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I went to my doctor today and she said these are tonsilloliths. Generically known as tonsil stones. She is sending me to an ENT. I always have sore throats so I honestly dont care if I have my tonsils removed or not but what I have read on it is that a tonsilectomy may not cure us of these stinky little buggers. They are so foul!!! And a low dose of antibiotics is not always helpful...long or short term. In many cases it doesn't help at all from what I have read all morning online studies.

When she told me what it is and after months/years of searching on the web for what it might be with no good result I wanted to hug this woman. I came home and I found everything I needed or ever wanted to know about them online LOL.... Amazing...and its exactly what I am dealing with. I am just glad to know what they are now ....TONSILLOLITHS (tonsil stones)...type it in on Google you will be amazed!!!

Im sure others have said this also but I am just so happy that I had to post what I have found. Or add my 2 cents worth :)
ENTbound last decade
To me the tonsil stones created too often and large are in relation to the tonsils being enlarged (crypts enlarged) for some other reason (infection, virus) in the body.

To fix the stones you have to deal first with the cause of the tonsils enlargement then the stones IMHO. Thats not to say you dont remove the stones ASAP, its just you have to reduce the size of the crypts one way or the other to stop stuff from getting trapped in there.

And like others have mentioned If mine were huge, I would have mine lazered FIRST before removing them, to scarr over the Crypts to reduce the stones.. then also find out the REASON and cause they are swollen in the first place. Then look for some NATURAL Way to bring the size down.. If nothing worked then and ONLY then would I opt for removal.

I do think that having that nasty goo in there is not helping anything at all and is not "OK" to have in your throat.. And should be removed immediately when possible..

IMHO the stones are probably the cause of all the sore throats, and tiredness many feel already, then also from the tonsils battling already from some other source in the body.. its almost like PILING On...

Bottom line if you have enlarged tonsils, and are prone to STONES.. I would stay away from DAIRY and flush with Listerine EVERY DAY several times a DAY after every meal, and even in the Tonsil Canal (the canal above the tonsils) to keep the bacteria levels down in the crypts. And remove the stones ASAP.

Salt water is a natural anti infectant and works OK, to me listerine does a better job..
nomostinkbomb last decade
nomostinkbomb....thank you for replying to me. You really have some good insight into this thing and I will ask about lasering first. I will continue with the rinsing as I do feel it helps some what....thanks again for posting I do feel you touched on something with this contributing to the tiredness also. :)
ENTbound last decade

Thanks a million for the option for tonsillectomy. I am going to the doctor on Friday. I am so sick of this problem of having chronic sore throats and tonsils stones.

I am so appreciative of your information.

jana320 last decade
i think this site is fantastic coz i could never talk to my friends about it. so im glad i can relate to all of you fellow sufferers out there!!
even if the stones go away how do you ever know if they are truely gone???
there might be a tiny one lurking deep deep in the tonsil abyss!!

ive had them for 13 years so now im paranoid that if i think my breath has improved a great deal i still feel i have that stink about me!! lol
i do feel relieved i can talk about it though.
peperonimum last decade
Hi y'all I'm back. My computer broke down for a week -- perhaps it had tonsilloliths :). Before I crashed I wanted info on arterial plaque and mouth plaque. Remeber that we had the discussion a few pages ago about the smelly stuff between the teeth smelling like the stones. Then someone was talking about cholesterol not being responsible for arterial plaque -- that this was a huge con trick. Also I had read somewhere that the germs in your mouth contribute to heart/cardiovascular disease. Anybody got any info on this. Glad to be back and to see 4 pages added in a week. Wow.
Wienerin last decade
Dentists require premedication with antibiotics for dental work for people who have a certain type of heart murmur, as the bacteria that get kicked up during dental procedures can get into the blood (through any bleeding caused to the gums) and thus to the heart. The problem is called bacterial endocarditis. Google it. Interestingly, the first site that comes up lists tonsilectomy as one of the highest-risk procedures for folks who may be prone to it.
uberfletch last decade
I've always had tonsilloliths, but I've also always had a very weak immune system when it comes to certain kinds of illnesses. I guess what I'm really wondering is if the tonsilloliths could be a cause for my other problems, and if anyone else has a similar story?

