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Thanks, Wienerin. I'm trying to set up an ENT appointment for tomorrow. I hate taking antibiotics, but I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. My tonsil stones aren't as bad as most people's on this thread sound, but they're persistent and I can't deal with having a sore throat every other week. I am seriously leaning toward tonsillectomy if this goes on much longer.

As for the probiotics, I thought that having some beneficial bacteria in my system might help counteract the nasty stuff in my tonsils. Mostly, I'm just willing to try anything at this point!

Will let you all know what the ENT says...
uberfletch last decade
I have often used Belladonna 30c to treat throat infections which are caused by virus infections.

It occurs to me that this remedy can perhaps help to control Tonsiloliths.

Can anyone who reads this please use Bell 30c twice daily and report response ? It is best used for test purposes by those who know that they are subjected to this ailment and should be taken when the first signs of formation occur.

If, as I hope, it controls Tonsiloliths, we would have made a significant breakthrough in the treatment of this ailment which seems to affect so many.
Joe De Livera last decade
I saw the photos. yikes!! i am 38 and have had these critters in my troat forever. i remember as a child waking up at night with one in my mouth. yuk. then my mom had mentioned it to me that she gets them as well. she told me as if it was something everyone has. they seemed to disapeer for a long time. Over the past few years though I have them again. I use a monoject syringe filled with water to blast them out. i hate the fact that Im quite good at it. I too ask an ENT and my primary Dr. about them. They both said they were food particles stuck in the crypts. I have two children. My youngest (6) has already presented me with 2 tonsil stones. My heart stopped. So thats my mom, myself and now my daughter.Must be genetic too. HELP!! Im sick of shooting water into my throat. :(
littlelee last decade
me too last decade
I had tonsil stones since I can remember. I dont think that they are contagious but i do think that they come from a various amount of things that goes on in your mouth. A couple of years back I was getting them so often that my tonsils would start to ache a little at the same time I had an infected tooth. I had the tooth removed and then the tonsils stones stayed aways for a couple of years.
me too last decade
I noticed them again a while later. and during that time I was have terrible nasal drip from an allergy from hidden mold. once the mold was gone nasal drip ceased and so did the tonsil stones.
me too last decade
Theyrrrrrre bacccccck. I notice that I get them frequently during allergy season, thats understandable. but, now I am getting them more than often. was wondering why. I finally came to the conclusion that its my teeth. i took my pointer finger and rubbed my back teeth removing what i thought was plaque and off came the same exact stiff yellowish smelly stuff that comes out of my tonsils.the same exact stuff. could the tonsil stones be a form of plaque? hmmmm has me wondering. could be, because where does plaque build up come from if we floss and brush daily. I have also noticed that when I brush and floss more than twice a day that the tonsil stones arent as much as if i dont. therefore, as temporary remedy, i brush often, i make sure that the back teeth are clean by flossing and scrapping plaque residue, i gargle with listerine, brush my tongue and gums and roof of my mouth. and to remove the tonsil stones i just apply pressure with the tip of my finger and push if against my tongue with out gagging as if it was a pimple or something. and i do it over and over. sometimes i can feel when my tonsil needs to be clean, i feel like a tingling pulsation back there
me too last decade
Ya know... they're back for me, too - but higher in my tonsils than the last time. There's a big crater in my right tonsil from the last one. I bought one of those dental kits from Walmart..the one with the plaque scraper..looks like a pirates hook. I used it to pick in between my teeth in the back and I got chunks out of my teeth, too.

That's a very INTERESTING theory!
ronjenn696 last decade
Very interesting stuff everyone. I have been looking for an explanation for a long time on why I get these nasty pieces of material in my mouth! I have a lot of similarities in regards to a lot of the posts that I have read on this topic. First I use smokless tobacco and I thought that this may be a contributing factor to this. I have not had a problem in over two or three years now, but used to get them all the time and would have to remove them. Man did they stink. One of the major things that I think could be the cause of these is the fact that I had a sinus injury about 10 years ago during a fall. I broke some bones in my frontal sinus and have had a lot of post nasal drip ever since. Don't know if this is the cause or not. The second thing that could be linked is that I have Ulcerative Colitis and was recently diagnosed with acid reflux. I am a compulsive worrier(have done well over the last few years with this)and I think this plays a huge part in the UC, acid reflux and the problem that I had in my mouth. When I was diagnosed with UC I tried many different things and finally found something that seems to help. It is a product called "Primal Defense" made by Garden of life. The reason why I bring this up is because it seems to help with the mouth problems as well as the UC. It is a probiotic formula and many people claim positive results. It can be taken by anyone and you all may want to investigate the product. Just my two cents.
sandyman last decade
i thought that it was just me... it seems like a lot of people go through this... like plaque and gingivitis it is probably just an oral hygiene issue cause once my mouth is clean and i am not ill or having nasal drip everything seems to be ok...therefore, i took it upon myself to be extra clean and aware.
me too last decade
Yippy, i'm not the only one who try to get rid of this stinky yellow thing. I have had this so called tonsil stone for couple years now. First it was just a small spot and came out by itself. But earlier this year i went for my wisdom tooth surgery and it got worse after that. Now i got at least 3 holes on my right side and at least 2 on my left side and still can't see some hole but i feel it. Some hole getting bigger after i attempt to take it out for several time and stone getting bigger and bigger. I don't know why i have this sort of thing in my mouth.

