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attention to all that suffer from nasty, disgusting, repulsive, stinky, embarrassing tonsoliths:

even though it has been said many times in this thread, i am here to share my victory over this horrible affliction.

i got my tonsils out 10-21-08 and tonsoliths are no longer a part of my life.

i had them for at least 5 years. only knowing what they were for the last 2 and a half years.

yes, a tonsillectomy is no fun. i am 32, the recovery was long and annoying. however, no where close to as annoying as those awful, stinky bacteria stones that invade the cavernous pockets in our tonsils.

if you can afford it and/or your health insurance doesn't suck, *get your tonsils out* period.


a very happy ex-tonsolith sufferer.
no_more_tonsoliths last decade
One more thing. Make sure the surgeon you go to knows what tonsoliths are. My surgeon has won several awards and i felt very comfortable with him. There is nothing worse than an incompetent doctor.

The last time I coughed up a tonsolith was the night before my surgery. Also he said that there were a few in there when he removed my tonsils.

good luck to everyone! free yourself!
no_more_tonsoliths last decade

if your doctor told you 'no big deal' or 'live with it'


my surgeon knew what i was talking about right away and agreed that they are disgusting.

you know how gross they are, if a doctor shuns that as no big deal, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

there are bad doctors out there. go to a different one.

if you have them bad, 2 weeks of throat pain is nothing compared to having bacteria stink balls in your throat making your breath extremely foul for the rest of your life.
no_more_tonsoliths last decade
I had the surgery two days ago on 10/9/08. Sure there is some pain and swallowing can be tough but if it could rid me of the tonsil stones and bad breath then it will have been worth it. My breath gave me so much anxiety and I had exhausted every other option.

I'm not sure if anyone has had any success with Dr. Katz or other products which claim to eliminate tonsil stones but these all just seem like cover ups.

If you're thinking about surgery, get off the fence and talk to an ENT.
got_the_surgery last decade
I just want to thank all of you on this site. It is SO nice to have a 'mini' support group out there... it's so strange how people really don't give the light of day until it effects them as well...

I told my mom how I wanted to remove my tonsils. She freaked out. I used the handy knowledge I got from this site that tonsils really aren't all that necessary after 3-5 years of age and she said 'oh. I did not know that.' I told her WHY I wanted them out... and said 'well, it's kind of hard to explain unless you have them... but I get these gross balls from my tonsils--' and she said 'OH! Little white, stinky stink? Me too! I thought I was the only one! Wait, they're from tonsils?'

I explained the crypts and the gnarliness and she agreed they're ew, but thought I should just cough them up instead of risk surgery. Then I told her how big mine are and how often and her eyes opened. 'Oh. Mine are just every few months and they're tiny. I just cough and ew, wash it down the drain.'

Sad thing is is that my insurance is running out soon so I will not be able to do it soon... but I know that one day *cue emotional music* I WILL remove those stink making tonsils!

p.s. I got a Waterpik to try the flushing... I couldn't figure out how to make it work. Instead, I got a lot of water to come out of my nose. Meanwhile, I love how my teeth feel cleaner... but I am noticing fewer tonsil balls. I'm assuming it has to do with the fact that there is less plaque build up now? Hoping it's not because I made the crypt larger so the balls are just internal now and far in there... ew what a gross thought.
FRUHD last decade

My name is Anna Watson and I have been a tonsil stones sufferer for 7 year.

In these 7 long years I’ve seen Medical doctors, Throat/Nose specialists, Naturopaths, Homeopaths and Chinese Herbalists to help me solve this horrible condition of tonsil stones, which look like white bumps in the throat.

And I’ll be happy to tell you after 7 years of research I finally found the answer to Naturally and Permanently getting rid of tonsil stones in my life.

I have shared this secret to Naturally Getting Rid of Tonsil Stones on my website, please go here to take a look:

w w w. t o n s i l s t o n e s r e m e d i e s. c o m

Let me know if you have any questions about Tonsil stones.

