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Well I finally decided to look up the problem that i've been having since about june or july. i thought it might be a little difficult because of the obvious "white patches" similarity with strep throat.

I believe that it has a LOT to do with allergies and sinuses. I know that has been mentioned so I just wanted to state that from my observation that seems to be the main culprit. My doctor says there's nothing he can do either, just brush and gargle. I started smoking occasionally over the summer, and I stopped due the fact that it was severely irritating my tonsils, and yes, i started losing little hard yellow lumps that look a little like a cottage cheese lump. And they stink, oh my god do they stink. I didn't realize that it was affecting my breath until my boyfriend mentioned that there was a slightly bad "tinge" to by breath. I've had a lot of problems with my throat, including numerous cases of strep and one case of tonsilities. I also had my adenoids removed when I was younger. But with this I have larger tonsils but they don't feel irritated or hurt. I have no symptoms of a sore throat.

I find the stones to be larger and more frequent if I have a more nasal drainage or am suffering from a slight cold. Recently I started using the new Advanced Listerine, which is a good antiseptic and has significantly reduced the size and frequency of them.

Any body use a cotton swab with peroxide and just either clean where they are visible, or actually get into that crevis and do that? I have recently done that as soon as I start to feel the hardness in my tonsils, and i'm good for a week or so.

Also, has anyone else coughed one out and seen what it looks like after it dries up? I wanted to keep some in a baggie to bring to my doctor since at the time I had none visible, and the next day they dried up into a red crusty flake, a good 80% smaller than the original stone.

Also for the stink, brush your tounge, brush your tounge BRUSH your TOUNGE! It helps a lot.

I don't beleive calcium has much to do with it becauseI am 5 months pregnant and taking calcium supplements and since the peroxide and listerine, I've been relatively stone free.

Be careful using anything to pick out the stones, because I actually used tweezers the first time around, to open open my tonsil and find the motherload...but doing that I irritated my tonsils and made the problem worse.

Where would I find any type of small syringe to clean it out? Do they sell those things at drug stores?

And is there an exact medical term for what exactly is going on with this?
ajg929 last decade
TO nomostinkbomb please help me find some answers.

ok, i always brush my tongue 3 times a day, right back as far as possible. i dont know why my mouth is producing high levels of anerobic bacteria, coz the smell starts on the tongue. if left for a few hours it multiplies and i get a coated tongue. i have always got smelly tonsils. even if the stones are not in there. i think my saliva is funky in itself!!! the end result is Stones!!
the white on the tongue is the same stuff hardened into the stones. its logical to me. the stones accelerate the crappy taste and smell in the mouth.i dont eat cheese, only milk, i think something is wrong with my mouths flora in the first place. is there anything i can do to lessen the bacteria . thanks heaps
peperonimum last decade
the flora is off the stink bombs might actually be bacteria that the air is producing or that your nose is producing go to the doctor and have them do a throat culture just a throat culture and dont let them send you to an ent because they will talk you into getting them taken out and you dont want to do that but tell him to do a throat culture just to see what is going on and keep brushing you teeth and do the gargling thing especially with listerine and start eating more vegetables like fresh vegetables not canned and go get the book the makers diet it is a good book to read . One thing i have against taking them out is that for one you have no defense against the outside world and if you smoke then STOP.....! every time my husband smokes he gets those things on his tonsils to which does not help your immune system. think about your throat being the gateway to your world and if any invaders come in then think that they are your guards when someone comes into your world then they rise up (swell up ) against them then when they are gone then they go back down.

charlotte reece
tonsils gone last decade

You drink milk? I have been posting this over and over that MILK is NO GOOD For stone sufferers. Get this in your heads people.. esp you sinus sufferers...


Cut the milk, cut the mucus in your sinus and throat, not to mention the bacterias in your mouth.

That is the first simple change I would make to my diet.. STOP THE MILK! JUst DUMP IT! Stop drinking it for a month, come back and tell us the results.

There are so many reasons NOT to drink the stuff I cannot go into it right now. You can get your calcium other ways, through supplimentation etc.

IMHO some cheeses are better to eat than just the milk, so if you were going to eat dairy, eat the cheese (stay away from Cottege cheese IMHO though)

The Jury is still out on Yogurt, I think if you maintain good mouth hygeine, gargling with listerine, brushing, flossing, and scraping your tongue, if you have enlarged tonsils you MIGHT do OK eating cheeses and Yogurt, and possibly even drinking milk.

