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VERY INTERESTING!!!!! Read this - hot off the press via Google news and the BBC today 25 November;

Laser treatment 'zaps bad breath'

Good dental hygiene cures most
People plagued by bad breath despite regular brushing, flossing and gargling with mouth wash could benefit from laser therapy, say scientists.
In most cases bad breath comes from the build up of bacteria around the teeth and gums due to poor oral hygiene.

But in some the tonsils are to blame, the Israeli team told New Scientist.

Treating the tonsils with a laser for 15 minutes to combat bacteria lurking in the tissue can banish these bad odours, they found.


Yehuda Finkelstein and colleagues from the Meir Hospital at the Sapir Medical Centre in Kfar Saba say they successfully treated 53 patients in this way.

But critics maintain the best way to alleviate bad breath is regular brushing and flossing.

In the study, all of the patients had bad breath due to smelly tonsils rather than dental or gum problems.

What will help is good oral hygiene and staying well hydrated.

Dr Philip Stemmer, a private dentist working at the Fresh Breath Centre

The scientists found no other mouth problems, but when they squeezed and massaged the patients' tonsils there was a foul-smelling discharge, suggesting the problem was fetid tonsils.

In this condition, bacteria collect in the grooves, or crypts, of the tonsils.

All of the patients were then treated with a one 15-minute session of laser therapy to the tonsils.

The were re-examined four to six weeks later to see if the treatment had worked.

Twenty-eight of the patients were cured after the first session and the rest were cured after a further one or two sessions, according to the researchers.


The laser works by vaporising the infected tissue and seals the crypts by creating scar tissue that bacteria cannot colonise.

It can be carried out while the patient is awake in an office setting with the use of an anaesthetic spray to the tonsils.

Richard Price, a consumer adviser to the American Dental Association, said that the procedure could be useful as a last resort, but that tonsils only cause up to 6% of halitosis.

He told New Scientist: "Try conventional treatment first.

"Scraping the tongue and using mouthwash seems to work for most people."

Dr Jonathan Portner, a dentist in North London, said: "I'm certain there is something in it.

"I have had adolescents with this problem."

Dr Philip Stemmer, a private dentist working at the Fresh Breath Centre in the UK, said: "I do not believe it."

He said the tonsils could smell but that they would not smell enough to cause bad breath.

"Having the tonsils out is a waste of time to treat halitosis.

"The problem will still be there. There's not enough bacteria or smell coming from the crypts [of the tonsils]."

He advised people with persistent bad breath despite regular brushing, flossing and using non-alcohol mouth wash to see a dental hygienist.

"Bad breath is due to bacteria. What will help is good oral hygiene and staying well hydrated.

Link is here;http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4038759.stm

Well it sounds less sore than having the buggers out!
albert22 last decade
Scraping the tongue everyday is a must in most of our homes.

We use either a plastic or stainless steel piece to scrape our tongue daily after brushing.

When I first visited Germany and U.S.A. I was amazed to know that,people don't clean their tongue on a regular basis.

That could be one of the reasons for bad breath.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Yes, I read the same thing recently about the laser surgery which has only recently become avaliable to prevent the build up of bacteria around the tonsils. I also read that one of the options, is to have the grooves and pockets in the tonsils sealed (as opposed to having them removed). This has been found to prevent bad breath annd tonsil stones.
SQueen last decade
I had these tonsil stones. I could press on the outside of my neck and they would pop out in my mouth. Yuck! My ENT shrugged it off because she couldnt see them. I kept returning (they where getting bigger and bigger..some the size of a large grape and where giving me bad breath) After putting me on antibiotics for several weeks and at my insistance, she agreed to remove them. Post surgery, the ENT told my family that they where the largest tonsils she had removed. She could not see the tonsils before, even with a camera down my nose as my tonsils where so recessed in my throat. She said after the tonsil where out she had to scrape and scrape to get all of the tonsil stones that were compacted in the area. After they where removed I could hear much better too (I didnt even realize it was affecting my hearing). The recovery was painful, but well worth it to me. I dont regret it at all.
mwolffy last decade
ex-stinker, by looking at the dates of your posts, you should be completely healing from getting your tonsils out. I am very curious if your breath has improved. My tonsils are very large, and I have suffered from extreme bad breath since I was young, I am now 32.