I've always been sick more often than anyone I know. When I was younger, I had strep throat at least once every three months. Now I get sinus infections every couple of months, usually beginning with pain/itchiness in my tonsils and ears (conveniently around the same time that the tonsilloliths rear their ugly heads).

I'm taking the advice of others and cutting dairy out of my diet, but I still haven't made it to my ENT. Unfortunately, he's so busy that there's a two-month wait for non-emergency appointments. I'd find a new doc, but he's the best in town.
ashleyjane last decade
i think flossing helps a great deal with reducing stone formation, its the exact same smell on the ribbon, omg!
i have wisdom teeth i brush and floss and if u have wisdom teeth too, try getting in there for a good clean.

brushing the tongue, guys i cant stress this enough, the anaerobic bacteria live just beneath the tongue, so brush from back to front as much as u can but gently, dont hurt ur tongue.!!
tongues should be pink.

tonsil stones simply come from the tongue and usually when we get a white tongue and can scrape the crap of it its exactly the same as stones.

since cutting out diary i feel its helping to slow the production of Tonsil Stones PTY LTD!

i think eggs and chicken or protein foods accelerate this problem too.
good luck :)
peperonimum last decade
I get the same itchiness in my tonsil/throat/ears right before one shows up. I had one early this week & I hocked it out. Now when I swallow it feels real thick in my throat. I guess they came back because I slacked off gargling saltwater because I was feeling so well.. wont' do that again!
ronjenn696 last decade
I have Bacterial endocarditis and the constant tonsil stones. If i ever feel like i'm getting a sore throat or feel like im getting sick all i have to do is look in my mouth and i can see a stone. I can usually cough it up and then i'm instantly fine. Sometimes they get stuck down deep in my throat and there's nothing i can do but wait it out, but i'll try the vinegar thing next time that happens.

I found this site out about 3 weeks ago and its been a great help because the doctor had no idea and tried calling it food stuck in my throat.

I was diagnosed with Bacterial endocarditis about three years ago and i always have to take 4 amoxicillin pills before any type of surgery like going to the dentist.

I've noticed that peanuts, chocolate, and other dairy products cause the stones to buildup quickly so i try to stay away from those, but those same foods also cause post nasal drip so its all connected. I have small tonsils but i can see a few crypts in them. Only my left tonsil is visible and i always have tonsil stones there never on right side.
dttdar last decade
hello can water picks be sold in australia, sound like ur getting a good clean;
peperonimum last decade
albert22 I'm so with you.

I'd really like to have known what that giant tonsil stone consisted of...there seems to be debate on that issue and I want the latest info. This calcium idea I thought was old. Now I'm not sure if that's newer info or not.

I think the tonsil stones are what cause the tonsils to form the crypts. I don't think that people with tonsil crypts are more likely to get tonsil stones. I think people with tonsil stones end up with tonsil crypts. My tonsils HURT when the stones can't find an exit. It makes me think of a giant pimple on my tonsil (sorry if i grossed you out too bad there).

We know that the tonsils are part of the lymph system now. I think that maybe the tonsils are a way for the lymph system to kick things out of the body.

Another thing I heard that I'm going to try now... iodine. Some lady on National Public Radio when they were talking about Asian Flu called in and said that she had heard years ago to put a drop of iodine in a glass of water and gargle with a mouth full of it to prevent lung problems. She said as soon as she got a tickle in her thoat she did this and it had helped her for years. I thought that sounded kinda flaky but the more I think about it... the thyroid needs iodine... I have a history of thyroid problems in my family even though I always pass the tests.
I think this is some how connected but I'm not seeing all the dots yet.
justmebyanyname last decade
While researching the thyroid thoughts... found something interesting.