But again IMHO you are just causing your body to work harder and increasing the mucus, and bacterias in your mouth when you eat these foods, If you are NOT diciplined enough to Gargle with Listerine 4x a day when you start to feel Dogbreath coming on from eating, and eating dairy, just stop eating it.

But If I had costant stones, (which I dont) and or enlarged tonsils(which I dont) I would probably eat ZERO dairy until i figured out what was causing my enlarged tonsils, and stones.

Any of you milk drinkers our there want to be cured? Read this article about PUS in the milk you are drinking.. Yes I said "PUS" that's Right... infection LIQUID, which makes up the MAJORITY of the MILK you are drinking today, not to mention HORMONEs, and God knows what else..

Granted organic NON hormone milk and meat is the way to go. (Mad Cow in humans too) if you MUST drink milk or eat meat. But most of us cannot afford 15$ steaks, and 5$ a gallon milk. So you have to pay if you go this way.

REad this page and surf around it for awhile.


Think twice about drinking your milk. I admit myself to eating some cheeses and dairy, occasionaly, but ZERO MILK. I dont want to read much on milksucks.com, lest I lose my appetite for some CHEESES and Butter! ahahhaha (only dairy I consume from time to time)

I do think however, that you can eat some dairy, (not milk) if you are fanatic about keeping your mouth clean, gargle with Listerine 4x - 8x a day esp after eating and esp eating any dairy. Get an ear bulb or syringe and flush your tonsils as well when gargling. And brush at least 3x a day after meals.

Also your immune system I think plays a role in the formation of the stones along with our sinus health and condition. Remember milk PRODUCES MUCUS in our bodies like NOTHING else.

IF you have larger tonsils IMHO, just forget it altogether until you find out what you can tolerate, and what it takes as far as hygeine to keep the stones down if not OUT of your body, and bring back dairy foods slowly observing what triggers the stones in your tonsils.

Also pep, are you able to handle LISTERINE Orange? I see others are finding out what I have known for awhile, that its good stuff if you can handle it, it wipes out 99% of the bacterias that form the stones. Nothing cleans and gets into crevices, crypts better than A LIQUID.

I also dont have good teeth by genetics, and poor diet as a kid..This stuff keeps my TEETH even healther and stronger. (acids from the bacterias in food eat through the enamels of your teeth = cavities)

The back of the tongue is a great place to start keeping clean if you have stones, and scraping is good, but listerine IMHO is BETTER. It wipes this crap out completely. Plus you can flush the tonsils/stones themselves with it, not to mention under that flap where the tonsils are located (tonsil canal flap)

The sulfer compounds are there only after a few hours in our mouths naturally, If you have any doubts, even whether you eat or not, just smell your breath after a good nights sleep.. hahaha

this is the cause of "Morning Breath"

So in conclusion. If you have constant stones, and enlarged tonsils, first Dump all dairy, start gargling with LIsterine Orange, 5x a day to start.(if you can handle it),

Keep your ear canals clean, the sinuses clean, (flush and snorting technique), and keep the Eustations DRY. (snorting technique)

One last thing I wanted to mention about water in the ears feeling or stuffed up ears..

Its natural and good to have some fluids in your ear canal which helps IMHO to form waxes which lubricate and protect the ears. Sometimes it seems I have TOO MUCH fluids in there, and it sorta stuffs my ears up,

What I have never mentioned before is a technique I use to loose the fluids in my outer ears. I call it the "thumb teqnique" hahaha

When my ears even start to feel full on the outside from fluid buildup, I will often take my THUMB with nail facing down, and push on the OUTSIDE of the ear canal just barely inserting the thumb (as far as it will go) into the ear canal.

Then I rock the thumb gently up and down, and side to side a bit, while pressing on the TOP of the outer ear canal and the bottom of the ear canal.

This creates a slight vacuume in the ear canal, and MAY pull fluids out behind the EAR drum thus cleaning them out at that point.

For for some reason pushing on the inside TOP of the ear canal seems to really loosen the fluid buildup in the outer ear. Not sure why, I think I read somewhere that there are some duct glands in and around our outer ears, and that when stimulated release fluids?

