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So bummed about reading and finding no concrete answers.

I have chronic tonsiliths. I do the Q-Tip squish thing. I think the crypt has gotten deeper. When I first started pushing at it maybe six months ago I got a couple out and it was entertaining... now it's just a pain and it makes me mad. I waited a week once in hopes that maybe if I left it alone the crypt would close up... and instead I had a week's worth of blobs to squish out. I get maybe one or two a day and apparently it's a deep cavern so they just pile on up and the more I squish the more come out.

I now need to push more to get them all out and then it becomes a sick obsession since I KNOW more are hiding. And sure enough, the Goliath ones come spewing out. My throat gets raw afterwards and I have experienced the damage to my tonsils where I make it bleed. I tried squirting water today with a surgical syringe (no needle on it) and it hurt. I think I used too much pressure.

I'm so tempted to get the stupid thing removed (I only notice them in the right tonsil) but think the laser thing sounds good... then read another lady who had her's removed discovered she had tons of stones IN her tonsils?! The thing that frightens me is having them again AFTER removal. That would suck.

All the while I'm reading these forums and my boyfriend is over there shaking his head going 'you crazy people and your throat squishing. So gross.' I've had to slap him a few times. He has NO idea.
FRUHD last decade
Hi all,
I've been on here for a long time and am not sure if it fills the 'misery loves company' void...

My problem stems from my adenoids (which are also come kinda tonsil). I think I have crypts in them, but since they're hidden, I can't get them out.

I got a fortune cookie not too long ago and I think it has the best advice:

'The simplest answer is to act.'

Has everyone with this problem seen an ENT? I'm going before the year ends.
oliver273 last decade
When i go to my doctor there is nothing he can offer. I asked about removing the tonsills and he said tat these days they try and keep the tonsills and that for the reason i have removal is not recommended.

My Dentist offered up the denatal syring idea.

My problem is I can clean out a few but to get them all is very vwery difficult and one never knows if all have been removed or not.

What really bothers me is when i take the time to really dig in and clean out as many as i can get... my breath still turns out bad... after all that work and all the didigence.

As for other people understanding... it's hard if your not in the pair of shoes. I don't hold it against anyone for not understanding though I wish they could.

tiredofencrytpedto last decade
take the homeopathic nosode staphiloccocinum 200c
sergiorvil last decade
I can relate to the 'misery loves company' statement. Although I am 'white bumps' free now, the years of going through this awful condition alone was difficult. I guess it’s something you just never forget and that’s why I like hanging around here; knowing that other people share the same condition I had.

I’ve read through most of the posts listed on this site and in my non-medical opinion, it sounds like we may be discussing a variety of conditions. For clarification, the condition I had (thank God I’m speaking in the past tense) is cryptic tonsils that used to fill up with those awful smelling white “bumps.” The only symptoms I had were a sense something stuck in my throat (when the white bumps would begin to enlarge and grow) and the bad breath associated with these things once they would dislodge (either spontaneously or manually with my finger).

I had my tonsils removed in 93/94 after a second opinion when my first physician was grossed out when I described how I had to remove these bumps. Other than corrective eye surgery, this is one of the best medical decisions I’ve made in my life!

If anyone here is tired of living with these “bumps,” I encourage you to see the advise of an ENT physician. In my personal experience, I’ve come to realize that not every physician knows of this problem. A recent post by “tired…” says that her physician indicates that they try to keep the tonsils these days. Well folks, that certainly sounds fair enough if there are no medical problems associated with tonsils. I say that these non-useful organs don’t need to be around if they’re causing you so many problems. I’m saddened by the stories of people causing bleeding and pain to remove them with their personal remedies. In fact, I argue that the resulting pain and trauma to remove these bumps daily is going to cause ADDITIONAL problems, quite possibly a nasty infection.

If your problems are similar to what I’ve described above, I urge you to get a consultation to an Otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) and discuss your options. Surgery is one of your options and it will cause you temporary pain for 1-2 weeks. Believe me through when I say the pain was worth getting rid of my “bumps.”

