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BettyCV, my reflux was first discovered by my ENT when he was checking my adenoids and noticed my throat was red. Anyway I get a numb/raw tongue feeling which I only noticed since taking PPI medication, ie nexium. A burning tongue I think is a symptom of acid reflux, but if you don't have damage than it is probably not that significant.

I have a question for everybody: Could there be a relationship of Tonsil stontes to Dental work or dental problems???

I'm just asking because a few weeks before I started getting the Tonsil stones I had a really deep filling refilled when the dentist suggested a root canal instead. The tooth has always been sensitive since and I know some people believe teeth can be the root of other health problems.
nick25 last decade
I am 33, I have suffered with these stinky stones for about 10 years. They have been a constant plaque in my life and have diminished my character. I use to be so outgoing and very talkative. Now, I have become so shy and quiet. I no longer like to talk to people face to face for a long period of time because I am scared they may start to smell the rot in the back of my mouth. I try to avoid social events. They have also affected me professionally as well. I try to find ways to avoid attending meetings because I don't want everyone to know that my breath smells. I have noticed that when I attend meetings, people are always frowning (like what is that smell) or constantly rubbing their nose. While I am at the meeting, I hope and pray that no one asks me a question at the table.
OMG, I have tried every method in the book to get rid of these things. I have tried Therabreath, BreathRx, Smartmouth, Vinegar and water, Monoject, Waterpik and parsley leaves, etc with no success.
Just on last Friday, I went to my ENT. He took one look at my tonsils and said 'Your tonsils are terrible. You need to have them removed immediately.' This was not the report I expected to hear but I believe that it is so necessary. I am tired of taking antibiotics and then three months later my tonsils are flared up and the tonsil stones (funk balls) are back.
So I am expected to have my tonsils removed in about a couple of weeks. I will keep you posted on the results.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade

There is a possibility that dental work could contribute to tonsil stones. I noticed that my tonsils stone accumulation increased when I had my braces put in. I mean, it was the worst.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
ASIgirl or anyone who has had a tonsillectomy,

I am expecting to have my tonsils taken out by March. I am just curious. After your surgery, has your breath been fresher?
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
My story,

I have had these stones for over 10 years. They have affected my health severly. But they arent the only thing that has caused them. After doing alot of research and taking a hard look at my overall health and eating habits, I think I found the solution and the root cause . It isnt any ONE thing that will solve this and it may not necessarily work for you. But I want to let everyone know my issues and habits.

Bad things I have done to my health:

-Poor Oral Hygene-Ask yourself, 'am I REALLY taking care of my mouth as much as possible'. I admit I was lazy and I think this is the starting point of my issues. Bleeding gums, retracted gums, cavities, sore throat, colds were common place.

-Bad eating habits. Mosty sugar. Some people call it a 'sweet tooth'. But I have tried alot of diets and such and I have just gotten these crazy sugar cravings. Its not Diabetes (I was tested) It was just something else I could not figure out. More on this later.

-Stress. I have noticed stress will increase all the above symptons and only make stress worse.

-Eczema. I have had it as a kid and NEVER put 2 and 2 together until now.

-Reflux. I was diagnosed with it 5 years ago and it flares up every once and awhile.

-Overweight. Over the past 10 years I have slowly gained weight. Ive tried all kinds of diets, but nothing. I just cant seem to stimulate my system( I was always a skinny kid) but now I am 100lbs overweight. I just seemed to CRAVE food. I would over eat, but it was always this STRONG desire to eat sugar and carbs I could NEVER understand.

-Lower Gasteral pain/Bowel movement issues. Having gas would be painful. It hurt SO much. My Bowel movements were painful (there were times I could ACTUALLY feel it moving)

-Chronic Fatigue. I would sleep ALOT. I would get a 'attack' and have to sleep. I would eat and I would have to sleep. I would walk 5 steps and have to sleep.

-My skin (really on my scalp and face) would get really oily. This would cause itchiness on the scalp or little white puss filled bumps to form around my nose or back of neck.

-My ears would pop and itch. It would also produce a yellowish viscous film instead of earwax.

-I would constantly have post nasal drip.

-When I had to urinate (holding it) was painful. When I went in to get antibiotics for a possible ear infection (caused by this) it went away. It is possible I had a bladder infection for several years and didnt even realize it!

So recently, I started to get tonsil stones really bad. The past 6 months have been hell. My eyes would water, I would sneeze alot and my throat would tighten up. These ALL seemed like allergies. So I went and got tested for allergies. NOTHING. I am allergic to not a damn thing. The doctor was perplexed. I mentioned the stones, but he just said to 'rinse with saltwater'. I tried antihistemines and everything else, but the Eczema and 'allergy' like symptoms would not go away.
I decided to fight the Tonsil stones myself. I am not one of these homepathetic kinda people,but what I did and found snowballed into alot of eyeopening things.