I cannot confirm this but is sure feels like something is releasing fluids when the ear teqnique is done, it could be just fluids coming up and out from behind the ear drum too from the vacuume created vs some DUCT. Maybe someone more learned than myself can confirm this?

If done properly, your Thumb will ACTUALLY get WET and it will smell somewhat like Vinegar or ear wax. Your hearing will also suddently improve and your ears will open up and feel MUCH better.

Just my experience with water pressure feelings in the ear. I do this even after doing the snorting technique and seems to work very well to open the ears.
nomostinkbomb last decade
I read some other sites after doing a google search on "tonsilliths" and found some pathology studies on what actually makes up the material of these stones.

I remember the Dr. Said WHITE BLOOD CELLS. Granted we have our OWN white blood cells, that could account for them being found in the stones as well, but after reading this article found on the page below, (i included a quote) Im not so sure its OUR white cells in there. I would be interested to get further detail on the WHITE CELLS to see if they are BOVINE (cow) I have a suspicion they are.

Heres a quote from the page below, note the word "DEAD WHITE BLOOD CELLS"...

"Pus in milk? A dairy cow filters ten-thousand
quarts of blood through her udder each day and
uses dead white blood cells (somatic cells) to
manufacture her milk. These dead cells are pus
cells. Dairy scientists are aware that when
one quart of milk is tainted with 400 million
or more pus cells, some 35% of the milking
cows in the herd are infected with mastitis.
Udders bleed, discharges, including bacteria
and blood drip into the milk."

URL: (copy and paste it into your browswer address field)

nomostinkbomb last decade
i am replying to nomostinkbomb if you are so brilliant at this then why did you have your tonsils removed .
tonsils gone last decade
I never had my tonsils removed? Where you getting that from? I still have them, and My tonsils are so small I can barely see them, which after reading all the nightmares in here, I guess thats a good thing?

What I recommend to people who have them and they are enlarged, is to BOOST the IMMUNE system, and figure out how to SHRINK the tonsils first. I suggest to drink lots of FRESH SQUEEZED OJ< and Lemon Juice (can combine them) And if they are STILL a problem and enlarged with CRYPTS, then I would suggest getting them LASERED to seal the crypts. IF that STILL doesnt work then as a LAST resort, have them removed. This is just IMHO of course.

I dont claim to know everything, but I do know some things. I would keep the tonsils if at all Possible and only if nothing else worked, remove them.

As for me, I only Occasionally get stones every few months, and when I do, they are smaller than a BB. about half the size really.

My last stone event was after eating a LOT Of cottage cheese for about a week or two. But since doing research, I have cut out ALL milk, and limted dairy including COTTAGE CHEESE. I havent had ONE stone for about 6 mos now. And Im thankful.

I personally attribute this lack of stones to using Listerine Orange, cutting out the Cottage Cheese, and PURPOSELY avoiding MILK. I also have been increasing my Juice INtake getting JAMBA Juice a few times a week, and making my own dairy free SMoothies on occasion. I also PURPOSELY get IMMUNE BOOST In all my Jamba Juices. I get the ORANGE BERRY BLITZ when I go, and I have them spike it with a shotglass of Fresh Squeezed Lemon juice. I also drink about a half gallon of FRESH SQUEEZED OJ every OTHER day.

Another thing I started to do once I realize where the stones were coming from upon finding this site, is to FLUSH the tonsils and tonsil canal with Listerine every so often when I feel its getting funky back there.
nomostinkbomb last decade
I don't understand. I had my tonsils out when i was 3 and i get those bumps in my throat every so often. If the're tonsil stones what am I getting with the same description?
mienewt last decade
I eat loads of yoghurts, and I drink lots of milk, but I don't have tonsil stones any more. I flushed them all out one day with saline solution and a needleless syringe. I don't have to drink 400 gallons of orange juice a week, and I don't have to adopt some strange "equalizing" technique to keep the stones at bay. I had them for years, and then when I flushed them ALL out, they never came back. I guess everyone is different, and can't be get rid of tonsil stones the same way, and people seem to have loads of ideas as to how to get rid of them, what to eat, what mouthwash to use etc etc etc...... All I'd say is try and flush them out, ALL of them, clean out all your crypts (get over the gag reflex) and they might just not come back.
pedro_h last decade

Its possible even after you had your tonsils out that there remains pockets, or crypts where bacterias/Foods can gather and grow? Do the spots seems to be in "holes" or are they on the surface of the skin that was left where the tonsils were?

