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sorry I don't know why it posted my question twice.

battagliak last decade

Sometimes I can get them out when i sneeze, I know how you feel with the deep stone, therea pain, try gargling with warm salt water a couple times a day to see if it loosens it. As for the previous poster, i only get them on my right tonsil, which i guess could be my left,... if you were looking at me it would be my left tonsil, the stones only come from there, i can see the holes where they grow, and there is one really big hole and a few smaller holes, i go to the doc thursday to request a tonsilectomy, wish me luck.
tim618 last decade
Good Luck with your doctor. Let us know how it goes. I am off to gargle.

battagliak last decade
Katie, try long handled, curved hemostats. Not only will they be long enough, but they'll follow the curve of your throat. They're not that expensive, and you can pick them up at a medical supply store, order them off the internet, or, if there's on in your area, a lot of flea markets have them where they sell a lot of tools, since they're popular among mechanics too. (don't get used). Just drop them in boiling water for a few minutes and let them cool before using them the first time.
Ishie1013 last decade
Today alone i've gotten 5 stones out, completely disgusting. It's not like i have bad hygene or anything as i brush my teeth 2 to 4 times a day. I really hate these things, im keeping them in a baggy from now till thursday when i go to the doc so i can show him the hell i go through.
tim618 last decade
I've said it before but I'll say it again ...

Tonsil stones are a result of a subacute tonsillitis. It's caused by actinomyces(Actinomyces israelli is what I think the more specific name is), a normal mouth bacterium that is growing out of control.

Put subacute tonsillitis into a search engine and you will find exactly what we are talking about.


UNFORTUNATELY... the recommended cure is 3 months to 1 year of antibiotics or surgery.

The question I still have is why does a bacterium that we all have only grow out of control in some of us? And that is the mystery.

There have been people who have had good luck with gargling with honey water (1 part honey with 3 parts water) and others who have had success totally washing out the crypts of the tonsils with salt water.

I personally find that iodine painting helps reduce my tonsil stone production.

It's the odor that will tell you if you have tonsil stones.

Not as much time for this as I once had. Good Luck All!
justmebyanyname last decade
I meant to mention that Actinomyces israelli is sometimes refered to as ...

Actinomyces israeli
A. israeli
A. israelli
A. isrelli
And probably a few others.

It would be a whole lot easier to research if they all spelled it the sameway. *sigh*

Good Luck All!
justmebyanyname last decade
44 pages of posts on this topic - i'm not alone! I've been wondering what these little nasty things are for a couple of years now. I work in a hospital & had no idea what was happening to me!

I thought my 'condition' was the result of one of 2 things: 1. I have a wisdom tooth that is coming through my gums & figured it was my body trying to fight infection, or 2. some sort of post-nasal drip bacteria that's growing in my throat while I sleep. I will try some of the remedies posted on this list & let you know if I find a good technique. Mine come & go periodically so I am wondering if my diet might contribute to it somehow too. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making me feel more normal, and not like a smelly freak!
girlracer last decade
Dear Homeomom,

thank you for your comments. it does'nt feel right to me to remove my tonsils and yet, it doesn't feel right to squeeze these nasty stones out of my tomsils either. I will be seeing an ent next week, but am skeptical. has anyont tried the dr katz stuff? does anyone know about this tommy kavanaugh dude who wrote the bad breath report? (its advertised on htis page...) Which gargle works best listerine? peroxide? arrrrg. I'm so frustrated...
willing2try last decade
were all frusterated... nobody wants this, i really hope the doc cooperates with me tomorrow and we can schedule a tonsilectomy, i got 4 stones out today, there getting worse. Does anyone else get them out randomly when they sneeze or run or exurt themselves physically? I get them out while im playing basketball, ill just be running and breathing and one will just fly out, weird.
tim618 last decade
You would have to do a lot of reading to find it, but listed in all this information are comments from people who have tried those products without success.

The best thing we've found to gargle with is honey water. Honey has natural antibacterial properties and you are fighting an actinomyces bacterial infection. The bonus is it tastes good. You want to use the cheapest honey you can find. Direct from bee keeper I would think would be best if you have any in your area.

