to think of it its possible that suckion tool could even remove them...

then do the listerine several times a day.. youll be golden.
nomostinkbomb last decade
I am so glad that I found this site! I'm 16 and have been having these gross tonsil stones comeing out of my throat. I get as many as 5 of them per day, but only on the left side of my throat. Will I really have to deal with these the rest of my life??
tiki2084 last decade
wow that many? and that often? jeezz.. how big are your tonsils?

have you had any ear problems on the LEFT side?

Also do you eat a lot of DAIRY? I would cut down on that and, starchy chips, fries, peanuts etc.. as they love to get caught in there..

And start using Listerine several times daily.

If your tonsils are enlarged that might cause the CRYPTS to get filled faster with debris.. Also you can have the crypts (the holes) in the tonsils LASERED to close them that will be a LONG term solution.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Also dogland I think once the stones are gone the tonsils will shrink down to normal size..

If not I would look for other underlying causes for them to be enlarged..Infections viruse etc..

But it cant help to have that nasty stuff in them while your trying to battle whatever is causing the tonsils to enlargen in the first place
nomostinkbomb last decade
At the top of the page there are some links to natural cures for ENLARGED tonsils.

If you have large tonsils and constant stones it might be due to the tonsils being too large and the crypts wide open making food easy to get trapped in there..

First you have to bring down the size of the tonsils and keep removing the debris often in the tonsils themselves so you can focus on the cure of the ENLARGED tonsils.

I would think some stones being in the tonsils cannot help but enlargen them as they fight that Bacteria too.

So I would recommend getting that natural tonsil treatment to shrink the tonsils, and removing the stones quickly when they appear,

Again doing Listerine Several times a day.. often
nomostinkbomb last decade
For the past couple of years I have had the problem with pus coming out of the folds of my Tonsils on a very regular basis. I'm wanting to know if the little pus buggers have anything to do with my fatigue. I'm always tired, i go to the Doctor and they tell me to get more sleep but i just cant afford to sleep my life away. I yorned in front of my boss today and he told me to get things sorted or forget about working here. This is affecting my career and i need answers now. I have no idea where to start and i thought that the pus might be the culprit. Can any of you help me... I'm desperate!!!
healthhelp82 last decade
To: SmellTheLove
RE: Gagging

BABY TEETHING GEL absolutly works on gagging! Just put a little on the back of your tongue (not so far back that it causes you to gag) Just let it trickle down and swallow a couple of times...it works. The teething gel usually comes in regular strength and extra strength...either works fine...Good Luck
shelley last decade
Holy crap, I love Google. I just found this site..

I've had these "stones" for as long as I can remember, which is a good part of 21 years.

Is there actually a name for this condition? I've seen variations on this site, and WebMD isn't giving me anything. I need to know what to call it the next time I go to my ENT..

Much thanks!
ashleyjane last decade

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