Also if you still have crypts or pockets from your tonsil surgery, (look closely) you might be able to have them Lazered closed with the same technique mentioned on other posts to close CRYPTS in tonsils.


The one thing you forgot to mention is you that you are heavily invested in the diary industry, and dont you also own a dairy farm...

So I say to you...

Got.. PUS?... I bet when you drink your MILK, the PUStache looks good on you?
hahahah lol jk.

Watch that milk though, I personally am convinced that it can lead to heart disease as the NANO bac are found in abundance in Milk esp. Not as much as in cheese, as the body can assimulate it much better.

One question for you, when was the last time you had a stone event? "that never came back"? Also how big are your tonsils? Have the shrunk or remained about the same size? Because IMHO people with enarged tonsils are more suceptible to the formation of stones, and milk and dairy products along with poor or ineffective mouth hygene may be the cause of the stone's chronic formation.

Also the snorting and equalizing technique is for the EARS and Sinus problems people often suffer with stones, NOT for the stones themselves necessarily. (however I have dislodged them doing it a few times in the past). Unlike the MUTANT you are, hehe many people have ear problems associated with the stones, and thats a fact. Several im SURE have ALREADY benefited from this proceedure, as I KNOW it works. All MY life and for YEARS I have had ear problems and IMHO stones, diary, and milk products have only magnified and make worse an existing condition in my case, so just sharing what I know has worked for me. Mock it all you want, but it works.

Also dont knock the OJ till you go on it, esp FRESH OJ,/Lemon, not only will you get SICK less, you will feel MUCH better. And its not 400 gallons a week, its only about 4. hahahah
nomostinkbomb last decade

I have one question for you.
If you have successfully been clear of the tonsil stones for oh so long, pray tell, whatever brought you to the forum?

I too have lived with them, and though I see reason to comfort people who ALSO have them, as to not WORRY so, I can not see why you were on the forum.

AT the least, Maybe share the exact treatment you did you to clear everyone of them out, be helpful rather than so hard on people who seek this site for ideas, answers or a common thread.

You obviously have something you could share, if not, please be kind and move on to another forum,

We all here help each other.
'Don't mess with us, we have stones to throw! Thanks.
swimmmermom last decade
please tell us how u got rid of the stones
tonsilstoness last decade
nomostinkbomb - Thanks for your witty and useless comments. Good luck with your equalizing trick. Maybe you can post how to do it just one more time in this forum, just in case someone missed one of your previous posts (yawn). Yeah, it might dislodge a couple, but that’s probably all it will do. And no, I don’t own a dairy farm. Ha ha – you are hilarious. If your brilliant equalizing technique doesn’t earn you millions, then I’m sure that you could have a successful career in stand-up.

swimmermom - I posted on this website in the hope that I could help others. I had tonsil stones, and then I managed to get rid of them. Is that not what people want to achieve. I seriously question your attitude for suggesting that I move onto another forum……


I have large tonsils and large crypts in them. I used a small needleless syringe to flush out all my crypts with warm saline solution. I did this for a period of 3 months twice a day. Using my finger and my sense of smell I discovered that the tonsil stone stench was eventually only coming out of one crypt at the top of my tonsils. I stuck the syringe very far in to it, and flushed out about 30 tiny tonsil stones. I guess I found the crypt in my tonsils where the stones were produced and flushed all the stones out. That was 7 months ago. I’d had stones for over 5 years prior to that. I have always had very good oral hygiene, however that alone will not get rid of them. Nor will poking around with a Q-tip or “equalizing” which will probably just make a few loose ones come out.

I’m not suggesting that this method will work for everyone, however it worked for me. I now have fresh, normal smelling breath and no longer have the rancid taste of the stones in my mouth. Like I said before, I eat yoghurts, and I drink milk, and I eat cheese – dairy was not the cause of my tonsil stones. I think that by thoroughly cleaning my tonsils I removed the bacteria that caused the stones, hence the fact that I do not have them anymore. I have good oral hygiene, I brush floss and use mouthwash twice a day.

I hated having tonsil stones. I was not confident talking to people because of my bad breath, and I longed to get rid of them. Now I have.