At first i use my new ear plug to take the stone out with one hand and flashlight on the other. but it got deeper and deeper...at one time i'm so desperate to get the stone out so bad i even use a needle to pick it out and it worked with blood and little pain. Now i found my newest best friend which is a water jet machine(Dental manchine), it cost about $30 but it helps me a lot, i use it to flood all the yucky stuff out and it did pour out a lot( i mix the water with some mouthwash, it feel really great after)...i'm so shocked that how much more it stuck in my tonsil. But there is some hole that too small to plug my thing in and flood it out and i'm still struggle with that. Last couple day, i had my first tiny infection, it hurt my throat and light fever, so i went to the doctor for the firsrt time about this and he just looked for 3 minutes and gave me Antibio... I don't believe that it going to heal it....i will try to make another appointment with ENT doctor and see what he said.....Thanks for lots of good idea in here...but i really wanna know if the tonsillectomy is really the only solution to this? And is it a 100% sure that it won't be back again if i do tonsillectomy?
mkk78 last decade
It's not 100% sure that a tonsillectomy will take care of it - only if they get the whole tonsil. Read all of the posts - they're very interesting, and people have written of having had a tonsillectomy and still having gotten stones.
uberfletch last decade
Given that the stuff you floss out from your teeth seems to have the same stink as the stuff you gouge out from your tonsils, then I wouldn't be surprised if the two are connected. If you don't floss your teeth regularly, you get this white smelly gunk and sometimes your gums bleed. So it's not rocket science, I guess, that your teeth are near your tonsils and there's some connection. Total oral hygiene has to be the key. The problem is keeping it up, probably last thing at night and after lunch, however tired you are etc etc. Then check back and see what the results are. Also eating yogurt + probiotics, nutritious food, and taking vitamins to build up your defences. Does anyone reading this feel they "neglect" their health or are run down and they get stones? Off to clean my teeth. Goodnight!
Wienerin last decade
Greetings fellow smellers!

I feel like I'm home.

I too suffer from the noxious white evil that lurks deep within the dark crypts of my tonsils.

I started reading this thread since I found it earlier this evening. I stopped when I read the first post regarding the water pik and ran out to WalMart and bought one. As someone else had said, it sounds like a jackhammer and was hard to control and get used to. After spraying the mirrors, floor and my eye, I finally made it to "the hot zone" where I unfortuneatly was met with hostile opposition from my tongue as it tends to have a mind of its own and instantly went into defense mode and blocked my "throat balls" from receiving the unforgiving aqua blasts!

Yes, I have a severe gagging problem. I gag just looking at the glass jar of tongue depressers in my Doctor's office - it's really bad. So, does anyone have any tips on how to avoid the gag-factor? And, can someone provide more detailed instruction using the water pik? Specifically with regard to eradicating the hidden ones. How do you go after them? Should you go after them? So many questions...

This group is amazing. I really enjoy reading everyone's "techniques" used to search and destroy these unholy demon seeds. I hope the posts keep coming.
SmellTheLove last decade
Well smellThelove, i also have a trouble with gagging too. My techniques is to use a flashlight in one hand and water pik in the other and make sure i clearly saw the hole. Then with the waterpik i hold the button and make sure the water won't blow out before i can insert it in a hole in my tonsil. Then just gently release the water( i use the lowest pressure) for a second or two. If it has a lot of stone in there it will pour out like crazy and then i gag it out. And for smaller hole i use smaller head jet (but the smaller the head jet the more pain you will get when the water blow). For 90% of the time it work like a charm but there were time that no matter how hard i blow, it won't coming out. I try to remmeber where the hole is and clean it everyday. But if i feel there is somehing in it and it won't coming out , i just wait for it to be big enough to blow it out. I never try the venigar solution yet but i think if in the case of not able to get it out, use venigar technique it might be easier to get it out. This is very very very logngprocess for me...i wish i don't have to do this everyday... Hope some smart scienctist out there create a pill that will make it go away permanently.....
mkk78 last decade
Does acid reflux have anything to do with these bumps?