Your comment about the bread... It seems to be different foods that cause them to be worse and different foods that cause them to get better for different people. I was looking into the acid/alkaline balancing to see if this was the cause of our getting these stones, but I'm not disiplined enough to follow a specific diet to see if only eating alkaline causing foods would cure it. It's worth looking into. It was very complex though. There seems to be a lot of hype in that area of study. You definately need to look at the list to see what is acid or alkaline causing though. Lemons were on the alkaline list and bread was on the acid list. Since bacteria are pH sensitive and the different foods we eat and minerals we take we can change the pH of our saliva, this whole idea looked promising to me. But, I kind of gave up on it. If you have an interest in it maybe you can study up on it and let us know what you find.

Good Luck All!
justmebyanyname last decade
I have tried Dr. Katz's products. I tried it all. Don't, however, try the nasal spray what ever you do. It makes you lose your sense of smell for weeks. I wasted so much money on his products. I tried the diet, I did the H2o2 gargle. ( I haven't since my tonsillectomy because I still have scabs) I tried the Breeze products too. Nothing worked. I believe it is because I had stinky tonsil stones in and on my tonsils. I had a huge hole that used to harbor them. It got so deep, I could no longer get them out. I figured a tonsillectomy to be my best bet. Let me tell you , It is freedom that I can now wake up and just use regular toothpaste and not have to go through the morning ten minute ritual of clearing my tonsils out. And after my ten minute ritual, I still felt like I had bad breath due to them festering in my mouth overnight. Now, I wake up, brush, drink something and I know I don't have that putrid smell on me. It made me anxious inside just smelling it. I feel so much more relaxed and that, my fellow sufferers, is PRICELESS!
anticipation last decade
Good to hear from you again justme. I too, tried the acid/alkaline approach but found it to be too much trouble. I seem to get them less than some folks, usually they show up only every several months (always in Oct/Nov). Eating lots of fresh fruit, especially apples helps as does using honey. None of the Dr. Katz stuff did anything to get rid of this problem. They are better lately, but the worry of offending others is always in the back of my mind.
I will keep checking back, ever hopeful that someone will solve this mystery.
freshbreath last decade
went to the doc earlier, he basically knwe what they were and refered me to an ENT, i go on the 19th, he said he would be against removal though, i say not. We'll see what the ENT says...
tim618 last decade
From 1880 (approximately) till the second world war, the only disenfectant that was used was iodine, after which thousands of so called replacements appeared, in the biggest industrial age, but basically iodine will disinfect, any and all virus, or any type of infection, their is a precedure of apply idoine, if anybody is interested let me know, and then White Bumps, any type of Bumps in your body will be eliminated.
boden last decade
Glad to hear from you anticipation. What is that appointment right before the tonsillectomy I want to know what happens so i know whether or not to go to work. Tonsillectomy is on 19th and this HP appointment is on 16th. Just wondering.
Marcel Marceau last decade
Hi Everyone!

I've almost decided to have my tonsils removed to get rid of these stinkers. But i get most of these on the back of my throat not just my tonsils. Does anyone else have the same problem? I could have my tonsils removed but i might still get them at back of throat. Please help:(
zaara last decade