If they come back, they won’t last long.
pedro_h last decade
I as well got rid of mine but with a simpler method. One day after eating some vanilla ice cream I popped out 5 in a row, and this was recently, about 2-3 weeks ago.

Ever since I popped them out, they never returned and I have normal breath as well, no more stinky breath, woohoo. Also I chew gum on a daily basis, the Orbit gum and extra, and Juicy Fruit.

I think the chewing or the movement of the jaw in conjunction with it moving your throat or whatever keeps these things from forming. So my regimen is, chew gum to keep them away with regular brushing/flossing or be stuck with stinky breath, I choose the gum with regular brushing as my method.
unleaded last decade
I don't believe milk or cheese have much to do with it. I am lactose intolerant and therefore don't drink milk or eat any kind of cheeses or creams. I don't even drink milk alternatives.
ajg929 last decade
i know you are right nostinkbomd my goodness that type of surgery should be outlawed or it should not be an elective surgery it ought to be the doctors decision to take them out and this ought to be well thought out heck they are your immune system and nothing to be toyed with. i just wished we had 2 sets of them. who was it that had their tonsils out and glad of it.?
tonsils gone last decade
I feel like death warmed over. I have no tonsil stones right now but my throat is red, swollen and HURTS!!! It looks like my crypts are closing up though, do they? My nose is killing me, my head hurts, my nasal drip is horrible, my jaw is sore and feels crazy and I feel swollen in the cheeks. I believe it's my sinuses causing all this pain because if I blow my nose the pressure goes away for a bit. I think all my throat problems are caused by whatever is wrong with my sinuses because I know when this is all over I'll have tonsil stones again.
The really bad part about this is I'm a hypochondriac and I've went to my dr a million times about my sinuses and my throat (of course I never have stones the day I'm gonna see him)and he hasn't found anything. Now I'm suffering on quite a regular basis (I think lately the weather has a lot to do with it, I'm from Ontario and our weather is MESSED UP right now) and my dr barely even looks at anything when I see him. I'm thinking of seeing another dr or going to a walk in clinic to see if they'll be more thorough or send me to an ENT, but I'd feel guilty going behind my dr,s back (I have guilt issues to). I believe once I find out what is wrong with my sinuses and start to treat them properly I won't have the tonsil stones anymore.
Now I don't believe this 100% because I'm not positive it has anything to do with my sinuses but a lot of people are linking them to earlier sicknesses. All this crap is affecting my life by making me miserable and tired. I'm so frustrated with constantly being in pain, feeling sick or fighting bad breath. I think I'm finally at the end, any recommendations as to how I can get my dr to take me seriously. How many times do I have to try and convince my dr that there really is something wrong? My dad's getting very peeved off as well and my mom and my sis are starting to believe I'm crazy and that all of this is in my head. I need help, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!
Xena38 last decade

Now that we know the problems, what are you DOING to help COMBAT them? Also I dont know why Im going to say this to you, but have you had your room, (habitats) checked for MOLDS? Its possible you are having a reaction to MOLD. There are hundreds of species of mold some are worse than others, and there are companies/remidation teams that can come in and test your living area for molds. Sometimes you dont see it, it can be hidden deep INSIDE walls of your house/apt/ whatever, or even in air conditioners, but yet effect you greatly, esp if you are sensitive to certain types. Its possible you have molds that only effect YOU in your evironment.

Also on another thought you MIGHT be allergic to something you are being exposed to. Might make sense to see an Allergist vs a reg dr as well. And when you say DR. are you talking ENT (ear, nose Throat)?

First I suggest you check your BATHROOM Hygeine. Use Tilex inside your shower, and make sure your shower is IMMACULATE! No mold anywhere on anyhing. The shower is a good place to start that is often missed. Simple soap scum cleaners dont do the job and can leave molds behind. Not to get too personal, but the shower is the place you EXPOSE yourself, especially your sinuses, to massive steam and water EVERY DAY. If there is ANYTHING that steam can carry into your sinuses, it will.

What is your DIET? Are you doing the OJ/Lemon fresh Squeezed Juice thing daily? I know I sound Like a broken record but YOU sound like a perfect candidate for the Juice treatment. Sounds to me like you are battling some form of sinus infection, possibly sinusitus and probably are LOW on Vitimin C. The OJLEMON will help with almost any disease IMHO, and I DARE you (if you can handle JUICE) to start drinking it DAILY.