I’ll be happy to help.

Best Regards,

annawatson last decade

My name is Anna Watson and I have been a tonsil stones sufferer for 7 years.

In these 7 long years I’ve seen Medical doctors, Throat/Nose specialists, Naturopaths, Homeopaths and Chinese Herbalists to help me solve this horrible condition of tonsil stones.

And I’ll be happy to tell you after 7 years of research I finally found the answer to Naturally and Permanently getting rid of tonsil stones in my life.

I have shared this secret to Naturally Getting Rid of Tonsil Stones on my website, please go here to take a look:

w w w. t o n s i l s t o n e s r e m e d i e s. c o m

Let me know if you have any questions about Tonsil stones.

I’ll be happy to help.

Best Regards,

annawatson last decade
This is a test as apparently there is a word in my original post that the forum dislikes and I cannot figure out what it is...
TonsilStoneWars last decade
I discovered my first tonsil stone after coughing one up when I was sick while in high school(1980s). At the time I had no idea what it was and sort of forgot about it.

Then in 2000 I was feeling poorly and my throat and ear on one side felt bad. I shined a flashlight down my throat and noticed a white thing peeping out of the tonsil crypt on one side of my throat. I grabbed a rubber dental pick and used it, with difficulty, to pull out a little stone. Then another appeared and I repeated this procedure until I had extracted about 6 or 7 little stones, all from the same crypt pocket! My throat and ear immediately started to feel better as a result of getting the little turds out of there. Again though, after that I kind of forgot about them, and would ocassionally see one or cough one up now and then.

About a week ago, I started to feel something rubbing against my tongue when I talked or swallowed on my right side. Used a flashlight and found a round white spot about 2mm in diameter, which looked like it was protruding from the outer skin of the tonsil surface (not from within the crypt).. I tried to gently scrap it with my little finger nail and it wouldn't budge.

So then I thought maybe it was some sort of infection or virus. I made an appointment to see a doctor about it yesterday. Last night I couldn't leave it alone so I investigated further using a dull metal dental pick. I was able to break the outer end of it off! It was a tonsil stone after all! I reached in my mouth with my little fingernail this morning and scraped and even larger piece of it off. So now it no longer rubs against my tongue. But I can still see what is left of it peeping out.

This one is really weird because it is protruding from a very small, almost circular hole in my tonsil which is closer to the center of my throat and along side the crypt/flap opening.

I am now determined to get this stone out of my tonsil!! So I am going to try getting an irrigator/water pick device to flush the bastard out along with any of his friends that are hanging out in the crypt. This particular Tonsil Stone has really annoyed me big time and I am going to start really making an effort to keep the little cute things(forum political correct terminology) from forming by cleansing my gums with water jetting along with the crypt pockets.

I don't recall ever getting a stone in that little hole before, only in the crypts (I can get them on both sides of the throat). I only seem to have the little round hole on my right side, not the left.

This stone though has really angered me!! And to think for a week I thought it was an infection and it turned out to be a smelly tonsil stone.. And some of it is still in there now!

How bout this for a movie, '28 Tonsil Stones Later', where the whole population of the earth is infected with monster tonsil stones..

I think this stone in my throat is driving me nuts..lol
TonsilStoneWars last decade
It is US against THEM. This is WAR! Extermination of all tonsil stones! United we must stand against this hideous and unwelcome scourge.
TonsilStoneWars last decade
hi tonsilstonewars my diagnosis is actinomycosis the only way is for anorobic swab as the exegen kills all the bacteria before it can be tested in england my hospital have been in all the TV MEDIA , MAGAZINES certain antibiotics will kill it but its long term i have a tube in my chest it may come out soon the whole thing has been a nightmare but at least i have a answer to the white granuals if you want you can tap in christine wicks to your web it will put you on a page that gives you the Q, E, H , K, L. CLICK ON THE PICTURE OF ME AND MY CONSULTANT AND YOU CAN JOIN after 20YRS im so pleased to know i was not mad bye lumpyjaw
lumpyjaw last decade
So I went from pulling out multiple stones a day to... none.