First thing I tried Dr. KAtz's breath and oral hygene products and I felt the difference in a week. ( I dont want to make this a commercial for his products) But they work and there effectiveness on me could not be denied. I was meticulous in cleaning my mouth, teeth, throat and tongue. I also used a syringe on my tonsils and evacuated as much of the stones as I could EVERY day. I cleaned out my nasal passages with a salene spray once a day.

I lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks
My cravings for sugar went away.
The 'allergy' like systems went almost away.
No reflux.
I feel more energized than ever.
My stress level went down.
My gums actually pinked back up.
My teeth cleared up.

But I still didnt feel a hundred percent. So I did some more research on ezcema and post nasal drip. I found 2 things that could help. Threelac and Oil of Oregano. The threelac is theorized to help CANDIDA infections and eczema. i used it for 2 weeks and the difference was night and day. My ezcema cleared up and my sugar cravings went completely away. The Oil of oregana pretty much cleared up my post nasal drip and ear issues in about 2 weeks. I lost another 15 pounds. And I didnt change my diet cause I had to, I just didnt crave the bad stuff anymore.

My theories: (again I am not a expert or a doctor)

There is alot of info out there about CANDIDA and links to Excema, Reflux, Obesity, Fatigue syndrom and even Autism. Not much research has been done about it and what little has been done is frighteneing. I think I have had Candida for years. I think it cleared up when I was in the NAVY. But it got worse when I came back to 'general' population. I think it leads to sugar cravings, over eating, and hence leads to the rest of these health issues I have had for years and just snowballed into worse ones. I think a kid who gets this it lowers there immune system, causes over eating and hence obesity. I mean look at our society. Child obesity is way up and so is autism. I am 35 so my generation got just the beginning tip of this. I think it has gotten worse as the years go by.
Candida just leads to all the other health things. I believe it is the root of all the things I mentioned above. The things I mentioned and tried have worked wonders for me so far. I cant say it may be your cause or your solution. I am just passing on my story and I hope it encourages you to do more research and take your health into your own hands. Because I have gone to over a dozen doctors and NONE of them has suggested this maybe a cause, but treating it has helped me immensly.
bobacus last decade
Hey gang.Its been long since i responded to the forum but i have been reading all replies.Firstly i just want to thank God for me discovering this site,it helped me 200%.

I had my tonsils removed august last year and since then i've had no tonsil stones and the bad breath is gone.So i strongly advice anyone who has bad breath to have your tonsils removed and start living a stress free life.

My situation with my tonsils was TERRIBLE.I was depressed from the moment i woke up to when i went to bed.The smell of the stones was so terrible it was coming out of my nose and socializing was just a nightmare.But know i live a stress free live and i can socialize much better.

So if you can STOP looking for cures for this stones i have your tonsils removed as in like yesterday.You will not even once regret it.

The thing that p***** is that most docters dont know about this codition and when you try to explain its like you know better.So you know what to do now.Change your live.
ruddy last decade
Ruddy and Bobacus,

Thank you so much for your responses. Ruddy, I am with you. I have done almost everything to get rid of these stones. Now, I have to admit some of the techniques would get rid of them temporarily (i.e waterpik and monoject) but they would always come back. However, I don't want to go through the rest of my life using all types of objects to rid theses things on a daily basis. And like yourself, socializing can be a nightmare because I don't want to offend anyone with my horrible breath. And I know it stinks because sometimes I even smell it. Well, I just got word, that my surgery is scheduled on Mar 13. Like you, I just want to get rid these nasty tonsils and be bad breath free. So I can live a stress free life and worry-free of bad breath. Well, I know I will have the normal bad breath from eating garlic or tuna. But at least it would be normal bad breath that you can easily get rid of. I will keep you posted after the surgery.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade

I feel ya when you talk about the effect the stones have had on your life... mine too.

I've been rinsing and garggling with Listerine at full strenth now for 2 months and I have not missed a single day. It does help but does not stop the tonsil stones. I use a syringe with 4:1 water to listerine about once a week.One week there is nothing and the next theres a whole bunch again. Just this weekend I had one huge one which i was very surprised to see because the Listerine and syringe combo seemed to be controlling them.

Admittedly my health is not a good as i could make it but not near as complicated a some here on thie forum. Sorry I am not trying to be condesending just stating a comparison.
As for my oral cleanlyness... it could be better I'm sure but then again I am very diligent with that these days and have been for a few years now.
tiredofencrytpedto last decade

Your story is EXACTLY like my own- I have the same exact issues. I know that my body is riddled with candidiasis (candida) and have been trying hard to fight it, but I keep finding myself back on those sugar cravings.

What else are you doing besides the threelac and oil of oregano?? Are you exercising as well?

