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colly, whats vicks nasal spray have in it??

i dont think it caused such a localized reaction

maybe you just traumatized it mechnically by overly vigorous application of some instrument such as a toothbrush or maybe just some hard bread or hot pizza cheese.

the tissue may have been preconditioned for the trauma by malnutrition or mild infection or enlarge tonsil crypts

prolly go away if you wait a few days, anyway
snorkels4 last decade
also, if the tonsils are enlarged it would seem that the obtruction that they cause to swallowing would naturally predispose them to trauma from swallowin hard or hot food or even coffee?????????????????

i dont know
snorkels4 last decade
rockstar... I've been researching this for a LONG time. The latest medical info I can find says that tonsil stones are the result of a sub acute tonsilitis. Do a web search for 'sub acute tonsilitis' and you can explore for yourself, but the result of any infection is increased nasal discharge as your body works to get rid of what it doesnt want. I dont think that your tonsil stones increase as your nasal discharge increases, but that your nasal discharge increases as your tonsil stones get worse.

colly... purchase a monoject 412 syringe ($1.99 on the web or you can try a hobby store) it's used for dental irrigation. Fill it with salt water or honey water and use it to wash out your crypts. Also do sinus washing. There are lots of ways to do it. Much information posted in the past here. Good Luck. ( I stilllll think the honey is the best option IF you can get the right kind of honey.)

For anyone interested. The information on the Dr. Katz site has changed as we have discovered more on this site. People have tried it in the past with out success. Back when I was first reading wikipedia it refered you to this site for more information. It now refers you to Dr. Katz's site. So... I'm certain that someone over there reads this one.
justmebyanyname last decade
Vicks has oxymethazoline hcl. in it. Its the crap you're not supposed to use to often because its addicting (but not in the 'high' way--it's a rebound effect where after so long of using it and trying to stop the congestion feels 100 times worse. I REALLY need to just quit using it.) I do stick all kinds of implements in there although I clean them with rubbing alchohol first, I know the mouth is filthy. I have lost about 20 lbs since january, with ALOT of effort. I know I could be eating more healthfully, though. I don't remember burning myself or anything. I'll see what happens over the next few days but I don't want to wait too long to have it checked in case it's something serious.
colly4 last decade
Justme, I have a bulb syringe that hasn't been used, that should work, right? Maybe sinus washings could help ease the discomfort of going without the vicks as well. Thanks!! I never expected to get so much help so fast!
colly4 last decade
'Vicks has oxymethazoline hcl.'

?kinda afrin?

why not try just rubbing vicks vaopo rub on chest. eucalyptol is a dilator and decongestant i believe. or, how about an old fashioned steamer with a respiration essential oil mixture. or, just rub a little of it under nose a few times a day.

sinus irrigation is good-saline mist etc.

there is an attachment for water picks that gently irrigates sinuses. my brother has been using one for years with excellent results. he even uses colloidal silver.

an aside would be to use clean or distilled water. you might try to use salt and buffers in correct proportions (normal saline) in case you are hypersensitive.

so much info and you gonna get little help from white coated immortals, good luck.
snorkels4 last decade
It seems to me that there are many different views on what actually causes this... I myself have been dealing with these nasty little things on and off for about 10 years. I noticed a large amount of this 'build-up' in my sinus cavity for the first time when I was in the hospital with Mono, never before. Can anyone else make the same connection to Mono?
sneazy last decade
yep.. now that I think about it, I think I had a small case of mono about 5 years ago, and a few months after that is when the tonsil stones started. interesting...
rockstr82 last decade
i had mono as a teenager, and was unable to get rid of it for a whole 12 months. i believe my tonsil stones started appearing after i had mono. i'm totally convinced there's a connection with strep throat, and quite possibly mono as well.
kmoeller last decade
Has anyone looked into the possiblity of these stones being connected with yeast build up? Yeast has a habit of making things smell foul and being off-white or yellowish. Someone also mentioned their symptoms flair up after drinking alcohol, which is fermented with it.

I am curious because this past week I have been showing signs of what looks like mono (one very swollen lymph with both tonsils covered in white bumps), but by changing my diet to exclude bread (ie yeast) and include yeast and bacteria fighting foods (basically lots of citrus) I have been able to function semi-normally (as well as swallow whole foods, which was hard to do before).