The only thing I can think of is your blood work and a health screening. I didn't have that appointment. I was just required to be at the hospital an hour before the scheduled surgery for all that. I wish you all the luck. I can't stress enough to drink and eat. I believe it really helped me. Rent tons of movies before hand and always have a glass of water besides your bed. Good luck. Try to post your results. I'll be watching for it. It really works, Marcel. It did for me.
anticipation last decade
I, like many people here, found this on Google and am glad to see that I am not the only one dealing with this crap. I had followed some people's advice and gargled salt water and then proceeded to brush my teeth thoroughly but to no avail. The smell is already starting to return as I type this. I am thinking about having my crypt sealed and was wondering if anybody else has used this method and any reprecautions about it and if it did actually work for you.
Sano7 last decade
I am interested in getting my tonsils sealed as well. I don't want to get them removed cause I think 'we' kinda need them. But at the same time anything is worth getting rid of this dreadful breath. I can deal with the stones but I can't deal with my breath. Has anyone had their tonsils removed or seal and still suffered from bad breath??
Plushiam last decade
I am the girl with the stone that just won't go away . . it has been like two weeks now and it is driving me crazy! I finally saw an ent and he tried to remove it and after much effort said that the stone is about half the size of my tonsil and it is not going to come out of there. He said my only hope is to try and break it down by using peroxide which may or may not work or get my tonsils removed. I opted to get them out and scheduled my surgery for July 26th. I am nervous though, can anyone tell me how they remove them? I read somewhere they dislocate your jaw . . . ouch! Anything is better than this stone
battagliak last decade
Hi All!
I never knew anyone else had this thing going on until a friend of mine had their tonsils out about 2 years ago. After reading this reel of postings, it would appear to be much more common than expected. I've has this thing going on most of my life and I have now decided to have my tonsils out- scheduled for Friday. As a child I would occaisionally cough these things up after activities like swimming- I had no idea where the came from and my stepmom said it was heartburn. I was one of the healthiest and most active and athletic of children, being from a family of athletes. As a teenager, I got mono, which crashed my whole immune system and I had several years filled with the inability to fight anything off- strep throat and flu several times/ year and even pnuemonia. It was at this time that I became able to see these things- they were growing. The doc told me no big deal- I just had pockets develop that collected food and mucus and such and it wasn't hurting anything. I was told that the tonsils are part of the immune system and you should do anything to avoid having them taken out. As an example, I was told that my many cases of strep could go to my stomach and create a much worse illness if I didn't have them. For the past 17 years I have lived with these things and have been told by doctors (general practitioners and internists) the same thing- best to keep your tonsils, don't worry about it. And while gross and disgusting, I've just tried to keep what I could see cleaned out, not worry about it even though it doesn't seem right, and be greatful for having tonsils to protect me. They seemed to have been worse during times of sickness, and I figured that they were just doing their job, even if they have gotten much much bigger over the years.
So now that I've layed out a history, flash to 2 months ago. I became very sick, but my only symptoms have been constant extreme nausea 24/7 and a headache. After 2 weeks, my doc sent me to a gastro specialist who has run every test he can think of. He then sent me to a neurologist to check for migraine possibilities. The neurologist thinks I might have migraines, but sends me to an ENT to make sure I don't have an inner ear infection. I have no ear infections, but when the ENT looked at my tonsils he was horrified. Not only were they some of the biggest tonsils he had ever seen, but the huge gaping hole was so big even he couldn't see the bottom. He also said I had others that I couldn't see back there. He told me that for the most part, this is quite common because the tonsils have crypts all over them and this helps them do their jobs. They fill up with food particles, mucus, bacteria, plaque and the like. However, when you get large pockets and that stuff can sit in there, it decays your tonsils and unbeknownst to the owner, there is rotting flesh and it becomes a chronic condition. He also has said that it is quite possible that these cauldrons could be the breeding grounds for a constant bacterial leak to my stomach causing this lovely nausea I have had for 2 months. Now that I have you sufficiently grossed out, you know why I jumped right on board with the doc on having them out as soon as possible.
So basically, I thought I would share this long drawn out story for this reason: Seems to me it is important to keep your tonsils as along as possible as they perform important immune functions, but if you have this going on then you should get it checked out by the appropriate doc. I have asked general practitioners and dentists for 17 years and they said no big deal. I had never seen an ENT until just recently and he wanted to know why I had waited so long. Seems to me that general doctors have no idea how big your tonsils should be nor how big you should let these things get nor at what point you should be concerned. The ENT did give me antibiotics to help clear up some of this issue in prep for surgery- he is afraid that they might not operate if I am still having nausea. Amazingly, I have had 3 days without nausea now and I am really looking forward to having these things out. I go for my preop health screening tomorrow and surgery on Friday. Has anyone else had this thing get this bad, or with these symptoms? Did you find that having your tonsils out helped? If anyone is interested in hearing what the surgery is like, I'll be happy to follow up without the huge book I have just written here...
Miraclefly last decade

Please keep me posted on what the actual surgery is like and how the recovery is . . . I am getting mine out on July 26.

Good Luck with yours
battagliak last decade

Yes please keep us posted and tell us all of the details. I am having mine out on Jul 26 and am a little bit nervous.

battagliak last decade
Sorry that my reply posted twice . . . it said 'bad server response' so I typed out my reply again and now it is posted twice!! Sorry all!!
battagliak last decade
Alright everybody my tonsillectomy is on the 19th. I'll be the monkey sent into space for you guys and tell you all about it when i get back. There was this VHS clearance sale at Hollywood video and i bought 10 movies for $20, so i am set to just lay in bed for a while. But if the recovery hurts i'd rather just sleep through it. If tolerable i want to watch all those movies, play a lot of guitar, and most importantly i want to watch the world cup with my father. Haven't seen him in a while and he freakin loves soccer. I'll be loyal to you guys and post to tell u about the recovery progress. Any questions at all just ask for Marcel Marceau.
Marcel Marceau last decade

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