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Hi, about ear candling, I don't recall if I wrote this before...pretty sure I did - sitting up straight prevents wax from dripping back in ear. Just the other day I did the ear that I did not candle several months ago first ...and I saw a big difference in what was in the candle of the ear I already candled. Definitely ear wax and not candle wax. You can burn one and not use it to see what the residue is like.
JenniferSco last decade

Do not remove your tonsils! they PROTECT you against bacteria and viruses, I found this web page about a new technique that actually seals the holes that people like us have in our tonsils. This Israeli doctor uses laser to close these holes, so we can keep our tonsils without dealing with that problem again.

Copy of the Article (google translation)

Israeli scientist uses laser technology against bad breath
If brushing your teeth and rinsing the mouth it is not sufficient to finish badly against the breath, an Israeli scientist could have the solution: a treatment with laser beamses. Yehuda Finkelstein, the Meir Hospital in the Medical Center Sapir de Kfar Saba, Israel, has successfully dealed with 53 patients who suffer badly of breath, or halitosis, with a new technique whose application lasts only 15 minutes.

13:17 - 25/11/2004|Source: REUTERS
"Now there is a laser treatment for a one of the worse forms of halitosis, version rarely diagnosed that it floats without rest from the tonsils", said to Finkelstein to the magazine New Scientist, in published commentaries Wednesday.

Badly the breath is caused normally by the accumulation of bacteria in encías around the teeth, but in the most serious cases, the bacterium lodges and it reproduces in striae of the tonsils.

"It is the ideal place for them", said Finkelstein to the weekly scientific magazine.

The laser treatment arrives at the weave infected in the tonsils and creates a healing weave that seals the striae, preventing to the bacterium to lodge and to reproduce there.

More than half of the patients they were cured in a session of treatment, whereas others required two or three additional sessions, according to the magazine
superchola last decade
Thanks superchola... but if you look at the previous posts it's been discussed (there's link too) and it may not stop tonsil stones!
albert22 last decade
well thanks everyone and yes i am for keeping your tonsils anyway but i was stupid and had mine taken out and the stupid dr. well lets just say he got his liscense at kmart and if he dares to try and take away my internet privilige from using it i will sue the bastard dr. ronald caterhead....
tonsils gone last decade

I think you and I are basically on the same page about this except for the oxygen. Where we differ is that you think oxygen kills the bacteria and I'm not sure. Ok, I'm more than not sure... I don't think so...

Please view 'Anaerobic organism From Wikipedia.'

As I've posted before... To Survive and Reproduce, Bacteria Need:
*Nutrients, *Moisture, *pH, *Temperature and *Time.
This is why I've focused on the pH aspect of the irrigation. It's the only factor we can influence in their environment to possibly kill them off that I can see.

Am I missing something?

My big question is where else this bacteria is growing. Is it growing somewhere else in the body and getting kicked into the tonsil, out of the body, by the lymph system? We know we feel better when on antibiotics, and we know we can't take enough to ever kill them all off so they never return. Or can we? What the heck. Are we trapped with this forever? Or do you think taking the antibiotics for the places the irrigation cant reach and maybe irrigating to unbalance the pH will kill the others so that MAYBE you could be rid of them? Or are you thinking I am way off track?

By the way...I'm with you on the dairy...except did you look to see what I posted about the composition of dairy and nuts? I don't think it's a cause.. but maybe a contributing factor for odor and maybe causing excess mucus production.
justmebyanyname last decade
I read a few posts back to gargle with vinegar. Has anyone tried this and had any luck? I rinsed with vinegar last night and this morning and now my throat is really sore - can't tell if I'm getting sick again or if the vinegar irritated my throat.
jfisk last decade
I use vinegar pretty regularly. I use it straight, but you can dilute it with water... lots of water. I'm now trying to switch to using bases to irrigate instead of the acids though. Vinegar encourages yeast growth and I think that MAYBE there is a connection there. Good Luck!

I think you people with the 'Primal Defense' idea may be on the right track! I've ordered my supply tonight. I'll let you all know how it goes. I'll be starting with the anti-fungal first.
justmebyanyname last decade
Hello everyone, I will try to explain this my best, since English is my 4th language. I hope you will understand.

This is the only site that I could find close to my problems. But to me it does nto seem that it is the Tonsils, or anything from the tonsils.
What happens to me is once every few weeks, I will feel something come out of the BACk of my nose into my throat and then mouth. It is Yellowish. When I spit it out and press it on the paper IT stinks VERY BAD. I believe it is back of my nose (possible post-nasal drip) because few times I have pulled the stuff when I tried to pull it and spit from the back of my nose. (HARD to EXPLAIN.

My mother has the same problem and we dont see nothing on our tonsils.
hhalilovic last decade

It is a bacteria. Maybe more of yours grows in your sinuses or at the top of your tonsils. Try the sinus wash method with carbonated water would be my suggestion.

And wow... 4 languages and I can not master one. IMPRESSIVE.

Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
THanks for your response. PLease tell me where to find instructions on how to Wash the sinuses with carbonated water.

I was Forced to learn The languages :( I wish I did not had to. I come from a WAR background.
hhalilovic last decade
Here is a link that should help you. I hope it posts! If it does not work I will re-type the information.


Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
Thank you, I will try it and I will let you know how it works out.


hhalilovic last decade
Well, now that I came home and looked closer at the mirror, I saw the white stuff is indeed on my tonsils back there too. I guess it is coming from the tonsils. I was wrong.

I came accross this article and wanted to ask if you people have tried this what is described in this article:


Make the *=o and h*m=htm

Has Anyone Tried Alkalol?
hhalilovic last decade

I studied Alkalol for you. I do not think it will hurt you, but I am not sure it will help you much. I think you may do better with the salt, baking soda and water. Or even vinegar or hydrogen peroxide products. Guess it is worth a try.

Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
I really appreciate your help and the response that you have provided to me. I will try this and see how far I get.

Good luck to you all and I hope we get things resolved.
hhalilovic last decade
Kinda a strange question....

I have been smelling this really strange smell lately. I've been all freaked out that it is my body that smells, but the smell is so strong in my nose and I've been wondering if somehow the infection that is in my tonsils can be smelled that strongly in my nose. It's driving me crazy thinking that I smell....but it's not a BO smell or anything. I can't really explain the smell. It smells nothing at all like the tonsil stones do though when I pop them out.
Speedylittleme last decade
Would you describe it as maybe some kind of fermentation smell? think it comes from your sinuses? or do you think that maybe it comes from somewhere down your throat?

Maybe read that Primal Defense site.
justmebyanyname last decade

Have you been using vinegar to irrigate? Or something else?
justmebyanyname last decade
I haven't been using anything to irrigate.

And I honestly can't place the smell at all. Fermentation might not be a bad description, but I just dont know.

I have a ton of drainage and always do...I dont know if maybe it is that.

I just hate this.
Speedylittleme last decade
Just my personal observation ... coffee (cream & sugar) and dairy definitely increase the tonsil stone production.

I'm still trying to validate the alcohol theory : )
nutty last decade
i have looked all over on the web to figure out what is wrong with me and this was the closest to what i think may be wrong with me. the problem is the bumps that i have are orange! they are the color of a cheeto! they smell and i can get them out of my nose, both sides. by blowing or rinsing and i can hock them up! it is so digusting! i can't see them on my throat. i went in and got a ct scan and the doctor told me that i had a cyst and nasonex would clear up the orange stuff if i took it twice a day but i have a hard time beliving that something i can't even get up in my nose (it is blocked all the time!) is going to make it go away. not to mention the fact that i have taken it before and that hasn't changed a thing. any suggestions?
orange last decade
thanks everyone but i think that i will try to go and see a dr. and let him tell me i believe the stuff is call yeast that i have and will probably need tubes in my ears and to take eith nystatin or penicllin to get rid of this i hope any way.
tonsils gone last decade
tonsils gone - I talked with someone who said that a particular product helped yeast after years of difficulty, after years of trying this and that. I think it's an enzyme-related product unless it's a probiotic....it was right there by both on the shelf. I wonder about the nyastatin and the antibiotics...are you thinking of having the die-off and then getting the good bacteria in there real strongly? From what people say, it seems to be an endless cycle without this. I do know a friend who said that his naturopathic doctor was able to get his yeast under control by doing a new form of attack every week. That way, when the yeast organism modified against an attack, another attack would come along and efforts against the yeast won out. I would be very surprised if docs simply versed in the latest pharmaceutical would have the well-roundedness to pull something like this off!!
JenniferSco last decade
hey im testing a theory that cheese is contributing to constant stones. i have stop eating cheese all together, and so far so good, my tonsils have shrunk, not itchy, no bad taste in mouth , no apparant smell through out the day or even in the morning. im not 100% yet but going to continue until im am convinced it was CHEESE. i did some calculations that i would buy a small packet of colby cheese(dont know the grams, maybe 150gms) i would consume that in 3 weeks , multiply that by a year is approximately 16 packets of 150 gram cheese. my tonsils couldnt handle it!
now i enjoy hot spicy dip which makes my breath feel sweeter.

stones are calcium calculi, so maybe do some math and work out the consumption of dairy. i think its not really hard to rid them coz mine have been constant for 13 years.
il post back on my progress
peperonimum last decade
Hey All

First off, I just want to say that I've been getting these for a quite a long time and they've always been REALLY easy to get out...HOWEVER, I noticed one last week and have been trying like crazy to get it out doing all the "normal" things...(ie) coughing hard, using q-tips, even hacking...I know, nasty!! But with no avail. I have finally resorted to lightly picking it out with a tooth-pick very very carefully because it's the only way to get even the slightest bit out. Can anyone help me out here? Why is this one so different from all the other ones I've ever had? Any and all suggestions are welcome!!
ALSO - I don't know how much of it can be from dairy because I'm some-what lactos intolerant so I don't drink milk or eat much cheese. I don't like cottage cheese and I barely eat yogurt. There has to be another reason why these things appear.
laceymac last decade
My tonsilitis is gone now, but my tonsils are still huge.

Today I just felt something in my throat, so I kind of hockeked it up and it was a little white/cream thing, kind of a cheese-like texture, and I'm convinced it'sa a tonsil stone. It smelt sooooo bad, like, a poopy/fishy/rotten smell. Ugh.

Does anyone know if they actually give you bad breath, or if it's just the actual stuff that smells?
Trevelyan last decade

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