Since some mentioned their problem started with mono, and the elimination of yeast seems to be working, I figured I'd share.

*It seems I can't post an external link, but searching 'bacteria yeast' on google and looking at the enzymestuff website result was informative.
rubysoho last decade
be careful with saline nasal irrigation:

for newbies: highlight, cut and paste link below into browser (you dont need to type in the whole thing)--smilee


warning: article is on the preventive effects of the unmentionable, too

The problem with saline, especially hypertonic saline, is twofold. First, the body's own antibiotic substances in the airway surface fluid work better when saline concentration is low. Secondly, a normal saline concentration slows ciliary activity, a 7% solution paralyses them temporarily and a 14% solution paralyses them permanently. A 3% hypertonic saline is commercially available that speeds the clearing of mucus from the nose because of its irritant effect, but it is expensive. On the other hand it is easy to make. However, many people believe that if a little of something is good, more may be even better. Therefore it may be wiser not to advise patients to make up their own saline solutions.
snorkels4 last decade
excerpt from above:

Xylitol was first studied by the Finns who showed that oral xylitol reduces tooth decay. Orally administered xylitol in syrup and in chewing gum reduced the incidence of ear infections by 30% and 42% respectively. Early studies attributed these benefits to the fact that the bacterial group of alpha streptococci, which includes Streptococcus Mutans, the primary cause of tooth decay in the mouth, and Streptococcus Pneumoniae, in the nose, are found to ingest xylitol, but they cannot metabolize it. In human terms they get indigestion. Further studies of these two bacteria showed that their adherence to their respective surfaces is decreased in the presence of xylitol. In a study looking specifically at nasal pathogens a 5% solution of xylitol reduced the adherence to cultured nasal cells by 68% for Streptococcus Pneumoniae and 50% for Haemophilus Influenzae. These studies make the nasal use of xylitol very sensible. At the conclusion of this study the authors point out that high concentrations of xylitol are needed to produce these effects. Spraying seems to be the logical way of placing it in the nasopharynx.

While it makes sense to assist the immune system in this way, the benefits seen in the reduction of tooth decay, to say nothing of the reductions in otitis, sinusitis, allergies and asthma, are 'drug' benefits. Classifying commonly available foods as drugs is not financially feasible. No 'drug' studies have been done with xylitol and there is neither pharmaceutical nor industry interest in doing any. No advertising can be done claiming a 'drug' benefit without xylitol being manufactured as a drug, but people use the gum to prevent tooth decay because they know about the studies showing its effectiveness. A solution of xylitol and saline is commercially available that is intended only to help the immune system wash the nose.

another good link:http://www.nasal-xylitol.com/
snorkels4 last decade
snorkels, did you not notice that the moderator asked to to refrain from posting about xylitol?
kmoeller last decade

i'm not so sure that tonsil stones are related to yeast problems. i know that i've never had a yeast infection or any problem of the sort, even though i've experienced tonsil stones on and off for the last decade or so.
kmoeller last decade
Has anyone seen a relation between stress or anxiety and tonsil stones?? It seems that ever since I've been having anxiety problems, these things have been around. And when I have attacks or am just really stressed they seem to get much worse.
evergreen last decade
That could be a possibility. After all, it's well-known that stress isn't good for the immune system. It would make sense that stress could contribute to tonsil stones.

I've pretty much had a stress-filled life since high school, and still had lots of stress during the periods when i didn't have stones. So i can't really make the corellation in my case, but i wouldn't be surprised if there is a link.

btw we won't be seeing any more of those irritating xylitol posts. snorkels has been banned from the board.
kmoeller last decade
Hi everyone. I had the white things ever since I was in high school, can't remember them much earlier than that. Last october, I started to feel sick and then shortly after, I discovered I had some more of those nasty little things. I was tested for strep, mono, and a few other things, everything was good. I was on antibiotics about 3 times through the winter. It helped for a min then back to usual. June was the last time I picked one out and it was the biggest, smelliest one and I'd just had enough so I went to the ent and had my tonsils out. I had them out on aug 29 and am doing really good now, am 37 and looking foward to better breath and health. If anyone has any ques about the surgery, feel free to ask. good luck!
funkythroatnomore1 last decade
hi there, i have had these white things for only a few months that i can remember, i first noticed them back in june this year when i had my annual dose of hay fever. Withmy hay fever i suffer quite bad from runny noses etc and congestion (like most) and thats when they started. only a few every now and then, since then i have had probably 3 or 4 episodes with them but i have endured a number of colds and runny noses over the summer, and to this dayi have slight congestion and the feeling of a think horrible throat with a soreness.

