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Albert, please let me know when you find a link to the inkjet refiller that you use.

Also, someone suggested using honey on the bacteria.. but won't the bacteria feed on the sugars?? I would think so.

Maybe gargling with 3% hydrogen peroxide could work because of the added oxygen that could kill the bacteria.. or putting the peroxide in the inkjet refiller to get at the source of the bacteria..

I presume these are anaerobic bacteria, so theoretically hydrogen peroxide or pulling with ozonated olive oil could kill these bacteria..

I still am not sure how tiny microscopic bacteria inside a part of the immune sys (tonsils) can actually make these large stones (large in comparison to the bacteria).

What if it's the system doing it itself because of some imbalance.. just like plaque forming in arteries?
netuser last decade
Hey albert!
Sorry so late in replying. and ty ;) But I get my honey straight from the beekeeper. You want raw (uncooked). I think all honey is organic. I'd mail you some, but I think I'm across the pond from you? I'm in the US.

Been there done that. Research the different kind of sweeteners. I've done it, and it's buried in here somewhere. You will be surprised what you learn. And while I know what albert is talking about with the injet refiller, the monoject 412 syringe is really more appropriate and designed specifically for what you would be using it. And the monojet is about $2. You can order them online if you cant find them in your local craft store.
justmebyanyname last decade
I haven't posted in a while because I hadn't had any stones for a while. I got a sore throat almost 2 weeks ago that has progressively gotten worse and worse. For the past few days it has felt like someone is sticking a sharp object through my ear and it's protruding into my throat. It gets worse as the day goes on. In the morning it's gone but then gets worse and worse until I finally fall asleep. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said it was probably a viral infection. However, I've never had a sore throat like this before. That and I finally looked in my throat early this week (was on vacation for a week) and my throat was covered in white stuff and I could see the 'pockets' full of stones. I've spent the last few days trying to get them out little by little but it just hurts so much. My waterpik doesn't seem to be working anymore so I'm going to try this monoject 412 thingy.

I'm just not sure if I should call the ENT about this. When I went a couple years ago he did't think it was bad enough to do anything, but maybe I should go back? I'm on Maxifed for this viral infection and I'm wondering if I should wait a few more days and see if this pain stops. It just doesn't seem like a 'sick' sore throat, ya know?
Speedylittleme last decade
I'm so glad I found this forum, because I've been getting white round dots on the back of my throat on occassion for the last 12 years. They're about the size of a pea and always start when I'm feeling run down or about to get sick. My throat is also usually very red and sometimes sore. Usually there are only one or two of them at a time.
When I see them--only with a flashlight, I know I will then be very low on energy for at least the next week, then they gradually disappear. Sometimes I also get sick along with them (sore throat, bad cold), but sometimes not--just low on energy.

The first few times I got them, I was laid up in bed for a week with no energy. I got them again three weeks ago and they went away after a week, but now they're back again, because I've really been pushing myself exercise-wise (training for a race) and not getting a lot of sleep.

I've found the only thing that helps me get rid of them faster is taking Goldenseal. I will try gargling with salt water and taking echinachea, though.

These spots don't have any kind of smell to them and I've never tried popping them. I think it would make me seriously gag--they're that far back there. I have gone to my general practitioner when I've had them and he's been mystified and told me they'll evetually go away. I wouldn't care about them but I can't stand losing all my energy.
Nothing else makes me feel like this.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I would very much appreciate hearing them.
Thanks very much.
Scoop last decade
hey Scoop,

You don't sound like you have tonsil stones. Sounds like you might have throat ulcers. I looked it up and there are about 19 different things that can cause those. Here's a place for you to start.

http://wrongdiagnosis.com/symptoms/throat_ulcers/causes.htm ....

At the very least try gargling with honey water eh? ;) gl
justmebyanyname last decade
I first found this forum 2 years ago, as I was overrun by these stones. I failed to keep up with the postings since then, but I figured it was time that I contributed.

As a teen (10 years ago), I would get tiny stones on rare occasions...usually through coughing. My brother would, too, with the same frequency. They weren't so much of probelm then...just an oddity. 2 years ago, I moved from a humid climate to a dry climate. Shortly after moving, I found that I was being invaded by bouts of horrendous breath (my brother, who I moved with, is brutally honest). Shortly after the bad breath came the tonsil stones. I seemed to cough them up with frequency out of nowhere. I spent a lot of time in front of a mirror, prying them out with various tools. Soon after starting my extraction procedure, I produced an enormous tonsil stone...without any exageration, it was about the size of a large blueberry. In the days following, more and more stones were produced.

Here I am two years later, and I am still a victim of the stones. I have to make time every couple of days to remove them. They are no longer large, but they continue to show up. When I get in the car, I check my throat in the rear view mirror (exhale while tongue stretched out as far as possible so that the tonsils open up). Sometimes I use a bright flashlight in front of a mirror so I can get a good view.

