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I have had this problem for a few years, more so after I got my tonsils out. I would get at least one stone a day that would pop out and make me gag! About 2 weeks ago, I had a few beers, and I havent had a stone pass since!! Who would have thought?! I will see if they come back or not. If they do I will have a few beers, and see what happens!! Maybe this will work for some of you also!
bbb123 last decade
My first post. I've had tonsilloths all my life and I am 40. I have my tonsils. I rarely get sick, rarely get the flu and see absolutely zero correlation between sickness and increase in tonsilloth production. I don't eat a lot of dairy.

My tonsilloth production has increased the past 6 to 12 months. I don't know why but find myself digging them out every few nights. I can often dislodge them with my tongue - I go to the toothpick and flashlight if I can't. Nasty little buggers. I'm probably dislodging a teaspoon to a tablespoon each week now. I have no other medical symptoms to associate this with. It is just damn odd and doesn't seem to be symptomatic of something bad. Mine are usually rather deep in my crypts and do not think my breath is overly offensive (although you can't help but wonder given how bad a dislodged one can smell). I would volunteer in a heartbeat if my local hospital sponsored some research. I really want some definitive answers about these things.

I'm confused how people who have their tonsils removed have tonsilloths come back?!?!?! Tonsilloths grow in tonsil crypts - no tonsils means no tonsilloths.
bugsbunny last decade
Im a bit confused as well. How is it that bbb123 has had increased tonsil stone production ...without tonsils? They wouldn't really be 'tonsil' stones, then would they?
katherine1 last decade
in regards to the statement about the possible link between ears and tonsil stones:

this is rather interesting, because i never really thought about it. over the past while, i haven't really been getting tonsil stones. i have also been eating dairy, so i was kind of mystified as to why i wasn't getting any, since dairy has always caused an increase in stones. and then when i read this, i realized that the one thing which has changed is that i have started cleaning my ears frequently.

before, when i was getting stones, i didn't really clean my ears (or only cleaned them once in a blue moon). but now i clean them in the shower, by getting a bunch of soap lather on my hands and then sort of 'pushing' it into my ears, followed by a good spray of hot water to rinse them. after showering now, i also swab my ears with q-tips to further clean them and dry them out.
kmoeller last decade
Well, after 20 years of smelly white goobers I'm finally having my tonsils removed. My surgery is on December 4th. Had an appointment with my ENT this morning and he was familiar with all the problems I've been experiencing. I'm just fed up with these things. The constant irritation, dry mouth, bad breath, etc. Last week I coughed up a stone the size of a marble and I almost passed out. That was the final straw. I remember being a kid and my parents literally freaking out whenever I coughed one up. My Doctor thought it was nothing. The bad breath was also driving me crazy, I brush and gargle constantly but ALWAYS have this awful taste in the back of my mouth. Especially durning allergy season (constant PND.) The bad breath never went away, I would swab my tonsils and you could smell the foul odor on the swab...gross I know. I will keep everyone updated on how my surgery went. The Doctor told me to expect at least a week of misery. Do most people get knocked out or is it a local anesthesia(sp)?
kevhed last decade
I meant my wisdom teeth out! I just re read my post! Im sorry!
bbb123 last decade
Oh! That makes more sense:) I wonder why you got MORE stones without your wisdom teeth? Maybe the open wounds allowed for more bacteria to buildup??
katherine1 last decade
Yeah, but even after the holes from my wisdom teeth were healed, I would get them.. I still havent had one come through yet. It really suprises me.

I have went to all kinds of doctors, and none of them knew what I was talking about when I said 'Tonsil Stones' and even when I showed them, they still didnt know what it was from, and just prescribed me antibiotics.. which I knew wouldnt help!
bbb123 last decade
I have suffered with bad breath for over 20 years and have tried numerous remedies, spent a fortune and basically been very depressed because you feel so helpless when there is no permanent solution. I was diagnosed five weeks ago as being severely dairy intolerant and immediatly gave up everything- milk, butter, mayo, the works ! Until two days ago I was symptom free and felt like I had been let out of prison !! Suddenly its all back ---sour taste, foul smell etc. Anyone got any ideas ?
suzek55 last decade
kevhed, I can sympathize for sure. You're looking at more like 2 weeks of recovery, imo. You are most definitely knocked out, as in general anesthesia, versus a local. It's major surgery.
cincygal last decade
Cincygal...thanks for the info. I'm hoping it's not more than 2 weeks. Although after 20 years of these things 2 weeks should be nothing. Did anyone notice less PND after having them out?