I’ll stay around and answer any questions anyone has. Would love to hear a happy story of someone getting rid of them for life! :)
HonestyMeAgain last decade
HonestyMeAgain... good read your post it gives some hope toi the ppl still suffering and I mean that in the truest sence of the word... there is some definet suffering from this afliction.

To Clarify and don't be alarmed I'm not at all put out... I am a he not a her.
Craig is my name.

I'm going tpo make an appointment and see my family Doctor once again.

Problem is many hear have said that the halitosis comes back. One person said that pits left from the sugery of having the tonsills removed caused the problenm to re-occut... surely this must be rare.

I'm 40 now soon to be 41 and I say this is all honesty... as a sufferer of cryptic tonsills ( thats what my Family Doctor called it ) for over 20 years... I would not wish this condition on anyone and I do not want to live with this condition another minute... I will be taking every measure medically to resolve this issue.

tiredofencrytpedto last decade

My apologies in the pronoun mix-up! And I'm glad to provide information on my personal experience to help others. :)

I do recall the posting about the recurrence and I agree that this must be a rare occurrence. I think the majority of the people here are the ones that are continuing to have problems. Thus, the successful surgery patients no longer are seeking a “fix” for their problem. Speaking only for myself, I can honestly say that surgery was the fix for me; for the white bumps and the halitosis.

For those out there that are put-off or dismissed by their physicians, please consider getting a second opinion. Remember, this is your health and you are in charge of making decisions about your health care.

Craig, keep me posted on your quest for relief. I sincerely hope that you’ll find an answer for your problems!

HonestyMeAgain last decade
I’ve done a quick search on the internet for some information that many of us have described here. The stones or bumps we described are also known as “tonsilloliths'.

Check out a few of these websites listed below for more information. The first two links show a good picture of these”bumps.”




HonestyMeAgain last decade
Has anyone else experienced these stones coming from the sinus area or adenoids?
oliver273 last decade
oliver273: I think you've got something different than the things we're getting (the tonsilliths) ... our gross little lumps come from the tonsils or crypts behind/around the tonsils.

HonestyMeAgain: How long was it before you were able to eat again? Drink? I remember reading of someone who couldn't cough or swallow for a few days and then could only eat ice for a week?!

I got my wisdom teeth pulled (all four) and while they said I wouldn't be able to eat for a good long time... the next day I was eating a taco salad. Yeah, it was stupid on my part since I got a ton of stuff in the holes, but hey, it really wasn't THAT bad...

I worry not being able to eat/drink though. I drink a lot of water and don't want to shrivel into a little raisin...
FRUHD last decade
The skinny on tonsils and adnoids:
They’re part of the lymphatic system and as a child, the front line defense for viruses and bacteria entering the respiratory system on stomach. After age 1, they are essentially not necessary.

However, they do continue to trap things. (Dr Green)
“The tonsils also trap other mouth debris such as bacteria and old cells from the surface of the mouth's lining. Some of these cells contain small amounts of keratin, the same substance found in fingernails and rhinoceros horns. Whatever the nature of the debris, it is then attacked by white blood cells. The aftermath of this battle leaves the crevices of the tonsil strewn with hardened remains.

Microscopic studies of these tonsilloliths have shown them to contain a combination of food particles, bacteria, oral debris, and white blood cells in a concentrically laminated pattern -- rather like a pearl. Usually they are small gritty particles found in the center of soft, cheesy flecks. Sometimes, however, they become quite large, appearing as rough, yellow or gray, round stones. At times they reach an extraordinary size. Affected people usually have a history of repeated attacks of tonsillitis in earlier years”

I had tonsillitis off and on as a child. My family doctor did not believe in surgery, period. And my parents, like lemmings, just followed whatever he said, no matter that I was in agony with strep often as well. So, the “fix” was gargle with warm aspirin and water. Gargle spit, gargle swallow. I’d also discovered that the white patches came out when messed with, and smelled God awful, like something died in there, which of course is exactly right! I did this for years.

