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My son got a cryptic tonsillitis (White bags of pus in the tonsils), he din´t have feber or other symptoms, so it could be treated like a one sided disease. In this case the simil (not simillimum)that fits better was a nosode Streptococicum 200C that can help too.
to open the case, I gived to him in medicinal solution maked of three pellets in 8 onz of pure ware without gas wait until the globules didolve then succuse the bottle three times hiting your palm hand.
after that take two tablespoon in his mouth under the tongue for 30 secons and then swollow the remedy.
Reapeat the dose three times a day ans renew the process. After tree day of theatment with this remedy, Mi son expulsed a white bag of pus, and until now it dont return. I was reading different MM,and clinic cases without a giving me a crear iddentification of the photo of the disiase.
So my desision for my son´s disese was Estreptococinum 200 C, in three days with this plussing method, my sonis now OK and bug of pus dissapear.

I hope this could be of help for people interestedon the disease

Sergio Villavicencio
sergiorvil last decade
Hello fellow sufferers! For the first time, I have discovered that I am not alone. Thank god for the internet. A few years ago I saw a white spot on my tonsil. I was afraid that it was an infection, but when I finally swabbed it with a peroxide dipped q-tip I discovered that it was not a infectious spot on my tonsil, but a most horrifying specimen.

It was what I will now call a 'tonsil stone'. I examined it. I need not describe because all of us here know how disgusting it is, but it was obviously a compilation of half digested food, and bacteria. I smelled it (smelled like feces) and came to the conclusion that this is what had been causing me to suffer from bad breath.

Since that day I have never seen another stone in my throat, but it is something that you just never forget. Although only seeing it once, however, I believe there are other craters with build-up in the back part of my tonsils because although I am constantly attending to my good oral hygiene, I have bad breath... and these little things can do BIG damage.

It's horrible. Today my boyfriend and I got into an argument and he called me 'Butt Breath'. It may sound funny but it was very painful because I now know what I have always feared. I too used to be constantly sneaking a mint or a new stick of gum into my mouth, but after being together for 2 years I guess I let my gaurd down and the secret's out. This is what got me on here. Well at least the next time I can scream back, 'I have cryptic tonsils you insensitive jerk!'
badtonsils last decade
Hi there,

Well, my son was having a bad breath when the white bump appear, now after I give him the treatment with the nosode he is OK, no bumps no bad breath.
Bad breath is not only caused by cryptic tonsils it is related too to constipation and stomach problems, in this cases the remedy has to be other.

sergiorvil last decade
With regard to Njstine, I had my tonsils removed in 1958, and have only started having problems with 'The Holes' for the last 10 years or so. I was recently told by my Dr. that when my tonsils were removed it left a couple of holes where food gets stuck when I eat. My Dr. told me about the need to gargle with listerine multiple times a day to get rid of the food and the bacteria cause from it. My throat stays swollen constantly, with the left side being the worse. Sometimes when I'm out eating I can take a bite of food and if it's bitter enough it will affect that side just right that it will swell up the size of a softball. This can happen in a matter of seconds. I don't have the problem that you have with having to clean out the holes with the white matter in it. However, I am keeping a lookout for any signs of it showing up. Please keep us posted on any updates you have, as I will do the same, since you are the only other person I have come across with a simular problem.
laney last decade
Has anyone on here undergone 'eradication therapy' for H. pylori?

People with tonsil stones often have acid reflux. People with acid reflux are often infected with a bacterium called H. pylori. It also causes stomach ulcers, bloating, allergic swelling and rosacaea.

I have a theory that tonsil stones might be related to both acid reflux and H. pylori.

If anyone on here has ever had reflux or ulcers and undergone 'eradication therapy' (basically a course of heavy-duty antibiotics combined with antireflux meds like Nexium or Prevacid), please post a reply. I'm interested to know whether it helped the tonsil stones at all.
herbuveaux last decade
Hello Sonya
If the white pumps at the back of the throat are from chronic post nasal drip it is called 'cobble stones'. Clear up the chronic drip the white will go away over
daretobe last decade
Hi, I removed my first stone yesterday from my left tonsil and another from my right one today. In the weeks leading up to it I've occassionally had a really foul taste in my mouth and also have been producuing a lot of thick mucus which I feel in the back of my throat. This has been seriously getting me down and pre-occupying my mind.