My favorite tool (please don't cringe) is a paperclip...unwound with the exception of a loop at the end. I find I can get into the crypts pretty easily and fish out what's in there. I generally have stones on my left side, though I did discover some on the right side as well.

When I actively hunt down and remove the stones, I am able to avoid having the bad breath episodes (as per feedback from my brother), but I am always conscious of it, to say the least.

I have paid attention to my eating habits...making changes in starches, meats, dairy, etc. and have found no results. I don't know why the drier climate contributed to the 'kick off of the tonsil stones,' but that seems to be the only variable. I tried gargling with different salts, etc. but didn't find any improvement.

I don't know what to do next...maybe a tonsillectomy? I'm 31 years old, and I don't know if that would be risky. Is there anyone out there that has had the same issues with frequency or size?
snass last decade
One thing to add, my brother, who experienced infrequent episodes when we were younger, hasn't had the same problem since he moved to the drier climate. I figured he would eventually succumb to the same issues, but still hasn't.
snass last decade
I have had tonsil stones on and off for a number of years. Just recently, I discovered that a CHOPSTICK is effective in removing them. Wow, what a relief, because Q-tips were not all that helpful for me.

I know, some people believe that it is harmful to touch the tonsil, so if you're one of them, then this advice is not for you.

I simply push the tonsil right NEXT to the tonsil stone and the pressure forces it out.

Best to use a Japanese chopstick, which has a finer point. Also, sterilize it by running hot water over it before putting it in your mouth.

I prefer to get the stone (or whatever that white blob is, sometimes it's more than a little bit of stuff) out, as my tonsils do enlarge and my throat is red. I believe this happens because the body has to fight the bacteria and junk that's built up in the crypt.
jenster last decade
I think I may have tonsil stones; I will do some more research.


welangle last decade
damn!!!!ive been having this problem for so long,i did'nt know what was the cause.i always had this bad taste from my mouth esspesially after brushing my teeth in the mornings.this stink ball came out of my mouth about 4 yrs ago but i did'nt take it seriously.but lately it is so bad i think i went to the dentist about 4 times this past 6 months but it would go away and the dentist did'nt know what the hek was wrong so i went to see a doctot and he gave me this anti-biotics that tasted so bad and did'nt help at all.i think im gonna have my tonsils removed to rid it for good and start living a stress free live.
ruddy last decade
This stuff is Smegma.

Bacteria don't know/care where they are. If the conditions are right they're off. Because of the damage done to your tonsil though other illness you have recreated this moist, skin on skin, anaerobic (without air) environment. The bacteria thrive.

If you're able to clean them everyday (as you do down there) then you'll be fine.
Else you may want to have them removed.

Just my theory - all the facts seems to fit.

mydogmax last decade
I wanted to make a post because there has been a lot of activity on this thread lately. I had my tonsils, adendoids and uvula removed about 3 months ago and I am thankful to say: no stones, breath better, less snoring, am my throat clearing problem is considerably better! For those of you who are struggling with the idea of getting a tonsillectomy, it is that bad. I went the 'coblation' method which involves a lot less cauterization after the cutting. If you have any specific questions, let me know!
plantinga last decade
So ever since these things began popping up on a daily basis, and being stuck somewhere in my throat, I knew something was wrong. The doc said it was chronic tonsilitis. I would like to know details about having my tonsils removed. The last person mentioned a 'coblation' method. What is this? I hate pain, so i'm terrified about this surgury. Anyone know more about this from experience??
humidclimate last decade
You can google the coblation method. I also think wikipedia talks about this method. I think the main thing about coblation is that it cauterizes while it cuts but at a much lower temperature. There a videos of a tonsillectomy on line. It was after watching the traditional method vs. the coblation method that I wanted to make sure my Dr. went this route. Warning: if you find those videos they are tough to watch.
plantinga last decade
WOW am I glad I came across this site! Last night around 2am I woke up with once again white chunks in my throat! I think I spent about 30 minutes clearing my tonsils.
I've had these stones ever since I can remember (I'll be 21). They are the most annoying things in the world! I think the worst thing is when your talking to someone and you break one loose and you wanna spit it out and you CANT cuz people will wonder what the heck that is... and you sure don't wanna swallow if for the chance of it getting stuck again!
I have had bad breath my whole life.. to the point of it making my stomach sick!! Every morning its the same thing... I would get really bad canker sores as well but since I changed my toothpaste to a non soap toothpaste (Biotine) it has helped... but has done NOTHING for the stones.
I would love to get rid of these things... along with everyone else in this forum!!
I was surprised to hear that many of you pick out your stones... I am guilty too! So far I have only tried the Q-Tip... works good till you get too much flem... I think I will try the Ink injector that sounds like it will work!
I am to the point that I can't stand them and having to be so self consciouses about my breath... I think i should have bought stock in Trident gum!!!
sunshinehoney249 last decade
I have the answer so everyone with this issue- yes it is quite gross- it is caused by sinuis drainage and the mucus gets stuck in the tonsil pockets if they are large enough. They will get bigger and bigger as they stretch- i know my last one was huge. Think of it as snot getting compacted and growing bacteria. I am getting mine removed in November because I can not stand it anymore. I hope this helps everyone- I have found gargling with warm saltwater everday helps to flush it out. I know this because of my allergy doctor one, and two I am pre-med.
princess7585 last decade
I have tried saltwater... sea salt and table salt... and neither have worked for me... I don't have allergy's.... I would like to get mine removed as well... but... What would I have to poke at the rest of my life!! haha
sunshinehoney249 last decade
ok, so i just came back from a visit to an ENT specialist, and he said the only 2 options are a tonsillectemy, or take allergy meds+antibiotics. After hearing the stories about bleeding and DEATH (which is rare, yes...) I asked if there was different types of tonsilectemys involving lasers, etc, and he said no, just the traditional removal. So now that i have the name of some other methods (which cause much less pain) does anyone know why a doc would say this? are some of the coblation methods really new? Is the coblation method done by a different type of doc? I'm lost...and frustrated. My main problem is recurent infections and the stones. but nothing life threatning. (although stinky breath might kill others!) Any advice?
humidclimate last decade
Princess, were you given this information by a doctor, or did you come up with this doing your own research?