The anti-oxidents and good Chemicals in these two juices alone are incredible. I heard One Dr. On TV say that Lemons alone have over 70 cancer fighting ingredents (among other ones as well). Fresh Squeezed Grapejuice is also up there too in good stuff.

Let me know if you are doing the OJ/Lemon. If you cannot handle acidic juices like this (some people cannot) then go for the Grape Juice.

All must be FRESH SQUEEZED! NO, NO. NO, pateurization of ANY KIND... No flash, no concentrated... just fresh SQUEEZED.

Please let me know if you are already on this juice regimine, and if not how you react once you start. Also if any of my suspicions were correct, about the molds and allergies.
nomostinkbomb last decade
Oh and for molds its the TILEX, MOLD AND MILDEW remover in the spray bottle.

Spray everything in your showers, and look for any BLaCK spots esp in the grout and caulking areas. Tilex is especially good for grount. I start at the top of the tiles and spray down the wall of the shower and shower doors, and let gravity do the work as well.

Also the key area is also the shower doors, and if you have a shower curtain, check IT CAREFULLY, you can take these down and wash them in the wash with water and BLEACH. Just dont dry them :) Or jus get a new one.

Also another great product for cleaning the bath, and tiles good is SOFT SCRUB with BLEACH. Use rubber gloves and sponge with scrubber side (green texture on it) facing the tile, scrub it with a mixture of soft scrub and a little water.

You need to wear a mask or open the windows when using it as its pretty caustic in the air. A simple charcoal mask (from hardware store paint dept) can be used while applying it the close the door open the windows to the bathroom and leave it for a few hours.

You may already be a neat freak and have covered this already, but just checking. It can often be missed.
nomostinkbomb last decade
nomostinkbombs, I believe you may be psychic. We're having plumbing problems in the very old building I work in so we have a plumber in. The first thing he commented on was how bad the circulation is in the building and our office. During lunch a few of us we're discussing it and we all find we're very run down while at work. We have wondered how the circulation was before because the building is either very very hot or freezing. The fact that it's an old building made me wonder about asbestos and apparently this building has had LOTS of plumbing problems, therefore most likely LOTS of mold is in the walls. We're moving in April so hopefully all these problems will be left behind when we go.
Another thing that struck me as weird is you mentioned cleaning out my bathtub. The day before all this started to bother me I had just cleaned my bathtub (with Vim with bleach) and noticed we have quite a bit of mold around the caulking.
Allergies, I thought about that but I didn't know I needed a specific kind of dr. That kind of bothers me because I can't get a referral to an ENT so how can I get one for an allergist? Maybe I'll just constantly bug my dr, that's probably not the best idea but I'm desperate.
Juice, I LOVE JUICE any kind of juice. I really think I could enjoy your juice regimine but can I afford it? Maybe I'll just throw more fresh fruit into my diet and I can eat lemons on their own so I might.
Maybe I'll just wear that simple charcoal mask everywhere and avoid breathing in anything:) I'm at the point where I'll try almost anything because my whole head hurts so damn bad.
Xena38 last decade
how many people in this room does not have their tonsils and regrets that ever having them taken out because they are there for a reason to help protect you against your allergies or at least make them not so powerful but talking about allergies yep that is helpful but when you talk about allergies need to be talking about your whole body not just your nose how do you feel not just your sinuses and heaven forbid that they ever suggest anything to take anything out. but anyway i still think that if i had my tonsils and would hav done the allergy testing like i was supposed to do things would be different now. oh well.
tonsils gone last decade
yea that might be right about the allergy or anyting like that but when you are talking about allergy you need to be talking about the whole body like as one person cause we are all connected together not like a car i think that all doctors so called need to feel everyones pain at one time or another especially when they screw up like most medicines out there are for your tonsils and ears anyway so when you talk about just one part you need to talk about the whole body maybe go to alternative medicine like chiropractor or accupunturist or something like that and stick with it . i mean stick with it give it some time because it took nine months for you to get here so at least give something that long unlike me i did not and i went to the biggest fool that there was and i aint been right since in case no one knew you sinuses effects your whole body not just one part.
tonsils gone last decade
Can I just ask one thing of "Tonsils Gone" first, before I complete this post??
Why do you not use periods? I can understand the no capitals thing, but your posts are REALLY hard to understand, and this is terrible because I would like to:)
I was hoping you experts could help me out..
I'm really divided as to what information is correct.
I've suffered from halitosis for about 6 years now and just recently discovered that I had tonsilloliths. Ive tried every thing out there that claims to help, but nothing works. Diet, more water, and my oral hygiene is immpeccable.
I have no problem with getting my tonsils removed, if only it would rid me from my literal social handicap. If anyone else suffers from bad breath here, they understand just how disabling it can be. I honestly think about it constantly, and purposely try to avoid situations where I will be in close quarters with people for fear of them noticing my problem. After that rant, here is my question. What real evidence is there that tonsilloliths cause bad breath? Dr. Kat's says "no no no, even if you get your tonsils removed you will STILL have bad breath" .. I was wondering if he only says that because he'd like to make tons of money on his 'amazing' products.
So, does anyone truly believe a tonsillectomy will help? Im not asking if it is a good idea, I'm just saying, will it help my problem?
If more info is needed I will definitely provide.
Thanks for your help/time.
katherine1 last decade
Hey guys, sorry i didnt reply back for so long.I posted this about a month ago in this forum.