Also, have you noticed any difference in your tonsils? You didn't mention that in your post. I have a feeling I'm going to have to have mine taken out even if I am able to get rid of the candida.
SkeerdofaTnA last decade
6 Doctors later....2 ENTs....no one knows what is wrong with me. Started with a strange sensation in my throat and then the feeling of lumps in the back of my throat. Sometimes it radiates down my neck...almost numbish. I believe one or both of my salivary glands are involved as they swell with pain. Anyway, many years ago I coughed up 2 stinkers so I am familiar with the stench. Since I am constantly clearing my throat because it is dry with this horrible lumpy feeling, I sometimes sense that never forgettable taste. I can see a small yellow dot on one tonsil but mostly a huge chunky sensation behind my throat. Can these things lodge in other locations? Salivary glands? Not visible with an opened mouth...down in some deep tissue? They are sending me to Stanford but I have to wait a few more weeks for the appointment. This started 2 months ago and I'm about ready to go insane with worry. I do not have bad breath. Drinking water feels good but then the chunks seem to 'move around' loosen, etc. I've coughed, hacked, tried to expel my lungs to see if I can get anything out....nothing.
CocoKai last decade
good luck at Stanford
tiredofencrytpedto last decade
Ok, I just wanted give everyone an update. It's official. I am having my tonsils removed (tonsillectomy) on Mar 6. I will give everyone an update after the surgery. Goodbye to the stones and constant bad breath. Woohoo!!
fedup-stones-nomo last decade

Yes my tonsil stones have cleared up considerably. At first I would get large ones, but now they are down to small granuals and mucus that smells nasty. I am sure I will clear up soon. I have also noticed the swelling of them has gone down and I am only clearing them every few days.

The oil of oregano has done wonders for my immune system, but be careful you should only take it for a couple weeks. I am switching to Oxygen Elements Plus to get my immune system evened out. I have read alot of good things about and it goes well with threelac.

BTW I have lost a total of 75lbs in 2.5 months. I feel great and excercise more and more each day (yes. excercise is important) but I couldnt get 'motivated' till I got this Candida in check.

Good luck and do alot of research.
bobacus last decade
I just gotten my tonsils taken out and it is KILLING me. but now there is a gross buildup of white stuff on the back of my throat where the thing that hangs down in the middle of the throat is completely swollen and touching my tongue practically. pretty gross. I can scrap that off too and its goey and i can smush it but it does not smell. What others are talking about that deal with them being lil white balls and smell BAAAD when you squish it are just calcium buildups...at least thats what the doctor said, me and my mom get those. But yeah. just wanted to throw those out about the lil smelly things because im pretty sure alot of people get them.

As for my tonsils. ill try gargling like i read. im sure there is something im sposed to be doing for that white stuff but i dont know
SEM2315 last decade
at least they might be calcium buildups. I dont know, im sure people get them for many different reasons dealing with food or tonsils. But i think they just happen to come up and get stuck on the back of the throat. Mine mainly happens when i am coughing.
SEM2315 last decade
Hey gang! I'm back. I just got my tonsils taken out on Thurs, Mar 6. I have to say that it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The pain so far has been manageable. The Dr. only put me on Tylenol w/co. SEM2315, I have also noticed the white stuff on the back of my throat too which are the scabs. That means they are healing up. But I'm not going to mess with it. I'll just let them fall off. I had this surgery done solely because I was tired of the tonsil stones building in my tonsils. Already, I have noticed major improvement with my breath. My family members are longer rubbing noses when I talk them. That's a great feeling.
Right now I am just ready to eat some real food. I have only been able to eat chicken broth, jello and pudding. And for reason, when I look at TV, every other commercial is about food. It's driving me CRAZY!!
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
good to hear. keep us posted as to your recovery. I may just push the issue with my Doctor a little harder. Man am I sick of the stones. I have been garggling Listerine diligently for weeks. No go... the stones are still with me.
tiredofencrytpedto last decade
Hey im 17, had those things for maybe a year or something. Can someone give me any advice on getting my tonsils removed, as in yes or no. I've tried basically everything to get rid of them, from Dr. Katz spray to the water jets ect but i know they are there cuz you can kinda still taste them , even tho when u dig into the tonsil crypts nothin comes out. Let me know how your tonsil surgery recovery is and some of the side effects it caused (like if your voice changed at all, kind of essential to me)
tonsils last decade
Yeah its horrible in the back of my throat, i havent touched it either. I dont know. i still cant eat. it hurts as much as it did exactly the day after. I go to the doc thur. Seems like the liquid vicodin just makes it worse. I lost fifteen pounds at least. but yeah. im starvin too. I only managed to eat jello and chicken broth too
SEM2315 last decade
to SEM2315 or anyone who had there tonsils removed, did the surgery help with the bad breath cuz that's my only concern
i have the same problem u guys have so i went to an ent doc, she looked at my tonsils and she said that mine are deep,she also recommended the surgery,but im not sure about it. i would do it if it's gonna help with my bad breath
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
tonsilsiw last decade
Hey! I just had my tonsils removed 8 days ago. I have to say it was the best decision that I ever made in my life. Just like you all, I had a bad case of deep crypted tonsils that were constantly filled with tonsil stones. As a result, they gave me really bad breath. So bad, people could smell my breath a couple of feet away. It was horrible. I tried everything from waterpiks, BreathRx, Dr Katz and Smartmouth. Nothing seemed to work. And I have great oral hygiene. The dentist says that my teeth and gums are healthy. But I would constantly keep bad breath.