I tend to use cocktail sticks to get rid of them because they irritate my tongue so much i have to get them out. I was quite worried, and indeed continue to be but since reading that many others suffer, i feel a little less freaklike.

Any way i am probably off to an ENT guy to see about having my tonsils removed, i was just wondering what the problems are with having them removed at 24, and if there will be any real change with them out?

I am also worried about passing them on too to my girlfriend.


Neil (24 UK)
seabass last decade
I am 37 and just had them removed and i'm doing great, but I had a very good doctor. I started drinking as soon as I got out of surgery and never stopped. I believe that is what helped me. Keeping hydrated is the most important thing for healing and also it helps get your throat swallowing again. If you decide to have it done, take your pain meds on time as soon as you can. I was eating soft foods by the second day too. I'm don't know if these funk balls can be passed to someone else or not. I just know how self-conscious I felt about my breath and that was enough for me. Try using q-tips to get them out, I'm worried that cocktail sticks might poke and make the tonsils bleed.
funkythroatnomore1 last decade
I've seen this a dozen times. Hardly ever gets better WITHOUT homeopathy!

RED-NP-CCH last decade
What homeopathic works best for tonsil stones?
evergreen last decade
funkythroatnomore----- do you still get the weird taste in your mouth or is it completely gone? Do you feel much less self-concious now?
katherine1 last decade
We haven't heard from Byron in a while.... Byron are you around still? Did you have your tonsillectomy yet? Hope your doing well.
katherine1 last decade
Kath, It has only been 12 days since my surgery but haven't had that taste anymore since. My scabs are coming off slowly but no bleeding. I'm eating anything I want now. They said I might get a foul smell from my throat from the healing process but I don't notice anything, I'm very happy I did it. About the self-conciousness, so far I don't taste or smell it anymore so hopefully I will not be worried about it from now on.
funkythroatnomore1 last decade
Along with the Post Nasal Drip and Acid Reflux I posted about earlier... Has anyone ever noticed major dry mouth when stones are present? Maybe it's just me, but I was just curious if this affects anyone else. It gets really annoying.

Also, has Tim posted in a while? I was wondering how his post-surgery life was going. I'm getting mine out next week.
rockstr82 last decade
hello all, I am new in this forum..and pls am sorry 4 incorrect english if u come across..as Im not a native speaker of the lang. Unfortunately, I also know these problems u all have, and u are great that u discuss it in such a detail.
I´ll tell u..I used to experience smelly balls or stones time 2 time when laughing , or coughing, or sticking my tongue out...I wondered what the hell is happening to me..and thought it might be the rest of food..but I never devoted very much attention to this. I haven´t got out these 'nasties' for some months..but have recognized a white-yellow ball on my tonsils which I ´ve started to worry abt(i´´ve never had smt like this before, but itsnot like a cauliflower but it seems smooth)..I´ve found this forum and read a lot..I suppose it is also the same thing u talk abt , which u can see on ur tonsils. It´s getting bigger I think. What I want to do is to see my doctor..though I think he won´t know much abt it and to make sure I haven´t got streptococ or smt like that..just to be sure..I´ve been thinking abt it all and been connecting ur ideas together..the solution of removing tonsils is extreme I supposeif we got it,it has its meaning..When I consider my experience ..I strongly suppose that these balls or very tiny things might have every single person, I think some are lucky and swallow it or their crypt cleans out better than those whose don´t OR unlucky ones might have problems with bacterias which significantly worsen the proccess of crypt cleaning , coz we all have crypts..I have never tried to push my tonsils to find out whether there is a stone.. anyway...I ´ve found smt..so here is the copy of an article..just wanted to hint some ideas..
centraleurope last decade

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