Hey everyone, i've just recently begun to research these bumps that I have in my throat, and on the back sides of my tounge. They started appearing about 2-3 months ago, and since then my family doctor had been giving me anti-biotics in hope of relieving pain, or getting rid of the bumps all together. Just incase if you'd like to know, he's given me Pondicillon, and Another type closely related in spelling (sorry). Anyways, my throat is very sore although some days i wake up and the pain has lessened...then again there are those days when it gets much worse. I do not notice a bad smell coming from my mouth unless i actually stick my finger back there to touch them and I have luckily not coughed up any "stones"..the insides on my ears hurt and my gland on the upper left side of my neck has been enlarged since this started. I also got my tonsils removed at a young age so my tonsils causing all this is out of the question. There is one factor I think may be involved in this. In september I got a piercing in my left ear lobe. It became infected and I tried to cure it by washing it with soap and water but it didnt work..so i left it alone in hope of it going away on its own. It is now january and I took out the earring..the hole closed up right away and sealed with a kind of white opaque substance. So here's what i was thinking. Maybe the infection from my ear, caused my left gland to become enlarged, which then caused all this sh*t to happen in my mouth and throat. You may say I have a big imagination, and I do, i'm 17 years old what do you expect =P, but I am worried that this may turn out to be something much worse than what you guys have been disscussing, maybe fatal, and I hope not. I am going to an ENT specialist this thursday, and I will let him know about what i've read on this forum. even though he is probably well aware of this already. Wish me all the best and i will report back what he says to me. I also look forward to reading your replys to my post. Thanks, Dave.

Anyways, i went to the ENT and he said that the bumps in my throat were probably from me having mono earlier on...so he gave me an anti-biotic that had to be taken every 6 hours with lots of water...i finished the 10 day period where i took these pills, and the bumps went away A BIT..now they're starting to come back. I had a blood test and i dont have mono buh the doc insists that i had it. I do no think this is an infection. I do not think this has anything to do with my throat or ears having prblems. I dont think there is wax build-up in my ears, i dont have tonsilitis, and i'm NOT crazy =P. All i do know, as i found out recently, is what i have IS CONTAGIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, to my dismay, my g/f has gotten sick and is experiencing the ear aches, and her throat is hurting on one side, as mine did. I think it some sort of bug. I also remember drinking a hot glass of warm water, from my tap, which was oh so frikin stupid of me...because i know you should never drink hot water from a tap (slipped my mind, was about 7:30 in the am) Anyways, im going to be telling my doc this..hopefully it'll help him figure out what it is. AND i'm going to MAKE him run as many tests as possible on me because i want this SHIET out of my throat!! So check with anyone you have kissed open mouthed with, and mak sure they dont have bumps in their throat, if you do.
Get back to you later.
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Oh ya, and she said to me that she's worried...because she sees BUMPS in her throat. Coincidence? I think not.
Davee last decade
Yes another post from me. I have just spent the last hour reading the last couple of pages in this forum...about 1 week ago i remvoed A LOT of mold from my windowsil (sp?) That can maybe explain my throat, but what about my g/f's?
Davee last decade

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