I had started getting the stones really bad about a year ago when I started feeling them. In the past, they had been there but just occasionally. When I would remove them, more would come... it was as if the crypt was getting bigger. I know it did, actually, because I couldn't really see a hole before without the tonsilith in there, but now I can see it by just sticking out my tongue.

I got a Water Pik to try the tongue attachment technique that was named to squirt the little buggers out, but I couldn't do it without serious irritation. I continued Pik-ing and poking the stones out with moistened q-tips.

I was thinking the constant removal was creating more, so I reduced the removal to once a week... the stones went from 6-7 small ones to two big ones (colossal, actually. It was quite disgusting.)

After three weeks or so I couldn't poke any out. I prodded and squished my tonsil but no stone(s) would show their ugly stinky little heads...

It's been about a month now and I haven't found a single stone. Only thing different is the Water Pik.

I'm not complaining :)
FRUHD last decade
To everyone here especially my close friends that I have had some very good corrispondence with.

I went to see the ENT on Wednesday of last week. Dr Shandro. He was very thorough and listened to me very carefully. He explained that the only way to take care of the tonsil stones was to remove the tonsils. I have an operation scheduled for June 11/09. I will also be getting my Uvula reduces as in his own woreds... ÿou have an unusually large Uvula.'
I can't begin to express my content. I almost did not go to the appointment as my family Dr. said that I was waisting my time and that the profession does not remove tonsils for this reason... like I said i almost said to hell with it because i could not go through another let down... what I found out was that the ENT was very understanding and got right down to business... I new withing 3 minutes that the removal option was possible as long as i consented.

Here are some interestimg facts that I was given.

30% of all adult tosilectomies are due to tonsil stones!!!!

So we are not alone! But we new that after meetin here!

The following data has not changed for 30 years.

2% of patients require a blood transfusions as a direct result from the surgery. This 2% was located out of town and could not get to the hospital quick enough. There have been no deaths as a result of this proceedure for many years though there is still the risk.

Dr Shandro told me that it was obvious to him that I had tried all reasonable means to manage this condition only to achieve poor results. I have had it long enough and there was no reason to wait til I get any older... I'm still in a pretty safe window.

I cannot tell you how relieved i was to hear this... a great weight has been lifted from me... soon I will walk this earth as my former complete self.

To anyone else who suffers... if surgery is an option go see an ENT and explain your situation... if that does not work see a new Dr and get a new referral.

Please feel free to write me at squires at telus dot net... just type it like it supposed to be typed... sorry I needed to type it this way here.

All my best to you all.

tiredofencrytpedto last decade
OMG...I thought i was the only one who had this condition. I first noticed these cottage cheese substnace when i get a cold first i can taste a foul smell in the back of my throat then i would cough and feel these masses stuck in the tonsils, at first i thought i had cancer and i did some research online and found out that it tonsilolith or tonsil stones cause by dead white cells, or old food stuck in the tonsils. I do not have bad breath ever, but when i get these things my breathe smells but only in the back of my throat. and i read on the post, I used to be able to eat drink black bean soup and now it causes me to have acid reflex. I wonder if this the condition that caused me to have acid reflex.
rbutterlove last decade
hi rbutterlove sorry you have these horrid granuals it would seem that you all call them somethink different to our doctors i have had them for 20yrs they spread to my lungs iv had a tube in my chest now for 14 months its due to come out soon look up ACTINOMYCOSIS and it may or not be what so me of you have if you go on google CHRISTINE WICKS you will find daily mail news and others go on q e h k l click on the pic of me and my specialist and sign up and you will see many people have your problem its a good google site lots of people got the problem from ROOT CANAL teeth have been the cause of many of your problems lv christine xx
lumpyjaw last decade
I am so glad I googled this topic tonight. I read many of the responses to this original post, it dates back about 5 years!!!!! Right now I am struggling with horrible bad breath and large tonsil stones I can not pry them out to save myself. I used to use a small makeup brush-very soft to get them out and I lost the brush. I have been trying everything, and I just gag-toothpicks and q-tips make me gag. I have been suffering from this condition off and on for 20 years-since college. Every doctor has told me that 'there is nothing we can do-some people just have large cavities in their tonsils and food gets trapped'. One doctor told me to try a water pic-haven't done this yet. I have had a sore throat all week, and I just can't get rid of those things. Very annoying. Anyone have any other solutions. Sometimes a good sneeze sends them flying....maybe I should go sniff some pepper.
jenniferm last decade
I've said this before, but I'll say it again. Start taking Zyrtec. Zyrtec is an over-the-counter antihistamine available without a prescription. It usually costs about $25 a bottle, but I've discovered that Costco has a much cheaper off-brand version called 'Allertec' that gives you 100 tablets a bottle and costs half as much per pill.