My oral hygiene is perfect, I have no gum problems, no acid reflux, but have had bad breath for so long. I have long suspected my tonsils could be the culprits, I went to one ENT 8 years ago, and he just prescribed allergy medicine, despite that he admitted my tonsils were very large. He was a young (inexperienced in my opinion) doctor though.

Has anyone been able to confirm bad breath relief after getting their tonsils removed? If so, did you have chronic bad breath previously?
ultraww last decade
Well, I have read the entire post. I have received one heckova education about tonsils and stink balls. Far better than any doctor I have ever spoken to.

Setagllib on the first page obviously doesn't know that there are few MD's that practice homeopathy by comparison to the great number of homeopathic practitioners that have been taught and have practiced for many years.

No matter how one sees this, this is a most puzzling condition and I am grateful to become aware of it's activity. Not in 40 years have I run across this condition.

I have studied and would ask if anyone would be willing to try BELLADONNA 30X (or lower) one dose before bed for one week to see if there is a good response? Thanks, a good test for all, especially me.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

Is Helicobactor Pylori related to these white bumps by any chance? It was not too long ago i had really bad stomach pains. I'm not sure what an ulcer is, but the doc said I might have some kind of kidney or some other kind of problem. (I forgot the other thing they said)
Then I get these white bumps and I think I'm fallin apart.
pltdean last decade
Hi all, I just wanted to report in after my tonsilectimy now that I am stink ball free. I had my operation on Dec. 16th. The actual procedure only took about 30 minutes. My doctor was really good and I didn't even get any pain in my ears after. I would agree that you will need at least a week off work to recover. I was eating solid foods again by the 10th day after and I stopped taking the pain medicine by the 13th day after. There were a few kind of bad days in the first week, but I would say it is well worth it. The white scab is almost gone from the back of my throat now and it does not hurt anymore. I do not have the sour taste in my mouth anymore and my breath is not stinky either. Also I lost about 12 pounds and it wasn't even hard. I am so glad for this forum. Thanks everybody.
turtle last decade
I seem to notice these things in me too


Reason #1. Some people have weird glands with holes in them i guess. And when you eat really fast especially like spagetti or macaroni type products, some of that food instead of going down your throat accumalates behind your tonsils. When the clump gets too big you thend to cough it up. It smells nasty and it looks all white.
Try maybe eating slowly and drinking lots of water with your food. Brushing your teeth a lot also helps

Reason #2- bacterial infection. This one is different from the 1st one because if you notice you can't cough it out as hard as you try. How it gets there I don't know. But picking at it might cause strep throat or worst irritation. It's not strep though. I suggest throat sprays and gargeling salt water. It might not work though.