Years later, I was at the doctor w/ my daughter who had pink eye, when the Dr patted my back, he noticed I was hot. Short looksee… and he says “your tonsils are growing back.” I’d never had them removed! I was in an ENT’s office the following week, and had my tonsils and adnoids out within the month. My tonsils were so “ripe” that they were rotting out of my head. Nice, huh?

To anyone who has tonsil stones, not the occasional one popping out, I think that’s pretty much still a function of the tonsil… no I mean chronic stones, bad breath, sore throats often, strep more often than often (I had all the above and an almost constant cough due to ongoing “head cold”), crypts that are full to overflowing…. Well this is just not right.

That is compromising your health. The bacteria rich environment is like a magnet for other and worse conditions. No matter what anyone says, pus pockets in the throat just isn’t right. Infections cause all sorts of other problems too, malaise is one.

I was 22 when mine were removed. The ENT forgot to revise his post op orders for an adult, so although my pain was much worse than a child’s. I was only given Tylenol. When I was D/C’d I called my family doc and got better meds. To be honest, it felt raw and almost impossible to swallow. But I just don’t remember it as a signifant pain for any length of time. Maybe I was so very happy to finally be able to breathe, and not smell trench mouth.

By the way, when my adnoids were removed, I was told that they were swollen, and that’s common with tonsillitis. I’d advise removing both, if possible.

I was wondering if my son had the condition, had no idea it had a name (tonsil stones) but he’s had chronic sore throats and sinus issues. So, I decided to google tonsillitis and have been reading ever since. I just feel bad for the many who see a doctor, and get the bum’s rush because the doctor is not only ignorant to tonsil stones, but also seems to be insensitive to the suffering and humiliation that we experience with these things.

Sure enough, my son had a couple of tonsil stones. He was both grossed out and happy to get them removed. He said, he’s been feeling “full” and had no idea why. Water pic to the rescue, with the tongue attachment. And he said, he feels better now, more energy even.

Yes, I read a lot! We didn’t have water pics when I had “pockets”. His tonsils look fine, and he doesn’t have bad breath, but he knows now, should he in the future, why.

Please, see an ENT. See 2 of them, or 3. Just don’t let anyone brush you off, or discount you.

And Good Luck. 8)
Goodgal last decade

I was able to drink the same day as my surgery, but with a little pain. I too was told that all I'd want to eat was lots of ice cream, so before the surgery I loaded up the freezer with tons of my favorite flavors to see me through the recovery. What I learned was that I wanted nothing to do with ice cream because it was too cold. Remember, your throat will be raw for a few days.

I found that a bowl of cheerios that sat for a few minutes to take away the 'roughness' would fill the hunger void. I was able to eat softer foods for the first few days and then upped the tempo to a relatively regular diet within a week. I think I felt completely back to normal within 10 days.

I too had a similar situation with the pain meds as Goodgal described. The hospital made an error in my pain meds and I was under-medicated by half the regular dose. This was discovered at my post-op appointment and corrected. Even with that error, I felt some pain but it was manageable. You probably won't feel like doing much the first few days anyway. I recommend just staying at home and sleeping it away with your pain meds.

Hooray for anyone choosing to see their doctor to open your door to freedom from this nasty condition!
HonestyMeAgain last decade
I posted on my Facebook that I was considering getting my tonsils removed... I got some terrifying stories of horrendous pain for two weeks, that it was 'like having two canker sores, the size of your tonsils, for two weeks.' I was horrified. I don't want that. As I write that I think 'dammit, I just cleaned out my throat two hours ago and I feel another...' *sigh*

I'm 26 now and worry how bad it will be... I have no breaks from school (it's a vocational crash course for 11 months...) and after that I might not have insurance since my job will change, but it's gotten to be such a huge hassle that the tonsil removal is actually becoming a consideration for me.

My doctor is very anti-surgery, however, and when I ask for specialists she goes 'eh, you're fine. No need.' So I know it'll be a hassle to get to see one. Most likely I'll get a 'whatever, it's no big deal. Stop poking your throat.'