What I'm wondering is; Does the excessive amounts of mucus promote the production of tonsil stones or do the stones somehow cause excess mucus. Also is it guarenteed that stones continue to appear at certain times for the rest of ones life until the tonsils are removed or is it possible that it is just a one off thing. Some insight would be greatly appreciated.

keen4good-health last decade
I used to have pretty pronounced postnasal drip, but ever since my allergist put me on Zyrtec (an anti-allergy med), it's cleared up quite a bit. I also don't get stones as often. Also, try sleeping with the head of your bed elevated (I don't just mean extra pillows, I mean actually jack up the head of the bed with bricks or get a wedge pillow). I've been sleeping like that for months now and I know it helped my PND.
herbuveaux last decade
Just a thought about post nasal drip and reflux (GERD). Both cause bad breath,
both increase throat congestion and both
are treated with anti-histmines like Zrytec and Zantac.
If sleeping at an incline helps, reflux could be part of the problem.
My youngest son had reflux so bad, due to food allergies, you could smell the stomach acid from his nose and even ears. If he had not had a BM you could smell that also.
If you are allergic to a food it may cause you reflux and constipation.
Cann';t keep it down cann't get it out!

Does anyone use saline nasal like Xlear
or Dr. Neils nasal wash? This products
are mostly salt water which will decrease swelling in the nose and throat. They make the mucous less likely to collect.

Swollen tonsils? Consider tapping on
lymph nodes around neck and especially under the collar bone from midline to under armpits. If it is sore under the collar bone when you tap than tapping is just what you need.
Do this a couple times a day and see what happen to tonsils swelling.

Hope this helps someone.
daretobe last decade

In my opinion, the mucus causes/helps to cause the stones, not the other way around. But that's just my personal opinion, and not based on any medical facts.

As far as whether or not the stones will continue - since I got my first stones about 4 years ago, I have gotten them on a fairly consistent basis ever since. (Probably not what you wanted to hear.)
BettyCV last decade
Like many on this board, I have had this problem for many years and had no idea what caused it or why it continued to happen. I get them infrequently. My question for the board is this: do you ever hear of people who get them who have had their tonsils out? That is the case with me. I had them taken out as a child. I have been prone to sore throats and swollen glands though my whole life. The tonsil stones started in college. I did have mono, but can't remember the timeline of whether it was before or after. I get them maybe one, two, three times a year and find that I can cough them up after a deep sleep, occasionally with a deep sneeze or in the worst case scenario, pick them out with my index finger. They are small but so annoying as many have indicated, giving me sort of a gagging feeling. I really would appreciate feedback as what is one to do who has already had a tonsillectomy?
Blue22 last decade
Well I am certainly no expert, but I have been fighting these things for years myself. These are called TONSIL STONES. I will give everyone who has them some of the greatest information you will ever use.

1. They are stressed induced; you have stress in your life, find a release, get happy. I KNOW FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and your doctor will tell you the same thing.


3. Go online and buy a PERSONAL INTRO ORAL CAMERA, they tun about 20-30 dollars BEST INVESTMENT EVER! it connects to your TV like a video game would.

When you see just how many of those tonsil stones you really have in your throat YOU WILL FREAK OUT AND RUSH TO GET YOUR TONSILS REMOVED.

4. Get a pair of long handle Tweezers, you can get them ususally at dollar store, put the camera in your throat and take the tweezers and pull them out.

5. When you get so big that you can feel them, dose yourself up with Vitamin C like 3000 m a day.

6. Really they are from your bosy being so stressed!! and you don't take vitamins.

7. See a doctor and GET your tonsils out, no matter how painful. This is a infection no matter how you cut folks; infections always go to your heart and can cause heart problems! Your dentist will tell you periodontitis is one of causes of heart problems SAME CONCEPT!

Hopes these points will help, any questions just ask
Jinxed924 last decade
One more thing, personal reference. I got tonsilitis one time and my throat swelled up and trapped a stone on the interior wall of my throat. I was hospitalized with a abcess so big it pressed on my spinal cord!. it went from the top of my thraot to the base of my throat and went from front to back of throat. BE CAREFUL WITH THESE THINGS PLEASE. SEE A DOCTOR

If you are depessed and stressed take alot of ester C every day, this will help keep the wolves at bay! Good LUCK and God Bless!
Jinxed924 last decade
When I looked at my throat 3 days ago...I immediately knew that I had tonsilitis and infection. I've decided to take up to 3 echinacea capsules a day. 1 vitamin C tablet. I also gargled with warm salt water and hydrogen peroxide to help sooth the pain and kill the infection. I can already tell a big difference...the swelling is going down and the white spots are clearing up. If anyone does this...please don't swallow. Also becareful if you take echinacea if you have certain allergies. Echinacea helps boost the immune system in order to fight off infection. It also works as a natural antibiotic. Oh...and don't forget to brush your teeth...to keep the mouth clean :)
futureladydoc last decade
Hello everyone. I came across this website by accident when I was looking up cool names for my new white puppy. I'm so glad that I found out so many other people have the same problem that I USED to have.