I was diagnosed w/AR a few weeks ago - Dr. gave me pepcid ac but I am not taking it - I woudl prefer something natural...I started eating smaller meals during the day and not overeat..the tonsil stones went away for almost 2 weeks...I also gargled with vinegar..and salt water solution.

I'm getting REALLy ticked off about this whole situation. It's back..Today I felt something fall into the back of my throat I gagged it out and it was a stone..I looked with a flashlight & the stone I keep seeing was still there!

Since last Thursday I've felt feverish, NO energy at all & having a sore/itchy throat. My throat was so itchy I tried scratching it with my tongue, whiched inflamed my throat even more. My head hurts and my eyes are dry and itchy.

I read on one of these posts about the possible tooth plaque connection.. I used the dental tools and scraped the back of my teeth - the back molars - and chunks of white stuff came out from between the teeth - even bled a little...My gums are actually pulsating where my back teeth are..I'm wondering if this is all being caused by a dental problem. I'm going to make a dental appointment today.

I'm also feeling ike there's chunks stuck down in my esphogus. I feel like there's a lump that I just can't hock out of the back of my throat, too..

ronjenn696 last decade
From what I've been reading so far I've got some combined ideas on this subject: Below I wrote how to do

the tea tree oil gargle rinse, I think it would work much better to use that plastic oral syringe-type irrigator

from the dentist (that flotsette suggested) with this solution to get the stones out. Just remember that tea

tree oil breaks down plastics so you would need to rinse out the syringe with vinegar after using the oil in it.

Probotics would maybe do better using a naturm phos. cells salts, a homeopathic, a half hr. after the

probotic, this would allow the probotic to sit in the gut for a while and then the nat. phos. would push it

into the intestine without totally digesting it in the stomach. (That is what kind of information I get with nat.

phos. it allows foods to pass more quickly from the stomach to the intestines.)

Tea tree oil mouth wash solution it gets rid of a yeast that is present in the mouth, I've had great success

with it in the past. Also you need to stay away from any type of sugars (for a while) natural or refined, yeast feeds on that stuff. I've had thrush 3 different times. If these stones are also yeast type of bacteria's this

should help. Make the recipe below and suck it up in the syringe, then rinse the syringe like I said above

with vinegar.

Here's how to make it. You'll need a bottle of tea tree oil, you can get it at a discount store in the vitamin

section, ask at the pharmacy counter, it's about 5bucks a bottle, you'll need a dropper too, it doesn't come

with one.

You take a 1/4 cup of warm water and put in 5 drops of tea tree oil, stir well, (it's oil and water and they

don't mix up too well stir each time you sip to gargle, or shake the syringe) you'll gargle with this for as long as possible (try to do it for 2min. at least),

Do Not swallow it! Gargle as far back in your mouth as you can with out swallowing. Also after gargling

don't rinse for a while, if you end up with extra saliva, spit it out, don't rinse or swallow. After about 10min.

you can rinse you mouth. I'ld do this three times a day. It took a while for your mouth to get this

way, so give it time to get it cleared up.

Again, Do Not swallow tea tree oil.

Now. If it is an allergy type of problem with these stones, or even if having post nasal drip causes them to be worse. I buy a product from the vitamin store named 'GNC' this product is called 'allergy/sinus relief'

it's a homeopathic combination for allergies and it doesn't dry out your mouth.
Here's how to take it :
as always, nothing by mouth 1/2 before and after taking a homeopathic remedy except water..... I break up the tablet with my teeth then put the those broken up pieces under my tounge till dissolved, and repeat every half hour till I feel better. I take these for sinus headaches/ear pain and usually by the third one my ears are better along with the headache, mostly it is totally gone.

So maybe with a combination of yeast control, probotics, allergy/sinus relief, and the nat. phos. would help keep this problem at bay?

If anyone tries this, please post here on the results. I'm not a doctor, I don't have the stones, but I've always

been interested in remedys that help people.
upnorth last decade
Oh..yeah.. forgot to mention that my sense of smell & taste are just about gone...my tongue burns, too.
ronjenn696 last decade
For the gaggers, if you hum while doing the proceedure that makes you gag, it does seem to keep the gagging at bay.

Also, tea tree oil has been tested an helps with gum disease like receding gums and also gingivitus...that is why I'm leaning towards this vs the vinegar.

With people getting acid reflux, could it be that these stones are stuck in the espophogus and keep that flap open? I wonder. Nat. phos. cell salts did help me with that.

