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Fellow sufferers, I thought I'd update what has worked for me: I had sinus drainage,
allergy problems, sore throat and the dreaded stones. I used the water pic
when my throat ached,every couple weeks.I tried non alcohol toothpaste and rinse.
My throat improved and my gums were irritated and bleeding. Something that worked
well on the gums and lips was
a solution of water and honey. 3H20x 1 honey. That
worked great massaging on gums and lips. I gargled with
the same honey and water ingredients. Simple could be better?
sweetbreath last decade
Honey! interesting!!!


Has anyone tried the epsom salt idea yet? I keep putting it off because of the taste.

I'm so thinkin the honey sounds better!!!
justmebyanyname last decade
My sister had a reaction to something( cleaner or new keyboard) They tested snd couldn't narrow down the culprit. She developed a painful dermititus condion on her hands. After many specialists and different ointments, that seemed to make matters more painful. I found the honey and water solution. After almost a year of pain, and wearing gloves,it was the only thing
that helped! Any of you folks with dry raw hands, feet etc. Try it. Also you can buy cheap oe more expensive brands they both work.
buy the cheaper
sweetbreath last decade
I don't know if this has been posted before. I looked up calculi of the tonsils on google - here's what came up.

ronjenn696 last decade
I had stones in conjunction with sinus and allergys in the fall. I haven't seen this
posted before. after baking soda+peroxide, listerine,etc.
It worked so well, and is an easy natural alternative.In fact I ran across some Burt's
Bee's lip balm. I decided to try that as well.
sweetbreath last decade
I've had the tonsil stones (tonsilloliths) for a couple of years. My GP recognized them and refered me to a ENT that told me that if I want to get rid of them, he could do laser cryptolysis. This is not removing the tonsils, just opening up the pockets so that debris is not caught in them. He said that the cryptolysis is done as outpatient surgery.

Initially I only had them on one side, but lately they've been on both. Even though I'm a big chicken I'm seriously considering the surgery.

kyguy last decade
ronjenn :) that's the article along with that Colgate research that convinced me they're nanobacteria for sure for the most part! I'm thinkin nomorestinkbombs is right about that.

And by the way... dont think you should try EDTA alone without reading this article!!! Unfortunately I think you need tetracycline with it. The EDTA will disolve the calcium shell of the nanobacteria, but leave the nanobacteria homeless and angry so to speak, causing them to multiply faster.

kyguy... I'm such a total chicken so I dont think i could do this either, but...i think this could be a solution. This is different. My only problem with it is how the bacteria gets into our tonsils. I still kind of think our lymph system kicks them out into the tonsil from other parts of the body. For anyone wondering what we're talking about here... i think this is it...

I'm wondering how we could test if other things kill these things? Cinnamon, Oregano Oil, and Peppermint Oil are a few of the things i've been looking into maybe using together with the honey water along with epsom salts and probiotics. But if it is nanobacteria and i think it is....it's sealed inside the calcium and i'm kind of chicken about using the edta to break them out if we arent sure how to kill em :S

Good Luck all!
justmebyanyname last decade
This is unbelieveable. I am so glad I found this forum. I literally just came from the bathroom mirror, trying to pry one of these annoying "stones" out of my throat. For the last 4 or 5 days I have felt this little thing stuck in the back of my throat and it is starting to become extremely annoying. I have unsuccessful as it is stuck way down deep in one of my pockets, but I will try some of the suggestions I read here. I have to say that I found some of these posts very funny because like some of you out there, I thought I was the only one this happened to. I hope I am able to get this out soon. I am tired of gagging and I'm getting very frustrated everytime I swallow and feel this little thing stuck in my throat.
jennyg last decade
hello! i'm excited that i found a forum on this that's still running. the other i found stopped posting in 2003. my doctor gave me no information on having gaping holes in the back of my throat and said don't worry about them. he really only said to keep them clean (ohh now i see they're the greatest spot of decay..greaaat) because strep throat could be extremely harmful. he said that once they get infected just about the rest of my throat will become severely infected with it. has anyone heard this before or is my doctor just being dumb? another thing-- my tonsils themselves are rarely swollen and sore, i just don't like the idea of having this crap in the back of my throat. would a tonsillectomy (please pardon the spelling.) be alright? i'm not too old, right? i'm only 16. i've been putting up with the strange balls for at least 2 years now (but i can remember them when i was little--thinking they were just stomach acid.)

thanks guys
boatlessboozecruis last decade
I by chance the other morning
discovered a superb way of dealing with this stincky affliction.

Ok - here's the method that works a treat for me and hopefully some others out there:

Facing the mirror with mouth wide open and tonsils splayed, repetitively push the rear section of tongue up to squeeze the tonsils.