You have to take it regularly (every day, usually right before you go to bed) for at least a month before you'll start seeing results, but my postnasal drip and tonsil stones have dropped DRAMATICALLY since I started taking it for a separate problem.

I don't think that this truly _solves_ the problem, and I am beginning to believe the 'actinomycosis' theory that others on this forum have presented, but Zyrtec's a great solution for alleviating your symptoms while you consider your other treatment options.
herbuveaux last decade
Some time ago,justmebyanyname and myself worked out that the stones were caused by bacteria. (look at the very early posts). I'm fairly sure I caught it at the dentists although how we all got them is pretty academic now. We need to get rid of them and preferably without surgery!

Lumpyjaw also suffered from a
Actinomyces infection and then went on to develop actinomycosis (Which is when the infection starts to invade the rest of the body). The treatment for this is pretty horrendous as lumpyjaw's coverage in the UK newspapers will testify.

We suffer from an actinomyces infection of the tonsils which has more than likely not yet spread to the rest of the body. The tonsils have lots of small holes (crypts) which means that the infection doesn't have to make them. Actinomycoses produces that classic suplhur smell when it's busy working and were it not for the crypts the pus and crap caused by the infection would make its own route to the surface.

Well, I'm back to my Doctor next week and ask for tests to confirm that my tonsils are infected with this bacteria. He'll probably grab a swab and I'll have to say 'no'. The bug dies off in air as it's anaerobic - so a simple swab won't show diddly squat.

I will keep everyone informed.

If the nice people who run this site have any homeopathic treatments for this anaerobic bacteria then I'll be more than happy to start straight away! And again - thanks for letting us hijack the site!!
albert22 last decade
I've had tonisl stones for babout 6 years. About 8 months ago i noticed one more towards the center of my throat and could never remove it. I just kept thinking it would finally pop out but it never did.So after 6 months i went to my gen doc and she wouldnt even touch it. Last week I went to the ENT doc and he tried, but couldnt remove it. He then began referring to it as a cyst and not its going to ahve to be cut out???????

Has this happened to anyone else?
greaterworks last decade
I've read just about everything about these tonsil stones and have yet to find a remedy that works. A friend at work just told me that it's the result of an infection, so she told me to go buy a 'keti pot' you can buy at Walgreens. It's used to irrigate the nostrils and sinus area. then i also bought saline nasal spray. I will soon start this thing and see if it works. I suffer from post nasal drip and tmj syndrome. I just started getting these tonsil stones after getting mono 8 months ago. I never get sore throats but my tmj is a result of bad oral surgery 15 years ago(they overextended my jaw) and mal occlusion of the teeth which was fixed with braces 6 years ago but i still get pain in my jaw muscles and slight discomfort in the ears from my not so perfect articulation. I'm not so sure that tmj is linked to tonsil stones. doctors say that my tonsils look red and swollen, but they have always been that way except now i have a huge hole in my right tonsil and i use an instrument to dig out the stones. I also bought a tongue scraper to scrape the white creamy stuff off of the back of the tongue. i still have a metallic taste in my mouth though so I'm gonna try the neti pot irrigation and saline. I hope this works. I've also noticed an increase in the tonsil stones since I became pregnant and the mucus is naturally increased and makes me miserable, so i really cannot load up on all those antibiotics right now even though I'd like to do so and fight this thing for good. When I do clean out that hole in my tonsil, not only do tonsil stones come out, but also a milky saliva that tastes horrible and is acidic. I hope this ends soon because it's getting to be a big annoying project having to clean out my tonsil every 3 days. I'd rather clean a cat litter box daily(if i had a cat) than pick my throat and worry about what the heck is going on with my poor tonsils!!!!
Eccomi last decade
I have heard of a homeopathic remedy. A product called 'Therabreath' i happen to find out about while stumbling on some website. I have not tried it but if anyone has heard of this product and has tried it, please post it. It is a herbal all natural product invented by some bad breath specialist in California. Don't know how accurate it is. These nose drops, along with the 'oxygenating toothpaste' are supposed to stop tonsil stones for good. who knows.
Eccomi last decade