One natural thyroid health recommendation is to avoid fluoride and chlorine. Said that they were both chemically related to iodine. And that toothpaste and tap water could cause the thyroid iodine receptors to work improperly.(I'd link and give proper credit but you know how that works;))

So... back to the person living in another country and not having the problem. No chlorinated tap water I'm betting.
I think the dairy products were just a distraction maybe. Because I've tried lactose free diets, but that didn't get rid of the stones for me.

I'm going to try the baryta iodide. It's recommended for tonsillar enlargements.

I'm going to avoid tap water and try to avoid flouride. YIKES!

There are other kinds of iodine to try if you feel froggy. Just please let me know how it works for you!

Just my thoughts.
justmebyanyname last decade
"fluoride is indisputably toxic; it was once commonly used in rat poison. Hydrogen fluoride is regulated as a hazardous pollutant in emissions from chemical plants and has been linked to respiratory illness. Even in toothpaste, sodium fluoride is a health concern. In 1997 the Food and Drug Administration toughened the warning on every tube to read, "If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison-control center right away"

Ok firstly, its poisenous was used intially to poisen RATS.

Second it hardens teeth... true but the effect of that is also it makes them brittle more easily to chip and crack..

Third im sure its not good for ANY part of the body. Get rid of ANYTHING with flouride in it and do NOT USE IT.

Though I dont think Fluoride is related to stones, it could lower your immune system and poisen your mouth to the point your tonsils swell and then the stones form..


nomostinkbomb last decade
I don't think you should take in extra iodine by gargling. We get enough in salt (salt has iodine added now) and cow's milk (they use iodised water to wash the udders after milking and so the milk has quite a bit of iodine.) If you do have thyroid problems, you can destabilise the hormone balance by taking extra iodine and this plays havoc with the feeling of well-being that you get when your thyroid meds are working properly. Why not use salt and warm water for gargling -- you'd get iodine from that anyway.
Wienerin last decade
I too have been dealing with this problem and thought I had an illness that just could not be diagnosed. I really think I'm going to get them removed(tonsils) I'm tired of everytime I sneeze, cough and just random anything they come flying out(one time into my food I was eating). I'm tired of sore throats and bad breath. Good info from link on last page:

In some patients, chronic tonsil infections and enlarged tonsils can lead to a condition called chronic cryptic tonsillitis. The tonsils contain many small pockets and infoldings called crypts, which can trap small food particles and other debris. This can produce small, white stone-like particles called tonsilliths, composed of bacteria and dead cells, which are foul-smelling, can prolong the infection, and may cause a mild, intermittent sore throat.
Twinkle9480 last decade
I've had stones & bad breath for many years, but have managed to keep them under control (one stone every few weeks now) by the following:

(1) Remove new stones at least a few times a week

(2) DRINK LOTS OF WATER - when I slow down on my water intake, I notice a rapid increase in stones

(3) Milk Products - I'm not sure how it affects the formation of stones (interesting thought), but I know it causes awful breath and thick mucous, for me at least

(4) Mouthwash - I haven't used Listerine because like others mentioned, it contains alcohol which is very drying to the mouth. I would opt for alcohol free mouth washes.

(5) Therabreath - Although they claim to eliminate stones, I haven't noticed this, but I have noticed an immediate improvement in halitosis (and especially morning breath when you use it the night before).

For those contemplating a tonsillectomy, unless there are serious health reasons, I would recommend waiting until you're 20 or older. The reason I say this is because when I was a teenager I was constantly sick with tonsillitis, strep throat, bronchitis, etc. (avg 10x per yr). The doctors wanted to remove them but I waited. Now I'm 25 and I get one of those illnesses on average every 2 to 3 years. I also got rid of my tonsil stones for about that long, until recently they came back when I had strep in the summer. I assume they'll go away soon and return in a few years when I get ill again.