Suzek55, when I noticed the smell and taste that usually meant that I had some stones again. I would push them out and then they would form again and again. When I was at my ENT yesterday, he was able to tell that I had more forming again. He said unless you use a waterpik there's really nothing you can do but get tonsils out. I'm wondering if this problem is genetic, my sister and my cousin both had the same problem.
kevhed last decade
I got my tonsils out over a month ago and even though MOST of the Post nasal drip has went away, I still get it on occasion. Which is pretty dissapointing
rockstr82 last decade

Your post is just what I needed to see today. I have my consult with an ENT this morning. I was worried all night that I will get there and he wont have a clue what I'm talking about. I also have asked other MDs and they also prescribed medication that I bought although I knew it was not the answer. I can't wait to have this problem solved.
MsBlase last decade

A couple years ago I had a bad case of strep and my tonsils were gigantic...my doctor put me on some type of steroid to see if the swelling would go down. The steroids didn't do anything. Until recently my tonsils have started to bother me again and I'm just fed up with them. My ENT suggested steroids again but advised that a 100% cure is a tonsilectomy. I'm a little nervous about the pain, but more nervous about being put to sleep!
kevhed last decade
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site. I had my consult with the ENT this morning. It felt great to be talking to a person who was qualified to help me. It was also great to be in the doctor's office with information. The doctor told me I have very deep crypts and one side is a little worse than the other. Since I have no insurance, I can have the surgery as soon as I find out the cost. Hopefully I can do it before Christmas.
MsBlase last decade

why would getting your tonsils removed have an effect on post-nasal drip?? as the name suggests, post-nasal drip comes from your nose, and then drips down the back of your throat. i would imagine that it is more a sinus issue than a tonsils issue.
kmoeller last decade
Well after three years of picking at my tonsils and much social distress I had my tonsils removed this morning. I had found this forum about a year ago and read the whoe thing in a night, after wich i decided to go for the surgery.(the delay was due to me breaking my neck last february in a snowboard accident). the pain is tolerable, I went in for surgery at 8:30 this morning and was home by 11:30. It pretty much feels like the worst sore throat i have ever had, but I am eating soft foods and just trying to relax. I will keep you all updated on my recovery.
jp1090 last decade
i aprecciate all of you that have the courage to post your experiences with this horrible condition, i am 36, and i remember my childhood, and my early teens as being normal, never, never thinking about my breath, until my 15 years old when i met this guy, he become my boyfriend, and the first time he kissed me i could taste this wird taste in his mouth, we continued our relationship, and about 4 months after that, i was at school, and needed to blow my nose because i had a cold but i was to shy to ask the teacher and instead, i pull the secreation, since that day oh god!, i started to feel this horrible taste in my mouth, and to have post nasal drip, and of course bad breath that ruined my life in all departments, i become, more quit, shy, as a lot of you know, every time i talked i was just concentrated in no to ofense nobody with my breath, and, years and years went by, and same situation i started getting the famous tonsil stones, and my story si very alike to the ones that you talked about, and my concern is: had you notice that this is contagious (i gave it to all my boyfriends), and had you think about, that if it is contagious it must be a virus, and if its a virus there must be an antibiotic to cure it. i just don't understand how can't be find, i think doctors doesen't know the critical of this problem and that they need to start a research about this, which i am sure a lot of as would be happy to join, one more concerne i have is my first boyfrien who gave it to me had his tonsils removed, that is the only thing that has stopped me to do it, so i would really aprecciate some information on this from people who has had them removed, unfortunatly, i had notice, that not a lot of people reply after the cirgury, hopely is because their problem is solved, and they don't want to look back to the horrible days. i had tried almost everything that is adviced in the forum, and some of they help but non of the remedies is the end of this condition, i hope somebody star a research, and all of us find a cure.
solutionsearcher last decade
Five days until my surgery. I am getting quite nervous. Stuffing my face with food at every chance...HeeHee.

