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From what I gather, none of us know much, but we're all glad to find out we're not the only ones with stones. Read the past posts. They're entertaining and informative.
yag65 last decade
Thanks for all the information about the STONES. After reading all the suggestions posted, I decided in favor of the surgery. I talked to my ENT and he had no problem taking them out. I told him I was a bit surprised about how easy it was to schedule the surgery, that a lot of the people that I had talked to (you guys) met with a bit of resistance. His response was that if they were bothering me that much, the only sure remedy was removing the tonsills. He also said that w/o tonsills there would be no tonsill stones. I then asked why more people with the problem did not opt for the surgery. He said that many adults simply could not take the time. This appt. was on a tues. and the following tues. I had the surgery. It's been about a week and so far so good. I'm returning to work tomorrow. I'm 41 years old and I would recommend this course of action to fellow stonies.
NOBRAINER last decade
NoBrainer, this is great news about your tonsillectomy. I am having one Oct. 30th (due to the stones). I cannot deal w/them any longer but have been quite afraid of surgery.

I know everyone is different, just hope I am as lucky as you with my recovery.
ASIgirl last decade
ASIgirl, There's really nothing to fear. It will be a bit shocking to look at your throat after ther surgery, but it will heal and of course the best part is no more stones. My ENT gave me liquid hydrocodone for pain following surgery. Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions I'll be glad to try to help.
NOBRAINER last decade
I've had these stones since June and I've been scraping them out with a cotton bud. I've been to the doctors several times but they suggested it was food and that I've always had the crypts. Yeah, right! I am determined to arrange for my tonsils to be taken out. Just one thing - I've read stories from 1/2 people who have this problem even though they had their tonsils out as a child. Has anyone recently had surgery due to the tonsil stones but yet are still finding that they have the problem? Or does surgery really cure the stones? Would greatly appreciate any feedback.
eme28 last decade
eme28, Like I recentely posted , I just had my tonsills removed a week ago so I'll let you know if it did the trick. I feel confident that the problem has been solved. My ENT said that no tonsills = no stones. I'll keep you posted.
NOBRAINER last decade
ok, I'm still convinced this has something to do with nanobactia. Has anyone had the tests offered by http://www.nanobac.com ?

Just curious.

I still think this is something that may come out our tonsils but I'm not so sure it originates there. Did anyone ever try the EDTA?
justmebyanyname last decade
I suppose anything is possible Justme. Interesting reading, but it says nothing about throat/tonsils, etc. It seems like the nanobacteria in its infancy at the moment. Not alot known about it yet.

I just think that if you have the crypts like some of us do, it's going to be inevitable that stuff will get stuck back there.

I've just gotten to the point I can take it anymore. I'm going for the 'gold'. Hoping once I get these globs of tissue out of my body, some other issues for me will improve also.

And if I still get these stones post-tonsillectomy, I am gonna be one unhappy camper.

BTW, what is EDTA?
ASIgirl last decade
It's been two weeks since I had my tonsils taken out, and so far so good, No stones. For a few days after the surgery it feels like stones are there, but it's just the sensation of the scabs in the back of your throat.

I had tried EVERYTHING in the book to get rid of the stones and keep them away, but everything I tried was just temporary, the stones ALWAYS came back. So I opted for the surgery and I'm so glad I did.

As far as the recovery for the surgery goes, it wasn't THAT bad, but it was pretty miserable. The first 4 days weren't bad, but Day 5 and 6 were rough. I just had an overall feeling of crap and some intense pain. After that, it's not too bad until your scabs start falling off and you just have sharp pulses of pain in your throat when you swallow. About Day 4 I actually bled a little, which was really scary at first, but I just drank some cold water and it was all fixed. I lost 15 pounds from eating soft foods, so if anyone wants to lose some weight, this is the way to go! ha. If any of you want some food/drink sugggestions I'd be glad to give you some advice.

I'm now fully recovered with just a couple of white patches left in the back of my throat. I'm back to eating everything and living a 'normal' life again. It still kinda hurts to yawn and sneeze, but it's not too bad.