Decisions decisions... Being an 'adult' sucks! Why can't my parents just decide for me then work for me so I can stay at home and sleep and drink mush?

Oh... and I was told that dairy is a total no-no for healing... meaning ice cream is bad advice...?
FRUHD last decade
Dairy products are a good source of protein, which will be helpful to rebuild tissues during your recovery. Although you'll want to evaluate how your body reacts to dairy. I found that the dairy products, especially milk, provided a neutral coating which made my throat feel better after surgery. I didn't like anything too cold or too hot, so I'd zap it in the microwave for a few seconds to bring the temperature down. I also found that the milk provided a calming effect to my stomach.

Bottom line on the dairy, it's going to be a personal preference.

Good luck with your decision!
HonestyMeAgain last decade
I had my tonsils removed about 8 months ago due to tonsil stones and I can say that it was the best decision I ever made. I was lucky to get a sympathetic ENT specialist who agreed to take them ou after I explained the effect of the constant bad breath was having on my confidence and relationships.

The night before I went in to have the Op i read some of the posts on here and other sites and the horror stories made me nearly cancel and chicken out. I have to say that when I came around from the Op I was amazed that I wasn't in more pain. The pain then gradually increased from day 1 post op up until day 6 and then it became progressivly easier. In all I only had one night where it was so umcomfortable that it kept me awake. A small price to pay I say!

I have had no stones whatsoever since the op and it is like a lead weight off my shoulders not having the foul taste in my mouth every day.

I tried just about every remedy going and cleaned my tonsils till they bled, but the next day I was back to square one.

My heart goes out to anyone still sufering with crytic tonsils as only those that have suffered with them knows how depressing they are.
Andy D last decade
hi albert22 you read about me in the british mail yes i went 20yrs with these white lumps and found out after a biopsy of one of them that i had a rare illness called actinomycosis the trouble is it dies as soon as it gets into oxygen and thats why its hard to diagnose i now cannot be cured i have a tube in my chest and i have infusions every7hrs its been in all the papers the hospital have set up a web at the qehkl put christine wicks in search go to qehkl and click on photoe of me and my specialist and you can join i wish you all a preyer that help will come i have received many many letters from all over i dont know if you will get this message as i am new to this site bless you all chris
lumpyjaw last decade
glad i got on the site i went 20yrs before my diagnosis now im on a drip ihave been on it for 12months my husband gives me a infusion every seven hrs i have actinomycosis for years i was told the creamy lumps were nothink now we know different bye for now just about to have another infusion lv and hope chri
lumpyjaw last decade
Is there anyone here that is from CANADA???

I went to see my Family Doctor today about going to see an ENT... he told me I'm waisting my time and that the ENT will not remove my tonsils because of tonsil stones.

I had to demand a referal... he then backed off a little and said he had no problem giving me the referal it's just that he has experience with other patients that have tonsil stones and that none of them had their tonsils removed for this reason.

I'm hitting a wall here... all i can hope for is that the ENT listens to me and takes my strife seriously enough... I'm to the point like most that I do not want to indure another day of this madness.

tiredofencrytpedto last decade
Tired... (or anyone else) -

Here's a thought: you could contact the new show on CBS titled 'The Doctors.' This is a new reality-type show where they encourage writers to submit questions for the doctors to educate viewers on medical conditions and I think the issues with the Tonsiliths would be an appropariate topic. If you've seen the show, they often will invite the writer of the question to come to the show and they will often do the procedure free, so long as they agree to be taped. I'm sure there are legal requirements, but it's worth a shot!

Even if someone doesn't want to participate in getting the procedure, I'm sure they'd use the topic for one of their shows to educate their viewers.