My ENT repeatedly told me how congested I was, so I think your suggestion of sinus drainage is a valid one.
BettyCV last decade
Hello, Humidclimate!

The laser procedure, from what I understand of it, is where they do not remove your tonsils but use the lazer in some way to smooth out the crypts in your tonsils. The coblation method is not really new but if you go to an old school ENT they will probably not have the proper tools and will just stick to what they know.

All you need to do (and I did this myself): I asked my ENT if he used the coblation method, he said no. I asked for a referral for an ENT that did, he gave me one. I called the new ENT and confirmed they used this method, and from there everything went fine. The pain was NOT even as bad as the worse sore throat I have ever had. I was able to eat and drink, even from the day of the surgery. I got a week off work and I lost ten pounds! What else could be better?
plantinga last decade
Hey BettyCV! Yes my allergy doctor is the one that suggested that sinuis drainage most likely the cause and I have had terrible trouble with sinuis infections and allergies since I was three. I always find after I have a sinuis headache a couple days later I get one(or two or three) 'stones.'
princess7585 last decade
Hello Plantinga,
You have been so helpfull in sharing this with me. I'm terrified to try the traditional methods, but you would think I live in the boonies when it comes to modern surgury. I have called around to various well known ENT groups in the area where I live(Atlanta, Ga) and no one has heard of this. I don't know if you might be located in New York, London, or other larger cities in which this practice is done, but they make me sound CRAZY asking about it.I'll focus my efforts more this coming week. I wouldn't have even known about this option if you didn't mention it. i've done some research and it was approved by the FDA in 2001 aparently. Do you know of any website that lists doctors who use this? Thanks for your help btw. Maybe i'll have to go get this done in inner mongolia...jeez.
humidclimate last decade
ok, so i have found a wonderfull website for all of you who are looking for an ENT doctor who performs Coblation Tonsillectomies. You can enter your zip code and find one near you. For those living outside the US, please share if you have found a site like this in your country. (I'm not allowed to post external urls so just assume that there is the usual web intro before and afer this word; 'arthrocareent')
Now let's just see if I can get one done! Good luck to all.
humidclimate last decade
Actually, I am in Murfreesboro, TN (not too big at all). So, I am sure there are many ENT's in ATL. Good luck on finding one!
plantinga last decade
These white bumps in throat are bcuz of upset stomach. Does ur husband have constipation or diarreha ? Is he under stressed for some reasons ? these bumps are painless, but causes discomfort, person feels like small particle is stuck in throat, person drinks liquid or try to swallow several times. They sometimes come out on their own, fall inside. By chance if u catch them, they r like soft sticky, and if u smash them from ur fingers and smell them, they have very stinky smell. Don't worry abt them, they will disappear on their own.
Sweet_Lemon last decade
There are posts all over the internet and have been for years involving tonsil stones. When on earth is someone going to find a cure for this garbage. Doctors, especially nowadays don't know to much of anything except for a lot of big words like tonsilectomy and invasive/non-invasive and hairline fracture. Please I know this stuff just from reading on the net. When will doctors start curing as opposed to being pill pushers all day. Sorry for the long-windedness guys.
IceyBlue last decade

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