Other than the fact thAt it irritates me every time i look at it and I constantly do because it irritates me to even think about it, i don't think it causes any problem
grebensc last decade
OK I went to the doctor before I went home for the holidays. They prescribed amoxicillin for 10 days 2 pills a days. I was about five days into it and I flew home. Well the airline lost my bags and my medicine with it. I went a couple of days without any kind of medicine.
I called the doctor and they phoned in a new prescription of Cefzil for another 10 days. I am finished with the medicine but the white bump is still there.
I am seriously thinking about getting my tonsils removed because this is stupid. I do not want to go back to the doctor and pay them to give me more medicine that doesn't work.
pltdean last decade
Quick question to fellow tonsolith sufferers...Do any of you ever feel like you have spikes in your tonsils and when you go to speak the spikes hurt??? This happens to me and I immediately have to drink some water to get rid of the "spiky" feeling....
Zorro last decade
Okay--Antibiotics won't solve these things, your doctor is shooting blanks & doesn't know what he's diagnosing, the same as mine....I just wish people would say they don't know the answer to the question when asked, even if they are a doctor after all those usefull years of education, my advise would be cut back on smoking & get your self a little pick to dig these guys out of the tonsil, but be carefull of the tissue it will tear & bleed very easily...You will notice if you put your finger back there & push to squeeze the tonsil somtimes they will pop out & w/a pick in conjunction you can pick them out...
Yes they can feel kinda of pricky ...That's actually when I know I have them agian & I feel a fullness in my throat..When I pick them out you actually can feel a RELIEF in the body once pried out... a cleaness relief I guess you want to call it...But you want to open your mouth, tighten up on the back of the mouth, then push w/index finger trying to massage white stuff out(like popping a zit)..you should see some white stuff extrude, now not always will this happen(only if full)...if you still feel as though somthing is back there(like a grain of rice caught)then take the pick & carefully go into the holes of tonsil & move things around...If there is a white substance you should see it & just try to pull it out..once out as I said you will feel better...this stuff is some nasty __it! On a positive note though I haven't been sick for over 9yrs(puking sick) & I think these little guys actually attract viruses from my body as a decoy & I expell these things w/the viruses in return IMOA... Hope this helps guys
setagllib last decade
Your stomach pains are a different subject
setagllib last decade
please help. i recently got over a cold and a flu and who knows what else i had. i was experiencing sore throat and sinus pain. then i was sick to my stomach and dizzy with muscle aches for a day or 2. then it just went back to sore throat. the pain traveled down my throat lower and lower for a few days, then came back up and made my sinuss sore. anyway, the sore feelings went all through my throat area and then went away. that entire story was happening for a little over a month. i had white bumps in my throat for a long time. my tonsils were never big or swollen and i never had a fever. now that the pain is gone, i have no idea why the white bumps are still there. they arent very large and there are only about 3 or 4. they come and go in the mornings. every few days the sore throat comes back slightly, but i just gargle with salt water and its usually gone within 12 hours. the symptoms seem to be gone, but the white bumps are still there, making me think the virus is still staying with me even after almost 2 months. the occasional sore feeling is not a big deal at all, how do i get rid of the virus itself?

-- Gavan
stepmanx last decade
Dear pltdean,

Helicobacter Pylori won't help get rid of the stones. If you've had HP you know that you sweat in bed so much at night it's as if you've got straight in bed from the bath without using a towel. You lose lots of fluid in the night because of your rise in temperature and so there's more chance that anything at the back of the throat won't get washed away 'cos your mouth's so much drier as you're slightly dehydrated. So there's only an indirect link with the stones and HP.

Stepmanx seems to have caught the stones just like the rest of us have. Stepmanx, You have probably gotten rid of the virus - the stones are bacteria based (otherwise they wouldn't respond temporararily to antibiotics).

As for the sinus pain - throw away your sinus tablets etc. Just drink a pint of water when you get up in the morning. Sinus headaches gone for good. I used to spend a fortune on tablets to get rid of the blinding headaches and intense pain. Then one day it struck me... I always got them when my mouth was dry and my pee dark coloured. I have a pint of water to top up my fluids every morning and it works. If you forget the morning water, drink water AS SOON as you get the first sign of a sinus headache. Don't wait too long or it's bad headache time!

My tonsils have been causing me problems for a week. I know there's something there but they're that swollen the stones won't come out. So I got a syringe and put some soft poly tubing on the end of it. Then I inserted the tube slightly inside the tonsil and squirted some diluted Oraldene mouthwash inside. It really helped and stopped me coughing!