So if anyone out there is considering the surgery after trying everything in the book to no avail, I recommened you do it. I just kept thinking, 2 weeks of discomfort is worth a whole life without stones!
rockstr82 last decade
Heres my question- To those of you who have tonsil stones but no bad breath associated... Why do you want to have your tonsils removed? I guess I just don't understand. Could someone in that situation please explain:)
katherine1 last decade
I don't know what to do. I have been coming here for 2 years. I'm 18 years old right now i started getting them when i was about 15 years old. they have been driving me crazy ever since. went to a doctor and he said to just gargle in crest whatever and i'd be okay. tried another doctor she sent me to an asthma place which i got so mad and i knew she was suppose to send me to a ENT doctor. well now I'm 18 don't have insurance so i'm basically screwed.

well when it first started i had friends everything. I stoped talking to some so they wont know that i smell now. stayed with my really close friends. but now i recently moved to georgia and i have no friends. I could be smelled from feet away i dont know how that is possible. I am going crazy the taste the smell that never goes away. I seriously going to die. I don't know what to do. i spend many nights crying wanting to be normal again. Wanting not to be able to worry about my breath for just one hour. I am constantly smelling thinking about it. I think i am going to end up commiting suicide.
Jowito last decade
I'm really sorry to hear about all your struggles with the stones, I know how you feel. But to even THINK about suicide because of the stones is a little extreme. Sure the stones can be a real pain sometimes but to let them overtake your whole outlook on life is going too far. I've been reading a lot in this forum, and almost EVERY time someone has stones they say that people tell them their breath never smells as bad as the person thinks it does. And even if it does, it should not affect you making and keeping friends! It's just a facet of life, people have MUCH worse problems to worry about than their breath (cancer, etc...)

Have you tried a Water Pic? It seems to be the most helpful, and much less costly than surgery. Just give all the suggestions in this forum a try, you never know what might work for you. Different things work for different people.

So keep your head up. You can overcome this!
rockstr82 last decade
To Jowito--
I'm in the exact same situation you are:) I've been coming here for two years and constantly...as in every hour of every day, I think about my bad breath. It's frustrating that I feel as if I can't live a normal life. But the bottom line is, I'm not going to give up. I have made an appointment to get my tonsils removed and hopefully that will help. I also tell myself, that it isnt MY fault, I dont choose to have bad breath every day, and I also dont choose to be depressed everyday because then I miss out on things that I just assume I couldnt do because I have bad breath. I basically just want you to know, from someone in the same position, that you have to take it day by day, and that you can be loved, be happy, and feel good even with bad breath.
katherine1 last decade
Jowito and Katherine1,
I'm so sorry to hear that this is affecting your lives to this degree. But, I have a pretty serious oral fixation (brush three or more times a day, floss at least once a day, etc.) and hocking up something that smelled like these stones gagged me. But, I tried the water pik for the first time last week and it was great. Read my post from 09/30. The one thing I didn't say was that I used half water and half Listerine in my water pik and, for the first time in months, I can't taste or smell anything gross. Try it!
yag65 last decade
I am so glad I found this site. I have lived with these smelly things since I was a kid. I tried the water pick and didnt get much relief, but am still going to use it for a while and see what happens. Anything I do seems to really irritate my throat though. When I get them, which is at least 2 times a month, I noticed that I get really fatigued and just down right blahhh. I am going to talk to my doctor tomorrow and see if he will referr me to an ENT. I am so ready to feel better---soon!
Lori62 last decade
I have only had strep about 4 times since i've been 18 - am 35 now. But have ALWAYS had one or two stones consistently in my tonsils. I think i'm going to have mine removed simply because of the embarassing bad breath they are causing. My gums and teeth are inexcellent condition but I have the breath of a dogs butt. So my question to all of you who have had your tonsils removed is......does the bad breath go away?????
dr_pepper last decade
Dr. Pepper,
It's been almost 3 weeks since I had mine taken out and so far so good. I've had no stones which means no foul taste in my mouth. My throat finally feels 'normal' like throats should feel, without that constant irratation from the stones. I don't have to worry about what I eat anymore (chips, popcorn, etc.) and no longer have to chew gum like it's going out of style.

So to sum up, yes, getting my tonsils out has solved the problem. I would recommened removal for people that have tried EVERYthing to no avail. It seems to be the only option that is pretty much 100% effective. Good luck!
rockstr82 last decade
To Jowito. Hey body, there is probably some place you can get help where you are. Did you tell your doctor that you are thinking of suicide because of this? If you don’t tell them, they don’t know how much its affect you. And if the doctor doesn’t help you, go see an other one and also some cancelling. There probably some program to help people that don’t have all the money to pay for dose treatments. You know thing will get better but sometime it doesn’t append as quickly as we would like.

This is for everybody, I don’t know how explaining but this help me a lot, with all my sufferance, if you don’t know this guy take a look at his site, is teaching is incredible

eckharttolle. I know people will think, I am way out of the subject, it oks.
sylvain last decade
I am scheduled to get mine out Oct. 23rd. (I put in wrong date on last post). However, the 'things' aren't bothering me again and haven't bothered me for about 2 weeks. Hence, I am already wanting to 'chicken' out of the procedure. I actually hope the stones come back in the next week so I don't talk myself out of it.

And for god sakes, do not even think of suicide for this problem Jowito. There is help.
ASIgirl last decade
Like my life is any better then cancer. I go to school don't talk to anybody try to stay distant from anyone or they usually do it themselfes since i smell like sh!t.