Sure hope you all find relief or a cure. I'm interested in case I run into anyone that I know that might be having this problem, maybe I can be armed with some good suggestion for them. People often come to me for health issues.
upnorth last decade
ronjenn696, if your tounge is burning it usually is a sign of thrush, read above post for this. Your sense of smell and taste could be an allergy problem along with the the thrush. Keep us posted.
upnorth last decade
Okay, not to sound like an idiot, but what is Baryta Carb 30? And does it have any side effects/warnings I should be aware of? I have swollen, painful tonsils and just got over a regiment of Z-Pak. I felt immediately better, and was positively fine until 10 days later. Now all the same symptoms are back, swollen throat, cough, etc. No white spots, but I've had those before. I will do anything to make this go awayu, since the last go round was incredibly painful. It also was accompanied by a steady 102 fever. I want to nip this before it gets too far.

alp44 last decade
Based on some information that I have gathered is that Tonsils are lymph nodes and lymph nodes are glands located in certain areas of our bodies that fight of infections or virus in some cases. So for many of us that are complaining about nasal drip, allergies, plaque, and sinus infections - keep in mind that these are INFECTIONS and our lymph nodes go to work trying to fight off these infections which cause them to get bigger and the bigger and inflamed they get the bigger the crypts/holes get which allow debrey to build up inside like plaque does on teeth... think of it like this... when we have sore throats or fevers or any some kind of viral infections and go to the doctors... the first thing the doctor does is take both hands and search for swollen glands along your neck... when we are sick out lymph nodes swell up and that is one way a doctor can tell how sick we are and whether or not or body is trying to fight off a virus or infection... the same thing is happening in our mouths w/ our tonsils... if you get a tonsillectomy it doesnt cure the cause it just stops the irritation of the over active gland (tonsil) ...

The key is to locate the cause... if it isnt something like your teeth, nasal drip, sinus infection or anything in particular that is on the surface.. i would highly recommend that you get tested for viral infections, stds, or other... a nurse friend of my suggested getting TITER test... it is obvious that those lymph nodes are working actively for a reason.

by the way, I have found that LISTERINE is perfect.
me too last decade
Hello, fellow stinkers. The RELIEF I felt when I found this thread! I wanted to come on and post because I had a breakthrough last night with these stinky suckers, and thought maybe my experience might help someone else out there. My situation is different from alot of others on here because I could never see any white spots on my (huge and crypty) tonsils. Trust me, I LOOKED. But I had the awful taste in my mouth and would occasionally cough the little stinkballs up, or they would even sometimes just appear in my mouth, which was completely disgusting. So last night I grabbed a flashlight to try to find a white blob again with no luck. So I grabbed a qtip and just started pushing around gently, and out pops a white blob! Hmmm! So I just kept pushing around, and these white blobs just kept coming! I must have gotten 25 of them out, which repulsed me but it was also such a feeling of accomplishment!!! :) When I would think to myself "okay, that HAD to be the last one" I would gargle and then try again and out would pop another one! So fellow stinkballers, you might have more than just one or two of those blobs in there. Today my tonsil is a little tender, but I tried to stay pretty gentle in my poking last night so I wouldn't bleed. It worked! The taste is gone, the critters are gone! I'm going to start gargling the vinegar solution, and keep exploring with the Qtip, and hopefully keep this under control so I won't have to go under the knife. Hope this helps someone out there! Keep posting your suggestions everyone!
sirstinksalot last decade
To ronjenn696 specifically, who the lumps make ill -- what has surprised me about these posts is that not many people reported feeling actually unwell with the lumps. I do feel unwell when I have them. I don't know if they make me ill or if I'm ill already and then I get them... but what I do know is once say a big lot comes out I'm better. I almost feel the swelling, like inside my ear, going down. Is this imagination? yes I agree, Listerine seems made for the bacteria in these lumps. Swilling it between your teeth after flossing/brushing seems to keep the things at bay.
Wienerin last decade
OMG - Weinerin - I feel that, too!! It feels like when I swallow my ear pops & it aches down in my neck!

For those who pop them out with a Q-tip - how do u do it? I have a constant fear of choking & am afraid I will choke on these.

I just coughed up a glob of yellow/white mucous..I keep feeling like something is laying on my voicebox. I feel it when I swallow - it feels so thick & wont' go down.. I keep hocking but it wont' come up. I feel ike i'm at my wits end..the dr's can't even help me.

I have to make a dentist appt today - maybe that will help.. I didn't do it yesterday because I kept hoping this blob would fall out.
ronjenn696 last decade
I forgot to add the ear ringing..My right ear (the tonsil w/the stones) rings on and off - sometimes louder than others. The ENT couldnt' find anything wrong except acid reflux.

My ear also feels like it pops alot then it feels wet inside..It's clear...like the water that comes out of our ears after swimming.
ronjenn696 last decade

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