I'm in my early 40s and I first noticed this problem in my 20s. It started with a feeling of something 'stuck' in the back of my throat. It wasn't bad enough to cause me to seek medical care. But I would mention it to the doctor on visits and he'd look and say everything was okay.

After a while I started really looking at my throat to see if I could find out what was causing the irritation. I noticed these 'bumps' in the back of my throat and eventually became brave enough to start eliminating them. I would use my finger to force them out. I can say for sure that the 'stones' or 'bumps' described on this website are the same smelly things that I had. I became very skilled at removing them, but I was getting very tired of having to deal with them.

The first doctor I went to made me feel like an idiot. I described the situation...the smelly rocks (how I described them) and how I had to manually remove them. His response, 'That's disguesting!' I felt very emarrased and alone at that moment.

About a year later I casually mentioned my problem to another doctor. Her response? 'Oh, that's from having crypic tonsils.' She told me that my tonils were probably scarred from having strep throat as a child and that the bacteria was collecting in the folds. She referred me to the ENT doctor and we made a date to have my tonsils removed.

I had my surgery and healed for about a week and a half. It's one of the best personal choices I've made for my medical care. No more cryptic tonsils, no more bumps, rocks or smelly things in my throat and no more feelings of something stuck in the back of my throat.

I completely endorse surgery as a permanent fix to this problem and I'd be happy to answer any questions someone may have related to my personal story.
HonestyMeAgain last decade
Honesty, thanks for posting. How long ago did you have the surgery and how old were you at the time?

Did you/do you have the post nasal drip that several on this board (including me) have mentioned having?

Was it traditional surgery, or was it the coblation method?
BettyCV last decade
Hey Gang.Its been so long since someone posted here i thought the blog was scrabed.Anyways just to give you an update,well its been a year since i removed my tonsils and im happy to say i have had no experience of the stones again,but the problem is the bad breath seems to have come back and i thought i had gotten rid of it when i removed the tonsils.I suspect it is coming from my nose but i had a scan on my sinuses and no infection was found so i think i might have PND and have to do a sinus wash.Im so stressed but i just have to be strong and fight this thing again.But i found that removing the tonsils has really helped and if you have the stones removing the tonsils is the only permanent solution.
ruddy last decade
Hey! It's good to hear from you all. Like you ruddy, I thought the blog no longer existed. I also had my tonsils removed to completely eliminate the stones and it worked. However, the breath has slight scent to it. But not as nearly as bad when I had the tonsils. I discovered that it was coming from the PND. And taking zyrtec every night has helped out a lot. If there is night that I forget to take the zyrtec, the breath comes right back.
fedup-stones-nomo last decade
I hope justmeby... still pops on here once in a blue moon.

The UK newspapers have just done a story about something strangely similar. Put ''Christine Wicks' +actinomycosis' in google (the web search not news) and have a look. She coughed up one of these things and it turns out that the disease is not as straight forward as we may have thought!

Having just read a post earlier this year - Yes, I've had erradictaion therapy for HP. It got rid of my HP but it didn't get rid of PND. Shifting the stones does.
albert22 last decade
I had my palatine tonsils removed in october last year. Before the operation there were no visible signs of any tonsil infection (no tonsil stones either), but because of long-term suffering from halitosis and bad taste in my mouth as well as post-nasal drip I managed to find a doctor who was willing to perform a surgery.

It turns out that one of my tonsils in fact was infected!

(once again: this couldn't be diagnosed during any examinations I had received up to the date of the surgery.)

Obviously my problems got much better after the surgery, however, I still suffer from halitosis and for some reason, thick saliva/mucous in the back of my throat. I am afraid that there is something wrong with other parts of my lymphatic system, ie my lingual tonsils. Although I can localize a bad taste to the saliva on/around my lingual tonisls, they are, like my palatine tonsils, not visibly infected, and so I haven't found any doctor who wants to operate on my lingual tonsils.

If anyone has problems with removing tongue coating I have found a way that works for me. I take half a tablet of Betaine Hydrochloride (a diet supplementary product that aids digestion, especially of protein) and smoothly rub the flat surface of the tablet against the surface of the tongue where the bacteria is stuck. In the beginning its acidity may cause some discomfort but you will get used to it.

Also, you can mix the tablet with water for a mouth rinse, but don't swallow anything since it will hurt your throat.

If anyone tries this please let me haer the results, and also if you have any comments on my lingual tonsil problems!
october07 last decade
Reading the messages of this forum I saw that for most of the people in this forum Tonsillectomy is the solution in mode. Well in my opinion the organism is a system that don't have any organ, tissue, etc. on excess. Otherwise, with the consideration that this forum is about homeopahty as a way to cure deseases in my opinion it could be good to try with homeopathic remedies before taking the decision for surgery. I got a good result with Staphiloccocium Aureus 200C as well as with Streptoccocinum 200C, it is more especific the former. My son is OK for about 6 month without any repetition, his throat and tonsils are clear and no bad breath.
sergiorvil last decade
I'm so grateful to have found this site!