I used diluted Oraldene as I'm a born again coward...
albert22 last decade

[message deleted by sfenwick76 on Thu, 23 Aug 2012 18:41:38 BST]
sfenwick76 last decade
I was looking at my throat tonight because it felt sore, and I saw bumps on the back of my throat, near my uvula just like all the others in this thread said. But mine aren't white. They look more like ... well it's hard to explain.

You know that test you get at the doctor's office where they stick a needle under the skin on your forearm, put something under there that makes a small bump, and then check it a couple weeks later? They look like that, only in my throat and a lot less hairy. Lol.

In any case, it all started the day before yesterday, in the morning. I was driving my sister to school when I got a huge whiff of her AXE body spray. I nearly gagged and had a sore throat ever since. Tomorrow morning it will have been two days since it started. What I'm wondering is if this sore throat is an allergic reaction to her spray, and if it is, are the bumps another allergic reaction? Or is there something completely different going on with me.

I do admit I also have somewhat bloodshot eyes, have been sneezing a lot lately, and have dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get (and I do get a lot). I don't think it's related to my sore throat, but who knows.

Please help if you can. Any advice is very appreciated.
Teraesa last decade
After reading that last post I decided to share my experience with these little "stink-balls."

This morning was the first time I have experienced this so I was digging around on the internet and came across this site.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning(especially in the summer w/ the AC on) I will wake up with a little bit of a sore throat(right in the area where your saliva collects at the top of your throat before you completely swollow). Usually I can just get rid of it by haucking phlegm up and sniffing in real hard and haucking more up. It usually comes out real yellowish(and sometime brownish) at first and then clears up after a few times of doing that and blowing my nose. One of the times I did that this time though, i felt this little piece of something in my mouth, so i spit it out into my hand. It was this:

aaronn ?. ?net/pix/a.jpg
(that is about a 3inch piece of paper) and here is a closer look: aaronn ?. ?net/pix/b.jpg
(by the way, the two pieces were orriginally attached)
(p.s.: add 3 w's before those links to see them, and remove the " ?"(space, question mark) from the links. it wont let me post links on here).

Right after those came out, I noticed that my throat no longer hurt any more.

Now after I think of it now, I have a few ideas to why it happened. Last night, I went out bowling. Although I do not smoke, I breathed in a ton of second hand smoke, and Smoke has always bothered me and my throat/nose/everything more than it does most people. Another thing that I thought of after reading Teraesa's post was that I wore Abercrombie: Fierce cologne that night, and when I think back about it, that has always kinda bothered my throat. Also, for whatever reason, I went to bed w/ the colognes and smoke soaked shirt on, so I was probably breathing that cologne and stuff all night.

I will list more about things that might pertain to this, incase any of you see them and think, "hey i use that too!"
I have a top and bottom retainer.
I get this black calcium buildup behind my bottom, from teeth.
I use Colgate Simple White toothpaste.
I chew Orbit gum.
I stay up late.
I work at Taco Bell(so i eat a lot of taco bell).
I use Carmex brand chapstick.
and..i dunno what else would matter lol.

so, any suggestions, bright ideas or anything?
AaronN322 last decade

[message deleted by sfenwick76 on Thu, 23 Aug 2012 18:40:37 BST]
sfenwick76 last decade
Stephen: I too use a lot of pillows. I think there are 4 on my bed(twin size) right now. I usually have my head on top of two and then my arm underneath the botom one. I also lay on my side, leaning slightly towards my stomach.

I also use a heated blanket, so all of my body except for my head and neck is nice and warm.
AaronN322 last decade
I have been around the block with Tonsul stones but only recently discovered what they were. For many years I would have maybe once a month a flaky stinking piece of garbage that always looked like an overcooked piece of outmeal fly out of my mouth usually caused by eating something which goes down the "wrong pipe" and causes one of those really violent sneeze coughs.

I had acknowledged the condition and several other people I know had the same problem. Recently however I began to feel them and could look back there with a flashlight and see the stinky little poops. It seems that they live in your tonsul for a while, before finally becoming larger and larger sort of wiggle their way to the surface then wait to be blasted away by a sneeze. The worst is if when you sneeze it actually comes out of your nose and you look at it like, I didn't have french fries lately, then smell it and feel as though your body needs and excorsism.