My only consolation is that I think I have got the absolute worst possible expectations of what I am going to experience, that it can't possibly be as bad as what I'm thinking.

Everyone is being very encouraging and even tho, I am secretly hoping for some kind of divine intervention to put it off another 2 weeks, I am going for it this Monday.

I will check in and let you know how I am doing and feeling.
ASIgirl last decade
kmoeller- If you read previous posts from people who have undergone the sugery, you'll find that most of their post-nasal drip that occured before the surgery was gone. What I personally think, along with *justmebyanyname* (who has done TONS of research on the topic of tonsilloliths) is that the build-up of bacteria in your tonsils is almost like a constant infection, which in turn creates post-nasal drip. The tonsils and the sinuses are completely related, and that explains why alot of people get their tonsils removed because they are constantly getting sick. Some people seem to think that the post-nasal drip creates tonsil stones, but that does not explain why post-nasal drip disappears after a tonsillectomy.
katherine1 last decade
i don't have post-nasal drip, and never really did except for when i had colds or something.

maybe post-nasal drip exacerbates stones, but i don't think it's a definite cause or effect.
kmoeller last decade
oh, and i'm not so sure that tonsil stones are always contagious. certainly in some cases, but i'm thinking that certain people may somehow be 'immune' to getting them. my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years has never had stones. if he were able to contract them by kissing, or sharing cigarettes, drinks, or food, he would most certainly have them by now.
kmoeller last decade
jp1090, how's it going after a couple days? Feeling any better?

I've never heard of anyone catching tonsil stones. I've had these ever since I was a kid and I honestly believe it's hereditary. My cousin and my sister both had them, my mother and father never did because they had them pulled when they were young...as did most people born before 1975.

I can attest for the PND, I've had it all my life and when it's bad so are my tonsils. Especially during allergy season.
kevhed last decade
well it has been five days since my surgery and I am still in quite a bit of pain. this morning though i seemed to be feeling a little better. i am still eating soft foods and looking forward to the day when i can eat a big steak! I was prescribed tylenol with codine and have to take it as often as i can, it really helps alot.
oh by the way i am breathing alot easier especially at night. even though the pain is pretty bad it is tolerable and i would still recomend the surgery for anyone who's social life is being affected by tonsil stones.
jp1090 last decade
ASIgirl, I hope your surgery went well and that you will be able to update us soon.

Kevhed, although I have not had my tonsils removed (yet!), I have had general anesthesia several times with no problem. It is a very odd experience - it feels like you have only just fallen asleep when they are waking you up by calling your name. In other words, it doesn't feel like you have been alseep for a while.
BettyCV last decade

Thanks BettyCV and Kevhed and whoever else...I am 9 hours post-op and doing quite 'peachy'. IMO. They definitely knock you out, and they actually put a tube down my throat while 'out'.

Took about 1 hr for prep (IV, questions, etc...) and about 1.5 hrs recovery, pain meds, etc...my blood pressure was up some so that might have held me up some.

I feel as tho I have a bad case of strep. I've got Tyl-3 and Oxycodone (which I took about an hour ago-it is time released and should last 12 hours.) Tyl-3 is every four hours and a Z-pac (anitbiotics). I am up on the computer, just had some chicken noodle soup (very luke warm) and I've put a serious dent in the popsicles. Oh, and lots of water.

So, right now, this is not nearly as bad as what I expected. I believe tho that days 2 thru 5 may be somewhat rougher, but if it is not too much worse than today, I will be pleasantly surprised.

It was scary, but so far, I feel I did the right thing. (Until the bills start rolling in...Ugh!).

Bye for now. Gonna rest a bit. BTW (I am no spring chicken, I am 38).
ASIgirl last decade

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