Here's the link to the website to submit a question:

If anyone contacts the show, please keep us posted on the events.
HonestyMeAgain last decade
hi christine here thanks for replying i have sent an email off to the doctors they cant help me but if they change the way swabs are taken im sure you will get some results my case was a massive breakthrough and my web at the qehkl that is my hospital you can read all about my case just type in christine wicks go to the hospital and maybe your doctors will listen to you bless you and i send you hope lv chris
lumpyjaw last decade
Thanks HonestyMeAgain... great idea... I would gladly paticipate just because awareness for tonsil stones needs to improve. I'll have my email out in the next 24 hours.
tiredofencrytpedto last decade
Hi Christine,
I've read your story on the qehkl page (and elsewhere), and I sympathize with your long search for a diagnosis. I'm sorry it took everyone so long to figure out what was going on with you.

If you look back over the posts on this page, you'll see that I've been dealing with 'sulfur granules', 'tonsiloliths' or whatever you want to call them for some time.

I have a few questions for you:
1) Have you or your doctors determined whether there was an initial event that might have resulted in your infection with Actinomycosis? That is, a dental surgery, thoracic surgery, or anything like that?

2) What were your other symptoms, beyond the tonsiloliths?

I ask because I definitely have tonsiloliths, plus I've also been dealing with an undiagnosed recurrent swelling on my face for about 2 years now. Both began a short time after I had wisdom teeth pulled in my early 20's.

X-Rays, CAT scans and MRIs have all revealed nothing in particular save some inflammation of the soft tissue where the swelling recurs. Twice I've gone to the Emergency Room while the swelling was occurring, and twice doctors have refused to biopsy the lump because they can't see anything distinct on their MRIs.

I've been able to control the swelling with Zyrtec (cetirizine, an antihistamine), but as soon as I go off the Zyrtec the swelling comes back again.

Strangely enough, the Zyrtec also reduces the number of tonsiloliths I get.

Doctors haven't been able to tell me anything, and most don't even want to consider that the two might be related.

I'm just wondering if any of these symptoms sound familiar to you.
herbuveaux last decade
hi herbuveax sorry to hear you also are going around in circles the only way this can be found is with specialised swabs ct scans show up as nonspecific also mri so a faulse reading is given they think that mine may have started with a tear in my throat ,it can travel and settle in any part of your body it does not show up in blood tests oxygen kills it but mine has spread to my lungs era gums etc i would have had the hyperbaric oxygen but its gone to far im not allowed to have any teeth out speak later im off to see my consultant sign up to my web yes my face swelled up teeth in agony love to you christine xx
lumpyjaw last decade
hi herbuveax sorry had to rush off yest but saw my consultant it would see that your symptoms are very much like mine the drug im on is crystapen benzylpenicillin its given through a line in my chest a nasty drug but if it helps with the fevers and the pain then so be it the doctors are now reviewing the way they take swabs some of the letters iv recieved are heartbreaking but i do try to give hope what did you think of all the wtite ups in the daily mail please god you will get some help dont know what part of the world your in but print off the story in the papers take it to your doctors and im sure he will take notice i may have to have a blood transfusion as my hubby draws off 30 every time i get an infusion bye for now lv and hope chritine
lumpyjaw last decade
hi albert22 i got in touch with the program you mentioned as im in england i think im to far away its good that you read my story in the mail news paper its caused a stir it seems that doctors are just putting people on antibiotics and its masking there symptoms at a conference the other day drs are now going to change the way swabs are done many letters have been sent to the hospital i feel so sorry i didnt realise that so many people were in pain the web site has helped i wish some of you lovely people would go on it and others would not feel so alone thank you and hope to you all lv xx christine xx
lumpyjaw last decade
attention to all that suffer from nasty, disgusting, repulsive, stinky, embarrassing tonsoliths:

even though it has been said many times in this thread, i am here to share my victory over this horrible affliction.

i got my tonsils out 10-21-08 and tonsoliths are no longer a part of my life.

i had them for at least 5 years. only knowing what they were for the last 2 and a half years.

yes, a tonsillectomy is no fun. i am 32, the recovery was long and annoying. however, no where close to as annoying as those awful, stinky bacteria stones that invade the cavernous pockets in our tonsils.

if you can afford it and/or your health insurance doesn't suck, *get your tonsils out* period.


a very happy ex-tonsolith sufferer.
no_more_tonsoliths last decade

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