You should look like a baby bird begging for a feed.

No need to swallow your tongue - just raise the back rear section of tongue to squash the tonsils as best you can.

Within a few seconds the tonsil stones start to appear out of the crypts, along with similarly yucko goo (which i suspect will definitely become a stone if i didn't squeeze it out)

Clear and spit those ones with a gentle hack, then repeat - even when you think
you've got them or can't see any more stones because i find they can be hidden.

Takes me about 2 -3 min, i do it in morning and then at night.
Mostly now this is now just getting the goo out, as i don't give the stones a chance to solidify from the goo. May even give me better breath than even some of the non-stoners!!

My breath 'taste' has improved out of site and i'm delighted. Nice to have that confidence back - now to work on the thinning hair...

Good luck.
sorted last decade
Have read quite a few of the Tonsil Stones symptoms and would like to know if Tonsil ulcer would fall into this category? My daughter was at the Doctors yesterday with a swollen sore Throat. Dr. Showed me a Ulcer on her tonsil and only suggested Ibuprofen 600 mg. I have been giving her Vitamin C, Echinacea, Goldenseal and Grapeseed extract. I did have her gargle with mouthwash but I think I will replace that with the Saltwater solution. She has been fighting this for over a week and if not feeling better by tomorrow I will be calling the Dr. I am a little sensitive to any tonsil ailment for I dealt with an abscessed tonsil this summer. However I do feel better about my daughter's ulcer diagnosis after reading this forum. Do you think I am treating my daughters condition correctly? Any more suggestions?

Zenazord last decade
A previous post suggested some bacteria in throat is good. Think of the stones and sore throat as sentinels
ready to do battle. Gargling with salt water will help. Using natural is the way to go.I finally feel 100% using
water pik,honey and water and
brushing,flossing and gargling 4-6 times a day. Good luck.
sweetbreath last decade
Thanks for your support... Can you repeat the Honey and water ratio recipe? I know I saw it in one or two of the forum reply but can't find it now. I am sure I can get my daughter to use the honey not sure about the salt water or epson salt. Was thinking of doing salt waster with a pinch of epson salt...

This would not be a bad idea for the rest of the family use the salt water and or honey water either. Gee I think I can remember my mother using the salt water rememdy.

Zenazord last decade
I simply used a 3 parts water
to 1 part honey. Sometimes
simple solutions are best.
sweetbreath last decade

I was just searching the Internet for references to little blisters on the hands, possibly with hypothyroidism, and came up with an old post of yours in this forum. Did you ever hear of any solution or cause? My doctor who is treating me for the hypothyroidism (but is general practice, not endocrinologist) dismissed them as "contact dermatitis." But it seems they appear when I have a thyroid dip.

I apologize for being off topic, but didn't know how else to reply...

smookiejean last decade
I'm so glad I came across this site. I have had tonsil stones for a short while now and had absolutely no idea what they were. I was convinced it was something serious because of the damn awful stench of the junk. It's even worse because I've always been so crazy about a clean mouth and good breath. The weird thing about this was that my throat never hurts like a "real" sore throat. If anyone has anymore info at all on this please respond and let me know what works as far as controlling this. This is the only place I've gotten any information that makes sense and I want to thank everyone who posted. There has to be a solution to this nasty..whatever the hell it is.
walton24 last decade
hey smookiejean,

I thought it might be 'hand,foot and mouth' disease related to this problem. It may be, but if it is I havent figured it out. Yet ;)

Hey gang,

I have been thinking that gunk we find in our tonsils that isnt yet a stone is the ' Actinomyces israeli ' - and the stones we find are the nanobacteria surrounded by that bacteria - and the 'giant' stones they find in some people are just the nanobacteria alone. What do you think? Thoughts on this idea?
justmebyanyname last decade
Oops! Smookiejean,

Check out iodine painting - a glandular therapy idea. Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade
Ok it is Chrsitams time, the shops are crowded and everyone is sold out of Ipods! My humopr stirs and I laugh at the last post as it seems I just have to chuckle.

The little stinkers are Nanobacteria,
and I got em! But I can not get a nano-ipod ..

Joyful holidays everyone.

I saw my Dr this week and we discussed the tonsil area and she told me the water pik and gargling was about the best thing to do.
Surgery will be a temp fix as these are hereditary and like bad relations, you can not get rid of them and sometime they do smell. Just kick them out to rid the annoyance! They come back...

Just don't let these things frighten anyone so much you can not function...

Merry Chrsitmas.
swimmmermom last decade
I don't believe that these are nanobacteria personally, and I don't believe they are hereditary either. I know of no-one in my family that has, or has had them. (Albeit I have not checked it out on my father's side, but from what I do know, they don't exist there either.)