Hang in there, your bodies are constantly changing.
nutty last decade
I found this site about a week ago. I've noticed, ear aches, sinus problems, and the horrible throat. I used the water pik, vinegar and water rinse, and biotene toothpaste and rinse. (biotene
has no alcohol to dry out your mouth) I'm flying
next week. I feel like a new person. Thanks for all your suggestions.Rinsing with
vinegar, using the water pik
and biotene helped the most.
sweetbreath last decade
Yes agian what people need to realize how the tonsils are RELATED to the ear by the EUSTATION Tube which empties into the canal that the tonsils surround..

Sinus is also effected becuase the Sinus is also TIED into this canal as well. And it all ends up with the tonsils, then down the throat..

If that section of the throat is impaired, infected and not allowed to DRAIN properly (tonsils enlarged) water builds up in the Eustation Tubes..and then into the ears..

Being plagued by years of ear problems and constant having to equalize my ears (esp the Lft) with what felt like WATER in my ear all the time, I recently found out that if the Eustation TUBE is NOT filled with AIR as it should be, it tends to want to fill up the INNER ear with WATER to equalize the pressure if AIR is not there.

If the Eustation Tube cannot drain, (in childrens case its often too small which is why they get infected ears a lot) everything backs up into the ear through the ET and connot drain down the throat..This is why alot of stone sufferes get: get ear infections, ear pain, deafness, water in the ear feeling, and sore throats as bacteria cannot HELP but build up in the ET and then is compounded when and if there is an accompanying stone, and or tonsil enlargement it just adds fuel to fire..

what Im NOT sure of is which comes first the stone or the ear pain....and which event is more Causal than Effectual. Might be a bit of both..

One think I do know is that Tonsil canal with the ET and SINUS connected, is CRITICAL to the throat, hearing, and def. effects the Tonsil health as well and MAY be the cause of the STONES to form due to sinus mucus, ear mucus and top that off with TONGUE Goo, and food debris.

In a nutshell i have read the tonsills are the gatekeeprs of the body to keep out infection. But im wondering if the source of them is not so much from the OUTSIDE of the body but from within from the inner ear and also SINUS vs the MOUTH.
nomostinkbomb last decade
In 1967 I had my tonsils removed. In the late 1970's I noticed a hole in the right side of my throat with white stuff hanging out. I went to the doctor and he removed it with a swab. He had never seen anything like this. I had it occur several times in the 80's and 90's. In 2003 the whole started filling up more and more. I would use a long swab to poke the white out at least five times a week. I went to my doctor and she sent me to a surgin. The surgin said that it was tonsil stones with nothing to worry about. I had surgery to shave the tissue and eliminate the whole. This was the most pain full undergoing I had ever had since it was so close to my ear canal(I have a high pain tolerance - example - like I went back to work two weeks after having my ACL replaced in my knee). Two weeks ago the whole started bothering me again. The whole seems to be deeper and going into and down the side of my mouth cavity near the entrance to the throat.
I get the white stuff out and look to find more showing. I can not get it all out. The hole does hurt and the filling of the whole being full is not pleasant.
The area is somewhat red also.

Has anyone had a hole like mine after having their tonsils removed?
njstine last decade
It seems like the the change of seasons when your sinuses may be adjusting starts the whole process. Njstine, Just give the vinegar rinse a try.
Three parts water, one part
vinegar. I hope that helps.
sweetbreath last decade
njstine, how are your ears? You mentioned pain after surgery, but do you have pressure senstive ears, or have you had bouts with constant ear infections etc?

Just wondering
nomostinkbomb last decade
Get a monoject 412 syringe. It has a curved tip and is very thin. Works much better than a waterpik that is attached to a tub and cord. I found the syringe on ebay. They use them to feed birds medicine. I'm a pro with these gross things. I hate em and am waiting for a permanent solution to rid them. I've asked an ENT and my Dr. about these things in the past and got no help. They must not learn about them in Med school.
littlelee last decade
One more thing. Does anyone ears feel itchy when they have a stone. ??
littlelee last decade
Littlelee,my ears will start ringing, then feel plugged and then the sinuses feel like their involved.
sweetbreath last decade

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