Some people might be wondering what exactly are tonsil stones. Here are the answers...

Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths are collections of various matters that bond together and collect at the point where the rear of the mouth and the crevasse that houses the tonsils is located.

Essentially, there are several different types of matter that can go into the creation of tonsil stones.

The exact composition of the stones will vary somewhat from one person to another, although all stones will contain at least two different types of matter.

In appearance, the tonsil stones can often resemble minute amounts of food that appear to have lodged in the area.

Generally, the stones will be off white to yellow in color, and will almost appearto be something that could be scraped away with a little effort.

However, as the matter matures, it becomes increasingly calcified and adheres to the tissue with greater resistance. In the earliest stages, tonsil stones can appear to simply be bacteria that are present due to a cold or some type of throat infection.

Often, antibiotics may be administered due to this assumption. While this may help to some degree, especially in alleviating any minor outward symptoms, the problem is that the antibiotics will not remove pockets of the calcified stones which are tonsil stones.

Most often, tonsil stones are effectively treated at home using natural home remedies. This is the most efficient way and easiest way to permanently eliminate tonsil stones.

After suffering tonsil stones for years, I finally found the secret to permanently getting rid of tonsil stones using simple home remedies. Please visit this website for your tonsil stones answers:

w w w . T o n s i l S t o n e R e m e d i e s . c o m

Send me any questions, I'll do my best to help!

Take care!
Tiffany23 last decade
Tiffany - you've posted the exact same post three times now without any variation in it whatsoever. We get the point...

In 2006 you were pushing goji berries as the ultimate cure and they failed. The website you now suggest people visit gives 'home remedies' in the form of a book that can be purchased. That suggests there is no cure provided by that site, only paliatives.

We've all got home remedies already. We want a cure.

But thanks for pointing out (several times) where anyone who wants to waste their money can buy that book.
albert22 last decade
To Craig, AKA tiredofencrytpedto...

Any updates for your scheduled surgery in June? I think that you're one of the few here who have posted that you have plants to permanently rid yourself of these stones. If you remember, it worked for me!
HonestyMeAgain last decade
Worked for me, also.... many years ago, before I even knew what the stones were. I knew my tonsils were producing some God-awful smelling rocks. The ENT that I was referred to fortunately knew what they were. This was like... 35 (gasp) years ago.

I was luckier than I knew.

Unless there is a reason not to, having the tonsils removed really seems the only sure way to get rid of them. Oh and yes, they are heeditary. My mom had them, and so does my son.

Surely not the best thing to pass on to one's kids.
Goodgal last decade
I believe they are from hereditary also. I've rediscovered that my Mom has had these since childhood, but she doens't suffer enough to want her tonsils out. My son had his tonils out 15 years ago, so it's unknown if he would have suffered from these nasty things.

I still can't understand why everyone continues to suffer day by day to find 'remedies' to deal with them. I support getting those tonils out so there's no place for these stones to hide!
HonestyMeAgain last decade

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