I had a sinus infection (Or what I believed to be a sinus infection.) a few months ago, and ever since then I've had things things... More on my left tonsil than my right, and my left tonsil also appears to be larger than the right, somewhat. (Not a huge amount, not painful, but slightly larger where it's noticable.)

When I start playin' around with cleaning these out, I tend to get a lot of mucus, and spit out a fair amount of phlegm, and my nose feels a lot clearer...

I believe, that with me at least, that my tonsils swelled up from the infection (They did swell and got very painful. I also had small amounts of blood in my phlegm early in the mornings.) but I never fully recovered. My tonsils, now somewhat swollen still are blocking the tubes that lead from my sinuses to my mouth, causing them to clog up and resulting in these stones... I have found that if I press on certain areas around the front of my tonsil, but not actually on the tonsil, I've been able to squeeze out a fair few of these nasty stones from that one spot alone, as if that is the tube and I am squeezing them out from deep inside it or something... I've also found my right tonsil doesn't really get the stones, except in one part I can't really see, and have even more trouble reaching, I believe this is the main area connected to my sinuses, and it's above my tonsil, between my tonsil and what I believe to be my adenoid...

I'm going to do a nasal irrigation within the next week or so and see how this helps, and I intend to see a doc in about a month.

Either way, I'd rather have my tonsils out, or have laser cryptolisis, than keep getting these things. I'm insecure enough as it is, and with this problem, I couldn't bear it anymore and would have pretty much no self-esteem.
TheZMan last decade
Oh, and on a side note, Swimmermom... Don't worry about not getting an iPod. Save yourself the money and go with either a Creative Zen, or one of the iRiver HD based series players. They're better players with more features and more durability, and they're cheaper too...

I have a 60GB iPod Color, and I've had nothing but problems with my iPods... So far, this is the 4th one I'm on within a year, and I'm getting sick of the damn thing.
TheZMan last decade
Oh great! Christmas weekend and guess what Santa gave me? One I can't reach! Mine get behind like my tongue flap and you have to stick your tongue out all the way usually until it hurts to see it. This time I can't reach it and for days now it feels like something constantly in my throat. Annoying as h*ll.The suction trick always worked for me but not this time. I'm sick of coughing!
calico last decade
Oh boy! Here's one for you.

This is about dental plaque, but I think it is interesting.

Problem is it doesnt state the sources.

This says lower pH. And get this...could be bacteria from Mars. ;) UH HUH! The planet Mars. Another creative way to sell I think. But I'm looking for the sources.

I so wish you would do pH tests of the droole in your family. :D I'm interested in if there is any difference between the two of you that have the tonsil stones and the two of you that don't. I say this because I am convinced that they are contagious, but not everyone catches them and I'm wondering why. Why? WHY?! I'm also curious if there are different foods that you like or eat more of or less of? Any chance the two of you with the stones shared a dentist that the other two didnt?

I think we are more likely to catch them if we have had antibiotics that get rid of our 'good' bacteria and leave us vulnerable to this for a period of time.
justmebyanyname last decade
well the contagious theory has holes and not tonsil holes!
since married almost 25 years to a man whom I swop droole with and he has no tonsil pods. My daughter does not have them but my son does.
My dad had them but not my mother. not sure about my brothers, will investigate.
Family uses same dentist.

I wonder if anyone has actually diagnose the pods to see what they are made of.

BTW: Earlier I mention of iPods as an attempt to play on of words:
Question: if we have nano bacterium
maybe we chosen or cursed but we can refer to them also as nano-i-got-pods, get the publicity & recognition needed for research and make things happen. Reality though, of course then they would prefer to make profit off us rather than curing them.

Vicious circle...
just keep popping those stinky pills...out!

Oh...I will be glad to in the dark of night catch vials of family drill, where do you want me to send them LOL!
swimmmermom last decade
I don't know why you think there are holes in the theory when MANY of us have passed them on to just SOME of the people in our lives. The question is WHY dont all people catch them. If we could answer that question we would solve the whole problem.

As you have within your own family people with and without them, you have the best chance of finding out the whys.
justmebyanyname last decade
Holes in your theory...LOL holes,
Well Lesson one:

Science: genetics:
My mother has brown eyes,
my dad had blue eyes,
my older brother has blue eyes,
my younger brother has brown eyes.
And I have...BLUE eyes,
...My husband has green eyes
our daughter has blue eyes,
our son has blue eyes,
Let's call it:
Genetics. These are part of documented recessive gene research.
My theory/guesti-mation: holes in tonsils: recessive gene.
swimmmermom last decade

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