OMG I hate school specailly when I'm in class and they start comming out or showing up from my tonsil. You could just feel it. The people around suddenly go what is that smell. It smell like sh!t. i know its me i try so hard to hold back my breath and wait untill class is over and run home and cry. I had so many worse ones i got lucky in this where nobody knew where the smell was comming from.

I had people tell me u smell before and what i can i do.

I mean there is nothing u can tell me to make me feel better. in the end i smell like sh!t and i should try my best to keep distant from people and not bother them with my smell. Just going to have to try to get to an ENT and hope and pray to god he will let me do the procedure.

I always dream about getting my tonsils out i just hope someday it will come true.
Jowito last decade
Jowito, there has got to be something you can do. Was it an insurance issue that was keeping you from having them out?

I have read here and there, tho, that some people get the stones back even after they have them out.

I so hope this is not the case. I am going ahead with mine.

I wish there was something I could tell you or do to make things better. I don't know what kind of resources you have available to you, medical wise. But if you have any way of getting into an ENT and you are having that much trouble, I would think they'd take those things out in a second.

Good Luck to you.
ASIgirl last decade
Jowito, do what I do. Carry a clean straw in a bag and a small flashlight with you. Anytime you feel the stone is coming out, go to the restroom and check where the stone is at and use the straw to pop the stone out. All you need to do is give the straw a little push and it comes out easily.

Hope this help.
Dramaquin last decade
For anyone who has already had the surgery, did you have the procedure in a hospital or the ENT's office?
MsBlase last decade
I really, really feel for all of you people that suffer from this condition. It's not me, but my son who has (had) tonsil stones. Here's a bit of his story, but off the bat, I have to say that I didn't appreciate the poster who kept calling people 'knuckleheads.' If someone has a differing opinion from yours, then fine. But it's immature to start name calling. Anyway, my son starting getting these 'blobs' in his throat about a year ago, at age 8. He would tell me he felt stuff in his tonsils, and at times, said he swallowed them...sometimes bigger ones that made him have to go get drinks of water at school to wash down. As everyone knows here, these are the MOST DISGUSTINGLY SMELLING things I've ever experienced. No matter what we did, this child had breath that would take the paint off the walls. His oral hygiene was impeccable because I would spend 20-30 minutes every night trying to get rid of that smell. After he would brush, I would follow up. I also used interdental devices to clean between his teeth, he used non-alcoholic mouthwash, including Peroxyl. He cut out dairy. We had him gargle w/ salt water several times a day. NOTHING stopped this awful smell coming from his mouth. I have read so many theories on how these things form, but the most disconcerting thing I've read is that there are some, including professionals, who don't think this wretched bad breath is a result of tonsil stones. I have read websites that say that since the stones are encapsulated, they can't cause bad breath because there's no opportunity for them to break open. WRONG. Even when my son would have his buried deep into his tonsil crypts, that smell was there. It smelled like rot. If I pushed on his tonsils w/ a Qtip, I would most always get something to come out, even when it wasn't readily visible. It drove me crazy trying to get rid of his horrible bad breath. I knew it was getting bad because children at school starting telling him his breath was very bad. That led us to an ENT. The ENT said that laser surgery wasn't as viable as once thought because, in his experience, the times he had performed it, it wasn't a permanent solution because the crypts would reform, and therefore the problem would start again. We opted for a tonsillectomy. That was 4 months ago. The morning of his surgery, my son's breath was terrible. Directly after, as he lay in recovery, I could tell instantly it was gone. It has NEVER returned. There is no trace of it whatsoever, nor does he get stuff caught in his throat. I don't know what causes this condition. Theories abound. I suspect it is an accumulation of debris from various sources and presents a problem in those people who have large holes or crypts in their tonsils (such as my son did). While a tonsillectomy isn't an option for everyone, I know it solved my son's problem 100%. Having these disgusting blobs and continuous horrible breath is no way to live, whether you're 8 or 58. It was already starting to creating 'social' issues with my kid. I can't even imagine how adults cope with it. I hope all of you who experience this find a way to live with it. My sympathies are with you. God bless.
cincygal last decade
Wow. I extremely appreciate your post, as it gives me more confidence that I am doing the right thing by removing my tonsils. I always go back and forth daily, wondering if it really will be the cure. Theres so much info out there that says the tonsil stones dont cause bad breath, but I believe there hasnt been enough studies done. Thank you so much for boosting my confidence, and giving me hope.
katherine1 last decade
Thank you so much for your son's story. Finally, after 58 pages of posts, has somone made a definitive claim about this problem. Your son is so lucky to have a parent like you. I will be calling an ENT first thing tomorrow morning.
MsBlase last decade

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