I would like to warn everyone of a particular problem I had. I recently got married and in an effort to explain to my wife what in the heck I was talking about I took a piece of a metal coat hanger and bent a small circle on the end with some needlenose pliers, then holding a flashligh looked in the mirror with her standing behind me and sort of made a circular motion around my left tonsul using the bent wire. When I did at least 3 or 4 outmeal sized lumpy things fell out along with a lot of GOO. My newlywed bride almost puked.

I then insisted she smell it, her since of smell being better then mine she said she had smelled it immediately when they popped out. So I have a feeling that people who do not have these tonsul stones may be able to smell them much more then people who do have it, kind of like and immunicy.

I was also suprised however because of the goo stuff, I never realized the junk was in there in a pasty goo form, I only thought it was harder specs. So my feeling is it starts as goo then hardens up, possible as bacteria digest the goo.

The real warning I have is this, your wife might puke if you make her watch, and hygene not being my strong point I did this about once a week for 3 or 4 weeks continueing to pull the nasty stink balls out, then I had the most terrible sore throat. I went immediately to the doc because I know what a sore throat should feel like and this was much worse. Turns out I had tonsulitis and a strep through.

I honestly think the coat hanger treatment contributed to the strep, so I would warn everyone to sterilize whatever you stick back there to clear your stinky balls. They also gave me a shot of rocyciprin I think which cleared the strep right up not I have some extra little deposits of red brown junk that seem to be slowly falling off my throat and causing some late night coughing, but I am sure the tonsul stones will come back. When they do no rusty coat hanger for me, I am gonna try the water pick.
mrlullabye last decade
How relieved am I to have found this forum! I have been suffering with what sounds just like the tonsil stones everyone is talking about here. My doctors are baffled and seem to think it's something to do with having had glandular fever a while back. Next stop is the ENT specialist. My stones seemed to disappear in Jan after a bout of about 5 months, only to be returning now with swollen glands and an earache, great.

Q: Does anyone else periodically suffer with swollen glands and ear ache at the same time? This comes and goes and it's only at these times that I struggle to put up with the condition and wonder about having my tonsils removed.

Q: My stones are on one side far more than the other - is this normal?

As for the smell - horrid, but according to my husband and friends it doesn't seem to affect my breath, I only experience the smell when one of the horrors comes out.
Hannah last decade
Hannah, earache does seem to come with the tonsil stones. I work nights quite often and use very soft ear plugs so I get my 8 hours sleep during the day. I have to be careful how I put the plug in one ear as it's permanently sore. Some days it's much worse than others... and that's the side which has the far worse stones. So there must be a connection.
albert22 last decade
When my stones are large I have a very hard to describe ear pain. It always sort of hits me like a spasm where the back of my throat puckers up and I for some reason feel the urge to swallow while I heard a sort of buzzing in my right ear and it feels like someone is shooting a waterhose in my ear. I will usually last about 5 to 10 seconds and anyone who witnesses me in this condition thinks I have something really bad tasting in my mouth and am grimacing over it.

It stinks still haven't gotten the water pick but I still plan to.
mrlullabye last decade
Thanks for the reassurance on the ear pain. My doctor kept telling me I had tonsillits, yet my throat itself isn't sore, not so to speak, only sometimes the tonsil itself. I'm going back to see my doctor next week so I'll write back if I have any more feedback or questions.
Hannah last decade
Hello everyone,
Here is a question about other wierd symptoms in the throat. Has anyone ever had a pain like there is a thorn in your tonsil....when it happens,I notice it when I try to speak...but because of the piercing pain, I can't. I have to wait about a minute until it passes....or drink some water and it goes away. It is really painful and I am not sure why it happens.
Zorro last decade

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