Now, since I had the surgery, my breath has improved breath significantly. Actually, my entire body scent smells so much fresher. I noticed my boyfriend likes to kiss me a lot more. Awww, this is so refreshings. I feel like I getting my self-confidence back. Having terrible breath does put a damper on your self esteem.

Okay now, my post-op tonsillectomy experience is as follows:

Day before Surgery:
I elected to have my pre-op bloodwork done before the day of surgery because I did not want to go through a series of poking and sticking. So that on the day of the surgery, the only needle that I would have to feel is the one from the IV.
I made sure that I drunk plenty of water the day before to make sure that I was very hydrated.

Day of the surgery:
My surgery was scheduled 7:30 but I had to arrived by 6:00 for pre-op preparations. I spoke with the surgeon/doctor before the surgery to discuss the procedure.

After the surgery, the only thing that really bothered me was my ears. So the nurse gave me some Tylenol w/codeine. Tylenol w/codeine ended being my pain med. I was prescribed anything else. Before, I was released, I was given three cups of ice water and it was so soothing.

I arrived home around 10:30. When I got home immediately dranked several glasses of ice water. For my diet that day, I mostly drunk ice water and chicken broth. I had some discomfort with swallowing. However, I believe the salt from the chicken broth also soothed the pain and helped the back of my throat to heal.

I mostly slept most of the day. During the day, I kept the humidifier running to maintain the moisture in my throat. I also placed a couple of the similasan ear drops in my ear to relief the pain which helped a lot.

Day 2:
There was still some discomfort with swallowing. But once I took the Tylenol w/codeine, swallowing became easier.
My diet was ice water, gatorade, popsicles, pudding, yogurt and chicken broth

Day 3:
The swallowing became a little easier. I was able to add mashed potatoes and chicken broth with rice to my diet.

Day 4:
By this day, the pain was at a minimum. The back of my throat was completely white, along with some hard scabbing. This will cause you to have a bad taste in you mouth. My doctor said that once the healing is done, the bad taste will be gone. On this day, I was able to add scrambled eggs to my diet.

Day 5:
The pain was still low key. I could swallow with ease. On this day I was able to add small pieces of stewed chicken and rice w/gravy to my diet.

Day 6 - 8:
I am able to swallow without any discomfort. I have gradually resumed to my normal. And I have absolutely no regrets of having this surgery. I think the key to a smooth recovery is drinking plenty of water, using the humidifier and constantly drinking chicken broth. I think the salt from the chicken broth really helps with the healing.

If any of you have any questions, I am here to help.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
What is a humidifier? also did u get the scalpel surgery or the radio wave tonsillectomy?
tonsils last decade
Hey Tonsils,

A humidifier is a little machine that increases the moisture in the air of your home. You can pick one up at Target. If you would like to order the decoative one that really accents your home here is the link below:


For the surgery, I had the microsurgical tonsillectomy, which is a bloodless procedure that requires no stitches. I am not sure where you are from, but I live in Maryland. My surgeon was Ajit Shah. I highly recommend him if you happen to live in the area. I had no bleeding or any taste disorders after my surgery.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
did u remove ur adenoids with ur tonsils or not?
do u still feel something in the back of your throat or not? did u also have deep tonsils?thx
because my doctor told me that she might take my adenoids out if possible.
tonsilsiw last decade
hi folks,

I've been following this post since the pages in the 60's. I posted a comment a while back about getting those stones from your sinus/nasal cavities. That is where I believe my stones are coming from. I had an examination from an ENT a year ago and said he couldnt see any crypts or stones in my tonsils. He also stated that my tonsils were very small. My questions is, do crypts exist in adenoids and has anyone ever experienced the 'sensation' of stones coming from your nasal/sinus area? It happens to me when I 'snort'/inhale deeply through my nose and then that 'vacuum' that is created when you try to get the stuff out through the back of your throat is usually when I get a stone out. Same foul odor and taste....I'm so tired of this condition.
oliver273 last decade
I just only had tonsils my tonsils removed. I still have my adenoids. And yes, I did have large deep crypted tonsils.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade

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