I have had a sore throat for a few days now. This morning I woke up and coughed out on of these famed chunks. I have had these for as long as I can remember (not constantly, but occasionally), and have always assumed they were bits of undigested food that get stuck in the tonsils.

Within 2 hours, my sore throat is nearly gone. There is still a sense if irritation, but it seems to be improving. This was the first time I noticed a correlation like this, and hadn't noticed any mention of this in the (many) pages of the thread I've read. It seems to make sense that it is another way the body has (at least ours), of expelling toxins or bacteria.

I'm 35, have always had post nasal drip, to some degree, and have had increasing nasal allergies since I turned 30.

Thought I'd pass that on to whomever might find it useful. I've certainly been grateful to learn and hear what I have from all of you! Here's to wellness and 'hawk-ball' elimination! (to quote my Nurse Dad who does not have these, nor his tonsils)

I DO have my tonsils...
chate last decade
So glad i found this site - thought i was the only one!
So many people have recomended a traditional tonsillectomy as the only permanent cure for cryptic tonsils. After much research i decided that for me this would be a last resort (predominantly due to how painful the recovery is). Whilst searching for alternative treatments i came across information on Laser Tonsillectomy. This can apparently resurface the area with crypts, removing only part of the tonsil, the recovery is meant to be drastically less painful and faster. Have a look at the links below (im sure there are plently of other useful sites but this is the one i came across and found to be helpful (I am in no way affiliated to these sites)):
w w w. llc.c o.u k/ tbackground.html (scroll down to the section on Tonsilloliths)
w w w.l l c.c o .u k / tlaser.html (for information on the procedure and recovery)
I guess this type of treatment isn't suitable for everyone, but think its definately worth looking at before going through a traditional tonsillectomy. Also, I think checking out the natural remedies is definately the way to go first - I shall be looking! :)
MissySC last decade
Hi guys tiredofencrytedtonsils here...

It'sbeen several months since I last wrote but I have been recoeving emails and reading several replies to this thread.

First of all... I have diligently gargled with Listerine and though it helps it really is just a mask... a mask that does not work very well... for the obvious bad smell from the stones.

I use a dental syringe and a mild water and listerine solution to spray clean my tonsils... I get a few of the obvious white bumps but confirmation that there are more white bumps... BIG WHITE BUMPS... came last week when one dislodged and I swallowed it... had no choice there I was in public and coughing it up was not an option... this white bump did not go down so easy and as you can imagine it was a horrible experience in spite of my efforts to control the situation. Once I had some water things settled down.

I have found that drinking coffee make these things smell worse and alos makes the smell stronger... I know this because I have not been a coffee drinker until recently... and I can smell the difference... also the stones are slightly brownish since i started drinking coffee... which I've since stopped.

I've tried garggling and syringe spraying my tonsills clean... still thses stones plague me.

I'm considering talking to my doctor about bacterial infections and having my tonsills removed.

I found out the soarce of my bain in 2000 and now 8 years later I'm stll loosing to a KO punch know as tonsill stones.

For anyone who has them we all know how much they consume our thoughts and how imbarrasing they can be.


squires AT telus . net

tiredofencrytpedto last decade

Try Staphylococcinum 200c, homeopathic remedy, if you are interested how, please write to the forum.
sergiorvil last decade
So bummed about reading and finding no concrete answers.

I have chronic tonsiliths. I do the Q-Tip squish thing. I think the crypt has gotten deeper. When I first started pushing at it maybe six months ago I got a couple out and it was entertaining... now it's just a pain and it makes me mad. I waited a week once in hopes that maybe if I left it alone the crypt would close up... and instead I had a week's worth of blobs to squish out. I get maybe one or two a day and apparently it's a deep cavern so they just pile on up and the more I squish the more come out.

I now need to push more to get them all out and then it becomes a sick obsession since I KNOW more are hiding. And sure enough, the Goliath ones come spewing out. My throat gets raw afterwards and I have experienced the damage to my tonsils where I make it bleed. I tried squirting water today with a surgical syringe (no needle on it) and it hurt. I think I used too much pressure.

I'm so tempted to get the stupid thing removed (I only notice them in the right tonsil) but think the laser thing sounds good... then read another lady who had her's removed discovered she had tons of stones IN her tonsils?! The thing that frightens me is having them again AFTER removal. That would suck.

All the while I'm reading these forums and my boyfriend is over there shaking his head going 'you crazy people and your throat squishing. So gross.' I've had to slap him a few times. He has NO idea.
FRUHD last decade

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